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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ginger Rogers Dances Salsa at 92 Years Old

O.K...I'm gonna keep practicing, well ,...we BOTH will. BARTLETT and ROSE do it again..yeah! Found this on elbinata on YOUTUBE HERE...So, entertaining and toes are tapping.. Jan
This is what it says:" Uploaded on Jan 21, 2011 Ginger Rogers at 92 years old, dancing with her 29 year old great-grandson. The first minute or so is a bit of a slow intro.. but stick it out, she is incredible. Most of us would love to be able to move like this at 22, let alone 92! (You do have to wonder whether she has bionic "knees).

More GINGER ROGERs video links:
1.] MUSIC MAKES ME, from ttintagel

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Today's Rehearsal For Two [2] BLUZZZ Gigs This Weekend

BLUZZZ is my [Jan] favorite and this upcoming weekend, BARTLETT ON BASS has TWO [2] Yep..Two Whole BLUZZZ Gigs in Tacoma, WA. [I'll post more this Friday, when BARTLETT meets and rehearses with these   guys and gal on Thursday night. O.K?] He was hired last week and is getting ready today. So, this evening is rehearsal-time, or MY very own live BLUZZZ concert right in our living room. Cool. Love it when gigs come music. BUT, when BLUZZZ folks need my bassman, I'm in a special kinda heaven. this is our special time together.. this rehearsal time.
First, let's, pop the popcorn O.K? Now put the sodas in the cooler....
Then, I gather up all the tunes on YOUTUBE for Steve's reviewing and rehearsing that were Emailed for the gig, below's the set lists for the upcoming gigs. That we'll be doing tonight.
Then, the really fun part.... our musical night together begins....we go through each tune together 'til it's just right. I play the keyboard on the computer, Steve plays the bass. we both have head phones on.  Of course, there's plenty of breaks for popcorn, laughing and soda pop.. Those head phones can slide all over the place when we're NOT watching. LOL.
Let's begin....Tonight's lists are...
1.] WET MATCH,...Etta James, from Frederick Clark
2.] LET IT ROCK...Etta James, from PedroBenetone
3] CHAIN OF FOOLS,...Aretha Franklin, from Stegnenica
4.] FEELIN ALRIGHT ULTIMATE COLLECTION...Joe Cocker, from ShoppingArcy
5.] UNCHAIN MY HEART....Joe Cocker, from Andranik Azizbekyan
6.] GOT MY MOJO WORKING...Etta James, from mangeldeth74, my choise
6.a] GOT MY MOJO WORKING...Muddy Waters, from ragbagken is Steve's choiseragbagken
7.] HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN...Animals, from logiax
8.] SUPERSTITION....Stevie Wonder, from SecondHelping74
9.] AIN'T NO SUNSHINE..I choose.John Mayer, from meandmylesspaul
10.] STAND BY ME...Ben E. King, from BlackAsWhite1
11.] SUMMERTIME....Billy Stewart, from HappyDuckk..[.my very favorite version of this tune..Jan]
       Listen to this!
12.] IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR....Wilson Pickett, from fabrizio autore
13.] KNOCK ON WOOD...Eddie Floyd, from therealeddiefloyd
14.] SHAKY GROUND....Delbert McClinton, from kperk014
15.] BLACK MAGIC WOMAN...Carlos Santana, from Suparlina
16.] EVIL WAYS...Carlos Santana, from uklangang
17.] TORE DOWN...Freddie King, from schism98
18.] DAMN YOUR EYES...Etta James, from IOANNIS DIMOU
19.] I SING THE BLUES....Etta James, from paullos99
20.] THE THRILL IS GONE...B.B. King, from catman916

DAVID BOWIE...To Ground Control

On January 8th, my 'Starman' turned 65. I've always been amazed by this guy, alien?...what an out-of-the-box showman, an original. DAVID BOWIE's always entertaining to me. Steve will check him out, and then will give his opinion. 'He's entertaining and authetic.' says Steve
It must be the artist in me. David Bowie's an unique whole package...I love the visual effects to his music...all the colors, costumes, make up, the mystery...I'm not sure, what I'll see or who I'll see when I see him. 'What's next?... I wonder... Yes, it's the artist in me. He has lots charisma, or is it courage? He's sometimes just plain shocking O.K?. Jan
Here's a video featuring, of course, DAVID BOWIE, from emimusic on YOUTUBE.. It's called 'ZIGGY STARDUST'. This is  what the video page says: " Uploaded on Feb 26, 2009
Music video by David Bowie performing Ziggy Stardust". Jan

Oreos...Oreos: Here, There AND Everywhere

by mihoda cc
'E-U-R-I-K-A'.. Now I've found it ...a real answer...A really cool fancy-dancy OREO Cookie Separating Machine...With a TRAINED Professional from the Famous MAD DOG GARAGE in Portland, Oregon who goes with it. He's a real Physicist too. Cool,  I want one of these machines..O.K, here gos....'Steve? know, Sweetheart how,...I..ah, like... Oreo 'Creme' don't you?'... [pause] yea...that'll work,..that's how I'll start it....
Now, back to my story...When, I first saw this on GIZMOTO.COM. I just knew that it was my dream come true... I can sure use one of these inventions...See, I'm a 'Creme' person when it comes to Oreos...and, as we all know we're all either one or the other, come on fess up...'Creme' or 'Cookie'?... And, ALL that licking can be very difficult, a real hardship, cause sometimes, more often than I like to admit, I get a bit of cookie in my mouth...YUK!. Jan
Here's a video from MAD DOG GARAGE in Portland, where this all began, from Oreo. It's called OREO SEPARATOR MACHINE #1-CREATOR: PHYSICIST DAVID NEEVEL     and HERE.

Published on Feb 26, 2013
It's a basic human desire to separate an OREO cookie. Humans love either cookie or creme. And sometimes a man just needs to invent a machine to do the hard work of separating the two. Today, that man is physicist and cookie-part preferrer David Neevel. Watch him operate the machine he created that separates OREO cookies.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Where There's Smoke...There's TOM MULLICA...Amazing Watch

by Nath├ília Carvalho cc
When I found this video,...'.TOM MULLICA  Smoking Magic..Incredible' found at AlanSmithee20 I just had to agree. Yes, it's Incredible. 'How does he do this?' I thought.
Watch, see if you can understand his amazing performance. Enjoy. Jan

his info is posted with MULLICA's video...Uploaded on Nov 1, 2010
I gather he's given UP smoking now. He has plenty of other great tricks and bits at his disposal - but this was fantastic! For more, hit http://damienatloppers.wordpress

'Today Is Your Birthday, We're Gonna Have A Good Time' GEORGE HARRISON

by FaceMePLS cc
Well, today is The Beatle's guitarist, GEORGE HARRISON's Birthday. He was born on Feb. 25th, 1943. He was my favorite of all the Beatles. George was also a singer and song writer, even though most of the Beatle's tunes were recognized as written by only JOHN LENNON and PAUL McCARTNEY.
He was the cutest, and kinda quiet, I thought, as a girl.
I remember, he was interested in East Indian religions and meditation and KRISHNA. He wrote [thanks thebeatlessound1] 'My Sweet Lord' in 1976, that song reminds me of that period of his life. He also introduced the rest of the Beatles, that's John, Paul and Ringo as well as many western youth to Eastern ideas, and culture in the 60s and 70s. 
Harrison was also active in social changes, and one of the first to use concerts and music to raise funds for making changes. With RAVI SHANKAR, he created the hunger awareness benefit for starving people in Bangladesh, shown in the video 'Concert for Bangladesh' 1971, posted byvoodoochains on YOUTUBE.. IThanks..Jan
But, I also read that George Harrison's increasing need to use his music for social changes and his increasing lists of songs, without being equally recognized along with Lennon and McCartney, may have contributed to the Beatles breakup in 1970. BUMMER. 
But, today let's celebrate a great musician's birthday...O.K?
The Beatle's wrote 'Beatle's Birthday Song' found posted on patokaman. I could not find a copy with all the Beatles performing it....'Happy Birthday, George' Jan 

Uploaded on Apr 28, 2008

"Birthday" is a song written by John Lennon--Paul McCartney and performed by The Beatles on their 1968 double album ...The Beatles .....commonly known as "The White Album"
Preformed here live by former BEATLE.....Sir Paul McCartney With
Rusty Anderson - Lead Guitar
Abe Laboriel Jr. - Drums
Paul "Wix" Wickens - Key board
Brian Ray - Rhythm guitar/bass
Red square, Moscow

More video links for George Harrison..
2.] HERE COMES THE SUN, from misojosbrillan
3.] GIVE ME LOVE [GIVE ME PEACE ON EARTH], from Shane Woodbury
4.] SOMETHING, from Double0I0andironman
5.] IT DON'T COME EASY, from vertigobates    written with Ringo Starr

Friday, February 22, 2013

Hey...It's Friday AND My Birthday Too....Cool

PetFlow..Pet Food Delivery, see link
What a's of course, Friday....BUT, did you know it's also my Birthday? Yes, February 22nd is an amazing day. Isn't it? Lotsa great things have  happened on February 22nd.
 Oh before I forget...Did you notice the very happy dog photo on this post? I saw it on FACEBOOK this morning at PetFlow...Pet Food Delivery .. Just think this dog is one of a kind. Looks like my BARTLETT after he's had a great gig.
Here's an incomplete  list of some of the great folks born on February 22nd.....
O.K....Here gos.
1.] GEORGE WASHINGTON in 1732, our first president....the very first one
2.] REMBRANDT PEALE in 1778, American painter...O.K., an artist
3.] LORD ROBERT BADEN-POWELL in 1857, founder of those cool Boy Scouts
4.] HEINRICH HERTZ in 1857, German physicist, you know radio waves.. THAT Hertz. Where would we be without radios?
5.] EDWARD KENNEDY in 1932, you know, Massacusett's Senator + the brother of JOHN F.
6.] JANET ROSE-BARTLETT in 1950, loving wife of our fearless leader BARTLETT ON BASS.

What A Voice For A Small Little Lady...BRENDA LEE

by pzed cc
When I  found this tune on YOUTUBE, BRENDA LEE singing 'I'm Sorry' that was posted by PeterRabbit59 , it brought back memories of 1960 listening to our radio in the living room. I was an awkward, freckled, redheaded, 10 year old but was dancing and laughing with my mom and sister without a care in the world. My mom was smiling and singing loudly, thinking she sounded just like Brenda Lee. Brenda's songs along with [ thanks UschisChannel2 ]... 'North To Alaska' by Johnny Horton were the songs we all loved at our house and sang then, back then when I was a girl. puberty had not yet not shown itself...there was no signs yet the hippie, that I would become in the late '60's, that my folks never really understood. This I remember as a time of innocence for me.
So, Let's all sing...all together now with Brenda Lee. O.K? Ready, get set go.... Jan
Dedicated to Mom.

More YOUTUBE video links with Brenda Lee.
1.] SWEET NOTHINGS, from livingadream2
2.] JAMBALAYA, from Aurel Lascu
4.] DYNAMITE, from John1948TwoB1b   early T,V,

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

LES PAUL. Guitarist Extraordinaire And Creator Of The Solid Body Guitar.

by media_media_biz cc
LES PAUL GUITARIST EXTRAORDINAIRE, found at bathsideboy...reminded me what a great guitarist LES PAUL was. See video below. Enjoy, I'll finish this story tomorrow. O.K?. Jan
O.K. I'm back,... when I first met my bassman in 1996. I'd never heard of 'Les Paul' or a 'Les Paul'. 'What or Who was that?'  But, it wasn't long after I started hanging 'round BARTLETT and his musician friends, that I noticed that whenever the words' Les Paul' came up in conversations, it was with a kind of hushful reverence, that it caught my 'ear'. So, I checked it all out.
I found out that a 'LES PAUL' was a man, but, not just a man, he was a T.V. personality with his wife MARY FORD, an awesome jazz, blues and country musician, as well as a genius musical inventor of many  things used today in recording etc., and he invented of one of my favorite things.... he is known as one of the 'creators' of rock and roll, by creating the first solid body guitar.  cool.. His real name was 'Lester William Polsfuss'.... He's known as just Les Paul, and 'Les Paul's' are also  known as guitars.....and, an authentic 1950's Les Paul solid body guitar is one of  most desirable and expensive electric guitars in the world today. Well, I guess, it's valued at between $US 200,000 and $US 750,000. WOW! There were only 17,000 of them made between 1958 and 1960. O.K. now I see why.
BUT, there's even more... with more looking, I found out there's really two [2] 'Les Paul' solid body guitars around...the second one being the LES PAUL GIBSON. Les Paul was hired to endorse Gibson's  new 'Les Paul Gibson model' in 1952 by Gibson Guitar Corporation president, TED McCARTHY. The Les Paul Gibson' has become one of the best known electric guitar types ever, along with the FENDER TELECASTER and STRADOCASTER.  Yea.. These do not cost $200,000..Lucky for all those great guitarists who love their Les Paul. The Gibson guys have created many models over the years with the Les Paul Gibson Solid Body Electric Bass being created in the late '60's.
 But, guess what? before 1952..yes,.about 1945, Les Paul had originally contacted Ted McCarthy about his new solid body guitar type.  But, this new design was rejected by those Gibson folks....'Oh well...maybe next time' sigh..... [Jan].
The '52 'Les Paul Gibson' was made very popular by musicians like... ERIC CLAPTON, KEITH RICHARDS, and others with the start of rock and roll and their use of this guitar type. Thanks to all those guys. The rest is history. Now, everyone wants one. Sounds beautiful, don't they? Jan.

More LES PAUL video links....
1.] CHASING SOUND, found at gianniparadiso, lots of Les Paul history.
2.] 1959 LES PAUL STANDARD, by jacksonsrareguitars ,about the Les Paul original guitar.
3.] TIGER RAG, with Mary Ford, by kester1940
4.] $750,000 LES PAUL, by LAMusicAwards...beautful guitar
5.] CARAVAN, with Chet Atkins, by texpaco

Thursday, February 14, 2013

She's More Than Country...'k.d. lang' Into Canadian Music Hall Of Fame

 by Piano Piano! CC
K.D. LANG's singing performances have always touched me...Seems to me like she just puts everything she has into each song she sings....WOW, love it.  AND, Now I've read that she's going into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame this April 21st in Regina...O.K. Some of the posts I read listed her as a country singer...BUT, I've heard her do lots of styles and do them all very well...very impressive. So, I don't want to limit her in any way or put her into any one small box. She's an original and just sounds wonderful. Check her out.
Well, She'll be joining a lot of cool/awesome Canadians musicians The Canadian Music Hall Of Fame, like Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Anne Murray and Shania Twain among others. K.D. says she's honored.
This is not Lang's first time at this award thing either....she has nine JUNO Awards, one order of Canada and four Grammys too. 
Read more HERE , HERE or HERE.
I first heard k.d.lang singing a duet with Roy Orbison...they were singing his tune 'Crying'...I'll never forget it. JUST BEAUTIFUL. I'll see if I can find just that very same video, and post it below....O.K?
Here's a video from tapesalvage on YOUTUBE with K.D. singing 'Crying' by Roy Orbison, but not with Orbison. This is what it says :"Uploaded on Jun 27, 2010
KD Lang performing 'Crying' on Australian TV 'the Midday Show' around 1993, with host Derryn Hinch.
Just wanted to add, thanks everyone for watching, i have been amazed by the number of views & really happy to share something with the fans they otherwise wouldn't have seen, and thanks KD for being the amazing artist you are!"

More K.D. LANG video links.
1.] CRYING....  K.D.LANG with Roy Orbison , from tart1224, from late night T.V., NOT the first Lang/Orbison video I mentioned, but wonderful just the same.
2.] HALLELULLA...K.D.LANG, from oneandonlyck
3.] BLACK COFFEE...K.D.LANG with Grover Washington jr., from leoshephard
4.] SORRY SEEMS TO BE THE HARDEST WORD...K.D. LANG with Elton John, from kdlangvideos

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Billie Jean Is Not My Lover

I'd never heard of this group before today, they're called HONEYWAGON, and their site HERE..but, by the end of their cover of MICHAEL JACKSON's 'Billie Jean'...I was tapping my toes and humming right along.  Hope I hear more of these guys, I found the video was interesting and fun.
As soon as BARTLETT gets home I'm gonna show him this. Jan
Found this at Monte Willis ON YOUTUBE. This is what it says :Uploaded on Aug 27, 2010
This band is the bomb! Do your self a favor and go download their album RIGHT NOW! They are blowing up.

Volkswagen's The People's Car Project: Hover Car

This is cool. A car that flys, from China [with sub-titles]. Found this at Proximitycn HOVER CAR on YOUTUBE.
More on this Hover CAR:
 1.] Making of theVolkswagan's Hover Car, found on Proximitycn
2.] Floating Car, found at NMANewsDirect
3.] Volkswagon's Levitating Car, from

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Rehearsing Today For Private Gig This Sunday

WALTERs BIRTHDAY CD Cover, see link
Today's another cool rehearsal day for the BARTLETT's. Because, for the next four days BARTLETT ON BASS will be playing and rehearsing with his music friends. AND, this Sunday, February 10th...He's  gotta big Private gig in Belfair, WA. with his music buddy,..The music instructor MIKE KARNES/guitar/bass, and  the atomic clock, ANDRE/congas...and, now WOW... maybe, their friend amazing SUNNY LOUDIN/vocals, will be there too, says Karnes. Steve's really looking forward to the gig. And, who wouldn't be. She's fantastic. They all are... Mike, Steve and Andre are very amazing too.
More of our music news: Tomorrow, Thursday night, BARTLETT meets with the bass jedi, that's JEFF MORGAN in Tacoma. So, it's the best on bass tomorrow night. He always comes home smiling when he sees THE BASS JEDI. For my story about The Bass Jedi/Jeff Morgan go.HERE
On Friday, song writer TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals from WALTERs BIRTHDAY Emailed Steve...hoping that all the guys from their band called WALTERs BIRTHDAY could meet again at Tod's 'Dream Acres' in McKenna, WA. for some fun. We both love that awesome band...sure Tod...let's do it. Members of WALTERs BIRTHDAY are TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums, my Steve BARTLETT ON BASS, and song writer JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals.
Here's a video of WALTERs BIRTHDAY, that's featuring TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals singing, 'Friend Of The Devil', found at .LiqdSoulCoffee on YOUTUBE. Recorded at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna, WA. on Aug. 28th, 2010.

Rehearsal line up for today, Feb. 6th, 2013. From YOUTUBE.
1.] Cold Sweat...James Brown, found at mpontvww 
2.] No Can Do...Live From Daryl's House, found at fm6ct
3.] What Does It Take...Jr. Walker And The All Stars, found at ClassicPerformances2
4.] The Biggest Part Of Me...Ambrosia, found at clj29360
5.] Chain Lightening...Steely Dan, found at Phil Hall
6.] Soulful Strut....Young Holt Unlimited, found at oldies55
7.] Valdez In The Country....Cold Blood, found at negriljerry
8.] Night Life....Ray Price, found at Gatorrock787
9.] Compared To What...Roberta Flack, found at KozmicDung
10] Fantasy...Earth, Wind Fire, found at rovingeye2

BARTLETT Thought THE BEATLES At Rehearsal Was Very Interesting

by oddsock cc
O.K. This morning we watch an interesting video on YOUTUBE, at pixaninny. It's called 'The Beatles: Get Back Rehearsal'...Steve BARTLETT ON BASS was amazed and commented "Gee look...They just hacked it out like everybody else...Rehearsals' didn't just come out flowing."...So. looks like THE BEATLES were just like everyone else folks. If you're having a rough rehearsal..that's the way it's suppose to be. Now, I understand. Jan
Here's THE BEATLES in rehearsal.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

RICHARD The THIRD Found Just Laying Around In A Parking Lot

Do you read that magazine called GIZMODO.Com ? Well, they have  lotsa really cool kinda weird stories. that I really enjoy reading. Check them out. O.K?
For example, this story 'bout RICHARD THE know, that King in England...who's been dead for 'bout 500 years or so...THAT Richard the Third. His skeleton was found under a parking lot....WOW. I wonder... How'd a very cool country like England, you know where musicians like THE BEATLES and THE ROLLING STONES came from...miss a whole King's skeleton and all? AND, for so many years too? The post just doesn't say.
BUT, lucky for the lost King RICHARD THE THIRD, there's lots of cool scientists in England, that have some pretty cool machines and tests. AND said  that "beyond reasonable doubt."  that skeleton is the King's...Thank you. Jan
For more on this story, go HERE, or HERE, or HERE

GLORIA ESTEFAN's Story A Broadway Musical?

'OLE....i just saw online that one of my favorite singers...Cuban born GLORIA ESTEFAN and husband Emilio are planning to write a musical based on their thirty year music and personal relationship. Of course, they hope it's a BIG Broadway too
 Grammy Award Winners, Gloria and Emilio Estefan were both born in Cuba. And, as they stated recently,..."We are very excited to share this story, which is based on hope, determination and the belief that with hard work and passion, our dreams can become our reality. Our music has been a true reflection of who we are, where we came from and the journey that has brought us to where we are today,"
Their music and style has influenced the music careers of many recording artists, including JENNIFER LOPEZ, JON SECADA, SHAKIRA and RICKY MARTIN....muchas gracias. For more about the Estefan's planned musical....go HERE or HERE.
I found 'Oya Mi Canto' on YOUTUBE, at GloriaEstefanVEVO   ...what a beautiful voice AND it makes me wanna just get up  get up and dance, that's all...Yeah.. this is what it says about the video..."Uploaded on Oct 2, 2009Music video by Gloria Estefan performing Oye Mi Canto. (C) 1989 Sony BMG Music Entertainment".

Sunday, February 03, 2013

GREEN ONIONS By Booker T And The MGs,

Go Go Boots by glokbell cc
The video's from a '60s T.V. program called  HOLLYWOOD A GO GO, or HERE, or HERE, or HERE..remember GO GO BOOTs...still have mine, their white...See my story about 1960s fashions HERE.. Anyway, this is BOOKER T AND THE MGs, see my story on their bassman Donald Duck Dunn HERE. The band's doing a tune called 'Green Onions'.
By the way,..I [Jan] love recipes and gardening too, not just music...So, here's a cool post on how to grow green onions forever,...just neverending green onions...with a cool recipe too. Go HERE, It's from a site called '17 Apart'. The below video's from YOUTUBE at Ken Patterson This is what it says at the video..." Uploaded on Nov 1, 2006
Here is a clip that is not too often seen. From a 16mm kinescope this is the complete "performance" with introduction by host Sam Riddle. Note the group is not performing live, but it's always great to hear this classic piece. Hollywood a Go Go was a one hour music program produced by the RKO General "flagship" station in Los Angeles, KHJ. Material PD, copyright lapsed."

Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Truth, Whole Truth AND Nothin' But The...You Know..Truth

cheriejoyful cc
I know, I know his isn't music...BUT, It's lotsa fun...isn't it? So, get a BIG laugh with us...watching this 7 year old kid just tell the truth..the whole truth..well maybe not the whole truth. O.K?
Found this video on YOUTUBE at JimmyKimmelLive. It's called JIMMY KIMMELL LIE DETECTIVE #1.... this is part of what it says: "Jimmy Kimmel Live's YouTube channel features clips and recaps of every episode from the late night TV show on ABC...Subscribe for clips from the monologue, the interviews, and musical performances every day of the week. Watch your favorite parts again, or catch-up on any episodes you may have missed
Subscribe:"....Sounds like a fun idea to sign up to me...H'bout you?
Enjoy this video....Jan

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