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Thursday, October 31, 2013

'Ole or Boo...A' Scary' Jam Tonight at EL MARIACHI in Yelm

by Rex Pe cc
Like Mexican Food and great live music? All dressed up and looking for a 'scary' place to go tonight?....Have a night out that's full of live music...bring your axe, it's a jam. At EL MARIACHI in Yelm. You know, it's in the banquet room, and there will be all sorts of  wonderful characters there tonight, I'm sure of it. Music's from around 6 pm to 10 pm. Of course, there's always great Mexican food and a Cantina too.
DON SUNN will be hosting tonight's jam. I'm hoping AMANDA will be there as well as all the old  regular gang members from Martin and Barb's now closed LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTER's in McKenna, WA.,.that's.all our old friends from when Steve played with Salinas. Liquid Soul closed in 2011. I'm gonna try to be there only has one 'small' step into the banquet room Don told me.
 BARTLETT ON BASS will be doing the bass tonight with Don Sunn. Don has some really cool original tunes. Come on down and 'scare' us..O.K? Jan

WHERE: El Mariachi Restaurant, banquet room.. jam 6 pm to 10 pm
                717 Yelm Ave East
                Yelm, WA.

LOU REED, Rock and Roll Pioneer, Dead at 71..

Photo by  Peat Bakke cc Just why when musical artists die their music sales soar?...Well, I thought about this when I read in USA TODAY yesterday that LOU REED and  HERE had died at age 71. But then, I noticed that this often happens...NOT only to our musician friends but with our personal friends and family too. We all seem to appreciate the things we have lost, and then we think of all the good times etc.
So, let's think of Lou Reed today and what he added to his over fifty years in music. I love this quote, " "One chord is fine," he once said, alluding to his bare-bones guitar style. "Two chords are pushing it. Three chords and you're into jazz." states Reed, from THE ROLLING STONE.
In the late 60's and early 70's, Reed's band 'THE VELVET UNDERGROUND' was "the most influential American Rock Band of all time" again from THE ROLLING STONE, see link above.
I often thought of BOB DYLAN when I listened to Reed. Jan  
AND, this Saturday, Steve is going to a 'life celebration' for a family member that we never really got to know in 18 years...what a shame, now she's gone. We will think of her and celebrate her too. Bye for now, Jan
Video links:  REMEMBERING LOU REED, from ABCNews

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Part Two

by scragz cc
With all of this effect on the listeners...there comes responsablity as well. Because music leads the listeners down a selected path...and the good musician knows this and uses it in their music...that's why we 'cry' with a sad song's called 'entrainment' of the mind, that's what I call it when I'm in 'atonement' or one with the entertainer or performer.
But beware, if a performer's message...if YOU don't want their message in your life...don't listen to their music....because it will effect your just kinda oozes in and becomes an acceptible and reasonable choice down the road for you. Advertisements are full of this too. Be alert and monitor what messages are being 'installed' in your one else can do this for YOU. Jan 
for part one, go HERE
For THE BOOK:  'The Music Lesson', go HERE
Related Video links: 1.] AMAZING BASS SOLO, by Victor Wooten, from konstantinos723

Entrainment...Know The Power Of Music and VICTOR WOOTEN...PART ONE


by scragz cc
PART ONE: The past few days I've been offline...reading,..of course about music, and a fantastic bassman...reading,..  you've all heard of...VICTOR WOOTEN? and HERE . Well, Wooten has a very enlightening book out called 'The Music Lesson'. It's a fun read, get it if you can. It's one of Steve's favorite books, he likes to give it to his students and first heard of this book from his teacher JEFF MORGAN/THE BASS JEDI from Tacoma and now I know why he enjoys the book so....very entertaining and teaches some outrageous ideas about music and it's magical uses in our lives without being a 'heavy' read. AND, makes us all believe in the power of music and want to get out there and make the world a better place by using these ideas while onstage performing and inspiriting and effecting the folks listening to have a better life  
BARTLETT and I have both always been  kinda 'magical', unlimited kinda guys and as radical thinkers and have really 'considered' and pondered some of 'The Music Lesson's unique ideas.. intending to make use of them in Steve's musical performances and with all of our relationships as well.
BARTLETT ON BASS has always believed he can make life better with music. AND, it shows when he plays...he's in heaven that's all.
With all of this effect on the listeners...there comes responsablity as well. Because music leads the listeners down a path...the good musician knows this.....Below is Part Two...or THE REST OF THE STORY. Jan 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' Keep All Stones A Rolling

by kevin dooley cc
Well on THE ROLLING STONE Dot Com site today, I found a list of a bunch of guys, selected by 'The Rolling Stone' to choose the top 100  ROLLING STONES songs of all time, most of these 15 or so lucky guys were associated with The Rolling Stone Dot Com in some and amazing directors, musicians etc., you know, famous guys...that's just perfect.
Well, that's a very hard job...but, someone's gotta do it, as I say, and I also time.'choose me, choose me, huh, huh, huh..P-L-E-A-S-E..with sugar on top.'..Now isn't THAT a cool job. I'd love to do that and get paid for it. Wouldn't anyone love to get paid to listen to music?..WOW...a dream come true, that's all. Remember ME next time will ya?
Top five Rolling Stone's tunes are: 'Gimme Shelter''Satisfaction', 'Sympathy for the devil', 'Street Fighting Man', 'You Can't Always Get What You Want'.
Go to the link above and check it out. Jan

Monday, October 21, 2013

2014 MUSIC HALL OF FAME NOMINEES Are Here...So Soon? or How Time Flys When I'm Having Fun

by piano piano cc
I read on THE ROL,LING STONE about the 2014 ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC HALL OF FAME hopefuls this morning...And we all get to vote until December 10th...What? 2014 coming already?...So Soon?'s not Thanksgiving 2013 yet...what's the big hurry, anyway? O.K., O.K....if I was gonna win something THAT BIG I'd want to know about it right away too. I'll calm down...Pardon me.
Let's see...who's nominated for this BIG honor? The ROLLING STONE's post lists lotsa cool musicians like..HALL AND OATES and , HERE,  PETER GABRIEL and ,HERE , THE ZOMBIES and HERE, CAT STEVENS [YUSUF ISLAM] and HERE THE METERS and HERE, LINDA RONSTADT and HERE, PAUL BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND and HERE , NIRVANA and HERE, and KISS and .HERE..even the article, link above...O.K? Vote for your favorite HERE. That's all.
Well, Cat Stevens, and The Zombies are, of course, some of MY first choices...yours? Jan
For MY Story on Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam, go HERE
For MY Story on BARTLETT's new 'Nirvana Bass', go HERE
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1.] KISS [FULL ALBUM], by Kiss, from Emmanuel salmeron
2.] COME AS YOU ARE, by Nirvana, from NirvanaVEVO
.3] BORN IN CHICAGO, by Paul Butterfield Blues Band, from Liverynew1
.4] BLUE BAYOU, by Linda Ronstadt, from mrtamberineman123
.5] CISSY STRUT, by The Meters, from lavinder11
6.] FATHER AND SON, by Cat Stevens, from Cristobal Felipe Godoy yañez
.7] TIME OF THE SEASON, by The Zombies, from Gold Sparrow
8.] IN YOUR EYES, by Peter Gabriel, from Jef Ke
10..] I CAN'T GO FOR THAT,  NO CAN DO, by Hall and Oates, from Jerry J

The photo is of Cat Stevens Jan

0.K....I Made A Little Bitty Mistake...So What? Big Deal...Who Cares? JAZZ TIME Stuff

by Jaime Oriz cc
Yesterday, it came to my attention that I...yes I [Jan],.... made a little bitty, teeny-weeny one really HARDLY noticed, did they? Except my BARTLETT ON BASS. Well, perhaps one other guy too, but HE was so sweet [of course...a musician] about it and everything, that I didn't catch it right away. Just proving once again that ALL musicians are fine, caring, decent people.  But, I'm gonna fess up right now, cause Steve and I think all musicians should be recognized for their talents and efforts.....O.K?
You know's not easy doing everything perfect...and, as hard as I try...sometimes...just sometimes, some little tiny thing gets past me. Even when I DO check things out 'melodious' times...things catch me off guard, and I just make a mistake, that's all.
As you know, Steve and I have been so delighted to recently find jazz in Olympia  [it's BARTLETT's favorite type of music...even though he plays it all, and just LOVES ALL music]...where was I?...Oh yes, and there seems to be lots of jazz in this area, and lots of great players too. That we're JUST thrilled...But, it still hit us all at once, and maybe it was just a bit 'overwhelming' and all, and I lost my focus for a minute or two.
Anyway, on the first Sunday of each month, from 2:30 to 5 pm, TRADITIONS CAFE' AND OLD WORLD ART in downtown Olympia has a wonderful JAZZ JAM, and two weeks ago, was our first time Sunday there. Steve has been to ...maybe 1000's of jams over the years...AND, this jam was like no other..first,.they wanted 'charts', it was a day time jam, people were there for the music,. During the Tradition's jam a fine musician came up, played and sang,....'Feeling Good' by Nina Simone [thanks, Hakan Camcan for link]. It was beautiful. I loved it...and, during that jam there were...lotsa great players with guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, drums, trumpets, saxes, trombones, flutes, and vocalists  sometimes all playing at once too. I got mixed up alittle.
And, yesterday at the JAZZ JAM in Shelton when I saw again one of those wonderful musicians at this jam at THE GROVE STREET BREWHOUSE, jam from 2:30 to 5 pm on the third Sunday of each month. Anyway, I had Steve call an amazing trombone player over to my table, so I could thank him for his 'beautiful' voice and for doing 'Feeling Good' by Nina Simone...well, he just smiled kindly, asked me what song he had sung at Traditions..and, said nothing more about it. Thank you kind sir.
It wasn't til later last night, that Steve corrected me.
Support these Sunday jazz jams, there's some amazing musicians there. You'll have a great time. Jan
For MY Story on Nina Simone, go HERE

WHERE: TRADITIONS CAFE' AND OLD WORLD ART in Olympia...jazz jam 1st Sunday of each month
             GROVE STREET BREWHOUSE in Shelton...jazz jam third Sunday of each month
Related video links below. 
1.] FOUR WOMEN, by Nina Simone, from NinaFestival·
2.]  NO WOMAN, NO CRY, by Nina Simone, from Buzz Stephens
3.] SINNERMAN, by Nina Simone, from chacho mg
4.] FEELING GOOD, by Nina Simone from Hakan Camcan

 ...maybe 1000's of jams oother..first,.they wanted 'charts'

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Anything goes?....Morels, Sex And Music...More About MILEY CYRUS

by unknown cc
 So many weird different stories about MILEY CYRUS and HERE, and others lately, thought I'd better take another look and check it out...'cause it doesn't seem to be quieting down or going away
WOW, it's a jungle out there....and, really it's sad to see and to say, but whatever happened to the innocent kinda love of the DIXIE CUPS, THE RONETTES, THE SHIRELLES and HERE, THE SHANGRA-LAS and HERE, SHELLEY FABRASES and HERE, ROSIE AND THE ORIGINALS and HERE, THE CRYSTALS and HERE, you know BRENDA LEE and HERE?...and so many more singers and musicians of the 50's, 60's and even 70's?
WOW...Oh No. I just heard my mother's voice, I think she and my dad too for that matter, thought 'I was going to hell in a handbasket.' when I played THE BEATLES, and THE ROLLING STONES, And, I felt so 'naughty' playing 'Leader Of The Pack' [thanks aaron m, link below], by THE SHANGRA-LAS in know, it had a motorcycle in it....and  I'd blush, and make sure no one was home or could hear me.
When I looked at the Miley Cryus kinda stuff online...I WAS SHOCKED....and it's NOT because I'm getting old or something...Just what is the purpose of all the degrading-type of sexuality? [perhaps it's to keep our minds off other things happening in our world?] , it's NOT art, to 'know' a beer can or a monkey, it just isn't, unless you're another monkey.. Even if there's cute 'teddy bears' dancing around or music. Sex is only a part of loving someone. That's my honest opinion. That's all. Jan
More related posts about all this Cyrus stuff... HERE and HERE
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1.] I'M SORRY, by Brenda Lee, from livingadream2.
2.] ANGEL BABY, by Rosie and the Originals, from Vietnameze4Life
3.] JOHNNY ANGEL, by Shelly Fabrases, from WCFL1000
4.] THE LEADER OF THE PACK, by The Shanga-las, from aaron m
5.] THEN HE KISSED ME, by The Crystals, from gthalfblood
6.] DEDICATED TO THE ONE I LOVE, by The Shirelles, from aaron m
2.] GOING TO THE CHAPEL OF LOVE, by The Dixie Cups, from 1SweetDreamz3
3.] BABY, I LOVE YOU, by The Ronettes, from  CaptainJimKirk

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Mysterious MONEY-MUSICIAN Connection

by sushi♥ina cc
I read this fantastic post, from the NEW YORK TIMES today. It seems that many of the wealthy tycoons of our world were all once musicians. Why is this?...well, it's not known...WOW...Cool.  it's just a BIG mystery why this is so. experts say. The New York Time post [link above] says that wealthy folks.." all of whom had serious (if often little-known) past lives as musicians. Almost all made a connection between their music training and their professional achievements." 'That's so cool.', says I, we're ready for the gold!..AND, This all just goes to show that all musicians are amazing. Music helps folks be successful in listening, being creative, being aware of what's coming ahead while staying in the present moment at the same time. AND, there's a list of some big money achievers and their musical talents...I observed that many were jazz musicians. Read this very interesting post. Jan

Sunday, October 13, 2013

 O.K., BARTLETT ON BASS is hooked since that Tradition's jazz jam last week. Steve's really looking forward to next Sunday afternoon, October's time for some more great JAZZ. This time this monthly JAZZ JAM  [OLYMPIA JAZZ CENTRAL link, thanks] is located in THE GROVE ST. BREWHOUSE, 233 S. 1st Street in Shelton, WA., from 2 to 4:30 pm. O.K., Steve BARTLETT ON BASS will be making an appearance, and having some pizza too. MIKE KARNES/guitar said he'd be there, this is near his neck of the woods. And I bet it'll be packed....just like THE TRADITIONS AND OLD WORLD ART Jazz Jam that's set up on first Sunday of each month in Olympia.
I read that PETER HUSSEY/keys will be there next Sunday, with ARIEL CALABRIA/bass and PETE CHAKOS/drums...all levels welcome. Bring your charted tunes and have some fun. Jan,  reporting, over and out. SMILE and WAVE.
Read my story about the 'Tradition's 'Jazz Jam HERE

WHERE: Grove Street Brewhouse 2 to 4:30 pm
               233 1st Street
               Shelton, Wa.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Copy of Pepper Sauce Recipe From 'Lola's Feed And Fuel'

Friday, October 11, 2013

From my site 'Lola's Feed And Fuel'. Jan

.Making Your Own Hot or Not So Hot Pepper Sauce At Home Recipe

by Owen Benson Visuals cc
O.K., we eat and love pepper sauce, and whole peppers too at our house.I thought I'd.can and not-so hot pepper sauce today, I know everyone will love this recipe from MOTHER EARTH NEWS, or HERE's a cool video link fromtimjturner on YOUTUBE, called 'Making Your Own TABASCO Sauce At Home'.
This is the time of year that peppers are very plentiful...Perfect! Let's canned some up now. O.K?
Now, I make amazing pepper sauce ALL the time, just so were all clear on that...'not so hot pepper sauce',...means, NOT as spicy...BUT, of course just as delicious.
O.K.,...Let's begin.
First, ...get some peppers, what ever type you like, hot or not so hot, or some of both. It doesn't's all good, whatever you like..
Next, wash them and cut off the stems. Use gloves, you don't want to rub any delicate or sensitive parts of your body after touching hot peppers. It will hurt. Trust me, use gloves and be safe.
Then, smash the peppers up with a blender or what have you. A blender worked great for us.
Add salt....about 1 and 1/2 teaspoons per cup of mashed peppers. Put everything in a sterile mason jar, put on the lid, and let the peppers rest for a few weeks or a month if you can. We keep peeking and Steve can't help but take a little taste once in awhile.  O.K., I've tasted too. SMILE. It just gets better and better. We like to shake it up every time we take a look or taste...almost everyday.
The recipe I used said...then add vinegar to taste. Any kind of vinegar, we used white. Let it ferment in the vinegar for a couple of weeks Then strain the peppers out and use. We love to keep the peppers in the sauce and leave them in. Enjoy. Jan

SHARON JONES Performing With THE DAP-KINGS Again, After Cancer Surgery

by Julio Enriquez cc
O.K., I read today on  ROLLINGSTONE.COM, that, the wonderful Funky BLUZZZ lady SHARON JONES is  ready to perform again with her guys the DAP-KINGS and all set up to open at NEW YORK's BEACON THEATER on February 6th.  Jones is recovering from 'stage one' cancer and the following surgery of her bile ducts earlier this year. She's doing great...Boy, Is THAT some good news.
Sharon Jones and the Dap-kings latest album  is called 'Give The People What They Want', and they always do in my way of thinking, Jan.  [pause,.... looking confused for just a wee moment BUT a Big Smile on my face...then recovering immediately] Oh yeah, where was I? The album will be released on January 14th states ROLLINGSTONE.COM....'Yeah.. You Go Girl, Love Ya', says me. [ of course, Jan].
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1. ] I LEARNED THE HARD WAY, by Sharon Jones And The Dap-Kings, fromDaptoneRecords 
2.] LET THEM KNOCK Live, by Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, from DaptoneRecords·
3.] IT's A MAN's WORLD, written by James Brown, sung by Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, from crazy4musicLive
4.] 100 DAYS, 100 NIGHTS, by Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, fromDaptoneRecords

Thursday, October 10, 2013

WEIRD NEWS: Making A Bomb For KEITH RICHARDS or Just Stressed?

by Josh13770 cc
I read an weird story this morning from Connecticut about a guy that was accused of making a bomb for ROLLING STONES rocker KEITH RICHARDS. Link HERE.
Seems he was an explosives expert, with lotsa experience with explosives and helped clear the Federal Office Building in Oklahoma City in '95, had detonated chemicals and rockets used in the WORLD TRADE CENTER earlier  in New York City. His name is JOSEPH C. CALLAHAN 69.
Callahan was charged with bomb-making and illegal possession of explosives. But, his lawyer said he was under alot of stress, was getting a divorce, and on lots of prescription drugs and never wanted to hurt anyone.
Callahan said he played with explosives as a hobby. Jan
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1.]  BEST GUITAR SOLO BY KEITH RICHARDS, by Keith Richards/ The Rolling Stones, from hiyo1912·

Monday, October 07, 2013

JAZZ In Olympia??....You'd Better Believe It, AND Then Some

by laRuth cc
ATTENTION JAZZ LOVERS: We found a little bit of jazz heaven in downtown Olympia yesterday. Yes, Steve found a big hunk of paradise yesterday in downtown Oly. As you know, he just loves jazz. Yes, he can play any type of music, and has played in so many different places, he loves music, but he has always had a heart with a delicious JAZZ center. 
Where?...well, TRADITIONS CAFE' AND OLD WORLD ART has a wonderful jazz jam every first Sunday of each month from 2:30 to 5 pm. AND, before those jazz guys had finished their first standard,...BARTLETT ON BASS was all know, that great BIG smile of his, and I knew we were in the right place for some really good jazz.  
This was a different kind of jam, not the usual. First, we noticed that they asked the new players to have their selected tune charted out and ready for the rest of the band members. Don't worry, there were several folders of jazz standards in the back and folks to assist everyone.  Steve was caught off guard,  but, it only took him a few minutes to find just the charts that he wanted...and then,.... that magic happens...beautiful music from people who had just met each other on the stage only a few minutes before. It always amazes me [Jan].
Steve was dancing while playing, the way he does when he's really enjoying himself. He did a beautiful bass solo. The others did beautiful solos too. It was fun. 'That was funky' I heard someone say..Cool. Each person wanting to perform were called up, onstage one at a time to do their selection. Everyone clapped after each performer and solo. The room was packed full of folks really enjoying themselves, and it was a fantastic sunny fall day outside, everyone in the room had made a choice to be right where they were instead. The full tip basket was passed for 'the rhythm section', those regulars that come each month and are 'the power' behind every tune. What a fine bunch of musicians, thank you. Yes, we'll be back. Jan
For more information about JAZZ that's happening in the Olympia area, go to OLYMPIA JAZZ CENTRAL.

You Know You Got It, If It Makes You Feel Good, JANIS JOPLIN On Broadway

 by exquisitur cc
One of the greatest, 'powerful-est' female voices coming out of the 60's was JANIS JOPLINs, and HERE. And,, Oct. 13th, she's on Broadway    WOW. Wanna see this, go HERE and HERE for tickets...It's all over the internet, you can't miss it this morning. Janis's sister Laura and brother Michael Joplin are supporting this amazing play.
I just love Joplin and everything I've read about the actress MARY BRIDGET DAVIES who plays Janis on Broadway is remarkable. She captures Janis's ...well, just everything about her that's all...the music, voice, the clothes, her life.  Did you know that Janis Joplin was really ONLY known by the world the last 3 years of her life? That blew me away...She seems so BIG, such a remarkable legend and hero of the 60's. I have a difficult time thinking of the music of the 60's without her right the middle of it all. Her and JIMI HENDRIX, those two musical giants, that's what represents the 1960's music for me.  Let's celebrate her life. Jan
For more links...go to CBS NEWS, and for HUFFINGTON POST.
More related video links below..
1.] PIECE OF MY HEART, by Janis Joplin, from gothickatica
2.] MAYBE, by Janis Joplin, from Unlaced Victorian
3.] CRY BABY, by Janis Joplin, from LadyDelish1989
4.] MERCEDES BENZ, by Janis Joplin, from mnpalm
5.] ME AND BOBBY McGEE, by Janis Joplin, from m0thman666

Friday, October 04, 2013

Am I CRAZY or What?..O.K., O.K....Not So Fast...It's.Just An Innocent Question

 by -stamina- cc
This morning I read an article from THE GUARDIAN about SNEAD O'CONNOR threatening to sue MILEY CYRUS,  after Cyrus " publicly mocked her in a series of Twitter posts and likened her to the actor Amanda Bynes, who has been undergoing psychiatric treatment."...and the post went on about bipolar and other crazy-type stuff and behavior, very interesting post, and, it got me, here I go..[taking a big breathe]
Well, let me [of course, you know, it's...Jan] say this about that, or that about this...'What is this BIG problem about being NUTS anyway?' That's really weird. Mental Illness IS a disease...NOT a behavior flaw or problem. Would anyone ever think of treating a person with, let's say a broken leg like 'our society' does the 'so-called' mentally ill?
Just look.... Isn't everyone an unique individual? There's NO ONE anywhere in all of life exactly, like you or me, is there? Why expect everyone or anyone to be the same as you. Who says what's crazy? I've read alot about artists, musicians, actors, and writers, while doing this know....those special VERY CREATIVE folks in our lives...seems like many of them don't fit the sane standard allowed by the normal social thinking of this planet, ..thank goodness they don't.  They are many of my heros, AND it's so sad that their lives were or are made even more difficult, lonely, and confusing by being taught by our society that it's a disgrace somehow to experience whatever they're experiencing and is confusing and hurting them, and their very own fears of getting help and being labeled by the world, teaches them to avoid all treatment. Many are home-less, penny-less, avoided even by their families, and/or afraid..and  they still avoid any treatment what-so-ever.
It's very difficult to be 'nuts' in this social environment...meaning on earth. so-called 'Crazy' People are feared, avoided and, others justify the mis-treatment or abuse given to anyone different or 'stranger' than themselves. .Why? NOW, That's REALLY crazy, don't you think?.Jan
I was mis-diagnosed as mental ill in 1994, I lived with the 'mentally ill' for almost a year, they are just people, like you and me and are my friends. In 1999, the doctors said...Whoops,.. that was just the beginning of M.S. not mental illness....WOW...BUT, fortunately it was too late for me, I liked those 'nuts' I had met in the 'loony bin. They were my friends, and still are to this very day.  Jan.
Don't be afraid...get the facts: For more about mental illness or to get help, start by reading about  N.A.M.I or the NATIONAL ALLIANCE ON MENTAL ILLNESS.
Read my story about singer NINA SIMONE HERE
Read my story on bass great JACO PASTORIUS HERE
Read my story on the MTV MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS 2013 [ on Miley Cryus] HERE
Below see related video links:  O.K....I'll be nice...everyone's unique, and has their own tastes, they're allowed to be themselves.
1.] EMPEROR's NEW CLOTHES, by Snead O'Connor, from emimusic
2.] WREAKING BALL, by Miley Cyrus, from MileyCyrusVEVO

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Yes, Missing Lorraine...'Oh, SWEET LORRAINE'...A Touching Song By FRED

by unknown cc
This 96 year old man, named Fred, writes a very touching song about his wife Lorraine, it makes me cry and Fred too. They were together 75 years. I found this on SU and YOUTUBE this morning, from greenshoestudioinc. It's called 'Oh Sweet Lorraine'. This is what the page says: " Published on Jul 19, 2013
Buy "Oh Sweet Lorraine" on iTunes! GOOGLE PLAY:
A poignant story of life, love, music and 96 year old Fred. #ohsweetlorraine
Green Shoe Studio - East Peoria, IL
Copyright 2013 by Green Shoe Studio". What you think? Did you cry? Jan

What's Steve Smokin' Up This Week?

First posted on 'Bartlett's Upcoming Events'. Jan
BARTLETT by J.Rose-Bartlett cc
O.K.,  What's happening? Steve's making an appearance and jamming this week end, Sunday, Oct. 6th, 2013 that is. The jam's from 2:30 to 5 pm. @ TRADITIONS CAFE' AND FOLK ART, downtown Olympia. He's gonna meet his long time friend, MIKE KARNES/guitar there. Also, a B3/keys player named ANDREW JEAN GRAHAM. This will be great, lotsa fun. DON SUNN/vocals/song writer maybe there and DAVE FAIRLEY/drums has not said yet, but BARTLETT ON BASS hopes so.
Karnes invited Steve last week, wants my Steve to meet this B3/keys performer named Graham,.. O.K. ...thanks, Mike. BARTLETT also, had a message from Fairley, left him a return message and has not heard back yet. Don Sunn and my Steve went fishing a few weeks ago and got several delicious Salmon to smoke up. 'Boy, was that good.'...So, let's see what they can smoke up this Sunday  at the Tradition's jam. O.K? Don's written several tunes, they hope to play some.. Cool. Jan reporting, over and out. SMILE.
Of course, I'm gonna post BARTLETT ON BASS/bass/vocals doing 'Goin Fishing'.with the band, Walter's Birthday [ BARTLETT ON BASS, Tod Lemkuhl/guitar, Scott Ercoliani/drums, Jon Baroni/keys/harp ], from 2010 at Martin and Barb's 'Liquid Soul Coffee Roasters' in McKenna, WA. From LiqdSoulCoffee... Special thanks to the Salinas's for this video, it's dark...BUT, the only copy I can find. Jan

WHERE: Traditions Café and World Folk Art
300 5th Avenue SW, Olympia, WA 98501, Sunday, Oct.6,2013, 2:30 to 5 pm

Double Bass

Double Bass Links Page

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My Spelling?? Thanks For Understanding

My Spelling?? Thanks For Understanding
Photo by by billsaturno cc click to link, A note 'bout my spelling... I'm typing as fast as I can with one finger on one hand, and trying to make sense and everything. I haveave to look at the keyboard, NOT the see where ALL those letters are, and my nect won't bend or turn...whoops, that's NECK, not 'nect'. Please, forgive me and give me a little 'LEE-way' [spell?]...Thanks, Jan SMILE

Musical Grandma's Are Cooler

Musical Grandma's Are Cooler
by Sunfrog Shirts

Yea,...Just Wondering?

Yea,...Just Wondering?
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We Respect Others Rights, Jan and Steve

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The Truth

The Truth
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We Respect Others Rights, Jan and Steve

Please Note: Portions of this work contain the intellectual property of third party authors and contributors. As such, third party authors and contributors retain all copyrights in the individual works and reserve all rights not specifically granted herein

Want Your Gig Info Published Here?

Want Your Gig Info Published Here?
If you're a musician, band or club owner in my area, and want your live music event included on my BARTLETT ON BASS. Please send your gig info. at for review. I will review and post the very best gigs and live music events in the area. Thanks for reading BARTLETT ON BASS and supporting live music. ' T. Jan'...JA ROSE-BARTLETT.

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All Work..No Play?....Never...Jan

All Work..No Play?....Never...Jan
by tamakisono cc.

Please Unplug Me. Just Loving My Life

Please Unplug Me. Just Loving My Life
by george h takei


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