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Thursday, December 22, 2016

We'll Have A Merry Christmas This Year....Listen

by Janet Rose cc
'Jazzy-Blues' recording from last week, just in time for Christmas. take a listen...Enjoy! Recorded at THE REHEARSAL WORKS in Sumner, Washington...this was Charlie's project for Christmas...thanks for including us Charlie..... CHARLIE GRAY/vocals/guitar, PAUL SAWTEL/sax, STEPHEN PARTON/drums and STEVE BARTLETT/bass.
Sound engineering by Pierre...hope I have the spelling correct.

Born To Be Blue
What Child is This?
I'll Be Home For Christmas

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

'Merry Christmas to All, And to All A Good Night', AND, I Mean Everyone!

Steve and Jan, 1996? by Crystal J. Sincoff
O.K....What's this post all about.....Anyway?....You know, we both bet you have a pretty good guess...if we say 'Christmas!'....huh?
Yeah...It's that time of year and, that's on every one minds ain't it? 
I can see it in every body's face....BUT, there's more I can see this year....they're a little too quiet, their smile a little too forced.
'What are they gonna do this time?'....all the children are excited, jumping up and down with glee...watching for Santa to come down that chimney and all....they're expecting, ...expecting....'ah'.... all types of goodies, presents and stuff. Just where is it all coming from....'ah'...Santa or something?...SMILE!
I heard that it's a real blessing,..'to see life the way it really is...not the way we wish it was'.
Times are difficult, food, utilities and rents especially high with wages just not keeping up with demands of everyday life. it's especially difficult on young families with wide-eyed expecting children, who have been taught they haveta keep up with little Tommy and Mary next door.
I see more and more folks living in R.V.s, 5th Wheels and Travel Trailers...and it looks like giving up on ever owning their very own 'dream home'.
Another thing,.....have you seen the increase, availability [spell?] and acceptability of street drugs? I mean, really hard street heroin! for example. I believe many use that stuff, just to handle just what is happening with wages and  their expectations above.
Someone who sings 'bout real life and hardships, and not sugar coating it a bit, is TOM WAIT. An American singer-song writer, composer and actor...[WIKIPEDIA]. His voice has been descibed as...' "it was soaked in a vat of bourbon, left hanging in the smokehouse for a few months, and then taken outside and run over with a car".

This morning, I found a 'Chrismas Carol' by him that spoke of all of these things... 'ah'...kinda, well anyway it reminded me of them..and my concerns about manifesting of our dreams in life...not, just pretending, closing our eyes and getting another mortgage or something. Jan

I 'm posting Tom Wait's Christmas tune and video below...AND, 'Merry Christmas'.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Chet Baker - Born to Be Blue

Steve's recording this tomorrow @ THE REHEARSAL WORKS in Sumner, Washington. Jan


by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
Where's the Bass? UPCOMING EVENTS: Just where is STEVE BARTLETT/bass? Anyway?
Steve's gotta jazz gig on January's a Sunday afternoon, 2 o'clock 'til 5pm @ TRADITIONS CAFE in Olympia, Washington.....address...300 5th, that's right downtown by the waterfront....easy to find.
ERIC VALLEY/keys/trombone has hired him to help host Eric's jazz jam in January...the jazz jam is held every second Sunday of each month at Traditions.
There's other guys hosting this gig too...and you! Bring your axe and join in! Traditions have sandwiches, organic salads, soups, fair trade coffees and espressos, ice cream...that sorta stuff...yummy!
I'll post all the names of all the guys that'll be hosting this gig, as soon as I get all their names with the correct spellings..and check with Eric...O.K? Jan
More photos below....
1.] top photo...Steve peeking from behind his Double bass.
2.] first photo below....Steve with a copy of his first and favorite electric bass....'56 Precision P-Bass.
3.] Steve with bass.

by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc

Wednesday, December 07, 2016


Steve Bartlett by J.A. Rose
STEVE BARTLETT/bass and others will help host Sunday's jazz jam @ Traditions Cafe with ERIC VALLEY/keys/trombone. 
Music starts 'round 2 o'clock, goes 'til 5ish. Bring your axe and join in.
ADDRESS: 300 5th, Olympia, Washington. Jan
Jam leader...ERIC VALLEY, just texted Steve.
Yep.....Jam from 2 o'clock to 5 pm.
Besides Eric on keyboard and trombone...there will be HAL MERRILL/pedal steel jazz guitar, LARRY EVENS/drums, VINNIE ANDERSON/trumpet/frugal horn,and last but not least STEVE BARTLETT/bass. Should be alotta fun.
Traditions serve salads, sandwiches, soup, desserts and coffee. Jan

Monday, December 05, 2016

My Old/New Toy.Copy of...A PAIR-A-DIDDLE's RHYTHM BAND

Steve Bartlett and Jan Rose-Bartlett by Crystal J. Sincoff cc name is JAN ROSE....'ah'... Jan Rose-Bartlett. I'm what you would call a disabled musician...but, as all musician's know...'once your a musician, you are always a musician.'
I'm recovering from M.S....but, way back when I was a vocalist and percussionist with my then boyfriend, now husband STEVE C. BARTLETT,the most amazing bassman I've ever heard of in my entire life! I mean it! You just gotta hear him. then you'll understand what I'm talking about. O.K? Jan
Oh yeah and welcome to my site.
here's a link:

I know it's dark...I mean way black...'black-black' that happen anyway? Jan

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Remembering LEON RUSSELL...NO Stranger TO Me, In Any Land

O.K.....have you noticed and read about all the great musical artists from the '60's and 70's that have been checking out lately? It's  kinda strange isn't it?
In the past month LEONARD COHEN, LEON RUSSELL and SHARON JONES have all gone elsewhere. I will miss them all.
So, I'm re-posting my report about Leon Russell here, and will look for my stories about Cohen and Jones and re-post them too.
This is my way to show my respect their contribution to music. Jan

Thursday, December 05, 2013

A Stranger In A Strange Land?...No Way...It's LEON RUSSELL

by CLender cc
Well, this guy is one of my favorites... he's no stranger to me, I bet you recognize him too...It's LEON RUSSELL, and it seems like Leon's been 'round just forever that's all....the late '60's is when I first noticed him and he became an instant hero to me.  As time went on and I learned more about him...well, I just seemed to love him more and more.
O.K....Russell was and is a very gifted genius song writer, not only writing awesome songs that he has recorded himself, but he's written so many songs for other musical artists. He has played with so many musical Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, The Byrds, The Carpenters, George Harrison, The Rolling Stones, Glen Campbell, Elton John, Tiajuana Brass,...and so many more, see WIKIPENDIA link below.. I believe the greatest and most talented musicians of the 60's and '70's. ...WOW.
It was no wonder that he was put into the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME in 2011, it was about time, I say. [See MY story about Leon's Hall of Fame entrance in 2011 HERE]  But, he did more than just rock and roll, there's country, folk, gospel, and blues too...really everything. He is respected and honored by musicians of all genres, and has written, or jointly written lotsa big hit tunes for them all, as well as been on stage performing along side them all. He's a musician's musician. Please read his bio from WIKIPEDIA to get the whole list of the number of musicians that his life has touched and enhanced. O.K?
His inter-racial marriage in 1975 to 'Sly And The Family Stone' member MARY McCLEARY and, his unique odd sounding voice, ..was just like my 'want to be a singer' voice, just made Russell even more endearing to me always...he always sounded just like one of us 'common' folk. Love you Leon. Jan
Music video links of Leon Russell, from YOUTUBE below.

1.] TIGHT ROPE 1972, by Leon Russell, from ceeceerider
2.] A SONG FOR YOU 1971, by Leon Russell and friends, from MemphisMemories
3.] A SONG FOR YOU, by Leon Russell, Willie Nelson and Ray Charles, by Henny1972nl
4.] STRANGER IN A STRANGER LAND 1971, by Leon Russell, from ma01302250sa
5.] GENTLE ON MY MIND, by Glen Campbell and Leon Russell, from Aubrunner
6.] DELTA LADY, by Leon Russell and friends, from yipstube
7.] CRYSTAL CLOSET QUEEN, by Leon Russell, from Karski1952
8.] COME INTO MY KITCHEN, by Leon Russell, from  MemphisMemories
9.] HONKY TONK WOMAN, by Leon Russell, from Mike Zieroth
10.] CBS SUNDAY MORNING, Leon Russell and Elton John, some history, from deepfreezevideo
11.] A HARD RAIN GONNA FALL, by Leon Russell, from ceeceerider
12.] THE LETTER, by Joe Cocker and Leon Russell, from 
THEMUSICMAN311...will look into this tune more...O.K? Jan

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