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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Sure...we'll be there!   Who wouldn't? of course.
SASS's SHELLY ELY/extreme voice....messaged me last night on FACEBOOK, saying ....wanna play at the TWISTED KILT and HERE in Puyallup,WA, following VICCI MARTINEZ?....Such a silly question, ain't it? didn't take Steve long to decide.., well, me too...,....'.OF COURSE!' he/we yelled. That's tomorrow June 30th.
We've got a call in to Shell now, to confirm., Wait...SASSs .STEVE MERRIAM/guitar,vocals just's been confirmed!....'Yeah!....softer now...'we get to play after Vicci. we get ta play after Vicci....'
You all know Vicci Martinez/guitar/vocals from the National T.V Show and winner of THE VOICE.don't you? [She's all over YOUTUBE,mind you ], .....SHE's GOTTA THE VOICE!!.....'ah' to Shell's of's O.K. to say that,..ain't it...' huh'... Shell?....weak smile. OF COURSE!
O.K. Here's what I've gathered so far...Vicci starts at 6,...with STEVE STEFANWICZ/guitar/vocals....he's great too. Don't wanna miss this show. Only a $10.00 cover....WOW...well worth it! I'll get the address and everything, and post it here. O.K? SASS starts after her show 8:30ish..AND, are ready for anything!
You know SASS, but just in case you haven't heard. There's SHELLY ELY/vocals and leader of this amazing EXTREME BLUZZZ Band, the one and only STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals/song writer/organizer/head dish and bottle washer/all round good guy. ANDRE THOMAS does the cool drumming. for the group. STEVE BARTLETT that funky fat bottom guy takes care of that bass..Just reporting the good stuff  Jan/starry eyed mascot
P.S. we first saw Martinez in 2007...playing at JAZZBONES in Tacoma at THE RANDY OXFORD JAM. Go HERE and HERE for my report. Jan

Twisted Kilt
105 W Main, Puyallup, Washington 98371
Bar & Grill

(253) 256-4184

Monday, June 27, 2016

Tonight's Monday Night Again...This Mean's One Thing.....It's Jazz Jam @ UNCLE SAM's

Parton/from Facebook
Every Monday night 'I get JAZZED!!'....'cause it's my night to hear some smooth, cool jazz @ UNCLE SAMs BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway, WA..I never get tired of it as well as the
Well, if this is your thing, like it is mine, it's your BIG's all jazz the first set!. Bring down your charts, Real Book and enjoy..
DENNY FOREMAN is a fine jazz guitarist. He's back in town and will be onstage you Denny. Now, on drums we have STEPHEN PARTON, he's coming all the way down..well, you know, outta the small country town of his that BIG beautiful Mount Rainier [see photo]...just for us...what a guy!....yeah, thank you Steve  Then the funky fat bottom man, STEVE BARTLETT on bass. There, now you have it....the 'Denny and Two Steves' that make it all happen every Monday night at Sam's.
Where's UNCLE SAM's, anyway?.....16003 Pacific Ave. in Spanaway, of course.
Music 7 to 10 pm. Jan
Foreman/from Facebook

Bartlett by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc

Sunday, June 26, 2016

JERRY MILLER Never Gets Old...right!

Steve, '71 band 'Good Blessing'
Ah...JERRY MILLER's What? ....Is Not.....So, Let's Party...February 10th @ UNCLE SAM's
O.K...Steve's just been called 'bout a cool party @ UNCLE SAM's in Spanaway, WA. on Sunday, July 10th for the one and only, you know, JERRY MILLER...yeah, THAT Jerry Miller! from MOBY GRAPE...'60's Frisco's Haight-Ashberry Moby Grape.
Now, JERRY MILLER's never gets old...I can listen to him all day Let's celebrate this amazing musician's life and achievements...with lotsa.... you! What else? Yeah, Jerry'll be there...AND, lotsa cool bands and musicians too.
Yeah, you're ALL invited!
That's UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL...Address: 16003 Pacific Ave. Spanaway, WA.
I'll keep you posted on times and bands...O.K? Jan
NOT February, you's JULY....of course. Jan

Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al

'Good Morning!' Found this on FACEBOOK this morning when I was having my coffee...Cool. Jan

Friday, June 24, 2016

'It's ALL About the BASS, No Treble'....Really...Just Listen....

POSTMODERN JUKEBOX, by Mother Jones Dot Com
I love this video and want to know more about this group of musicians. The creatorof the band is SCOTT BRADLEE/keys....This is what WIKIPEDIA calls him....' American musician, pianist, composer, and arranger. He is known for his viral videos on YouTube, including his work under the moniker Postmodern Jukebox. This the POSTMODERN JUKEBOX link.They are in Europe touring until at least June....'cause that's all I could find.... the tour dates they have listed of 2016, anyway....Go HERE.

I'll look for more video links and post them below....O;K?
Now, more on Bradlee...he grew up in New Jersey, and did well in the New York Jazz scene. He created the 'Postmodern Jukebox' group in 2013. Jan

I'll look for more music/video links below
2..] CREEP, by PMJ, Haley Reinhart, by PostmodernJukebox
3.] SEVEN NATION ARMY, by PMJ, Haley Reinhart, by PostmodernJukebox
4.] BARBE GIRL, by PMJ, Morgan James, by PostmodernJukebox
5.] I KISSED A GIRL, by PMJ, Robyn Adele Anderson, byPostmodernJukebox
6.] RADIOACTIVE, by PMJ, Blake Lewis, byostmodernJukebox
7.] SHAKE IT OFF, by PMJ, Von  Smith, by PostmodernJukebox

Thursday, June 23, 2016

BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam, Minus DENNY Tonight

BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam last night @ UNCLE SAMs in Spanaway, WA....featuring STEPHEN PARTON/drums and STEVE BARTLETT/bass...minus DENMY FOREMAN/guitar, who had to go back East...will be back next Monday.
This gig-jam last night was fantastic...'just look at those musicians go!'
Here's a couple of pictures from my trusty iPad, for a start to wet your whistle(spell?) anyway,..gotta go now..on low battery Jan

All photos by me....J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc

Hitting the Big Time.....SASS @ QUINALT RESORT AND CASINO Photos

SASS by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
Cool photos of SASS at Quinalt Resort and Casino....6/18/16....and KIM ARCHER BAND, HOOK ME UP and more....Amazing music! Jan
All photos by me...J.A.Rose-Bartlett
More photos below...
Steve watching THE KIM ARCHER BAND
Wicklund, Jan, Coucoules

Bartlett Coucoules, Wicklund

Monday, June 13, 2016

BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam Tonight....Yep...Real Jazz Jamming Tonight at SAM's....See?....Cool

Tonight, Monday June 13, @ UNCLE SAMs in Spanaway it's BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam, starts @ 7. Address: 16003 Pacific Ave.
Yep! It's a REAL Jazz Jam each week at SAMs. Cool...huh?
It's DENNY FOREMAN/a fine jazz guitarist, STEPHEN PARTON/drums and STEVE BARTLETT/bass....Heck...they're all amazing musicians! Bring your charts or Real Book and see. O.K?
The first set is always smooth, cool jazz. I like it! You will too!
Lotsa amazing musicians sit in the second a JEFFWALLACE/violin/keys, MICHAEL PATRICK COUCOULES/guitar/bass/vocals/percussion, ERNIE PEREA/sax, JOSEPH PLEMMONS/guitar/vocals, MIKE PERDUE/guitar/vocals....(NOTE: this list is just off the top of my head, mind you...incomplete/not finale mind you....NO! not the 'pointy-part' of my, do I hope you're laughing with me...sweat!!....weak smile... Jan).
See you all tonight! Jan

More photos below...

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Some SASS Photos From Last Night's Gig @ UNCLE THURMs

SHELLY ELY by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
Some SASS photos from last night @ UNCLE THURMs in Tacoma. It's dark in there, you know....BUT, delicious and fun!...So, I'm editing and lightening up pics, as much and fast as I can, as I eat the rest of my take-home fried chicken! Yum and, all pics are taken with just my little ol', 'good nuff'...'cause that's my story, and, of course I'm sticking to seems to be working so softer now...kinda dreamy-like.....(note to myself...whew, got away with it again...SMILE!...ah...) Then, continue....
Lotsa folks we're there last night....and music really fine, food great!..You should a been there...I was sure glad I was...AND, I say that...NOT because I'm married to that cool, funky fat bottom bass guy....but, because this band was really ON last night,
So, who's in this very cool BLUZZZ band I'm talking' 'bout...Anyway? Who was there last night?
SHELLY ELY/vocals thinks she's the leader and so she is! The SASS guys love her and do everything she wants...O.K? That's the leader of this band, ain't it? Then, the very cool guitar guy, that writes several songs for the group is STEVE MERRIAM...singer-song writer/guitarist/ set up sound specialist/vocalist/organizer and all 'round good guy. ...ANDRE THOMAS/drums/vocals is the usual cool drummer for SASS....BUT, last night, filling in for Andre was WOW! should a been there on the skins....BILL RAY/drums. The baseman was STEVE BARTLETT/bass/vocals. Last night was special...GLEN COBERLY/keys was in the house, doing a amazing job...very cool!
Also, some amazing sit in's...well, wait...let me try that again....COOL SIT IN's!!..not, just 'yawn'. sit ins...end of story.
LINDA MYERS from, of course, THE LINDA MYERS BAND sang a tune, another Myers too, long time friend of Shell's..DEBBY MYERS/vocals. GARY CROOKS/guitar and JEFF WALLACE/violin were all up on stage during the night!
It was JAN BLENIS's birthday too.....and, cake and everything. I got a BIG slice!
What a wonderful should a been there! Jan

Some photos from last night @ UNCLE THURMs...
SASS,by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
SASS by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
SASS Bartlett by J.A,Rose-Bartlett cc
SASS set list? by J.A,Rose-Bartlett cc
MERRIAM and COBERLY by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
RAY and  BARTLETT by J.A,Rose-Bartlett cc
BARTLETT and COBERLY by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
MERRIAM by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Johnny Adams - I Don't Want To Do Wrong

Look at Me...Fashions in the 60's.....Weird ...HUH?

Miss Dennis's Charm School...Remember 1960's Fashion?

Vincent Boiteau cc 

Oh my...I guess, I'm showing my age, with this 1960's fashion tour, ain't I? This, the fashion in the below video, was very funny to me and VERY serious to my mom, AND....Just the way I remember it. My Dad worked for SEARS back in 1964 when I was 14, my mother sent me to MISS DENNISs CHARM SCHOOL, located in Sears in Spokane, WA. We were taught just this kinda I thought stupid stuff... and, I hated it all. 'No Way, Mom'. Guess, I was already Hippie way back then mother just didn't understand that, and very worried about me...she wanted to cure it right away...before it stuck, and effected my chances of finding a husband.  'Gee Mom, don't worry, will ya'. That was the way it was, 'Oh... Mom,...Look, I'm O.K. and married this really 'cool', 'groovy' bassman guy, named BARTLETT worries. O.K?'...SMILE, Jan

Found this at glamourdaze on YOUTUBE. This what it says..." Uploaded on Feb 29, 2012 and
Vintage Fashion Archive.
An interesting archive film exploring the dressing of 1960's mannequins in a Sears store. It makes for a pleasant insight into the typical fashionable wardrobe of an early 1960's woman."
More video '60s Fashion history links below:
1.] 1960s Fashion, music, hippies and history too...found at pilialoha37
3.] 60s Fashions, with cool music and photos, found at greta080
4.] Decada 60, music and Hippie fashion, found at ddasi1

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

SASS.....With Keyboard....Guess Who?...This Saturday @ UNCLE THURM's at 8 pm

SASS [C] from Facebook
What? SASS with Keys?....Yep. Come and see. It's gonna be great!
Well, rehearsal's tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it! Really.....'cause there's keys acomin'.
I know, I know, you're asking...'How can SASS be even better?'s not possible.' I understand, but wait...Well, how 'bout adding keys? Yeah....adding keys....have you ever thought of that?
SASS has....AND, not only Shell, but, all the SASS guys.....So, be at UNCLE THURM;s SOUL FOOD or AKA.....UNCLE THURM's FINGER LICKIN RIBs AND CHICKEN on 'G' Street in Tacoma this Saturday, the 11th of June between 8 and about 10:30 or so,  and experience SASS With Keys....O.K? The full address is, you know, 3709 'G' Street.
You all know who's in SASS already...if I've said it once I've said it a thousand times....SHELLY ELY,STEVE MERRIAM, ANDRE THOMAS and STEVE BARTLETT. They're ALL really cool....AND thsre's a really cool keyboard guy too.
Yeah, you know I'll be there. Jan
WAIT Jan,.... Jan...Who's the guy on keys?....anyway?....Jan...Jan.
A really cool guy! I have a doctor's appointment,...will finish this post later today...Gotta go, late. Jan
SASS News: Who's @ UNCLE THURM's this Saturday, June 11th...besides, you know, those cool, regular 'Fab Four'....ah,..whoops, wrong band....ah...where was I?...Ah....NOT the Beatles, anyway...I'm just on my iPad, waiting in the car.
Who's at UNCLE THURM's on Keys and stuff this weekend?
Well, we all know that SHELLY ELY/vocals, STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals will be there, of course, will be there, they're always there...huh?...yep.....and then STEVE BARTLETT/bass/vocals is always there.
So,...let's see...we have a singer, guitarist, and a bass man....that's three...yeah...I said. ...ah...four, didn't I?....O.K., that leaves just one more, doesn't it?
I know, that guy that sits in the back, you know...the drummer. It's usually ANDRE THOMAS...but, not this week...ah....I finally remembering....BILL RAY/drums will be filling in for Andre....AND, on's ....ah....GLEN that spelling right? I'll check, and post a correction in comments. The end. See you on'll be fun. Jan

Bartlett and Elyby J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc

Merriam and Ely/facebook

Double Bass

Double Bass Links Page

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