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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Out And About Tonight?...Well, It's Jam At Sam's Night, Come On Down

photo by unknown.
I know, there's already lots happening tonight, with that Country Music Benefit  for Oklahoma Tornado victims and all. My story HERE. But, BARTLETT will be hosting a jam at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway, with JOE PLEMMONS/guitar/vocals and DON YOUNG/drums. They'd love to see you come in for awhile, bring your axe, have a cold beer and jam with them. So, if your the kind of person that just don't stay home AND loves to play music, or listen to just good music...THIS is the place to be TONIGHT..O.K?
I got to go last week with my family and had a great time. Food's good too. Menu HERE.  AND, I'll never forget that special time, dancing with my hubby, when Sandra Lopez let him rest for awhile. We 'danced' to Eric Clapton's 'WONDERFUL TONIGHT', from Aqualung1989. Thank you, Sandra Lopez/bass for everything. There I go...crying again. BUT They're happy tears.
Tonight's music starts around 7, gos to 11. It'll be fun. Jan

             16003 Pacific Ave.
              Spanaway, WA.

What we're rehearsing today for tonight's jam... [me on computer keyboard and Steve on excellant electric bass. What a team.]

1.] WONDERFUL TONIGHT, by Eric Clapton, from Aqualung1989,.... of course. SMILE, Jan
2.] GOING FISHING, by Duke Ellington, from LiqdSoulCoffee Steve BARTLETT ON BASS on this video doing vocals and bass, in WALTER's BIRTHDAY, forgive me the video's so dark. Only copy I can find. Thanks Barb and Martin Salinas. Jan
3.] ON BROADWAY, by George Benson, from Eduardo Rocha
4.] COVER OF THE ROLLING STONE, by Dr. Hook, from yendor61
5.] SAMBA PA TI, by Carlos Santana, from wirabilis18
6.] PUT YOUR LIGHTS ON, by Santana[TheWraith], from videoinjection
7.] EUROPA,by Santana, from MutantBanana
8.] BLACK MAGIC WOMAN,by Santana, from Suparlina
9.] ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER, by Jimi Hendrix, from TheSixtiesSounds
10.] BOOM BABA BOOM, by Jimmie Vaughan, from skatepunkzero
11.] COMFORTABLY NUMB, by Pink Floyd, from RafaelBezerra16
12] FEELS LIKE RAIN, by John Hiatt, from juanavg1977..I also like Buddy Guy's version. Jan
13.] CROSSROADS, by Eric Clapton, from guitarworld
14.] TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN, The Steve Miller Band, from iNUKEDbinLADEN
15.] GLASS ONION, by The Beatles, from DeutschMatheLehrer
16.] WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS, by George Harrison, from Edward Sagan...concert for Bangladesh.
17.] STIR IT UP, by Bob Marley, from BoBMArleySong1

TONIGHT, Country Music Stars Benefit OKLAHOMA's Victims

by heatheronhertravels cc
The Oklahoma Tornado victims are getting some help from several country music stars tonight, Wednesday, May 29th, 9/8c on NBC. A relief benefit concert to raise money to help. This benefit will take place at the CHESAPEAKE ENERGY ARENA in Oklahoma City. Found this online today on TV GUIDE. For more, go HERE from the SEATTLE PI.  Jan
The video posted below touched me so much. This CBS news video is called ' Oklahoma Tornado: Dog Emerges From Debris', from skynews., that I found on STUMBALEUPON yesterday. This is what it said on this page: " Published on May 21, 2013
A woman whose home was flattened by a deadly tornado in Oklahoma City was reunited with her dog as a CBS crew recorded an interview with her.
More on the tornado here:"

More video links of the Oklahoma Tornado below.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Finding SUGAR MAN...NEVER Give Up on, The Power Of Music

 by the_junes cc
O.K...Just want to thanks my family for giving me a head's up about this amazing story and musician. SIXTO RODRIGUEZ or SUGAR MAN from Detroit, Michigan. For more, go HERE
Here's what I've found out so far....Rodriguez  made a couple of recordings in the late '60's and early 70's under the SUSSEX LABEL that went just NOWHERE. ' Sorry...nice try'...Pretty much the end of his story..IN THIS COUNTRY, that is. He left music and went back to work a as manual laborer in Detroit..... BUT, Not known to him, his recording took off in South Africa, supporting the anti-Aparteid movement. He was compared to BOB DYLAN in that country...but, was rumored dead...killed in a violent death in a live concert in the U.S.A.
In 1998, his daughter ran across a web site dedicated to her father...and, at this point Sixto became very aware of his popularity abroad.
2012 was a very BIG year for Rodriguez, with the release of  the theater production, as well as, the release at THE SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL of the documentary called 'SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN' about his amazing life. Jan
Here's a little traser, the trailer of this movie 'Searching For Sugar Man' Offical UK Trailer,...Looks good to me, [Jan].From OptimumReleasing....This is what it says..." Published on Jun 22, 2012
On DVD & Blu-ray December 27. Order now:
This award-winning documentary charts the extraordinary and inspirational story of mysterious 1970s musician Rodriguez.
In the late '60s, a musician was discovered in a Detroit bar by two celebrated producers who were struck by his soulful melodies and prophetic lyrics. They recorded an album that they believed was going to secure his reputation as one of the greatest recording artists of his generation. In fact, the album bombed and the singer disappeared into obscurity amid rumors of a gruesome on-stage suicide. But a bootleg recording found its way into apartheid South Africa and, over the next two decades, it became a phenomenon. Two South African fans then set out to find out what really happened to their hero. Their investigation led them to a story more extraordinary than any of the existing myths about the artist known as Rodriguez. This is a film about hope, inspiration and the resonating power of music.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Dancing Report

BARTLETT, by Jan Rose-Bartlett cc
Today, I had a nice quiet day online...Whew, I needed it!. My exhausted but very happy family left for home this morning, after our musical extravaganza last night in Spanaway at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL.
It was jam night...need I say more?...I think not...BARTLETT was on bass...O.K? That explains it all, doesn't it? With JOE PLEMMONS/guitar and DON YOUNG of CLASS-X on drums. It was a great night. The band called STRANGE PLEASURE...and it was ...a  great pleasure. Thank you all. Thanks to CHARLES...the soundman, and DOLLY, MIKE, ROLF and DAVE too.
I [Jan] hadn't been outta  our house forever, it seemed...but, it was only about three years except for three times to gigs, a few [5 times in 3 years] out with my wonderful children to local easy to get in and out dinning...YES!, and my Doctor's place...BUMMER!...I'm recovering from M.S and am getting stronger daily..YES.
Here's some of the HIGHLIGHTS from those dedicated and awesome musicians who came out and shared last night with us and  center stage with Strange Pleasure, let's see...MICHAEL WADDELL, he's great, and had several original songs,...that all of us and my family really enjoyed, he covered 'Rockin' in the Free World' by Neil Young, too [Thanks SecondHelping74]. And thanks, Mike, look for Mike on YOUTUBE...O.K? Now, SANDRA LOPEZ was on bass with Joe Plemmons/guitar/vocals and a wonderful drummer named DAVE...sorry Dave I didn't get your last name, forgive me,  Don was on drums, Joe on guitar, when Sandra let my hubby, BARTLETT ON BASS rest and dance with me and then Mama for awhile...what a treat that was. A beautiful memory was created last night that I'll never forget, when Sandra called off [thanks Aqualung1989] 'Wonderful Tonight' by Eric Clapton, just for us. Thank you did a beautiful job. See her tonight with JERRY MILLER at UNCLE SAM's...O.K? That's 16003 Pacific in Spanaway, go to my friends links if you need more info. tonight. Gotta rest.
And, there was more...thank you friends. We loved it. Got to go for today people, I'll finish this tomorrow, just have to rest now. Thanks for reading Jan

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

'Me And Mama'... Tonight At UNCLE SAM's.....7 to 11

photo by unknown
Boy,..I'm going to town tonight, me [Jan], and Mama. It's my family night. My family's here from Colorado... Come on down and join the fun. It's a jam with my BARTLETT doing bass, of course... Yep, I've put my on dancin' shoes, and am ready to go. Mama's been talkin' bout this for days, has her shoes polished and shining. It's about time too, I've been home long enough...round three years now.
 My really cool twin sister [that's younger than me by only a few years], and brother have brought mom over for a long awaited visit and we're al goingl out Spanaway, that is. It's UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL and wheel chair steps!, music from 7 pm to 11 pm or so, you know. My son may show up too. What a night. So, bring your axe, have a icy cold beer, hamburger, steak or sandwich with fries, please. Click HERE for the menu. O.K?
JOE PLEMMONS will be doing guitar. Who will be on drums? You? KEVIN? DON? GARY? who knows?...all of you? Maybe... After all, it's a fun jam. Just anything can happen. See you there. Jan

             16003 Pacific Ave.
              Spanaway, WA.

Some of BARTLETT ON BASS's rehearsing for tonight, below.

1.] SAMBA PA TI, BY Carlos Santana, from wirabilis18
2.] EUROPA, by Carlos Santana, from MutantBanana·
3.] COMFORTABLY NUMB, by Pink Floyd, from RafaelBezerra16
4.] ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL, by Pink Floyd, from moonmoon1983
5.] GLASS ONION, by The Beatles, from DeutschMatheLehrer
6.] WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS, by George Harrison, from orayesh
7.] LOVE POTION NUMBER 9, by The Clovers, from AK47bandit
8.] A FOOL FOR YOUR STOCKINGS, by ZZ Top, from JenBraidley
9.] FIRE ON THE  MOUNTAIN, by Marshal Tucker Band, from SouthernRock13
10.] BOOM BABA BOOM, by Jimmy Vaughan, from skatepunkzero
11.] LYING EYES, by Eagles, from TheEaglesHD
12.] RUNNIN' DOWN A DREAM, by Tom Petty, from Barelypostvids
13.] FREE FALLING, by Tom Petty, from iLyrics22
14.] TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN, by Steve Miller Band, from GimmeBackMyBullets
15.] CHITLINS CON CARNE, by Stevie Ray Vaughan, from rawu10000

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sing Us A' Lullaby'...Will Ya? Pretty Please With Sugar On Top...HOFFMAESTRO

by Jan Rose-Bartlett cc 1974 with daughter
Well, I just listened to a beautiful song online AND, what caught my eye was the group doing the song...HOFFMAESTRO and their web page HERE, from Sweden....They looked mean, kinda scary and rough...BUT, their music was sweet, soft, delightful, not anything the way I had expected. So, I listened a second time, and wanted to more about these TOUGH-guys. and, looked online some more this is what I found.
Well, they have become very popular in Europe it looks like, and here in the States as well, by touring all over. Some of the info that I found was not in,this is what I think it said. Anyway,the amount of  shows booked for  for this year are, well alot. They have won a Grammy for  their tune called 'THE HIGHWAY MAN', what a wonderful video Directed, photographed and edited by: John & Karl-Uno Lindgren, thanks CHRAAHOVA.They've been around since 2005...'Great Job, Guys' we're so glad you have, so I could have time to find you. Thanks. Jan
Here's 'Lullaby' by HOFFMAESTRO, from  uutiiset on YOUTUBE. Here's the lyrics and what it says on the page: " Uploaded on Sep 8, 2011
Lyrics-Oh hush now child
The town's asleep
But only for a while
Oh let this sweet little lullaby rock you too sleep before daybreak

The traffic lights they glow
the streets outside all have turned cold
only this sweet little lullaby keep you warm
and help you ride out the storm

I once was like you my
world was green my eyes were blue
I heard a sweet little lullaby
playing through now I'm singing it to you

The world can kick you round
can bruise you up might even beat you down
So here's a sweet little lullaby to keep the monsters gone
make sure you pass it on

The road might be long it may turn it may bend
But you can rest your mind cause you're far from the pain
Dream away (dream away)
till the morning come clear
When you wake up I'll still be here
I'll still be here

(A little lullaby for you to get you through the night, yeah)
(A little lullaby for you to make you feel alright)
(A lullaby for you, yeayeah)  

More HOFFMAESTRO video links below.

1.] MEMORIES IN BLUE, from jonkenderp
2.] OUR SONG, from  jonkenderp
3.] BUBBLIN STYLE, from jonkenderp
4.] SIEMPRE PLENTE, from jonkenderp
5.] SHAKIN RAVE, from jonkenderp....many tunes here

What Cha Gonna Do With All Those Vinyl Records?...Roof A House?

First posted by me...Jan, Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What Ya Gonna Do With Those Old Vinyl Records? Roof A House?

This odd music story was found this morning at BLOGMAKEZINE.COM HERE. Thank you. Recording artist, Matt Glassmeyer from Nashville, Tenneessee used 350 of his old vinyl records to roof his front porch. Seems to be working great too. Now we know.
I don't think they make vinyl records anymore. Do they?, it's digital CDs.
That reminds me. Yesterday, my BARTLETT with long-time friend, 'XXX' were doing more recording on this fantastic band's 'no name yet' CD. They're doing the second step in creating a CD process....that's listening and making sure every part that's been recorded is just right and every member is happy with their own part and then repairing any goofs etc. that they find. [over-dubbing]...this is the instramental parts as the vocals are fixed or added in the 3rd step in making a CD.
Later, on the ride home they stopped at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTER for a coffee, and wished Barb and Martin Salinas a great Holiday. Thanks, for sending home a delicious scone for me Barb and Martin. I loved it. Jan
Photo by Orin Zebest cc

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hey,...What's Up?.....Chickens And Music

barryskeates cc
O.K....I know I've been offline a few, 'How Ya Doin'...hearin' alot of good music'? 'Hope so.
What've we been up to?', you wonder....Well, lots of farm stuff, you know canning lotsa food, gathering and making pickled eggs too, I'll find my  link to a good recipe and post it soon, go HERE  if you need one and, another one of my stories about egg stuff HERE. We're getting eight or so eggs a day from our dozen or so chickens...which are free-range and delicious, it works out well for us, except , each morning when those friendly chickens get up and out of their chicken house before we get up...and sit on our front porch, just waiting for Steve to give them some corn before they take off for the day and wander all over our acreage 'til nightfall. [I even saw one peeking in the 'dog door' to see if we were up yet. Amazing]
BARTLETT hung a new door on their coop, trying to keep them off our porch [They have a covered run too, attached to the coop]...But, we keep forgetting to shut the door at night...gotta be smarter than the chickens, SMILE....we'll get it soon, with alittle more pratice, I'm sure of it...after all, we're NOT bird brains....are we?
Steve's been making new sheep pastures, here and there and everywhere on the property. That keeps him busy too, while we have our new lambs up for sale.
Music been's he's rehearsing and going to Olympia later to meet with his music buddy, MIKE KARNES. Here's what he's rehearsing for today, below. Jan

1.] A DAY IN THE LIFE...done by Jeff Beck, from mx61994
2.] SOULFUL STRUT...Young-Holt Unlimited, from oldies55
3.] NO CAN DO...Hall and Oats, from Jerry J·
4.] BIGGEST PART OF ME...Ambrosa, from clj29360
5.].FANTASY..Earth Wind Fire, from rovingeye2

Friday, May 10, 2013

DIY,..CINEBEAT-Create Your Own Music Video... DO This At Home Please

MRI By  Muffet cc
O.K...I read today that this Stanford scientist and assistant professor at GEORGIA TECH, named PARAG CHORDIA, that has developed a really cool app called CINEBEAT, that let's you make your own music videos. ...WOW..I love music videos, gonna ask Steve for one.
Here's what you do...first, the app takes your video, filters it [??..what? I guess, I have to find out what that is, Jan]...then, it puts a soundtrack to it and lets you edit it to your liking...sounds simple, doesn't it? Just push a button on your mobile phone.
Looks like, Chordia's research for this wonderful creation was funded by Stimulas dollars. It also was involved in the creation of LADIDA, a music iPod app that instantly  adds music, when you sing into your iPod. See my story HERE.
The post said this research used "brain imaging" of like-jazz musicians to study their "creative mental activity."...Is that a MRI?...WOW, I've had an MRI' of my brain, and it's really a tight area in that MRI machine, and scary to say it lightly, I had a hard time to keep from 'Screaming Wildly' and trying to immediately climb out of the machine, but try to sing, play a musical instrument, or even get a musical instrument in there with way could I have done ANY of that...proving once again that all musicians are just plain brave and AMAZING.
To read more, go HERE and HERE. That's all. Jan


Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Tonight, Let's Jam At UNCLE SAM's

Kevin and Bartlett by Jan Rose-Bartlett cc 2006?
Well, it's Wednesday and that means it's Jam night for BARTLETT ON BASS. It's UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway from 7 pm to 11 pm. Bartlett helps host this fun jam with JOE PLEMMONS/guitar, and last week KEVIN CHRISTENSEN did the was fun, the regular drummer was double booked, thanks Kevin for helping out. You should've been too. Don't know who'll be on drums tonight...maybe you. It's a jam... Soon, I'll be getting out to the gigs, and there's nothing I love better, than Bartlett's music. So, you know I'll be there.
UNCLE SAM's has great burgers, sandwiches etc. AND lots of cold beer, bring your axe, enjoy yourself...O.K? See you soon. Jan
This is some of the tunes that my Steve's been rehearsing for this gig today.

1.] A FOOL FOR YOUR STOCKINGS...ZZ TOP, from JenBraidley
4.] LOVE POTION NUMBER 9...THE CLOVER , from AK47bandit
5.] ANOTHER BRICK IN  THE WALL...PINK FLOYD, from moonmoon1983
8.] LYIN EYES...EAGLES, from mrtamberineman123
9.] TEQUILA SUNRISE...EAGLES, from MrUnder99
10.] NEON MOON....BROOKS AND DUNN, from tjerwin1

             16003 Pacific Ave.
              Spanaway, WA.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I Smell Smoke...and ..THE DOORS Light Elektra's Fire Once Again

Bruce Tuten cc
O.K....This is what I found online today...JAC HOLZMAN, the now 81 year old guy who created ELEKTRA RECORDS, as a teenager in the 50's, is getting really excited about a new iPad app, that's coming out Monday, for only $4.99, that Holzman and his team have created, tested, reviewed etc. for over a year,. highlighting those amazing, cult heros  of 1960's and 70's JIM MORRISON [ that what''s he gonna do next, guy?] and the rest of the band in THE DOORS, that Holzman sighed up with Elektra way back in 1966.  Did you  know, that ' Morrison became the first rock artist ever to be arrested onstage during a concert performance.'. WOW, I didn't know that, where was I, anyway?...Jan
He,...meaning Holzman, of course, thinks we'll all love the app., and will buy lots of, he will again find the kind of fame, riches, and success of the old time of The Doors..that's.before Morrison's death on July 3rd 1971.
For more, go HERE and HERE
I  found THE DOOR'S hit soNg 'Light My Fire' on YOUTUBE, from dancruz93. This is what the page says: " Uploaded on Nov 3, 2007
slideshow of the doors... light my fire"...nice slideshow...thanks, Jan

Related video links below...

1.] THE DOORS..PEOPLE ARE STRANGE, from jimmytheinsanecookie
2.] THE DOORS..TOUCH ME, from SlaushCro
3.]THE DOORS... HELLO, I LOVE YOU, from MrHappyDeath
4.] THE DOORS... BREAK ON THROUGH [TO THE OTHER SIDE] with lyrics, from iceape8

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Yeah...Gig Tonight

BARTLETT ON BASS by Jan Rose-Bartlett cc
Just a at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL tonight, Wednesday, May 1 st....It's a new jam with BARTLETT ON BASS hosting, of course. Music starts at 6 pm...gos to at least 10 pm. Each Wednesday evening come in for a lot of fun. JOE PLEMMONS will be on guitar.
Steve's running out the door now as I put this up...he just finished rehearsing STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN's 'Pride and Joy'. We did farm things this morning and were sooo time..Yeah.....the fun stuff. Jan

               16003 Pacific Ave.
               Spanaway, WA.

What's That Big Question Again?...It's NEVER Too Late Do It NOW

by Eneas cc
This video touched me this morning...AND, sure made me think. Thought I'd share it with you. I believe it's never too do anything...just start and the next step will appear. I found this on STUMBLEUPON, it's posted on YOUTUBE, from's called FIFTY PEOPLE, ONE QUESTION, GALWAY, IRELAND 2011 .It's by Kamil Krolak. This is part of what it says: " Uploaded on May 14, 2011 - more about us and our projects.
"One Town, 50 different People, One very difficult Question"...go to the page and read it all. O.K? Bet, it gets you thinking too. Jan

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