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Saturday, February 28, 2015

What?.. Music Can Hurt You?..NAH....NO WAY

see photo credit
Look what I found on BBC NEWS today. This IS just RIDICULOUS...'I' have listened to more music than those 'doctors' or 'the World Health Organization' can shake a stick at...AND just look at me , will ya?,...O.K, O.K. let's find another example. And, while I'm looking for another example,.... let's all have a little laugh and concider what 'they' have to say.
Well, first's a quote..." People should listen to music for no more than one hour a day to protect their hearing, the World Health Organization suggests.?: ' Haha....just as 'I' thought....they 'suggest' this. Is it true or not guys'. Come right out AND spill the beans...O.K., O.K. let's see...then it says, AND I quote again..." It says 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults are at risk of permanently damaging their hearing by listening to "too much, too loudly".
It said audio players, concerts and bars were posing a "serious threat"....Well, 'as almost a musician 'I' [of course, Jan] say 'What the ??....EVERYBODY KNOWS that music is meant to be LOUD...the louder, the better...ain't it? 'huh'? AND, There's no such thing as too much music. says 'it's only a 'risk'...nothing we have to really worry about at all.. There's so many other reasons for having wax or beans or something in your ears OR like you're paying attention to something else...yea, like what kinda music is it anyway? It's some good music or not? Is it music that's not worth listening to, that's all.  Glad I could straighten this out for everyone....'huh'...what did you say? Jan

Friday, February 27, 2015

'Live Long And Prosper...'Mr. Spock', : LEONARD NIMOY Dead @ 83

See photo credit
Sad  news'  Mr. Spock' or LEONARD NIMOY, havn't found a personal site, look at 'Star Trek' and HERE [from Wikipedia] of STAR TREK has died. He was 83 years old. Cause of death " chronic obstructive pulmonary disease" he was a heavy smoker but, had stopped the habit  many years ago, said SECOND NEXUS, where I read this news today.
I loved 'Spock' and the whole T.V. show 'Star Trek', it seems forever. AND, Here's a copy of a story I did about Mr. Spock and party glasses.
Yes, 'Live Long and Prosper my dear Spock, I will never forget made a difference in MY life. Jan
Read HERE about Leonard Nimoy' music.
HERE's some info about Leonard Nimoy's music.
Thursday, November 07, 2013

WOW...Hey, Glasses..Way Cool Dude....Let's Party Hardy Tonight O.K?

by George Takei.
This is just an amazing photo that's all...Just reminding me once again just how much fun..a little music and some really cool stuff adds to every party, special event or even just sitting around the house looking good.
You know those 'party' glasses look mighty familiar to me. I know my mom bought me a pair almost exactly like these but, of course, with blue glitter on the very blue horn-rim frames way back in 1957. She said it made my blue eyes....look even BLUER. WOW...Every girl or guy even wants glasses like THAT.  I thought. So, I wore those  'cool' blue-sparkly'  horn-rimmed glasses for several years without complaint, thinking I was IT.. Thanks a lot Mom. You helped make me who I am today. Jan
I found this photo on FACEBOOK this morning from George Takei.
Here's a video about horn rim glasses. This was the first music I remember making wearing glasses O.K.This video is called 'The Girl With The Horn Rimmed Glasses' from TheGoodlucks. This is what the page says: " Published onNov 20, 2012
A goofy little song, recorded in 1965 -- performed here on the '60s TV show "Shindig", by Carole Shelyne, who was a featured dancer on the show. Carole stood out among the other dance performers on "Shindig" because of her oversized glasses, which led to much popularity and fan mail, and eventually, this novelty song, She appeared on numerous TV shows of the 1960s. Carole now works under the name Carolyne Barry as a successful casting director and acting coach. Her long and interesting career in the entertainment business can be viewed here: . For anyone interested, she has a website" Jan

Related video links below. Famous Horn-Rimmed Glasses
1.] BUDDY HOLLY'S GLASSES, from psychediva
2.] WEARING ROY ORBISON'S GLASSES, from Lance Lipinsky



by Heather Jones
Saturday, February 28th at 9 pm, be at SCOTTY's GRUB AND PUB in Puyallup, WA. for an awesome night of live music.  I bet, there'll be dancing and everything. Of course, I'll be there...enjoying and did someone say...'grub'?....well, it's TWO of MY favorite things. Scotty's is in downtown Puyallup....I'll check the address and post it below. O.K?
HEATHER JONES AND THE GROOVE MASTERS are starting at 9 pm,., going 'til closing...that's HEATHER JONES/vocals, DONNY JONES/guitar/vocals, JEFF HAYES/drums and STEVE BARTLETT/bass. Great live music with grub too. let's go. Jan
PHOTO CREDIT: By Heather Jones, taken on 2/10/2015 at THE FEEDBACK LOUNGE in West Seattle. From left Donny Jones/guitar/vocals, Heather Jones/vocals, Jeff Hayes/drums and Steve Bartlett/bass. Jan
Some of what Steve's working up today....some 'tasty treats' for tomorrow.

1.] THE MEANING OF THE BLUES, by Joe Bonamassa, by ILoveMusicPiano
2.] THEM CHANGES, by Buddy Miles, by NoRosesForMe
3.] SHAKE YOUR HIPS, by Joan Osborne, by aganzx
4.] SIGNED, SEALED,, DELIVERED, I'M YOURS, by Stevie Wonder, by samplegoogoo
5.] NEED YOUR LOVE SO BAD, by Fleetwood Mac, by davey boy phelan
6.] I SMELL A RAT, by Patty Griffin, by MandolinMotorBlues
7.] ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY, by John Prine, by 1000Magicians
8.] WHAT YOU WON'T DO FOR LOVE, by Bobby Caldwell, by J Buddy Love - Old School
9.] LOVE IS ALIVE, by Joan Osborne, by MrKingsRow

WHERE: SCOTTY's GRUB AND PUB Saturday, February 28th,, 9 pm 'til closing
                 215 Meridan Street
                  Puyallup, WA.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

When Memory Misses a Beat, Music Can Offer Dementia Patients New Meaning

ETTA JAMES, by Photo by YGX cc 
This is an interesting idea...I think it's true....Music helps memory. Look at this explains it all...When memory misses a beat, music can offer dementia patients new meanin,   a YOUTUBE video. ...I found this at PBS NEWSHOUR. Check it out.. This was interesting to me 'cause Steve's mom always responded to music AND, I've noticed music just helps everything go better...lotsa times I remember info. on commercials etc. from childhood, that I've have not heard for decades...I remember phone numbers  and weird things like that. Bet, you do too, if you think about it. Here's some links to some of MY stories about the brain and music. HERE,  HERE [about our personnel journey with dememtia ]and .HERE [about Etta James and dementia]. Jan

Sunday, February 22, 2015

STONEGATE's 'SOUL SPITERZ' or The Bobby Hoffman Fun Jam TONIGHT, Featuring A BEATLES Theme

from FACEBOOK, see  link
Tonight, February 22nd, there's a jam...a cool tribute to the BEATLES. Here's what STEVE MERRIAM/guitar--/photo link says: " NOWHERE MAN ! - Bobby Hoffman and the SOUL Spiderz are having another Beatles tribute jam this Sunday 2/22 at the STONEGATE RESTAURANT & BAR - Bring on the Bollocks!?
Join in the fun, bring your know where the STONEGATE is, don't you...starts at 8:30 pm, gos 'til done. I'll post the address below.
BUT, it's MY birthday too. yes, I'm 65 today...WOW.I know that's hard to believe. 
..but, it's true, 'I' get to retire and that means that the government sends ME more money, don't they? A kinda award for staying alive. So, Come on out and celebrate with me. It's gonna be fun. I'm NEVER Over the Hill,..Jan

WHERE: THE STONEGATE, 8:30 pm 'til ??
              5419 South Tacoma Way
              Tacoma, WA.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Just Anounced: SASS @ STONEGATE Tonight...Saturday the 21st...WOW

SASS,used with permission, see link
O.K., ....ATTENTION SASS Fans: Just Anounced SASS is back at the STONEGATE tonight. Be at THE STONEGATE on South Tacoma Way TONIGHT, Saturday, February 21st,, 9 pm.... for a real treat. The whole gang will b there...Of coursed....that's the BLUZZ Queen SHELLY ELY/vocals, song writer STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals, ANDRE THOMAS/drfums and my STEVE BARTLETT on bass. What ba great night of music. I'll be there. Wouldn't miss it. Jan.
PHOTO CREDIT: The photo was taken by MERRI PETERSON SUTTON in Tacoma, WA. of this group [early Sept. 2014]. Used by permission from SASS, link  S. Merriam'

WHERE: STONEGATE Saturday, Feb.21st, 9 pm 'til closing
                 5419 South Tacoma Way
                  Tacoma, WA.
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My Spelling?? Thanks For Understanding

My Spelling?? Thanks For Understanding
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Musical Grandma's Are Cooler

Musical Grandma's Are Cooler
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Yea,...Just Wondering?
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