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Saturday, January 30, 2016

SASS Photos From Last Saturday Night at STONEGATE

SASS by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
Steve  Bartlett by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc

Shell texted us and was happy....great gig last Saturday night at THE STONEGATE.....sure was...I loved it....Here's two pics that I took of the four SASS I had to take two pics 'cause that BIG new stage at Stonegate's was....ah...well....BIG!....I know, I know it's hard to see Andre, it's kinda dark back there....but, he's there right behind Shell,[ can't miss her, center stage and really beautifu, not that Andre ain't beautiful.]].....see him now?...I knew you would.....Anyway, looks like Shelly's right in the middle of some cool stuff in my photo, either some BIG BLUZZZ or some BIG SASS, whatever it is.....WATCH OUT though.... It's always fun. and NOT really dangerous.
Well, I better list the members of this awesome group....First, let's start with Ms. SHELLY ELY/vocals 'cause she's the girl.....and, the BLUZZZ Queen of the known Universe....and, SASS Queen of that same Universe does all that sound come outta her little bitty body? A miracle, I guess. Then, on her right...our left there's STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals....he writes alotta music stuff too for this group...WOW......AND, getting some air-time on the radio!.... way cool Steve..... And, then there's the drummer guy in the back.....ANDRE THOMAS.....he's always cool. STEVE BARTLETT's on that amazing bass guitar. They all sing but, Shell's the very best 'cause she's centerstage...and, we all love her. The end, Jan...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Extreme SASS Does it Again!....At STONEGATE Tomorrow...Friday, January 29th....9 pm

SASS/used by permission see photo credits
SASS LOGO,used by permission, see photo credits

Well, it's about time... cool....SASS's playing tomorrow night ar THE STONEGATE in Tacoma.. Boy, have I been waiting for this and looking forward to this Friday night! Cool BLUZZZ with Ms. SHELLY ELY/.vocals....the queen of BLUZZZ in all of our known universes, that's all....tomorrow....WOW....the waiting's almost over....AND, I made it.
Now, not only is Shelly full of extreme vocals....STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocal is just plum full of extreme tunes....he's a very cool song writer, that's all and I just  love his talent. ANDRE THOMAS/drums/vocals is backing up this group with his extreme groove, that leaves just one more extreme guy....of course,  my extreme hubby, that very extreme funky, fat bottom bassman STEVE BARTLETT on bass/vocals.
There you have it folks....tomorrow's line up....SASS!....that EXTREME BLUZZZ band.' Be there or be square.' we used to say.....the food's great at Stonegate....come early and have a bite, There's a dance floor too...bring your dancing shoes, 
DEBI LAWRENCE will be taking extreme photos...and I'll be there...being extremely cool, whatever I do. Jan...[don't think I used the word 'extreme' too many times do you? How many extremes were there? Anyway,...I just crammed in a extreme anywhere, I could find. Jan].
PHOTO CREDITS..SASS gave me permission to use the photo/see link. It was taken by MERRI PETERSON SUTTON in 2014 in Tacoma, WA.
The cool SASS Image is the property of SASS, see link

WHERE.../Stonegate, starts at 9 pm
                 5421 So. Tacoma Way
                 Tacoma, WA...

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This Week....SASS @ STONEGATE, KISSY FLICK...CD Release Party @ TRIAD THEATER....New.. BARTLETT ON BASS's Jazz Jam on Mondays

Jazz Jam, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
We've had music going on everyday for the past two weeks....As they say....'When it Rain's it Pours'....O.K.....I got it...BUT, I'll never think there's too much music! adds to much to my life, that's all.
So, let me get started and tell you about it all.
First, that sass-y BLUZZZ band SASS has avery cool gig this Friday night at THE STONEGATE on January 29th. Starts at 9 pm. SHELLY ELY/vocals's is all rested up and ready to surprise everyone with her mouth.....with powerful, amazing, big BLUZZZ sound, peppered with lottsa sass....Shell's fun kinda sass...all.outta that small body of her. It's amazing to watch. Come down and see for yourself. STEVE MERRIAM will be there too....he's that singer/song writer that's on the guitar, with ANDRE THOMAS will be in the back of this group...'whatcha gonna do?'....then there's my hubby  STEVE BARTLETT on bass...on the far right side of the stage...[our know,.yeah,...that's him...over there.]  DEBI LAWRENCE takes photos..
Then, on Saturday...January 30th at 7 pm., KISSY and JAMES FLICK orHERE are having their CD Release Party @ THE TRIAD THEATER in Yelm. This CD is just beautiful....I wouldn't miss this if I were you. Yep, of course, I'll be there...there's singers, horns, percussion and drums, strings, a whole ocean, perhaps a K-9 and even more too.. Its gonna be something to hear and see....AND, lucky for you tickets are still available for this event. Steve'll be on the bass....and, is honored to be too. Sample music HERE.
Then, on next Monday night, there's a new JAZZ JAM starting at UNCLE SAM's in Spanaway, WA.. It's called BARTLETT ON BASS....nice ring to it...huh?...yeah, I like it too. Guess who's on bass....yep, you got it STEVE BARTLETT...that cool, funky, fat bottom bassman.,STEPHEN PARTON' will be on drums, DENNY FOREMAN/guitar...with ERNIE PEREA/sax....AND, I get to be the bouncer....'cause I bounces so well....Gee, thanks guy, thought you'd never notice.....I'll practice my best bounce this week and be ready for anything! LONNY GROSS was on harp last week...hope he's there too.
You have several chances to see some great music in the next week, See ya. Jan
PHOTO CREDIT: James and Kissy Flick's pic is not it from their Facebook page.
More photos and stuff below..
Getting started with tunes for Jazz Jam...
[1]  Chicken, by Jaco Pastorius.....Chicken...key B flat
[2] Cold Duck Time, by Les McCann and Eddie Harris.....Cold Duck Time....key F
[3] Green Dolphin Street, by Studio Jams 56......Green Dolphin Street....key C,and E flat
[4]] Baby Baby All The Time, by Diana Krall......Baby, baby.....key B flat..
[5] Caravan, by Duke Ellington....Caravan....key A flat
[6] Going Fishing, by Duke Ellington, done by Doctor John....Fishing......key A
[7] On Broadway, by George Benson...Broadway.......key G
[8] It Don't Mean a Thing, by Duke Ellington......Swing....key G minor or E flat
[8a] Don't Mean A Thing, by Duke Ellington, done by Doctor John....Swing....key E flat, G minor.
[9] Some of My Favorite Things, by John Coltrane.....Favorite Things.....key G
[9a] Some of My Favorite Things by Sarah Vaughan.....Favorite Things.....key G
[10] Song For My Father, by Horace Silver...Father.....keyFminor
[11] All Went Down the Drain, by Boz Scaggs.....Drain.....key A flat
[12] Take the A Train, by Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald,....Train.....key C
[13] All Blues by Miles Davis, done by George Benson......Blues.....key G
[14] Go Away Little Girl, by Carole King....Girl......key G
[14a] Go Away Little Girl by Steve Lawrence....Girl.....key G
[15] Mercy, Mercy,Mercy, by Buddy Rich......Mercy.....key A
[15a] Mercy, Mercy, Mercy by Joe Zawinul ......Mercy....keyA
[16] Chameleon, by Herbie Handcock, done by Studio Jam 56.....Chameleon......key B flat
[17] Black Orpheus, by Paul Desmond.....Orpheus.....key C.
[18] Them Changes by Buddy Miles.....Changes,.......key E
[19] Moondance by Michael Buble.....Moondance......key G
[20] Teeny Weeny Bit, by Carey and Lurrie Bell.....Bit......key F

SONGS..Ready soon

[1] Birdland by Weather Report.....soon....Birdland.....key
[2] Spain by Chick Corea and Return to Forever....soon......Spain........key
[3] Fever by Peggy Lee,,,,,soon...Fever......key A minor
[4] Take Five by Dave Brubeck.....soon...Five.....key B [C flat]
[5] Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix.....soon...Wing.....key E minor.

Bartlett On Bass Jazz Jam, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
James and Kissy Flick/see photo credits

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What's Up? Gigs, Gigs and More Gigs....What Else?

Bartlett getting ready to kiss me, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett
For the past couple of weeks, music has been coming outta my ears....not really, just busy with gig stuff....Whew!
So, let me post some photos from some stuff that's been going on. O.K? When I can say more I will....BUT, let me just say...there's exciting things happening, seen on the horizon.
We're working up tunes right now....keeping up on everything....I love it.. Jan
I 'll post what I'm allowed for now below...but, remember there's even more than this going on. Whew.... Jan
Steve's working up one of Steve's heros.... JACO PASTORIUS's  'Chicken' [ thanks KaylaDad75].

Foreman, Perea, Parton and Bartlett, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
Plemmons, Parton, Bartlett, jammin, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Recent Music Photos AND BIG Show End of the Month

Bartlett, getting ready to kiss me, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
I have not been able to getting online as much as before [last summer] ....and doing a lot of stuff on my iPad....which doesn't translate well to this site. Forgive me folks...So, tell ya what I'm gonna do. Here's some photos from recent gigs and stuff.
There's new stuff on the horizon....BUT, too early to say stuff. I'm excited.So, stay tuned. [funny,no pun intended as they say].
Today, Steve's working up some original tunes for KISSY FLICK and her hubby JAMES FLICK for THE TRIAD ARTS THEATER in Yelm. Fantastic music....this is the Flick's CD Release party on January 30th, when I know more I'll post it here.....what an honor to be asked to play at their big party....I love the music too. Jan.
Bartlett jammin by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
Plemmons, Parton, Bartlett, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
I'll post the pics below now.

James and Kissy Flick/see photo and link credits

PHOTO CREDITS: James and Kissy Flick photo is not mine, got from their FACEBOOK page....see link above. Jan

Sunday, January 17, 2016

DAVID BOWIE....Dead, Alive or Just Comforably Numb?

BOWIE, by unknown
One of my very favorite showmen, DAVID BOWIE, died this past week, or so they say. Well, can he never die? Lotsa reports of, you know....a hoax....He's still alive. What you think? Well, as for me...ah.... Bowie has always been a big mystery, an original....a wonder...always changing and.keeping everyone guessing was one of the BIG delights about him for me
.I celebrated his birthday every January for many years now on BARTLETT ON BASS He 'died' only a few days after his birthday this year at the age of 69. Reports say he had kept the growing cancer a secret from his fans for the past 18 months. Did he really?
Some reports Bowie was just leaving the public's eye.....BUT, he was a born to be in on a stage, wasn't he? What would he do with himself?
So, as these questions formed in my mind....I just kept reading everything I could find about him and listening to his songs, and watched his films over and over. I just knew ...whatever happened....I 'd miss him....Don't leave me David....I love you. Jan
Below, I've posted a video of Bowie doing PINK FLOYD'Comfortable Numb with David Gilmour' [thanks StanMark ].

More David Bowie video links below.

1.] DAVID BOWIE...ELVIS PRESLEY TRIBUTE, by David Bowie, from xxpiggystardustxx
2.]IMAGINE, John Lennon cover, by David Bowie, from seanissane
3.] THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD, by David Bowie, from redsails2008 .
4.] LIFE ON MARS, by David Bowie, from Colin Blades
5.] UNDER PRESSURE, by David Bowie, Annie Lennox, from derci luiza Gobbi
6.] DANCING IN THE STREET, from David Bowie, Mick Jagger, from emimusic
7.] HEROES, by David Bowie, from emimusic
8.] OH, YOU PRETTY THINGS, by David Bowie, from lelliesandremains
9.] TONIGHT, by David Bowie, Tina Turner, from eltonandtinafan
10.] NEVER LET ME DOWN, by David Bowie, from emimusic

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Tonight Some 'Strange Pleasure' at THE R & R in Puyallup....8 pm

STEVE BARTLETT, by unknown...Randy Gray.
JOSEPH PLEMMONS called....Steve's worked out Strange Pleasure's' set list today. Getting ready to fill in for Strange Pleasure's regular bass guy. Music starts at 8 pm. The address of this gig in Puyallup, WA. is 7824 River Road. At THE R & R LOUNGE has a big dance, bring your dancing shoes. It's a jam,bring your stuff too. Jan
PHOTO CREDIT: Not mine....Either RANDY GRAY or LARRY COLLIER....will post more here....I'll photo.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Amazing SASS, KISSY FLICK, and More Music Stuff Going On Right Now

SASS, used with permission/see photo credit
image used with permission/see photo credits
Steve's always doing cool  stuff....I love it, not only do I get to hear it all,  I get to see it all too.
O.K....what's going on then Jan? Well, I was hoping
you'd ask..First, lotsa new gigs for SASS coming up. You know, that sass-y cool funky, rock-y BLUZZZ band...I'll list the upcoming confirmed gigs below, O.K? Then you'll have plenty of time to get ready.. SHELLY ELY is doing vocals with plenty of fun sass thrown in for the SASS guys, 'cause she's a natural at that kinda stuff.....really, nobody know's what she'll say next, between those POWERFUL BLUZZZ vocals of hers STEVE MERRIAM the singer/song writer for the group is on guitar....ANDRE THOMAS is the groove king....AND, STEVE BARTLETT's on basss/vocals. Then,there's some cool new stuff coming up so,....A BIG show at THE TRIAD THEATER here in Yelm, that Steve'll be playing the bass in, of course. That's for very cool KISSY FLICK and her cool hubby JAMES FLICK....they have a CD and want to have a CD party in Yelm. They need a he is!
Steve's working up their tunes and goin' to a rehearsal this afternoon. I'll be there with my iPad waiting in the car...not many pics BUT....I'll be etc. for the CD Party has not been announced yet. I'll keep everybody posted....O.K? It's been announced.....Saturday, January 30th1 at the Triad Theater in Yelm. Kissy and James have a beautiful CD, this is exciting.!
Now wait, there's more too.....gigs coming up with JOSEPH PLEMMONS, MIKE KARNES. Anyway, they're still in the works....I'll let everyone know more when I do. That's the latest news. Jan
PHOTO CREDITS: SASS photo used with permission by Steve Merriam,,,,SASS Image also, permission by Steve Merriam...see SASS link. MERRI PETERSON SUTTON took the SASS photo in the fall of 2014 in Tacoma, WA. Kissy and James' Flick...cute  photo I got from their FACEBOOK page, check it is their property, not mine.Jan
James and Kissy Flick/ from Facebook/see photo credit
 Upcoming SASS gigs: I 'll finish as soon as I can...later today or tomorrow on iPad..
I'm, for the Upcoming confirmed SASS gigs
1.] Friday, January 15th STONEGATE 9 pm
2.] Saturday, January 16th, STONEGATE 9 pm.
3.] Saturday, February 13th, UNCLE THURMs
4.] Saturday, February 20th, DAWSONs
5.] Sunday, March 13th, THE SPAR
6.] Friday, March 18th, ROCK THE DOCK
    AND more confirmed all the time....more in April. .

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