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Friday, December 31, 2010

UPDATES: Spiral Cafe Arts And Well Being Studio on January 7th

Photo from FACEBOOK cc
This updated info. was sent to me [Jan] yesterday, Thursday, December 30th by TAMBORINE BORRELLI. I'm hearing great reports from lots of people that 'THE SPIRAL' is really a fine place to be in Yelm. What an addition to our community.
THE BARE BONES BASH pre-opening fund-raiser party is being organized by Tamborine Borrelli for Friday, January 7th at 7 pm. Location is 201 Yelm Ave, first floor.
Tamborine Borrelli by me [Jan]
 From Tamborine Borrelli......" NEW VERSION:
Spiral Cafe~ Arts & Well Being Studio Pre-Opening Private Party! Friday January 7th, @7pm-1am
Located next door to True Value Hardware, 201 E Yelm Ave. Yelm. Come celebrate with us and get a sneak peek before Spiral opens in February for the whole community!! We will enjoy live music with Walter’s Birthday, Mona Soyoc & Steven Knopp, RDJ spinning turntables to get you on the dance floor, wine, beer, spirits & tapas!! Get a taste of Yelm's new 'Place to Be'! Get a tour of the spacious 3,000 square foot community facility that will house a 630 square foot Bamboo dance floor, huge stage for music, theater, after school programs, dance classes including jazz, tap, ballet, tango, hip hop, trance dance, drum circles, yoga, martial arts, Womens Self Defense classes, Qi Gong, mommy & me classes, art & enrichment classes & workshops of all kinds, Cafe, healing room, infrared sauna, outdoor patio & fire pit!! You will hear about the classes offered, meet the instructors and hear about the services available including rental opportunities as well as what you can look forward to experiencing at our cafe such as Liquid Soul Coffee, fresh salads, Panini's, soups & Borrelli's Authentic Pasta!! $5 donation at the door to support Yelm's new Cultural Center!"  ADDED 1/6/11....JUST ADDED TO THE SILENT AUCTION: A $50 GIFT BASKET FROM YELM CO-OP!

questions? Email Tamborine here:
I [Jan] found this lovely song by Steve Knopp on Youtube. Posted by lubymissov. Steve Knopp will be performing on the 7th at THE SPIRAL, along with my hubby BARTLETT ON BASS, my Steve plays in the band WALTER's BIRTHDAY, around 8 pm.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Feel GREAT Video...LOL

UnPlugged OPEN MIC @ LIQUID SOUL On January 6th

Just had a call from Owner of LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTER's in McKenna, MARTIN SALINAS...... "Unplugged OPEN MIC will begin again starting Thursday, January 6th at 6 pm". Cool. Will be lots of fun.
Martin will be booking some of yours and his favorite bands and live music again starting in January...including the band that my hubby's a member of WALTER's BIRTHDAY. YAY! I'll keep everyone posted. [Jan]
Martin and Barb had a relaxing Christmas and wish everyone a great New Year. Thanks Martin and Barb Salinas from LIQUID SOUL. Phone 360/400-soul. Liquid Soul is located at the McKenna 'Y' behind BAYDOS. They have the very best fresh roasted, fair-trade coffee in the area. Go in for a great cup of Joe and fine live music today. Jan
Photo by me...Jan,  of MARTIN SALINAS at Liquid Soul Coffee Roasters in McKenna. Martin is a world-class guitarist.
I found this video on Youtube. Posted by pbass59. It was recorded at LIQUID SOUL. doesn't have the date. It's NEIL FALLEN/vocals/harp and PAUL BUCK/bass with MARTIN SALINAS/guitar and looks like JOHN 'SCOOCH' CUGNO/drums.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Never Too Late...THE RAMONES....Receive Life-Time Achievement Award at Grammys

The legenary, punk-rock group, THE RAMONES will be receiving a Life-Time Achievement Award at the Grammys this year. With, three of the original four founding members now deceased.....[Johnny Ramones,Joey Ramones and Dee Dee Ramones].... glad it's happening this year.. This celebrated punk-rock band  came out of NYC in the 70's and influenced many U.S and U.K bands that followed.. They dis-banded in 1996. Their very best known songs are.... 'Sheena Is A Punk Rocker',  'Pet Semetary' and 'Blitzreig Bop'.
This is the group's first Grammy award.
Also, receiving life-time achievement awards this year are Dolly Parden and Julie Andrews. Jan
Photo 'Joey Ramones',  by daveparker cc
Found this video on YOUTUBE of THE RAMONES doing 'Blitzreig Bop'. Posted by BlankTV

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Listen....This One's Close To My Hea.....ah..Crippled Legs

Parden me...if I'm a little preachy here. Jan Oh...You can turn off/on the music on this site at the bottom of the listen to the video.
Laura posted a very powerful song on FACEBOOK. 'JUST SAY NO, TO GMO's....Above. It touched me deeply. First, let me say...there are many reasons why I created M.S. in my life and you created what you've got. I take responsibility for ALL my life, because then 'I' can change it. I'm exploring my dis-eased [no harmony] attitudes one by one and dealing with them. But, there's more......
Let's say, one thing's for sure, over the years...I was exposed to many 'unhealthy' FOODS, and CHEMICALS...And with my chronic un-harmonious thought patterns too. Well.... now, I'm learning and, it's  more difficult to change when my body hurts, is very tired or can't move. and my body, may still have the poisons in it. The more and more I look.. there's a good chance...I was poisoned by the foods I decided to eat when I was younger. Don't let this happen to you or your loved ones. That's why I'm writing this. This is my learning.
It started when I was diagnoised with ANOXIA NERVOSA in 1994. I was a long-distance runner that learned that if I didn't eat and ran...I was thin..another word for accepted/beautiful/wanted. AND, I loved food, as I do today..,being a foodie, collecting recipes and having dreams of food, is acceptable behavior for an anorex...I mean foodie, isn't it?
In 1994...I ran, was thin, accepted...and, I thought, happy. I drank diet sodas or coffee with nutrasweet constantly. Now, today we have learned that aspartame/nutrasweet can cause terrible problems in our bodies. It's poison.
GMO products just sound a lot like more of the same to me. Profits and greed coming before health and life. Let's say 'NO!' Do you really trust these guys with your precious life?
I was later in 1999, diagnoised with M.S. when my symtoms became very severe. I was unble to walk or see within a week of noticing a real problem. Remember, Doctors don't know what causes idea, maybe eating poison!
My first husband, was also exposed to Agent Orange while in Viet Nam. ANOTHER, terrible chemical/poison to our bodies. Many of the wives of these fellows had problems AND, their children too. Let me ask you you really trust these greedy guys with your life? Poison is bad for you. My  first hubby, Ernesto, was put into a nursing home at age 47...unable to take care of himself or even know the kids or me.
 Read and buy [there's a link to Amazon] BRAIN FOG by Bruce Haney for more. He was an expert in poisons/chemicals and a musician too. He played the harmonica with Steve and I..
Listen to the song/video above.....I just don't trust these GMO That's all. Jan Thanks for reading this.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Cool....Willie And Harry...Into the Grammy Hall Of Fame

I just read online, that Willie Nelson 77 and Harry Chapin are both being inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame this year,they are joined by 30 other recording artists. That's just plain cool, isn't it? 'On The Road Again', written/recorded by Nelson over 30 years ago is being inducted. The song has already earned Willie a Grammy.
AND, Harry Chapin, one of my [Jan] favorite artists of long ago, is being honored for his beautiful, very meaningful song 'Cat's In The Cradle'. YAY!
Since 1973, over 900 recordings have been honored and recognized in the Grammy Hall of Fame. Willie Nelson has been honored three times before. This is the first time for Harry Chapin.
In previous years, other great musicians like...Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Jerry Lee Lewis., Marvin Gaye, Billy Joel have been honored.
The Grammy's are held on February 13th 2011. Jan
Photo by alamosbasement  cc
Found 'On The Road Again' by Willie Nelson on Youtube. Posted by quantummechanic90

Sunday, December 26, 2010

HO HO HO And A Bottle Of Rum....Local Live Music And Events Report. Week 12/27

Nice quiet, relaxing Sunday after Christmas, for my report. Yawn, Stretch, Burp...Whoops...parden me. Hope everyone had a great Holiday yesterday, like we did and ALL of us are rested up and ready to boogie. Let's see what happened last week and what's happening this week in live music.. OK?
Tonight, Sunday 12/26 Shelly Ely's at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway. Thanks Shell. Love that girl. Some of the best Bluzzzz in the area, can be heard each  week at UNCLE SAM's with Shelly Ely. THE SHELLY ELY JAM's tonight, starts around 7 pm. AND, No Shell, you'll never be an 'old' person. None of us will. There'll be DYLAN LANNY ENGLAND on drums, TERRY JAE/bass. Haven't seen who on guitar for tonight....but, you can bet it'll be great. Go to UNCLE SAM's for cold beer, a hot grill and cool live music tonight.
Thursday nights ,UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL host THE JERRY MILLER BAND.  7 pm more cool music AND every Thursday is 'Taco-Thursday'...ALL tacos for a buck! Click here for UNCLE SAM's MENU  and prices. The awesome members of this band are Jerry Miller/guitar, Denny Foreman/guitar, Dave Erwin/bass, JEFF WALLACE/keyboard/violin, Allen Heath/drums, and Russ Harris/congas/harp.
SHELLY ELY is booked for Saturday, January 1st, NEW YEARS DAY at UNCLE SAM's. Check it out, and there's more.
Now, LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTER's in McKenna, have nothing posted this week for live open mics and no jams, or bands. Looks like they maybe still celebrating the Holidays with a rest. Martin and Barb do work very hard.  Go in for a great cup of fresh roasted coffee and delicious food. Call 360/400-soul for more.
KENNY WILLIAMSON send Holiday wishes this week HERE. No live music to report.
WILLOUGHBY's RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE in Yelm. They had a great Christmas clothing and toy drive this week. Merry Christmas. Karaoke with SHELLSHOCK helped out. Nothing reported yet, in the way of live music etc. for the upcoming week.
Let's go to THE SUMMIT PUB in Puyallup next. OK? Well, nothing new's been posted AGAIN. We haven't heard from KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drummer either. He organizes the Tuesday night'd better call first 253/536-1588 before heading over there.
Food with your music at THE GOVERNOR's GRILL in Olympia.. THE JOHN 'SCOOCH' CUGNO TRIO have been playing there each Saturday night 6:30 to 9:30. They'll be there NEW YEAR'S EVE too on Friday 12/31.
THE  MANDOLIN CAFE have music several nights a week. With DENNY FOREMAN AND FRIENDS hosting an OPEN MIC on Sundays 6 pm to 9pm.
Get there earily for parking...Jan's hint.
RAMTHA's SCHOOL OF events posted.
YELM SENIOR new events posted.
STEVE  BARTLETT/BARTLETT ON BASS--Monday the 20th, Steve met his long-time friend, MIKE KARNES for coffee in Rainier. Mike teaches guitar and bass in the Port Orchard area.
Tuesday night, 12/21 STEVE BARTLETT with multi-talented Guitarist/vocalist TOD LEMKUHL were honored to perform for the YELM FOOD CO-OP Private Holiday Pot-Luck. Reminds me [Jan] of the good ol' 'ME AND MY UNCLE' Gigs of a couple years back. There was lots of good food, music and dancing. Live music makes any event extra special. Email HERE to make your event unforgetable.
TAMBORINE BORELLI contacted the band Steve plays in. She's having a BARE BONES BASH on 1/07/11 at her SPIRAL CAFE ART AND WELL BEING STUDIO, downtown Yelm. at 7 pm. It's a fund -raiser with a $5.00 donation for the fund-raiser. No live music this week.
The rest of our week was quiet. We got Christmas greetings from  some of our our music family Kenny WilliamSon/drummer, Violenist Terra Jean Chambers and her hubby Archie, Tamborine Borelli/vocalist, Jon Baroni/keys/vocals, Tod Lemkuhl/guitar/vocals, Scott Erconliani/drums, and more....  and our families too.
We had a wonderful Christmas day with Steve's son,  JAMES AND JESSICA. My son [Jan] MARTIN BARELA called from Shanghai...his now wife-to-be said 'yes' on Christmas day...Welcome ROSE to our family. Jan
Photo by KirrilyRobert cc
If you're a musician, band or club owner in my area, and want your live music or community event included on my Live Music Report And Community Events. Please send your gig info. at for review. I will review and post the very best gigs and live music events in the area Thanks for reading my report and supporting live music. 'Jan'...JA ROSE-BARTLETT

Friday, December 24, 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS From Bartlett On Bass

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yep, Smokey Was First...I Heard This Through The Grapevine

Did you know the first recording of  'I Heard It Through The Grapevine' gos to SMOKEY  ROBENSON AND THE MIRACLES in 1966? Me neither. SMOKEY's still going stong today at 70 years old, by the way.
I always think of the Marvin Gay's 1988 version of 'Grapevine' when I think of this Motown hit of that same year. The song has been recorded many times, by many artists. It was, of course, also recorded in 1967 by GLADYS KNIGHT AND THE PIPS, and their version reached #1 on charts in November 1967. Some think that the best version too
MARVIN GAYE's  first number one recording was 'I heard It Through The Grapevine', outselling Knight’s version. Lottsa people, like me, think this is the biggest song to come out of Motown. I like it. You? That's all. Jan
For JOHN FOGERTY  version. Thanks Jeff Wallace.
Photo  by he(art)geek cc
Video I found on YOUTUBE of MARVIN GAYE's vesion of 'Grapevine' Posted by CatRevolver

Thanks Kenny...'Stand By Me' ...Playing For Change..... Cool Video.

Kenny WilliamSon sent this with his note 'Peace'.....Remember this? Best video work I have seen. Amazing edit, and concept!
All the best,


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's About Time...After 47 Year's...Finally Nominated For Grammy

Hey, the guy who wrote the cool surf song.... 'WIPE OUT' back in 1961, recording it with THE IMPACKS in 1962. Merrell Fankhauser, was finally was nominated for a Grammy. Cool. Finally,...It's about time, he's been writing music for over 47 years...that's a L-O-N-G time. The nomination was for the song,  “Tomorrow’s Girl” it was  released by Rhino Records  in the album, “Where the Action Is: L.A. Nuggets 1965 to 1968.”
The winners of the Grammy's will be announced on February 13th, 2011.
I found this news on THE BUSINESSWIRE.
Photo by Jim Bahn cc. 
Found a copy of 'Tomorrow's Girl' 1967. on Youtube. Posted by EgeBamyasi007

It Was A Silent Night, Holy Night....Stevie Nicks

Just Confirmed....PRIVATE Holiday Party Tonight

Just confirmed for tonight....Steve BARTLETT ON BASS/vocals with TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals [Reminds me of the Old 'ME AND MY UNCLE' days. Jan] will be performing tonight at the YELM FOOD CO-OP Private Holiday party. That'll be alot of fun. Live music makes every event extra special...Contact us HERE or by phone top of this page for your special event. Jan
Found this video on YOUTUBE. Posted by amcuruguay

Monday, December 20, 2010

WALTER's BIRTHDAY At Spiral Cafe Arts and Well Being Studio

UPDATED 12/31/10 see below. Jan

Just confirmed...THE BARE BONES BASH Funraiser....Friday, January 7, 2011 at 7:00 pm - Saturday, January 8, 2011 at 12:00 am at Spiral Cafe Arts Well Being Studio in Yelm. 201 E Yelm Ave 1st Floor, Yelm, WA

TAMBORINE BORELLI presents a pre-opening party with live music from Walter's Birthday, Dancing and Liquid Soul Fresh Roasted coffee. Come see Yelm's new 'Place to Be'. Owner, Tamborine Borrelli says..." Get a tour of the spacious 3,000 square ft. community facility that houses a 600 square ft. Bamboo dance floor, huge stage, Cafe, spa area and outdoor patio with fire pit!! You will hear about the classes offered and services available including rental opportunities as well as what you can look forward to experiencing at our cafe!!"
Wow. Cool. There is a $5 donation at the door to support the fundraiser. Spiral's doors plan to open on February 1st.
WALTER's BIRTHDAY are my Steve BARTLETT ON BASS, TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums, and JON BARONI/keys/vocals. Jan
UPDATED 12/30/10, From Tamborine Borelli......"Live Music with Walters Birthday, Mona Soyoc &  Steve Knopp, RDJ spinning turntables to get you on the dance floor, Wine, Beer, Spirits & Tapas!! Get a taste of Yelm's new 'Place to Be'! Get a tour of the spacious 3,000 sq. ft. community facility that houses a 630 sq. ft. Bamboo dance floor, huge stage for music, theater, classes & amp; workshops of all kinds, Cafe, spa area, outdoor patio & fire pit!! You will hear about the classes offered and services available including rental opportunities as well as what you can look forward to experiencing at our cafe!!"
$5 donation at the door to support the fundraiser---------------
Photo by pink sherbert

No More WAR...Christmas 1914 Video

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gigs, Events and Christmas Stuff...Local Live Music Report For Week 12/20

 Let's get to it....Shall we? WOW... It's a quiet week.
Up first, is THE SHELLY ELY JAM in Spanaway at UNCLE SAMs BAR AND GRILL. Every Sunday night, just like clock-work, it's Shell and her fabulous crew at 7 pm. What fun...Shell's vocals, with DYLAN LANNY ENGLAND/drums and TERRY JAE/bass. AND, of course, she always has a great guitarist. If you like to jam with real PROs. This is a good bet. UNCLE SAMs has a grill with awesome tacos etc. Enjoy yourself with a cold beer.
Thursday nights it's THE JERRY MILLER BAND each week again at UNCLE SAMs. This band's members are Jerry Miller/guitar, Denny Foreman/guitar, Dave Erwin/bass, Jeff Wallace/keyboard/violin, Allen Heath/drums, and Russ Harris/congas/harp.
LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERS in McKenna usually have an OPEN MIC each Thursday night. But, NOT this week. Have a very Merry Christmas from LIQUID SOUL. No live music to report for this week...Christmas week.
No new live music news from KENNY WILLIAMSON this week.
WILLOUGHBYs RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE...WILLOUGHBYs are still collecting Christmas gifts and clothing for kids. They have posted a list on their site. No new live music or activities to report.
Well, let's go to THE GOVERNOR's GRILL in Olympia. JOHN 'SCOOCH' CUGNO TRIO are playing on Saturday evenings 6:30 to 9:30. Dinner with music. Does not say if there will be anything special for Christmas day, next Saturday. Call first 360/956-9999
THE SUMMIT PUB has nothing new to report at their site. Just look. Call first 253/536-1588.
THE MANDOLIN CAFE have live music posted several nights this coming week. Check it out. DENNY FOREMAN AND FRIENDS are hosting an OPEN MIC on Sunday nights. Time: 6 to 9 pm. Call 253-761-3482
RAMTHA's SCHOOL of events poated for the remainder of the month.
YELM SENIOR CENTER...Nothing new to report.
STEVE BARTLETT/BARTLETT ON BASS...Steve had a quiet week for music last week. Next week, he has a PRIVATE PARTY on this Tuesday night 12/21. This was just confirmed for the YELM FOOD CO-OP COMPANY HOLIDAY PARTY. YAY!. He'll be performing with TOD LEMKUHL. There's a local Fund Raiser, just booked too.... BARE BONES BASH  the first week of January. On January 7th, at 7 pm. For Tamborine Borelli's THE SPIRAL CAFE ARTS AND WELL BEING STUDIO. That's at 201 Yelm Ave. $5.00 donation at the door for the fund raiser. Grand opening planned for THE SPIRAL is Feb. 1st, 2011. Steve will be playing in WALTERs BIRTHDAY...[TOD LEMKUHL, SCOTT ERCOLIANI, JON BARONI and my STEVE BARTLETT]. Go HERE for my link. We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Jan
If you're a musician, band or club owner in my area, and want your live music or community event included on my Live Music Report And Community Events. Please send your gig info. at for review. I will review and post the very best gigs and live music events in the area Thanks for reading my report and supporting live music. 'Jan'...JA ROSE-BARTLETT
Photo by AlicePopkorn cc.
Found this video on YOUTUBE...'Merry CHRISTMAS, Baby'. Posted by musicvideosprhr

Saturday, December 18, 2010

NEVERLAND...A Music School? Never Say Never.

I just read this music news today. NEVERLAND, Michael Jackson's Ranch in Santa Barbara, maybe turned ito a fine Music School. Hey, that's kinda cool. The school would be created to teach 'rich and poor teenagers' says 'Colony Capital', the owner the NEVERLAND Ranch right now. Go HERE  or HERE.
The music 'Institute' would be open to teenagers. Teaching them all aspects of music..including writing and performing.
OKs from Santa Barbara County and the Michael Jackson Estate are needed still. But, the Micheal Jackson Estate said 'it's an interesting idea'. Cool...So, how knows? Maybe  NEVERLAND... will always be home to great music and great performers. YAY. Jan
Photo 'Gate to Neverland'  by  cc.
Video found on Youtube of Michael Jackson's NEVERLAND. Posted by Roosty 1950.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon Expecting Double

Founds lots of posts online about this happy music news this morning...Mariah Carey 40 and her hubby of two years, Nick Cannon 30 are expecting twins!
The babies are healthy, doctors say. The sex of the unborn twins or Carey's due date have not been announced. Cool. Jan
Go HERE, HERE or HERE to read more.
Photo by Jennifer Su cc
Found this video on Youtube. Posted by MariahCareyVEVO.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aretha Franklin's Out of the Hospital....After Cancer Surgery

ARETHA FRANKLIN, 69...Queen of Soul, is resting quietly at home after pancreatic cancer surgery about a week ago in Detroit. Her doctors told her all went well and to take it easy for a couple of months. She has cancelled her appearances and performances, while recovering at home.
She is one of my [Jan] favorite artists. such a powerful beautiful unique dynamic voice. Some of my Aretha favorites are 'Respect', 'Think', loved her performance in BLUES BROTHERS' too.
She got her musical start , singing in the church Choir...where her father was a preacher.
Several different places posted this music news. Jan  
For more go HERE, or HERE or HERE
Image by bixentro cc
For My UPDATE of 1/7/2011, go HERE.
Video from Youtube. posted by dheggo.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Real Singing Nuns Top The Charts On Both Sides Of The Atlantic

Found this interesting music news this morning. Did ya know? Real chanting French nuns are topping the classical charts on both sides of the Atlantic this Christmas season? Well, neither did I. But, it's a perfect time of year to hear those lovely voices. The BENETICTINE NUNS OF NOTRE-DAME have recently signed a recording deal AND a commerical too. WOW. Their album 'Chant From Avignon' has hit the classical charts and is number one in the U.S.A. and U.K.  Go ladies go.
I found this news at BLOOMBERG.COM...... HERE
Photo by missfitzphotos cc
Youtube video posted by chantfromavignon  

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Well,...Didn't I Tell Ya? Bob Dylan's Cool..His Lyrics Sell For Over $400,000.00

Just last week, wasn't I saying Bob Dylan is just plain cool? And, he will ALWAYS be matter his age and whatever the sound of his voice? He's Bob Dylan, aint he? That means cool. C-O-O-L.  Go HERE for my post.
Well, here's more proof, if any of us need more. But, why would we? It's Bob Dylan, for goodness sake.
Bob Dylan's hand written lyrics for 'Times They Are A Changin'. That's one worn piece of old paper just sold at auction for over $400,000.00. That's alot of dough...WOW...for just one piece of 'beaten up' paper. C-O-O-L BOB DYLAN. Go HERE to read it for yourself and cheer. Just thought you like to know, that's all. Jan
Photo by cliff1066™ cc. Thank you.

Wait For 'He' That Calls You Beautiful, Instead Of HOT

Came across this beautiful quote this morning on FACEBOOK. It describes my relationship with Steve. Love you Sweetheart. One of my favorite authors, GREGG BRADEN had it posted.
Thanks Gregg Braden
This quote, author unknown, applies to both men and women.“Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep. Wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the when you are in sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks you're just as pretty without makeup on. One who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and how lucky his is to have you. The one who turns to his friends and says, 'that's her.'”
Photo of Steve and I a few years ago.'s so great for somone to see the real 'me', not my body, not what I do for a living, not my so-called mistakes or sucesses, not what I can do for them or my income. Just plain Ol' ME.  Sigh...and I see the real HIM too...and it's all OK...Peace. Jan.

Monday, December 13, 2010

UPDATES: Here's The Latest

This UPDATE was written on 1/13/11, the date above was for publishing purposes only. Jan UPDATED below.. 1/19
Well, First, let me thank you for checking for Steve's upcoming events.
He has no gigs booked at this time...well, a gig for next summer in July, in Kent...but, that's a long way off. not really what you're looking for. is it?
So, what's happening?
Steve's waiting to finish up the WALTER's BIRTHDAY band CD. They need to add vocals and harmonies...the last part of the process of creating a CD. Cool. The Keyboard [JON BARONI] and guitar [TOD LEMKUHL] are finishing up their instramental parts now,  with st_robert is doing the recording. Drums [SCOTT ERCOLIANI] and bass [My BARTLETT ON BASS, of course. Jan] are finished for now and waiting for the next part.
Last night, 1/12/11, Steve got a call from his old friend, MIKE KARNES, up Gig Harbor way. Mike's organizing a 'workshop' for kids, teaching them guitar etc. Steve will be adding bass guitar instruction and examples for those lucky kids. There will be a drummer, showing his part and a fine vocalist too. Sounds fun. This is in the planning stages, when I know more I'll share.
I'm sure, Steve's getting 'itchy fingers'. He has such a great love for music, people have called him to jam etc. He'll be going out soon to, as he says 'make it happen.' 
I just love this guy. Jan
UPDATE: 1/19/11....Ok, Steve was talking to MIKE KARNES again...thing's are coming along nicely for the kid's music workshop that Mike is organizing. Steve will be setting up a meeting place in the Olympia work some musical things out with Mike. The date for the workshop is being arranged...first week end in March..if fits in everyone's life....still waiting to hear from Mike's drummer [JESSE PROCTOR]. The singer, [who is being kept a secret for now...WONDERFUL] is fine with the date, along with Mike and Steve. Let's just don't wanna miss this! [Jan]. When I know the price, location etc. I'll let you know more. Get ready OK? Jan

I'm Looking At The WO--MAN In The Mirror. Michael Jackson

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tis The Season To Be JOLLY.or.Let There Be Cupcakes..MMM..Local Live Music Report..12/13 Week

Photo by gitsul cc

 Let's get right to our local live music and community events report for the week of December 13th....OK?

Photo by clevercupcakes cc

Just read a really cool rumor on FACEBOOK.....Hey..There might be cupcakes at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL tonight/Sunday 12/12....MMMM. Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy. see ya at 7 pm at UNCLE SAM's for THE SHELLY ELY JAM. Save me a chocolate one. OK Shell? YAY. Shelly Ely always has a sweet jam even without cupcakes! But, now how can any of us stay home tonight with a possibility of more sugar than usual? There's just no way, we can stay away. And, the drummer tonight DYLAN LANNY ENGLAND is also a sweety. With TERRY JAE/bass as icing on our cup'cake' and always an awesome guitarist at THE SHELLY ELY JAM on Pacific each Sunday night. 'Be there or be square'. WOW. Bring your axe have some fun.
Click HERE for 'WOMAN's DAY'... 6 one of a kind
THE JERRY MILLER BAND up each Thursday night 7 pm at UNCLE SAM's too. The band members are Jerry Miller/guitar, Denny Foreman/guitar, Dave Erwin/bass, Jeff Wallace/keyboard/violin, Allen Heath/drums, and Russ Harris/congas/harp.
Now, the LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTER's in McKenna. Spoke to the very talented guitarist/owner of LIQUID SOUL a few days ago...MARTIN SALINAS. Yes, there's still an OPEN MIC each Thursday evening at 6 pm to 9 pm. So, come on down. ANDY CARROLL/ guitar/vocals, was in town last Thursday, and came down to play with his friends at Liquid Soul's OPEN MIC.  TOD LEMKUHL/ guitar/vocals, MICHAEL HARRISON/drums, and my Steve BARTLETT ON BASS were some of the fine folks that came down to jam too. My Steve said... Amanda, Peggy and even more were there to perform. It was a fun jam.
Last night, WALTER's BIRTHDAY performed at Liquid Soul from 8 pm to 11 pm. It was an very enjoyable evening. ALINE SCHROADER was there to take pictures of JON BARONI and the guys. A video was created and will be done after Christmas by James. Thanks...I'm looking forward to seeing that.
Next Saturday, December 18th, 8 pm, there will be AN OPEN JAM,  Electric or Acoustic ...All welcome, bring your axe [instrument] and play at Liquid Soul. Fun. Cool.
KENNY WILLIAMSON sent me news that he will be performing with 'Mariah' at THE SWISS on January 23rd at the MYKEL SPATZ MEMORIAL. No time was posted. Call THE SWISS, in Tacoma first..1904 Jefferson Tacoma, WA 98402
P: 253-572-2821.
WILLOUGHBY's RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE in Yelm are getting ready for Christmas. They have posted... a list of children that need toys, clothing, etc. What a cool help a child out this Christmas season. Go the the link above or visit them at 113 Yelm Ave.Yelm, WA, Phone: 360-400-2240.
THE GOVERNOR's GRILL in Olympia has blues each Saturday night from 6:30 to 9:30 by THE JOHN 'SCOOCH' CUGNO TRIO. Music with your meal. Cool. There's no new news reported on their site. call first 360/956-9999.
Open Jam each Tuesday night 7 pm at THE SUMMIT PUB in Puyallup on Canyon Road. This is organized by KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drummer each week. Live music shows each Saturday night. But, there has been no new postings. Call first...253/536-1588.
THE MANDOLIN CAFE in Tacoma has an OPEN MIC each Sunday evening from 6 to 9 pm with Denny Foreman and Friends and music almost every night of the week. What a pleasant place to relax, eat and enjoy listening to some excellent local musical talent. Get there early for parking.
RAMTHA's SCHOOL of ENLIGHTENMENT. They have no new events posted for this week. They had their CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION last night. It was also shown on Ramtha T.V. live-stream world-wide. The biggest event attendance EVER last night at any single event...over 2,500 people with the world-wide T.V. attendance. Cool. 'MERRY CHRIST-IN-MASS' to all our R.S.E. student friends.
YELM SENIOR CENTER...Great affordable lunches, monthly live music events and activities. Where: 16530 103rd Avenue Southeast, Yelm, WA 98597-9607-
(360) 458-7733
----------------- ‎
YELM COMMUNITY EXPANSION...wonderful new group of people in Yelm believing in the sovergnity and sustainibility of this Community. Dedication to education and co-operation. Including A Center for Education and Interaction,
A Farming expansion, and Green Houses creation, A Community Commercial Kitchen. and A Farmers Market.
STEVE BARTLETT...BARTLETT ON BASS...Steve has no live music events to report this coming week. He was at Liquid Soul's OPEN MIC last Thursday, 12/10. It was great fun. He really enjoyed seeing long time friend, ANDY CARROLL who was in Yelm for the week. My hubby, Bartlett is the bassman for the local band...WALTER's BIRTHDAY. They performed at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTER's last night. The band is finishing up the CD at this time. Cool. Jan
If you're a musician, band or club owner in my area, and want your live music or community event included on my Live Music Report And Community Events. Please send your gig info. at for review. I will review and post the very best gigs and live music events in the area Thanks for reading my report and supporting live music. 'Jan'...JA ROSE-BARTLETT.

Friday, December 10, 2010

MR. BEAN....Dance.......Oh....Smooth

Tomorrow, Saturday, Dec. 11th... WALTER's BIRTHDAY At Liquid Soul

Tomorrow, Saturday, December 11th be at LIQUID SOUL At 8 pm for WALTER's BIRTHDAY. It'll be just plain fun.
A great way to begin your Christmas celebrating this year. AND, local R.S.E students , if you'll be celebrating at THE RANCH eariler in the day...this will be the perfect place to continue your  celebrating all evening long. Music from 8 pm to 11 pm.. This is the perfect's delightful, fun, beautiful, and celebrates life. So, bring your dancing shoes. Let's get everyone in the Holiday spirit. Enjoy awesome, delicious food, fresh roasted coffee, beer or wine and lots of special friends. Isn't that what Christmas is all about? Children love it too and are always welcome at Liquid Soul. Bring the whole family and celebrate.
WALTER's BIRTHDAY are TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLANI/drums, JON BARONI/keys/vocals and, of course, my Steve BARTLETT ON BASS and vocals. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Jan
Photo by lizjones112 cc.


KENNY WILLIAMSON sent me this notice. Thanks Kenny. He will be appearing with 'Mariah' at THE SWISS.

The Mykel Spatz Memorial Event
January 23, 2011
Appearing with

Address: 1904 Jefferson Ave
Tacoma, WA 98402
P: 253-572-2821
UPDATED 1/16/11--Mykel Spatz AKA Kenneth Michael Spotts AKA K.Michael Spotts.
Cost $10.00--3 core bands plus open jam. 3 pm.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Making A Buck Off The Dead...or...Recent Michael Jackson News

Found this very interesting article in the NYTIMES..'After Death: The Remix' this morning. Go HERE.
After reading this, I got to thinking, asking myself...'WOW!.... You know maybe  some musical artists are just worth more dead than alive. I also thought it's a shame, but humanity can be so needy. Why do they need to make a buck off the dead?
How can we replace anyone? There's only one Michael Jackson, John Lennon,  Jimi Hendrix or John Doe.'
And, then I remembered that a few years ago, I learned that the family of dead musical artist, Bob Marley, had started a family coffee business...they were using Bob Marley's name to sell their products.
I don't know the answer to these questions yet. I will ponder them though....
How can we judge anyone? I am thinking now, that the family and/or business associates of the 'STARS' really do become very dependent on the dead artist. They forget to develope themselves too. They are trapped by their worshiping of the musical artist and counting on them always being there to take care of them.
Isn't that just like all of us who are taught to depend on our husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, jobs, banks, electricity, the rules, religion, governments, etc. and more etc. to make everything just right?
Just wondering? That is all. Jan
Photo  by Alan Light cc
 Youtube to hear Michael Jackson sing 'Man In The Mirror'

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Music Is Just Plain Cool.....Look....Music Helps Patients On' Vents' From BBC News

Because, as a nurse I worked with several children on 'vents'. I observed this too. Music would relax a person's breathing. Music also, seemed to help releave a person's pain and help children sleep better. Cool. Interesting article from BBC News. Go HERE.
Photo by Wonderlane cc

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Adversity As Blessings. Let's Count Our Blessings......Shall We?

I was thinking about my life...what is it that I'm really thankful for? This may surprise you, but some of my greatest adversities have been my greatest teachers. I am so thankful for them all. I would not have missed them or any physical life, even though when going through them, I wasn't so sure. Here's a list of some of my most treasured learnings. I'll start with the most recent first. OK?
1. From WALTER's BIRTHDAY...I love that band that my hubby plays in. The guys are my true friends....and, I've known them for many years. I can trust that we can speak our truth without fear about being rejected. So, I learned acceptance...the understanding that everyone's different and allowed their truth. That's allowing or love. That it's not needed for everyone to think the same. Thank you WALTER's BIRTHDAY. I love you all very much.
2. From M.S.....that life is precious and worth it...even, if it's limited physically, or I'm misunderstood or isolated. I have learned to be by myself. To count on myself, to know who I am. That, I'm not the body or the personality or the programing of my brain...and neither are you. I'm a sovereign being and the hero in my world. I responsible for it whole life. Thank you M.S. What a valued lesson.
3.From Close Family and Friends....I'm never going to be what you want and you will never be me either...AND, that's the way it's suppose to be.. Acceptance of our differences is the way to be. I'm now catching myself more and more when I'm being 'my old thinking'. You know, the beliefs we were taught as children...those, we accepted as totally as THE TRUTH. That this color of person was this, that sex of person was that, that age meant so-and-so. I am more open-minded now. It's getting easier and easier to pause and really decide if that idea is really so, or even helpful to my life now, or is just an very old opinion of my parents, family or society that is no longer useful. Please, forgive me if I forget sometimes.... I do examine my actions and beliefs, change and evolve. I take time daily to do just that. Thank you FRIENDS and FAMILY. God Bless you.
4. From my LIFE EXPERIENCES so far....mixed racial marriage, living outside the U.S.A., being homeless, getting a divorce, having a child die, being rejected by immediate family members, loving someone dearly who didn't love me...and that was ok, not being respected and/or not respecting others, learning where I end and you begin, choosing an unpopular spiritual view, have homosexial friends and close family members, being married more than once, living with a so-called incurable disease, having a parent die, having a close family member violently attacted and injured by respected authorities, having to stand up and speak out for what was the noble virtues of life all alone, being ignored when needing help, being old, being different physically, being poor, being wealthy, understasnding the confusion, stigma and
cruelty of mental illness and suicide of a family member. AND, There are even more.......'goodies'. I bless them all, all my life experiences...Thank you Life. Jan
Photo by unknown. cc. Thank you.
Cool Quote:
"When we were children we were grateful to those who filled our stockings at Christmas time. Why are we not grateful to God for filling our stockings with legs?" ~G.K. Chesterton

Monday, December 06, 2010

Bob Dylan...'Isn't It Time To Hang Up Your Harmonica?'...Jan's Opinion

Well, I just got done reading..."Wall Street Jounal To Bob Dylan...Isn't It Time To Hang Up Your Harmonica?" by LA TIMES writer, Patrick Goldstein
Go HERE.  A very interesting read, by the way.
I [Jan] just have to put my two cents in....being the BIG Bob Dylan fan, that I am.
First, Mr. Goldstein brought up some very good  points, and when he said, "Dylan lives to confound his fans". Next: Jan's opinion...'yes he does AND he's suppose to sound like that...after all, he's Bob Dylan, ain't he? And, what's the matter with being 69 years old...anyway? Who says 'Being Old And Being Cool Don't Mix ?...Bob Dylan Will Always Be Cool. I agree with everything that Patrick Goldstein says too.' That is all... end of lecture. Thank you. Jan.
Photo: Bob Dylan on the cover of a new box set featuring his first eight albums in their original monorual mixes. Credit: Sony / Legacy Recordings....from above link @ L.A. Times. Thank you. Jan
BOB DYLAN 'Like A Rolling Stone' Video...Found on Youtube.

Sunday, December 05, 2010



You Smell Something?...Me Too...Awesome Love Is In The Air. Live Music And Community Events for 12/6 Week

Martin and Rose
First things First...I always say....And, It's love EVERYWHERE I look...well, that's just plain cool, now isn't it?  Today, Sunday, 12/5... BLUEWAVE's guitar/vocals/composer Eric Delome marries Virginia Cloverdale. My Steve's a guest at the wedding as I write this. Congratulations Eric and Virginia. A few weeks ago, Former BLUE BOTTLE owner, Michelle Jones married Flemming Olsen. Now, that's cool too. Tomorrow is ,12/6, our [Steve and Jan] wedding anniversary, 6 whole years! YAY. And, what really touches my heart and brings a tear to my dear 34 year old son, Martin, has fallen in love with a lovely, beautiful lady and has told me, he will ask her to marry him on Christmas. I've never seen him So Happy...he's walking on air. Go Martin. We love you both. Mom and Steve.
Martin And Rose
Now, for live music and community events for the week.
UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL is first this week with the lovely Shelly Ely tonight, doing her 'thang'...THE SHELLY ELY JAM alway starts at 7 pm, Sunday night's in Spanaway. There's DYLAN LANNY ENGLAND on drums and TERRY JAE on bass. The guitarists' are always a wonderful surprise...many times, it's JHO BLENIS, or JERRY MILLER. Last week, it was GARY CROOKS. Shell has not posted who's there on guitar tonight or I didn't see it posted, don't worry though, Shell alway's gets someone that's awesome.  Go to UNCLE SAM's on Sundays for Shelly's gig. Bring your axe, if you want to get up and play too.
Each Thursday, it's THE JERRY MILLER BAND at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL too. Again, at 7 pm. The members of this group are Jerry Miller/guitar, Denny Foreman/guitar, Dave Erwin/bass, Jeff Wallace/keyboard/violin, Allen Heath/drums, and Russ Harris/congas/harp.
Great news from LIQUID SOUL COFFEE hubby's band [WALTER's BIRTHDAY] will be there next Saturday, December 11th, at 8 pm. Be there after 8 pm for a great gig. If you are one of those people that will be going to the RANCH for your Christmas celebration...this fun gig will let you to continue your celebrations all evening Remember, when you leave that event, go to this LIQUID SOUL in McKenna for more fun. Music will play until 11 pm. $5.00 cover. Members of this band are Tod Lemkuhl, Scott Ercoliani, Jon Baroni and my Hubby, Steve Bartlett.
OPEN MIC for Thursday 6 pm at LIQUID SOUL this week. I did not hear how last night's MARTIN SALINAS BAND Gig did last night. Hope it was great.
THE GOVERNOR's GRILL has blues each Saturday 6:30 to 9:30 pm. THE JOHN 'SCOOCH' CUGNO TRIO are performing each Saturday evening. That's in downtown Olympia. Enjoy a great blues with your dinner. Nothing new has been posted since November 5th. I call and only gotten a recording. Call first please. 360/956-9999.
No new music news from KENNY WILLIAMSON this week.
There's always lots of live music  [almost every day]at THE MANDOLIN CAFE in Tacoma. This week and every Sunday's there's... Open Mic w/Denny Foreman &  Friends All levels welcome. 6pm to 9pm ....... Highly recommended by Jan...And, get there early for parking.
Nothing new at THE SUMMIT PUB. There's a jam on Tuesday nights and live music on Saturdays. But, nothing new has been posted. Call first (253) 536-1588.
WILLOUGHBY's RESTUARANT AND LOUNGE in Yelm had karaoke by SHELLSHOCK and bingo this week. Delicious STEWART's MEAT pepperoni give-aways. Also, lots of drink specials.  Location:113 Yelm Ave.Yelm, WA, Phone: 360-400-2240.
New this week..R.S.E's Community Events in Yelm. There's an event on December 8th this week. Also, As I was saying before, R.S.E's CHRISTMAS  EVENT is on Saturday, December 11th...12 noon to about 3 pm....I'd go hear WALTER's BIRTHDAY at LIQUID SOUL after the event and continue your Christmas celebrating there. YAY.
Call 360/458-5201, extent #2 for all currant event information at R.S.E.
YELM SENIOR CENTER offers  really cool lunches on week days at for senior's and disabled in the area. At a very reasonable price too. I [Jan] was in the STAR's Program ...Day Care for Adults...offered by the Lacey Senior Center a few years ago, it was lots of fun. Yelm offered that too. There were live music events and dances monthly.  Classes, bingo and also a bus service. Check it out.  Address: 16530 103rd Avenue Southeast, Yelm, WA 98597-9607. (360) 458-6677.
STEVE BARTLETT...has been working around our small farm here, taking care of everything...chickens, rabbits and sheep AND me. He had to store hay for our sheep. YAY. Love it when he's home a lot. There were no rehearsals or gigs this week. He's been playing the guitar and singing. I keep telling him that tomorrow's our anniversary and he keeps asking me to marry him again...'a million times yes Steve.' He smiles. I blush. He'll be performing in the awesome band, WALTER's BIRTHDAY next Saturday, December 11th, at 8 pm. That's at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERS in McKenna. That's at the McKenna 'Y' ,behind BAYDOS. Phone 360/400-soul. I won't be there physically, but NEVER miss his gigs. It'll be great.
If you're a musician, band or club owner in my area, and want your live music event included on my Live Music Report. Or, have a community event that you want posted. Please send your gig info. at for review. I will review and post the very best gigs and live music events in the area Thanks for reading my report and supporting live music. 'Jan'...JA ROSE-BARTLETT.
Photos of my son, Martin Barela, and his Lady, Rose. Taken October 2010 at the Great Wall Of China by my daughter, Crystal Sincoff.
Below: Video from Youtube Dixie Cups 'Going To The Chapel Of Love'.

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Want Your Gig Info Published Here?
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