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Friday, September 27, 2013

Whoops...Legedary Music History Down The Drain

 by seishin17 cc
Today, I found an interesting post at THE ATLANTIC with some disturbing music history news. Did you know that many of the original sessions that musical artists, heros like ELVIS, THE BEATLES, BOB DYLAN etc., you know people we all worshiped way back when, have been destroyed, have vanished or been lost? Well, I wasn't aware of the extent of this destruction either. For a past story of mine about saving recordings in IRON MOUNTAIN, go HERE.
It seems like many recordings of our audio musical history were tossed out, burned, or destroyed, instead of paying for the air conditioned warehousing needed to save them. Now they're gone. 
But, JACK WHITE and HERE, grammy winner rocker, was very upset by these actions and decided to do something about it. He donated $200,000 to the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, to it's National Recording Preservation Foundation section to help save our audio history. It said in this post from The Atlantic above that there are..." stories of early phonograph companies taking apart the masters used to press wax discs so they could be sold as roofing shingles,” ...WOW....And, White said those companies just didn't see the cultural importance being destroyed.
I found this interesting....This Atlantic above post also said that some records that were damaged in 'Katrina' were able to be saved by being baked at a low temperature in an oven...the records could be listened to just once...but, were successfully saved onto digital. "Oh wow, no kidding." said Steve. 
So, click the above link and read more.  Let's all help by really enjoying and listening to the music and musicians in our lives. O.K? Jan
A video about IRON MOUNTAIN, where some recordings are being stored .

For JACK WHITE video links, go below.
1.] I'M SHAKIN, by Jack White, from JackWhiteVEVO
2.] I MIGHT GET TO LOUD, Jack White's favorite song, from Karen James

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

60's 'Free Love, Peace And Rock And Roll' See, THE SOURCE FAMILY DOCUMENTARY

from itunes link
Last week, I got a phone call from a great friend, ROBERT QUINN. Well, he has a cool movie documentary of his life in the 70s being shown on Sunday, October 20, 2 pm at THE TRIAD THEATER in Yelm, 104 Yelm Ave., with a Question and Answer time, with Bob, and other important folks from the movie here from L.A. The documentary is called THE SOURCE FAMILY DOCUMENTARY, see HERE. Tickets are $10.00 at the door. I just saw the trailer. WOW. It sounds amazing, I'll add the trailer to this post. O.K? Take a peek.
Several times, Bob Quinn had mentioned this time in his life over the more than 20 years that I have known him. Now, I understand so much more, what a surprising, fascinating, intimate insiders look into our '60s hippie era dream of ' free love, peace and rock and roll'...and it's eventual outcome, I can't wait to see the whole story Bob. Thank you for sharing.
Here's a copy of the plot summary from iTUNES, where you can buy a copy of the film for $12.99. You can also buy books and DVDs etc. at THE SOURCE FAMILYDOCUMENTARY link above.
:"It's 1972, a time of social upheaval, radical fervor, and the rise of new religions and communes across the country. The Source Family considers themselves an "Aquarian tribe," a secretive 
but outlandish group of 140 beautiful young people, devotees of a controversial Hollywood restaurateur-turned-spiritual leader who has 14 wives, drives a Rolls Royce and fronts his own rock band, calling himself "Father Yod." The Family are local legends. By day, they operate the Source restaurant, which serves organic cuisine to John Lennon, Warren Beatty and many influential figures of the time. Behind closed doors in their Hollywood Hills mansion, the Family convene and meditate under the guidance of their “spiritual father,” Yod. He initiates his “sons and daughters” into a variety of extreme practices, which cause controversy with local authorities. The Family flees to Hawaii, eventually leading to their dramatic demise.." Jan
Here's the trailer of THE SOURCE FAMILY DOCUMENTARY below from Film Festivals and Indie Films


 by shannonkringen cc
O.K.,....Music stuff. MIKE KARNES, Steve's guitar friend from forever just called. 'Hey, you available on Oct.6th? It's a Sunday. There's a very cool B3/keys player named ANDREW JEAN GRAHAM, gonna be in Olympia @ TRADITIONS CAFE' AND WORLD FOLK ART, it's downtown, you know. He just called. wanna go play? Music from 2:30 pm 'til 5 pm.'.... 'Sure', said Steve...BARTLETT ON BASS and KARNES both love the B3. So. write this down, the 6th of October, 2:30 'til 5 pm Steve BARTLETT will be making an appearance in downtown Olympia. Come on down, bring your axe, let's jam. Jan 

 Traditions Café and World Folk Art
300 5th Avenue SW, Olympia, WA 98501, Sunday, Oct.6,2013, 2:30 to 5 pm

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

WOW More Mermaids In Wheelchairs?...BETTE MIDLER Does It Again

by cliff1066™ cc
BETTE MIDLERs a real original, one-of-a-kind gal.  Excited to read some new news for 'The Devine Miss M'.  She's up to no good again..YES,.. Any, Bette Midler's news is always good news to me. Go BETTE.
Midler announced her 'I'll Eat You Last', written by John Logan and directed by Joe Mantello , it's a a one woman show, staring ...,of course, the one and only Bette Midler, will be ready to open at the GEFFEN PLAYHOUSE in Los Angeles, CA. in December, that's on the 3rd to the 22nd. Go HERE and HERE. Record breaking profits were made last spring for Midler for 'I'll Eat You Last'. So, let's do it again.
Bette Midler was born in 1945 and raised in Hawaii. That's where she started  developing her interest in drama and theater, she uses that talent often while singing and it's very effective..
In 1970 ,she began singing in THE CONTINENTAL BATHS,  and HERE, a gay bath house in New York. Everybody just loved her, her pianoman at that time was BARRY MANILOW, they did some albums together 'THE DEVINE MISS M' and 'BATHHOUSE BETTY'. Click here, for a look at Bette at that time at the Continental Baths, from delagosis on YOUTUBE. It's called 'For Free'.
I always loved her saucy outrageous humor, all those amazing costumes, and her back up gals... those singers that all looked like the girls from down the street. from any town U.S.A. They were always dressed as hartlettes, or mermaids in wheelchairs swimming across the stage, or something real crazy, but it all worked for me. I  always had a great time watching, and always wanted to be one of those gals when I 'grow up'. When I found myself wearing a blue housedress gaining lotsa pounds with my 'fried egg' on the outside where folks could see it....I thought her 'Hello In There'  video [from BerlinDirk2]and song fit exactly how I felt, while getting use to being alittle different than others Jan
Related video links below.
 1.] BETTE MIDLER VIDEOS  lots of Midler videos here
2.] BOOGIE WOOGIE BUGLE BOY, by Bette Midler, from henrybwalthall, with mermaids too
3.] DEVINE MISS M, [full album], by Bette Midler, from Bette Midler
4.] BEAST OF BURDEN, by Bette Midler and Mick Jaeger, from Nono Dey
5] BEAST OF BURDEN, by just Bette Midler, from Olga0815007
6.] DO YOU WANT TO DANCE?, by Bette Midler, from fatalfeel
7.] STAY WITH ME, by Bette Midler, from DivineMissM
8.] THE ROSE, by Bette Midler, from Jawhitney12
9.] HELLO IN THERE, by Bette Midler, from BerlinDirk2

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Smells A Bit 'Fishy' In Here..'What A Fine Pickled Fish Recipe You've Got Me Into, Ollie'

by taberandrew cc
It's raining...HARD, so, What'ya do on a rainy day like this?  NOT, go out in the rain.  We know   let's play the bass and pickle fish all at the same time. O.K., now we're talking..Food and Music a perfect combination. Let's get out 'Mama's Famous Pickled Fish Recipe' ..Just talked to Mom, she's not sure where she got this recipe, or how old it is...but, it's OLD, and Mom's ??. O.K?. Here go's... we cheated and started ours a few days ago and finished it today. So, I'll add some of our tips...O.K?
First,...Start music, then....


1.] Fish,- raw, cut up in chucks and skinned [Mom said, ANY kind of fish will do, we had Salmon, and we didn't skin them]
2.] Cover fish with 1 cup salt to 1 quart water mixture...I know we thought that sounded like alot of salt too, but, I wouldn't cheat here. If you're queezy [spell] Just don't look at the fish and soak fish for 12 hours, and then pour off salt water. The fish will look just awful,..real slimmy [spell?] at this point,  like foamy egg whites but,..don't worry, it gets better....drain off salt water..Whoops, I said that already...Then
3.] Cover fish with white vinegar, let fish soak 24 hours in the vinegar. We noticed our pink Salmon started turning white, and the vinegar started clouding up. When 24 hours are up drain vinegar...WOW, fish looks great, smells great and firm feeling. Yes.
4.] Layer fish and raw sliced onions in sterile jars. Then,...
5.] Combine the next ingredients and heat in saucepan. This was enough for 2 quarts of fish/onions with room for wine.
       a.] 1 cup white vinegar
       b.] 1/2 cup water
       c.] 1/4 to 1/2 cup white sugar
       d.] 3 teaspoons pickling spice
       e.] 10 to 15 whole allspice
5.] Pour this heated mixture over  the fish/onion layers in your jars.
6.] Now, the cool part... add to the covered fish/onions in above mixture some white port wine. Now we used ruby port wine 'cause we couldn't find the white [Mom said go to liqueur store, but, it wasn't there either]...Boy, is this pretty in the ruby port wine, found the ruby port in Safeway.
7.] Now, wait about two weeks before you enjoy this. It' gonna be difficult, if you like Pickled Herring, sure alot cheaper...looks and smells like Pickled Herring. See you in two weeks,. Jan

Buried Treasure?..... or 'Music Code?'

by keith trice cc
Well, this morning I found online @ ABC NEWS an amazing story, from Björn Hengst and Benjamin Dürr, SPIEGEL
 ...all full of mystery, hidden codes and secret treasures...yea, you know, WOW, like real Nazi GOLD and/or DIAMONDS buried near the Austrian border, in the small town of MITTENWALD in Baveria.
AND, guess what?.... the treasure map was a secret code hidden in a musical score. Take a peek... Here's a copy of that score.. from the ABC news story.

This sheet of music is posted on Dutch journalist Karl Kaatee's website; there are claims that the score contains a code leading to Nazi treasure.
 What a cool story, thought LEON GIESEN [link in German..Whoops, Jan] , and HERE [in English] a Dutch musician and film maker. And so, he's getting ready to film the whole hunt for all the treasure. Should be a awesome story. It was rumored that a secretary of ADOLF HITLER's created this 'Gold-Code' on this sheet music giving the secret location of this Nazi Treasure, during the last days of WWII. This music never reached it's intended destiny in MUNICH, GERMANY. The story says that there's no proof that the music score or code are the real thing or are made up. Read the whole astounding, mysterious story at the link above and make up your own mind. O.K? Jan 
Related video links below.
1.] LEON GIESEN INTERVIEW, pt. 1 [in German], from FaceCulture 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

'Rollin, Rollin', Rollin' Keep Them DOGGIES Rollin' or ' Life,...Down On The Farm'

photo by unknown cc
Well, what's up on the farm, anyway? We're canning, splitting firewood, you know...getting ready for winter, on the farm these days. AND, our dog, Daisy May is helping out...'good dog Daisy'...'thanks for letting us live with you, Daisy'. [she's listening, and can read too when she takes the time to sound things, Jan]
She's really a good eater, just loves to help us out there. And so, when we're canning stuff we can always count on her support. The past three days we've put up, pinto beans/w pork, corn relish, salsa verde, eggplant parmasan, and peach pie filling, yum. Our pear and apple trees will be ready in about a week, so we're ready.
 Steve went fishing,[here's 'Goin' Fishin', by BARTLETT ON BASS, from LiqdSoulCoffee , special thanks to Martin and Barb Salinas for making this video available. sorry it's so dark...only copy I can find.] Anyway, Steve caught several Salmon in the river near here, smoked them up, de-boned them and canned them, along with some B.B.Q'ed chicken and B.B.Q'ed pork. THAT's where Daisy May just SHINES, and her talent shows. Boy, can she eat...and hardly ever gets tired of pitching right in. What a trooper. 'Thanks again Daisy'. 'Really, Daisy, I mean it'...BUT, yesterday's the first time...yes, the very first and ONLY time we can remember, that our WONDERFUL dog Daisy got a little over excited about ALL the food, and made a tiny-weeny mistake. Just a small one, mind you....She helped us out by eating...yes, our whole, smoked ham that Steve, had  smoked and worked on for hours getting just right and we were planning on having for dinner last night. We had foolishly left it in the smoker...OUR mistake.
We were down by our barn splitting up four cords of firewood, with a loud spliter [spell?]....Daisy usually comes down to help with the wood, and didn't want to this time...for a tiny moment we [Steve and I], both thought this a bit odd.  but, only for a short Daisy's just tired, that's all.
So, when we got back to the house,...the smoker was turned over, ...the ham gone, the dog smiling, licking her lips, chewing a hambone.
Well, I hate to admit it...but, we both yelled at the dog. It was for just a split moment but, done just the same. Daisy ran down our driveway, into our 'little bit' crazy neighbor's yard and disappears on his about 5 acres of land. Both of us are calling and yelling, telling Daisy that we didn't mean it...she can have our dinner, we love her...It's O.K., things like that.
THEN...we heard, from our very crazy neighbor's direction....." 7 rounds go off,...from a high-powered rifle". this is Steve's wording. For me, I heard 7 shots go off in the direction of our dog 'Amazin' Daisa' ,[what Steve always calls her, when he petting her].  Oh No! Not that!!...NOT Guns!
It's getting dark, we too dark to see...what's happening, anyway?...'D-A-I-S-Y', 'D-A-I-S-Y'. We call 9-1-1. Steve won't stop calling her name...hoping, wishing, praying,..... anything.
WAIT,...There she is...coming out of the dark forest between us and our 'wee bit 'crazy neighbor's yard...She's O.K., running to Steve. We check no blood, no injuries...just scared. We're scared too. I call 9-1-1, She's O.K. I tell them. Just a regular day on the O.K. a I mean, down on the farm. Jan
Some of my favorite funny videos are from simonscat on YOUTUBE. This one is called 'Fed Up', about Felix the dog, reminds me of our Daisy May just trying to help us out. Enjoy. 
2.] RAWHIDE, by Frankie Laine, from Michael McKenna 1958...another great song.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Blue Ray? Nope, Got ' Georgia On My Mind'... RAY CHARLES

from American Blues Scene's photo.
O.K....Today saw this photo of RAY CHARLES  and HERE ,on FACEBOOK  from AMERICAN BLUES SCENE, it reminded me of that Ray Charles cool song, Georgia On My Mind'.
When BARTLETT played with MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals and KENNY WILLIAMSON/drums in McKenna, WA. @ Liquid Soul Coffee Roasters, Salinas sang 'Rainy Night In Georgia'' by Ray Charles.
'Georgia On My Mind was written by HOAGY CARMICHAEL and STUART GORRELL in 1930. Ray Charles's cover of that tune is the one version that most folks remember...I do anyway, WILLIE NELSON, LOUIS ARMSTONG, DAVE BRUBECK, DEAN MARTIN, BRENDA LEE, GLENN MILLER and many others also recorded this cover. Ray Charles was born in the State of Georgia and recorded the song in 1960. It's on his album called 'THE GENIUS HITS THE ROAD'. It became Georgia's State song in 1979. For more, go HERE.
The song is listed as the number one song of Charles by ANN SIPER . Here's her top ten Ray Charles Song List:
"1. Georgia on My Mind
2. Mess Around
3. I Got a Woman
4. What'd I Say
5. Shake Your Tail Feathers
6. You are My Sunshine
7. Unchain My Heart
8. Hit the Road Jack
9. I Can't Stop Loving you
10. You Don't Know Me"

She has Ray Charles's life history info. at her post too. Check it out. Jan
Below, I've posted related video links. The featured video is Ray Charles doing, of course 'Georgia On My Mind', from VIDEONOSEIRI on YOUTUBE. This is what it says on the video page: " Uploaded on Mar 23, 2010
RAY CHARLES Concert In Japan December 1982
with Japanese Singer George Yanagi" .

Lots Going on in Georgia, links below. More Ray Charles too.
1.] GEORGIA ON MY MIND, by Willie Nelson and Ray Charles, from 35377
2.] GEORGIA ON MY MIND, by Aretha Frankin, from arethafan2006   live audio recording.
3.] GEORGIA ON MY MIND, by Michael Bolton, from MrKingsRow
4.] GEORGIA ON MY MIND, by  Michael Buble', from Douglas Ong
5.] RAINY NIGHT IN GEORGIA, by Ray Charles, from Renato Corrêa
6.] RAINY NIGHT IN GEORGIA, by Ray Charles, from Victor Más another fun version
7.] HIT THE ROAD JACK original, by Ray Charles, from bengoaunai
8.] WHAT'D I SAY?, by Ray Charles, from king689soulclassic
9.] I GOT A WOMAN ,by Ray Charles, from 19912005311
10.] MESS AROUND, by Ray Charles, from Eagle Rock from Legends of Rock and Roll DVD.
11.] A SONG FOR YOU, by Leon Russell, Willie Nelson and Ray Charles, from galoop67 one of my favorite songs Jan

Friday, September 13, 2013

Who's Counting?..or ..How many Music Awards Are There Anyway?

Serigne Diagne cc
O.K.....Today I read an article on music awards HERE, that got me thinking. Yea...which music awards matter anyway? How many can a musician win? Is there a limit,, or a cash rewards?
Well, the article I read at the link mentions lotsa  music awards...most of them look like they're from places in Europe...some  of those listed are: PULITZER, and  GRAMMYS,  well, I thought of this one COUNTRY MUSIC ASSOCIATION, o.k. let me think awhile, so, let's go to their list again, while I think of more, o.k?...from their list: POLARIS PRIZE, SHORTLIST MUSIC PRIZE, AUSTRALIAN MUSIC PRIZE, next, it's me again...COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME. MTV MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS,.. Now, them again ...I've never heard of these, have you?...ORANGE PRIZE, MAN BOOKER PRIZES, France's PRIX CONSTANTIN prize,  the CHOICE MUSIC PRIZE, and U.K's MERCURY PRIZE. Can you think of more?
I know there's even more than I posted here...Oh.,  just remembered the BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS, seems like the musicians that win one...go on to win more everywhere. Hope these awards include a cash win too. That makes it even better and more fun. Musicians need to be paid always.
What I'm thinking about today. Here's more on music awards from WIKIPEDIA  I never did find out just how many music awards there are. Oh well. there's alot. Thanks for checkin in. Jan
Related music video links below.
1.] BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS...FULL SHOW 2013, from chanchanxt
2.] MTV MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS 2013, from hollywoodbackstage
     NOTE: I was gonna have a link to Miley Cyrus, Twerk and  Robin Thick's  2013 performance, but it made me blush. This link is 'G' rated, and this video gives us all a big idea  about how this award show went this year without being  offensive or disturbing. Well, it's still disturbing to see how music is being used more and more now days to show the worst of  human nature. Jan... 'I think music can be so unlimited, powerful, beautiful and inspiriting...why would I find or need to use it  in a way to degrade life ever?'...Oh, don't get me started, that's a whole other,.... another post, isn't it. Jan SMILE.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


by dayne.shuda cc
Look what I found online today HERE and HERE . Well, there's alotta country awards, singers and stuff going in Nashville, Tennessee on November 6th. It's all gonna be hosted by CARRIE UNDERWOOD and BRAD PAISLEY.
What is it?....It's THE COUNTRY MUSIC ASSOCIATION Awards Show ceremony, and it all will be  televised on ABC.So,  let's all get ready for it now. O.K?
Now, who are the BIG nominees for that special night? It's TAYLOR SWIFT and KACEY MUSGRAVES, they're both nominated for lotsa best female vocalist and stuff. It tells all about it in the links above. BUT, wait...there's even more KEITH URBAN, wife and husband team...MIRANDA LAMBERT and BLAKE SHELTON, the 'FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE', GEORGE STRAIT [NOTE:George Strait will be in Tacoma @ The Tacoma Dome 4/12/2014 ], JASON ALDEAN   [NOTE: Jason Aldean will be in Tacoma @ The Tacoma Dome on 9/27/2013] and LUKE BRYAN are all nominated and waiting to win awards too. Let's all watch on the sixth of November. Jan
Related music links below.
1.] REMIND ME, duet by Brad Paisley/Carrie Underwood, from BRADPAISLEYVEVO
2.] RED, by Taylor Swift, from TaylorSwiftVEVO
3.] MERRY GO 'ROUND, by Kacey Musgraves, from KaceyMusgravesVEVO
4.] LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING, by Keith Urban, from KeithUrbanVEVO
5.] MAMA's BROKEN HEART, by Miranda Lambert, from mirandalambertVEVO
6.] BOY's 'ROUND HERE, by Blake Shelton, from Blake Shelton
7.] ROUND HERE, by Florida George Line, from FlaGeorgiaLineVEVO
8.] GIVE IT ALL WE GOT TONIGHT, by George Strait, from FruAmanda
9.] NIGHT TRAIN, by Jason Aldean, from JasonAldeanVEVO
10.] THAT's MY KIND OF NIGHT, by Luke Bryan, from Luke Bryan Fan

Monday, September 09, 2013


 by Peter Becker cc
Welcome to our site and second tradename 'FAT BOTTOM'.. 'Hi' name is Jan and my hubby... Steve Bartlett or BARTLETT ON BASS is an amazing genius electric bass guitar performer . He's played the bass for 50 years. There's a term I heard Steve say when the bass and music was just right at a gig...and that term was 'it had a fat bottom' and other  such wordings close to that...meaning it had a very very cool bass line and sounded fantastic. O.K....Cool
Well, I tend to sit alot...recovering from M.S. you know, AND also I'm a
very good cook and eater too. Well, ALL that  amazing music, ALL that sitting and  ALL that eating. Well, all I can say is... my hubby and I both can be called 'Fat Bottoms', that's all. Thanks for being here and checking us out. Jan
Jan, by Crystal Sincoff
Washington State UBO #602-189-450.ONYXX or FAT BOTTOM. See my new blog FAT BOTTOM HERE 
O.K....Hear some amazing 'Fat Bottom'   from the bass great VICTOR WOOTEN, from RIPCLB on YOUTUBE. Called 'VICTOR WOOTEN: BASS SOLO'. It was uploaded on April 30, 2006. Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

She's Got My Number...It's NINA SIMONE, 'Feeling Good'?

 by Newtown grafitti cc
O.K....This lady's got my number...It's NINA SIMONE and HERE i love her voice and 'jazzy' style, even though I most often go for BLUZZZ music. I like the jazz of CHET BAKER too I can listen to them both all day long [my story on Chet Baker.HERE Jan]. Simone was able to combine Classical, R & B, Gospel, Jazz, Blues, Pop and Folk styles together nicely, creating a unique, odd and mysterious sound to me. She was a 15 time Grammy award winner too and suffered with bipolar mental disorder [this was NOT disclosed, until after her death],...WOW...Oh, I didn't know that. Many great, creators.... original musicians, actors and artists it seems, have had problems like that...Simone seems so lonely and sad in many of her life story videos...there was not much doctors could do back then, maybe that's why. Glad there's lotsa help now for folks that need help. Cool [Doctors said I had Bipolar in 1994 but it was the first signs of M.S.they then said in 1999...Jan] 
She worked hard for the civil rights movement in the 60's, her songs became very popular. Her family came from North Carolina, her birth name was Eunice Kathleen Wayman. Like many 'soul singers' of the 60's she started singing gospel music in her church as a child. Her mother was a Methodist minister, her father a handyman. She had seven brothers and sisters. Jan
I'll post some of her song links below, and will highlight my favorite tune of hers....' Feeling Good', from Hakan Camcan. This is all the page says: " Published on Oct 20, 2012
Nina Simone Feeling Good ". Thanks and enjoy. Jan


More related music links below.

1.] HERE COMES THE SUN, written by The Beatles, sung by Nina Simone, from MrBeatlesCovers
2.] STARS, written and sung by Nina Simone, from ,Mariam Janahi
3.] NINA SIMONE: THE LEGEND, PART 1 OF 6, from LukeK79
4.] NINA SIMONE on Janis Joplin, from Bernardo Santos Carmo
5.] YOUNG, GIFTED AND BLACK, by Nina Simone, from NinaFestival
6.] SUZANNE, by Nina Simone, from Nina Simone
7.] SINNERMAN, by Nina Simone, from Heiser S
8.] WILD AS THE WIND, by Nina Simone, from Praguedive
9.] SUMMERTIME, by Nina Simone, from Jinemike
10.] FEELINGS, by Nina Simone, from bruttas99

New Musical Instrument Here

by photosteve101 cc
Today I found a video of a new musical instrument on YOUTUBE., from rogerlinndesign by ROGER LINN, of course. It looks like a computer to me. It doesn't have a name yet...the video's just called 'New Musical Instrument Prototype'...this is what the video page says: " Uploaded on May 14, 2010
Roger Linn Design - New Musical Instrument Prototype ". What you think? Jan

Sunday, September 01, 2013

I'm Howlin' About HOWLIN WOLF Kinda Of BLUZZZ

Neil Fallen by J. Rose-Bartlett 2008.
O.K....I love blues, or as I like to call it...BLUZZZ, you know what I mean, that very real, down to earth type of music that talks about overcoming the real hardships of everyday life. I have learned about difficulties of lifeand believe in the nobleness and strength of all people, and have found some amazing musicians that have become understanding of life and sing real honest music that many of us can relate to...their music's  full of wisdom, it seems to be music they earned somehow by experiencing difficulties in life, NOT avoiding them. Blues singers face life by taking on their difficulties that life gives them and never give up or become broken, they seem to become stronger because of those difficulties and know more than before by them. And, I admire them and their kinda music.
'HOWLIN WOLF' is one of these kind of BLUZZZ singers that I admire. His songs are real and talk about situations that many of us have gone through.  He was a BIG man with a BIG unique voice...was it part growl with a harp? Whatever it was I call it... my kind of good blues or BLUZZZ. He overcame many difficulties IN his early life, and it seemed to add to his music. Read more HERE and HERE 
NEIL FALLEN/harp is one of my very favorite BLUZZZ vocalists in our area. He plays a fine BLUZZZ harp too. Seek him out whenever you have a chance and enjoy some good music. He does many Howlin Wolf tunes, as well as Muddy Waters, Sam Cooke, Paul Butterfield to name a few. He performed some of my very favorite Howlin Wolf and more last Friday night at THE TRIAD THEATER at the MARTIN SALINAS/Liquid Soul Music Reunion. Thank you, Neil. Jan
Last Friday, was so much fun. Many wonderful musicians who played at Liquid Soul over the years gathered once again at the Triad Theater in Yelm for some more music fun. [Liquid Soul closed it's doors in 2011]. I'd like to thank everyone who shared Friday night with me at the Triad and came up to say 'Hi'...I love you all. I had a wonderful night. Jan
About the photo: I took this photo at Martin Salinas's Liquid Soul Coffee Roasters in McKenna, Wa. On 7/2008. See that story HERE
Some links to HOWLIN WOLF BLUZZZZ below.

1.] SMOKESTACK LIGHTEN, by Howlin Wolf, from LosGrollos
2.] DUST MY BROOM, by Howlin Wolf, from ERICAJUNDELYON
3.] LITTLE RED ROOSTER, by Howlin Wolf, from TheBluesfan12
4.] BUILT FOR COMFORT, by Howlin Wolf, from funkinmind
5.] IF YOU HEAR ME HOWLIN, by Howlin Wolf, from Joe Stead
5.] EVIL, by Howlin Wolf, from TheQuicksilverdog
6.] BACK DOOR MAN, by Howlin Wolf, from cojwat

Double Bass

Double Bass Links Page

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My Spelling?? Thanks For Understanding

My Spelling?? Thanks For Understanding
Photo by by billsaturno cc click to link, A note 'bout my spelling... I'm typing as fast as I can with one finger on one hand, and trying to make sense and everything. I haveave to look at the keyboard, NOT the see where ALL those letters are, and my nect won't bend or turn...whoops, that's NECK, not 'nect'. Please, forgive me and give me a little 'LEE-way' [spell?]...Thanks, Jan SMILE

Musical Grandma's Are Cooler

Musical Grandma's Are Cooler
by Sunfrog Shirts

Yea,...Just Wondering?

Yea,...Just Wondering?
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We Respect Others Rights, Jan and Steve

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The Truth

The Truth
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We Respect Others Rights, Jan and Steve

Please Note: Portions of this work contain the intellectual property of third party authors and contributors. As such, third party authors and contributors retain all copyrights in the individual works and reserve all rights not specifically granted herein

Want Your Gig Info Published Here?

Want Your Gig Info Published Here?
If you're a musician, band or club owner in my area, and want your live music event included on my BARTLETT ON BASS. Please send your gig info. at for review. I will review and post the very best gigs and live music events in the area. Thanks for reading BARTLETT ON BASS and supporting live music. ' T. Jan'...JA ROSE-BARTLETT.

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All Work..No Play?....Never...Jan

All Work..No Play?....Never...Jan
by tamakisono cc.

Please Unplug Me. Just Loving My Life

Please Unplug Me. Just Loving My Life
by george h takei


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