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Friday, May 29, 2015

FACINATING, Just Listen...Singing Plants at Damanhur

Jan on iPad, by JA Rose-Bartlett cc
This is a fasinating video and concept called 'the singing plants of Damanhur' [thanks]...that I posted before. I was reminded amazing this is....I'm sure it proves that....well, in my own is MUCH more than is life, and inspires, supports uplifes ALL life. Listen and see if you agree....there's more to music than meets the ear....Jan

Thursday, May 28, 2015

'All That JAZZBONES'...What's Coming Up?...Just.Cool Stuff, That's All

Steve, Donny, Heather, Jeff, by Marvin Paterson [C]
O.K., JAZZBONES in Tacoma, WA. is hopping, Steve has two [2] cool gigs coming up in the near future.... a cool gig this Friday, May 29th, starting at 8 o'clock with HEATHER JONES and the GROOVE MASTERS. That's HEATHER JONES/vocals, DONNY S. JONES/guitar/vocals, JEFF HAYES/drums and Steve BARTLETT ON BASS. They start at 8 pm, do a set and are opening for the band 'King James and the Southsiders'....    so, be there early. O.K?...only $6.00 cover,
I've been seeing Heather, Donny and Jeff Hayes all over the place...with all kinds of cool people. So, check them out...O.K? They were in Eastern Washington recently @ THE SUNBANKS BLUES FESTIVAL, and Jeff's been playing at the HYW 99 BLUES CLUB in Seattle....well, they've just all been playing at many places around the Puget Sound area. We saw them last night at DAWSON's in Tacoma on South Tacoma Way at THE LINDA MYERS BAND Jam...which was alota fun, of course. Every Wednesday night at Dawsons, their jam is a really BIG deal....check it out too. O.K?
Talking about Jazzbones...wasn't I...well, SASS's whole gang will be there, at Jazzbones that is, this Sunday May 31st....I hear the music will be from around 2 o;clock 'til 9ish, or so.....It's all put on by the SOUTH SOUND BLUES ASSOCIATION and several bands will be there [there's a list at this link]. But, there's so many very cool musicians/bands in this can anyone ever tell whos the very best? AND, they're all our friends too...It's gonna be difficult, but everyone's gonna try....AND, pick the champion of BLUZZZ, on this upcoming Sunday, May 31st. There will be alotta very cool music that's for sure...'.Be There...or Be Square'.
I'll post everything bI can find about everything that's coming up at Jassbones below. O.K? Jan....'I'm not square...of course, I'll be there'.



· 2803 6th Avenue · Tacoma, WA 98406

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Snowball (TM) - Another One Bites The Dust

Friday, May 22, 2015

Missing the Hard Copy?... Invisible or Digital' Copy is the Future of Music

I read today about some guys in Florida that are, it said...well, 'the future of music'....they're making it BIG (lotsa money) digital distribution....that's what the post called ...sorry folks....can'y find it now Jan....what is that there no more vinyl hard copy....'er' records or CDs around....they're so old fashion anyway now days everything's done electronicly. NO mess or fuss. Just pay online the and the music downloaded onto your just listen -.
O.K.,O.K.,....What about the folks that don't have computers or so called 'Smart Phones'...what then?...Steve doesn't do computers etc. Are they just outta luck?...he'd miss does't seem logical to me. Or good money-wise idea?
Anyway...what about creating a CD, and finally holding it in your hands after so much work?....then, giving it to your friends or selling it at a gig?'s pure pleasure...Musicians would miss all of that.
What about the future of live music or even musicians?...It's easier to get machine music than learn an instrument, rehearse, book gigs and make sure Club owners and musicians all make enough to live. I hope  real music never comes to an fills us with wonder and inspiration....aarts and creating music. Some things are worth more than money.
I'm gonna post a link to that post I read this morning...O.K? Think about it...wouldn't we miss a lot by just doing ' the NEW Way ' only?...I believe so. Jan
PHOTO CREDIT: CD by 'Walter's Birthday' 2011, TOD LEMKUHL/guitar, JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums and Steve BARTLETT ON BASS.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Amazing ....SASS Does it Again.These 'Guys' Never Sleep...Be at THE SPAR Tonight 7 pm

SASS by J A Rose cc
O. K.,....What's going on?....Music, music and more music....that's what. My one working finger's getting callused....''s about time'.
 I know, SASS has been up late and working hard the past few nights at the STONEGATE ....Well,  they won't let that stop them....they're doing it again tonight, Sunday, May 17th , 7 pm @ THE SPAR in Old Town Tacoma....2121 North 30th I've heard that iit's wheelchair friendly and, I'll be there for know 'gotta see what kinda let's say...'sass' these folks' gonna get into tonight. For sure there's gonna be some Good BLUZZZ and lot of it.
SHELLY ELY''ll be on the main mic, of course 'cause she's the very BEST BLUZZ  Queen..'ah'...I'm gonna call her 'her highness' tonight....real royality, she is....the way she can take care of herself and all. She will tell you just how it's the BEST BLUZZ around.
SHELL'll be with her usual SASS guys...that's the SASS song writer guy....STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals, the drummer guy ANDRE THOMAS/drums/vocals 'what cha gonna do?' AND, my hubby guy, Steve BARTLETT ON BASS/vocals too..  'Always reporting lotsa good news' Jan...Oh wait....I'm getting better on that jamming iPad camera...I'll post some photos from last night. O.K? Take a look and see what you think.

WHERE: THE SPAR, 7 pm to 10pm
                 2121 north 30th Street
                  old town Tacoma, WA.
SASS by J A Rose cc

More photos below....
SASS by J A Rose cc

SASS by J A Rose cc

Saturday, May 16, 2015

SASS Maybe the Very 'Sassy-est' Tonight...Come STONEGATE,Starts at 9

SASS, of course I used this with permission, I'm not crazy
O.K....How do little 'ol me say thIs any other way?....My friend, and the BLUZZ Queen of this Pacific Northwest SHELLY ELY is ....well, let's say 'sassy'....just like she's 'pose to be....AND, she's good at it too[practice makes perfect, they always say], we never know what's gonna come outta her mouth besides great BLUZZZ, that is....just 'bout anything at anytime, that's all.
So, Tonight maybe the 'sassy-est, SASS has ever been., never know for sure. Just know for sure....there'll be lotsa great BLUZZZ coming outta her mouth,well...ALL their mouths./
SASS is playing again tonight at STONEGATE....5419 South Tacoma Way in Tacoma....I'll post it all again below. O.K?
Anyway, the whole SASS gang will be at the Stonegate tonight, also know by me, as those cool 'SASS Guys' That's that song writer guy STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals, ANDRE THOMAS/drums/vocals, and my hubby guy, Steve BARTLETT ON BASS/vocals too
Great food and a dance floor near the Jan
PHOTO INFO: Taken in early Sept. 2014 in Tacoma, WA. by MERRI PETERSON SUTTON. Used by permission from SASS. Contact Steve Merriam. Jan[sorry 'bout the color....can't get it off, but, THIS photo was used with permission O.K?

                 5419 South Tacoma Way....take the 56th street exit off I-5, go west, turn right at South Tacoma Way go  about 1 block  on the right. There's parking in back or right in front of the club
                  Tacoma, WA..

Lotsa Music Stuff Going On...ALL Over....HIGHLIGHTS Here

SASS at STONEGATE by J A Rose-Bartlett cc
O.K. where do I start, anyway?..../Lets see...'hum'. Lotsa music news....BB KING  and HERE dies at age 89 a couple of days ago....that's really BIG news for BLUZZZ guys...well, really ALL musicians everywhere.
EVERYWHERE... I  have seen folks telling their favorite story about King, and doing his tunes, trying to comfort themselves somehow and remember truly a legend, King inspired and influenced all of 'us' musicians, may I be so BOLD  as to include myself in that amazing group of folks .I'll find more about King. O.K?
Besides STEVIE WONDER having a birthda on May 13th... [which I reported a few days was also that very cool bassman's DONALD 'DUCK' DUNN's birthday....yes, the very same day as Wonder's...see MY story about Dunn HERE..
Well, locally, SASS has been 'sassy', of course...with a name like that how could they be any other way?..they .played last night, Friday, May 15th at THE STONEGATE on South Tacoma Way....5419 South Tacoma Way that is AND, they play there again tonight....Saturday, May 16th, it all starts atb 9 pm....I had some really fine food last night at the Stonegate...while, I was trying to learn my iPad camera and enhoying the music [please, see the photo above...blurry but pretty...'huh?...that's STEVE MERRIAM on the left, SHELLY ELY in the middle my BARTLETT is behind Shelly and ANDRE THOMAS is behind Merriam somewhere. Jan].
There was some great music last night....BOBBY HOFFMAN/drums/vocald from the 'Soul Spiderz Jam' came in and sang some cool tunes, of course a BB KING tune was amoung them....AND, a duet with Shelly....WOW. ANDREA MILLER/vocals dropped by and was beautiful, of course. STEVE COX/keys/drums, sat in for a few., he was recording down the street...maybe for HEATHER JONES AND THE GROOVE MASTERS at DAWSON's just down the street.....I saw JEFF HAYES/drums peek in the window and wave....HEATHER/vocals and DONNY S. JONES//guitar/vocalss were with him..
So, I'll see everyone tonight....same place , same time. Jan

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

STEVIE WONDER, Child Prodigy and Living Legend Turns 65

Stevie Wonder/see photo credit
Today, STEVIE WONDER and  HERE turns 65....let's take a look at his amazing music career and life, shall we?
Well, first I read it on facebook this's Stevie Wonder's birthday, born May 13th, 1950. I love Stevie Wonder's Steve does many of his tunes.
Let's see....'hum' CARA CLARKE POWERS did ' I Wish'  [thanks gedeo3malet]. I guess, that's when 'I' first became interested in his  [Wonders] lyrics...different than the usual. run-of-the-mill tunes out there. I really began to listen and notice his talent.
Over the years BARTLETT has done several tunes, and I have seen many YOUTUBE videos of Stevie Wonders performances...AND, really enjoyed then by the way.
O.K., I found out that Stevie Wonder was a child prodigy....and signed with MOTOWN's Tamia lable at the age of 11, he also wrote his first song, calld 'Lonely Boy'....I'll try to find a copy and post it here..
. This is a quote from WIKIPEDIA.." He has recorded more than 30 U.S. top ten hits and received 25 Grammy Awards, the most ever awarded to a male solo artist, and has sold over 100 million albums and singles, making him one of the top 60 best-selling music artists." He worked hard to make MARTIN LUTHER KING jr.s birthday a National Holiday, and has been active in polical projects that he believed in....was named a UNITED NATIONs MESSENGER of PEACE in 2009.
I'm gonna post severasl video links of Stevie wONDER'Ss tunes below. The basslines are always cool, lyrics truthful and original, see if you agree.
Wonder has been married offically twice,  has at least 9 children and has been blind since shortly after birth. [he was a premie, given alotta oxygen, the doctor's didn't know any better, back then and he developed " retinopathy of prematurity (ROP),". Happy Birthday, Mr. Wonder, and you are'.... Jan
Stevie Wonder video links below.....Gotta go with Steve, will finish when I get home..


Monday, May 11, 2015

Local Sad Music News...Armed Gunman Killed in Tacoma for 'Loud Music'

By unknown
.  K.,...just read this very sad news from KOMONEWS. An 'armed gunman' was shot and killed by police last night, following a 'loud music complaint'. Well folks, I'm only on my iPad...'cause BARTLETT went to help our friend, DON SUNN/vocals today in Tacoma and I'm researching online to find out the whole story about the shooting. But, it was Mother's Day yesterday and the victim was with his parents, a gun collector (spell?) and Mom said she heard NO loud music and thought this could have be handled differently, that's all I can find so far.
I'll try and put links on this post from my iPad, but just in case I can't, go to KOMO NEWS. Jan. KOMO NEWS

Sunday, May 10, 2015


SHELLY ELY's Next...

SHELLY ELY's giving THURM a hard time...wish you were here. All is well, I'm full and enjoying myself.Jan


My iPad coverage of UNCLE THURMs Mother's Day extravaganza. It's Keeley Whitney first up on the mic with 'Stand By Me'.

Amazing Second Day of UNCLE THURMs Mother's Day Extravaganza Continues...HEATHER JONES, SHELLY ELY, and KEELEY WHITNEY

HEATHER JONES last night, by J A Rose cc
O.K.....Where ya gonna go for delicious, mouth-watering, yep.... even finger lickin SOUL FOOD for Mother, when she asks for it today? Well, let me help you out....just bring Mom down to UNCLE THURMs FINGER LICKIN RIBs AND CHICKEN in Tacoma,....3709 'G' Street.
AND, today Thurm's celebrating Mother's Day ALL day's just delicious....I know. last night this Mom's Day this amazing Party began. I had a BIG plate of's a buffet, you know. There's fried chicken, BBQed ribs, Yep, even fried cat fish, southerned style greens, mac and cheese, red bean and rice, yams, corn bread, and even more...everything Mom wants on her day.
Lotsa music too....I mean Great music.....lovely ladies, beautiful ladies, fantastic lady 'chick singers'. That's HEATHER JONES, SHELLY ELY and KEELEY WHITNEY, and they're all supported by the best musicians in this area, know, the bands.. SASS, and THE GROOVE MASTERS....WOW. Those musicians are....drum roll please. STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals, DONNY S.JONES/guitar/vocals, ANDRE THOMAS/drums/vocals, JEFF HAYES/drums...MICHAEL KINDER/drums/vocals was there last night,[ but off tonight I heard...Jan]...and there's, of course, Steve BARTLETT ON Steve.
Come on down...even if Mom's not with you. Music starts at 4 o'clock today, gos 'til 8, that's when I'll be there...eating and learning to use that iPad camera of mine. My one hand and both arms shake...the pictures maybe a little blurry and dark, but...oh well, you get to see what's happening as it happens. I'm having fun learning. Mother...and soon to be grandma, Jan

WHERE: UNCLE THURMs SOUL FOOD or FINGER LICKEN RIBs AND CHICKEN, Sunday, May 10th, Mother's Day, music from 4 to 8pm, buffet all day long
             3709 'G' Street...take 38th exit off I-5, go east to 'G', turn left, it's the yellow building on the right with BIG... UNCLE THURMs SOUL FOOD sign on top, can't miss it.
             Tacoma, WA.

UNCLE THURMs SOUL FOOD, music 4 to 8 today, food all day
               3709 'G' Street
                Tacoma, WA. 

Photo of Shelly Ely from last night below...
Shelly Ely from last night by JA Rose cc

Saturday, May 09, 2015


SHELLY ELY on vocals.  SASS right now at UNCLE THURMs. Jan

TWO [2] Day Mother's Day Celebration, Starts TODAY, HEATHER JONES and SHELLY ELY,SASS @ UNCLE THURMs, 8 pm

by Heather Jones
NOTE from HEATHER JONES.."Preparing for a HUGE weekend/week in Live Music!!!
Starting with Uncle Thurms Finger Licken Ribs & Chicken Tonight & Tomorrow afternoon for the "Sophisticated Ladies" Shows, featuring Shelly Ely, Keely Whitney, and Myself."
We'll be there, Steve's playing with ALL these beautiful ladies...lucky guy.
We've gotta get ready now. Delicious buffet. Gotta go, See you there
YEAH for MOMs. Jan.Jan

WHERE: UNCLE THURMs SOUL FOOD, 8pm to 12 tonight, 4 to 8pm tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, May 9th and 10th
               3709 'G' Street...take 38th street exit off I-5, go east on 38th to 'G', turn left...YELLOW building on right...can't miss it.
                Tacoma, WA 

REBEL WiILSON shows her nunchucks skills [with music] - The Graham Norton Show: Series...

Rebel Wilson, see photo credit
WOW....REBEL WILSON is amazing with her 'nunchucks skills'....AND, it's all to music too Found this on YOUTUBE from the GRAHAM NORTON SHOW in the UK. I'll post more below. Watch out! Thanks BBC. click HERE Jan
I found out Rebel is from Australia, she's a comic, an actress and writer.. She's won several awards for acting and comedy, example: the Tropfest Best Actress award,  "Top Ten Comics to Watch for 2011". 
She now lives in the U.S., has been in several T.V. series and well liked and popular. I'll keep looking. Jan

Thursday, May 07, 2015

BARTLETT at UNCLE THURMs Last Friday Photo

Bartlett and D. Jones, by JA Rose-Bartlett cc
At UNCLE THURMs last Friday night with DONNY JONES/guitar, tomorrow, Friday, May 8th, be there for SASS. Remember this weekend is the Mother's Day Special at Thurm's.,both Saturday and Sunday. With HEATHER JONES AND THE GROOVE MSSTERS and.SASS...even more. Jan
NOTE: I  learned that I have to add photos and links from the BIG computer, NOT the iPad....well, NOT yet. Jan

Friday, May 01, 2015

FACEBOOK's INSTAGRAM Go After the Music Crowd With '@music'

by Jared Eberhardt / Instagram
I read today, that Facebook's INSTAGRAM folks, with over 300,000 folks using Iinstagram and a whopping 25 percent of that being musicians...are or have developed a new communication tool just for music and musicians. You know....share, thumbs up kinda stuff I get your music, gigs, and musician stuff out there...'way cool' says I.....'tell me more'.
O.K., there's many posts about this new music news online. I got this from BUZZFEED. See @music, it looks like it's part of Instragram to me.
Gotta go, will finish this as soon as I can. Jan


Donny, Heather, and Bartlett, photo by H. Jones
'Just grooving on a Friday after...'ah'...8' o' clock pm'...Yes, it's a cool groove tonight @ UNCLE THURMs FINGER LICKIN RIBs AND CHICKEN in Tacoma on 'G' Street.
Who's gonna be there?...Well, it's HEATHER JONES AND THE GROOVE MASTERs, that's who. HEATHER JONES/vocals, DONNY JONES/guitar/vocals, MICHAEL KINDER/drums and....yep, you know Steve BARTLETT ON BASS.
Of course, THURMs gonna be there with his Linda cooking up some great stuff...soul food...yum.
I'm writing this ALL with that jamming iPad of, will havta put links and photos when Steve gets me on the BIG machine 'computer' later. O.K?, Jan
Yep,...I'll be learning my iPad camera tonight too, while enjoying Thurm's Fried Chicken dinner....I'll post what I can while the music's happening..or tomorrow...if, just if I can't figure it out tonight. Jan

                  3709 'G' I-5 on 38th, go east
                   Tacoma, WA.

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Musical Grandma's Are Cooler
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