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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

''I Thought About You' Tonight Be At Rhythm And Rye, Listen To Some Great JAZZ

Don Cohen
You like JAZZ" Well, tonight's your night at RHYTHM AND RYE [the former Royal Lounge] in Olympia, WA. You know....301 N. Capital Way.
I like DEBBIE DUNCAN, she sings one of my very favorites...'I Thought About You' [thanks Debbie Duncan Jazz].
Anyway there's gonna be jazz tonight in Olympia, with the Don Cohen Jazz Sextet'...WOW. Don't miss it. I'll be there  SMILING and enjoying myself. Please join me. O.K? Jan

Friday, November 14, 2014

No Way, 'One Size Fits All?'.......SASS Tonight at THURM's

by fontplaydotcom cc
You've heard that old saying....'One size fits all'...haven't you? well, what's up with that, anyway? We're ALL unique, aren't we? I thought so. 'One size fits all.', just doesn't work when it comes to music. Everyone likes something different. Music is so, so well, personal.  I remember that first kiss,  whenever that certain song comes on the radio....when I was with 'HIM'. Lotsa songs remind me of other times, other places. 
So, tonight....SASS will be doing BLUZZZ and rock tonight at UNCLE THURM's SOUL FOOD in Tacoma, WA. If this type of music does it for it does me, 'cause ALL BLUZZZ's NOT the same...this IS the best.. I'll see you there 'round dinner time....Fried chicken, ribs, lotsa BBQed stuff, you know what I won't go away hungry. Yum,  Jan
Some cool video links...
1.] HELP THE POOR, by Robben Ford, by mllesarahauvray

WHERE: Thurm's Soul Food, 7:30 pm 'til 9:30 pm
              3709 S G St Tacoma, WA 98418
(253) 475-1881

Monday, November 03, 2014

Not So Fast...Who Says...It's the Very Last Time For PINK FLOYD?

by  nevil zaveri cc
O.K....I found this in THE ROLLING STONE....DAVID GILMORE/guitar/vocals of PINK FLOYD  or HERE has had enough, he's tired of touring all over the place....wants to be home with family, even though the money's good, lotsa money at the box office,[ I know some things are more valuable than dollars and people and family....Jan].
Anyway, Gilmore would like to spend more time with his young kids or creating some solo albums. Well, I guess that does's really hard to do music in a band without the guitarist and vocalist....Isn't it?
Well, not so fast...Gilmore looked again at some old material the band did in 1994. He and NICK MASON/drums 'overdubbed' parts of it....They came up with some really fine stuff. AND, 'waa-laa' spell?...a new album is due to come out on November 10th...called 'Endless River' with this stuff on it.. David Gilmore thinks this is great material , and ....that'll be the end of Pink Floyd .
I'm just not so sure....Gilmore is a's in his blood. Yes, it's difficult work and all that, and family time is lost....but wait. AGAIN, he's a musician....they NEVER seem to quit music. Let's wait and see. O.K? Jan
I'll post some Pink Floyd favorites below. O.K?? Just let me post this on FACEBOOK first. Jan

1.] ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL, by Pink Floyd, by mongchilde
2.] DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, by Pink Floyd, by Marc-André Ranger
3.] US AND THEM, by Pink Floyd, by MrMusic3079's channel
4.] WELCOME TO THE MACHINE, by Pink Floyd, by Earl Cleveland
5.] COMFORTABLY NUMB, by Pink Floyd, by ♫♪♫ɆѦǤⱢɆ ƦѲȻҜṨ♫♪♫

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Homeless Piano Man Inspires Millions With His 'Haunting' Tune

by georgios ka cc 
His name is RYAN ARCAND, 43, he's homeless, lives in the shelters in Edmonton, Canada and has had  a difficult life...BUT, who cares? NOT Arcand... 'cause he loves music and has a very special connection with it It lifts him up, life's NOT as hard, seems to inspire him and millions of others too.
It ALL started with  Roslyn Polard, from CBS, she, heard Arcand play and was touched. She recorded him and posted it on YOUTUBE on October 23rd 2014......WOW, t went
Go to CBS.. I'll post their video and story of Ryan Arcard below and read thir story HERE Jan
Below are related video links
1.] RYAN ARCARD, by CBS news, by The National

Thursday, October 30, 2014

'Some Kind of Monster' METALLICA On Late , Late Show Next Month.

METALLICA, from Wikipedia cc/see link
.NOW, Let me tell ya  about some other music news that I read this morning.The heavy metal band....METALLICA.  and  HERE [photo link] They will be on the Late, Late Show [CBS] every day for the week starting on Monday, November 17th, sing a tune every night that week....nothing to sell, but celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their album, movie and documentary we all know as...'Some Kind of Monster' [thanks Axel Gröndahl']...just in time for Halloween I say [Jan] Go HERE for a link to this full story.
See the three tunes posted below? Well, This n dream come true....Steve BARTLETT ON BASS gets to record with his 'old' music buddy MIKE KARNES/guitar/bass, and ANDRE LaVOIE/drums, that atomic clock of time.  Of course, 'Old' doesn't mean Steve or Mike know, 'OLD'. They're high school friends [Edmond's High School ]. Anyway, they've known each other since the '60's....and, never recorded anything together, even though, both of them have been in music all that This IS very special for both of them. Jan.
 1.] JOSIE, by Steely Dan, byTenacious V
2.] CAN'T YOU SEE?, by Tower of Power, by Thezone4422
3.] FANTASY, by Earth, Wind and Fire, by riversend21

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Drums Keep Pounding Rhythm To The Brain......Extreme Music Here

Aby rerveren cc/ see link
O.K.....What's 'EXTREME' music, anyway? To me, it's real....the real thing, sincere...the truth. That's what I'm talking about here, in this post.
Lately, BARTLETT's been doing lotsa music, with excellent musicians AND, I 'm at EVERY gig....'watching and listening'...for what?
Well, I'll tell ya... I'm at every gig first because I love music and it's'also 'cause  I'm there for 'more'.....for the real thing or maybe some call it the 'the groove or 'being in the pocket''...when it happens everyone knows it. It's a feel kinda or, it's when everything is happening just right. That's how I describe it, anyway.
Many times I've seen musicians look and play like 'cardboard'....they know the right notes BUT don't feel the music or something. The music is 'lifeless', they are NOT focused or present with the music. BARTLETT loves music and it shows in his performance..
AND, then there's 'over-playing'...or trying too hard. If Steve's nervous...or worried about the stage...the equipment or something, he has trouble just relaxing and  playing. So, there's a middle ground that we're looking for that's just right.
Anyway, right now Steve is playing with awesome musicians that know their stuff. Come out and support'll have a great time AND see and hear real music. extreme music. Jan 
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