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Monday, February 28, 2011


Photo  by eflon cc
I found this really cool story online [ABC NEWS, link below.] today...It's about this beautiful 92 year old lady pianist named MADAME THAI THI LIEN. She lives in Hanoi, Vietnam. Her love of music was so great...OK..Classic Western-type Music that is, she risked her life and limb to keep that-type of music going in her country way back in 1965 in her own music school. Cool.
 AND, now the people of Viet Nam are creating  the country's first professional concert hall , AND, she's being honored. YAY!
This is some of the reasons why she really deserves the way cool honor: well, she did the impossible...well, almost impossible.
Just read this:
1. She just loved the piano, and was a trained  in western classic music.
2. She decided to teach her beloved music in Viet Nam back in 1965...remember that's when the Viet Nam war was going on  in her country.
3. She saved her sixty upright pianos by hauling them out of Hanoi to Bac Giang Province by train...that was like the next state or something...then, those pianos were 'dragged' about 8 miles further or so...THEN, put on some carts and, pulled by some water buffalo and that's not all, they were then carried by hand, by her students the rest of the way into the 'school' huts ..where there was no electricity or running water in the jungles of course, but, NOT the continual bombing from the Americans, that they had to get away from.
Madame Lien, could teach other smaller musical instraments to her then 400 students in the mud bunkers at her music school...but, the pianos were too big to fit down there. The piano students had to take cover when hearing the sirens, telling them that the American B-52 bombers were heading their way. AND,  some of her students refused to stop their practice and continued the playing. 'What?'.... Luckily, the school or village were never hit.
OK, let me take a breather here....this is AMAZING stuff.
 I now remember, how 'I' thought a 30 minute piano practice in a nice warm safe house was a terrible hardship back in '65...cause I might miss a snack or some of my many favorite T.V. programs.
I was spoiled...just plain spoiled.
Not only does this Lady...Madame Lien deserve a do ALL her students! Says I. [Jan].
This is a fasinating story about some very determined musicians. Go to ABC NEWS and read the whole thing. OK? Thought you might like this story....proving, once again, that musicans  ARE ALL very brave. Jan
I'm posting a video from Youtube. It's from 1969, from EDWIN STARR...It's 'WAR'. Posted by

Keep Your Phones At Home....P-L-E-A-S-E

This is a fun video. It says it all. SMILE. Jan

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Who Would'a Ever Thought? 'This Is Our Pirate Captain....MARTIN!!!!!'

Photo by William Qian cc
This is soooo funny. I found this guessed it....FACEBOOK. It's a photo by WILLIAM QIAN in Shanghai...China. It's a photo of my son [Jan's], MARTIN JOHN BARELA 34, who teaches English in China. He's Student Activities Coordinator at Shanghai University....Studied Theatre Arts at Western Washington University. Lives in Shanghai, China .
This is how he teaches English and it works. Cool.
It gives me a BIG SMILE....'cause Martin took Drama in college, and Chinese as a second language....'Where was he EVER gonna use THAT?'
Here's Mr Qian's photo and read the caption below....[yep,That's my boy, my dear son, Martin. Love you, Mom. Thank you William Qian. Jan.]
This is what it says.... From Mr. Qian's page on Facebook.."  From Mr Qian....This is our Pirate Captain-------MARTIN!!!!! (Notice: THE highlight is: Naked turkey~~~)
From Martin to William Qian...'That's my parrot, pirates have parrots... I made it out of a rubber chicken. It honks when you squeeze it.'
P.S. My cool  daughter CRYSTAL's 36 and Steve's son JAME'S is 37. We're so lucky.
I'll post a video of 'CHINA GROVE'  by 'The Doobie Brothers. 1973.. It'll be from Youtube, posted by

MY Very Own Local Live Music Report/Local Community Events For This Week

Singing Baby. Photo by unknown cc
It's Sunday, time for my local live music report for this week. Well guys, it's been a very cool week. Lots of cool stuff happening all over the place. So, let's get right to it then...... First, of course, is that bluzzzz lady herself Ol' SHELLY ELY..her jam's tonight, you know..Been to her FACEBOOK page already this morning, and nothin's posted yet today. But, it's very early Sunday morning, ....eleven...she was 'probly' singin' late last that's cool. I'll let her sleep in.
I'll just go over here and quietly tell ya about 'nother really cool lady in this area....MERRI PETERSON SUTTON/music photographer. She's a friend of Shell's too and I first met her through Shelly. She creates fantastic cool music photos. Lots of places online have posted her comments,.. and her photos are on FACEBOOK and 'probly' other places as well...HERE for Facebook. Go check her out. She's a musician, that likes and talks about THE FABULOUS WAILERs on FACEBOOK a lot....they are another  extremely cool music group from this area. I agree..Yes,They ARE just Fabulous! Go HERE. Steve and I both just love them.
OK., We'd better get back to my live music stuff. THE SHELLY ELY JAM is tonight, Sunday, February 27th, that's at 7 pm UNCLE SAMs BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway. There's DYLAN LANNY ENGLAND/drums...he was playing naked last week, who knows this week. I'd go check it out ladies, if I were you. TERRY JAE/bass, that's Shell's regular bass Maybe, JHO BLENIS/guitar? He's a good friend of Shelly', I'm guessing/hoping.. I just know Jho'd like to be there, even if he's, maybe. ...just maybe..pretty please with sugar on top.... AND, SHELLs singin'. It'll be a great jam everyone, bring your axe, have a beer and check it out. Address: 16003 Pacific Ave. Spanaway WA. 253-507-7808.
On Thursday's UNCLE SAMs always have THE JERRY MILLER BAND. They have a new web page. So, the guys in the band with Jerry Miller at the helm, are Darin Williams on drums, Kim Workman on Bass and Tom Murphy/drums.... this is from the new web site. So, looks like there's been some changes in this band.
LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna. Hopefully some cool stuff happening this past week for MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals that I'm not allowed to report on now...when I can, I will. On Thursdays, there's always an OPEN MIC hosted by David Wayne at Liquid Soul, begins at 6pm. Next Saturday, March 4th the THE MARTIN SALINAS BAND 8 just says 5 piece, that's all I know for sure. Hoping Martin will call me this week and let me know more. Call 360/400-soul if you need an update about Friday's gig. OK? It's always fun at Liquid Soul, sometimes a $5.00 cover...and well worth it, when it's great live music, in my way of thinking. Jan
Well, KENNY WILLIAMSON/drums sent me a cool true story this week about OLD People...what? Just because I had a birthday this week...AND, that's not my fault Kenny. It is was a funny story, please go HERE to read it. He's [Kenny] working with his jazz group NO BOXES this week, I bet. No gigs reported.
WILLOUGHBYs RESTUARANT AND LOUNGE in Yelm. THUNDERHAWK does Karaoke this week end. No live music reported. They still have those dance cages.
THE MANDOLIN CAFE in Tacoma. Every Sunday night, RUSS HARRIS/congas/harp helps DENNY FOREMAN AND FRIENDS with an OPEN MIC, that's at 6 pm. Get there at 5:30 to sign in. OK? Russ really likes Tal Wilkenfeld's bass playing, just like Steve, go HERE.. And I've heard also Kenny WilliamSon/drums talking highly of her too. Well, I guess WE ALL love that little lady's bass playing. Check her out HERE. The Mandolin's fun. Take your axe and support all this live music in our area. We really are blessed with lots of fine musicians in this area, folks.
RAMTHAs SCHOOL OF ENLIGHTENMENT in Yelm. Ramtha's Q + A for  Friday, 3/4 has been cancelled.
STEVE BARTLETT/BARTLETT ON BASS...Steve's been working on the music for that KIDs MUSICAL WORKSHOP, coming up on Saturday, March 5th, with MIKE KARNES ....well, just look it's next Saturday...NEXT SATURDAY!...YIKES!...time gos by really fast sometimes, when I'm not paying close enough attention. Doesn't it?...WOW!...WELL, WE'D or I'D or SOMEONE'D BETTER GET GOIN' THEN [raising my one working arm in the air hysterically...waving it wildly]....ITs A MUSIC WORKSHOP FOR, don't you grown ups try to fool, ol' Mike and Steve...they're pretty darn sharp..those two. I know, I know... IT'S GONNA BE GOOD...with that world class mystery vocallist and all. but, P-L-E-A-S-E try and give those little kids a head start will ya? No  fair pushin', you guys.
 I know..... Steve's meeting again with Mike tomorrow...I'll get ALL the details and post them right away...Mike's setting it all up and I forgot to 'ask' my sweet Steve tell me more...Whoops.
That cool band that Steve plays in...WALTERs BIRTHDAY, will be finishing up JON BARONI's keyboard parts this week end, if the weather's doesn't cause any more road problems. st_robert, the neat recording artist guy, sometimes has trouble gettin' 'round in the snow. So, the CD will be ready soon. YAY.  Cool. I can't wait. Jan
Remember, If you're a musician, band or club owner in my area, and want your live music event included on my Live Music Report. Please send your gig info. at for review. I will review and post the very best gigs and live music events in the area Thanks for reading my report and supporting live music. 'Jan'...JA ROSE-BARTLETT.
Listen to those FABULOUS WAILERS here. This is called 'Dirty Robber'. It was posted on Youtube by


Friday, February 25, 2011


Photo  by cc
Look what I found posted on FACEBOOK by RUSS HARRIS/congas/harp this afternoon. Well, it's a very cool video of JEFF BECK and BILLY GIBBINS doin' 'FOXY LADY' by Jimi. It's cool...but, there's EVEN more, Russ and Steve BOTH love TAL WILKENFELDs bass playin', I thought, I'd just invite Russ and Tal over for some cold, left-over, birthday Kentucky fried/original from eariler this week. Doesn't that sound great?
From FACEBOOK.....
From Russ...J.a. Rose, Cool Russ...Wow, Tal's your girlfriend...Steve just loves her bass playin'...she's so cool...what cha doin' this week end anyway? Why don't you guys both drop by...I'm sure we have some cold Kentucky Fried, original--- left from my cool birthday a few days'll be fun. Jan
From Russ to me....Russ Harris, Oh Jan, bless your heart girl. Tal is in my world of the "wish" status. If she only knew I existed. I was just kidding....Tal's young, and talented, and I also am a big fan of hers. You're so sweet Jan. I sure hope to see you guys down the ...road. I'm due for a Shelly Jam appearance, my Sunday's nights have been taken by the Mandolin Cafe's obligation. Maybe I can play hookie one Sunday night and meet you guys at Sam's, Steve is probably due for a Shelly Blues Jam visit as well.
Warm regards and Peace.............Russ
Sounds like Russ is alittle tied up this time. He's hostin' THE DENNY FOREMAN & FRIENDs with Denny, OPEN MIC at THE MANDOLIN CAFE on Sunday's.....6 pm, sign up 5:30. But,  looks like we'll all hook up really soon at THE SHELLY ELY JAM  also on Sunday's, but starts at 7 pm at UNCLE SAMs BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway. Cool.  Jan
I found a video of JEFF BECK, BILLY GIBBINS and TAL WILKENFELD doing 'Foxy Lady' on Youtube. It was posted by

Hit The Road Jack...AND Don't Ya Come Back...No More...Not You Ray

Here's an OLD song ...and cool too. 'Hit The Road Jack' and don't cha come more. We love ya Ray Charles. Jan

What Do Ya Mean...There's No One Available?...True Story, Fom Kenny WilliamSon

Photo  by Dottie Mae cc
Hey, everyone KENNY WILLIAMSON/drums just sent me a true story 'bout OLD people. 'Probly' 'cause he heard about my 61st birthday eariler this week. Ya wanna hear his story? OK. Cool.
Here's the Email from Kenny. Thanks Kenny.

George Phillips, an elderly man, from Meridian, Mississippi, was going up to bed, when his wife told him that he'd left the light on in the garden shed, which she could see from the bedroom window. George opened the back door to go turn off the light, but saw that there were people in the shed stealing things.
He phoned the police, who asked "Is someone in your house?"
He said "No," but some people are breaking into my garden shed and stealing from me.
Then the police dispatcher said "All patrols are busy. You should lock your doors and an officer will be along when one is available."
George said, "Okay."
He hung up the phone and counted to 30. Then he phoned the police again..
"Hello; I just called you a few seconds ago because there were people stealing things from my shed.. Well, you don't have to worry about them now because I just shot and killed them both, the dogs are eating them right now." and he hung up.
Within five minutes, six Police Cars, a SWAT Team, a Helicopter, two Fire Trucks, a Paramedic, and an Ambulance showed up at the Phillips' residence, and caught the burglars red-handed.
One of the Policemen said to George, "I thought you said that you'd shot them!"
George said, "I thought you said there was nobody available!"
(True Story) I LOVE IT!
Don't mess with old people.
Live well, laugh often, and love much!!!"
Photo by upturnedface cc
You know Kenny,..... that remind's me Steve called the police just this very week, 'cause the neighbor's dog was eatin' some of our prise chickens.....AND, They [police] told us there was 'no one available'...those were their VERY words...AND, we fell for it!....THANKS, we now know what to say NEXT TIME. Love, Jan

'MORNING HAS BROKEN...Like The First Morning'

Yursef Islam, photo by Simon Fernandez Music Photographer cc
OK , This morning was just snowed 2 days ago in Yelm. The morning light was just hitting the tree tops in back of our house when I woke. As I looked out the window as Steve put on my socks/shoes and helped/lifted me outta bed , that cool, old CAT STEVENs tune 'Morning Has Broken'...came into my mind. I wondered...'What's happening with Cat Stevens? or Yusuf? That's his name now...'YURSEF ISLAM'. I'll check on him today when I get online. 'Cause I just loved him and his music way back in the '70s. You too? Cool.
BOY, I'm glad I did this morning. His latest song is called 'MY PEOPLE', and it just came out. It was inspired by those changes happening in the Arab world. It's all about change and freedom. Those kinda tunes are all cool in my book, they remind me of the civil rights movement with MARTIN LUTHER KING jr., and CEASAR/CESAR CHAVEZ for Hispanics in the 60s and 70s....WOW..that's when I WAS a Chicana, and married to Ernesto...that was MY music. Guess, I'll always be a 'flower-child at heart. Cool. 
Go to RIZ CHAN.... HERE to see a music clip of Yursef's new tune. AND, hear Cat/Yursef talk about his life and views. I especially enjoyed the video...maybe you will too. Jan
I've just gotta post 'MORNING HAS BROKEN' by Cat Stevens. I found this on YouTube posted by  

Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Motown Please....Please, .Pass Me The Motown

Photo by Howard N2GOT cc
OK, this is cool stuff., I've always liked Motown...guess what?...SMOKEY ROBINSON is giving a concert tonight, February 24th, 2011....for guess who?..the President....yea, the President of the United States of America..THAT President....way cool Smokey Robinson..
 At the White House, They're celebrating Motown for Black History Month...'what a good idea', says I, [Jan]. and Smokey likes it too. Here's what he said,.“I am overjoyed.”. Obama and the first lady, Michelle like it,..... so it's a GO. It's gonna be called, “Motown Sound: In Performance at the White House” .  A whole bunch of people will be there [in the White House tonight]. The concert will feature Smokey, but that's not all.... Sheryl Crow, John Legend, Jamie Foxx and even more musicians and entertainers also. Cool...have fun everyone.  Jan

I've posted SMOKEY ROBINSON AND THE MIRACLES...'You Really Got A Hold On Me'. Found it on YOUTUBE, posted by

'Well, That's Using Your Head'...An Amazing Trick

Well I guess so...those Chinese-guys know how to use their cool. Thanks guys, you put us all to shame. Jan

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

FREE iTUNES When We Fly Southwest....Cool?... A Big Maybe

Photo by smemon87 cc
Well, I guess it's back to 'the ol' grind', that my fantastic birthday is over. What a great day I had yesterday...thanks everyone!
But, then I could be jokin', just funnin' with you my dear friends. The closest I get to 'the ol' grind' is my very cool fresh roasted Liquid Soul Coffee each morning. AND,.... Steve grind's it for AND serves it to me...WOW! Do I have an easy life or what? It's just plain cool. Ain't it?
This morning, I read this music news online, that Southwest Airlines are now giving ALL of us...FREE access to iTunes during our flights...Wow...That's very cool, having some FREE music when we fly...Well, thank you Southwest. that's very kind of you.
For a limited time only...what? oh-no...we go to their website HERE and get some of their pre-selected tunes...then..what,... Southwest? THEN, we can buy lottsa other music and stuff. Southwest gets just a's a very teeny-weeny amount each time you buy something [you won't even notice it, it's so very small]...that's all there is to it.
Well, now we all know...check it out for yourself. OK? Jan
I'm posting that video from Julia and Angus know 'BIG JET PLANE'...I know, I know I've posted it before,'s only one day after My birthday...give me alittle time to get back into it. This was posted on YOUTUBE by

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WOW!..... A 7 Day Cruise For My Birthday?.... Thanks Jon Baroni

Thanks JON, photo by unknown cc

WOW! Today's my [Jan] birthday, received lots of wonderful birthday greetings already.... and the day's just beginning...Cool.
One of the first things I found this morning, was from old friend, recording artist.. JON BARONI/keys/vocals/harp was 'A 7 DAY CRUISE' well, a chance to win a 7 day/night cruise...WOW Jon, you shouldn't have...Really. Just look at the photo folks. He shouldn't have....
Here's some of the exciting details about our trip. Just look, will ya?
Read here....'It's on the fabulous new Gypsy Queen Cruise Line ship, The ' Dixie Belle'. All airfares, transfers, food and drinks included - with dinner at the Captain's table as his personal guest
Drinks too. Wow Photo by unknown cc
Good luck, I hope you win!' well, thanks Jon hope I do too...It looks,... just looks fabulous, doesn't it guys?
But, that's not all people...Steve just sang me a wonderful birthday tune, adapted for this very special 61st Birthday! I think it was sung first by one of my favorite bluzzz guys MUDDY WATERs. But, BUDDY GUY  just does it best in my way of thinking. I'll post it at the end of this post, the BUDDY GUY version, hope you like it...if you want to sing along . it's really easy...just replace '19' with '61'....that's all there is to, thanks Steve. How thoughtful of you. And, we're having my big fav.... Kentucky Fried....original tonight. What a cool day! Just perfect, in fact.
AND, so many birthday well-wishers on FACEBOOK this morning....Thanks you guys. I'm gonna try and list you here. But, remember...these wishes are coming in fast and furious, and I only have one finger on one hand AND, am writing as fast I possibly can...Here's some of  my very favorite friends on FACEBOOK....Martin John Barela and Rose - my son and his soon to be bride the lovely Rose...AND a call from Shanghai early this morning too, ,Silvia Nilges, Linda Hoyle, Jeni Gray, Russ Harris, Dawn Emilia Young...with music!,Mary McPage, Elle's Kitchen, Marshall Lawrence, Gordon Grobelny, Sharon Bradshaw, Daniel Varela, Scott Ercoliani, Nicteha Rubio Marquez, Carrie Lyphardt, Merri Peterson Sutton, Oris Peña, Christopher Chrisroq Chasse, Russ Harris, Annie Mccandlis, Shakti Rana, Mark Louderback, Nicole Berthelette, Victoria Rosenfeld, Ruthanne Chadwick, Kimberly Van Every, Deb Andersen, Jeff Wallace, Ross Stump, Derrik Jackson, Jan Hazelton, Janet Angelier Steele, Tay Cuéllar, Shelly Ely, Carol Rose, Sweets Food/Gera, Tamborine Borrelli, Kathleen really cool, favorite twin sister, that's 2 years younger than me, Crystal lovely daughter,, Satora Oswald, Jessica Myron...Steve's son, Jame's  lovely sweetheart, Brigitte Silberhorn Tomassini, Marella Ouwekerk, Michelle Jones., Terra Jean      ....and on and on it gos...thanks everyone. Jan----------------------------
BUDDY GUY doing 'She's nineteen years old', found on JCVdude. On YOUTUBE . This is what it says:"Uploaded on Jun 11, 2010
BUDDY GUY 'She's Nineteen Years Old' LIVE on TOUR. Buddy Guy it seems is always on tour, from Myrtle Beach to Europe keep an eye out and see his live shows, amazing.....Category Travel & Events,  License Standard YouTube License".
AND,...Here's a place to but tickets to see BUDDY GUY live gig...Feb.19th, 2013 with JONNY LANG...WOW. Don't wanna miss that. Jan

Monday, February 21, 2011

BUMP KITCHEN....Now, That's Cooking...And, My Darn Drum Machine

BUMP KITCHEN LOGO from their site. cc
OK, well thought I'd tell ya what's going on with one of my [Jan] very favorite groups in this area...BUMP KITCHEN, they're right along side ANYTHING that Shelly Ely sings in. Love ya Shell. There are many wonderful musicians in this area...I'm so blessed. I'll get to you guys later. OK?
You know, BUMP KITCHENs been 'round for awhile. I'll check this out for sure, and give you the FACTS...before I'm done here though. OK?
I first met EVERETT JAMES/drums/band leader of BUMP KITCHEN...years ago, when I was playing percussion/vocals with my then boy friend, STEVE BARTLETT/bass/guitar/vocals, BRUCE A. SMITH/guitar/vocals and BRUCE HANEY/harp at local area events, that kinda stuff.
I was in love with the very cool bass guy, and loved music but never really enjoyed being on stage. BUT, this was about BUMP KITCHEN, wasn't it?...Well, let me tell ya...they're just plain C-O-O-L.
EVERETT JAMES/drums teaches percussion, of course, and I was getting more and more physically 'awkward', let's say. [M.S. stuff]. This is 'round 2004-5? And, I decided  to look at an 'electric drum machine'....BIG Bummer...I had quite an attitude at the time, and felt like I was just plain playing A MACHINE,...'Oh how awful.'... But, because my arms and hands were becoming harder to use/move. I went and looked at one. Mr. James kindly assisted me, never letting me feel ashamed for using a machine ....and I ended up bringing that darn drum machine home. He then and there became one of my favorite HEROS.  Later, when I was unable to use even that darn machine...I sold it...I remember loudly sobbing, at the time, those great big sobs.. Thanks for helping me Everett James. Music has always brought lots of joy to my heart. Jan
Again, we 'bumped' :-D into BUMP KITCHEN a couple of years ago. When Steve was performing in the group called BE HEAR. That was with the beautiful CARA POWERS or CLARKE/vocals, STEFAN ABUAN/guitar/vocals, KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drums and STEVE BARTLETT/bass/vocals. It was a private party AND we were honored musical guests [A club owner's Christmas gift and thank you]. Cool. BUMP KITCHEN were performing for us. Wow! A dream come true. Did they make everyone feel special...I loved it.... EVERETT JAMES/drums went around the room , talking to folks at the break. He shook my hand, introduced himself, never recognizing me. I hurried over to Cara and introduced him to her, and walked away as fast as possible. I then realized, I had physically changed a lot,  'Why did I ever think he would possibly remember me'?
That's my story. BUMP KITCHEN are wonderful, take a listen. You'll like them.
 I am at home now, but watch their videos on YOUTUBE and really enjoy what they do. Jan
Here's a link to CD BABY....Buy their Stuff HERE.
This a YOUTUBE video of the group BUMP KITCHEN, doing 'Put Your Head Right Here'. It was posted by

Here's another BUMP KITCHEN 'Put Your Head Right Here'....LIVE. From YOUTUBE, posted by pixations

Hey...Cool Wedding Dance, You Guys

Sunday, February 20, 2011

'Only Call It 'COOL SWEAT'...If It's JAMES BROWN...OK?

What's Up With This?....BARTLETTs UPCOMING EVENTS..Updated!

Steve by me [Jan]
2/28/11...OK., Well Mike just called...he thought his KIDs MUSICAL WORKSHOP for next Saturday, 3/05/11...should be postponed for awhile. Bummer. He, Steve AND that very cool mystery vocalist will be ready soon...I'll let you know more, when I know more.  But, I'm ready and so looking foreward to this soooo much..Hurry, you guys OK?.... Jan
Thank you so much for wondering what's happening with Steve and I.
Steve just finished a gig with WALTERs BIRTHDAY last week 2/18, at Liquid Soul Coffee Roaster's in McKenna. It was real cool.
He's gonna teach some bass, with MIKE KARNES doing the guitar instructing on Saturday, that's on March 5th. Those guys haven't givin' me the cost and/or location yet...What the ?? There's gonna be a mystery vocalist too. Hey, I just realized they haven't let me know very much...have they? How am I s'pose to do this anyway? I just gotta know...that's all there is to it.
Steve's meeting with MIKE again tomorrow, then I'll pry it outta him...I promise. It's called THE KIDs MUSICAL WORKSHOP..... OK, and that's about ALL I know for sure. Your friend, Jan

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy..My Local Live Music/Community Events For Today...YAY

Steve just saying 'Hi' Taken at BAR CINCO by me [Jan]

Today is Sunday, February 20th and time again for SHELLY ELYs JAM...7 pm at UNCLE SAMs BAR AND GRILL. That's in Spanaway, WA. on Pacific....So cool. Just saw Shell's post on FACEBOOK for tonight. Here it is...Ready? Me too. From Shell.. "Laurie Johnson kicking ass tonight at Uncle Sam's.. As always.. Plus Jho, Salmon Dave Cox, a naked drummer and Mr. Willit.? Hey, cool Shell...and look.... DYLAN LANNY ENGLAND /drums will be naked! That's new.. WOW!  Bet, lottsa ladies show up tonight at UNCLE SAMs. It'll be a good show, so get at Uncle Sam's early. Plus...THREE [3] more great musicians too! WOW...'when it rains it pours...huh, Shelly'. So, that's the fantastic JHO BLENIS/guitar AND Salmon DAVE COX/keys? [please forgive me Dave, we've never name is Jan and my hubby plays a fine bass guitar...and, I write about it. AND, other cool music stuff too]. OK,... Speaking of fine bass guitar...TERRY JAE/bass is up tonight in Shelly's jam ...and LAURIE JOHNSON/harp/vocals. Laurie is the fearless leader for the band 'Careless Hunter' the last time Steve and I saw her...She's always cool. It'll be a great night.
On Thursdays, it's always THE JERRY MILLER BAND  [looks like the Jerry Miller Band is starting a new web site...check it out] is playing at UNCLE SAMs, again that's 7 pm. The group members are Jerry Miller/guitar, Denny Foreman/guitar, Dave Erwin/bass, JEFF WALLACE/keyboard/violin, Allen Heath/drums, and RUSS HARRIS/congas/harp. Please send an update guys, if there's been any changes it's not on your new site yet. Thanks. Jan
Next up is LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna. Always a fun place. My wonderful hubby STEVE BARTLETT/bass played at Liquid Soul last Friday night, he's a member of  the band, WALTERs BIRTHDAY. It was a great night with a good turn out for this awesome band. Steve loved it.
On Thursday's there's an OPEN MIC hosted by David Wayne at Liquid Soul. Bring your axe down and play some. Starts at 6 pm. That's in McKenna. At the McKenna 'Y' in fact, behind BAYDOS.
That's all live music that's been reported at the Liquid Soul web page. Look at link if you like.
Now, KENNY WILLIAMSON/drums, Kenny sent me a link yesterday about Music frequency and control. Check it out HERE. Interesting ideas Kenny, thanks. No new live music to report from Kenny. Bet, he's working with his newly created jazz band called NO BOXES. Cool.
WILLOUGHBYs RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE in downtown Yelm. OK,...SHELLSHOCK doin' Karaoke this past week and, new 'Dance Cages'? What's that?? I'm I getting old or what? I've never remember ever dancing with or in cages, and I've always been real cool. Anyway, never mind that, Willoughby's got new ones [cages]. Check them out. OK.
THE MANDOLIN CAFE in Tacoma. I know each Sunday at 6 pm DENNY FOREMAN AND FRIENDS host an OPEN MIC at The Mandolin, sign up at 5:30. I found this on FACEBOOK this week, posted by THE MANDOLIN CAFE. I saved it to re-post here. From the Mandolin Cafe on FACEBOOK..." MEMO TO MUSICIANS: The submission form on the website is not working. It adds your information to our database, but does NOT generate an email to notify us of your requests to play. If you have sent a request recently or want to, email with Band Name, Website, Genre, Contact Name, Email Address & Phone Number, Desired Dates (check the calendar). Thanks! We will work on getting it fixed!". OK, now you got it...straight from the Mandolin Cafe.
Remember, tip well or buy the musician's CD at the Mandolin, musicians do NOT get paid. Get there early for parking. One of my [Jan's] favorite places to relax in Tacoma.
RAMTHAs SCHOOL of ENLIGHTNMENT in Yelm. Ramtha's Q & A + Mexico Feast for 3/4 and 3/5 has been canceled.
STEVE BARTLETT/BARTLETT ON BASS..This past week, Steve played at Liquid Soul Coffee Roaster's In McKenna. The band WALTERs BIRTHDAY played and he's their awesome bass guy. Cool Steve. It was a great turn out, lots of nice new faces showed up plus old friends and Steve really enjoyed it.
He will again be meeting with guitar/bass instructer MIKE KARNES tomorrow. Mike will be teaching the guitar stuff and my Steve will do the bass instruction for some very lucky kids on March 5th. That's at the KIDS MUSICAL WORKSHOP, that Mike and Steve have been getting ready for. Also, a very mysterious world class vocalist will be doing their thing at this awesome event. [ YAY! I know who, HINT: Starts with...just kidding I won't tell...AND, I don't wanna miss this event]. When I know more, or they let me know more, I'll post it right away...and we'll ALL know. OK? The workshop's location and price have not been given to me yet...what they worried about?...I'd never spoil any of their surprises or anything like that..would I?....come on guys...just a little hint.....pretty please..OK, P-L-E-A-S-E...with sugar on top....pause.... Well, I tried folks. I'll let you know soon, over and out for now. 'Bye'. Jan 
Remember, If you're a musician, band or club owner in my area, and want your live music event included on my Live Music Report. Please send your gig info. at for review. I will review and post the very best gigs and live music events in the area Thanks for reading my report and supporting live music. 'Jan'...JA ROSE-BARTLETT.


Photo by eviltomthai cc
1. Pre-registrations are now open. You do NOT need to pre-register to audition. All auditioners showing up on Saturday, 2/19 and Sunday, 2/20 at the Tacoma Convention Center will be seen, if they meet the eligability requirements...see HERE...first come, first seen. Doors open at 8 am, close at 7 pm. Minors need their parent's permission to audition.
2. ALL of the auditioner's supporters need to fill out registration forms and agreements as well.
3. AMERICA GOT TALENT owns all photos, tapes, audio, video etc. created at the time of the audition. Auditioners are NOT allowed to make public or discuss their auditions or use it for advertizing.
4. Today's auditions are NOT open to the public.
5. If picked, today's music talent will be required to show up in Seattle on March 2-3rd for the next level of try-outs. The public is welcome at that time.
HERE for paperwork

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Music and Color.. Don't Be Controlled..Become Aware

Photo by Life in pictures cc
OK, powerful quantum physic stuff. Today, I was sent some very interesting information on music as frequency by KENNY WILLIAMSON/drummer. Thanks Kenny.
 Using music to control behavior. Well, this really makes sense to me...By paying attention, I have seen behavior changes in folks, when different music was played or listened to. I bet, you've all seen this as well. Colors have the same kinda effect...yes, colors are frequencies too, if we think just take a moment and become aware and take off the blind folds, think about it.
When a marching band plays 'marching' music...I feel like marching...don't you?
AND, when we're get in the mood for romance....well, we turn the lights and soft music way down low, you know this stuff...etc.
'Trance-type' music or the sounds of nature [frogs, running water, especially] quiets the mind by slowing brain wave activity for meditation or hypnosis.
Hospitals and dentist offices have been using this kinda knowledge. Waiting in the 'Green' room, before a performance...the color green calms  performers down. The color 'red' and 'orange' excites people. 'Earthy-colors' tend to calm. The colors red, orange and yellow stimulate us into action.
Bugles and drums are used in war for a reason, they create power and arrouse aggressive behavior in the soldiers.
So, when you look at it and become aware of your surroundings, you know...Are we all being controlled by the frequencies of music and colors around us?...... A Big Yes!
What I say is ...'I won't be afraid of this....but, very aware of this, It's important' When we become aware of what's going on around  us we're in control and can not be controlled by others as easily. That's very cool.
P.S. My personal observation and theory, different words have different frequencies as well and create different behavior in yourself and others, choose wisely words you use in your everyday speech. Jan
Check out author Shad Helmstetter PhD for cool self-talk books.   Shad Helmstetter PhD----SELF TALK Jan
To read more about this. Check these sites out.
MUSICAL CULT CONTROL   by Leonard G Horowitz. A=440Hz “standard tuning,” and the Rockefeller Foundation’s military commercialization of music.

MUSIC OF TIME by Preston Nichols/Peter Moon. How the music industry in the '60s used music to control.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Remember WALTERs BIRTHDAY Tonight In McKenna

Just a short friendly reminder WALTERs BIRTHDAY will be performing at Liquid Soul Coffee Roasters in McKenna at 8 pm tonight. That's Friday, February 18th. It's gonna be so GOOOOOOD. See ya there. OK?
Members of this group are TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals, JON BARONI/keys/vocals/harp, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums and my hubby STEVE BARTLETT/bass/vocals.
MARTIN SALINAS and Barb will have lots great food and beverages of your liking...fresh roasted coffee, beer and wine. Kids are always welcome. There's a dance floor. Cool. Only $5.00 cover.
At the McKenna 'Y', behind BAYDOS. Phone 360/400-soul. WOW. Jan

CARLOS SANTANA Offers Signed Guitar In Auction For Noah

Photo  by Stoned59 cc
Not only is CARLOS SANTANA a genius musician with amazing talent, he's a very caring man. And, wants to help change the world for the better. He puts his money where his mouth Carlos. Thank you very much.
Recently, I read that CARLOS SANTANA offered a signed guitar for the cancer benefit auction, being held for little Noah Stout, from San Jose, CA. Noah is the 4 year old son of  musician Anthony Stout, a former MC for the music group Ozomatli. and his wife, Michelle Stout.
 A CT Scan revealed in December that Noah had a inoperable brain cancer, and was given a year to live. His parents are devastated....They have their hopes on saving Noah's life by using an experimental drug on their son. [over 90 percent of people diagnosed with the  type of brain cancer Noah has... DIPG die within 18 months, even with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, reports the National Cancer Institute.]. This drug is very expensive and not covered by the Stout's insurance. It is costing them a whopping $7,500 a month outta their own pockets. Estamated total cost $135,000.00  WOW. Jan
Contact Mark Gomez at 408-920-5869.
How to help Noah Stout
The Spread Love Benefit for Noah Stout will take place Saturday at 10 p.m. at The Quarter Note, 1214 Apollo Way, Sunnyvale.
For more information or to make a donation, visit
This is a cool video called 'The Healer' by CARLOS SANTANA and JOHN LEE HOOKER. Posted on Youtube by

How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?....Just Wondering

Thursday, February 17, 2011

'Crater Face' = Animated Love

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SMILE!.... Musicians Get FREE Stuff Here

Photo by Kansir cc
MusiCare, per Schlang's Mobile Dentists offer free dental care year around to musicians,,,,cool, that's something to really smile about.
Dentist Elliot Schlang and his team of traveling technicians are helping the  performers of the Grammys. Last month, he and his crew set up an office in the Recording Academy of Philadelphia. They treated about 20 singers, song writers and other musicians that are performing in the Grammys this year without a charge. Keeping them ALL smiling.
Thank you Doctor. that's very kind of you. Just thought you'd like to know. GREAT BIG SMILE. Jan

Read more HERE.
I posted here 'All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth'
...don't know any other 'teeth' songs. It was posted by videeeoh

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LOS LOBOS...Doin' their Stuff...'OLE'

Photo by Robotclaw666 cc
Ole'...I read the news,.LOS LOBOS are doing the music for JOHNNY DEPPs new animated movie for kids, called RANGO. It coming out on March 4th, I was so excited. BUT,. then,I heard the theme song for the movie...and am not sure what I think of it yet...wanting to love it but..??
I just love JOHNNY DEPP, and other 'LOBO' stuff, so that's not it...well, hope it grows on me. OK? Let's see. Listen HERE. What you think?...OK, I listened  to the tune few more times...kinda liking it now. See what you think.
I confess, this week, is the wedding anniversary date for my first hubby Ernesto AND also our divorce date as well. That's where I got the love of hispanic music, being a honorary 'chicana' for 23 years. Muchas gracias.
LOS LOBOS did  Ritchie Valens 'LA BAMBA' cool. and also the music for ANTONIO BANDERAS ...'CANCION DEL MARIACHI' [with Salma Hayek and Cheech Marin]. If you like spanish stuff. Check this out. Jan
CANCION DEL MARIACHI posted on Youtube by BroodingAngel

See If Your Man's For You?...OR His Phone? BE SURE..'.Testing 1-2'

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cool Gig Next Friday Night At Liquid Soul..It's .WALTERs BIRTHDAY

Photo by WALTERs BIRTHDAY/Tod Lemkuhl cc
Did ya hear? That really cool band that my Steve's in WALTERs BIRTHDAY is playing again next Friday, February 18th at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna. That's at 8 pm 'til 'round 11. Phone Martin @ 360/400-soul if you need more info about the gig. OK. Only a $5.00 cover.
Guess, EVERYONE had a fantastic time last Friday at Liquid Soul...a big, happy, dancing crowd, and, of course, thanks again to our hero neighbor STEVE HICKS/drums...who helped Steve get our 'new' old truck last week...he came to this gig and Steve said enjoyed himself. Cool.
Remember, LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs is located at the McKenna 'Y' behind BAYDOS...just one mile outside of Yelm. It's easy to find...a great place for the whole family.
Members of this band are SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums, JON BARONI/keys/vocals/harp, TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals and my sweety STEVE BARTLETT/bass. Maybe, MARTIN SALINAS will come up for a few tunes. Cool. Jan

Happy Valentine's Day...Cute Kids

Photo from link cc
Found this cute photo on Youtube. It's from a GOOGLE AD....From a charity called SOS CHILDRENs VILLAGES. Have a great day. Jan

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Local Live Music/Community Events, Stuff For Week 2/14..Meet Our 'New' Old Truck.

Photo by overthinkingme cc

Well, I just listened to BETTE MIDLER...''Never Be Your Beast of Burden', with Mick Jagger...OK Bette....we respect everone 'round here. Don't we guys? Yep. no worries.
 So, lets get started with the local live music report for this week...Of course it's Ms. Bluzzzzzz, Shelly Ely first up today 'cause her jam's tonight...each Sunday night 7 pm at UNCLE SAMs BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway, WA. Shell has nothing posted on FACEBOOK about who'll be there tonight. She did jam with BILLY SHEW this week at DAWSONs last Thursday in Tacoma....OK, then, let's see.hummmmm, I'm on my own... I know,.. it's DYLAN LANNY ENGLAND/drums with TERRY JAE/bass at THE SHELLY ELY JAM....that's cool. And beautiful SHELLY ELY sings really cool, so that's covered too. That leaves the guitar guy...don't worry..there's no problem...Shell gets great guitar guys to play at HER, it'll be fun. We just have to show up... a really GOOD time is guaranteed....way cool.
Next, on Thursdays it's THE JERRY MILLER BAND at UNCLE SAMs, with his great group of musicians. Jerry Miller/guitar, Denny Foreman/guitar, Dave Erwin/bass, JEFF WALLACE/keyboard/violin, Allen Heath/drums, and RUSS HARRIS/congas/harp.
All this week a cancer benefit is going on at UNCLE SAMs for BANDIDO PADRE. Check it HERE. THE TIM HALL BANDs performing and lots of great musicians helping out. Cool. Go see great live music at UNCLE SAMs each week.
 LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna. Last Friday, the 11th, my hubby was a part of a fantastic bunch of musicians called WALTERs BIRTHDAY. This band rocks!...and is so cool. A large crowd showed up for the event...AND, everyone went home smiling...the crowd, the band and MARTIN SALINAS, owner of Liquid Soul. So, they decided to do it again.... they're doin' it again next Friday night, February 18th at 8 pm at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna. WALTERs BIRTHDAY February 18th....come on down to join in the fun. Only $5.00 cover...what a deal for GREAT live music. This a cool family place, so bring the whole welcome. There's a dance floor and beer and wine too, along with fresh roasted coffee, soups, sandwiches, desserts, that kinda thing.
 And, each Thursday night at LIQUID SOUL, it's OPEN MIC hosted by David Wayne. Begins at 6 pm to 9 pm. Go have a fantastic time on Thursday nights. Have any questions, just call Martin at 360/400-soul. Location, you know, is at the McKenna 'Y' behind BAYDOS.
This week,KENNY WILLIAMSON sent in a really cool old photo from a BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE concert in 1975. Kenny, you look awesome...really cool. Check the photo out HERE, and see if you Kenny-cool photo.
 No live music reported from Kenny for this next week. Bet he's still organizing his jazz group called NO BOXES. Wonderful stuff.
WILLOUGHBYs RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE in Yelm. Nothing new to report.
 Now, THE MANDOLIN CAFE in Tacoma. DENNY FOREMAN AND FRIENDS host an OPEN MIC each Sunday at 6 pm, sign up at 5:30. I always have to get there early for parking, so, that's what I recommend. Tasty original soups and sandwiches at The Mandolin Cafe each week.
RAMTHAs SCHOOL of ENLIGHTENMENT Live-streaming 3 guest speakers during Blue College this week. 2011 home study program now available.
 STEVE BARTLETT/BARTLETT ON BASS My Steve's playing this next Friday night 2/18, at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna, he's the bassman for WALTERs BIRTHDAY. It'll be another great night of live music. Members of this band are TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums, JON BARONI/keys/vocals/harp and STEVE BARTLETT/bass/vocals. See you there.
 Steve will be meeting friend, MIKE KARNES tomorrow 2/14, they're still organizing that fantastic KIDs MUSICAL WORKSHOP for March 5th. Mike will teach the guitar stuff, Steve will give the bass instruction for some very lucky kids. Also, a vocalist will join the group for lots of fun. Cool.
 And, I want to especially thank our neighbor STEVE HICKS/drums...who let Steve borrow his van quicky, in kinda an emergency, so Steve could rush to Shelton and, put money down on our new 'old' truck....with a camper just for me [the old hippie, Jan]. Brave Steve then, risked life and limb + hitch-hicked to Shelton the next day and got the truck home...HURRAY! Many friends offered to help us when we were 'carless',many thanks to friends Shelly Ely and Jon Baroni for their offers.
 Oh, what kinda truck you ask...Well,it's a really cool 1970 Chevy Camper Special...'350...something'. It's a big white truck.
Phillip, our mechanic, was here yesterday, getting it in top shape...Thanks Phillip.
I'm now learning to get 'into' the truck...the camper is for an advanced 'camper' LOL ....So, no problem...I should get it straight away. SMILE and WAVE. Jan
If you're a musician, band or club owner in my area, and want your live music event included on my Live Music Report. Please send your gig info. at for review. I will review and post the very best gigs and live music events in the area Thanks for reading my report and supporting live music. 'Jan'...JA ROSE-BARTLETT.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some Good ETTA...'Something's Gotta Hold Of Me'.

1979 Official State Song GEORGIA ON MY MIND By Cool Ray Charles

Image by Luiz Fernando / Sonia Maria cc
Did ya know this?
 In 1979, Ray Charles's cool version of GEORGIA ON MY MIND became Georgia's state song. Charles sang and recorded the tune in 1960.  Well O.K, while Willie Nelson, Etta Fitzgerald and Michael Bolton also took a stabs at it..., Ray Charles's recording was always the best in my book. I alway think of this song when I think of Ray Charles. You? [Jan].
In 1979,Charles' version of of the song shot to number one on the Billboard pop charts also number three on the R&B charts.
I found this video of GEORGIA ON MY MIND By Ray Charles on YouTube. Posted by worldmusicHE777

Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Woman In Love With Her BASSMAN...Imelda May..'Johnny Got A Boom-Boom'

This is one of my [Jan] favorite artists...Imelda May...I love 'BIG BAD HANDSOME MAN'...about her bassman...AND, this tune 'Johnny Got A Boom-Boom'...Cool, I understand completely.... go girl....Here's Imelda May. Jan
Posted on Youtube by oprez

Thursday, February 10, 2011

'Two Tuff Cookies' For Over 20 Years...Steve Bartlett And Jon Baroni History...

Jon Baroni at Tenino
A few years back, Steve's long-time friend, JON BARONI....told me [Jan] he was gonna create a musical group called 'TUFF COOKIES', made up of just Steve and Jon. Cool Jon. Both you cool cookies.... you 'tuff' guys.
Steve and Jon have been in so many cool music projects together over the last 20 years. Here's a list of a few...hope I remember most of them. OK?
 Here gos.... At least, 20 years ago, Steve met Jon...they performed together in a group with  RON REID/congas/percussion, STEVE BARTLETT/bass and JON BARONI/keys/vocals...there also was a female singer in the group, I think at the and a Canadian guitarist, who packed his bags and returned home saying...'he didn't want to end up like Steve' . [NOTE:Steve has difficulty remembering names and, these are all as approximate as I can get, from listening to him. I help Steve remembering recent stuff, that's my job in our marriage. SMILE.Jan]. Steve said at that in those early days, Steve and Jon were friends with recording engineer FOREVER FIELDS. Steve lived at Forever's in a tent, with a bag of potatoes for food...Jon teases Steve about that time, in his song 'GREENCHAIN AGAIN' [lyrics: 'I don't Wanna End Up Like Steven'].....'luckily for me I love potatoes, hehehe....SMILE-LAUGH, Jan
But, Some of the more recent gigs of Steve and Jon's have been....THE GAIA PROJECT on 7/30/05, on Roberta's land, that's where Steve met SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums [Steve just informed me, while I was twisting his right arm...that he had 'first' met SCOTT ERCOLIANI earlier at Forever Fields. Whoops. Jan] and st_robert/guitar/vocals and recording artist. Also, TOD THOMPSON/guitar/vocals was there, MICHAEL HARRISON/drums, TOMMY KEESLAR/drums, TOD LEMKUHL was there too.. This was an amazing unforgetful gig...Thanks Roberta, with lots of lovely dancing girls and beautiful images and videos co-ordinated with the beautiful music, wine. fresh organic foods, dancing, sculptures in the forest, enchanted poetry...lots of fun, well worth it paid rehearsals.  Jon Baroni was the high-lighted vocalist/ Steve did a very cool bass solo too...Peter Gabriel-type tunes. [I remember Jon did IN YOUR EYES by Peter Gabriel and SHAKING THE TREE by Peter Gabiel. Jan] There were many other very talented musicians/artists too, can't list them all here. It was a never-to-be-forgotten evening. And,Yes...JZ  KNIGHT and James were there.
Like I said,Steve Bartlett and Jon Baroni have been friends for over 20 years. They've been in so many musical projects together.. Here's even more Jon's a cool guy. We can always count on his friendship.
Updated 2/19,....I just remembered 3 more 'Jon and Steve gigs'....I think these gigs were around 2007, but not sure. Steve and Jon played in a group with ANDY CARROLL,/guitar/vocals, EVAN/guitar, MICHAEL HARRISON/drums, and JON BARONI/keys/vocals and my STEVE BARTLETT/bass at PUERTA VALLARTA Bar in Yelm a couple of times. Cool gigs...I remember big turn outs.
They also were honored to play at R.S.Es Late Sir Robert Jone's and Michelle Jone's daughter COZETTE and COY FYRST wedding party. I remember, when Steve and I arrived before the wedding guests, there was Sir Robert with a great big smile... wearing a hugh tan hat....roasting a whole pig for their arriving guests. That's the very first time that I met Michelle Jones, we got along right away . It was before THE BLUE BOTTLE.. The wedding couple were so in love, happy and it was a beautiful sunny day, lots of food, wine and some dancing too. ANDY CARROLL, EVAN, STEVE JON and MICHAEL HARRISON played this very fun gig. 
Steve and Jon played with AL EARICK in 'FUNKIN GROOVIN', around 2005, with I  can remember SHERYL CLARK/sax, JEFF MASON/trombone/harp, DON BENSON/drums at THE TACOMA CONVENTION CENTER.
These 'Two Tuff Cookies'.....played in a group with TOD LEMKUHL/guitar and MICHAEL HARRISON/drums about 2007, several times at the TENINO SMOKEHOUSE.
TAMBORINE BORRELLI/vocals had her DINNER PARTY on 12/29/07...with the tuff cookies, Jon and Steve...TOD LEMKUHL/guitar, MICHAEL HARRISON/drums and there was SCOTT ERCOLIANI doing the video. Go HERE to read my report.
There was a group with STEVEN KNOPP/guitar. TOMMY KEESLAR/drums performining at SUMMIT LAKE, Wa. and THE BLUE BOTTLE before MICHELLE JONES owned a standing room only crowd...I [Jan] was the 'doorman'...yes, 50 people can get into the Blue NORMAN brought the sound stuff for an giganic outside gig 'round the same time at the before named Blue Bottle gig. I also remember a gig with SONIA PENA/drums, STEVEN KNOPP/guitar and those two Tuff Cookies at the old TOSCANOs PIZZA PLACE next to the not-yet named Blue Bottle in Yelm.
When Steve played weekly at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs, beginning round 2007 Jon came in an jammed with the group there. That was MARTIN SALINAS/guitar. JOHN 'SCOOCH' CUGNO/drums.
Then. there was BLOOMLINE, [CDBaby link] a band that st_robert/guitar and JON BARONI/keys/vocals started with TOMMY KEESLAR/drums, that my STEVE BARTLETT joined after it's creation.
And, 'round that same time, Steve and Jon performed with MARTIN SALINAS/guitar and JOHN 'SCOOCH' CUGNO/drums/vocals at THE TENINO WINE FESTAVIAL in the Tenino City Park.
Those two played in TAMBORINE BORRELLIs tent Gig in the BLUE BOTTLE, a few years back...I remember it was catered...had plenty of great food /wine and $100.00 tickets to join in. See above at THE DINNER PARTY.
Steve was bassman in Jon's CD 'WAKE UP CALLs', available at CDbaby or Jon's web site HERE Steve also plays, in Jon's CD 'TRIBUTE'. Another cool CD is called 'IMPROV AT THE PARLOR'.
Now tomorrow,, Steve and Jon are performing again.... in my favorite band of them all.. the band called WALTERs BIRTHDAY.  With SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums and TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals. That is tomorrow, Friday, February 11th. It's at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna, starting time 8 pm. With only a $5.00 cover. Wow.
Go see these 'TWO TUFF COOKIES' in WALTERs BIRTHDAY tomorrow. OK? You'll have a great time. Jan
UPDATED 3/11/12...Another cool 'tuff cookies' band....Created February 2012....HOBBY STREET, see. That's JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals, my Steve BARTLETT ON BASS[ Steve no longer a regular player in this band as of 5/1/2012. UPDATE: SCOTTY JONES/bass as of 5/15/2012, T. Jan], STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums and XXXXX-XXX/guitar/vocals/song writer[X'd out per request t. Jan].
UPDATED June 2013...Jon told me by phone, he left HOBBY STREET in January 2013.Except for a few jams and a couple of gigs. Steve [or I, Jan]  have not seen, heard from or played with Jon since March 2013. See my story HERE Jan
P.S. FYI....JON BARONI's Grandmother was Marjorie Baroni...Civil Rights Activist from Natchez, Mississippi. His father was the late Jazz pianist Neil Baroni from Natchez, Mississippi.
NOTE: After some further friendly interrogating...Steve told me...that he had been in a musical group 'round 20 years ago, with R.S.Es  GREG SIMMONs wife or ex-wife, named ? with TOD THOMPSON/guitar, but, Jon did not join THAT group...BUT, TOD THOMPSON did play with Jon, Steve, Ron Reid and a female vocalist occasionally. I'll keep looking for more juicy stuff.... OK?  Jan...OK, I stand corrected. Cool Thanks, Steve.

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I [T. Jan] share and review web sites with music, recipes and gardening information. I have been a mother, wife, nurse, apartment manager, chimney sweep, long distance runner, musician, artist, organic gardener and, A student of the GREAT WORK at R.S.E. Jan does the computer, Steve plays the bass and doesn't speak computer....but Jan doesn't speak, this works out well for us...Jan writes about music news, and this area's music events. The postings are all mine., . We share ideas about posts. Jan loves to create beautiful blogs to share ideas and keep my brain active, recovering from M.S. and other things. Jan always operate the computer, ..AND, all posts signed by Steve are in his exact words, and All our Sites licensed under Creative Commons. T. Jan.... Steve says..." I love animals, gardening, kids, music, nature and fishing.. A student of R.S.E. Really like being in nature and living simply. Enjoy teaching electric bass. Enjoy our sites." Steve.