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Friday, August 30, 2013

'Who's Been Talkin' 'Bout Tonight At The TRIAD THEATER With MARTIN SALINAS?

Tonight, Friday, August 30, 2013, at THE TRIAD THEATER in Yelm [104 Yelm Ave.], get ready for some GOOD music. MARTIN SALINAS is in town, and we're celebrating BIG TIME. It's THE LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTER's Music Reunion. O.K? Need I say more? Lotsa fine musicians that performed at Liquid Soul over the years, before it closed it's doors in August 2011 will be there. Martin and Barb moved back to California in 2011..
 STEPHEN K. HICKS has been keepin' me updated, he's been working hard to get Yelm ready for this. Yep, we're all ready Stephen, let's go for it.
Of course, BARTLETT ON BASS will be there. Doors open at 6:30 and music starts 'round 8 pm. Tickets available at BROWN PAPER TICKETS for $20.00 or call Stephen H.Hicks @ 360/ they'll be available at the door if you just read this, don't worry, come on down, you'll have fun.
Now, all your favorite musical artists that played at Martin's Liquid Soul in McKenna, Wa., over the years have been notified and hopefully will all be there. I can't wait to see all our old friends AND music too. WOW. My dream come true.
Steve got a copy of the set lists and we've been rehearsing today for tonight. I'll post links below...O.K?..just a little hint of what to expect tonight. Hope you see your favorites too...I see my favorites,  l will be there for sure. Yeah. Jan
Here's some links to the music that Steve's getting ready for tonight...see your favorites?...Cool. See ya there. Jan

1.] WALKING BLUES, by Paul Butterfield, from christos christaras
2.] AS THE YEARS GO PASSING BY, by Albert King, from DoktorTrzyDoktorTrzy
3.] HELP ME, by Sonnyboy Williamson, from jopalmtreetwojopalmtreetwo
4.] WHO'S BEEN TALKIN', by Howlin Wolf, from classicmoodexp
5.] I CAN'T HOLD OUT, by Elmore James, from rocknrollkiller1950
6.] BRING IT ON HOME TO ME, by Sam Cooke, from strictlyOldies
7.] FURTHER ON UP THE ROAD, by Bobby Bland, from Deckswax
8.] BUILT FOR COMFORT, by Howlin Wolf, from funkinmind
9.] KEY TO THE HIGHWAY, by Little Walter, from classicmoodexp
10.] THE RED ROOSTER, by Howlin Wolf, fromclassicmoodexp
11.] HOOCHIE COOCHIE MAN, by Muddy Waters, from Francesco Ricci
12.] SITTIN ON TOP OF THE WORLD, by Howlin Wolf, from L Blishen
13.] SLEEPWALK, by Jeff Beck, from keithlee77
14.] COMING HOME BABY, by Mel Torme, from roots66
15.] SONG FOR MY FATHER, by Horace Silver, from Dorian Grey
16.] ALL BLUES, by Miles Davis, from eeewaa1
17.] HIP HUG HER, by Booker MG and the MGs, from whatiship73
18.] BRICK HOUSE, by Commodores, from merlotje
19.] CISSY STRUT, by The Meters, from lavinder11
20.] BUT, IT'S ALRIGHT, J.J.Jackson, from Jim McKeever
21.] DESAFINADO-GIRL FROM IPANIMA- ET AL, by Stan Getz Quartet, from Ken James
22.] BACK AT THE CHICKEN SHACK, by Jimmy Smith, from Roger rogerjazzfan
23.] RAINY NIGHT IN GEORGIA, by Ray Charles, from Victor Más
24.] BORN UNDER A BAD SIGN, by Stevie Ray Vaughan , Albert King, from BluzJack
25.] VIVA TIRADO, by El Chicano, from thumprecordsmusic
26.] OYE COMO VA, by Santana, from Audio4You
27.] BLACK MAGIC WOMAN, by Santana, from LakeParadiseMusic1
28.] GOT A MIND TO GIVE UP LIVING, by Paul Butterfield, from ZINEDINE05

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MARTIN SALINAS/Liquid Soul Coffee Roaster's Music Reunion Tickets Available

by Stephen K. Hicks
I called STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums and owner of HOBBY STREET STUDIOS yesterday, who's promoting this gig along with JAMES BUCKINGHAM, and asked him more about the MARTIN SALINAS/LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERS Music Reunion, going on this Friday night, August 30th, at THE TRIAD THEATER, 104 Yelm Ave., in Yelm, 'cause we hadn't heard anything more about the event, since Steve was asked to be there a few weeks ago. It will be cool to see everyone, this Friday, don't you think?...and, we want to know everything. Everyone's been working hard to make this happen. What's new?
Well, I found out tickets are available at BROWN PAPER TICKETS or call Stephen K. Hicks @ 360/701-9909. Cost $20.00 each. Doors open 6:30, and the music starts 'round 8 pm. My Steve saw some other posters around town,...saying the special guest will be MARTIN SALINAS...well,  .I guess so, Martin's always special, isn't he. So, who else will be there? DOUG SKOOG/keys will be giving KENNY WILLIAMSON/drums a ride to the gig, so they'll be there. ATTENTION: UPDATED 7:30 pm. Got a call from Stephen K. Hicks....poster and info. updated this afternoon. Stephen was unable to reach Doug Skoog by phone this afternoon and confirm, BUT, Confirmed and added NEIL FALLEN/harp/vocals and DAVE BRAY/guitar to line up
Stephen k. Hicks made this beautiful poster on the left and sent it to me. Thanks Steve. It says that DIN WILKIE, MATHEW MILES, and of course, STEPHEN K. HICKS and more will be there too. There will be a special feature: THE HAMBONE BLUES, with Corky and Daryl.
So, there you go folks, everything you need to know.. It sounds like a fun night. I'm gonna be there. Jan
Here's a example of Martin Salinas and friends at Liquid Soul, Martin's has the hat on.I know it's SCOTT ERCOLIANI on drums, this video from LiqdSoulCoffee. They're doin' 'Stormy Monday'. The page says: "Uploaded on Sep 25, 2010
Martin Salinas and Friends"

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Music Of The 60's...Changing The World, ...One Song At A Time

by GlowJangles cc
O.K  folks...I've been offline for awhile, a few weeks anyway, and did some thinking.. O.K., a lot of thinking.
Recently, Steve and I have had so many oportunities to let's say 'ponder' or' reflect' on some things, that keep coming up in our the music of the 60's, for example. So I thought 'it must be the time to do just that...think and write about it.' So,  'How did the great music of the 60's, change our world,  Anyway?'. Isn't that a good question? Well, thank you...I thought it was a great question too. [Jan].
And then, when I got back online this morning, all primed and  full of my very best 60's Hippie 'we can change the world, yes we can kinda thinking'...What did I find? Another post about just that, the music of the 60's and it's effects on civil rights...O.K., O.K. I get it, Universe. So, without waiting another minute, let's begin. O.K?
First, This is what I found  this morning on  .CBS NEWS. It reminded me of the way it was.
The music of the 60's was MY music...I was a teen age 'Hippie' then  [Jan],and into civil rights, no war, free love and changing the world.and thought I could do anything I dreamed of. I loved the music of that time and it did inspire me to try to do just that...change the world. My Steve, was also into music way back then, and sure looked the part too....didn't he? We were all on a great mission. It was fun and exciting. My first hubby Ernie and Steve's wife Julie were too. This really upset all of our parents who thought the world was just fine.
Steve 20 yrs old with glasses, see link 1971
Here BARTLETT ON BASS is in the band 'Good Blessing'. I got the photo HERE and another link...PACIFIC NORTHWEST BANDS here. Here's another cool photo of BARTLETT from that site, the same band, 'Good Blessing'.. more GOOD BLESSING here.
Well, I think the music of the times just says it best It's a great tool, I'll use, let me post some links below. O.K? Jan
1.] First,  a song representing civil rights of the 60's, by SAM COOKE, 1962.
A CHANGE GONNA COME, from rockwithstone
2.] Second, a song representing our thought on the Viet Nam war at that time, by EDWIN STARR.
WAR, by Edwin Starr, from cctaximan
3.] Next, on love, let's listen to THE ISLEY BROTHERS.
LOVE THE ONE YOUR WITH, from musicvat
4.] O.K., changing the's CROSBY, STILL AND NASH

Thursday, August 15, 2013

BARTLETT With JERRY MILLER and The MARTIN SALINAS/Liquid Soul Coffee Roasters Reunion

Bartlett and Kevin...'round 2006 by J.A. ROSE-BARTLETT cc
WOW...Two cool gigs coming up this month. 
First, KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drums called last night...could Steve play with him and MOBY GRAPE's JERRY MILLER/guitar/vocals on the 23rd? Sure... So, Kevin's setting it all up at THE STONEGATE in Tacoma on 5419 South Tacoma Way.
Second, STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums/guitar, our neighbor and owner of HOBBY STREET STUDIOS called..... WHOA!...MARTIN SALINAS will be in town on the 30th AND there's gonna be a MARTIN SALINAS/LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs Music Reunion at THE NEW TRIAD THEATER [104 Yelm Ave.] in Yelm, of course on the 30th...with lotsa musicians who played with Martin over the years, before LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna offically closed it's doors on August 12th 2011. Martin and Barb Salinas moved back to California. See my story HERE. Of course, Steve'll be there! I'm [Jan] gonna try to go too. So, I'll post more when Stephen k. Hicks tells me more. O.K? Jan
Fri Aug 23 2013

Tacoma, WA
Age Limit: 21+ Tickets: NO COVER
Details: Steve BARTLETT ON BASS with JERRY MILLER/guitar/vocals and KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drums.

Fri Aug 30 2013
Age Limit: All Ages

I found this video of Jerry Miller in MOBY GRAPE on YOUTUBE. The song's called 'Gypsy Wedding', from BCSongsmith. This is what the page says: "Uploaded on Jan 10, 2012
One of the great bands from the San Francisco area during the golden age of hippiedom in the late '60's. Formed in 1966 the lineup included Jerry Miller, Peter Lewis and Spence on guitars, Bob Mosley on bass and Don Stevenson on drums. All band members sang lead and backup and contributed to songwriting. They were proficient at combining country, folk, pop and rock with psychedelic elements. The band took its name from an in-joke ("What's big and purple and lives in the ocean?")."

Viteriito Does It Again....What Can I Say?,...Except, ' Just Beautiful Rob'

from Robert Viterito's site, see links
What a beautiful song. Our friend, Rob Viterito, from Yelm does it again with his video called 'You', a beautiful video made outside Westport, Wa.. That's all I kept thinking as I listened to this video....can't wait 'til Steve gets home...he'll love it too...I just know it. Please check Rob and this video out  I found a copy on YOUTUBE at mzmoonsShine [that's Rob's site].  This is what the video page says: " Published on May 10, 2013
Vintage R. Viterito with Tempus Fugit"
See my post and links about ROBERT VITERITO HERE. Jan  

Related Videos below.

1.] VINTAGE VITERITO, by Rob Viterito, from mzmoonsShine

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


 by Greencolander cc
I saw online today at the NY DAILY NEWS that KATE PERRY will perform her new tune 'Roar' live onstage in Brooklyn, on the MTV Music Video Awards on August 25th, later this month. Her song 'Roar' will  be  released in October on the album PRISM.
Here's a preview of Kate Perry's 'Roar' with lyrics, that I found on YOUTUBE at KatyPerryVEVO, coming out this October. This is what the page says: " Published on Aug 12, 2013
Download "Roar" on iTunes:
Official lyrics video for Katy Perry's "Roar" from 'PRISM' out 10.22.13
Follow Katy:"

More related videos below.

1.] KATY PERRY, JODI DiPIAZZA SING AT NIGHT OF TOO MANY STARS, 'Fireworks' by Katy Perry from comedycentral
excellent, video...never give up...enjoy. Jan

Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Bob Haarmans cc
I enjoyed thi young beautiful blond twin's electric harp videos today. They call themselves THE HARP TWINS and are "trained  classically and have degrees in harp performance" says ABC NEWS ..O.K...Just who are these beauties?   .it's Camille and Kennerly Kitt, and they're doing 'Paint it Black' from THE ROLLING STONES. and other great rock tunes from other musical artists.. Check them out., they say they had a difficult time finding rock  music for one harp, let alone, had to do arranging themselves. Cool.
This video is from  CamilleandKennerly on YOUTUBE. This is what the page says: " Published on Jan 10, 2013
Buy on iTunes:
Please listen with headphones for more complex sound and fuller bass lines!
Identical Twins Camille&Kennerly play their electric duet harp arrangement of "Paint It Black" (The Rolling Stones).
Music Arranged by Camille and Kennerly
Music Produced by Camille and Kennerly
Video Concept by Camille and Kennerly
Video Edited by Camille and Kennerly
Everything else by Camille and Kennerly
Audio Recording = No studio or sound engineer. No splices, edits, loops, overlays, or backtracks. Just 2 harps -- 1 audio take!". Jan

More related videos below.

1.] STAR TREK THEME, by The Harp Twins, from CamilleandKennerly
2.] IRON MAIDEN, FEAR OF THE DARK, by The Harp Twins, from CamilleandKennerly
3.] METALLICA, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS, by The Harp Twins, from CamilleandKennerly
4.] PINK FLOYD, WISH YOU WERE HERE, by The Harp Twins, from CamilleandKennerly

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