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Saturday, August 27, 2011

OK...BARTLETT With SHELLY ELY Sunday At Shell's Jam.....

Yesterday, I got the call from my favorite kinda hero,...A Music Hero...that's Ms. Bluzzz herself...SHELLY ELY. She needs a bassman this Sunday's Jam...well, OK got it. My hubby will be there with his bass all warmed up and ready to play. It'll be a great night.
Be at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL, Sunday 'round 7pm 'til 10pm for a great jam with Ms. Shelly Ely AND her fantastic group of guys. Bring your ax, play, relax, have a beer and some food too.
Shell always has fantastic musicians at her jams...that's SHELLY ELY/vocals, DYLAN LANNY ENGLAND/drums, lots of times it's JHO BLENIS/guitar....her guitar guy changes...but they're always awesome. My STEVE BARTLETT/bass will be filling in for TERRY JAE tomorrow Sunday, 8/28th. Come in for some fun and great live music. Thanks, T. Jan

ADDRESS: Uncle Sam's American Bar and Grill 7pm to 10pm

16003 Pacific Ave. Spanaway WA.
Here's a video of Shell with her band, THE SHELLY ELY BAND doing 'I'd rather go blind', that I found on YOUTUBE...posted by

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tonight Be At THE SPIRAL For A BIG Long Awaited CD Release....YEA!

Tonight's the big night, Friday, August 26th....Everyone's ready and pumped up....Way Cool.
It all starts 'round 8 pm with the talented BLUEWAVE's Eric Delome/guitar/vocals warming up the crowd,   well, Eric's great, you'll enjoy him, thanks Eric,....THEN At 9 pm. the WALTER's BIRTHDAY band begins. They'll be playing ALL their new tunes on this CD, just called 'WALTER's BIRTHDAY'...the band's named after a way cool 100 year old piano named 'Walter' by the way...Oh where was I?....oh yea.... the CD Release Party. It'll be great, you'll wanta be there. Steve's son James and Jessica will be there. I know Jon's Julie and Aline will be there too. Bet, Gerie and so many more have said they're ready for this night during the past week. Take a listen to the CD.HERE Members of this band are: SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums, TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals, JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals and my hubby STEVE BARTLETT or BARTLETT ON BASS/bass, of course. st_robert will be the sound engineer for tonight.
Tam Borrelli, owner of the Spiral offers a full bar and bar menu, come thirsty...OK?
OK....The ADDRESS?.....
The Location is 201 Yelm Ave, first floor. That's in Yelm...only 14 miles from Lacey, pass The RED WIND CASINO...into Yelm, THE SPIRAL is on the right, 2 blocks from the first stoplight...AND,15 miles from Spanaway...take the Roy 'Y' exit to Yelm.  Phone 360/400-2233. Go HERE Thanks.T. Jan

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rehearsing....John Mellencamp - Small Town AND A BIG Secret too

Bartlett rehearsing
BARTLETT's rehearing this lovely tune. One of the guys in the band is getting it ready 'specially.... for their BIG CD RELEASE PARTY @ THE SPIRAL CAFE this Friday, 9pm., [201 Yelm Ave, Phone 400-2233].... in Yelm....come see who does this fine tune plus all the latest written by this very talented group. click HERE for a big hint...OK?
SSSHHHHHhhhhh, remember...I didn't tell who...did I? T. Jan
you know the person?? or?? who posted this video on YOUTUBE wants it kept a secret's blocked out...what's with this anyway? T. Jan

Where There's Smoke...There Must Be... A Hot Band....Yep

Photo from their site, see link
Got this smokin' Email yesterday from the Seattle-based band called....'THE SMOKIN' J's' or JAYS. Check 'um out all you guys up north, will ya?... AND Look, they're in Olympia at the 4th AVE TAV, Saturday. Sept. 17th, 9PM,...that's way cool too. Let's get out there. OK? I'm posting a cool video of THE SMOKIN' JAYS below. Thanks SMOKIN' J's. T. Jan

FromTHE SMOKIN' J's.....

What's up, folks...time to get out & jam with the J's...

Several gigs upcoming...
We hope you're able to come out & join us...

This Friday, Aug. 26th
We're playin' a rare acoustic gig at the Garden House in Beacon Hill.
We'll perform originals, tunes you don't catch at our electric shows,
plus unique versions of the stuff you know...It'll be cool.

Sunday, Aug. 28th
We play at 1 p.m. on the main stage at Fremont's Lovefest...Should be a happenin' event again this year...

Saturday, Sept. 10th
The Ould Triangle in Greenwood
It was one of our first shows years ago and we always enjoy a good 'ol jam in the stompin' grounds.

Saturday, Sept. 17th
We're down in Olympia to play the 4th Ave Tavern
...great stage and dance space. If you haven't seen a J's show there yet...Now's the time...

Hope your enjoyin' what's left of the summer.

...Come share some of it with us...

the J's

Check out the website for times, locations and video clips: HERE
Video of the SMOKIN' JAYS, posted on YOUTUBE by

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wilson Pickett - In The Midnight Hour (Rare 1965 clip)

'IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR' by Wilson Pickett. A rare '65 clip....WOW, just look at those girls...will ya. Is that way we all looked? Amazing. This was posted by SixtiesPopGold on YOUTUBE. Enjoy. T. Jan

Saturday, August 20, 2011

WOW...It's Herbie Hancock in Chameleon (live, 2006)

Steve BARTLETT ON BASS is rehearsing this cool tune by Herbie Handcock. First done in 1973. This video was done in 2006. Original bassman was Paul Jackson. Steve likes this ending. The video was posted on YOUTUBE by musicbox285

This version was done in 1974. Posted on YOUTUBE by Chameleon41.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Sheryl Clark, by unknown. A.P.
 Long time friend, SHERYL CLARK/sax just sent this event info. to me per FACEBOOK for tomorrow night, Saturday, Aug. 20th in AUBURN, WA.
Steve first played with Sheryl in the band first called FUNKINGROOVIN then the name was changed to ROAD DAWGS, 'round 2005 in Tacoma, WA. Members of that band were Al Earick/guitar/vocals, DON BENSON/drums, later KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drums, STEVE BARTLETT/bass/vocals, JON BARONI/keys/vocals [Jon only in the early days that Steve was in this band]. And,  SHERYL CLARK/sax and JEFF MASON/trombone/harp for some gigs too. There was another guitar/vocals/harp named SKY? Forgive me, I'll remember his whole name very soon, I know I will...thanks for understanding folks. Thanks for the heads up, Sheryl. T. Jan
More BARTLETT ON BASS and local area music history. Well, almost the whole history...I'll remember his name soon...very soon, I just know I will. T. Jan
-Check out HIGHROLLERS here with Sheryl Clark/sax. Check it out below.
Tomorrow at 8:00pm - Sunday at 12:00am

Location BB Mcgraws in Auburn

Created By Sheryl Clark

More Info ADDRESS: 440 16th St NE
Auburn, WA 98002
(253) 333-8205


The High Rollers
Seattle-Tacoma Party Band

Rock & Roll, Soul, Funk, Disco, R&B, and Blues... High energy performances of the best hits from the 60's, 70's, and 80's!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vicci Martinez - "Jolene" (Live in Los Angeles 7-27-11)

Vicci Martinez A.P.
 Yep, a case of 'Local Girl Does Good'

I [T. Jan ]first saw Vicci Martinez at a RANDY OXFORD JAM at JAZZBONES in Tacoma, Washington in 2006. Just loved her voice. WOW.
On April 6th 2006 , I again [T. Jan] reported on BARTLETT ON BASS this very exciting news....A FREE Vicci Martinez show @ LITTLE CREEK CASINO in Shelton.
A bit of BARTLETT ON BASS, and local music history...From that April 6th, 2006 post. Enjoy. T. Jan
For the latest on VICCI MARTINEZ go HERE.
"Vicci Martinez will open for the band 'Paperboys' at Little Creek Casino April 6th and 7th. in Shelton, Washington. Show begins at 9:15. Click here for more on Vicci . Little Creek Casino is on Hwy 101 north of Olympia. Ticket info call 1-866-958-7300. When I called the casino, they said this was a free gig! It will be performed in the lounge, first come, first served for seats. They thought Vicci would be singing earlier than 9:15 as the 'Paperboys 'begin at 9:30."
Vicci Martinez video. Posted by TheRealConcertKing on YOUTUBE.

More of Vicci Martinez 2009,recorded in Tacoma, WA. Posted on YOUTUBE by tiggertale

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Area Live Music Than We Can Shake A Stick At....Cool Stuff Here From Daven

Photo by  Carnoodles  cc
Just got this cool notice from Daven. Thanks for keeping us updated Daven. T. Jan
Hello friends,

Daven here.

Well, I've barely recovered from the six-week run of Harlequin Productions' Summer in the Sixties, and a sincere thanks to all of you who came out and supported the show. It was wonderful to be part of such a hard-working team of professionals (plus I had a blast).

Now I've gotta catch up with all my other bands:

- Next Tuesday 8/23 Jessica Blinn Quintet plays swing classics @ the Eagle's Ballroom for the Tuesday Night Swing Dance, $7 8-10pm (or see the flyer below)
- Next Friday 8/26 Hover Conversion Kit plays original rock @ the 4th Ave Tavern w/Horace Pickett, $5 10pm
- Sunday 8/28 the Olympia Jazz Tentette plays cool jazz @ Traditions Cafe, free admission 2pm
Hope to see you out there,

Monday, August 15, 2011


OK, OK,.....we're ALL ready for this....The WALTER's BIRTHDAY CD RELEASE PARTY on Friday, August 26th, at THE SPIRAL CAFE ARTS and WELLNESS CENTER in Yelm.
This new CD is awesome and a keeper, it's called just 'WALTER's BIRTHDAY' and that says it ALL....Cool, all music especially written by these very talented musicans.. AND, the CD will be available, of course, at this very special event. So, none of us want to miss this fun night of live music in Yelm. st_robert will be the sound engineer for the night and recording the evening too. So, come early so you won't miss a thing.
It all begins at 8:30 with a special guest warm us all up and get our dancing feet 9 pm,...the WALTER's BIRTHDAY band will begin and perform all of the new CD tunes along with all our favorite  WALTER's BIRTHDAY tunes until 12 midnight. There's only a $10.00 cover for this awesome night.
My hubby, STEVE BARTLETT/BARTLETT ON BASS just loves this band. He plays bass with his special music buddies in WALTER's BIRTHDAY. That's JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums, and TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals. To listen to a sample of this CD, visit WALTER's BIRTHDAY HERE.
What a fun night. T.Jan
WHERE: The Location is 201 Yelm Ave, first floor. That's in Yelm...only 14 miles from Lacey, pass The RED WIND CASINO...into Yelm, THE SPIRAL is on the right, 2 blocks from the first stoplight...AND,15 miles from Spanaway...take the Roy 'Y' exit to Yelm. T. Jan
Just called Tam Borrelli, Owner of THE SPIRAL CAFE  HERE. Phone 360/400-2233. She said there will be a full bar and bar menu offered on the 26th. Always...A BIG dance floor. Cool. T. Jan

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Mike Karnes Is The Man...Looking For Guitar Lessons?


Steve's old music buddy MIKE KARNES gives awesome guitar lessons. So, if you're dreaming of music and desire to learn it right...check him out. OK?
He teaches in the Port Orchard area and also in
Thanks, T. Jan

Sunday, August 07, 2011

'I Love Lucy's Star....100 Years Old AND A New World's Record of Look-Alikes

Photo by cliff1066™
 More than 900 people get together at the annual 'Lucyfest' and celebrate the 'I Love Lucy' star's would be 100th birthday in Jamestown, New York last week end. By the way... this set a new world record for most Lucy-look alikes all together at once.... [with some look alikes being men!]. I found this today on the HOLYWOOD REPORTER. Go HERE..T.Jan
I Love Lucy...posted on YOUTUBE by

Saturday, August 06, 2011

the Kinks... 'All Day And All Of The Night'...An' Oldie

Posted on YOUTUBE By dyloen

Friday, August 05, 2011

Joe Cocker~You Are So Beautiful (Live at Montreux 1987) Yes You Are... Joe Cocker

Hey......Where Was That Rascal BARTLETT Last Night Anyway?

Flemming Olsen, cc

Michelle Jones. cc
Recent Mug Shots from FACEBOOK of the suspected leaders of the OL' BLUE BOTTLE GANG...MICHELLE JONES and FLEMMING OLSEN. As you can see...Flemming is trying to pull a fast one on us...BUT, it's not gonna work Flemming, we ALL know you have eyes...very clever that Flemming. We have to watch that guy. T. Jan
'Gon't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue' by Crystal Gayle....for Flemming. Posted by   on YOUTUBE.

OK, OK...I know we're all waiting to know just where was BARTLETT last night anyway.....Well, I have it from a loyal and trusted source, that he was with that 'Ol' BLUE BOTTLE GANG from 8 to 10pm last night...out on the town..partying again.

Yep...he was seen at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTER's in McKenna, celebrating 'little Michelle's' birthday party. Now, that the BLUE BOTTLE's gone, Little Michelle is working with our friend MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals and owner of Liquid Soul.
There were lots of happy musicians there last night 'cause not just was it Liquid Soul's regular THURSDAY's OPEN MIC crowd there, but BLUE BOTTLE's old CREW and birthday well-wishers too, led by that nortorious  newly wed known as Michelle Jones and her side-kick and partner in crime hubby Flemming Olsen. It was they who let me [T. Jan] in on this little surprise for 'little Michelle'... OK? Cool Now you know the whole story.
Now, Steve had a great time and there was plenty of musicians and music. too...a few of the musicians that BARTLETT mentioned to me were...... that talented Recording Artist, JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals. From THE MANDOLIN CAFE's Sunday night OPEN-MIC fame DENNY FOREMAN/jazz guitar/vocals and RUSS HARRIS/congas/harp,  BLUEWAVE's ERIC DELOME/guitar/vocals. Amanda/guitar/vocals, Carol/guitar/ know...Carol and Kenny, that thanks you guys...and of course, there was DAVID WAYNE/guitar and MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals and more folks that my hubby didn't get to have a beer with but, enjoyed their music just the same.
Vocalist/ G.W TAYLOR called us yesterday...but, he was in a performance across town...and could not make it last night.
 That's the way it was last night. Well,... about the way it's pretty darn close anyway. OK? Good enough...print it. T. Jan.

Monday, August 01, 2011


Tracy Nelson, photo from her web site, see
Well, what can I say?....You all know how very cool Shelly Ely is, that's Ms. Bluzzzz herself, we have found her every Sunday at THE SHELLY ELY JAM, of course at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway.  But wait, there's even Sunday 8/7/11, @ 6 pm. I just found out there will be be at UNCLE SAM's in Spanaway TWO very cool Ms. Bluzzzez...WOW! How can we miss? This will be a fantastic night for all of us.
TRACY NELSON,  that  awesome 'victim of the blues' gal...yes, THAT Tracy Nelson , go HERE, will start the night off at 6 pm...and SHELLY ELY will join her, as her special guest. Alright...Didn't I say...this would be a very special night? Need I say more? I think not. Just be there...OK? Only a $15.00 advanced, or $20.00 at the door cover too. Cool. T. Jan

Tracy Nelson“ . . . a bad white girl . . .” —Etta James, from her autobiography, Rage To Live

WHERE:  Uncle Sam's American Bar and Grill, Tix are $15 adv. $20 @ door.

16003 Pacific Ave. Spanaway WA.
Video of TRACY NELSON. Posted on YOUTUBE by

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