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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Remembering LEON RUSSELL...NO Stranger TO Me, In Any Land

O.K.....have you noticed and read about all the great musical artists from the '60's and 70's that have been checking out lately? It's  kinda strange isn't it?
In the past month LEONARD COHEN, LEON RUSSELL and SHARON JONES have all gone elsewhere. I will miss them all.
So, I'm re-posting my report about Leon Russell here, and will look for my stories about Cohen and Jones and re-post them too.
This is my way to show my respect their contribution to music. Jan

Thursday, December 05, 2013

A Stranger In A Strange Land?...No Way...It's LEON RUSSELL

by CLender cc
Well, this guy is one of my favorites... he's no stranger to me, I bet you recognize him too...It's LEON RUSSELL, and it seems like Leon's been 'round just forever that's all....the late '60's is when I first noticed him and he became an instant hero to me.  As time went on and I learned more about him...well, I just seemed to love him more and more.
O.K....Russell was and is a very gifted genius song writer, not only writing awesome songs that he has recorded himself, but he's written so many songs for other musical artists. He has played with so many musical Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, The Byrds, The Carpenters, George Harrison, The Rolling Stones, Glen Campbell, Elton John, Tiajuana Brass,...and so many more, see WIKIPENDIA link below.. I believe the greatest and most talented musicians of the 60's and '70's. ...WOW.
It was no wonder that he was put into the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME in 2011, it was about time, I say. [See MY story about Leon's Hall of Fame entrance in 2011 HERE]  But, he did more than just rock and roll, there's country, folk, gospel, and blues too...really everything. He is respected and honored by musicians of all genres, and has written, or jointly written lotsa big hit tunes for them all, as well as been on stage performing along side them all. He's a musician's musician. Please read his bio from WIKIPEDIA to get the whole list of the number of musicians that his life has touched and enhanced. O.K?
His inter-racial marriage in 1975 to 'Sly And The Family Stone' member MARY McCLEARY and, his unique odd sounding voice, ..was just like my 'want to be a singer' voice, just made Russell even more endearing to me always...he always sounded just like one of us 'common' folk. Love you Leon. Jan
Music video links of Leon Russell, from YOUTUBE below.

1.] TIGHT ROPE 1972, by Leon Russell, from ceeceerider
2.] A SONG FOR YOU 1971, by Leon Russell and friends, from MemphisMemories
3.] A SONG FOR YOU, by Leon Russell, Willie Nelson and Ray Charles, by Henny1972nl
4.] STRANGER IN A STRANGER LAND 1971, by Leon Russell, from ma01302250sa
5.] GENTLE ON MY MIND, by Glen Campbell and Leon Russell, from Aubrunner
6.] DELTA LADY, by Leon Russell and friends, from yipstube
7.] CRYSTAL CLOSET QUEEN, by Leon Russell, from Karski1952
8.] COME INTO MY KITCHEN, by Leon Russell, from  MemphisMemories
9.] HONKY TONK WOMAN, by Leon Russell, from Mike Zieroth
10.] CBS SUNDAY MORNING, Leon Russell and Elton John, some history, from deepfreezevideo
11.] A HARD RAIN GONNA FALL, by Leon Russell, from ceeceerider
12.] THE LETTER, by Joe Cocker and Leon Russell, from 
THEMUSICMAN311...will look into this tune more...O.K? Jan

Thursday, November 24, 2016

BARTLETT's Best....What Are We Thankful for Today?....Huh?

Steve and Jan Bartlett, by Crystal Sincoff
O.K.....quick! Don't stop and think about it...'What are you thankful for today?....Anyway? Right off the top of your head'....'cause that's the real deal....right there, isn't it?...not what you're expected to say...BUT, the truth.
O.K.....let me do it....'Music, Family, Health.....WOW!....Freedom's in there to think whatever I want, whenever I want, without any limits....yeah, very own private thoughts, they may not be like anyone else's but that's O.K. 'cause they're mine....really very own private thoughts and the way I choose to think. Same with you...huh?...AND, we're all different, and that's wonderful and the way it's 'spose to be.
Well, that 'bout says it all. Have a great Thanksgiving from Steve and I. Jan

Friday, November 18, 2016

Don't Worry, I'm Fine...AND, Of Course....'I'm So In To You'

Bartlett, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
Well, I know I've got some explaining to do, don't I?, where have I been and everything?
Wait, I can explain....'ah'.....I've been....'ah'....Gee! Time's gone by so fast, has it really been such a long time that I've posted on, you know....BARTLETT ON BASS?...I have no excuse, I guess...Forgive me. O. K?
Been posting on FACEBOOK almost everyday with my iPad and stuff. BUT, I need more help getting online with the BIG computer....that's what I need for BARTLETT ON BASS DOT,it didn't get done I was lazy.. that's all...but, I'm really 'So Into You', I won't ever forget you....ever.
Steve's been busy with the BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam every Monday night at UNCLE SAM 'S AMERICAN GRILL in Spanaway, Washington....16003 Pacific Ave., from 7 to 10 pm. That's hosted by DENNY FOREMAN/jazz guitar, STEPHEN PARTON/drums, HAL MERRILL/pedal steel jazz guitar and, of course STEVE BARTLETT/bass.
He's been playing at TRADITIONS in downtown Olympia, Washington...[300 5th]. some Sunday afternoons for ERIC VALLEY/trombone/keys,....this jazz jam is held every second Sunday of the month. Of course, ERIC VALLEY/trombone/keys is the host....other players change each month...STEVE BARTLETT/bass will be in that line up in December...yeah!....that's...I think...Sunday December 13th, 'round 2 to 5pm....O.K? Anyway, it's on a Sunday afternoon,...second Sunday in December.
I was listening to ATLANTIC RHYTHM SECTION and liking it so, that's what I posted below....they're great...ain't they? I'm gonna look up more about them and post it....but, I'm too tired tonight. I'm always ust posting the good stuff. Jan
What I [Jan] like today posted below.


When the Sunny Gets Blue- Steve Miller Band

Steve's working up this beautiful tune for a recording before Christmas. Jan

Saturday, September 10, 2016

WATCH OUT! JAZZ Tomorrow @ TRADITIONS In Olympia....Jazz Jam Happening

Steve Bartlett, image by Dan Hill
Tomorrow, Sunday, Srpt. 11th, @ 2:30 hear cool jazz in downtown Olympia at TRADITIONS. Every second Sunday of each month....Eric Valley's JAZZ JAM is happening at Traditions. STEVE BARTLETT is honored to be the bassman for this jam, BILL DURICE was the official bass guy last there's some BIG shoes to fill tomorrow AND, Bartlett is excited about it....come on down and see if he keeps his cool. O.K? I'm sure he will and have lotsa fun.
This is who'll be helping Eric host his jazz jam....Of course ERIC VALLEY/trombone, HANNON HARISON/drums, JORDAN NYLANDER /piano and HAL MERRILL/pedal steel jazz guitar. I'll be humming along BUT, they will not let on stage!...What?...they don't know what they're missing. SMILE, Jan
PHOTO CREDITS: This image of Steve was done by DAN HILL from Facebook. Thanks Dan.
Here's some tunes Steve's working up for this special event below.....


Monday, September 05, 2016

It's a Celebration....A Special Event at Sam's

Foreman/from FACEBOOK
It's a holiday weekend, end your holiday right @ UNCLE SAMs..with something really at Sam's. Guess what...something new has been added for this Monday night's BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam night tomorrow, September 5th @ UNCLE SAMs BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway on Pacific Ave...16003 Pacific Ave is the exact address.
The regular jazz guys will start out the night early, you know...Denny, Hal, Stephen and Steve, with smooth, cool jazz..about 6 o'clock and THE MOTORS BAND will be joining @ 8 o'clock and will finish out the night...10ish?....WOW! Don't wanna miss you?
I got pictures of everyone posted below. O.K? Jan

Bartlett/by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
Hal Merrill/ from FACEBOOK

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