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Thursday, November 30, 2006

"Jokerman" - Music Video

Lyrics to the song set, against artwork from throughout history, are interspersed with performance footage to create this compelling clip from the Infidels album.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Daryl and the Diptones/ Oldies Are Goodies!

Friend and great sax player, Sheryl Clark wrote me. She's going to Richland, Washington for 'Daryl and the Diptones' this Friday 8pm. Sheryl and her husband, Steve are fine sax players!! 'Daryl and the Diptones ' have been playing together for over 20 years.[1984] In 2005, they were City of Tacoma's City of Destiny award winners! Giving over $2 million dollars to local charities!! For info on 'Daryl and the Diptones' click here

John 'Scooch' Cugno Plays the Mandolin Cafe

Friday Night, December 1st, from 8pm to 10pm, hear John 'Scooch' Cugno. Lots of fun!! He will be playing at 'The Mandolin Cafe' in Tacoma. Scooch has two CDs available at cdbaby's, 'Blues Survivor' and 'Nothin's Easy'. The Mandolin Cafe's address is 3923 S. 12th, Phone 253/ 761-3482. For info on the Mandolin and map, click here . For more info on Scooch, click here

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Another Blast From The Past!

Another band Bartlett was in, in 1971-1972, before 'Cheeseburger Deluxe'. Twenty year old Bartlett is the one with glasses. Click here for info on 'Good Blessing'. They played in the Seattle area.

Is He Magician, Performer Or Master?!

Look for yourself. Criss Angel walks on water in this video taken on 6/10/06. Click here

Friday, November 24, 2006

Picture of Band Bartlett Was in 1970's!

Picture of band Bartlett was in in mid-1970's in Seattle called 'Cheeseburger Deluxe'. Burt "Olly" Ollistad [Guitar] began this band with Bartlett on Bass in 1972! Joining the band in 1972 was Gordy Arlin [Keyboards-drums] and Rick Best [Drums] Bartlett played the bass and acted the part of 'Dink', he left the band in 1975 being replaced by Steve Barth on bass. The band was renamed 'Thunder Road' in 1975, and disbanded in 1976. Click here for info on 'Cheeseburger Deluxe' and all the members of the band over the many years it played in the Seattle area.

Two Gigs Last Wednesday Night!

Last Wednesday Night, the band TIME FRAME played two gigs! The first a benefit for a cancer family in Puyallup. The second gig was at 'The Summit Pub' in Puyallup. Back by popular request. TIME FRAME played til closing. Lots of Fun! Shown here is Terry with Bartlett. Terry sat in on the drums last gig at 'The Summit Pub' on Nov. 11th. Please notice the slideshow made of this gig last Wednesday below! For more info on 'The Summit Pub' click here TIME FRAME with the great Kevin Christensen on drums, H.D.'s strong vocals and of course, Bartlett on Bass will play 'The Summit Pub' again on December 9th at 9pm!

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Happy Turkey Day!

Thank you!

Monday, November 20, 2006

TIME FRAME Does Benefit!

This Wednesday night, the band TIME FRAME with Bartlett on Bass is doing a benefit in Puyallup! Bringing hope, music and healing to a cancer family's difficult life situation. This group deserves a big hand for their compassion and caring. To book TIME FRAME, click or leave a comment at end of this page.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Scooch Laid it Down!

Scooch Laid it down last night with Loren Mullen at Bar Cinco in Yelm. We enjoyed the Blues and a varity of tunes the first set. Joining them for the second set was Bartlett on Bass. Great Music and a great night! Scooch can be seen at 'The Mandolin Cafe' in Tacoma on Dec. 1st. For more info on the Mandolin Cafe click here

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Tonight Welcome Scooch to Bar Cinco!

Looking For Fun?!! Look no Farther--Here it is! See you tonight,Saturday Nov. 18th, at Bar Cinco, 8pm, in Yelm. Enjoy blues--With Scooch Cugno and Bartlett on Bass. Bar Cinco with the flavors of Spain in a casita setting. Bar Cinco's address is 704 Yelm Ave. West, phone 360/400-9000. Click here for more info on Scooch For info on Bar Cinco including a map-click here

Great Sax Tonight!

Friend and great sax player-Sheryl Clark wrote me. Her hubby, Steve, a fine saxophonist is playing tonight and tomorrow at Meadow Park Golf Course in Lakewood. Show starts 6pm to 10pm. Meadow Park is located at 7108 Lakewood Drive. West in Lakewood, Wa.. Phone 253/473-3033. Click here for info on Meadow Park Golf Course http://www.seattlegolfguide.compublic/meadowpark.shtml And Remember for great Blues tomorrow night=8pm-Bar Cinco-Yelm-Scooch Cugno. See Story below

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Smallest Works of Art on Earth!

Willard Wigan was born in 1957 in Birmingham, England. He was an unrecognized dyslexic child, and now is emerging as the most globally celebrated micro miniaturist of all time!! Fashioned from gold, specs of dust,precious gems, droplets of glue and paint, even eyelashes and spider webbing, Wigan's art is living proof of the power of belief!! Shown here are 'Elvis on a head of a pin' and 'statue of liberty in the eye of a needle' also, Willard Wigan. Click here for more info. Thank you Rejoice. Remember for great Blues this next Saturday night-8pm-Bar Cinco-Yelm-Scooch Cugno!! See Story Below!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Scooch Invites Bartlett--Bar Cinco-Saturday-Yelm

Scooch has invited Bartlett to sit in this Saturday at Bar Cinco in Yelm!! Yea!! I love the blues, this will be lots of fun. Come out for a great time! Click here for Scooch . Buy his CDs 'Blues Survivor' and 'Nothin's Easy' at cdbabys. For map and info on Bar Cinco click here

Monday, November 13, 2006

John 'Scooch' Cugno Plays Blues at Bar Cinco !

John 'Scooch' Cugno plays Bar Cinco this Saturday in Yelm at 8pm!! Get ready for the BLUES, I love the blues!! Scooch is from Boston, now living in this neck of the woods. He teaches at Yenny's. Preview his music on his web page Look for lots of good music and a good time. His CDs 'Blues Survivor' and 'Nothin's Easy' are available at cdbaby. Bar Cinco is located at 704 Yelm Ave. West, phone is 360/400-9000. We'll be there!! Scooch can also be seen at "The Mandolin Cafe' on December 1st! Click here for Bar Cinco info and map etc.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tip Jar Was Full!!

The 'Summit Pub' was rockin' and rollin' last night with TIME FRAME playing great tunes all night long!! Fun time was had by all--including the band!! I saw lots of smiling, lots of beer, heard lots of music and dancing too. A fantastic addition was Chris Kliemann on the keyboard! Loved Kevin's dancing and spinning those drumsticks! H.D.'s vocals were powerful, and got the crowd going! And, of course, my main man Bartlett on Bass was magical on his bass solos! I especially enjoyed 'Broadway' everyone had a solo and got to show there best!! Terry sat in on drums at the end of the evening--Fun and more fun! Shaun, the owner of'The Summit Pub' was pleased. It's time to have TIME FRAME back for more. Click here for info on 'The Summit Pub' in Puyallup a great place for fun! Click here

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Tonight!!! TIME FRAME plays 9pm Puyallup!

Tonight Bartlett On Bass plays in TIME FRAME! At 'The Summit Pub' on Canyon Road. WOW!! The band starts at 9pm. Loads of fun. Good music,food,beer and company! Kevin Christensen and H.D. will be there. Come out for a good time. Click here for more info and map etc.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

An Amazing Picture!

This amazing picture was sent by Kathy from Denver. Just look at it. Most people see a giraffe in about one minute! It's amazing. Just keep on looking and you'll be amazed just like I was. Cool!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bartlett On Bass--This Saturday--Summit Pub!

This coming Saturday evening, Bartlett On Bass, will be gigging at 'The Summit Pub' in Puyallup, Wa. Rated one of the best restaurants/brewery's by Yahoo, in Puyallup. With great pasta dishes!! Kevin Christensen will be on drums, H.D.-guitars and vocals, and of course Bartlett on Bass--Look forward to a fun time!! The Summit Pub is at 9502 Canyon Road East,Phone 253 536-1588. The band starts at 9pm. Click here for more info on the Summit Pub Click this site for map and directions also.

Mandolin Cafe This Week!

The McKessons will be playing at 'The Mandolin Cafe' on Friday, Nov. 10th, 8pm. Great Celtic Music! They will be joined by Hanneke Cassel from Boston. Cover charge $15.00 On Thursday artists, Cecilia Sullivan and Chuck Graydon will have a reception and viewing of their paintings! Several of their paintings will be displayed during November and December in the Artist's Alcove Area at the Mandolin Cafe. Click here for more info

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jon Baroni News

The talented Song Writer, Keyboard player, Musician, Jon Baroni, called last week. He's been locked up in his music studio creating. Said he had a breakthough!! Creating a new CD. WOW! His last CD 'Wake Up Calls' is doing very well on Beyond the radio--number two!! Bartlett has known Jon for many years. Click here for beyond the Ordinary Web Radio and to look up Jon Baroni's music on 'BTO' click

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Dig Last Night's Gig

Great Gig last night at 'The Trailgate Club' in Puyallup! Fun Fun Fun!! There was the Great Kevin Christensen on Drums, Wonderful Marshal Klienb vocals and guitar, Talented H.D. on vocals and guitar AND the main man, Bartlett On Bass!! WOW!! Rachell and Duane, owners of 'The Trailgate Club' have a great place for music and fun! Check them out at . Cool!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Welcome to My Website!

Welcome to my website! Featuring Music and musicians, art and artists, and food for the spirit in western Washington and beyond!!

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