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Thursday, October 30, 2014

'Some Kind of Monster' METALLICA On Late , Late Show Next Month.

METALLICA, from Wikipedia cc/see link
.NOW, Let me tell ya  about some other music news that I read this morning.The heavy metal band....METALLICA.  and  HERE [photo link] They will be on the Late, Late Show [CBS] every day for the week starting on Monday, November 17th, sing a tune every night that week....nothing to sell, but celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their album, movie and documentary we all know as...'Some Kind of Monster' [thanks Axel Gröndahl']...just in time for Halloween I say [Jan] Go HERE for a link to this full story.
See the three tunes posted below? Well, This n dream come true....Steve BARTLETT ON BASS gets to record with his 'old' music buddy MIKE KARNES/guitar/bass, and ANDRE LaVOIE/drums, that atomic clock of time.  Of course, 'Old' doesn't mean Steve or Mike know, 'OLD'. They're high school friends [Edmond's High School ]. Anyway, they've known each other since the '60's....and, never recorded anything together, even though, both of them have been in music all that This IS very special for both of them. Jan.
 1.] JOSIE, by Steely Dan, byTenacious V
2.] CAN'T YOU SEE?, by Tower of Power, by Thezone4422
3.] FANTASY, by Earth, Wind and Fire, by riversend21

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Drums Keep Pounding Rhythm To The Brain......Extreme Music Here

Aby rerveren cc/ see link
O.K.....What's 'EXTREME' music, anyway? To me, it's real....the real thing, sincere...the truth. That's what I'm talking about here, in this post.
Lately, BARTLETT's been doing lotsa music, with excellent musicians AND, I 'm at EVERY gig....'watching and listening'...for what?
Well, I'll tell ya... I'm at every gig first because I love music and it's'also 'cause  I'm there for 'more'.....for the real thing or maybe some call it the 'the groove or 'being in the pocket''...when it happens everyone knows it. It's a feel kinda or, it's when everything is happening just right. That's how I describe it, anyway.
Many times I've seen musicians look and play like 'cardboard'....they know the right notes BUT don't feel the music or something. The music is 'lifeless', they are NOT focused or present with the music. BARTLETT loves music and it shows in his performance..
AND, then there's 'over-playing'...or trying too hard. If Steve's nervous...or worried about the stage...the equipment or something, he has trouble just relaxing and  playing. So, there's a middle ground that we're looking for that's just right.
Anyway, right now Steve is playing with awesome musicians that know their stuff. Come out and support'll have a great time AND see and hear real music. extreme music. Jan 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Talk About SASS or CLASS...'That Shelly Is A Chick With an Attitude'

BY Unknown /Flickr cc
Well, this week Steve and I saw something amazing..about .our 'chicken' named 'Shelly'...named that.'cause she was a gift from that BLUZZ QUEEN of our known Universe and more, you know, of course it's our friend Ms. SHELLY ELY.
Anyway, where was I?....'Oh yea...our chicken named Shelly.
When we brought home to our farm, The chicken Shelly, she didn't like our rooster AND, ignored him rudely....really went OUT of her way to avoid him. She wouldn't even roost in the chicken house with him or ANY of our other chickens, just walked around by herself and caused trouble, like...'pooping' on our deck or front porch, making lotsa loud 'squaking' noises when she decided to sleep in the cherry tree near our back door , jumping up into the tree several times and tearing off leaves and fruit that was in her way.
BUT, last week we saw Shelly prance right into our Turkey's private living area, remember the turkey's out weigh her several times..[.they LOOK giganic spell? next to her]. She walked right up to their filled food dish...looked them right in the eye and ate her fill. Those turkeys all backed off and watched her from the corner of their area until she was done....NOW, Just saying,... That's SASS, CLASS or something ain't it? That's all. Jan
Oh yea, SASS had a great gig last night at THE SWISS.


By Hoshi- sae cc, see link
O.K.....Tonight's the night for an amazing 'Jazz Extravaganza' by THE DON COHEN JAZZ QUARTET plus....well, let me just say....'Plus' well, ALEK GAYTON/drums and PHIL LARSON/ guitar .replacing DAVEN TILLINGHAST/guitar, DAVE McCRARY/horns. It'll be GREAT. Jazz at RHYTHM AND RYE in Olympia tonight....Tuesday, October 28th, 2014, 'round 8...anyway Steve'll be there 'round 7 pm, set up about an hour before music, I'd say 8ish tonight for some Jazz in Olympia, WA. @ RHYTHM AND RYE, you know, it's the old 'Royal Lounge'.
BARTLETT's been rehearsing all morning. 'That's All' [thanks Scott Chapman ] done by FRANK SINATRA  and HERE and NAT KING COLE to name just a few cool folks that know their stuff. I'll post more related videos below.
Now, Rhythm and Rye has BIG bathrooms that a wheelchair plus wheelchair-ee AND a  full size attendant can ALL be in at the same time...if your into that kinda thing....really cool, you know what I mean...I expect to see more wheels than my own out there....AND, some creative 'Wheeling and Dealing' on that BIG dance floor.....O.K? See ya there? Of course, I'll have my dancing 'shoes'....'ah... wheels' on, Jan
PHOTO CREDIT: by Hoshi Sae cc

WHERE: RHYTHM AND RYE, Tuesday, October 28th, 8ish...THE DON COHEN JAZZ QUARTET Plus 
             301 North Capital Way,
             Olympia, WA.
Related video links below...

1.] THAT's ALL, by Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, by Scott Chapman
2.] GREEN DOLPHIN STREET, by Miles Davis, by DAVO1984FI
3.] THAT's ALL, by Nat King Cole, by catman916
4.] ROBBIN's NEST, byIllinois Jaquet, by ramoburg
5.] AS TIME GOES BY,from Casablancay, by J.R. Ramos
6.] NOT FOR ME, by Chet Baker, by betttyblue
7.] ST. THOMAS, by Sonny Rollins, by limbojazzvideo

Sunday, October 26, 2014

'MARIA, MARIA', Falling in Love in East L.A. With GUITAR By CARLOS SANTANA

Why, what's this?

SANTANA/ see photo credit below

Rehearsing 'SMOOTH' with Carlos Santana today with my BARTLETT brought back lovely memories of another time with my first hubby ERNESTO A. BARELA.
I often feel 'Hispanic'....was for 23 years, you know.... 1971 to 1995.
Ernie's and my children are all grown up and married now. The holidays are coming up....time I remember family, AND it's near the anniversary of Ernie's death....October 30, 2011..
I first wrote this post in 2013. Jan
Monday, April 15, 2013

'MARIA, MARIA' Falling In Love In East L.A. With Guitar By CARLOS SANTANA

 by MojoBaer cc
CARLOS SANTANA and HERE is an amazing guitarist to me [Jan]...he makes that guitar sing just every time I've heard him play, since the '60's, I, today was absolutely no different...EXCELLENCE in music, that's all...WOW. AND, how come with some music and artists..lotsa old memories just come flooding back? Well, they did.
I'm not sure when I first heard him [Carlos Santana] WOODSTOCK in '69? Perhaps...I do remember, that in 1971 with my marriage... to ERNESTO AGUSTIN BARELA-LOVATO, we both loved CARLOS SANTANA, 'Ernie' was always collecting his recordings, and that music was a big part of our lives, we took it everywhere with us...Santana being one of our hispanic 'brothers' and all, and he became one of our favorite musicians. That maybe why I feel connected to him. Santana seems just like family to me.
Some of Santana's tunes were in Spanish and other's in English...or a combination of like our new Barela-Rose, family in 1971... the mixing Ernie's Hispanic culture, with the northern Anglo-American ideas of my family. I loved the 'new' that was created [Span-glish]....ALL races combining and living together as one. 'Gracias  Ernesto y Carlos'. Juana Rosa
My or our daughter's story about Ernie's death from AGENT ORANGE HERE with music from the Vietnam War. Ernie was in VIETNAM in 1967 and 1969, that's where he was exposed to Agent Orange.
AND, wonderful hubby BARTLETT ON BASS enjoys these same songs and performs Carlos Santana tunes ALL the time, they're requested over and over at gigs...very popular today, just like 30-40 years ago.
I'm posting a tune that we [Ernie, Steve and me Jan-Juana] all would enjoy...from Thanousay Khamphoune'MARIA, MARIA' with lyrics. This is what the page says:Uploaded on Apr 25, 2009
the lyrics of the coolest song ever played by carlos santana.". More HERE about this grammy award winning  song.

More related links below.
1.] MARIA, MARIA ...Santana, from SantanaVEVO·
3.] SMOOTH ....with Rob Thomas and Santana, from ILLEGALvideo
5.] EUROPA, from Flamingo Kuo
7.] CORAZON ESPINADO, from adaltrov with MANA and CARLOS.
8.] THE HEALER, from king0fmist  with JOHN LEE HOOKER and CARLOS
9.] PUT YOUR LIGHTS ON, from videoinjection with THEWAITH and CARLOS

What Kinda Dog is LLOYD JONES Anyway? This Kind?...NOPE, Not That Kind

by unknown, Flickr cc
O.K....This morning we're rehearsing again....I'm the luckiest gal in the world's always filled with music. A awesome musician [like BARTLETT and the folks he plays with], do lotsa rehearsing, that's all. Every family member of fantastic musicians know this stuff.
I'm listening to BARTLETT 'remind himself' of this tune by LLOYD JONES called 'Treat Me Like The Dog I Am' [thanks Spencer Crandall]' Woof Woof', had to ask myself...'what kinda dog IS Jones?...NOT this kind. 'This among several other really cool tunes Steve's doin' today. He's getting ready for TWO [2] amazing gigs next with that funky BLUZZZ SASS tomorrow, Monday, October 27th at THE SWISS PUB in Tacoma, WA. The second gig is on Tuesday, October 28th at RHYTHM AND RYE, Olympia, WA. This is especially for JAZZ LOVERS with THE DON COHEN JAZZ QUARTET plus 2.' So, 'be there or be square.' I used to say way back when. [Jan].
Anyway, we both have headphones on, some cold sodas, warm pop corn that Steve can't eat 'til rehearsal or this 'partying' is over [gets grease on his bass strings]....WOW, This IS my lucky day,..All the warm POPCORN I can eat, iif I'm really FAST and lotsa cool music too. SMILE, yep, 'you really got ME humming', Jan.. Mom always taught me that it's not nice to post with my mouth full of yummy popcorn...'Bye', gotta go. 'mumble-mumble....gulp', Jan

WHERE:SASS @ THE SWISS PUB, Monday, October 27th, 8:30 PM
                          1904 South Jefferson
                           Tacoma, WA.

            DON COHEN JAZZ QUARTET plus Two, RHYTHM AND RYE, Tuesday, October 28th, 8:30 pm
             301 North Capital Way
              Olympia, WA.
Some video links for upcoming gigs below.

1.] YOU GOT ME HUMMING, by Cold Blood, by kostas8493 [Yep, Ms. Shelly Ely has opened for Lydia Pense of Cold Blood, of course.
2.] BETCHA GOT A CHICK ON THE SIDE, by The Pointer Sisters, by soulbrothanumbahone AND, you're right, guys CAN sound like The Pointer Sister,  come out and see for sure.
3.] YOU WERE NEVER MINE, by Delbert McClinton, by TexassMisfit
4.] SOME ELSE IS STEPPING IN, by ZZ Hill, by Ericpaytonmaxkeebble
5.] I'D RATHER GO BLIND, by Etta James, by BadWolf
6.] SMOOTH, by Santana,Rob Thomas, by SantanaVEVO 
7.] BODY AND FENDER  MAN, by Johnny Adams, by Slaggitarist
8.] BABY, BABY I LOVE YOU, by Aretha Franklin, by koloke
9.] JEALOUS KIND, by Joe Cocker, by Gianluca Acciaro
10.] DOWN HOME BLUES, by ZZ Hill, by Kandyman1028

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight (Official Video)

Interesting video. Jan

BLOOD-Chilling Music For Halloween? or' Music For HITCHCOCK'

JOHN MAUCERI is a music conductor....NOT a train conductor, of course. He's created an album that's just right for those blood chilling, gory events in your life.... like brain surgery, pulling teeth, or child know. AND, even upcoming Halloween fun. Music was taken from ALFRED HITCHCOCK's films....Whoa..Hitchcock was always REALLY SCARY for me way back when I was a kid,, had to read NPR's SCOTT SIMON's interview of Mauceri this morning and find out all about this scary stuff in his album. The post is called 'Music to keep you on the edge of your seat' Read the whole interview at the link...O.K?
I'll post some video links of those scary, weird Hitchcock'talks' set the mood and remind us it was way back when. 'Happy?' or 'ICKIE' Halloween' Toothless Smile, Jan
2.] PSYCHO 1960, by Alfred Hitchcock, by Randy Monster
3.] THE BIRDS, 1963 by Alfred Hitchock,, by MOVIECLIPS Classic Trailers
4.] REBECCA,Full Movie, Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, by Nynaeve51
5.] NORTORIOUS Full Movie, Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, by Phi Phaenomenon
6.] THE 39 STEPS, 1935, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, by Timeless Classic Movies

Friday, October 24, 2014

Tipped Over'.....'I'm O.K....AND More SASS Gigs On The Books, Make SASS Come Over There

SASS, of course, used with permission, see link
O.K...I 'fell over', that's all...I take a licking and keep on ticking like that old TIMEX [thanks VintageC OmPlus ] commercial...remember?, so no problem, just sore and will be back to new very soon.
Anyway, we missed SASS rehearsal on Tuesday and I've been slow on answering Emails....forgive me you guys. O.K?
BUT, I talked to some of the crew at SASS...THERE are more gigs set up at THURM's SOUL FOOD in Tacoma, WA., tell ya in a second. First, getting a tune up for BARTLETT to rehearse from YOUTUBE while I write.
O.K., where was i...Oh Yea...more gigs for SASS at THURM's SOUL FOOD in in November and another in December,...I remember the SASS gig at Thurm's is for Friday, December 12th, the one November is...'ah, well I think November...ah  the second Friday of November...what's that? Anyway, I'll look it up and check with SHELL again....we'll be seeing her, of course, at THE SWISS PUB, address, 1904 South Jefferson, Tacoma, WA. next Monday night in downtown Tacoma in SASS...hope she'll tell me again AND I promise guys I'll be paying better attention from now on. O.K?....I'll try anyway. Last time the gig started about 6:30 and stopped when the BLUZZZ Queen of the known Universe, Ms. SHELLY ELY got tired. So, 'bout 9 pm, I guess ...'round there anyway. that I remember for sure. Jan
PHOTO CREDIT:The photo was taken by MERRI PETERSON SUTTON about a month ago in Tacoma, WA. of this group [early Sept. 2014]. Used by permission from SASS, link S. Merriam.

              3709 S G St Tacoma, WA 
                  THE SWISS PUB, Monday, October 27th
I'll post some cool tunes after  I put this on FACEBOOK, I'm typing as fast as I can with one finger on one hand. O.K? Thanks for understanding. Love hearing Steve rehears these tunes. Jan

1.] CAN'T YOU SEE, by Tower of Power, by THEZONE 2244
2.] IT ALL WENT DOWN THE DRAIN, by Boz Scaggs, by mlmlmloc69
3.] BODY AND FENDER MAN, by Johnny Adams, by Slaggitaris
4.] TOUGHEN UP , by Lloyd Jones, by hotfunkcooljazz
5.] NEVER MAKE YOUR MOVE TOO SOON,, by BB King, byBackToConstitution
6.] I DON'T WANT TO DO WRONG, by Johnny Adams, byineluki2
7.] GUILTY, by Bonnie Raitt, by D Ramponi
8.] JOSIE, by Steely Dan,  by Tenacious V

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Cold Wind's A-Blowin...Music And REAL Life on the Farm

Photo  by doortoriver cc
I feel a chill in the air, as BARTLETT and I prepare for what's up ahead in the next few months. Living on our farm is so rewarding and peaceful...BUT, winter's a-coming and we need to prepare....Always there's music, and whenever we need alittle pick-me-up that's the first thing we do....MUSIC.
Anyway, this time of year we're busy getting ready for life on the farm in winter.
Steve's out on our beautiful forest that surrounds our one room cabin that WE built ALL by ourselves with a chainsaw and broken level. It's so special because it's ours. Steve's collecting and stacking firewood for another winter with our wonderful wood stove. We're also drying our own fruit, of course, from our own fruit trees on screens top of that stove for winter snackin'...yum....[smell good too]. Nights are getting cold and we're using the stove now. Buckets of apples and pears on our front porch....just waiting for winter pies and sauces.
We had over 20 chicks born this summer, The new little roosters  trying to 'crow'...weak and wobbly....real cute. The turkeys are getting BIG and not looking forward to Thanksgiving next month. Neither is BARTLETT and I and we've been talking about skipping the turkey this year.  Oh well, it's O.K....maybe next can we eat a friend, we 'have a real 'chick on the side'....maybe a egg sandwich...what do you think?
We did 'harvest' a sheep or two with help from friends earlier this year....sure it tasted great, BUT, was so hard to swallow a friend. hummmmm...being a farmer is alot harder than I first thought...and it will take some getting use to. Fresh chicken eggs are going down just fine, thank you.
AND, Music always gos down just fine. Thank Goodness.
Here's some tunes that BARTLETT maybe working up today. Rehearsing with SASS tonight....Cool.
Well O.K...what gigs are coming up this month? Remember you guys this list can change at any minute AND I'll keep things updated as fast as I can after I heard ANY new news...O.K?
As it is now seen,...there's a cool gig at THE SWISS PUB in Tacoma, WA. on Monday, October 27th. It's that Funky, BLUZZZY SASS doin' their thing.
On Tuesday, October 28th, it's cool jazz...'THE DON COHEN JAZZ QUARTET' at RHYTHM AND RYE in Olympia, WA. Of course, this is for ALL JAZZ Fans. I'll see you at both gigs, of course. SMILE/wave, Jan
Posting cool video links below that BARTLETT has rehearsed before, is rehearsing now or hopes to rehearse at sometime in his life. Enjoy. 
1.] BETCHA GOT A CHICK ON THE SIDE, by The Pointer Sisters, by soulbrothanumbahone ....[dedicated to Thanksgiving Dinner this year and all our Turkey friends everywhere. SMILE, Jan]
2.] LESTER's METHADONE CLINIC, by Sonia Dada, by Sonia Dad
3.] I'M ON YOUR SIDE, by Keb' Mo', by Francesco Renna
4.] THAT'S NOT LOVE, by Keb' Mo', by RetroJenny

Monday, October 13, 2014

It's 'A FLAT By BLACK VIOLIN'...NOTHING Flat About These Guys....Just Listen

BLACK VIOLIN 2007 , From Wikipedia, see link
This is cool....saw this on FACEBOOK this morning...posted by DON COHEN of the 'D.C.JAZZ QUARTET' or of course the, 'DON COHEN JAZZ QUARTET'....what a cool video, I'd never heard of 'BLACK VIOLN' and  HERE [photo link] before....but, after listening to the video, I'm gonna look them up and see what they're all about.
Anyway, here's 'A Flat' by Black Violin, [thanks Black Violin ]. Here's what the YOUTUBE video page says: " Published on Oct 17, 2012
Black Violin's new single "A Flat" off of their highly anticipated Sophomore album "Classically Trained" prodcued by Infamous. Video was directed by @WileyAbbas shot in Brooklyn NYC. @BlackViolin

check us out @
  • Music

WIKIPEDIA says that 'Black Violin' are two cool guys from Florida, who met in high school , one plated the violin and one the viola, their names are Kev Marcus and Wil B.  They make up the hip hop duo of BLACK VIOLIN.....WOW. I like it.
Looks like they are touring all over the East coast of the U.S.A.. WHOOPS...We missed them last month in Portland, OREGON...Bummer...Here's another story about them that I found online from PENNSIVE.COM. It's very interesting. Jan
I'll post more video links below.
1.] STAY WITH ME, by Black Violin, by Black Violin
2.] LOCKED OUTTA HEAVEN, by Black Violin,  by Bruno Mars, by Black Violin
3.] TRIUMPH, by Black Violin, by Black Violin

Friday, October 10, 2014

Aretha Franklin - Baby I love you HQ

Love old song of hers. Jan

Thursday, October 09, 2014

'What a Lovely Way To Burn' UPRIGHT BASS' FEVER' by LITTLE WILLIE JOHN, Covered by PEGGY LEE

Little Willie John, from Wikipedia, see link
O.K....PEGGY LEE and HERE, way back in 1952 did her cover version of 'Fever' [thanks looking pretty zany]....well, have you ever listened to the bassline? This morning I did just that... listened to Peggy Lee do 'Fever', 'cause Steve was polishing  that new upright bass of his and it seemed so natural. THAT tune needs only a upright bass to do it's bassline. There should be a law that says just that....ONLY UPRIGHT BASSES Allowed.
Peggy Lee was a cool jazz singer, also a song writer and actress. Her mom died when she was young and father remarried and things were very stressful at home, so Peggy took several part time singing gigs to get outta the house and help herself...that was the start of something good...real good, and she had her first hit in 1941 called 'Someone Else is Taking My Place' that made her famous says WIKIPEDIA.
In 1943, she married DAVE BARBOUR, a guitarist in BENNY GOODMAN's band, since there was a rule in the band that musicians could not date etc. you know what I mean...and Peggy sang with the band, he was fired by Goodman.
Lee is most famous for her cover version of 'Fever' in 1957 or '58. [I found this info listed as both dates]. 'Fever' was originally done by LITTLE WILLIE JOHN in 1956...go HERE for 'Fever' by Little Willie John [thanks cdbpdx]. Steve loves Little Willie's Fever too...BUT, 'where's the bass?' says I. Anyway, I'll research Little Willie  for Steve and this post when I'm done with Ms. Peggy Lee. O.K?
Here's just some of the awards that Peggy Lee received over her 60 years in entertainment. Well, let's see....hummm..there's three Grammys, she was inducted into the SONGWRITER's HALL OF FAME, [I read somewhere that she also wrote lotsa songs with her husband, Dave Barbour too]. She got some life-time achievement awards, of course. And, even more...see WIKIPEDIA to read them all.
As for acting, this is what I found.... Lee starred with DANNY THOMAS in THE JAZZ SINGER in 1952. In 1956, she played in the movie PETE KELLY's BLUES. and won an academy award for 'Best Supporting Actress'for that movie. Peggy did alotta 'voices' for Walt Disney's animated films.
She was married 4 times in her life and had one daughter, Nicki, with her first husband Dave Barbour.
She died in 2002, at age 81.
Now, for info on LITTLE WILLIE JOHN, he is listed as an 'American R & B singer' by WIKIPEDIA [photo link] and one of his most famous tunes was, of course, 'Fever' well known, and made famous  covered by Peggy Lee, even though Fever sold over one million copies for Little Willie alone.....WOW. Yep, it's a cool tune all right.
I also read that he had an anger problem and liked too much alcohol...this led him into major problems with his record company [KING RECORDS?] and he was dropped by them in 1966.
In 1968, John was convicted of manslaughter after a knifing  at a show in Seattle, Washington....sent to WASHINGTON STATE PENITENTIARY and died at the age of 30 in the pen...under kinda weird...well, here's what WIKIPEDIA says:  "  Little Willie John died in 1968 at Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, Washington. Despite counter claims (Rolling Stone had reported that the death occurred after John checked into the prison hospital with pneumonia[10]), the official cause of death was listed in his death certificate as a heart attack."
John was inducted into ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME in 1996. The End, Jan
Here's some related video links you may like listed below.

1.[ FEVER, by Little Willie John, by cdbpdx
2.] FEVER, by Peggy Lee, by Lookin pretty Zany

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Rehearsing---Recording BIG Time Today UNCLE THURM's SOUL FOOD this Friday

Steve by Mary Jo TRYHOLM
We're up early today rehearsing for tonight's demo Well, who's Steve recording with anyway?....SASS. that's who, and, I'm sure excited about that. I just love this BLUZZZ band. You gotta hear them..wanna?...well, this Friday, October 10th they play at UNCLE THURM's SOUL FOOD AKA THURM's FINGER LICKIN' CHICKEN AND RIBS in Tacoma, WA., I'll post the complete address below. O.K? I'm not sure of the exact time in the evening all this awesome BLUZZZ music begins, try 8ish, [UPDATE 10/9/14....SHELL said 7:30 to 10:30 pm. ] but, there's alotta good things to eat at Thurm's, so, you'll want more than a taste.... come early----stay late. You'll have a great time. O.K?
Members of SASS or HERE are SHELLY ELY/vocals, STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals, ANDRE THOMAS/drums and my STEVE BARTLETT/ on bass.
I'll be the one under all that yummy BBQ sauce...just Smilin' and lickin' fast as I can. I don't know the bathroom size, but've been told that there's no stairs and it's easy to get inside the building.....See ya Jan

WHERE: UNCLE THURM's SOUL FOOD Friday Oct. 10th, 7:30 to 10:30 pm.
               3709 S G St Tacoma WA 98418
Cool tunes below.

1.] NEVER MAKE YOUR MOVE TOO SOON, by BB KING, by BackToConstitution
2.] BETCHA GOT A CHICK ON THE SIDE, by Pointer Sisters, by soulbrothanumbahone
3.] TOUGHEN UP, by Lloyd Jones, by hotfunkcooljazz
4.] IT ALL WENT DOWN THE DRAIN, by Boz Scaggs, by mlmlmloc69
5.] BODY AND FENDER MAN, by Johnny Adams, by Slaggitarist
6.] I DON'T WANT TO DO WRONG, by Johnny Adams, by ineluki2

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I [T. Jan] share and review web sites with music, recipes and gardening information. I have been a mother, wife, nurse, apartment manager, chimney sweep, long distance runner, musician, artist, organic gardener and, A student of the GREAT WORK at R.S.E. Jan does the computer, Steve plays the bass and doesn't speak computer....but Jan doesn't speak, this works out well for us...Jan writes about music news, and this area's music events. The postings are all mine., . We share ideas about posts. Jan loves to create beautiful blogs to share ideas and keep my brain active, recovering from M.S. and other things. Jan always operate the computer, ..AND, all posts signed by Steve are in his exact words, and All our Sites licensed under Creative Commons. T. Jan.... Steve says..." I love animals, gardening, kids, music, nature and fishing.. A student of R.S.E. Really like being in nature and living simply. Enjoy teaching electric bass. Enjoy our sites." Steve.