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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mysterious CAROL KAYE, ..Never Heard of Her....BUT, We ALL Heard Her...Who Is She, Anyway?

Carol Kaye/see photo credits
CAROL KAYE...never heard of her.....BUT, we've ALL heard her. I love her sound...our hero bassist of the '60 and '70's....but, she's been kept a secret 'til now.
I read on FACEBOOK that today's Carol Kaye's 81st birthday. A perfect day to celebrate her achievements. So, I'm gonna find more. O.K?
Here's what WIKIPEDIA said: "is an American musician, known as one of the most prolific and widely heard bass guitarists, playing on an estimated 10,000 recordings in a career spanning over 50 years.". . 
From what I saw....she was the bassist for just 'bout everybody that we Hippies loved back then.
First of all. She was born in my neck of the woods Everett, Washington and raised in Port Angeles, Washington. In the 60's, at the young age of 14, she taught guitar in Los Angeles, CA. and played jazz. As I understood it, Kaye played for SAM COOKE,and somehow, when a bass player did not show up for a studio gig, she was asked to fill in at CAPITAL Records. That was the beginning of it all. Here's a list of folks she played with or for: From WIKIPEDIA again...:"The Beach BoysPhil Spector,The DoorsRitchie Valens,Frank SinatraNancy Sinatra,Glen CampbellLeon Russell,Sonny & CherJoe Cocker,Barbra StreisandRay CharlesFrank ZappaIke & Tina TurnerJohnny Mathis,Simon & GarfunkelThe Righteous BrothersThe MarkettsHerb AlpertThe BuckinghamsPaul Revere & the RaidersGary Lewis & the PlayboysThe Monkees,Buffalo SpringfieldHoward RobertsJoe Pass:  . That 'bout wraps it up. except 'Happy Birthday, Carol'. The end, Jan
Cool video links below... .
1.] CAROL KAYE, by Ley Vaughn

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing, MARVIN GAYE's The Real Thing....Again

My story from January 22nd, 2014....On FACEBOOK yesterday, I listened to some cool music rom Marvin Gaye....reminded me of this old story of mine...Hope you enjoy it.  Jan
see photo credit
Lotsa cool music this's the real thing,..yep a cool vibration is always the right music at the right makes the difference, does't it?  Jazz, blues, soul, doesn't matter....just as long as it's BARTLETT ON BASS.  Steve's loving working up these basslines this week. AND, I'm loving ALL the music and, that is, of course, whatever MY bassman's playing.
I'll find more about MARVIN GAYE for this post, running into alot of his tunes the last few days. Just because I'm wondering about him.
O.K., Marvin Gaye had a violent home life as a boy and teenager. His Dad was very religious and strick and would beat him often, the only bright light in his early life was singing, it was encouraged in his church and by his mother. He left home as a teenager.
He signed a contract with TAMLA, a part of MOTOWN in 1960 performing jazz standards, and had zero interest in R & B, Soul, or Funk. As his Motown tunes became million dollar hits, it looks like he changed his mind. He then became known as the 'Prince of Soul' or the 'Prince of Motown
He sang duets with MARY WELLS and HERE, and TAMMY TERRELL and HERE. Terrell was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1967. She had several operations that made it difficult for her to perform. She died on March 16th, 1970 of brain cancer. 
Gaye left music because of depression after her death. He wanted to quit music and play football.
Then, I found this in WIKIPEDIA... " It was eventually decided that Gaye wouldn't be allowed to try out owing to fears of possible injuries that could have affected his music career."
So, he went back to work in music. It doesn't say 'who' decided that Gaye would not play football, but, it doesn't sound like Marvin Gaye to me, does it? Jan
PHOTO CREDIT: 'cliff1066 [T]'
Working up these tunes, I've posted video links below.

1.] NEVER SAID, CHAN'S SONG, by Herbie Handcock sung by Dianne Reeves, lyrics by Stevie Wonder , from Paola DeCi
2.] KILLER JOE, by Quincy Jones, from Radu Zlati
3.] MR. CLEAN '70, by Freddie Hubbard, from zaferlamizik
4.] ON BROADWAY, by George Benson, from Zycopolis
5.] EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE'77, by George Benson, from JazzBreakTV
6.] I JUST WANNA MAKE LOVE TO YOU'69, by Cold Blood, from toniojadetto
7.] I JUST WANNA MAKE LOVE TO YOU LIVE '89, by Cold Blood, Jeff Tamilier/guitar, from JeffTamelier  BARTLETT needs to hear both.  
8.] PLEASE DON'T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD, by Robben Ford and The Blue Line, from T80Delta
9.] HOW SWEET IT IS TO BE LOVED BY YOU, by Marvin Gaye, from ska2tone3
10.] AIN'T NOTHING LIKE THE REAL THING, by Beyonce and Justin Timberlake, from playlistfullhd
11.] AIN'T NOTHING LIKE THE REAL THING, by Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell, from Jozef Hugens.  Steve needed both versions to hear the difference in the bassline. How's he do that? They sound the same to me, good thing he's playing the bass and not me. Jan

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

No Stranger to ME.....'Stranger in a Strange Land'....It's LEON RUSSELL

by CLender cc
Well, this guy is one of my favorites... he's no stranger to me, I bet you recognize him too...It's LEON RUSSELL, and it seems like Leon's been 'round just forever that's all....the late '60's is when I first noticed him and he became an instant hero to me.  As time went on and I learned more about him...well, I just seemed to love him more and more.
O.K....Russell was and is a very gifted genius song writer, not only writing awesome songs that he has recorded himself, but he's written so many songs for other musical artists. He has played with so many musical Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, The Byrds, The Carpenters, George Harrison, The Rolling Stones, Glen campbell, Elton John, Tiajuana Brass,...and so many more, see WIKIPENDIA link below.. I believe the greatest and most talented musicians of the 60's and '70's. ...WOW.
It was no wonder that he was put into the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME in 2011, it was about time, I say. [See MY story about Leon's Hall of Fame entrance in 2011 HERE]  But, he did more than just rock and roll, there's country, folk, gospel, and blues too...really everything. He is respected and honored by musicians of all genres, and has written, or jointly written lotsa big hit tunes for them all, as well as been on stage performing along side them all. He's a musician's musician. Please read his bio from WIKIPEDIA to get the whole list of the number of musicians that his life has touched and enhanced. O.K?
His inter-racial marriage in 1975 to 'Sly And The Family Stone' member MARY McCLEARY and, his unique odd sounding voice, ..was just like my 'want to be a singer' voice, just made Russell even more endearing to me always...he always sounded just like one of us 'common' folk. Love you Leon. Jan
Music video links of Leon Russell, from YOUTUBE below.

1.] TIGHT ROPE 1972, by Leon Russell, from ceeceerider
2.] A SONG FOR YOU 1971, by Leon Russell and friends, from MemphisMemories
3.] A SONG FOR YOU, by Leon Russell, Willie Nelson and Ray Charles, by Henny1972nl
4.] STRANGER IN A STRANGER LAND 1971, by Leon Russell, from ma01302250sa
5.] GENTLE ON MY MIND, by Glen Campbell and Leon Russell, from Aubrunner
6.] DELTA LADY, by Leon Russell and friends, from yipstube
7.] CRYSTAL CLOSET QUEEN, by Leon Russell, from Karski1952
8.] COME INTO MY KITCHEN, by Leon Russell, from  MemphisMemories
9.] HONKY TONK WOMAN, by Leon Russell, from Mike Zieroth
10.] CBS SUNDAY MORNING, Leon Russell and Elton John, some history, from deepfreezevideo
11.] A HARD RAIN GONNA FALL, by Leon Russell, from ceeceerider
12.] THE LETTER, by Joe Cocker and Leon Russell, from 

Monday, March 21, 2016

BARTLETT SOLO..Can't Help It.....Music's Just Oozing Out of Him...With....JOHN LEE HOOKER & SANTANA - The Healer

BARTLETT SOLO by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
Steve's starting something new...a SOLO BARTLETT. We're rally excited 'bout this....'cause he just loves to play. So, for those times he just can't connect with any those very talented musician friends of his, for one reason or nuther... ....He's doing it alone! Makes sense if you got 'music in your blood', like we too, Can't stop us...bigger than both of us. So, we just won't fight it!'s [music, that is.]...just oozing out all over us. today, it's dress rehearsal time for BARTLETT SOLO. He's putting the final touches together today....with JOHN LEE HOOKER and CARLOS SANTANA's tune 'The Healer' [thanks mateorov]  and more HERE.. Cool tune that he's doing on the guitar. Just listen, will ya?
I really enjoy Hooker and Santana together, I'm gonna look up more about them, and find video links below too...O.K? Jan
1.] CHILL OUT, by John Lee Hooker, Carlos Santana, byAdonis MaxWell
3.] TELL MAMA, by John Lee Hooker, Carlos Santana, Etta James, by Santana on MV
4.] SOMETHING's GOT A HOLD OF ME, by John Lee Hooker, Carlos Santana, and Etta James, by Santana on MV
5.] BOOGIE BLUES JAM, by John Lee Hooker, Carlos Santana , Etta James, by  

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Natural Evolution: What happens When HIPPIES Have Kids?....Well, Those Kids Change the World..

BY Pierre-Olivier CC
I'm so proud of my children and wanna post some photos,of course, like every mom.. even though they're both grown up now, married and I have a grandson too, they'll always be my
First kids were normal kids..just .look at the first photo, will ya?....see? All looks normal, doesn't it...BUT, wait... The parents of these two....where...yep...HIPPIES!!
As Hippies they wanted to change the world,and social values of the times, you know....things like civil rights and, racial equality were very important..those two kids heard 'bout it every single day....that was our normal talk at home.
And, my two kids came from  mixed-racial Hippie parents. It was normal and accepted ideas to all of us.
Now, I remember what a ' threat, and troubling'' these very ideas where for MY parents way back was scary and we didn't even think about telling my parents about our marriage, until after the fact. This was in the '60's It took several years for our parents to feel comfortable with  my first husband and we  were totally accepted to them....but, that time DID, they changed along with the rest of the world. By becoming the feared or so called enemy....understanding and loving change..
Cool.The world has changed...just like we HIPPIES intended...everybody wins with thoughts f kindness, fairness and equally. Music was included and a part of it all. .
I can see that my very open minded children have expanded these ideas further than I ever imagined in the '60's. Just the way it should be...Yep, I'm very proud of my children, and the way they both are lights to the world and evolution of the planet. Jan
Now, pictures...O.K/ Jan
my children,about 1978 in Spokane

Jan and her adult children, 2015
my son and my Mom
my daughter

my daughter

my son

my daughter
my son
my daughter
my son 
my beautiful children

Everything I Want to Know Again 'Bout....'People Get Ready' by CURTIS MAYFIELD

Well, I guess this ALL started this morning when I heard...'People Get Ready' by CURTIS MAYFIELD on Facebook. Love that song, so, I looked up one of my old stories. Hope you like it. Jan

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Everything I Wanna Know 'Bout....'People Get Ready' By CURTIS MAYFIELD

by  cdrummbks cc
Wanna know ALL there is about the song 'People Get Ready'? [thanks guillaimz] Well, we heard that song today, done by the CHAMBER BROTHERS and HERE. It was a Holiday gift from,  who Steve likes to calls.... THE Doctor of Funk,  he's a very special and gifted tenor sax man. [I need to ask him if I can post his name on this story though,..Jan]...PLEASE, Please can I?.... with sugar on top?  .O.K. folks if our friend,... 'the inimitable Tenor Saxophone Extraordinaire" mystery person  gives me the O.K.,. I'll update this post right now. 11/29...UPDATE: Got the O.K...'YEAH'. His name is....drum roll please...' D.R.Phillips' . Checked the spelling and everything....Jan
'Boy, you guys just wanna let you all know that keeping MY mouth shut...IS so hard.'
So,  let me look up CURTIS MAYFIELD and HERE, 'cause he's cool and it will keep me kinda busy...'til I hear from our mystery Sax Man.....O.K?
Let's see...Mayfield  gained fame in the 50's and 60's with THE IMPRESIONS....he was a blues/funk guitarist, singer/song writer. Worked hard in the civil rights
Here's a guote from WIKIPEDIA: " Mayfield is regarded as a pioneer of funk and of politically conscious African-American music.[1][2] Being one of the most celebrated figures in the genre of soul and 20th-century music," Listen to this.... PEOPLE GET READY, by Curtis Mayfield, by Geepereet.
: winner of both the Grammy Legend Award (in 1994) and theGrammy Lifetime Achievement Award (in 1995), and he was a double inductee into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, inducted as a member of the Impressions into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991, and again in 1999 as a solo artist. He is also a two-time Grammy Hall of Fameinductee."...all this I found in WIKIPEDIA.
Have a great Thanksgiving.
Gotta go, swill finish this tomorrow. Jan
I'm back....Check the top video link for lotsa stuff about Mayfield's song. Jan

Friday, March 18, 2016

SASS @ ROCK THE DOCK....Yep, They're Rockin' Tacoma TODAY...Let's Watch....O.K?

SASS/see photo credits
Well, the day has finally come. That day is when the BLUZZZ-Y gang plays at ROCK THE DOCK, 535 Dock, in Tacoma, WA.BOY, have I been waiting for this. Yep for, SASS....Friday, March 18th, 2016 is very special....special indeed. AND, I'm gonna be there to see it all happen....WOW! I'm counting my lucky stars right now folks, and a little teary eyed at that....[excuse me ah...ah'..minute folks, while I calm myself down....pause... better now.].
Let's this..... ALL happens at 9 pm tonight....HERE's a map to this SASS Event.. Well, Steve and I, get there earlier than that tonight for set up and to make sure everything is just right. Shell, Steve and Andre will too.
I know I done this before,,,But, let me tell ya 'bout this fine group of musicians, will ya? There's the girl of the group....Ms. SHELLY ELY and she SINGS!! So, I'm gonna call her the extreme vocalist...she's a girl, loudest, best and doesn't have to hold an instrument....way cool, and tells it like it is. O.K? Then, there's STEVE MERRIAM, extreme everything, including being cool! He does the guitar stuff, sings and writes tunes....WOW! Now, not just the grooving king....'ah'...excuse me, the extremest groove king, ANDRE THOMAS and he, does vocals too. Yep, when I close my eyes...sounds like...'ah'   Keb''Mo...yeah that's it.....All this, AND, the funkiest, ...I mean...extreme....Mr.The  Exteme Funk Bass Man around....STEVE former band mate from way back when and extreme hubby now.
Yep, I'm now the exteme mascot/reporter gone way bad. Jan
PHOTO CREDITS: Image by DAN HILL, artwork by GWENDOLYN STENCE/ on Facebook.
UPDATE 3/19/16
Hard to get pictures in ROCK THE DOCK last nights..why?.....stage lights?
stage lights?, by J.A.Rse-Bartlett cc

Thursday, March 17, 2016

No Rest for the....You Know......BOY, Are We Busy...SASS and BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Stuff Here

Steve W/ upright, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
Well, let's get started....O.K? There's been alota music going on the past week....AND, we all know that ol' know...gos something like this....'There's no rest for the....'ah'....I just can't say it folks, BUT, we ALL know the one I mean, don't we?....AND, musicians are all some of the nicest folks you'll ever wanna meet....and you know that other ol' saying, don't you?....'ah'....gos like...'something soothes the savage beast'. Well, that something must have been music. 'Cause ALL musicians know....very cool,,,,Oh, that reminds me..[dreamy...softly].did I ever tell ya 'bout the time 'I' was a real musician in a band with Steve? round 2002, I guess...'ah'..[louder now] Now, where was I? [clearing throat].. Oh yeah..musicians are really cool.
I've got pictures from SASS @ UNCLE THURMs SOUL FOOD [Saturday 3/12] or Uncle Thurm's Finger Lickin Ribs and Chicken, SASS @ THE SPAR [Sunday 3/13], and the guys at BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam @ UNCLE SAMs [Monday 3/14].....Boy, we've been bookin'. AND, it's not over yet, tomorrow night, Friday, March 18th SASS's at ROCK THE DOCK in Tacoma. Rehearsal tonight for SASS and Shelly's making corn beef, more music stuff next week....WOW!
So, who are these champions of that very cool sound, anyway?
Let's start with SASS...O.K.....It's Ms. SHELLY ELY/vocals and BLUZZZ Queen of the Universe...she's cool, powerful and tells it like it is. We really don't know what she'll say next and neither does she......amazing huh?...There's STEVE MERRIAM on guitar/vocals...what a cool guy...AND, he writes lotta cool tunes too, next the drummer, never just in the back grooving, but, singing some cool stuff too, ANDRE THOMAS. AND then, my fellow musician from way back when and hubby, you know....Mr. STEVE BARTLETT the bass man's bass man...solid!
Now, let me introduce the BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam hosting team....First, it's DENNY FOREMAN/jazz guitar/vocals,and, he can do it all guys, and then on's STEPHEN PARTON, he comes down from way up in those cold, beautiful mountains, near Mt. Rainier every week and Boy are we glad he does Along, with  that funky, fat bottom...[I beg your pardon..clear throat again, raise eyebrows....wait, .not me, you guys]'s my STEVE BARTLETT...the guy with that BIG UPRIGHT.
I'll post some pics below and remember tomorrow on Friday SASS is at ROCK THE DOCK, 535 Dock Street in Tacoma, WA.....AND, each Monday night it's BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam @ UNCLE SAMs in Spanaway. Address: 16003 Pacific Ave. Start time 7. Jan
Photos below....I know...Where's Andre?, gotta get a photo of Andre.

Parton and Bartlett, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc

Bartlett, by Debi Lawrence/see link
Shelly, Bartlett by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc

Merriam and Bartlett, by Debi Lawrence/see link

Forman, Parton and Bartlett

Sunday, March 13, 2016

SASS.... It's THE SPAR @ 7....WOW..Look at Those Musicians Go!

image by DAN HILL/see link
Tonight, Sunday, March 13th....SASS will be at THE SPAR TAVERN in Old Town Tacoma. ADDRESS: 2121 North 30th. It's a really cool place, and music's always good so, this will be fun....
BUT, folks let's get real here....these are old guys and a gal....O.K., let's just say it....Old Hippies doin ALL of this fun music.....That's just plain amazing, isn't it? SHELL said she was getting tired last night....and, Steve and I are taking a nap before the gig...what???   yep, it's all true....sorry to have to break that sad news to ya.
But, what 'bout all those good old days know....'ah'....protesting, singing and marching to change the world and stuff like that? DONNO... Well,.... I just know....'I'm looking forward to naptime this afternoon, that's all.
So, let list these cool...';we can do anything kinda musicians.'. Let;s see....hum...there's that remember....the very cool BLUZZZY one....'ah'   she sings in the middle know...oh yeah.....Ms SHELLY ELY/vocals,and then that cool guitar  remember...'ah'...yeah...I got it.....'ah''s STEVE MERRIAM.guitar/vocals....he writes c ool songs too...I almost forgot that....then, that black guy in back....'ah...../ANDRE THOMAS/drums/vocals...he plays really good. Now, this last guy should be really EASY to remember right?...I's right on the tip of my tongue....'ah'....he's snoring right over there in his chair...I better hurry looks like naptime is starting already...what is his name?...Oh yeah...that's my husband, isn't it?...I know...let's put a bass guitar in his hands just to make sure. O.K?...yeah, I was right....that's STEVE BARTLETT.....he plays bass and sings with
NAPTIME. See ya tonight. Jan
Image by DAN HILL.

Saturday, March 12, 2016


SASSs Steve, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
TONIGHT: SASS @ UNCLE THURMs....that's of course, that really cool 'sass-y' BLUZZZ-Y gang...led by the blues queen herself..... Ms. SHELLY ELY/vocals, singer/song writer guy...STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals, the 'A' in SASS....always in the groove, you know, ANDRE THOMAS/drums/vocals, and my funky, fat bottom bassman....STEVE BARTLETT/vocals too...this gig starts...well, 7:30ish at UNCLE THURMs FINGER LICKIN RIBs AND CHICKEN in Tacoma, WA. ( 3709 'G' Street]..
I'm in luck....I have ten whole fingers to lick! And, all those ribs and chickens are calling my name...I'm ready. Join me....O.K?
Steve working up some cool new tunes for tonight, that Merriam eMailed us. I'll post video links below....O.K? Jan
UPDATE: Shell just contacted me BILL RAY/drums will be filling in for Andre Thomas/drums tonight. Jan
Gotta go, Steve's ready for more rehearsing now...I'll post links when he's done. O.K?
Finger lickin Fingers/see photo credits

1.] I KNOW A LITTLE, by Lynyrd Skynyd, by SHAZAM!!
2.] INDIANOLA, by Robben Ford, by Kotili

Friday, March 11, 2016

Very Cool SHADDOW Show Tonight at THE BEN MOORE in Olympia @ 6:30...Of Course

SHADDOW/see link
Sample of tonight's tunes....SHADDOW/sax/vocals @ THE BEN MOORE in Olympia [112 4th] at 6:30....BARTLETT on bass, SCOTT SAUNDERS/congas, KENT KELLER/drums, LaMONT ATKINSON/keys, JOE CONTRIS/guitar, LAUREN MARIE FENRINGA-NASH/vocals, LaMONTRA ATKINSON/vocals....and me JAN ROSE-BARTLETT/mascot...BUT,very cool mascot, of course.... from Shaddow TheMusicArtist....thanks
UPDATED: Saturday, March 12th....Great gig last night....some photos below that I [Jan] took...
Joe Contris, Steve Bartlett, SHADDOW and Scott Saunders

LaMontra Atkinson

Lauren Marie Fenringa-Nash

SHADDOW, Bartlett, Kent Keller behind glass

LaMont Atkinson, Scott Saunders

Contris, SHADDOW

Contris and Bartlett

Double Bass

Double Bass Links Page

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