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Thursday, February 04, 2016


I've [Jan], been listening to alotta music lately....for Steve's ....BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam on Monday Nights at UNCLE SAMs in Spanaway. [7 pm, ADDRESS...16003 Pacific Ave. in Spanaway.] 

I re-discovered Doctor John....he does many tunes from DUKE ELLINGTON....Golly, the Doc has a  cool growly [spell?], deep voice, doesn't he? Well, then it hit me.... I've always liked that kinda voice...LEON RUSSELL and HOWLIN WOLF have that kinda voice to me....WOW.
So, I looked up Leon Russell....'cause he's been round for along time, wrote for several artists. I've re-posted one of my stories about Russell below Hope you like it. Jan
From   Friday, February 21, 2014

Fixing Up Some 'Soul Food' With...LEON RUSSELL

I've always loved LEON RUSSELL, and HERE he's written so many wonderful tunes for himself and for lotsa other great musicians. I have always been amazed...all kinds of tunes,... rock, blues, pop, folk, country, soul, AND, that reminds me of the video and song, that I'd never heard before today from Russell, by Leon Russell, Marc Benno and Asylum Choir II  called 'Soul Food' created in 1967 to '69, first released in 1971, and now re-released, [thanks Crystal Longdon].
This is what the video page says: "  Published on Dec 1, 2013
"SOUL FOOD" from the album "ASYLUM CHOIR II" by LEON RUSSELL & MARC BENNO, 1971. No copyright infringement is intended; I do not own the rights to the music or photos used; video is intended only for entertainment. Please support the artists by buying their CD, which has been re-released and is available at the artists' internet sites."

So, what is 'soul food' anyway? Link from WIKIPEDIA. Sounds like it's origins started a long time ago...with the african-American slave trade, it was the everyday food of  the captured slaves being shipped to the Americas. Soul Food is still mostly seen and popular in the rural southern states of the U.S. and in the Black American population...  We like it...alot. Click HERE for a Soul Food Cook Book and looks like some delicious recipes. Jan
For more on Leon Russell, go to MY story HERE

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

More On RICHARD PRYOR....More Than Singing The Blues and All That Jazz

Re-posting from.....Monday, April 27, 2015

Updated: RICHARD PRYOR Singing Nobody Wants You When You're Down and Out

Richard Pryor/see photo credit
HEATHER JONES/vocals reminded me once again on her FACEBOOK page, that RICHARD PRYOR and HERE  started out as a singer, NOT a comic....I really love his style and voice. Listen and see what you think. Such a painful life...I'm gonna look up more about his life and post it here. O.K? But, while I look up more about his life...enjoy hearing him sing. Jan
O.K., I'm back, know, I loved Pryor's voice,,,,he reminds me of one of my favorite jazz musicians who also had a drug habit and hard life...namely CHET BAKER. Go HERE to read MY story about Chet Baker. Here's a video link of the album 'The Best of Chet Baker' [thanks Jazz n' Blues Experience].
Now, I'll find more about right back.....
I read about Pryor in .WIKIPEDIA..and, there's NO mention about his singing...BUT, it's so beautiful Lotsa stuff about his  adult humor, awards and comedy, which he is known for. He openly talked about his drug habit  on the videos I scanned on YOUTUBE. example: 'Richaed Pryor on the Johnny Carson Show, 1983' [thanks Sharon Schmidt].
 I remember when Pryor caught himself on fire in June of 1980 after drinking and freebasing cocaine. Rescue workers found him quote 'walking quietly about a mile and half from home', His daughter, stated that Pryor ' poured high-proof rum over his body and set himself ablaze in a bout of drug-induced psychosis' Later, he stated that he had tried to commit suicide.. Those burns covered over one half of his body and he was in the burn unit for six months.
In 1990 he was diagnosed with M. S.and started using a scooter to get around. He died in 2005 from a heart attack..
There was lotsa recognition for his support of civil rights over the years and his Black Comedy.... Kings of Black Comedy Heroes of Black Comedy, 100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time., and in 2005 in the UK.. The Comedian's Comedian. 
He was awarded many Grammys etc. here's a quote: " Pryor won an Emmy Award (1973) and five Grammy Awards (1974, 1975, 1976, 1981, and 1982). In 1974, he also won two American Academy of Humor awards and the Writers Guild of America Award. The first ever Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for American Humor was presented to him in 1998. Pryor is listed at Number 1 on Comedy Central's list of all-time greatest stand-up comedians.[23]"
PHOTO CREDIT: Go HEREwww.eurweb.com384 × 216Search by image


More video links of Richard Pryor below Could not find any more music from Pryor...Below, is his comic stuff....Adult language.

1.\] MUDBONE, by Richard Pryor by gregdeanness

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Richard Pryor - Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out

Just listen to RICHARD PRYOR, will ya? I never think of him as a jazz singer....BUT, look and listen....He sings beautifully. Jan

Experiencing The Darker, Seedier Fridge Element of Life...With DOCTOR JOHN

You know, Steve has been doing alotta DOCTOR JOHN tunes...The Doc covers some DUKE ELLINGTON it....and, Steve's been working them up for the Monday night Jazz Jam at UNCLE SAMs....called BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz name...huh?
So, I remembered a story I wrote about Docor John....'cause....I remembered that he was a character, and so, I looked him up and am...well, re-posting the story below.....O.K?
Regular guys for this jam are.....DENNY FOREMAN/guitar, STEPHEN PARTON/drums and STEVE BARTLETT.bass Photo by me...J.A.Rose-Bartlett. Jan
Denny Foreman, Stephen Parton/drums, Steve Bartlett


Experiencing The Darker, Seedy, Fridge Element of Life...It's DR. JOHN

by CL ender cc, see link
I like this guy, always have...that's DR. JOHN and HERE . Thought I'd look him up online and see what he's all about. WOW...He's not shy and has been busy too, what an interesting life he has had so far. He's seen it all, and done most of it ...AND, he's not finished yet.
For starters, his stage name 'Dr. John', came from a Legionary voodoo medicine man of the 19th century from down Louisiana way. Yes, Dr. John was born in Louisiana...New Orleans, in fact. His real name  MALCOLM JOHN "MAC' REBENNACK jr. His music combines elements of BLUES, FUNK, JAZZ 'ZYDECO'?, ROCK AND ROLL, BOOGIE-WOOGIE  plus from WIKIPEDIA   "VOODOO RHYTHMS AND  CHANTS WITH NEW ORLEANS  MUSIC.". Many of his shows in the 1970's were  " wildly theatrical stage show inspired by medicine showsMardi Gras costumes and voodoo ceremonies."...again I'm quoting WIKIPEDIA here.
In his younger years, Dr.John was introduced to ministrel songs, sung by his grandparents and other family members, who were pianists. He was influenced by his exposure to music greats like LITTLE RICHARD,LOUIS ARMSTRONG, and KING OLIVER as a teen. And was able to access  recording sessions with his family's connections.
Still a teen....entering the world of heavy drugs, he developed an addiction to herion that would greatly effect the direction of his music and life. As a way to pay or his own drug use.... in the '50's, he ran a 'whorehouse', sold street drugs, was in the middle of  alotta violence, and even shootouts with the police and he offered other shady business deals to get by. All this lead him to a prison term in Texas. He got out in 1965 and returned to music. He continued to use herion until December 1989, when he finally won and remains clean after repeatly entering rehabilitation without success. Then, experienced some phychiatric problems after ALL of that, but is now stable with medication. He remains off drugs too. YEAH...Victory. [Good for you Doctor, Jan].
The Dr. has been a popular studio musician over the years. Working with THE ROLLING STONE's tune 'Let It Loose'[thanks  bluearmyaudio ].  Has backed CARLY SIMON, JAMES TAYLOR and NEIL DIAMOND. And, really had some many cool projects with so many awsome musicians that I just don't want to try. So, I won't even start to list them. But, he's amazing and has been very busy. Just know that Dr. John's done it all.
Of course, he's in THE LOUISIANA MUSIC HALL OF FAME, that happened in 2008. AND, you know there's lotsa GRAMMYS and stuff too. Why, he's gotten every award and honor known to man...SMILE.
Does it show...that I love him? Well, I do. That tune 'Going Fishing' [thanks Liquid Soul Coffee McKenna WA] by Duke Ellington that Steve does...well, we first heard it done almost the way [Doc dorsn't do a bass solo, but you knew that] Steve does on a DR.JOHN's CD called 'Doc Does Duke', way back when [ 'bout 2005?].  Yeah. I like Dr.John alot. Jan
O.K., I'll find all the links now and post some music below too. O.K?
Here's his most well known's 'Right Place, Wrong Time' [thanks musicland65]. This is all the video page says: "Uploaded on Aug 27, 2010 By Musicland65".
O.K., I'll find all the links now and post some music below too. O.K?
Here's his most well known's 'Right Place, Wrong Time' [thanks musicland65]. This is all the video page says: "Uploaded on Aug 27, 2010 By Musicland65".

 1.] RIGHT PLACE, WRONG TIME, by Dr. John, by musicland65
2.] IKO IKO, by Dr. John, by sa024474
3.] SUCH A NIGHT, by Dr. John, by boogieboi123
5.] GUMBO [FULL ALBUM] by Dr. John, by Sounds Good

Monday, February 01, 2016

New Jazz Jam Starting at UNCLE SAMs Tonight....BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam Monday Night's at UNCLE SAMs

BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam Plus, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
It's new....tonight at UNCLE SAMs BAR and GRILL in's BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz
I'm excited to see what'll, come on in an watch....O.K? Enjoy yourself, with a cold one and some great music too..
Here's the for sure line up tonight. There's DENNY FOREMAN on that tasty jazz guitar, with STEPHEN PARTON.drums, my STEVE BARTLETT/bass, and ERNIE PEREA on Sax. What a group of great musicians...this'll be exciting...These guys can do it all., and well.In the photo that I posted , from left;;;;it's Denny Foreman/guitar, Stephen Parton./drums, Steve Bartlett/ bass and Lonny Gross/harp....Ernie Perea/sax is not in this photo....but, he'll be there tonight.....I'll get another picture tonight with Ernie in it...O.K? Jan.

16003 Pacific Ave.
Spanaway, WA.
Starts 7 pm

Saturday, January 30, 2016

SASS Photos From Last Saturday Night at STONEGATE

SASS by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
Steve  Bartlett by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc

Shell texted us and was happy....great gig last Saturday night at THE STONEGATE.....sure was...I loved it....Here's two pics that I took of the four SASS I had to take two pics 'cause that BIG new stage at Stonegate's was....ah...well....BIG!....I know, I know it's hard to see Andre, it's kinda dark back there....but, he's there right behind Shell,[ can't miss her, center stage and really beautifu, not that Andre ain't beautiful.]].....see him now?...I knew you would.....Anyway, looks like Shelly's right in the middle of some cool stuff in my photo, either some BIG BLUZZZ or some BIG SASS, whatever it is.....WATCH OUT though.... It's always fun. and NOT really dangerous.
Well, I better list the members of this awesome group....First, let's start with Ms. SHELLY ELY/vocals 'cause she's the girl.....and, the BLUZZZ Queen of the known Universe....and, SASS Queen of that same Universe does all that sound come outta her little bitty body? A miracle, I guess. Then, on her right...our left there's STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals....he writes alotta music stuff too for this group...WOW......AND, getting some air-time on the radio!.... way cool Steve..... And, then there's the drummer guy in the back.....ANDRE THOMAS.....he's always cool. STEVE BARTLETT's on that amazing bass guitar. They all sing but, Shell's the very best 'cause she's centerstage...and, we all love her. The end, Jan...
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My Spelling?? Thanks For Understanding

My Spelling?? Thanks For Understanding
Photo by by billsaturno cc click to link, A note 'bout my spelling... I'm typing as fast as I can with one finger on one hand, and trying to make sense and everything. I haveave to look at the keyboard, NOT the see where ALL those letters are, and my nect won't bend or turn...whoops, that's NECK, not 'nect'. Please, forgive me and give me a little 'LEE-way' [spell?]...Thanks, Jan SMILE

Musical Grandma's Are Cooler

Musical Grandma's Are Cooler
by Sunfrog Shirts

Yea,...Just Wondering?

Yea,...Just Wondering?
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