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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

At MY Age...Reminders Are Good...'It's NEW YEAR's Eve....SASS Tonight

Used with permission, I not crazy,see link
Just a quick reminder....SASS's at STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR for New Year Eve tonight....'Oh yea, HAPPY NEW YEAR'....not sure if I should say that today or tomorrow. What is proper? Do you know? Me neither.
Oh well, just have a good one,.. year. that is O.K? For that matter...'have good everything, whatever it is'.
Anyway, Steve's working out some of the tunes for tonight. I'll post some of them if I have time, but it's getting a bit late, don't you think? So, I guess you're on your own for tonight. HINT: I'd look at my old posts. Jan
DON BENSON will be filling in for Andre Thomas/drums tonight. Jan
PHOTO CREDIT: The photo was taken by MERRI PETERSON SUTTON about a month ago in Tacoma, WA. of this group [early Sept. 2014]. Used by permission fromSASS, link S. Merriam'

O.K. Make a lyar [spell?] outta me. What video links I can post in a short amount of time, but I'm not promising anything,mind you.

1.] DEVIL CALLING ME BACK HOME, by Otis Rush, by Dimitris Koutsiaftis

WHERE: STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR, 9 pm 'til who knows, I'm sure it's tonight December 31st 'cause it's New Year's Eve ain't it?
             5419 South Tacoma Way
                   Tacoma, WA.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

JOE COCKER....'What's Wrong With Him'?

from Wikipedia cc
JOE COCKER 70, [photo link], and HERE died from lung cancer recently...[December 22ND]. He was a brave unique soul and taught me and Steve many things...I'm gonna list some of them and explain too. We love him AND this is some of the reasons why.
But, as you can see it's late and I must get to bed now...will finish this tomorrow. O. K? Jan
UPDATED: December 31st, 2014
O.K., Today as I gathered my thoughts about Cocker, I remembered my very first impression of him...'OMG, What's wrong with him?' Well, that just goes to show that 'I' don't know everything....sometimes I'm pretty downright ignorant. NOTHING's wrong with him. He's just not me and I didn't understand that then. Now, I understand that he had a problem with alcohol, and don't laugh with JOHN BALUSHI's. Here's John Baluchi, Joe Cocker doing 'Feeling Alright' [thanks neoandrea]  impression of Joe Cocker's strange physical movements when he sang. NO,  I don't laugh at Cocker any more, neither does the rest of the world.
He was an unique musical artist, and with his different sounding voice, strange 'dance' and touching covers of  famous stars songs [Beattles, for one] as well as his own tunes, many written by one of my favorites LEON RUSSELL [several of those covers becoming more popular than the original artist's tune, by the way.] Cocker  added greatly to music and the arts and deserves our respect and thanks.  Thank you Joe.
Yes, I've learned more kindness and understanding with the help of Joe Cocker. Also, I saw a couragaous  [spell] man, continuing on AND doing what 'HE' loved even when the rest of the world laughed and pointed in a better- than attitude because he wasn't like everyone else. THAT gave me [Jan] the courage to do this blog about what I really love [of course, MUSIC] even when the Doctors said it couldn't be done and some folks asked me to quit and just leave everything alone...'Go away, they said. BUT, how could I? MUSIC was my life, I just didn't quit because others didn't like what I did. AND, also I had my Steve's support...'Thank you, Sweetheart' and you too Mr. Joe Cocker for standing up for everyone's right to be themselves in peace. 'It's O.K. to do it my way.'
And, another story about JOE COCKER. This time it involves BARTLETT.
In the 70's Steve and his first wife Julie were in a band in Spokane, Washington. They were playing at THE DAVENPORT HOTEL in downtown Spokane.
Now, as Steve says it 'Julie was quite a looker, or very,very pretty. She's out front sings and plays the keyboard. Joe Cocker and his crew came into the motel and, of course, they ended up jamming with Steve and Julie. WOW. Julies told Steve later that 'Joe wanted to kiss her, but she wouldn't let him.' She never let Steve forget that....'Joe wanted to kiss me', and she wouldn't let him.
So, now Steve's with me...'thank you Julie and Joe Cocker'. AND, yes...if   Mr. Cocker wanted to kiss ME...the answer would always be....'YES, of course Mr. Cocker....then, I'd kiss Steve too, real fast. Wink, Jan

Below video links of JOE COCKER'S from YOUTUBE.

1.] FEELIN ALRIGHT, by Joe Cocker, Ron Wood, Eric Clapton, by joe cocker Orkut
2.] WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS, by Joe Cocker, byjoe cocker Orkut
3.] UNCHAIN MY HEART, by Joe Cocker, by Andranik-Mihran Hayrapetyan
4.] THE LETTER, by Joe Cocker, Leon Russell, by DAMO SIT
5.] LEAVE YOUR HAT ON, by Joe Cocker, by Andranik-Mihran Hayrapetyan
6.] DELTA LADY, by Joe Cocker, by  KAZTRONIC

Alma Llanera - ラテンアメリカ音楽演奏入門2011成果発表コンサート

O.K.,...;Look what I found.
Those brave Japanese...always doing exciting new things, singing in Spanish and everything...what will they think up next?. I just loved it. Enjoy. 'Ole Amigos'. Jan

Toss Out All that Old Boring Stuff, Bring in the, You Know, Exciting NEW Stuff...More.SASS Tomorrow

by see link
O.K....Where have I been anyway?....well, throwing out ALL that 'Old' Crummy know what I mean...Boxes and boxes of old crummy ideas that are just taking up alotta headspace in my mind. Only 'happiness' lives in there now.....'Whew', what a relief. Let's open ALL the windows and let the sunshine in.
So, 'HAPPY NEW YEAR...2015.
SASS is a good way to start the New Year. See you at STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR in Tacoma tomorrow night....just in time to kick off the New Year. There'll be lotsa SASS going on upstairs....and NO COVER....How's that for luck? Right off the bat everything's looking up roses.
DON BENSON/drums will be filling in for regular SASS Guy.Andre Thomas/drums tomorrow. Thank you Don.
Video links to  bring in the NEW YEAR below.

1.] HARD TO HANDLE, by Black Crowes, by FootLooseify
2.] JEALOUS AGAIN, by Black Crowes, by frozenfish91
3.] DOMINO. by Van Morrison, by QuikShotJigen
4.] WAITIN' FOR THE BUS, by ZZ Top, bydsna1970's channel
7.] PRIDE AND JOY, by Stevie Ray Vaughan, by Christian Edvard Støles
8.] COLD SHOT, by Stevie Ray Vaughan, by theczechstallion123
9.] SMOKING GUN, by Robert Cray, by carlos64ify
10.] EUROPA, by Carlos Santana, by Ricardo Hernandez Cuevas

WHERE: STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR, 9 pm 'til ?, Wednesday,, December 31st
                 5419 South Tacoma Way
                  Tacoma, WA.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sue Teller Mashes It Up...What FUN...Get Your Freak On

Yes, this is really 'freaky' and fun. SUE TELLER is something else. Go ahead and give this a try, will ya?....Let me know how it goes. O.K. Someone sent me this on FACEBOOK this morning. I'll find out who and post it. O.K? Jan

WOW...What's This?...Oh Yea....SASS at STONEGATE Again Tonight

SASS, sure, I used this photo with THEIR permission
  SASS's back tonight at the Stonegate....WOW,...How cool IS that? Well, it can't get any better than that...UNLESS....We live there.
So, tonight....Saturday, December 20th.: Great gig last night AND,
Oh yea, before I forget ....SASS's at THE STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR on New Year's Eve....Come celebrate 2015 with all of us. O.K? Jan...just reporting the good stuff, that's all.
PHOTO CREDIT: The photo was taken by MERRI PETERSON SUTTON about a month ago in Tacoma, WA. of this group [early Sept. 2014]. Used by permission fromSASS, link S. Merriam

WHERE: THE STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR, 9 pm 'til 'round midnight
                 5419 South Tacoma Way
                  Tacoma, WA.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Turkey Soup?...No Way, Jose'...Happy Tyson And SASS at Stonegate Tonight

SASS, yep....used with permission, see link
O.K., I've been offline a few days....'Why?'....Well, we've been busy creating...a new kitchen outta a old front porch ...and yes, with all those chickens watching every move we made [even Shelly], and along with all those chickens I'm, introducing our very happy to NOT be a delicious Thanksgiving turkey soup or something just as delicious's, I'm sure the very tasty 'Tyson, the Terrible'
by  well, see turkey linkcc
....[He added that 'Terrible' part himself, I'm guessing to insure his long life...AND, it worked....Smart Turkey, that Tyson. Jan SMILE]. Anyway, HE does have some very good ideas about remodeling a front porch too ' Thanks Tyson'.. TURKEY LINK, PHOTO CREDIT: Go HERE
But, Tonight, Friday, December 18th,'s the 19th....NOT the 18th,].... SASS's at STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR. So, we won't be working on that porch with Tyson or the chickens either tonight and we all [turkeys, chickens and people] deserve a nice night out on the town
' Hey, I have an idea...why not come down and enjoy the night with SASS at The Stonegate in Tacoma? Starts 'round 9 pm OR 'Till SHELLY ELY/BLUZZZ singer extroidenair [spell], you know what I mean gets tired, last time she sang over [3] three FULL sets...'Whoa', so, I'll say we'll be there [at the Stonegate 'til after midnight, anyway]. Come on down.and see.
The whole gang will be there...STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals, ANDRE THOMAS/drums, SHELLY ELY/vocals and you know who.... Steve BARTLETT ON BASS/vocals too.. Jan, over and out.
Gotta go, will finish soon
PHOTO CREDIT: The photo was taken by MERRI PETERSON SUTTON about a month ago in Tacoma, WA. of this group [early Sept. 2014]. Used by permission fromSASS, link S. Merriam
UPDATED: Saturday, December 20th.: Great gig last night AND, SASS's back tonight at the Stonegate....WOW,...How cool IS that? Well, it can't get any better than that...UNLESS....We live there.
Oh yea, before I forget ....SASS's at THE STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR on New Year's Eve....Come celebrate 2015 with all of us. O.K? Jan...just reporting the good stuff, that's all.

WHERE: THE STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR, 9 pm 'til 'round midnight
                 5419 South Tacoma Way
                  Tacoma, WA.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

INDIANOLA By Robben Ford....The Latest SASS At UNCLE. THURM'sTtomorrow

by Bosc D' Anredrou, see link
BARTLETT's working up this cool tune from ROBBIN FORD. It's called 'Indianola' [thanks Kotili ] Andre Thomas/drums from SASS liked it, so, let's get it done.
Speaking of SASS, they're playing tomorrow night at UNCLE THURM's SOUL FOOD in Tacoma, WA. and that's NO  'sass'. Wonderful food and SASS too. Yep,...all in one great night. don't miss it.
Hey, have ya tried Thurm's 'Mac and Cheese'?....Better than Mom made, well NOT my Mom [ I'm NOT crazy, you know], BUT,  most Moms' Mac and Cheese won't touch this.... anyway.....'YUMMY'....I'll take 2 [two] servings with my greens, please.. they have BBQed ribs, fried chicken,  cat fish...what? you know corn bread. Come hungey and ready to dance to some BLUZZZ-Y Rock. O.K? Even though there are alot of don't NEED A BIG dance floor....that's just for babys.ain't it? When the music moves you .....just relax and move..... between all those little tables filled with great soul food. Don't be a problem. O.K? Just Smile and enjoy yourself, that's all. Jan
PHOTO CREDIT: by Bosc D'A ndrou
                 3709 'G' Street
                  Tacoma, WA..

Not Just a 'Pipe Dream'......Cool Stuff, Just Listen

O.K., ROB  sent me this this morning on FACEBOOK. WOW,....I just love it, what you think? It's called 'Pipe Dream', [thanks Animusic on YouTube]. Go to ANIMUSIC.COM for more. I'll look for more and post it too. Jan
O.K., this what the video page says: " Uploaded on Mar 17, 2008
From the Animusic 1 DVD - This is the runaway hit from the first Animusic DVD - find more at!"

YOUTUBE Video of JON BARONI From 1986

Steve and Jon Baroni at Tenino Steak House, by J.A.Rose cc
O.K., WALTER's BIRTHDAY singer/song writer JON BARONI/keys/ harp/vocals called me a few days ago....There's an old video from 1986 with JON in it on YOUTUBE Do I want to see it?. It was a fun time in Canada when Baroni did this video with BRAD JACKS and 'The House of Musik' .'Sure, Jon', 'Tell me all about it'.....So, he sent me a link. The video's called 'Alright' from Brad Jacks and 'The House of Musik' [thanks Brad Jacks]...WOW, there's music, a real Monster and Jon with lotsa hair. [look at frame 143] for the best photo of our friend Jon Baroni.
Steve has known Baroni for over 20 years. Thanks Jon Baroni. Jan
Here's a copy that video from 1986 with JON BARONI in it below.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


by Ed Johnson,, sent to us by Jim Valley cc

JIM VALLEY sent us this photo from a recent gig of THE 'C' NOTES near Gig Harbor, WA.
Who's Jim Valley? you ask....Well, you remember the '60's, '70's band PAUL REVERE AND THE RAIDERS, Jim Valley was a original member of that cool band....and there he is today near Gig Harbor, WA. playing with my BARTLETT in 'The 'C' Notes'. This was a fun time, I loved the music.
I'll post related video links below.

1.] LOUIE, LOUIE, by Paul Revere And The Raiders, by rwells47
2.] STEPPIN' OUT, by Paul Revere And The Raiders, by rwells47
3.] BABY, PLEASE DON'T GO, by Paul Revere And The Raiders, by MegaLovelywomen
4.] INDIAN RESERVATION, by Paul Revere And The Raiders, by Your Music Jukebox - The 70's

Tonight: More Than Just SASS At TH STONEGATE In Tacoma

SASS, used with permission, see credits
O.K....Tonight, Saturday, November 29th, SASS will be at THE STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR, 9 pm, in Tacoma, Washington, play at least 'til about 12 pm or am or midnight whatever you want to call it....WOW, anyway....but wait, there's videos and everything....just look. O.K?
The last time this BLUZZZ-Rock group played at UNCLE THURM's SOUL FOOD a few weeks ago, there were videos made and radio stations contacted and more important, they were in attendance to witness this historical night.
MERRI PETERSON SUTTON took photos that you can see on the SASS FACEBOOK page HERE. She did some videos too and I'll post more links below. Listen to 'Betcha Got A Chick On The Side' [thanks Merri Sutton]
So, sample SASS, see you tonight at THE'll be fun. I promise, Jan with fingers crossed.
PHOTO CREDIT:The photo was taken by MERRI PETERSON SUTTON about a month ago in Tacoma, WA. of this group [early Sept. 2014]. Used by permission fromSASS, link S. Merriam.

WHERE: THE STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR, 9 pm 'til SHELL says...'bout midnight
             5419 South Tacoma Way
              Tacoma, WA.

Some video links below with credits, of course

1.] BETCHA GOT A CHICK ON THE SIDE, by SASS, by Merri Sutton
2.] IT ALL WENT DOWN THE DRAIN, by Boz Scaggs, by mlmlmloc69
3.] BODY AND FENDER MAN, by Johnny Adams, by Slaggitaris
4.] TOUGHEN UP , by Lloyd Jones, by hotfunkcooljazz
5.] NEVER MAKE YOUR MOVE TOO SOON,, by BB King, byBackToConstitution
6.] I DON'T WANT TO DO WRONG, by Johnny Adams, byineluki2
7.] GUILTY, by Bonnie Raitt, by D Ramponi 

Bernard Herrmann - Taxi Driver (theme)

Cool tune.....Steve's rehearsing this for upcoming recording with MIKE KARNES.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Everything I Wanna Know 'Bout....'People Get Ready' By CURTIS MAYFIELD

by  cdrummbks cc
Wanna know ALL there is about the song 'People Get Ready'? [thanks guillaimz] Well, we heard that song today, done by the CHAMBER BROTHERS and HERE. It was a Holiday gift from,  who Steve likes to calls.... THE Doctor of Funk,  he's a very special and gifted tenor sax man. [I need to ask him if I can post his name on this story though,..Jan]...PLEASE, Please can I?.... with sugar on top?  .O.K. folks if our friend,... 'the inimitable Tenor Saxophone Extraordinaire" mystery person  gives me the O.K.,. I'll update this post right now. 11/29...UPDATE: Got the O.K...'YEAH'. His name is....drum roll please...' D.R.Phillips' . Checked the spelling and everything....Jan
'Boy, you guys just wanna let you all know that keeping MY mouth shut...IS so hard.'
So,  let me look up CURTIS MAYFIELD and HERE, 'cause he's cool and it will keep me kinda busy...'til I hear from our mystery Sax Man.....O.K?
Let's see...Mayfield  gained fame in the 50's and 60's with THE IMPRESIONS....he was a blues/funk guitarist, singer/song writer. Worked hard in the civil rights
Here's a guote from WIKIPEDIA: " Mayfield is regarded as a pioneer of funk and of politically conscious African-American music.[1][2] Being one of the most celebrated figures in the genre of soul and 20th-century music," Listen to this.... PEOPLE GET READY, by Curtis Mayfield, by Geepereet.
: winner of both the Grammy Legend Award (in 1994) and theGrammy Lifetime Achievement Award (in 1995), and he was a double inductee into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, inducted as a member of the Impressions into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991, and again in 1999 as a solo artist. He is also a two-time Grammy Hall of Fameinductee."...all this I found in WIKIPEDIA.
Have a great Thanksgiving.
Gotta go, swill finish this tomorrow. Jan
I'm back....Check the top video link for lotsa stuff about Mayfield's song. Jan

Monday, November 24, 2014

Just ME And BOB DYLAN...Alone Together...'My Dream Come True'

by  incase cc
Steve got me online today. Hey, talk about lucky....Look what I found..., a private concert with just me and BOB DYLAN and HERE,,,,Well. this recent story from THE ROLLING STONE caught my eye, of course...being THAT is one of my all time favorite fantasy's of all time and all.
This is what the story was about....this guy, a fan of Dylan's named Fredrik Wikingsson  who,really liked  Dylan, of course, and who doesn't? O.K? He got a private show or concert from Dylan yesterday...that's /right...just Wilingson and Dylan and no one else in the place or theater...I just had to know 'How'd He Do That??'...I can be at THE TRIAD THEATER in Yelm ANY day this week just waiting for Dylan if he'has time to  give a show to ME...I'm a BIG fan too.
I guess, Dylan was wonderful, kept Wikingson smiling  doing covers and stuff. You know, I wouldn't care what Bob Dylan sang either  Read the whole story at the link. O.K? Jan
I'll post some Dylan video kinj favorites below.

1.] KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN's DOOR, by Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, from Canto dos Clássicos
2.] BLOWING IN THE WIND '63 Live, by Bob Dylan, from BobDylanTV
3.] TIMES THEY ARE ARE A-CHANGING '64, by Bob Dylan, from  54321p
4.] DON'T THINK TWICE, IT's ALRIGHT '62, by Bob Dylan from flush10toace
5.] MAN OF CONSTANT SORROW '63, by Bob Dylan, from NanchatteDesu...1st T.V. appearance
6.] ONE MORE CUP OF COFFEE, by Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, from Pınar Çelik...this is one ofmy favorite Dylan tunes. Jan
7.] SUBTERRIAN HOMESICK BLUES, by Bob Dylan, from Ryan C...oh no, this is one of my favorites. Jan
7.] TANGLED UP IN BLUE, by Bob Dylan, from BobDylanVEVO
8.] BLOOD IN MY EYES, by Bob Dylan, from BobDylanVEVO
9.] BABY, PLEASE DON'T GO, by Bob Dylan, from SarahFey1

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

''I Thought About You' Tonight Be At Rhythm And Rye, Listen To Some Great JAZZ

Don Cohen
You like JAZZ" Well, tonight's your night at RHYTHM AND RYE [the former Royal Lounge] in Olympia, WA. You know....301 N. Capital Way.
I like DEBBIE DUNCAN, she sings one of my very favorites...'I Thought About You' [thanks Debbie Duncan Jazz].
Anyway there's gonna be jazz tonight in Olympia, with the Don Cohen Jazz Sextet'...WOW. Don't miss it. I'll be there  SMILING and enjoying myself. Please join me. O.K? Jan

Friday, November 14, 2014

No Way, 'One Size Fits All?'.......SASS Tonight at THURM's

by fontplaydotcom cc
You've heard that old saying....'One size fits all'...haven't you? well, what's up with that, anyway? We're ALL unique, aren't we? I thought so. 'One size fits all.', just doesn't work when it comes to music. Everyone likes something different. Music is so, so well, personal.  I remember that first kiss,  whenever that certain song comes on the radio....when I was with 'HIM'. Lotsa songs remind me of other times, other places. 
So, tonight....SASS will be doing BLUZZZ and rock tonight at UNCLE THURM's SOUL FOOD in Tacoma, WA. If this type of music does it for it does me, 'cause ALL BLUZZZ's NOT the same...this IS the best.. I'll see you there 'round dinner time....Fried chicken, ribs, lotsa BBQed stuff, you know what I won't go away hungry. Yum,  Jan
Some cool video links...
1.] HELP THE POOR, by Robben Ford, by mllesarahauvray

WHERE: Thurm's Soul Food, 7:30 pm 'til 9:30 pm
              3709 S G St Tacoma, WA 98418
(253) 475-1881

Monday, November 03, 2014

Not So Fast...Who Says...It's the Very Last Time For PINK FLOYD?

by  nevil zaveri cc
O.K....I found this in THE ROLLING STONE....DAVID GILMORE/guitar/vocals of PINK FLOYD  or HERE has had enough, he's tired of touring all over the place....wants to be home with family, even though the money's good, lotsa money at the box office,[ I know some things are more valuable than dollars and people and family....Jan].
Anyway, Gilmore would like to spend more time with his young kids or creating some solo albums. Well, I guess that does's really hard to do music in a band without the guitarist and vocalist....Isn't it?
Well, not so fast...Gilmore looked again at some old material the band did in 1994. He and NICK MASON/drums 'overdubbed' parts of it....They came up with some really fine stuff. AND, 'waa-laa' spell?...a new album is due to come out on November 10th...called 'Endless River' with this stuff on it.. David Gilmore thinks this is great material , and ....that'll be the end of Pink Floyd .
I'm just not so sure....Gilmore is a's in his blood. Yes, it's difficult work and all that, and family time is lost....but wait. AGAIN, he's a musician....they NEVER seem to quit music. Let's wait and see. O.K? Jan
I'll post some Pink Floyd favorites below. O.K?? Just let me post this on FACEBOOK first. Jan

1.] ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL, by Pink Floyd, by mongchilde
2.] DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, by Pink Floyd, by Marc-André Ranger
3.] US AND THEM, by Pink Floyd, by MrMusic3079's channel
4.] WELCOME TO THE MACHINE, by Pink Floyd, by Earl Cleveland
5.] COMFORTABLY NUMB, by Pink Floyd, by ♫♪♫ɆѦǤⱢɆ ƦѲȻҜṨ♫♪♫

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Homeless Piano Man Inspires Millions With His 'Haunting' Tune

by georgios ka cc 
His name is RYAN ARCAND, 43, he's homeless, lives in the shelters in Edmonton, Canada and has had  a difficult life...BUT, who cares? NOT Arcand... 'cause he loves music and has a very special connection with it It lifts him up, life's NOT as hard, seems to inspire him and millions of others too.
It ALL started with  Roslyn Polard, from CBS, she, heard Arcand play and was touched. She recorded him and posted it on YOUTUBE on October 23rd 2014......WOW, t went
Go to CBS.. I'll post their video and story of Ryan Arcard below and read thir story HERE Jan
Below are related video links
1.] RYAN ARCARD, by CBS news, by The National

Thursday, October 30, 2014

'Some Kind of Monster' METALLICA On Late , Late Show Next Month.

METALLICA, from Wikipedia cc/see link
.NOW, Let me tell ya  about some other music news that I read this morning.The heavy metal band....METALLICA.  and  HERE [photo link] They will be on the Late, Late Show [CBS] every day for the week starting on Monday, November 17th, sing a tune every night that week....nothing to sell, but celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their album, movie and documentary we all know as...'Some Kind of Monster' [thanks Axel Gröndahl']...just in time for Halloween I say [Jan] Go HERE for a link to this full story.
See the three tunes posted below? Well, This n dream come true....Steve BARTLETT ON BASS gets to record with his 'old' music buddy MIKE KARNES/guitar/bass, and ANDRE LaVOIE/drums, that atomic clock of time.  Of course, 'Old' doesn't mean Steve or Mike know, 'OLD'. They're high school friends [Edmond's High School ]. Anyway, they've known each other since the '60's....and, never recorded anything together, even though, both of them have been in music all that This IS very special for both of them. Jan.
 1.] JOSIE, by Steely Dan, byTenacious V
2.] CAN'T YOU SEE?, by Tower of Power, by Thezone4422
3.] FANTASY, by Earth, Wind and Fire, by riversend21

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I [T. Jan] share and review web sites with music, recipes and gardening information. I have been a mother, wife, nurse, apartment manager, chimney sweep, long distance runner, musician, artist, organic gardener and, A student of the GREAT WORK at R.S.E. Jan does the computer, Steve plays the bass and doesn't speak computer....but Jan doesn't speak, this works out well for us...Jan writes about music news, and this area's music events. The postings are all mine., . We share ideas about posts. Jan loves to create beautiful blogs to share ideas and keep my brain active, recovering from M.S. and other things. Jan always operate the computer, ..AND, all posts signed by Steve are in his exact words, and All our Sites licensed under Creative Commons. T. Jan.... Steve says..." I love animals, gardening, kids, music, nature and fishing.. A student of R.S.E. Really like being in nature and living simply. Enjoy teaching electric bass. Enjoy our sites." Steve.