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Thursday, November 29, 2012

From BLUESCENTRIC...A Cool Calendar And Stuff

Just saw this wonderful BLUES music calendar on FACEBOOK. This calendar is available now, for only $15.00 something and shipping.  Go HERE to this cool site and check their stuff out. WOW...I want at least one....You? Jan

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

David Bowie's Gonna Be 65 This January...Amazing

by david_shankbone cc
On January 8th, my 'starman' turns 65. I've always been awed by this guy...what an out-of-the-box showman. Always entertaining to me. Steve will check him out, and then will give his opinion. 'He's entertaining and authenic.' says Steve
I think for me, David Bowie's an unique whole package...I love the visual effects to his music...the color, the mystery...I'm not sure, what I'll see when I see him.
 'What's next?...I wonder... Maybe, it's the artist in me. He has lots charisma, that's for sure....'Happy Birthday, David'. That's all. Jan
I found this video of David Bowie and Mick Jagger to watch. It was posted on YOUTUBE by EMI.
This was first posted last January...1/14/2011...and, I love this, I posted  some more today.  David will be 65 this January 2012.  Thanks, Jan

Music, Music Everywhere...AND Just a Note I'll Share

Steve Bartlett, Janet Rose 1997?
'Doe-Ray-Me-Fah-Lah-Tea-Doe...Lah-Lah-Lah'...AND, I'm just warming up...Did you know that I, yes, that's Jan, NOT Steve was a real live musician once? Well, I was, AND, I did vocals and percussion in a band with Steve, where he was one of the guitarists and the awesome bassman...WOW. I was in love...just look at that BIG, beautiful smile of Steves'...and, that amazing bass, will ya? How could I lose? That was way back in 2004 or so. I don't have many photos of that time, BUT have seen some of us performing on, they're out there. The band was known by several names, as I recall...including THE JANET ROSE BAND, and KNIGHTS OF THE MIDNIGHT SKY. We performed at some weddings, at several fairs, the Olympia Farmer's market, and, the Capital building in downtown Olympia etc. too. Members of the band were... author, story teller and entertainer BRUCE A. SMITH/guitar/vocals/song writer, author BRUCE HANEY/harp, Steve BARTLETT ON BASS, and me...JANET ROSE/percussion/vocals. It was lots of fun, but, I was always uncomfortable on stage. BUT, wanted to stay close to that BASSMAN. So, it worked out well for me. Until, one day, at a gig the guitarist, Bruce had to reach over and finish my drum arms just could not do it anymore....sadness and tears. But, like every other musician I know, I can't get very far from music in my life...I've always loved it, and always will. Thank you music, I love you...AND, you too Steve. Jan

Man, Boy And One BIG Elephant...Smile.

This amazing photo was found on ONE BIG PHOTO.  Go HERE for link. ONE BIG PHOTO is a fun site, if you enjoy fantastic photos. Share your photos at the site.

Friday, November 23, 2012

'Hey...I Eat With My Hands, AND Talk Real Loud'

This is MY tune [Jan]...Really.... It says it ALL for me. Welcome to my reality,.  Found it on SU and YOUTUBE. Maybe it's for you too. Hope your 'TURKEY DAY' was just awesome and safe yesterday Have a great day. Jan and Steve.
This fun- fantastic singer is named Isabelle Geffroy, her nick name is 'ZAZ'. She's from Tours, France. She's known for mixing soul, acoustic and jazz together. 'Je Veux' was released in 2010. Go to     for more.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Any Port In A Storm?...Yes, We're Safe

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Meeting MIKE KARNES At Rhythm Fire School Of Music

Steve Bartlett relaxing in Olympia
Today, Sunday, November 18th... BARTLETT's meeting his buddy MIKE KARNES/guitar in Olympia at THE RHYTHM FIRE SCHOOL OF MUSIC, for a rehearsal. What fun these old friends have getting together every week or so. My Steve's enjoying his rehearsing this morning and excited 'bout getting over there to see Mike. AND, I'm so lucky to get to listen to all that great rehearsing too.
Other recent news is that BARTLETT's singer/song writer brother RUSSELL BARTLETT/guitar/vocals called him last night. He's been very busy moving back up to Washington State to be closer to family. from Texas. BARTLETT ON BASS or my Steve will call his brother tonight. Hopefully they will be doing some major music projects Perhaps creating a CD, or going even on a fun music tour for a few days. We'll know more tonight....Yea! I'll tell as soon as I can...O.K? Maybe, getting together with Country Americana recording artist MICHAEL O'NEILL/guitar/vocals for some great music.
AND, even though it's Thanksgiving week, music never takes a vacation for my hubby...he just loves it. So, this upcoming Tuesday evening. November 20th...he's looking forward to seeing most of those WALTER's BIRTHDAY friends of his..that's TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals and SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums , for some jamming out at Tod's DREAM ACRES in McKenna.
He saw JEFF MORGAN, the bass Jedi last week in Tacoma. Steve really admires Jeff's playing. And, is honored to be with him each week.
Oh yea...Steve went to UNCLE SAM''s BAR AND GRILL last Thursday evening in Spanaway. That's JERRY MILLER BAND night at Uncle Sam's. ...Go see Jerry Miller at UNCLE SAM's on Thursdays, 16003 Pacific in Spanaway...O.K? Also, DAVE BRAY/guitar/vocals was birthday celebrating at Uncle Sam's last Thursday. Steve enjoyed seeing him and Steve got to jam with Jerry Miller and Dave Bray...what fun.
Thanks for reading my local music news, featuring my awesome guy BARTLETT ON BASS. Bye, Jan

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Who Me?....

What a wonderful photo. I found this on FACEBOOK at QUIERE-A-LOS-ANIMALES

Thursday, November 08, 2012

What's The News? 'Dream Acre's The Place To Be...'

 Bartlett at Liquid Soul Coffee Roasters
Tonight, Thursday, Nov. 8th, my Steve's getting together with TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals and SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums for some music fun at Tod's place called 'Dream Acres' in McKenna. Tod and Scott are members of that very cool band called WALTER's BIRTHDAY, along with BARTLETT ON BASS and JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals. Steve called Jon too for tonight's music, but No-Go. Jon must be outta town, or something. Hopefully, we'll hear something from him soon. Miss you Jon.
But, the guys just couldn't wait... music with friends causes a bad case of 'itchy fingers', for my BARTLETT and lotsa musicians that I know. They just can't help themselves. So, tonight's the night at 'Dream Acres'
Also, some new cool news from singer/song writer AND, Steve's famous  brother RUSSELL BARTLETT/guitar/vocals. Go HERE for his site too.  We just heard that Russ is back up in Stanwood, WA.  and, think's very highly of Americana Country Artist...MICHAEL O'NEILL, who BARTLETT ON BASS played with a few week's ago at THE HARMON BREWERY/TAP ROOM in Tacoma. So, I'd love to see them ALL get together for some fantastic music real soon. Let's see that happening...O.K. folks...Yeah!
Now, Steve's still getting together alot with his old-time friend and music instructor, MIKE KARNES at MUSIC 6000 in Olympia for rehearsals. They sure enjoy getting together with each other. And, I love it too 'cause I get to hear Steve rehearsing at home...Please Steve rehearse some more, so I can listen...O.K?
I'm trying to think of all the music stuff happening for us this past week or so...I've been so excited about all my kids moving to this area this past week, that I hope I haven't missed anything...ah, let's I remember. BARTLETT ON BASS has been getting together with JEFF MORGAN/the bass jedi in Tacoma these past few weeks....what a bass master Jeff is....Steve loves JEFF MORGAN's bass.
And, folks if you're in the Yelm area..Remember, BARTLETT is always available for your own personal bass instruction at JOYFUL NOISE MUSIC COMPANY in Yelm. Join his happy students at Joyful Noise Music Company by calling Allen at.....360/458-6674.
We have not heard anymore from STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums, owner of HOBBY STREET STUDIOS about the return of MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals to the Yelm area for a visit.
Thanks for reading my music news. Jan

Monday, November 05, 2012

8 Year Old Jonny Mizzone - Flint Hill Special - Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

Amazing 8 year old. Found this on SU and on YOUTUBE. Go HERE

Yea...Bet They're Making This All Up...

By Martin Taylor, see link
Found this on FACEBOOK today. By MARTIN TAYLOR...

Hitting The BIGTIME...Some Day

university volkswagon, see link
Gonna live uptown..ah  some day...gonna have cool wheels...ah some day, gonna see Rome  ah some day...Today's all we have. Live your dreams today..
Found this cool volkswagon photo on FACEBOOK .Go HERE
Thanks. Jan

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My Spelling?? Thanks For Understanding
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Musical Grandma's Are Cooler

Musical Grandma's Are Cooler
by Sunfrog Shirts

Yea,...Just Wondering?

Yea,...Just Wondering?
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By INCREDIBLE ME, click for link

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