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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Hard Life...CHET BAKER Lived All That Drug Jazz

by Sara Bj√∂rk cc
BARTLETT loves all types of music...and, JAZZ has always been, as Steve says.." Freeing and rewarding."
So, I [Jan] watch out for stories and cool things online 'bout Jazz for Steve. Today, I listened to CHET BAKER...a jazz trumpeter and vocalist from the '50's. That I've listened to before AND, have really enjoyed his 'smooth, quiet, comforting and soothing voice and style'..'.ahhh, it just let's me relax and unwind', I started to research and investigate his life for a post....BOY! was I in for a surprise...his life was full of drugs, prison and violence...NOT anything like that 'soft comforting sound' that I heard on his videos.
I read that Baker had a "well-pupilicized drug habit"...he started using heroin in the 50's  and remained addicted to the drug the remainder of his life. He spent time in prison, was so violently beat up, his face smashed in, when trying to buy drugs in San Francisco after a gig, that he couldn't play his trumpet- and doctors thought he'd never play it again and he needed the money that he earned from his music to support this addiction, and, yes,.. when they found his body on May 13th, 1988 in Amsterdam on the ground below his second story Hotel room, heroin and cocaine were found in his body too....'BUT, but...wait.... listen to his soft and unique gentle and relaxing and soothing'. ...I had to pause and think...'why?   would anyone choose that?...drugs had made Baker's life very sad, lonely, scary and painful...and still this man gave us all so very much...what a giving man...thanks Chet. Jan
To read more, go HERE. HERE and HERE .
I found this video on YOUTUBE, called The Best of Chet Baker, [thanks Jazz n' Blues Experience]


BARTLETT Hired For New Jam @ UNCLE SAM's Every Wednesday Night

photo by unknown cc
Last night, my Steve heard from JOE PLEMMONS/guitar...would he be interested in playing every Wednesday Night at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway? There's a new jam beginning this Wednesday evening, May, 1st, from 6 pm to 10 pm. and continuing every Wednesday evening thereafter AND, they want BARTLETT as, of course, Bassman.
Yes Please...that will be so much fun. Said Steve.
So, come join in, tell your friends, and family....bring your songs, talent and stuff...there's lotsa cold beer and also great burgers, fries, and sandwiches etc. too. Click Menu HERE. Jan

             16003 Pacific Ave.
              Spanaway, WA.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Antique Audio Recording of 'You Know Who' At SMITHSONIAN

by TimWilson cc
This was very, I learned something new when I found this post about ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL at TECHLAND.TIME....NO, It's NOT about the telephone, after all, we ALL know that Bell invented the telephone, boring...guess again..O.K?...O.K., O.K. give up? Well, Alexander Graham Bell took THOMAS EDISON's first recording device, with played recordings that used tinfoil covered cardboard cylinders to record the sound...and used wax-covered cardboard or discs...and, made it even better and stronger than Edison's....BUT, even more exciting to the guys at THE SMITHSONIAN , who discovered one of these first recordings with yes,.. Bell's voice on it, dated 1885. It had his initials on it too. WAS...Ready?.. They tested this stuff with some very scientific equipment and verified it was Bell's voice alright, he was saying "Hear My Voice--Alexander Graham Bell"...O.K., now we all know that Bell, as well as Edison were both very important in what is used today to record all the music we enjoy everyday. Thank you. Jan
For more reading go HERE
Below, is the voice of Alexander Graham Bell from that a wax recording like I was talking about, from brevardjay on YOUTUBE. It's called ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL'S VOICE RECOVERED WITH OPTICAL SCANNING OF WAX DISC  AND, it says alot on the page, so please go to brevardjay and check it out. Jan

1.] ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL, from SSBBgrl...biography

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WOW....Who Is This Kid?

by chefranden cc
O.K....I just heard this kid on YOUTUBE, and you know, he can sure sing...BLUZZZ, I love it....Amazing...just amazing. His name is Brandon, that's all I can find out. This was found on ttboy0. It's called WHITE KID SING THE BLUES IN GUITAR SHOP LIKE IT'S NOBODY'S BUSINESS! AND, That's nobody's business. Hope to hear more of this  kid soon, and will post more. Jan
YIPIE!   I found more below video. Jan

Found some more about this BLUZZZ kid, his name is BRENDAN MACFARLANE not Brandon...BIG Whoops., from BMacFarlaneMusic. Here's his a link with him singing 'HOME TO ME' by Sam Cooke. Here's what I found on this page: " To BUY my CD 'The Road' visit my website -
contact - "...'WOW, he has a CD already. Let's go get it'. Jan again,...of course....Big SMILE and WAVE. Jan
Below there's more music...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

'Why Eat Healthy or Exercise?...When We All Can Do This Instead?'...AMAZING

Elvert Barnes cc
When I saw this commercial's video on STUMBLEUPON, this morning, I was amazed...WOW! You mean there's NO more dieting, exercising or sweat? Just EAT everything in sight and look and feel just great  AND, yes, I will look picture perfect, of course , all the time?   Cool. Sign me up....O.K? Can't wait 'till I show Steve tonight, won't he be surprised?...Yep, pass the mashed potatoes please, AND more gravy too...Thanks Sweetheart.
Just watch this video, and see what you think...can it be this easy? What are we waiting for? Found this on YOUTUBE, from BlueManBoys. It's called AWESOME PHOTOSHOP COMMERCIAL, and that's putting it mildly in my way of thinking. Enjoy, and let's ALL keep dreaming...what if.... Jan. And, this is what it says on the video page: " Uploaded on Jan 14, 2012
-a commercial made to make fun of photoshop and celebs. This is a MUST SEE so to help spread the word... PLEASE like, favorite, and subscribe."....O.K. I will, thanks BlueManBoys. Jan

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Music, Music Everywhere...And, Not A Drop To Drink, But, 'Orphan Milk'

Steve Bartlett by Jan Rose-Bartlett cc
Well, today I thought I'd let everyone know...what music stuff Steve's up to for this week. There's lots of fun rehearsing most every day, along with all our daily farm things. Those farm related things can be fun and rewarding too, like raising an orphaned lamb inside the house, and learning to make home-made 'formula' that's just right for a know sheep don't do well on cow's milk and goat milk they just don't like.., and I understand THAT completely. [ of course, Jan]. Click HERE for my own lamb milk replacement recipe, that tastes GOOD and that our little girl lamb loved and did very well on too.
Now, for the music....Steve's rehearsing right now...Yeah....I love it. He has a rehearsal with his long time music buddy MIKE KARNES/guitar tomorrow in Olympia, WA. AND, yes ANDRE that atomic clock drummer will be there too. Most of the tunes listed below are for that get-together tomorrow., BARTLETT's also been playing in THE MOJO BLUES or GROOVE BAND...they've been doing lots of ETTA JAMES, JOE COCKER and some BB KING, BEN E. KING and STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN too. Members of that band are: Of couse, BARTLETT ON BASS, 'Mojo' or MARY JO TRYHOLM/vocals and RICHARD MOLINA/guitar with HARRY LOGAN/drums.
Steve's jamming tonight with STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums, our neighbor and owner of HOBBY STREET STUDIOS. A amazing banjo guy named BLAIR LUNDSTEDT will be there, that my Steve's played with before, and DON SUNN/guitar/ should be a great night.
Oh..yea...KENNY WILLIAMSON/drums called this week. It was great to hear from him...he's doing well at 70 years old. 
That's all for today.  Jan
Below's some of the tunes BARTLETT rehearsed today..

1.] VALDEZ IN THE Cold Blood, from negriljerry
2.] I Stevie Wonder, from amoreregal 
3.] COLD James Brown, from rbj1135
4.]  HOW SWEET IT IS TO BE LOVED BY Marvin Gaye, from ska2tone3
5.]  A DAY IN THE LIFE, done by Jeff Beck, written by Lennon- McCartney, from mx61994
6.] PEOPLE GET READY...Jeff Beck and Joss Stone, from Paul fromMN
7.] ROUTE 66...Nat King Cole, from anneesvinyl
8.] CAN'T GO FOR THAT...Cee Lo Green, from Chuck Frey
9.] NIGHTLIFE...Ray Price, from Gatorrock787
10.] FANTASY...Earth Wind Fire, from riversend21

Friday, April 19, 2013

Seattle..PIONEER SQUARE Tonight..'Be There Or Be Square'...Bartlett's Comin'

by jeffreyw cc
I know, I know, this is late notice and it's Friday night and all...BUT, this just came in last night. And Steve had to help me get online today, or I'd a had this posted late last night...Please forgive. Jan
RICHARD MOLINA/guitar was calling everyone in THE MOJO BLUES  or MOJO GROOVE BAND [they have two names 'cause they're just twice the fun, that's all. Jan]...Anyway, Richard had a possible gig in Pioneer Square in Seattle for tonight, he's helping host a jam...he was asking 'Could everyone of the band members make it?'....Well, that sounds fun thought my Steve, and, after talking to me...and, he didn't have to talk too much either, I said 'Go, Do it Steve', 'cause I love his music and am all for it, all the time. Bring your's a jam, that's all I know 'bout it.
So, tonight, Friday, April 19th....BARTLETT ON BASS will be playing at THE NEW ORLEANS CREOLE RESTAURANT [WOW...I love Creole. You? Jan]  in Pioneer Square in Seattle. [114 First Ave S Seattle, WA 98104 (206) 622-2563 ] it says it's ' in the historic Lombardy building'...well, I don't know Seattle very much either but, if you haven't made plans for tonight, this sure sounds fun to me. O.K?...'So, Be There, or Be Square' is what I always use to say, when I was a really cool hippie. See you there tonight....I don't know what time it starts either...what? 'No, Steve didn't say but, he's heading to Seattle 'round 5:30ish, from Tacoma with the rest of the band, he did say it would be over 'round 11 pm...Richard;s driving them all...Thanks Richard.
The members of this THE MOJO BLUES or GROOVE BAND are, of course, BARTLETT ON BASS with 'MOJO', that's MARY JO TRYHOLM/vocals, RICHARD MOLINA/guitar...not sure if HARRY LOGAN/drums will be at this gig, he has some stuff going on tonight...BUT, there will be a very cool drummer and a wonderful male vocalist named JOE, who plays the guitar too, and you, if you come down...I know, this makes it kinda different...Steve just got home it starts at 7 or 7:30 pm but, It's late notice for us, too...and my Steve's just home right now. Have a great weekend, you guys. where ever you are. O.K?  Jan

WHERE: New Orleans Creole Restaurant....7ish to 11ish
                114 First Ave [in the Lombardy building].
                 S. Seattle

I'm posting this video of ETTA JAMES' doing the tune...'DOWN HOME BLUES', 'cause I love it....AND, there'll be a BLUZZZ jam tonight at THE NEW ORLEANS CREOLE RESTAURANT in Seattle in PIONEER SQUARE 'round 7 to 11 pm. DOWN HOME BLUES was recorded by ZZ HILL [Thank you PalmBeach1028, From Hill's album.... " Title-track from his 1982 Malaco album "Down Home Blues".
Steve wants the band to learn this song...and SHELLY ELY always did it so well too. I found it at Morgana0x. This is what the video page says: " Uploaded on Jun 19, 2009
I love this song and as I couldn't find Etta singing this song anywhere on Youtube I made it myself."...WOW! Good Job, making this Jan

Thursday, April 18, 2013

TOP SECRET: Where's ALL Those Hit Master Recordings Being Saved, Anyway? ....Look, .Inside Iron Mountain

by Sheep purple cc
This is a very amazing KOMO 4 NEWS video about a place called IRON's where our government saves it's most important stuff...AND, some of that really important stuff is MICHAEL JACKSON's, ,FRANK SINATRA's, ELVIS's and even more.... well, over" 700,000 original most  famous and hard-to-find audio recordings and master tapes" are stored by our government. Yep, right there in IRON MOUNTAIN, that's in Pennsylvania. I knew those old BEATLES records would be very valuable some day. Wish I could remember where I put them all.  Jan
Found this video on YOUTUBE, from Anon Leg...called TOP SECRET GOVERNMENT FACILITY. This is what the page says: " Uploaded on Jun 14, 2011
No description available.."....'well, of course...shhhh!'s top secret stuff'. Jan

Monday, April 15, 2013

'MARIA, MARIA' Falling In Love In East L.A. With Guitar By CARLOS SANTANA

 by MojoBaer cc
CARLOS SANTANA and HERE is an amazing guitarist to me [Jan]...he makes that guitar sing just every time I've heard him play, since the '60's, I, today was absolutely no different...EXCELLENCE in music, that's all...WOW. AND, how come with some music and artists..lotsa old memories just come flooding back? Well, they did.
I'm not sure when I first heard him [Carlos Santana] WOODSTOCK in '69? Perhaps...I do remember, that in 1971 with my marriage... to ERNESTO AGUSTIN BARELA-LOVATO, we both loved CARLOS SANTANA, 'Ernie' was always collecting his recordings, and that music was a big part of our lives, we took it everywhere with us...Santana being one of our hispanic 'brothers' and all, and he became one of our favorite musicians. That maybe why I feel connected to him. Santana seems just like family to me.
Some of Santana's tunes were in Spanish and other's in English...or a combination of like our new family... the mixing Ernie's Hispanic culture, with the northern Anglo-American ideas of my family. I loved the 'new' that was created [Span-glish]....ALL races combining and living together as one. 'Gracias  Ernesto y Carlos'. Juana Rosa
My or our daughter's story about Ernie's death from AGENT ORANGE HERE with music from the Vietnam War. Ernie was in VIETNAM in 1967 and 1969, that's where he was exposed to Agent Orange.
AND, wonderful hubby BARTLETT ON BASS enjoys these same songs and performs Carlos Santana tunes ALL the time, they're requested over and over at gigs...very popular today, just like 30-40 years ago.
I'm posting a tune that we [Ernie, Steve and me Jan-Juana] all would enjoy...from Thanousay Khamphoune, 'MARIA, MARIA' with lyrics. This is what the page says:Uploaded on Apr 25, 2009
the lyrics of the coolest song ever played by carlos santana.". More HERE about this grammy award winning  song.

More related links below.
1.] MARIA, MARIA ...Santana, from SantanaVEVO·
2.] SOUL SACRIFICE,.SANTANA ...WOODSTOCK 1969, from ScottsdaleSoulMan
3.] SMOOTH ....with Rob Thomas and Santana, from ILLEGALvideo
4.] OYE COMO VA, fromAgoraVoxFrance
5.] EUROPA, from Flamingo Kuo
6.] BLACK MAGIC WOMAN, from fritz51173
7.] CORAZON ESPINADO, from adaltrov with MANA and CARLOS.
8.] THE HEALER, from king0fmist  with JOHN LEE HOOKER and CARLOS
9.] PUT YOUR LIGHTS ON, from videoinjection with THEWAITH and CARLOS

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rehearsal Last Night, And Seeing Doug Skoog Again At DAWSON's

Bartlett jamming with Neal Fallen + Doug Skoog 2006? 
What a great night, BARTLETT ON BASS loves music, and last night was just full of music A perfect night. AND, he came home with that great BIG beautiful smile.
First, BARTLETT rehearsed with the MOJO GROOVE BAND for a private gig this Sunday afternoon, 4/14 in Tacoma. The members of this band are, of course, BARTLETT ON BASS with 'MOJO'... or...MARY JO TRYHOLM/vocals, RICHARD MOLINA/guitar, and HARRY LOGAN/drums. They will be back at THE SPOT TAVERN, 5240 South Tacoma Way in Tacoma  on Sunday, April 21st where they're hosting a cool jam from 6 to 9 pm. NOTE: This gig on 4/21st has been canceled....RICHARD MOLINA just notified BARTLETT[ Monday, April 15th. Jan].
After the rehearsal, Steve went over to DAWSON's BAR AND GRILL, next door...and recording artist DOUG SKOOG/keys/vocals and his band were playing there. What a treat.  BARTLETT was invited to sit in for a few tunes and loved it. Go see Doug Skoog and his band, he's playing all over the area and I've posted a calendar link above. It'll be an enjoyable evening or night etc.  It's always good music.
See you soon. Jan
About the photo: By me, Jan Rose-Bartlett.  This was taken at THE SUMMIT PUB in Puyallup, WA. 'round 2006. Neal Fallen/harp/vocals and Doug Skoog/keys/vocals.
I also found an old video clip on YOUTUBE, from JimOliverPhotography of Doug Skoog on keyboard from 4/15/07 BLUES VESPERS. This is what it says: " Uploaded on Mar 5, 2008
Every 3rd Sunday the best blues bands in western Washington come down to Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Tacoma and perform.". Link HERE.

Some related links below.

1.] DAMN YOUR EYES...Etta James, from IOANNIS DIMOU...rehearsing this
2.] COLD  SHOT...Stevie Ray Vaughan, from theczechstallion123...rehearsing this
3.] HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN....Haley Reinhart, from .AmericanIdol10top12...rehearsing this.
4.] STAND BY ME...Ben E. King, from NShep53.....rehearsing this
5.] THE THRILL IS GONE....B.B. King, from eaglerocktv...rehearsing this
6.] TAKE IT EASY LOVING ME/BLUES REDEMPTION...Blues Redemption with.Doug Skoog/vocals, from pixations

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

AND, So Who's Gonna Be Added To The COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME Next?

by Neurofibromatosis - Reggie Bibbs CC
O.K....I read online this morning on USATODAY, that KENNY ROGERS is one of the guys chosen this year to be inducted into THE COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME, well, it's about time, I say [Jan]. Kenny's been 'round for a long time, the '60's anyway, and has sold millions of great recordings...GOOD IDEA. And, Roger's is really happy 'bout it too, he wants to share this special recognition...this is what he said. ""so I can share it with my boys. I think it's an important thing for them to know I worked hard"...yep, he's always worked hard and I've really enjoyed his tunes.
BOBBY BARE and COWBOY JACK CLEMENTS are also joining Kenny Rogers this year in the Country Music Hall Of Fame, making the total of 121 country giants as members of this group.
For more, go HERE. Jan
Here's one of Roger's old classics's LUCILLE, from.Willy Fehr This is what it says: ' Uploaded on Jul 3, 2009
No description available.

More related links below.
2.] LADY, from Mouha Wahdani
3.] COWARD OF THE COUNTY, from 80smusicfanman
4.] LADY, from ministudioz....Lionel Richie with Kenny

Monday, April 08, 2013

Making An Electric Guitar Outta An Ordinary Garden Shovel

by Tobyotter cc
O.K.....It's Springtime, we're farmers, and our fingers are just itching to get out there in that garden and play in the dirt. BUT, wait a minute...what about all the music and rehearsing and stuff? Well, no worry, or guilt... I found just the video, it has the answer....See, these guys take an ordinary shovel, and make it into a cool guitar, bet they can make a bass too...WOW! Do both at once, plant your garden and play a tune Can't wait til Steve gets back from mowing the lawn, feeding the sheep, lambs, chickens and rabbits, fixing fence posts, getting slugs outta the garden and saving our newly planted kale and sees this...why waste any time?..BARTLETT ON BASS can now rehearse his bass at the very same time as doing everything else...Yeah. Won't he be glad that I saw this...yep, I'm always here to help. There's no need to thank me Sweetheart.
Here's a link to more of my stories 'bout slugs HERE, and HERE  Jan
Found this on shovellica on YOUTUBE. It's called WORLD's FIRST EVER ELECTRIC GUITAR MADE OUT OF A ORDINARY SHOVEL. This is all that it says on their YOUTUBE page: " Uploaded on Jan 31, 2011
Worlds' first ever electric guitar made out of an ordinary shovel".

Friday, April 05, 2013

Watch---A 6 Year Old Autistic Musical Genius...'Yes...We CAN All Do Anything We Put Our Mind To'

by Fifth World Art cc
When I saw this wonderful video this morning on FACEBOOK, shared by my friend Sheryl Clark/sax, I was reminded once again that humans are just plain awesome, AND, to never waste time feeling 'sorry' for myself again! We CAN ALL do amazing things and do anything we put our genius minds to. We just have to believe in ourselves, a little...that's all..a piece of cake. So, no one gave most of us and me too permission to be fantastic, so, I now give it to myself.
Yes, I do things slower than most of you...and perhaps different than you do...BUT, I can do them, and it's getting better all the time, I'll be as good as new very soon....Just look at Ethan, such an inspiration.
So, I really enjoyed this video from sitehost, called ETHAN A 6 YEAR OLD WITH AUTISM, PLAYS PIANO MAN WITH BILLY JOEL This what it says on this page: " Published on Apr 4, 2013
My Son coby has Autism, and its Videos like these that remind you how smart and tallented our children really are!! Please share this video."  Enjoy ETHAN WALMARK like I did. Jan

More related links below..
1.] PIANO PRODIGY GOS VIRAL, from TheHourNewspaper
3.] ETHAN W AND MAYBE I'M AMAZED, from Allison Walmark
4.] ETHAN W PLAYS DEAR PRUDENCE, from Allison Walmark
7.] BILLY JOEL, PIANO MAN, LIVE, from LiveSessions

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

SEA LION Keeps The Best Beat, or NOT Just 'Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay'

by Tony Fischer Photography cc
I just remembered that old OTIS REDDING tune, you know..ah, from AmericanAirlinesRule, thanks 'Sitting At The Dock Of The Bay' 1967 [by Otis Redding and Steve Cropper, released by STAR RECORDS in 1968] after seeing this SEA LION do her thing at the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, at SANTA CRUZ. This sea lion's name is RONAN. She was taught to keep the beat, and once she understood what everybody wanted she just took off...and now gets lots gigs just everywhere....just kidding about the gigs. Ronan does do a good job keeping the beat, just listen...nice dancing too. Hope she's not working for peanuts...ah, but, fish and lots of it. That's my girl, Ronan. Jan
Found this video on YOUTUBE, from PinnipedLab, called BEAT KEEPING IN A CALIFORNIA SEA LION, RONAN. This is more of what it says on the video page..."Published on Mar 31, 2013 One of our resident sea lions, Ronan, is the first non-human mammal shown able to find and keep the beat with musical stimuli. This challenges earlier evidence from humans and parrots suggesting that complex vocal mimicry is a necessary precondition for flexible rhythmic entrainment."

More related videos below.

Double Bass

Double Bass Links Page

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