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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pushing The Limits ...Honoring LIVE Music AND Musicians

by artist,  Don Hill/see photo credit
Today's a rehearsal day, for us that means working up music. I love it all. Usually, looking up YOUTUBE video links and listening to some great music. I've learned that musicians and my BARTLETT are all really amazing folks. They listen to tunes once, twice  AND 'Wha-La', they play real music with other musicians...who probably did the very same thing. They CAN all hear a pin drop...I'm sure of it.They make it look easy...BUT really it's an unusual talent and art that's been developed and learned over many years of continued practice..just try it yourself. Please, appreciate live music and these rare artists. I see more and more clubs  using  D.J.'s and recordings and limiting Live Music opportunities for us all.. Makes me sad to think people may not get opportunities to ever see music 'LIVE'  Jan
PHOTO CREDIT:  artist DAN HILL did the image of Steve Bartlett at the Olympia Farmer's Market 2014 and sent it to us. Thanks Dan, it's beautiful. Jan

Posted below are just some video links of tunes BARTLETT's working up today.

1.[ SON OF A PREACHER MAN, by Dusty Springfield, by TheVIDEO BEATdotCOM
2.] IT'S YOUR THING, by Isley Brothers, by dunnededunnedunne
3.] VOODOO WOMAN, by Susan Tedeschi, by Nick Rondinelli
4.] IT HURTS ME TOO, by Susan Tedeschi, by izjustagirl
5.] NEED YOUR LOVE SO BAD, by Fleetwood Mac, by davey boy phelan
6.] THEM CHANGES, by Buddy Miles, by NoRosesForMe
7.] WALKING AFTER MIDNIGHT, by Patsy Cline, by There's Nothing Like Lante
8.] BIG LEGGED WOMAN, by Freddie King, by mick7575
9.] PURPLE HAZE, by Jimi Hendrix, by 60's-Now

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Stand Back...Sparks May Fly or Something...SASS, LYNDA MYERS BAND JAM and HEATHER JONES News

See photo credit
Well, O.K., what's new and happening?... or here's some very cool upcoming live music events in the Tacoma area.
Now, everybody knows SASS is back with SHELLY ELY/vocals [with some very cool and powerful bionic equipment installed on her person, let's say...well,,,,'er'.. 'I' for one can't imagine SHELL any 'SASS-ier', or more POWERFUL for that matter, can you?]. So. let's all stand back...O.K? Don't let any small children near the stage, you know 'til we know what's gonna happen for sure... Sparks may fly or something...who knows?. SASS's all gearing up for blues night at THE SWISS PUB downtown Tacoma next Monday night, February 2nd, 8 pm..
BUT, tonight, Wednesday, January 28th SASS will have a cool 'test run' and they have sent me [Jan] some small covert hints etc. that they all hope to be showing up at DAWSON's on South Tacoma Way for THE LINDA MYERS BAND's Wednesday night jam. Linda and her whole band sure do a great job. It'll be fun.Why not bring your ax, come on down...have a few beers, you know.
Oh.. that reminds Steve is honored to be backing up HEATHER JONES/vocals and DON JONES/guitar and with MICHAEL KINDER/drums..Heather and Don are from, of course,  HEATHER JONES AND THE GROOVE MASTERS AND on Friday, January 30th at UNCLE SAM'S BAR and GRILL in Spanaway, WA.there will be some powerful great live music This group are the second act that night, and there is a $ 5.00 cover. The band 'SOLAR SIN' will start off the night at 9 pm. Heather, Don, Michael and Steve will start 'round 10 pm. That's my story...and I'm sticking to it. SMILE. Jan

WHERE: THE SWISS PUB,..It's SASS on  Monday, Feb.,2nd, 8 pm
               1904 South Jefferson
               Tacoma, WA.

               DAWSON's...It's The Linda Myers Band Jam, Wednesday nights, 9 pm
               5443 South Tacoma Way
                Tacoma, WA.

               UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL, It's Heather Jones, Don Jones, Michael Kider, Steve
                Bartlett, after 'Solar Sin' 'round 10 pm, $5.00 cover
                16003 Pacific Ave
                Spanaway, WA..

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Important News From the Underground and YELM TRIAD PRODUCTIONS....'No, It's NOT True'

by unknown cc
Look what I found...some important news from that unidentified mysterious underground reporter that's seen round Yelm, WA  recently. Yes, It's from last month. WOW, can't wait for the next edition of YELM IN THE SPOTLIGHT by YELM TRIAD PRODUCTIONS and find out more.. Always fun and right on top of the most important news in this interviewing Santa at Christmas time, for example. How'd they ever get to do that? After all, he's a very busy man in December.
Well, just watch and ...well, just for the record....'I' [yep,Jan, of course]' think it might have something to do with some of those very timely important questions raised by that underground reporter. I noticed that Santa ain't talkin'....very suspicious indeed...'.hummm'...[thinking...wondering 'ah' pause, dreamy slower now] We all know Santa is always 'all smiles and HO HO HOing everywhere and-all the time. Sometimes,you can't shut the guy up.
Faster now....So, I think we should investigate this important issue further and as soon as possible too. STRONGER... pounding my fist on he table with each word. Jan.
Watch THIS ...what do you think? [thanks YELM TRIAD PROD]  This is what the video page says: " Published on Dec 18, 2013
Merry Christmas from YELM TRIAD PRODUCTION.
Jayne Cameron & Michael DeLorme".
..O.K.,...Here's a copy from YOUTUBE . Jan

'Tangerine Dream' s EDGAR FROESE Dead at 70,... Just Changing Address's

EDGAR FROESE see photo credit
 "Edgar once said: 'There is no death, there is just a change of our cosmic address" .Germany's EDGAR FROESE  and HERE 70, of 'Tangerine Dream' and  electronic  music pioneer of the '60's died this past week of pulmonary embolism.
He had formed the group 'Tangerine Dream' in 1967, he then created a " absurdly prolific catalogue of experimental electronic music with a revolving cast of supporting players." states  ECLAIM MUSIC, where I found much of this info. this morning. Tangerine Dream also released several film soundtracks ;[ like Risky Business, Sorcerer, Firestarter], as well as abundant live performances and EPs  over the years.  Froese also was a electronic music solo artist.
I was always really into UFO's, Space Exploration and Aliens ever since I was a kid and I saw those very cool movies like "Invasion From Mars' [thanks Michael Santiago] and 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' [thanks idoru345].....Some of Tangerine Dream's electronic music always reminded me of that time in my love of the 'Alien' I will post something  cool and 'alien' O.K? So, Here's a YOUTUBE video of the Tangerine Dream's album called "Pheadra' [thanks Protean Soundwaves ]. AND, who can ever forget TOM CRUSE 'dancing some old time rock and roll' by Bob Seger in the movie, ;Risky business [thanks venus62890] and Tangerine Dream on the train? [still makes me blush].
Thank you, Edgar Froese. Jan
I'll post more related video links below. As soon as I post this to FACEBOOK. O.K? Be right back.

1.] LOVE ON A REAL TRAIN, by Tangerine Dream, by Oliver Pesaresi
2.] RISKY BUSINESS, by Tangerine Dream, by Richard John
3.] THE LONDON EYE CONCERT 2008, by Tangerine Dream, by  MrHypnothic- II

Friday, January 23, 2015

What? A Bionic SHELLY ELY? and SASS's Playing Tonight...Watch Out

Shelly and Steveby Mary Jo Tryholm
Look what I found on STEVE MERRIAM's/guitar/vocals FACEBOOK page: .
"STONEGATE RESTAURANT & BAR THIS WEEKEND - January 23,24, Presents S.A.S.S. featuring Shelly Ely - Back from her bionic rib replacement, stronger and more soulful than ever. NO COVER CHARGE for anyone over 21 and at least 60% human. We will see you there friends.:"   WOW...Shell's got a bionic replacement AND she's back and ready for some BLUZZZ. Remember NO COVER.
Boy, Am I ready for tonight. Jan

WHERE: STONEGATE RESTAURANT AND BAR, Friday, January 23rd and Saturday, January 24th, Let's say round 9 pm to 12:30 am
                  5410 South Tacoma Way
                  Tacoma, WA.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Talk About SASS? SHELL's Back...Need I Say More? STONEGATE Tomorrow and Saturday Too

used with permission, I'm not crazy, see photo credit
O.K., SASS's in the house. I don't hav'ta say any more...You know It's gonna be a good night for some BLUZZZ. Cause that BLUZZZ Queen is all rested and ready to give us all that kinda BLUZZZ that I just love.....that's what some folk call 'stanky bluzzz'....real drippy, powerful real moving blues. We can't miss it... I just FEEL it in my soul, you feel it, everybody feels it. AND, Ms. SHELLY ELY's back. So, whatcha gonna do? Except, prepare yourself and surrender to it all, AND Just relax. SASS will be at STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR in Tacoma starting 'round 9 pm, going 'til 12:30 am. or so WOW. Plenty of time to get alota dancing, drinking, eating, laughing and sweating in. We don't know what Shelly's gonna say next AND neither does she. Well, 'ah' I mean...'ah' I'm starting to sweat already....feels good...[pause].....really it does. I mean it [with a forced grin...kinda quietly mumbling to myself, wiping my worried little face, taking a deep breathe.... spell?] 
[Quicky] 'Ah'..Now, remember last gig, Shelly was under the weather, having surgery and stuff. Some very fine ladies came to our aide...... Relaxing , slower now.... I want to thank them all again[ sincerely] Thank you Andrea Miller, Heather Jones and Don and Linda Myers and Harvey. Please support these fine musicians when you see them round town. They put their heart and soul into their music AND, it shows.
Be at STONEGATE tomorrow and look Saturday night too for SASS, that's Friday, January 23rd and Saturday, January 24th. I'll be there. Jan
PHOTO CREDIT: The photo was taken by MERRI PETERSON SUTTON in Tacoma, WA. of this group [early Sept. 2014]. Used by permission from SASS, link S. Merriam'

WHERE: STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR, 9 pm 'til round 12:30 am. Friday and Saturday Nights, 1/23/15 and 1/24/15
              5419 South Tacoma Way
               Tacoma, WA.

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