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Sunday, March 20, 2011

CAUTION: 'OLD' Drummer At Shell's Jam Tonight....My Local Live Music Report

. Photo by mikebaird cc
WOW! It's March 20th... Tonight's a special night! KENNY WILLIAMSONs/drums 69th birthday. He's 69 today AND still playing drums for Shell at THE SHELLY ELy JAM 7 pm at UNCLE SAMs BAR AND GRILL tonight....Cool.
Look Shell....Both Kenny and I are older than you...Wow amazing.
 As, Shelly said...'SECURITY will be in place incase he gets outta hand'...I  [Jan] say...'We can all hope, can't we Shell?...He quite a drummer....I bet, he can play the drums with one hand tied behind his back.' Have a great night off DYLAN LANNY ENGLAND. On bass will be TERRY JAE. Shell didn't say who's on guitar...we all know it's someone special AND, with Shelly on vocals it'll be a good one. That's from 7 til 10:30ish...Fun.
Here's what SHELLY ELY says on FACEBOOK: "Dont forget!!! Tomorrows jam will be the oldest man in showbizzes(is that a word?) birthday..Kenny Williamson is 69..lets show him how much we love him..starts at 7 ..161rst and pacific ave in spanaway." and "Kenny Williamson is turning 69.. Come out and wish him a happy birthday at the jam at Uncle Sams will be in place incase he gets out of hand..please pass it along..we love our Kenny." I love your/my/OUR Kenny too. Jan.
Thursday's THE JERRY MILLER BAND at UNCLE SAMs. Been some changes in that band. Check it out.
Now for LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna. There will be a OPEN MIC,hosted by David Wayne on Thursday evening st 6 pm.
Last Friday night, 3/18, WALTERs BIRTHDAY with my Steve playin bass, played at Liquid Soul from 8 til 11pm. Steve was beaming when he got home. 'Wonderful Gig'....was the feed back I received from EVERYONE the next day. Lottsa people there! Cool. Wish I could of been one of them. Soon. That's TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums, JON BARONI/keys/vocals/harp and STEVE BARTLETT/bass/vocals.
KENNY WILLIAMSON/drums...another year older, but, who's counting? The older he gets the better he gets. Kenny's playing tonight...Sunday, March 20th with Shelly Ely, Terry Jae and a very cool guitarist at THE SHELLY ELY JAM at UNCLE SAM's in Spanaway. 7 pm. He's been very active monitoring  all the recent world events and keeping us all up to date with the news. Thanks Kenny. His jazz group is called NO BOXES.
WILLOUGHBYs RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE in Yelm. No live music reported....Says 'Their New Cage dancers are hot'...Cool.
THE MANDOLIN CAFE in Tacoma. Tonight's the night for DENNY FOREMAN AND FRIENDs OPEN MIC. Starts at 6pm, sign-up at 5:30. That's every Sunday night. RUSS HARRIS/congas/harp usually helps Denny host this fun jam....but, nothing about this gig is posted on Russ's FACEBOOK page, So, I'm not sure if Russ will be there or not tonight. The MANDOLIN CAFE is alot of fun and they have music several nights a week. They have wonderful soups, sandwiches and desserts too. A really fun place to hang out and enjoy live music. 
RAMTHAs SCHOOL OF ENLIGHTENMENT in Yelm. JZ...Live Streaming...On Recent Earth Changes and Preparations at 3 pm, Saturday, March 26th...currant and non-currant OK. Go to link. Also, PRIMARY GROUP EVENT begins on 3/26th.
STEVE BARTLETT/BARTLETT ON BASS...Well, my Bartlett performed with the band WALTERs BIRTHDAY in McKenna, at LIQUID SOUL last Friday night with a record-breaking crowd...nice to see so many old and new faces...Welcome and thank you folks. Everyone in the band had a great time too.
Steve was planning to jam today with his friends...and, we have been doing so many new things.... kinda over-loaded down on the farm,..... starting our garden, breeding  sheep/rabbits, raising new baby chicks etc. WOW! Is this fun...we're keeping very busy. Who would have thought?...we'd have to teach our sheep all about reproduction? Funny things we all take for granted. huh? No music reported for next week. I'm outta here. Jan
If you're a musician, band or club owner in my area, and want your live music event included on my Live Music Report. Please send your gig info. at for review. I will review and post the very best gigs and live music events in the area Thanks for reading my report and supporting live music. 'Jan'...JA ROSE-BARTLETT.
Posting this video that Kenny WilliamSon/drums found. Steve and I loved it. Cool , here's BASS EXTREMES doing 'DONNA LEE', posted by

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Are You Called Strange And Misunderstood?

OH, well that's alright. 'Welcome To The Club'. Jan
Posted on YOUTUBE by

Friday, March 18, 2011

Put Your Dancing Shoes On Mama.... 'WALTERs BIRTHDAY's In Town.... Liquid Soul

Photo by unknown cc.
Put your dancing shoes on Mama, and, oh... your teeth too...tonight we're going to town.   There's lots of great live music and tasty eatin' at 'Liquid Soul Coffee Roasters' in McKenna, WA.  You don't wanna miss a single dance or a tasty bite....yummmm...good stuff. Fresh roasted coffee, beer and wine too. Kids welcome.
Tonight, Friday, March 18th hear my BARTLETT in my favorite band ever.....the WALTERs BIRTHDAY band.
Yes, Liquid Soul Coffee Roaster's in McKenna are proud to again present WALTERs BIRTHDAY. That's TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums, JON BARONI/keys/vocals/harp and of course...MY hubby, STEVE BARTLETT/bass/vocals. There's only a $5.00 cover at the door....that's so cool, for some great live music. It all starts at 8 pm.
WHERE: Liquid Soul Coffee Roasters,   8 pm,  $5.00 cover
             At the McKenna 'Y', behind BAYDOS. Phone  360/400-soul.

KENNY WILLIAMSON At Shelly Ely Jam On March 20th

Photo from Kenny's site. See
Here's some great news from Kenny WilliamSon/drums this morning. Just got his Email...take a gig with Shell at UNCLE SAM's March 20th. Thanks Kenny and 'Happy Birthday'. Jan and Bartlett
From Kenny...... "Howdy,
I wish to let you know I will be celebrating my 68th birthday, Sunday March 20, 2011 at Uncle Sams,
"Shelly Ely Jam" , I hope to see some of my dear friends.
WHERE: Uncle Sam's American Bar and Grill...7 PM

16003 Pacific Ave. Spanaway WA. 253-507-7808

Loyal Dog Won't Leave A Friend In Japan...TWO Videos

This is very touching..... heroism in Japan. Both videos found on Youtube. First video posted by       The second posted by     Jan


Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's DEEP PURPLE With 'Lazy'. 1972

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

'Change' By Crystal Sincoff.... Remember All Children Today,

Crystal Sincoff cc
NOTE: TWO years ago today, our son-in-law,Chef Shawn Sincoff 36, died very suddenly, ..undignosed.heart problems.  Remembering Shawn today, so many great reasons to be thankful and remember all of our our children today. Thank you Crystal and Shawn, Martin and Rose, James and Jessica for being in our lives.. Jan and Steve.

Change by Crystal Sincoff on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 at 10:09pm

.Tomorrow I will wake with one thing on my mind. This is the day that Shawn…died. The word is so heavy. Heavy with meaning. Heavy with love. Heavy with feelings. Heavy with emotion. Heavy with fear. Heavy with hope. Heavy with change.
I had to wake from that day and face a life of change. A life forever different. Forever better for having known you. Forever brighter for having seen your smile. Forever better for having heard your jokes. I woke forever stronger for having known your love. For that I am grateful. I could not have gotten through the past two years without your love. For those memories and feelings that will always be with me. That I can share your bits of wit and wisdom and by doing so keep you alive in my heart and bring you to the hearts of others.

Shawn Sincoff by Crystal Sincoff cc

I took my love, I took it down
Climbed a mountain and I turned around
And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills
‘til the landside brought it down

Oh, mirror in the sky
What is love?
Can the child within my heart rise above?
Can I sail through the changin’ ocean tides?
Can I handle the seasons of my life?
I don’t know

Well, I’ve been afraid of changin’
‘cause I’ve built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Even children get older
And I’m getting older too
Oh, take my love, take it down
Climb the mountain and turn around

And if you see my reflection in the snow covered hills
Well the landslide will bring it down
And if you see my reflection in the snow covered hills
Well the landslide will bring it down
The landslide will bring it down

I heard this song recently and thought of you. Thought of how life is change. How time passes, feelings, desires, wants, our day to day changes. The way I thought 2 years ago. The day I held you for the last time. The day we sang to each other. The last time I heard your voice, saw your smile. How time changes this memory. Shifts the story. There used to be a crack in my heart when I spoke of it. A sigh inside me. A hurt. The ache has faded. My heart has mended, but you are so dearly missed. Your wisdom, your thoughtfulness, generosity and caring...
I am so grateful for you. It was inevitable that your death would change me. When my chapter with you ended I could find the strength to move on to the next letter, the next word, the next sentence, paragraph…This would not have happened if you had not loved me well and embraced who I am and encouraged me to be nothing other than myself.
Tomorrow, on the anniversary of your passing, I celebrate the 36 years of you in the world. Thank you for ever memory and every moment. You are in my heart always. Give me the strength to pass through this day smiling and living my joy…
------ here.  LANDSLIDE by warnerbrosrecords, sung by Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac.. From Youtube. This is what it says: " .Uploaded on Oct 26, 2009
© 2006 WMG
Landslide (Video)"

Monday, March 07, 2011

MAXENCE CYRIN...'Where Is My Mind'?

Sunday, March 06, 2011

By Request By BARTLETT...Please Some.Chick Corea

Steve enjoys JAZZ...and Chick Corea...This is for my Steve...Love you Steve. Jan. This was posted on YOUTUBE by LEGENDSOFJAZZ

Local Live Music Report...Yes,The Music Must Go On

Photo  by iJammin cc
Been a stressful week, everyone, Mr Johnson dying and all HERE...but, 'The Show Must Go On' they say.
There's cool live music this week. Let's get to it. I'll keep it short and sweet today. OK? Thanks everyone...I just don't feel like jokin' 'round today. Jan
First up...UNCLE SAMs BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway...THE SHELLY ELY JAMs at 7 pm tonight, Sunday, March 6th.This is what I find on FACEBOOK this morning from Steve Cox..."Steve Cox
OK -- It's on now! Shelly Ely's Sunday Jam at Uncle Sam's 160th & Pacific ave. will be raided by Salmon Dave & Dr. Cox. 7:00PM / It's just a warning!"...OK, cool...That's ALL that I have people...sounds like STEVE COX/keys? and DAVE BRAY/guitar tonight with DYLAN LANNY ENGLAND/drums, TERRY JAE/bass and the lovely SHELLY ELY/vocals. That sounds fun...I'd go and check that out! Cool.
Thursdays it's THE JERRY MILLER BAND at UNCLE SAMs...There's new members of that band as far as I can see. Go to the link and look too..what you think?
LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna next. THE MARTIN SALINAS BAND played last Friday night 8 pm, as far as I know, with our neighbor STEVE HICKS/drums and MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals. I don't know the rest of the band yet..Martin had offered Steve and I an invitation to this, thank you so much Martin, but, when Friday evening came...we were too tired and still very stressed about our ?? ..Mr. Johnson, yep, that was it alright...our Mr. Johnson.... We both just sat here...and sat here...and sat here...doing nothin'...but sittin' and more sittin'.
Liquid Soul has an OPEN MIC each Thursday evening starting at 6 pm, hosted by David Wayne. That's posted for this week.
KENNY WILLIAMSON/drums. No reports of live music this week. He's working with his group NO BOXES...and I posted his ickie big snake story.. HERE. This week is a big blurr to me....Forgive me, Kenny sent me more cool stuff but,I just sat here...and sat know.
WILLOUGHBYs RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE in Yelm. Mardi Gras Party and DJ THUNDERHAWK for Karaoke. No live music.
THE MANDOLIN CAFE in Tacoma.. Of course, on Sunday's it's DENNY FOREMAN AND FRIENDS with AN OPEN MIC, sign up 5:30, starts at 6 pm. RUSS HARRIS/congas/harp is always there and helps host this open mic ...He's one of Denny's friends. If you're on the North-end or Anywhere really ...this is easy to get to. The best way to get there is take HWY I-5, exit right away at
Sprague..go north to 12th...turn left at's only a few blocks on the right.
RAMTHAs SCHOOL of ENLIGHTENMENT in Yelm. Found nothing for this next week.
STEVE BARTLETT/BARTLETT ON BASS...As for Steve...he's been sittin' a lot. Thank you. Jan
If you're a musician, band or club owner in my area, and want your live music event included on my Live Music Report. Please send your gig info. at for review. I will review and post the very best gigs and live music events in the area Thanks for reading my report and supporting live music. 'Jan'...JA ROSE-BARTLETT.
OK...I'm posting 'SAD LISA' written by Cat Stevens/Yursef Islam...I don't know who's singing the song, it's not Cat Stevens...but, I couldn't find a  good quality sound video of Steven's singing the song. It was posted on YOUTUBE by ATOMIKDOG23

Dog Gone..... Mr. Johnson, Why You Hafta Go Do That?

Mr. Johnson singing with Steve...yes, he's in MY bed. Jan
OK....This is a tuffy'll understand if you have a dog in your family...or as Steve and I always said...'Mr. Johnson had us in HIS family'.
Our 15 year old dog...Mr. Johnson died last Tuesday night 'round 9 pm.
It was really sudden...'Johnson' was helping Steve create this year's garden space all day long,[ he always supervised us, whatever we were up to...thank you Mr. Johnson],... and,when we came inside to rest, Johnson wanted to upchuck in his, Steve let him outside.
..... 'bout 20 minutes later,...Steve suddenly yelled out 'JOHNSON!.'
We both looked...Johnson hadn't come back inside...using his very own personal 
entrance [doggie door].
Steve grabbed a flashlight...ran outside...calling Johnson's name...over and over. [NOTE:Johnson has been completely deaf for OVER two years now. Jan] was very DARK outside, Steve couldn't see anything....we live in the middle of a forest.
Steve stopped yelling...and heard some breaking brush?...What?...yes, another stick breaking...he ran toward the sound...the breaking stick sounds were getting faster and closer. Just as Steve reached the small mushroom patch clearing, back of our house Johnson reached it too....Johnson fell into Steve's arms...could't take another step...and stopped breathing.... . .  .  .
Click HERE for my cool story about 'A Doggie Translating Device '.
I've posted here a video. A very touching story from JIMMY STEWART about his dog Beau'. Posted on Youtube by .

EEEEWWW ICKIE...Look What Kenny WilliamSon Found

Photo by unknown cc

Kenny WilliamSon/drums sent several Emails this week, thanks Kenny for everything. This one caught my eye.... a really ickie snake  and amazing story.


This is a 7' 3" Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake - the largest ever caught on record was 8'. This snake was found Near the St. Augustine outlet, in a new KB homes subdivision just south ofJacksonville, FL.
A little research revealed the following:
A bite from those fangs would comparable to being stabbed by two curved, 1/4 inch diameter screwdrivers.
The knife being used to draw out the fangs for the bottom picture has a blade around 4 inches long.
Notice the girth of this snake as compared to the cop's leg in the first picture (and he is not a small man).
This snake has probably been alive since George Bush Sr. was President.
Now just ask yourself these questions: What has this snake been feeding on and where are its offspring?

Friday, March 04, 2011

'Lights, Camera...Action'...Funny Victor Borge

Here's one of my favorite Musical Artists and Funny Guy...VICTOR BORGE, getting ready for a performance. Jan.
Posted on YOUTUBE by

Recent Cool Music News AND Updates

My Steve. Taken at Liquid Soul by me [Jan] 2008.
 WOW! Things are happening...thought, I'd better give everyone a music update...OK?
I did heard more about the gig tonight Friday, March 4th, 8PM at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERS called 'The Martin Salinas Band--- 5 piece' from our neighbor STEVE HICKS/drums...he will be playing tonight with MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals...there's some of the mystery 5
Steve and I were invited to be Martin's guest tonight too at Liquid Soul Coffee Roasters for this gig. We're so happy to get that invite...Thanks Martin. So tonight, we'll....well, 'probly just Steve, will be dropping by and cheering our hero neighbor friend STEVE HICKS/drums, who helped Steve get our 'new' old truck a few weeks ago AND our cool buddy MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals and the rest of that cool band too at Liquid Soul tonight in McKenna. Then, Steve will head over to the Recording Studio, where recording artist JON BARONI/keys/vocals/harp of WALTERs BIRTHDAY will be finishing up his parts for the band's upcoming CD...st_robert, the recording engineer is's coming out really cool...can't wait.
Back to the 'MARTIN SALINAS BAND..5 Piece' tonight....That's at the McKenna 'Y', behind BAYDOS. Call 360/400-soul if you need more info. There maybe a $5.00 cover, I'm not sure of that though.
Well, here's more 'bout that KIDs MUSICAL WORKSHOP....that Steve and MIKE KARNES/guitar/bass instructor had goin' for tomorrow, March 5th in Port Orchard. Mike called this week, it was decided to postpone that really cool event with the mystery vocalist and all..Bummer....reason?..some technical stuff. Those two secretive, mysterous guys will just let me know more...whenever they want to. Soooo, I'm all-ears, let's say..So, I will post it here...OK?..Cool.
A real cool NEW item next! YAY!!   Ready? A new WALTERs BIRTHDAY Gig on March 18th at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna. That's at 8 pm. Steve ran into Martin yesterday and booked this gig. Thanks Steve and Martin.
Members of this band, WALTERs BIRTHDAY are TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLANI/drums, JON BARONI/keys/vocals/harp, AND my awesome bass guy...STEVE BARTLETT/bass/vocals. Get your dancin' shows on, Mama.
Steve is also meeting with TAMBORINE BORRELLI/vocals at the SPIRIL CAFE ARTS AND WELL BEING STUDIO pick up some show lights....For more SHOWS...Cool...I'll let you know, when I do. Jan
Dan sent me this cool YOUTUBE video this morning. 'Lady' by BECK, BOGERT, APPICE -Posted by ...'getting the groove on this morning' is what Dan Meifort said. Cool is what I said. HEREs a can't be embedded. Jan

Thursday, March 03, 2011


Photo by RubyGoes cc
Guess what? That really cool, Grammy AND Oscar-winning EURYTHMICs vocalist ANNIE LENNOX is going to be recognized for some of her varied and caring World-wide humanitarian acts on May 12th. The music business association NARM has announced.
NARM is made up of Top40 Charts and Columbia Records. This is what they say about this lady.."Annie Lennox truly exemplifies the powerful spirit of the Harry Chapin Memorial Award, as she is an outstanding composer and singer who has also dedicated herself to making a meaningful impact on global issues," said Jim Donio, NARM President. "She continues to amaze us all with both her musical gifts and her determination to bring positive change to the world."
What I [Jan] admire ANNIE LENNOX for...'she walks her talk' in her total dedication to HIV/Aids Awareness in South Africa, where she raised awareness, support AND money too...over $1,000,000.00, that is.... for the women and children of that country, who are heavily affected.
Thank you Annie...Good job. Jan
To read more go HERE.
Of course I love 'Sweet Dreams' by Annie...BUT, Posting a fun video called 'Under Preasure', ANNIE LENNOX with DAVID BOWIE. Found this on YOUTUBE, posted by

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

“Today Was Good. Today Was Fun. Tomorrow Is Another One.” Dr. Seuss

Image by SmartGoat cc
Let's remember,..that green eggs and ham man's that whimsical, delightful, Dr.Seuss's Birthday... March 2nd, he would be 107 today. That's....Theodore "Dr. Seuss" Geisel, the most famous children's book writer/illustrator of all time. Cool
“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself, any direction you choose.” As Dr. Seuss would say. BUT,There's so many places online having birthday celebrations today. So go take a look at these sites, if you like. Go HERE, HERE and HERE. Jan
Posted 'Horton Hears A Who' by Dr. Seuss. Posted on YOUTUBE by

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

REBA's Ready...Inducted Into Country Music Hall Of Fame FINALLY

Photo by burningkarma cc
REBA MCENTIREs ready, really ready...she's already 55 years old and has had 35 Number one Singles-- in the Country Category, over the past 30 years. The Country Music Hall of Fame will FINALLY honor her this year, along with two other soon-to be inductees. Cool.
Her music career took off in the '80s. But, Reba was performing long before that with other members  her family, as 'The Singing McEntires'. They played at Rodeos and at dance halls . She also 'starred', of course, in her own T.V. sitcom...called 'Reba'...who else would do the 'Reba' part anyway? And, she owned her own music company too.
This big story's all over online. To read more go to REUTERS, and BILLBOARD....there's even places more too. Jan
I posted 'He Gets That From Me'. by REBA MCENTIRE. Posted on Youtube by RebaMcEntireVEVO

TOM HANKS Is Super Excited 'Bout This...AND, So Am I..Jan

What could be better than....'TODDLERS & TIARAS'?...Just look. Cool Tom and Sophie. Jan

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