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Monday, December 31, 2012

Photo Of My Steve Rehearsing With MIKE KARNES

by Sheila Karnes
BARTLETT just loves rehearsing with his old music friend MIKE KARNES/guitar in Olympia.  This photo was taken recently by SHIELA KARNES.

Cool Stuff What's invisible? More than you think - John Lloyd

This really got me thinking, you?

What's Up For This New Year? or Don't Sell Sperm on CRAIGSLIST

by Gene Hunt cc
First, let us say...'HAPPY NEW YEAR' to all....O.K?
Then, lets see what news is a little weird and online today for December 31st 2012.
I'm looking around and found...AND found out.... why it's a bad idea to sell sperm on CRAIGSLIST....HERE... HERE, well, I never know when I'll need THAT information, but, I'm prepared if someone ever asks me, that's all.
O.K....Here's a list of 12 songs from this year that I don't need to hear ever again in 2013...HERE...'La-La-La'.
To impress all your friends tonight, while celebrating New Years, go here and learn all about the science of champagne bubbles HERE.
Have a great new year. Jan and Steve 
Have fun tonight. Here's THREE DOG NIGHT, from 1970, doing 'Mama Told Me Not To Come', found on YOUTUBE HERE.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Morning's Rehearsal Lineup For Today

BARTLETT Rehearsing
O.K. Sunday morning's always very special for me each's live music time/BARTLETT's rehearsal time for me AND, I just love it.
I miss going to ALL Steve's gigs. A few years ago, I went to EVERY band rehearsal and gig....just love my Bassman. His music's very special, that's all.
Sunday morning's a great time for music...and, I get to help by looking up tunes on YOUTUBE for Steve to learn....thanks Steve, he really tries to include me as much as possible...'cause he knows that I love it. It's our special music time together. I am getting stronger and soon, I'll be at all the gigs again. For now, this will do.
So, what's on today's YOUTUBE line up for my BARTLETT?
Let's we go.....
1. NO CAN DO,  from Daryl's house, Daryl Oates
2. FANTASY,...Earth, Wind, Fire
3. PEOPLE GET READY,..done by.Joss Stone, Jeff Beck
4. COLD SWEAT,...James Brown
6.  BIGGEST PART OF ME,...Ambrosa
7. COMPARED TO WHAT?,.. Eddie Harris, Les McCann
8. I WISH ,...Stevie Wonder
9. A DAY IN THE LIFE,....Beattles done by Jeff Beck

Yep, Sunday morning's are special. Thanks for reading. Jan

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Did Ya Know?..Who Was Donald Duck Dunn?

by sylvar cc
DONALD DUCK DUNN/bass was a member of the great band, 'BOOKER T AND THE MGs' entered into the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME,while in that group. He died this past year in May at the age of 70 HERE.
An awesome bassman, he played with Wilson Pickett, Jerry Lee Lewis, Otis Redding, Neil Young,  Eric Clapman, he was a member of THE BLUES BROTHERS
'Duck' as he was called by family and close friends began playing the bass at age 16, he tried the guitar first, but later said it had two too many strings on it...sounds just like a born bassman says I.... [smile, Jan].
For a two minute history of this bassman, watch this video, I found on YOUTUBE

Thursday, December 27, 2012

'Rescue Me'

by brittreints cc
Just read online that that cool R & B singer FONTELLA BASS died at age 72. in St Louie. Her song 'Rescue Me' was a big hit way back in 1965. She had other favorite duet tunes around that same time with BOBBY McCLURE, including 'Don't Mess Upo A Good Thing' and 'You're Gonna Miss Me'.
She married jazz composer/trumpeter LESTER BOWIE in the '60s , and they traveled through Europe before settling in the U,S.A.
BASS in her 'les Stances of Sophie' and 'Theme of Yoko' were  her boundary-bursting jazz contributions to music...Go HERE  
Found FONTELLA BASS singing 'Rescue Me' from 1965, from YOUTUBE @

Monday, December 24, 2012

What the ??....Gimme a Whole Lot of CHRISTMAS

by theNerdPatrol cc
Well, it's Christmas...and I found something special...this guy is just amazing. His name is MICHAEL WINSLOW,. He does ALL this with just a mic...What?...Yep.. Steve and I both enjoyed it. Found this on YOUTUBE
AND, Have a great Holiday everyone. We're staying close to home this year. 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' Jan and Steve

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rock Guitarist Ronnie Of The Rolling Stones Weds

by joshbg2k cc
I just read online that 65 year old Ronnie Wood, Guitarist in the band THE ROLLING STONES has wed a 34 year old beauty named Sally Humphreys,,in England. Go HERE. They have been dating for about six months. Guests to the wedding include Paul McCartney and Rod Stewart.

Live From Daryl's House - No Can Do -

What a cool version of this song. Steve's rehearsing it tonight, This is from 'DARYL'S HOUSE'...The lady is called RUMER. I'll post more, go to . ------------------------- From YOUTUBE at

Friday, December 14, 2012


  1. Friday, Dec. 14th, See singer/song writer NIKKO PISCIOTTI/vocals, tonight with all THE WALTERs BIRTHDAY guys tonight at HIDDEN RIVER in Rainier. That's BARTLETT ON BASS, TOD LEMKUHL/guitar, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums and JON BARONI/keys/harp. Starts around 7:30 pm.
    NIKKO singing 'How Has The Gun?', from YOUTUBE. at 

Sunday, December 09, 2012

This Kid Is Amazing...Just Listen, It's SUNGHA JUNG

 by seriousbri cc
This boy's name is SUNGHA JUNG...Just listen to him play. I found this on YOUTUBE. He's playing 'Pirates Of The Caribean'. His web site is HERE   He's from South Korea. He's now 16 years old. Was inspired by his father, who played a guitar.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Old Hippies Unite...'We Can Change The World'...Yes, We Can

by positivity toolbox
This song says it all, doesn't it? Gets my feet moving too. Wanna Dance. Guess I'm a dreamer...hippies of the '60's all seemed to share a dream of  a world of freedom and equality for ALL.
Today, I also remember JOHN LENNON...a great dreamer and one of my heros. John died on this day in 1980. Found this image on FACEBOOK at PositivityToolbox
Found 'We Can Change The World' by Bridgit Medler on YOUTUBE. For more on BRIDGIT MEDLER go HERE

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Once In A Blue Moon? Nope...Music's Always Cool..This Week's Local Live Music Report

by emdot cc
First up... tomorrow, Friday, December 7th Seattle's in luck....Steve BARTLETT ON BASS with Recording Artist, the great MICHAEL O'NEILL will be headed up to THE BLUE MOON in the 'U' District for an awesome gig beginning at 9:30 pm. Michael called Steve last week, and BARTLETT ON BASS is stoked about being back with O'Neill and 'bout being in his old stomping grounds of Seattle ...There'll be other really fine musicians joining Bartlett and singer/song writer O'Neill in O'NEILL's band with that fantastic Americana-Country sound that's so popular now. Take a listen HERE from Michael O'Neil's Reverbnation site. Now, BARTLETT's been rehearsing all of these songs tonight, and I love them.  Remember, You'll be hearing them at THE BLUE MOON at 9:30 tomorrow.
Next, MIKE KARNES and BARTLETT, added some dynamite percussions to their music team last week, when they met at RHYTHM FIRE SCHOOL OF MUSIC in Olympia. This kid's an 'Atomic Clock', is what I've heard both Mike and Steve say. They have have described ANDRE to me, with their all eyes wide, lite up and shining ...sounds powerful and amazing to me.  So, I Can't wait to hear more....O.K. Guys stop drooling, will ya?
Now there's NIKKO...that's NIKKO PISCIOTTI, or' Amazing Music' as I have chosen to call him. He's from the University of Washington, has a  wonderful voice and sound to his original songs....and,when I called SEAN BARDEN, owner of HIDDEN RIVER about going to PISCIOTTI's EP Release on the 14th of December. Sean stated this gig is already STANDING ROOM ONLY...that's two weeks out, folks...WOW. Don't wanna miss this. 
My Steve and the rest of the guys from WALTER's BIRTHDAY, will be performing with talented NIKKO for his EP Release.  That's TOD LEMKUHL/guitar, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums, JON BARONI/keys/harp and, of course, Steve BARTLETT ON BASS. This gig wil be so much fun. There's a $10.00 cover at the door...but, it's well worth it...AND, only a $5.00 cover before the 14th. Check Nikko out on YOUTUBE, he's all over the internet. Then, you'll know what I'm talking about...O.K?
Oh... the BIG news for today...Thursday, December 6th, 2012...It's Steve and my 8th wedding anniversary....BUT, We've been together since 1996. Yeah. 
Thanks for reading my news. Jan  
Here's NIKKO PISCIOTTI doing his song 'FOOL's GOLD', found on YOUTUBE.

Monday, December 03, 2012

NIKKO PISCIOTTI.. EP Release On December 14th At HIDDEN RIVER And More

Hidden River
Some folks are just plain BORN musicians...that's all.  They're amazing from the get go, so talented that we can listen to their sound all day long. They ARE music. And, that's just the way I felt when I heard young NIKKO PISCIOTTI's tunes for the first time. What an amazing musician. Please listen soon. You'll be so glad you did. Then, I found a KING5 events article online saying ....
"Friday, December 14, 2012, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
I'll be performing original music, possibly even a few cover songs that I love, sure to be a great show! Doors at 7pm Show approx 8pm with intermission between sets. ADVANCED Tickets will be $5 at the Hidden River Music Society (yes this is a paid gig!) Tickets are also available online at: TBA Day of tickets will be $10 at the door. My EP (4 tracks) will be for sale $5 as well! Some well-produced, homegrown music! There'll be refreshments available, FREE limited appetizers , live music and great atmosphere, you won't wanna miss! Come Support!"
 Go here to read for yourself
Steve BARTLETT ON BASS is honored to be there performing with this fine music talent at HIDDEN RIVER on December 14th.  He will be with the rest of the guys in  WALTERs BIRTHDAY. That's TOD LEMKUHL/guitar, SCOTT ERCOLANI/drums and JON BARONI/keys/harp. Please come out and support Nikko Pisciotti on the 14th too.
Thanks, Jan

Look At This VW BUS, Will Ya?...Way.Cool

by jeppe2 CC
">I got my first VW  Camper Bus in the '60's...WOW! I just loved it. It had everything---bed, table, closet, sink, moon roof,  storage, was a bright orange color with a peace sign on the side door etc...So, Ernie, my first hubby, and I went to Mexico in it...and, it was our home, we lived in it all over Mexico and the lower States while we traveled. I've had several VW Vans over the years and loved them all. They're great on gas too. Steve and I even have a '66 VW van today that doesn't run but has everything in it...and can be really cool when fixed up.
BUT, wait look what VW's come up with.... a new SUPER VW Bus...just look at this will ya?
Found this on YOUTUBE at

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My Spelling?? Thanks For Understanding
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Musical Grandma's Are Cooler
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Yea,...Just Wondering?
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