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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fun Stuff...Music And Cheering Tonight,..New Year's Eve...BUT, The Mayor Does't Feel Like It

by cacostello cc
I guess, the mayor of New York City never misses tonight's big ball drop, music and all the big time celebrating in New York's Time Square to welcome in  New Year, but 2014 will be different. The mayor wants to stay home with family tonight. Bet, the traffic will be horrible...we understand that...the old Mayor Michael Bloomberg just doen't feel like it...O.K.  But, the new mayor-elect, Bill de Blasio will be busy AND, can't make it either. He's gonna be sworn into office at midnight...Oh...we understand, that's kinda important, isn't it?
So tonight,  US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor will do the honors. Cool...Party on folks...Have a safe and wonderful New Year. Jan and Steve
I found this story HERE.
I'll post 'AULD LANG SYNE' from YOUTUBE, English translation with lyrics, from saminnyc. This is what the video page says: " Uploaded on Dec 31, 2011
We all sing Auld Lang Syne at midnight on December 31 but what are the lyrics? Most people don't know that it is a Scottish poem written in 1788 by Robert Burns and later set to the music of a folk song. I've put in the English translation.
This version of the song is by Dougie MacLean and is one of my favorite interpretations.
Update: - I posted this exactly 2 year ago today and from your comments I now know why this song has lasted over 200 years. It's about connection with others. The kind that binds you to someone forever: loyalty, friendship, kindness, love; Even though that person might not be with you anymore. It's about the human spirit's ability to hope for the future while enduring rough times by remembering these precious human attributes.
Each year sees many suffer from both naturally created and man-made hardships. But with each there were others willing to step in and attempt to relieve some of that hardship, exercising the best of the human spirit. 
Thank you for your comments and all the well wishes and blessings you have sent to me over this last year.
As we ring in the new year remember to take a cup of kindness for the days of auld lang syne."

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Who's STANLEY CLARKE?..or..Just Who's Who In Bass? JAZZ Stuff

by cloud2013 cc
Where have I been, anyway? I've just discovered STANLEY CLARKE, and HERE...a bass guy... not just a bass guy...A GENIUS BASS GUY, I might add. BARTLETT, thinks Clarke's absolutely amazing. He's a jazz bassist and composer, but WIKIPENDIA says he's also a jazz fusion, rock, pop, R & B, and funk bass guy...he played with some of Steve's favorites, HORACE SILVER and HERE and CHICK COREA and HERE and the like, so many other genius jazz musicians. Steve said that VICTOR WOOTEN and HERE talked about him and says Stanley inspirired him and was one of his heros.
Clarke made many albums with others and solo albums too, and, in the '70's, his album called 'School Days' full album, [thanks Jimmy Jammer] is one of the most famous bass solo recordings of all time. So, here's a short list of the best, in my humble opinion, I know, I know there's more fantastic bass people, but, I can't think of them right now, so here's my list for just today...the best bassists of all time...  Let's see, there's JACO PASTORIUS and HERE ROCCO PRESTIARICHARD BONA and HERE, MARCUS MILLER and HERE, VICTOR WOOTEN [link above], TAL WILKENFELD, RICK LAIRD, and HERE, BARTLETT ON BASS [smile], DONALD DUCK DUNN and HERE and of course STANLEY CLARKE Can you think of any others?...Wait a minute, I just thought of someone else...there was this really good bass lady, who I saw and heard performing with STEVIE WONDER and HERE on a video once. Who was she? I'll try to find her. I never forget names  I always know right now......just a moment please. Jan
I'm gonna post this video I saw of STANLEY CLARKE doing a really cool bass solo on an upright bass or double bass that I found on YOUTUBE. Jan
It's called 'Staney Clarke upright bass solo', from Михаил Крайнов. This is what the video page says: " Uploaded on Jan 15, 2007
Great solo on upright bass by Stanley Clarke".

More related video links below.
1.] JACO PASTORIUS, FULL ALBUM, by Jaco Pastorius, from  SanturronIdiota
3.] STEVIE WONDER, MUSIC OF MY MIND, FULL ALBUM, by Stevie Wonder, from Nedaj01
4.] HORACE SILVER, SONG FOR MY FATHER, by Horace Silver 5tet, from Dorian Grey
5.]TAL WILKENFELD, BASS SOLO,  by Tal Wilkenfeld, from Rodrigo Pine
6.] BASS PLAYER, ROCCO PRESTIA, by Rocco Prestia, from MusicPlayerNetwork
7.]MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA, MEETING OF THE SPIRITS, with Rick Laird/bass, from Garfnart
8.] MARCUS MILLER, POWER, by Marcus Miller, from jwuonog
9.] DONNA LEE, by Jaco Pastorius, from SoldatoPalladiLard0...Bartlett's learning this. Jan
10] I WISH-ISN'T SHE LOVELY, by Stevie Wonder, from ASSMGMS...boy, am I embarassed, here's that Stevie Wonder video...WITH A COOL LADY DRUMMER...NOT BASS LADY....Whoops.
11.] BOBBY McFERRIN AND RICHARD BONA, by Richard Bona and Bobby McFerrin, from Sapir Yakov

WEIRD AL YANKOVIC's Really Worked Hard, Earning That BIG 'Weird' Title

by ruffin_ready cc
Today, I read an old story from last April anyway...April 12th, to be exact, about WEIRD AL YANKOVIC and HERE from Ryan Reed from THE ROLLING STONE'cause it caught my eye and I haven't heard about 'Weird Al' for quite awhile....what's he been up to...anyway?
From Reed's story, link above,...sounds like Al's been up to alot of real 'weird' stuff [of course, that's the way he's suppost to be. SMILE,]...WOW...This is a fun post to read, especially, if you're an old weird Al fan and remember giggling while listening to  Weird Al sing 'Eat It'., like I do.
 I've never been to a real Weird Al's gig before, and I feel like I'm right " the elegant Tennessee Theatre."...with Ryan Reed and a bunch of grinning school kids, playing 'hooky', and knowing we're all getting away with it as we spit paper-wads back and forth at each other..A good-weird time  had by all. Never to be forgotten, and treasured always.. I'll find some weird Al video links and post them below. O.K? It's just me again... Jan
Weird ASl Yankovic video links below.

1.] EAT IT, by Weird Al Yankovic, from alyankovicVEVO
2.] LIKE A SURGEON, by Weird Al Yankovic, from alyankovicVEVO
3.] FAT, by Weird Al Yankovic, from alyankovicVEVO
4.] SMELLS LIKE NIRVANA, by Weird Al Yankovic, from  alyankovicVEVO
5.] WHITE AND NERDY, by Weird Al Yankovic, from alyankovicVEVO

Thursday, December 26, 2013


by mil8 cc
A homeless man, picking through the trash in Oakland, California who was an original member of the SANTANA BLUES BAND is reunited with CARLOS SANTANA and HERE.
The homeless man's name is MARCUS MALONE, Carlos Santana has been looking for Malone...he has some royaltes coming...WOW....since, he was in the Santana Blues Band before Woodstock...that's a long time ago, bet, the money'll come in handy and Carlos said he would get Malone a place to live and wants him to play on his next album. Yes...a happy Christmas story 
I found this cool story on FACEBOOK, go HERE for a link to news story from SFWEEKLY with videos. It was posted by guitarist 'EPIPHONIO' and HERE.  Go HERE for more on MY story 'EPIPHONIO' and a link to his song 'Future Now'....'Thanks Eppy'. Love, Jan

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

'Make Love, NOT War'.....AND, So, It's Christmas...A Time Of Change

O.K.....I've posted the video before 'cause, it's Christmas again, and there's such a hopeful message in the video of having peace....., and there are whispers of war again this year in some areas of our world.
My hope is folks see this story...and realize war or peace are  choices that we each make whenever we decide. AND, if we can choose peace and life for just one day, there's nothing stopping us from choosing peace and life everyday and really live in a world where we are evolving and kinder to ourselves and others.
Photo credit HERE
The video is called 'The Chritmas Truce of 1914', from Marcus Poulin . The page says: " Uploaded on Dec 21, 2008
The Christmas Truce of 1914
December 24th, 1914
Ploegsteert Wood, Warneton, Hainaut, Flanders Region, Belgium only 8.6 miles from the Killing Fields of Ypres.....
That is EEP, Belgium for those
of you inexperienced with Flemish
pronunciation :) "

I've posted video links below, to some cool Christmas songs. Have a very Merry Christmas...Jan and Steve

1.] HAPPY CHRISTMAS [WAR IS OVER] by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, from Jefferson Saints
2.] CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE AGAIN, by The Beatles, from krivcovfedor
3.] ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS, by Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey, the Roots, from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
4.] ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS MY TWO FRONT TEETH, by Melissa Lynn , from videeeoh 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What's This?...Stand Back,..It's The Most Unusual Instrument Ever

Well, this is interesting, looks so weird AND sounds so familiar all at once. What is it? I saw this on FACEBOOK this morning, posted by MARK BITTLER, JEFF WALLACE, from W.MARK WILSON...and listened, wonderful, jolly 'circus-type' music coming out of a very strange instrument from Owlr on YOUTUBE. Looks difficult to play too, takes a real pro. I'll post the video, and go find more info....O.K? Here's what the video page says: " Published on Dec 16, 2013

This Unusual Instrument Is Responsible For The Early Disney Music
More on: ". Jan
All I've been able to find is...www, says: "The Newest Videos, Before They Go Viral", nothing more...I'll keep looking. O.K? Jan



Saturday, December 21, 2013

We'll Gve You Something To Talk About...Rehearsing forTomorrow 4 pm

BARTLETT, by Jan Rose-Bartlett cc
BARTLETT ON BASS having a short rehearsal this afternoon. Yeah. See him tomorrow after 4 pm @ THE TRIAD THEATER in's a jam, come and join us...there'll be lots of musicians. A donation's all you need to get in.
Below some video links.on our list Jan

102 Yelm Ave.
Yelm, WA.
phone is 360/458-3140


1.] SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT, by Bonnie Raitt, from emimusic
2.] THE BOXER, by Simon and Garfunkel, from SimonGarfunkelVEVO

Of Course, IMELDA MAY, 'He's Gonna Freak You Out'...Me Too

by  Man Alive! cc
Here's a lady, from Dublin, with lotta style and originality too. She loves the bass, and wrote 'Johnny Got A Boom Boom'  with lyrics [thanks Samrawit Sisay] and HERE in 2007. It was on her 'Love Tatoo' Album from 2009. Always great to watch... has her own band, her music style is known as 'rockabily', and has played with JEFF BECK/guitar and HERE...and what I've noticed with Beck is, he always performs with beautiful, exceptionally talented gifted women...and IMELDA MAY and HERE is no exception. She has been compared to jazz great BILLIE HOLIDAY.  and HERE
I looked, and looked or more info. on May...what happened to her after 2012?.... Finally, I found it, she got pregnant in February 2012, her husband, DARREL HIGHAM/guitar was the guitarist in her band. They were married in 2002. Their baby, VIOLET KATHLEEN HIGHAM was born in August 2012. Now, I understand.
I've featured the YOUTUBE video from ThingintheAttic. It's called 'Imelda May'. Darrel Higham/guitar is also on this video.  They're doing one of my favorite tunes...'Johnny Got A Boom Boom'...about a cool bassman, that's all. This is what the video page says: " Uploaded on Sep 23, 2008
Dublin-born rockabilly singer Imelda May, featuring Darrel Higham on guitar, Al Gare on bass, Steve Rushton on drums, singing 'Johnny got a boom boom' from her new abum 'Love Tattoo' ... with intro from Jeff Beck and Jools Holland"....Jan.

Below related video links.

1.] BIG BAD HANDSOME MAN, by Imelda May, from lelive
2.] ROCK AND ROLL, by Jeff Beck, Imelda May, Darrel Higham, from JUAN MANUEL MUÑIZ
3.] TRAIN KEPT A'ROLLIN, by Imelda May, from Decca Records Classical
4.] MAYHEM. by Imelda May, from oprez
5.] WALKING AFTER MIDNIGHT, by Imelda May, from RockabillyRalle
6.] CRY ME A RIVER, by Imelda May and Jeff Beck, from vppnbrent
7.] HOW HIGH THE MOON, by Imelda May and Jeff Beck, from Enliven Entertainment

Thursday, December 19, 2013

JAMES BROWN.... A Powerful Secret, Used For Crowd Control After Rev. Dr. MARTIN LUTHER KING jr. Death

cliff1066,  cc,link below
Each morning, as we drink our coffee, Steve reads to me...and we both learn about something new, usually about music or things of the's another special time together, along with our rehearsing tunes ... getting Steve ready for gigs.
This morning, BARTLETT picked up 'The Music Lesson' a book by VICTOR WOOTEN/bass and HERE. He's one of our favorite bass guys. Steve recomends this book to all his students and we both really enjoy it too. Steve BARTLETT ON BASS started reading to me on the bottom of page 105, [just in case you want to look this up too.] AND, I will look for some more info. online 'cause this is very interesting to me.....Did you know, that after Rev. Dr. MARTIN LUTHER KING jr.'s assination in 1968, PRESIDENT JOHNSON and other government officals called upon the king of soul JAMES BROWN to help stop and to prevent spreading black rioting in Boston and across the whole country? After that, James Brown said that he was considered " the most dangerous man in the world" by the government because...'cause if he could stop a riot, he could start one...just as easily...WOW.,.. and the government kept files on many musicians, like BOB MARLEY and HERE, JIM MORRISON, ELVIS PRESLEY and HERE just because of their influence on the folks in this country.
O.K....I founds some more info. about James Brown and his ability to influence  and calm folks back in 1968, after King's assination on YOUTUBE. One is called 'The Night James Brown Saved Boston' from jackhogan1 . This is all the page says: " Uploaded on Nov 24, 2008"     I'll post more video links below. O.K? Jan
Photo credit above... CLIFF1066...HERE

1.] EFFECT LIVE AT THE BOSTON GARDEN, APRIL 5, 1968, from James Brown

Soon, Starman DAVID BOWIE Will Turn 66! WOW Already?

 O.K....Let's ALL celebrate DAVID BOWIE's birthday again. I posted this first last February. Enjoy. Jan

Photo credit: HERE

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DAVID BOWIE...To Ground Control

On January 8th, my 'Starman' turned 65. I always been amazed by this guy, alien?...what an out-of-the-box showman, an original,.. DAVID BOWIE's always entertaining to me. Steve will check him out, and then will give his opinion. 'He's entertaining and authetic.' says Steve
It must be the artist in me. David Bowie's an unique whole package...I love the visual effects to his music...all the colors, costumes, make up, the mystery...I'm not sure, what I'll see or who I'll see when I see him. 'What's next?... I wonder... Yes, it's the artist in me. He has lots of charisma, or is it courage? He's sometimes just plain shocking O.K?. Jan
Here's a video featuring, of course, DAVID BOWIE, from emimusic on YOUTUBE.. It's called 'ZIGGY STARDUST'. This is what the video page says: " Uploaded on Feb 26, 2009
Music video by David Bowie performing Ziggy Stardust". Jan

More David Bowie video links below.

1.] DAVID BOWIE...ELVIS PRESLEY TRIBUTE, by David Bowie, from xxpiggystardustxx
2.]IMAGINE, John Lennon cover, by David Bowie, from seanissane
3.] THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD, by David Bowie, from redsails2008 .
4.] LIFE ON MARS, by David Bowie, from Colin Blades
5.] UNDER PRESSURE, by David Bowie, Annie Lennox, from derci luiza Gobbi
6.] DANCING IN THE STREET, from David Bowie, Mick Jagger, from emimusic
7.] HEROES, by David Bowie, from emimusic
8.] OH, YOU PRETTY THINGS, by David Bowie, from lelliesandremains
9.] TONIGHT, by David Bowie, Tina Turner, from eltonandtinafan
10.] NEVER LET ME DOWN, by David Bowie, from emimusic

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Who's On Bass? No, Who's On Drums, Oh... You Know Who

by unknown cc
O.K., why over in this corner  it's the lovely Ms. SANDRA LOPEZ/bass,  that we enjoyed so much at JOE PLEMMON's/guitar/vocals 'Strange Pleasure'  those every Wednesday night jams at UNCLE SAM's BAR BAND GRILL in Spanaway...and this corner, why it's the very handsome Mr. BARTLETT ON BASS from Yelm. It's gonna be quite a night, I won't miss it, you?...that's next Sunday, December 22nd at THE TRIAD THEATER, and it all starts 'round 4 pm. Anyone can get through the door with just a donation...WOW. See my story from last May about Sandra Lopez HERE.
First up, it's BARTLETT ON BASS, he's been looking over the set list and all those tunes that DON SUNN/guitar/vocals and BOB CORL/guitar/vocals and HEIDI/guitar/vocals were organizing last week that I told you about for the 22nd...and is getting ready...his bass smokin' with those solos of his. When it happened, Don called with a change of of the guitarists won't be there Sunday....Who can we call for lead? How 'bout JOE PLEMMONS?... said Steve. So, Don called Plemmons, sure he'd come, could he bring bassist, Ms. Lopez with him?..sure, it's gonna be a fun jam, AND, that's how it all started. My BARTLETT hopes to play some amazing guitar too now that Lopez may come...he loves to play guitar and why not on Sunday? it's not often he gets the chance. So, it'll be BARTLETT ON BASS/GUITAR This will be a special night. I'll keep you updated. Jan.....
Wait a minute....Not so fast,Jan...So, Who's gonna be at this gig, huh? Jan?   O.K., you don't have to twist my arm that much for me to spill all the beans...'.i-it-it's.... stuttering, sweating,..ah.. not offical mind you, but, my best guess is'... well, BARTLETT ON BASS and GUITAR, and Sandra Lopez/bass Joe Plemmons/lead guitar/vocals...Is that enough? No?...well, just a second....let me think, hummmm?... O.K., then there'll be DON SUNN/guitar/vocals [it's his gig after all, that's a safe guess,...feeling much relieved and pretty clever]...pause...   Oh yea, there's BOB CORL/guitar/vocals, you know from THE TRIAD THEATER last week, AND, HEIDI HASLINGER/guitar/vocals, she was great last week at The Triad too, remember? Well, she'll be doing some original tunes and stuff...of course, and...singing with everyone's tunes, if she likes... I love her voice,...then, you know,...Don's brother, what's his name, ohhh.. it's on the tip of my tongue, from Los Vegas, no, you know...ahhh... don't help me...I got's, it's FRANK SUNN/guitar/vocals, that's it. Whew,....yea, and his daughter, LOREN....she sings, probably [spell?] alot more too, [that word don't look right to me]. Then, there's BRAD, a great,..and YOU,'ll be there won't you? Come on down, bring your's a jam, a donation's all you need to get'll be fun, you gotta be there,... come down...AND, I'll be there  too, all starts 'round 4 pm. Jan
UPDATED" 12/21---Heard from Don today that those 'HAMBONE BLUES' guys...Corky and his band will be at this jam [band members: Corky/guitar/vocals, Brad/guitar, Charlie/bass, Stephen/drums], Yeah... there he is...our mystery drummer STEPHEN PARTON/drums. See you there. Jan

102 Yelm Ave.
Yelm, WA.
phone is 360/458-3140

Posted ABBOTT AND COSTELLO's 'Who's on first?'...from paulheston...this is fun and where I got the idea for this post's title. Jan   

Saturday, December 14, 2013

'What A Wonderful World' Yep...Thanks LOUIS ARMSTRONG

by vidalia_11 cc
Now, perhaps some of you won't understand this...but, I just love my life...and, am thankful for ALL of my experiences. In fact, my life has been just perfect in everyway.
I just listened to LOUIS ARMSTRONG's 'What A Wonderful World' [thanks sanny kim], and he reminded me once more...just 'What A Wonderful World' it is.AND, how I am thankful for each day. I love to look this song up on YOUTUBE ever so often...just because.
I read that Louis Armstrong was from New Orleans...yes, that fits him just right...New Orleans, that is.. doesn't it? AND this blows me away, read this you guys...WOW,..he was born on the 4th of July...yep, the perfect American jazz musician. I knew there was something very special about him. So, read all about SATCHMO, a real AMERICAN and jazz singer and trumpeter in WIKIPEDIA or HERE.
Hear and see the video from sanny kim. This is what the video page says: " Uploaded on Dec 23, 2010
No description available." too bad there's not more, so read about Armstrong at the links above. O.K? Jan...Now, let's ALL sing along.

What's On The Agenda?... Music That's Coming Up For BARTLETT Soon

BARTLETT rehearsing, by Jan Rose-Bartlett cc
O.K...It's Saturday and some music's coming up next weekend at THE NEW TRIAD ARTS THEATER, and BARTLETT ON BASS will be doin' his best basslines. He's been workin' up some of the tunes that you might hear next Sunday, that's December 22 starting at 4 pm. DON SUNN/vocals/guitar and BOB CORL/guitar/vocals are making up the song list as I write this. Steve BARTLETT will be joining them in just alittle while and find out their selections and the correct set list for this gig. The tunes below Steve took from some of Frank Sunn's ideas sent from Los Vegas last week. BOB CORL will be adding some of his tunes...a wonderful mix of music. 
As I said, Don's brother, direct from Las Vegas, FRANK SUNN/guitar, will be at this gig...and alot of Don's family, AND they're ALL musicians, they're here in the area for the holidays...WOW. There will be many fine local artists Frank/guitar and Brad/guitar/vocals. Steve'll check it all out when he sees the guys later today. O.K? Then I'll let you know more. Stay tuned. Jan
Below video links of possible tunes for next week's gig.

1.] BOOT SCOOTIN BOOGIE, by Brooks and Dunn, from BrooksandDunnVEVO
2.] NEON MOON, by Brooks and Dunn, from
3.] YOU AIN'T MUCH FUN, by Toby Keith, from 761bluebuttons
4.] LONG COOL WOMAN IN A BLACK DRESS, by The Hollies, from Aj DiFatta
5.] ROADHOUSE BLUES, by The Doors, from Doorstonia TDU
6.] CALL ME THE BREEZE, by Lynyrd Skynyd, from mexiryan
7.] GIMME THREE STEPS, by Lynyrd Skynyd, from freebird4life
8.] MARGARITAVILLE, by Jimmy Buffett, from clj29360
9.] WHAT WAS I THINKING, from Dierks Bentley, from Jenna Wagner
10.] COME MONDAY, by Jimmy Buffett, from starsonthewater1
11.] TEN WITH A TWO, by Kenny Chesney, from kennyplaces
12.] OUT LAST NIGHT, by Kenny Chesley, from KennyChesneyVEVO
13.] NO SHOES, NO SHIRT, NO PROBLEMS, by Kenny Chesney, from Jordan K
14.] ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A REAL GOOD TAN, by Kenny Chesney, from Slade Wald
15.] MAYBE SOMEWHERE NORTH, by Charles  J.Tan, from Charles J Tan
16.] MUD ON THE TIRES, by Brad Paisey, from kanenanite3
17.] TICKS, by Brad Paisey, from vinnylak
18.] A HORSE WITH NO NAME, by America, from vlaad27
19.] AMIE, by Pure Praire League, from Nicholas Auld

BEATLES Awarded Again ....Celebrate Their Lifetime Achievements Next Month, Before 56th Grammys

by oddsock CC
Give the Lifetime Achievement Award to the BEATLES and HERE....they've won everthing. Well, I surprised? neither.... guess, it began way back in 1964...the Beatles winning great stuff, that is. I found this story in THE ROLLING STONE a few days ago, and it reminded me of 1964, the Beatles,THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW and the way it was...
Yes, I remember it like it was yesterday.... 1964, hummmm...pause...drifting off in my mind.....yea...[quieter now]... I was 14 years old...'groovy', I was just starting to notice that BOYS were very cool, and kissing not so bad. In fact, I liked it.
I'd even pretended I was kissing GEORGE HARRISON and HERE, my favorite Beatle, of course, while I'd listen to 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand', [thanks FlameClawBeatles]...their tune that first started winning awards for them. Then, I talked in my best 'Beatle's Accent' while I'd take my weekly guitar lesson with my best friend Astrid Sather, who loved PAUL McCARTNEY and HERE the best...we knew we'd both be singing with the Beatles someday, and would win more awards with them. The very best, biggest and greatest awards of all. WOW...hormones can make you believe in the BIGGEST everything, can't they? But Folks, that's the way it really was when I was 14 in 1964, it was BIG, the Beatles were BIG news. the BIGGEST news.
The Rolling Stone, link above, says that the Beatles have won 25 awards over the years...and, I believe them. They'll get this Lifetime Achievement Award, given by 'Recording Academy', before the Grammys ceremony in January 2014 along with some other cool folks in a special ceremony.
I thought it was very cool that the photographer JIM MARSHALL and HERE ,who took those wonderful old photos of the Beatles and 'Woodstock' and HERE too back in the '60's, and Beatle Paul McCartney as a solo artist, will be honored at the same ceremony. Jan

Related video links below from YOUTUBE.

1.] I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND, by The Beatles, from FlameClawBeatles..At the Ed Sullivan Show.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

BARTLETT Does 'A Song For My Father' JAZZ Tonight At DICKERSON's SOUTH BAY BBQ in Olympia

Steve Bartlett, by Jan Rose-Bartlett cc
Well, Steve's off and running again tonight. Time for more jazz in Olympia at DICKERSON's SOUTH BAY BBQ....his favorite type  of music is jazz...that's all, I know he'll have a great time..
So,this afternoon he started smiling, you know, that GREAT BIG SMILE of his while working up HORACE SILVER's and HERE 'A Song For My Father', thanks JazzBreakTV. BARTLETT picked it out for tonight's jam. He's got the song's charts from 'The Real Jazz Book', and is ready to go. Maybe Steve'll see you there, bring your axe and music charts, [the real jazz book is in the back of the room if you need it, don't worry] have a beer, and relax with some BBQ'd pork, see link for menu. Sound's wonderful, doesn't it? Hope Steve remembers to bring some BBQ home for us. I'll be waiting with, you know, that GREAT BIG smile of mine.
MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals, KENNY WILLIAMSON/drums and my BARTLETT ON BASS did this song often at Martin's and Barb's LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTER's in McKenna, WA. each week, before Liquid Soul closed it's doors in Aug. 2011. Thanks for reading my stuff. Jan

A video link to HORACE SILVER's 'A Song For My Father' below.

A SONG FOR MY FATHER, by Horace Silver, from JazzBreakTV

 619 Legion Way SE, Olympia, WA 98501
(360) 943-6900

YELM Music, Drama, Government Stuff..Is It Raining Outside? Watch YELM IN THE SPOTLIGHT by THE TRIAD THEATER

by Flavio~ cc
What's happening in YELM and HERE ? Well this'll tell ya.
 I just finished watching the second episode of the 'Yelm In The Spotlight' produced by THE TRIAD THEATER in Yelm...What a delight. Keep yourself informed about  all that's goimg on in this area. ALL The important issues, and, drama, the local news....both humorous AND serious, it just has everything....  those government concerns that directly effect our way of life in Yelm,, the weather report. No fair looking out the window,..this is alot more fun. SMILE Jan
Created by 'CALMITY JAYNE' of the Triad, and MICHAEL DELOME [The Spiritual Gangster]. Well done and very informative...don't miss it. ...these folks know what they're doing.
With BARTLETT ON BASS in this episode performing at THE MOOSE LODGE with JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals, MICHAEL HARRISON/drums and TOD LEMKUHL/guitar in the lead story about the RAINIER/VALE NEIGHBOORHOOD GROUP CELEBRATION on November 3rd. You'll get  the whole story in the Spotlight..  [And, see more about the band and my story of this event, go HERE. Jan]
I've  posted a copy of the second episode of YELM IN THE SPOTLIGHT below. I found it on YOUTUBE at  YELM TRIAD PROD. It's called 'YELM IN THE SPOTLIGHT' EPISODE 2' . This is what the page says: " Published on Nov 25, 2013
NEWS: Race Foundaiser
CLASSIC: Olympia Orchestra Chamber
CITIZEN: Agenda 21
PLAY: The Wizard of Oz
MUSIC: MichaelD Spiritual Gangster
PREVIEWS At The Triad Dec 2013
WEATHER with Dahlores".  Enjoy..I'm look forward to the next episode. Check it out. Jan

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Wow...A Wonderful Night of Music at THE NEW TRIAD ARTS THEATER, Not Just For Kids

 cassie_bedfordgolf cc
Yesterday, I told everyone I'd check out The Triad Theater last night. This is my report. Jan
UPDATE: 12/8 [Sunday morn]...Boy, was 'I' misinformed about the gig at THE TRIAD ARTS THEATER last night. It was NOT just for kids and NOT just Don, Bob and Steve jamming and putting on some music on for kids.
So, Here's the whole truth and nothing but the truth... Ready?
O.K...last night at the Triad there was music, lotsa absolutely beautiful music,...all kinds of music. There were actors with more fantastic, well done and delightful. There were laughs and soft touching moments, children too. Christmas carols and FREE Christmas cookies. It was a wonderful evening...I'm so glad I was there.
In fact, the whole evening was FREE. Jayne and everyone at the Triad giving back to our community and celebrating the talent in this area. I thank you Triad for the awesome evening..a night and thoughtfulness I won't soon forget. Jan

Link to MY story yesterday  HERE.

102 Yelm Ave.
Yelm, WA.
phone is 360/458-3140

Saturday, December 07, 2013

'FIGARO, FIGARO'..OPERA Today, JAZZ Tomorrow..Let's Make It A 'Tradition'...O.K?

ClubTransatlântico cc
It's the first Sunday of the month and that can mean only one thing...It's  time for a JAZZ jam in Olympia, bring your axe and charted's at TRADITION'S CAFE AND FOLK ART @ 2 pm. BARTLETT ON BASS will be making an too. When? well, after 2 pm, of course. Music ends 'round 5 pm. There's 'the real jazz book' and someone to help find charts, if you don't have, nothing should be in the way for everyone to join in if you want to jam...all levels welcome. For all jazz going on in the Olympia area, check at OLYMPIA JAZZ CENTRAL
Wait a minute there...What's this opera stuff?  O.K., O.K., I almost forgot, thanks for reminding me. Tonight Saturday, December 7th, there's a special event at THE NEW TRIAD ARTS THEATER here in downtown Yelm. There's opera and some jamming going on for children. DON SUNN/vocals called my Steve. Don is assisting BOB CORL, who has organized a cool evening of music for kids...he will be performing some of the opera he gos on tour with. BARTLETT ON BASS will be joining them. I wanna go and see what this is all about....then I can tell you more O.K? Jan
UPDATE: 12/8 [Sunday morn]...Boy, was 'I' misinformed about the gig at THE TRIAD ARTS THEATER last night. It was NOT just for kids and NOT just Don, Bob  and Steve jamming and putting on some music on for kids.
So, Here's the whole truth and nothing but the truth... Ready?
O.K...last night at the Triad there was music, lotsa absolutely beautiful music,...all kinds of music. There were actors with more fantastic, well done and delightful. There were laughs and soft touching moments,  children too. Christmas carols and FREE Christmas cookies. It was a wonderful evening...I'm so glad I was there.
In fact, the whole evening was FREE. Jayne and everyone at the Triad giving back to our community and celebrating the talent in this area. I thank you Triad for the awesome evening..a night and thoughtfulness I won't soon forget  Jan

WHERE: Traditions Café and World Folk Art: Sunday jazz jam 2 pm to 5 pm
300 5th Avenue SW, Olympia, WA 98501

102 Yelm Ave.
Yelm, WA.
phone is 360/458-3140

I've posted a video of Bob Corl that I found on YOUTUBE from  ender165.  It's called 'Bob sings Nessun Dorma'. It says on the page: " Published on Aug 31, 2012
Robert Corl sings an informal Nessun Dorma at the Triad Theater in Yelm, WA
Sorry, I cut off the last part... I know. I know :(
~Valerie C."

Thursday, December 05, 2013

A Stranger In A Strange Land?...No Way...It's LEON RUSSELL

by CLender cc
Well, this guy is one of my favorites... he's no stranger to me, I bet you recognize him too...It's LEON RUSSELL, and it seems like Leon's been 'round just forever that's all....the late '60's is when I first noticed him and he became an instant hero to me.  As time went on and I learned more about him...well, I just seemed to love him more and more.
O.K....Russell was and is a very gifted genius song writer, not only writing awesome songs that he has recorded himself, but he's written so many songs for other musical artists. He has played with so many musical Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, The Byrds, The Carpenters, George Harrison, The Rolling Stones, Glen campbell, Elton John, Tiajuana Brass,...and so many more, see WIKIPENDIA link below.. I believe the greatest and most talented musicians of the 60's and '70's. ...WOW.
It was no wonder that he was put into the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME in 2011, it was about time, I say. [See MY story about Leon's Hall of Fame entrance in 2011 HERE]  But, he did more than just rock and roll, there's country, folk, gospel, and blues too...really everything. He is respected and honored by musicians of all genres, and has written, or jointly written lotsa big hit tunes for them all, as well as been on stage performing along side them all. He's a musician's musician. Please read his bio from WIKIPEDIA to get the whole list of the number of musicians that his life has touched and enhanced. O.K?
His inter-racial marriage in 1975 to 'Sly And The Family Stone' member MARY McCLEARY and, his unique odd sounding voice, ..was just like my 'want to be a singer' voice, just made Russell even more endearing to me always...he always sounded just like one of us 'common' folk. Love you Leon. Jan
Music video links of Leon Russell, from YOUTUBE below.

1.] TIGHT ROPE 1972, by Leon Russell, from ceeceerider
2.] A SONG FOR YOU 1971, by Leon Russell and friends, from MemphisMemories
3.] A SONG FOR YOU, by Leon Russell, Willie Nelson and Ray Charles, by Henny1972nl
4.] STRANGER IN A STRANGER LAND 1971, by Leon Russell, from ma01302250sa
5.] GENTLE ON MY MIND, by Glen Campbell and Leon Russell, from Aubrunner
6.] DELTA LADY, by Leon Russell and friends, from yipstube
7.] CRYSTAL CLOSET QUEEN, by Leon Russell, from Karski1952
8.] COME INTO MY KITCHEN, by Leon Russell, from  MemphisMemories
9.] HONKY TONK WOMAN, by Leon Russell, from Mike Zieroth
10.] CBS SUNDAY MORNING, Leon Russell and Elton John, some history, from deepfreezevideo
11.] A HARD RAIN GONNA FALL, by Leon Russell, from ceeceerider
12.] THE LETTER, by Joe Cocker and Leon Russell, from

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