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Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Local Events And Live Music Report For Week of January 30th

Steve at Liquid Soul 2008.
Again, it's a beautiful sunny mild winter Sunday in Yelm. An excellent day to go out and listen to some live music. You know, this area has some of the finest world class musicians anywhere. That's right, right here in the...'Tacoma-Yelm-Olympia' area. Let's celebrate our good fortune, by going out and supporting these fine, talented and dedicated folks. Go to their gigs, buy their know what to do.
Tonight, of course it's the always very awesome MS. Bluzzzzz herself... Shelly Ely jaming at UNCLE SAMs BAR AND GRILL. Shell hosts this fantastic jam each Sunday at 7 pm. in Spanaway. It's so cool. There's DYLAN LANNY ENGLAND/drums and TERRY JAE/bass. Her guitar guy is always a winner. This week it's Shelly's surprise.  So, going to UNCLE SAMs tonight would be an excellent choice. for great blues. Bring your axe, if you want to play,... or just relax with a cold beer and something from the grill...AND great live music.
THE JERRY MILLER BAND is also appearing at UNCLE SAMs every Thursday night. Several great musicians in this group. The music starts at 7 pm. I like these guys...Steve's played with many of them. A great group of musicians. Check it out. The members of this band are Jerry Miller/guitar, Denny Foreman/guitar, Dave Erwin/bass, JEFF WALLACE/keyboard/violin, Allen Heath/drums, and RUSS HARRIS/congas/harp. UNCLE SAMs also host several don't-wanta-miss musicians every week. Check it out HERE. OK? Shelly knows these awesome musicians, like ROD COOK and BILLY SHEW and recommends them highly on FACEBOOK. I have heard only good things about these musicians too...So, their gigs sound wonderful. Steve has not played with them, so I don't have Steve's input. But, SHELLY ELY know's her stuff...Go hear them. Thanks you guys.Jan
Now, the very best coffee roaster in this area [I'm a happy camper...I had my Liquid Soul Sumatra..Jan] AND, world-class musician himself ....MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals and the LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna. Very cool. SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums said LIQUID SOUL had a good crowd last week, when he played in MARTIN SALINAS AND FRIENDS on the 21st. Remember too, that David Wayne hosts an OPEN MIC each Thursday evening at LIQUID SOUL, begins at 6 pm. There is AN OPEN MIC, Holiday CD available for $10.00. Their location is only one mile outside the McKenna 'Y', behind BAYDOS. Phone 360/400-soul. Kids always welcome and Barb and Lindsey are great cooks....the soup's on, along with fresh salads, sandwiches and pastries.
I know what's coming up for sure, on Friday, February 11th, 8 pm at Liquid Soul....and,that's only a couple of weeks husband, STEVE BARTLETT/BARTLETT ON BASS will be appearing again at LIQUID SOUL in WALTERs BIRTHDAY...WOW...Awesome. Be sure to mark your calendar on that date....the 11th. OK? Only $5.00 cover too.
That's the band...WALTERs BIRTHDAY, with TOD LEMKUHL on guitar/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums, and you don't wanna miss.... Recording Artist, JON BARONI/keys/Harp/vocals, and on bass, IS my hubby...STEVE BARTLETT/bass/vocals. A great band, one of my favorites. It's gonna be GOOD. I'm really jazzed about this.
Now, KENNY WILLIAMSON/drums has not reported any live music for this next week. He's been quieter than usual. I haven't heard how things went for the MYKEL SPATZ MEMORIAL last Sunday 1/23, at THE SWISS yet. States on his site, his currant project is called.
From his site: "NO BOXES. Instrumentation: Grant Stott/ Sax/Keyboard,  Bill Chrey/Flute,  Michael Simpson/French horn, Melody Funk/Oboe,  Howard Mostrom/Sax/EWI, James Clark/Bass, Miguelito Fieldhouse/Congas/Percussion, Drums/   ....Jazz oriented improv....Development in progress."  No gigs listed yet. I'll keep an eye out. OK? Jan....UPDATE 2/4 by Kenny. Thanks. Jan
WILLOUGHBYs RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE in Yelm. No new information reported. No live music.
THE MANDOLIN CAFE on 12th in Tacoma. This place has lots of live music and several nights a week. It has great sandwiches, soups and a relaxing atmosphere. On Sunday evenings, it's always DENNY FOREMAN AND FRIENDS hosting an OPEN MIC. A fantastic place to go to jam.
RAMTHAs SCHOOL of ENLIGHTENMENT in Yelm. No events to report in the next week.
YELM COMMUNITY EXPANSION. No new news reported.
STEVE BARTLETT/BARTLETT ON BASS News. This past week, Steve had no live music. Next week, he is getting together with MIKE KARNES, they're teaching the KIDs MUSIC WORKSHOP dated for March 5th. Location is still being discussed. Get your kids ready for this. MIKE KARNESs knows his stuff. He has taught music for many years in the Port Orchard/Gig Harbor area. He will be giving the guitar instruction, while my bassman STEVE BARTLETT will giving the bass instruction. A great mystery vocalist has come aboard too. What fun this will be.
And, as I said above, Steve will be performing again in WALTERs BIRTHDAY on Friday, February 11th at LIQUID SOUL in McKenna at 8 pm. The band will be getting together this week and rehearsing...they always have a fun time. Members of this band are TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums, JON BARONI/keys/vocals/harp and STEVE BARTLETT/bass/vocals. This will be a really fun gig.
If you're a musician, band or club owner in my area, and want your live music event included on my Live Music Report. Please send your gig info. at for review. I will review and post the very best gigs and live music events in the area Thanks for reading my report and supporting live music. 'Jan'...JA ROSE-BARTLETT.


Fishing And 'Butterfly' [C] By Steve Bartlett...What Makes Us Tick

Photo by srqpix cc
OK Well, today, Steve's goin' fishin' with his son James. Cool. Steve loves to fish and so does James...Steve likes to sing about fishing, 'Goin' Fishin'.. HERE  [BARTLETT in WALTERs BIRTHDAY doing Goin' Fishin' by Duke Ellington]. and gave his son the love of fishin' too...AND, that reminds me of 'BUTTERFLY' [C] written by my awesome hubby see, Steve wrote 'Butterfly' when James was a child and Steve lived with Donna.
Donna was in an awful plane accident, where her husband had been killed and Donna  left a paraplegic when Steve met her. He was playing music up north...a gig in Duval, Washington. She came in...a beautiful blond in a wheelchair, she had just finished rehab in Seattle. They fell in love....but, Donna needed more surgery to help her body Steve waited in the surgery waiting room to hear how that surgery went he began this love song to Donna......'Butterfly, Butterfly, you were meant to touch the sky...Butterfly, Butterfly...Fly Away' He never finished that song, until he met me that is, years later and I was not strange. Were Steve, Donna and I connected some how, even then? I wonder.... All three of us WERE meant to touch the sky.'
Steve and I are doing it Donna, for all three of us...OK? Never give up' It's never too late.
We use to phone Alaska, and talk to Donna, a beautiful, caring lady...but, then, no one answered our calls anymore.  Later, we heard that Donna died about 2005, and, never gotten out of her wheelchair...she had taken an overdose.
Bunch of cool Fishermen. Photo by James

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hey...Those Australian Hippies Won!... AND, I'm NOT Crazy

Photo by CRLS cc
Just found this music news online...Angus and Julia Stone, those cool kids..... the brother and sister Australian hippie-looking duo won this year's Triple J Hottest 100 countdown in Australia by topping the world's biggest music poll ever.
You know, for that haunting song...'Big Jet Plane'. OK!  Well, didn't I tell ya last month [1/7], there  was something about that recording? I kept hearing 'Big Jet Plane' ...over and over and over and over in my head... Thought I was going crazy....BUT, No....I'm not crazy after all...Yay! The song's a big hit...way cool for all of us. Thank you Angus and Julia.... WAVE, SMILE and now Jan is wildly Blowing great BIG kisses....Yay...and,singing now quietly to herself...'I'm not crazy...I'm not craz ...I'm not'....while skipping, fading into distance...
The song was first released 2 years ago by Angus and Julia Stone and has won other prizes over the 2 year period. Last year it won ARIA’s Single of the Year. Cool. Jan..that was fun.
Well, let's take a listen then....Here's a video that very same video that I posted last month [1/7] of 'BIG JET PLANE' by Angus and Julia Stone from Youtube. It was posted by  Canalchat. Turn the music on BARTLETT ON BASS that's playing off/on, on the bottom left of this page. So, you can hear the video. Thanks. Jan 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

'You've Gotta Have A Brain'

Photo of Jan, 2008 by Crystal Sincoff.

After watching this music video of Chris Medina, that I found on A.O.L News, Steve and I both had tears in our eyes....'Steve said, 'You're what keeps me going too Honey'. Yep, and Steve's what keeps me going. Love's like that, we've learned over the years. [Steve and I've been together since 1996, I've been disabled since 1999.]
Chris Medina's financee, Juliana Ramos, had a car accident just 2 months before their marriage. She has brain damage and is in a wheelchair. Her mom and Chris care for her now. Medina has lots of talent and a beautiful voice. Writes music too.
AND, Steve cares for me now, while I recover from a damaged brain, sometimes it's slow or confusing.....BUT, I get stronger and can do more, when he encourages me,, we encourage each other....through life's ups and downs. Everyone deserves a loving family, where they're safe and can be themselves. We're learning to give both of us space to learn and grow without judgement. Cool. Thanks Steve.
I'm so grateful for our marriage and my husband. He's such a fine musician...BARTLETT ON BASS is my very personal way of thanking him. 'Go Steve go'....Love, Jan

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yea...Playing The Palace....What?!...The BUCKINGHAM PALACE!

Photo by Eggybird cc
Well, look at this music news. In England, at Buckingham Palace. There's a group of 12 musicians that were chosen to perform for Prince Harry. These musicians were picked by a really well-known, British star DJ named 'Goldie', who is organizing the whole group performance.
'Goldie' was really inspired by these 12 musician's talents, and said..." finding young people who've faced huge challenges and have never had the opportunities that they deserve,". Among, these young people are a deaf trumpeter, and a former jail inmate who learned the guitar while in prison. Thanks 'Goldie'. To hear a video of, Sean Garston 22, the deaf trumpet player and read more about this story. Go HERE.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Weekly Local Live Music Report/Community Events... Ladie's First....Shelly Ely Jam Tonight

Steve with Neil Fallen. 2006. At Summit Pub.
  OK. It's Sunday again....AND time for, THE SHELLY ELY JAM tonight at 7 pm. in Spanaway...Way Cool Shell. That's G-R-E-A-T Bluzzzzzzz tonight at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL. As I always use to say, way back in the '60s....'Be There Or Be Square'. It's gonna be fun...always is. Bring your instrument and  join in....It's a jam. Tonight, it's DYLAN LANNY ENGLAND/drums and each Sunday night too, and TERRY JAE/bass. Shell's always fantastic on the vocals. Her lead guitar could be one of several amazing guys. It wasn't posted on FACEBOOK. BUT, You'll love it, I know that for sure. So, let it be a wonderful surprise...OK? That's 7 pm until about 10:30. Cool. Last week, my Steve Bartlett sat in for Terry Jae, Steve told me...'Shelly's jam's cool'...he had  lots of fun playing with these guys, great big hamburgers too...and he got home smiling and singing. Loved it. Thanks  to Shelly and her fantastic band.
Again, each Thursday night is THE JERRY MILLER BAND, start time again 7 pm. AND, it's one dollar Taco-Thursday...Yum. The band members are Jerry Miller/guitar, Denny Foreman/guitar, Dave Erwin/bass, JEFF WALLACE/keyboard/violin, Allen Heath/drums, and RUSS HARRIS/congas/harp
Next, is LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTER's in McKenna. Martin and Barb are having OPEN MIC each Thursday night, starts 6 pm., hosted by David Wayne. This is a great place close to home, if you live in the Yelm area. Martin Salinas And Friends, played at LIQUID SOUL last night. Have not heard how it went. Hopefully a great crowd. There's no other live music posted on their web site for this week. I'll keep checking and keep everyone posted. OK?
UPDATE: Monday, Jan 24th From SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums....'Martin Salinas and Friends' on Friday, Jan 21st..... Good Crowd, lots of dancing on new larger dance area. Thanks Scott. Jan
Next, is KENNY WILLIAMSON, he's playing today, Sunday January 23rd, at 3 pm at THE SWISS in Tacoma. It's THE MYKEL SPATZ MEMORIAL. Mykel was also known as KENNETH MICHAEL SPOTTS or K. MICHAEL SPOTTS. There will be three [3] core bands and an open jam. THE WEEKLY VOLCANO reported a $10.00 charge. Member of "MARIAH" [one of the core bands] are Joe Hindershot = Bass / Voice, Dave Bray = Guitar / Voice, ED Taylor = Guitar / Voice, Kenny WilliamSon = Drummer / Voice.
WILLOUGHBY's RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE in Yelm. In the past week SHELLSHOCK/karaoke, military night and ladies night with drink specials. No live music to report.
THE MANDOLIN CAFE in Tacoma. OPEN MIC with DENNY FOREMAN AND FRIENDS each Sunday 6 pm to 9 pm. My hint: Get there early for parking. This is a fun relaxed place with an art gallery, that I [Jan] especially enjoyed when Steve played there with PETER PENTRAS awhile ago. News from RUSS HARRIS found on FACEBOOK about he being there tonight..."Denny & I are planning to facilitate Open Mic at the Mandolin Cafe - Tonight Sign-up @ 5:30 Strike the mic @ 6". Thanks Russ.
RAMTHA's SCOOL OF ENLIGHTENMENT...Ramtha's Feast In Europe in two weeks. Nothing locally for this week.
YELM COMMUNITY EXPANSION. No new events reported.
STEVE BARTLETT/BARTLETT ON BASS..Well, as I reported above, Steve sat in THE SHELLY ELY JAM at Uncle Sam's Bar and Grill, last Sunday for bassman, TERRY JAE. Steve had a great time.
He's been connecting with MIKE KARNES, they've been working together, creating a kid's music workshop for March [March 5th]. That's in the beginning stages. Now, it looks like the workshop will be held in Silverdale, instead of Port Orchard. Brilliant knowable musicial instructors will show the kids how it's done.  The kids will be given written charts as well as live music instruction. Cool. So far, MIKE KARNES will be giving the guitar instruction, with STEVE BARTLETT giving the bass guitar instruction. A fantastic mystery/secret vocallist will be doing the voice instruction. Cool. You don't want to miss this! Get your musically-loving kids ready. I'll keep everyone up to date, as new information comes in...I'll post it. OK?
Yesterday, Bartlett performed in Yelm, at newly-weds, former BLUE BOTTLE owner Michelle Jones and Flemming Olsen's home. It was a life celebration for R.S.E student REGGIE, with Rob /guitar and the DJ was ROBERT JONES Jr.
Today, Bartlett is jamming with, our neighbor Steve Hicks/drums, relaxing and resting. Cool.
If you're a musician, band or club owner in my area, and want your live music event included on my Live Music Report. Please send your gig info. at for review before Saturday, for Sunday's report.. I will review and post the very best gigs and live music events in the area Thanks for reading my report and supporting live music. 'Jan'...JA ROSE-BARTLETT.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Want A Pizza With That?

Go to COLLEGE HUMOR. COM...and Check out their web site. It's lots of funny stuff, like example below. Jan

From link

What Is The Highest-Grossing Tour In All Music History?

Image  by kevindooley cc
How does the band-- ROLLING STONES make so much money? Their 'A Bigger Bang' tour bought in a whopping $558's the highest-grossing tour in all music history. The tour ran from 2005 to 2007...that's a lot of shows, no home life, not much rest. ....R-E-L-A-X...what's that? Well, was it all worth it?
I've read that MICK JAGER is a business wiz. The Stones did it all... sold band merchandise and song rights Along with catchy songs and lots of charisma and sex appeal, they made it big time. I loved them...some of my favorite kinda Heros.
Now, I'm asking myself.....BUT, how much is enough? They were always my models of success, the STONES.
BUT Mick, are money, fame and sex all there is in life? I'm just wondering,.... Freedom has value and self- respect and peace of mind and a quiet night with that someone special, with or without sex. Those kind of things have become my treasures more and more as I gained wisdom from my life's experiences. There's nothing wrong with things and money, let it bring peace of mind, calm and feelings of safety to you and your family. But, sometimes less things is better, if it owns us, we're running to keep up AND, to just let the Jones' go for it without us is very wise.
Golly, this post turned out different than I expected when I started, forgive me folks...Yep, Steve quit his day job  in the marketplace today...and surprisingly, we feel safe and calm. It's going to be alright. That's all. Thanks for letting me share and process this change. Jan
Found this video on Youtube...'The Rolling Stones' doing Start Me Up. Posted by thewhofan99

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's 'COLD SWEAT' By James Brown


Photo from 'the swiss', see link. cc
KENNY WILLIAMSON just Emailed me. Reminding everyone of the MICHAEL SPOTTS MEMORIAL this Sunday, January 23rd at THE SWISS in Tacoma. Starts at 3 pm.
From Kenny....
The Swiss Memorial Event for Michael Spotts

(Musician, artist, band leader, song writer)

Sunday January 23 rd 2011 Music starts at 3 pm. This is a PNWest historical event, where many ledgends will appear. I hope you attend. Thanks to many as well as Bob Hill and the Swiss staff.
Core Bands and open jam. A must for everyone. Come play/sing enjoy the company.
Link below for more information.

Jennifer Lopez--'I Want To Do This A Thousand More Times'

by Mykl Roventine cc

'I want to do this a thousand more times. I love this. This is life,' states Jennifer Lopez 41, ' It's funny. But yes, If I got pregnant I'd be extremely happy'. We love kids too[Jan]. Lopez and her hubby, Marc Anthony already have 3 year old twins, Emme and Max.
 So, that'll be a lot of love and lots of babies. Those children would be musicians for sure. Cool. I just love Jennifer Lopez's 'Let's get Loud'...the dancing, singing..the whole thing. I could just see lots of  little 'Jennifers' and 'Marcs' doing this song. Thanks you guys. Jan
Of course, I found 'Let's Get Loud' by Jennifer Lopez, recorded in Porta Rico. Cool. I wanta do this a thousand more times. Put on your dancing shoes.[Jan]. Found this on youtube. Posted by ROBErTouToPiA 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Here's Some Really Cool BARTLETT Updates...Just Get Ready..OK?

Steve at 'Bar Cinco'. 2008.
Ok, Steve was talking to MIKE KARNES again...thing's are coming along nicely for the kid's music workshop that Mike is organizing. Steve will be setting up a meeting place in the Olympia work some musical things out with Mike. The date for the workshop is being arranged, will be held in...looks like the Port Orchard area...first week end in March..if fits in everyone's life....still waiting to hear from Mike's drummer [JESSE PROCTOR]. The singer, [who is being kept a secret for now...WONDERFUL] is fine with the date, along with Mike and Steve. Let's just don't wanna miss this! [Jan]. When I know the price, location etc. I'll let you know more. Get ready for some music lessons. OK? These guys know their stuff. Jan

RINGO's Outta Here...Selling His Ranch In Aspen

Image by kevindooley cc
Ah, know...what's his name?...Ah, yes,...RINGO STARR/drummer 70, he's selling his place in Aspen, Colorado. It's a 3 bedroom ranch with more than 15 acres with a large amount of it on the Roaring Fork River. Cost: asking..$4.5 million.
Ringo and his wife Barbara, don't have much time to spend at the ranch. They bought it in 1990.  So..they put it up for sale through 'Christies International Real Estate'.
But, if you in the market for this kind of home. Read this first......Not just anybody can see this property. All potential buyers are interviewed first, before being considered a genuine interested buyer. So, contact CHRISTIES INTERNATION REAL ESTATE here. Jan.

OK, Up Next...'Five Long Years' by Ronnie Wood, Buddy Guy and Jonny Lang

Thanks to RUSS HARRIS for giving me a heads up about this cool video. Cool. Jan
Found this on Youtube.  Posted by alekseykaplienko

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weird Leslie Was Born To Jam

Photo from Leslie's page. Go to
 Leslie Hall was born to jam. That's what she says on her web page, in fact, she calls herself a jam master....and, she's correct.  She's an original alright...and kinda strange too. Her 'music', 'dancing' or 'clothing' are not my cups of tea, let's say...OK?
BUT, she's lots of fun and I get a kick out of her unique whole package. She's not afraid to laugh at herself....all the way to the bank. Good for you go girl. Smile. Jan
Photo of 'Leslie in pink' from her web site. Go to.LESLIE's SITE here.

What?....SONY Shuts Down CD Plant Due To Digital Downloads

Photo by xJasonRogersx cc
OK, the latest....guess what? One of the largest CD-making plants...SONY in New Jersey, is closing their doors in March. What? They're shutting down. It's because of popularity of digital downloads. So, buy a  CD if you love music. 300 people will be out of a job, end of March.
SONY's been in business for over 50 years, this plant made over 18 million CDs per month when running at full speed. Yep.'Times they are a-a changing.' CDs are becoming 'old hat'....Rats. [Jan]
Vinyl record sales have been increasing since 2008, but, CD sales have been dropping. iTunes is now the number 1 music provider in the U.S. Wow. I didn't know that, did you?.
SONY will continue to make music CDs in their factory in Terra Haute, Indiana ...along with their DVD line.
Oh well.....Hurry Steve and finish that CD, will ya? Jan
For more information go to THE WALL STREET JOURNAL here.

Monday, January 17, 2011

WOW..OK...How They Do That?...Table Drumming

Guess Who?.......ah.....Tiger? Nope...Try Again...OK...Was I Close?

Photo by unknown cc
Guess Who?.......ah.....Tiger?   Nope...Try Again...OK...Was I Close? Cold potato...OK., OK.... Let me try again. I'll get it. I'm sure this time...ah....cow?... Jan

Bluzzzz Queen ETTA JAMES Is Being Treated For Dementia

Photo by YGX cc 'Etta James'
 Thanks to Shelly Ely, who had a link from USA TODAY, by Ann Oldenburg posted on her FACEBOOK page. After reading the article we all learn the sad news that bluzzzz-singer, ETTA JAMES 72,  now needs help for feeding, dressing and basic personal hygiene needs, she cannot sign her name. I understand completely, Etta. [Jan].
Etta, has always been one of my favorite performers. Shell sings James's 'I'd Rather Go Blind', and I've posted a video of that HERE.
Go HERE to read the USA TODAY news by Ann Oldenburg.
We send all our love to Etta James and her family. Just thought I would let you know. Thanks for reading. Jan 

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Photo of Steve with Shelly Ely. 2008 at Liquid Soul.
Shelly Ely just called ....YAY!! Steve BARTLETT will be on bass tonight Sunday 1/16, sitting in for TERRY JAE at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL. That's for The Shelly's Jam in Spanaway, starts at 7 pm. Come in for a cold beer and bring your axe. Fun.

WHERE: Uncle Sams Bar And Grill 7 pm to 10:30ish
16003 Pacific Ave. Spanaway WA.
Found this posted on Youtube. It's Shell and our music friends doing 'Etta James's 'I Would Rather Go Blind', recorded at Uncle Sam's. Posted by blindlemonflanelhead  To Turn OFF/ON music playing on this page go to bottom left of page, then hear video. Jan

Local Live Music And Community Events........For Week 1/17/11

Photo by Jan, in Olympia
Just checked Shelly Ely for news this week...nothing posted on her page on FACEBOOK about tonight's jam, so, I have no new news for the Shelly Ely Jam at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL. It starts around 7 pm. tonight [Sunday]. DYLAN LANNY ENGLAND's on drums, he has nothing about tonight's gig posted either, and TERRY JAE/bass tonight?  4 PM....Shelly just called....My BARTLETT Will be on bass tonight, sitting in for TERRY JAE. Yay! HERE. Not sure about guitar tonight. Call 253/507-7808. if you need that info. It's sure a fun jam. Shelly does the vocals. She's being recognized all over the place [media-stuff, cool Shelly]
On Taco-Thursdays, all tacos are a buck and THE JERRY MILLER BAND starts at 7 pm. Check them out. Members of this group are....Jerry Miller/guitar, Denny Foreman/guitar, Dave Erwin/bass, JEFF WALLACE/keyboard/violin, Allen Heath/drums, and RUSS HARRIS/congas/harp
Got a call from MARTIN SALINAS this week, about upcoming live music events at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTER's. They're having OPEN MIC, hosted by David Wayne each Thursday evening 6 pm. from now on out. Check their web site. LIQUID SOUL also created a Christmas Open Mic CD. Available for $10.00. It was sold out, but, more copies are in now. Time to get your copy. Next Friday, the 21st 'Martin Salinas and Friends' band will be performing at 8 pm. at LIQUID SOUL...Martin did not say who the band members were...I'll post when I have more info. OK? Call 360/400-soul.
KENNY WILLIAMSON contacted me on Thursday, about THE MYKEL SPATZ MEMORIAL, on Sunday, the 23rd at THE SWISS in Tacoma.. Well, Kenny would like me to report that MYKEL SPATZ was also known as KENNETH MICHAEL SPOTTS and K. MICHAEL SPOTTS. There will be 3 core bands and an open jam for this memorial, starts at 3 pm. $10.00.
WILLOUGHBY's RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE in Yelm. Karaoke with DJ 'THUNDERHAWK'. No live music or other news.
THE GOVERNOR's GRILL...Nothing..I'm done.
Now, we go to THE SUMMIT PUB in Puyallup. Zero to report.
Check out DENNY FOREMAN AND FRIENDS Sunday's OPEN MIC at THE MANDOLIN CAFE on 12th in Tacoma, 6 to 9 pm. Have not heard if RUSS HARRIS will be there this week. Fun place.
RAMTHA's SCHOOL OF ENLIGHTENMENT..Saturday, 1/22, the Movie 'Inside Job' @ Yelm Cinamas 9 am. [morning] Tickets $6.25 at door. Open to the public. About this movie, from R.S.E. "THIS FILM EXPOSES THE GREED AND CORRUPTION OF THE FINANCIAL INDUSTRY THAT LED TO THE 2008 MELTDOWN."
What happened this past week end?.... 'Create Your Year Workshop', began Friday evening, 1/14 until today. The first 2 1/2 day continous Live-Streaming event with 1932 online world-wide watchers yesterday, plus the folks at The Ranch.
YELM COMMUNITY EXPANSION....Nothing new reported. Register free to join this helpful group for gardening, growing food, greenhouses, community kitchen etc...newsletter.
STEVE BARTLETT/BARTLETT ON BASS  He has no gigs booked at this time...well, a gig for next summer in July, in Kent...but, that's a long way off. not really what you're looking for. is it?
So, what's happening?...The latest...4 pm Sunday, 1/16...Bartlett at Shelly Ely Jam, sitting in for Terry Jae...go HERE
Steve's waiting to finish up the WALTER's BIRTHDAY band CD. Steve is finished for now and waiting for the next part....adding vocals to the CD.
Steve got a call from his old friend, MIKE KARNES, up Gig Harbor/Port Orchard way. Mike's organizing a 'workshop' for kids, teaching them guitar etc. Steve will be adding bass guitar instruction and examples for those lucky kids. There will be a drummer, showing his part and a fine vocalist too. Sounds fun. This is in the planning stages, when I know more I'll share.
I'm sure, Steve's getting 'itchy fingers'. He has such a great love for music, people have called him to jam etc. He'll be going out soon to, as he says 'make it happen.'  Jan
If you're a musician, band or club owner in my area, and want your live music event included on my Live Music Report. Please send your gig info. at for review before Saturday, for Sunday's report.. I will review and post the very best gigs and live music events in the area Thanks for reading my report and supporting live music. 'Jan'...JA ROSE-BARTLETT.
I found this video on Youtube, it's Shelly and many of our music friends doing Etta James's 'I'd Rather Go Blind', recorded at Uncle Sam's. Posted by  blindlemonflanelhead   To turn music that's playing on this page OFF/ON go to bottom left of this page, then listen to video. Jan

Saturday, January 15, 2011

200 Million A Day To Internet-linked Mobile Services For YOUTUBE

Photo by mauritsonline cc
Over 200 million music videos are being shown daily at YOUTUBE as the service goes mobile. Revenue is being created by adding advertizements on videos before the chosen video begins. I love YOUTUBE, and use it daily. Jan

Friday, January 14, 2011

What? David Bowie's 64 This Month...So Soon?

Photo  by Piano Piano! cc
On January 8th, my 'starman' turned 64. I've always been fasinated by this guy...what a out-of-the-box showman. Always entertaining to me. Steve's not so sure...not sure what Bowie's all about. Says he'll have to check him out more before giving an opinion. 'He's entertaining and authenic.' says Steve
I think for me, David Bowie's an unique whole package...I love the visual effects to his music...the color, the mystery...I'm not sure, when I see him.
 'What's next?...I wonder... Maybe, it's the artist in me. He has lots charisma, that's for sure....'Happy Birthday, David'. That's all. Jan
I found this video of David Bowie and Mick Jagger to watch. It was posted on YOUTUBE by EMI.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kenneth Michael Spotts Memorial Benefit AKA K.Michael Spotts AKA Mykel Spatz

Photo from Kenny's link. cc
I just got an Email from KENNY WILLIAMSON/drums, about the memorial he's playing in on Sunday, January 23rd with 'Mariah'. This happens at THE SWISS in Tacoma at 3 pm. Thanks for the update Kenny. Jan
From Kenny.....
"Kenneth Michael Spotts Memorial Benefit
K. Michael Spotts
Mykel Spatz
The Swiss January 23, 2011
3pm Core Bands / Open Jams "
From Jan.... $10.00 at door.

Donna Greene And Her Roadhouse Daddies

Image by Tony the Misfit cc
OK, This morning I was checking out one of my very favorite pages on STUMBLEUPON...THE BLUES BLOGGER. He had posted 'DONNA GREENE AND HER ROADHOUSE DADDIES'...Wow! Really enjoyed her wonderful voice, sound and style. Her web site is fun too. 'Where was I? 1940 or 2011? Just for a moment I was transported to those glamourous '40s'.... Check it out.
Donna Greene reminds me of those 1940s bluey-jazzy singers, you know Billie Holiday, Etta James, Dinah Washington. Also. more recently IMELDA MAY. That kinda I loved this. Thanks to THE BLUESBLOGGER and DONNA GREENE AND HER ROADHOUSE DADDIES, I've had a wonderful day and it's still early yet.  Jan
Found this Donna Greene Video on YOUTUBE. Posted by greeneblues.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SHANIA TWAIN Into Canadian Music Hall Of Fame

Photo by harry525 cc
In March, Canadian  country superstar, Shania Twain will be inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.  Canadian-born TWAIN joins past recognised great Canadian musicians, like Neil Young, Anne Murray, and Joni Mitchell. Cool.
Shania Twain's biggest hit was 'Any Man Of Mine' with over 12 million copies sold in the U.S.A. alone back in 1995. She later performed for over than 2.5 million fans on her tour. This has been the  highest-grossing tour in the history of country music, so far.  Just thought you'd like to know. Jan
I found this music news many places, all over the internet.... in fact. Cool Shania.
Found 'Any Man Of Mine' by Shania on YOUTUBE.  ShaniaTwainVEVO...

THE GOOD SAMARITAN..A Strange True Story by Jan

Photo  by doortoriver cc
Sent to Bettye Johnson on 1/10/11. First posted on WIZARD OF AWES.
Bettye...Here's a strange story happened to me...Janet Rose-Bartlett
This happened before 1990, I'd say in 1987 or 88. Before I moved to Yelm [1990]. I was a nurse in Spokane. On a private-duty pediatric home care job. That night, I had the evening shift...3 to 11:30 pm. It was winter and cold outside...around zero, I guess. With lots of fresh snow on the ground.
The family [parents of the child] I cared for had left for the evening., when the night nurse took over the care of 'our' child, the parents had not returned. The child had to have constant watching. So, when I went to my car, I knew the night nurse could not help me.
My car was buried in the snow, AND a plow had 'cleared' the streets of snow...blocking my car in a large snow bank. It was freezing and the snow was getting hard and icy.
First, I got the snow off the top my car..then, tried to chip away at the icy hill around the go. It was dark, around midnight by now...I was all alone.
I had recently returned from Yelm...where I'd been at an event....looked hopefully at the house with the nurse inside....wishing the parents would come home...OR...something.
Got into the car, sat at the driver's seat, shut my eyes and focused/blew/hoped etc. for a few minutes. Suddenly, I heard something outside...a voice? I opened my eyes and took a look.
A thin young man [20ish] was behind my car. He yelled 'did I have a shovel?' I did have a large window scrapper, would that do? He took it and started to 'shovel' at the snow bank...and just kept, very fast....'he was going to his girlfriend's house a few blocks away...glad he saw me, it was so was I ever going to get out of here all alone, anyway?'...on and on and on.
He had cleared some of the 'snow hill' and thought he could push me out into the street. I started my car, while he pushed...and, my car was free....yay!..
Then, he came up to the window and asked if I could please drive him to his girlfriend's house...'It's only a few blocks away.'
Well, how could I say 'no'...after all he had done. SO, I opened the passenger-side door. He slipped into the seat....'Ready', he said strangely...
That's when I really looked at him....'What the ?' He had no coat, only a 'summer' cotton button-down shirt and light gloves, no hat...but, what was so strange to me...NO socks!....just a pair of cold-looking leather shoes. He looked/seemed safe to me...just very odd.
He pointed straight ahead...that's where the girlfriend lived....'you can almost see it from here;, he said.
About 5 blocks ahead was FRED MEYERS Shopping Center...he pointed there. The parking lot was all lit .[spell] up, lights reflecting on the snow...seemed almost like day.
This was just fine he said...opening the door,getting out in the middle of the parking lot...
As he walked to the back of my car...I turned to thank him again....and I was all alone. Where did he go? I looked around...puzzled. 'Thank you' I said.
Bettye..this really happened to me...never found out any more about this Good Samaritan . I wonder about it some times. So, strange....there was NO place the young man could have gone quickly. Don't know any more...but, he sure helped me out that night. Janet

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why 'Music Give Us Chills'...Just like Money, Food and Sex

Photo  by starmist1 cc
Well, those cool Canadians just know their stuff that's all. Music gives us as much of a pleasurable experience as sex, thinking of lots of money, or even eating food...I don't know about that.... 'Chocolate cake's hard to beat' [Jan]....'unless, it's Steve singing, WHILE I eat Chocolate Cake.'...Oh....C-H-I-L-L-S!
This was published recently in the journal Nature Neuroscience.
I guess, listening to pleasurable music [or...eating some Chocolate Cake. Jan]the brain releases that feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine into the blood stream.
Canadian Researcher, Robert Zatorri said..." Our results help to explain why music is of such high value across all human societies."
Also, just the thought of listening to some pleasurable music [or eating more Chocolate Cake...Jan] was enough to trigger the release of dopamine, the report stated. Just thought you'd like to know, that's all. Jan
For more intersting information on this on, go to  THEWEEK.COM      .HERE

Monday, January 10, 2011

HEADS UP...Monday's News From LIQUID SOUL And The Salinas's

I just received an Email from Barb, Lindsey and Martin Salinas, owners of LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTER's in McKenna. LIQUID SOUL is located at the McKenna 'Y', behind BAYDOS. Phone is 360/400-soul.
Lots of good stuff going on a OPEN MIC 'CD'.
Did you know? The Salinas's love animals...well, check out their pet Our dog, Mr. Johnson, really loves their great new idea, and so do we. 'No, Mr. Johnson, you don't have to twist my good arm to make me write that....Yes, Steve and I really mean it, really. Thanks for letting us live here Mr. Johnson.'
Looks like great coffee beans for fresh roasting in McKenna @ Liquid Soul, best coffee in the area...and Lindsey's baking up lots of goodies too. Yummy. Jan
Mr. Johnson likes above pic. By
From 'LIQUID SOUL'.....
"Hi Jan,
Liquid Soul will have open mic every Thursday for 2011. we have printed the holiday open mic cd for the community. it features many of our local talented folks. we have sold out twice and are in the reprint mode once again. it is only 10.00 each.
live music begins on Friday the 21st. starts at 8:00 till the cafe is closed.
on our web site we have developed an area for adoption of local pets in need. this is something new that we have always wanted to incorporate.
we have received a new batch of green beans one is Bali organic blue moon. it is a major hit with our customers. tell the folks to come in and try it that have not been here. Lindsey is baking new pastries and the soup is on.
love to you
barb and martin"
Photo of Martin Salinas with Dan and Karyn taken by me [Jan], around early 2008 at Liquid Soul.

The Accessible Aquarium Transforms Visual Information Into Sound

Photo by Tacit Requiem cc
Bruce Walker, from Georgia Tech, heads an genus 'aquarium' team. They're transforming aquarium fish movements into some beautiful music together. They use some interactive computing techniques. The Accessible Aquarium project at Georgia Aquarium, lets folks 'hear' fish before really seeing them when fish swim into range, they give off a musical tone.  This produces some very interesting and beautiful results. Each fish is given it's own tone or vibration. Swimming up or down also changes it's pitch.
Go to AJC.COM for more on this very intersting music news for today. OK? Jan

Sunday, January 09, 2011

What's Happening BIG TIME My Local Live Music AND Community Events 1/10

I just like this pic, that's all. You? Photo by unknowm
I just posted information about THE SHELLY ELY JAM tonight [Sunday, 1/9] at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL. So, go HERE for my post. Have a great time Shelly, Jho, Terry and Dylan Lanny.The Shelly Ely Jam is happening each Sunday night, 7 pm. Check it out.
Thursdays, it's THE JERRY MILLER BAND 7 pm at UNCLE SAM's, with 'Taco-Thursday'...that's buck tacos...yea. The cool band member's are Jerry Miller/guitar, Denny Foreman/guitar, Dave Erwin/bass, JEFF WALLACE/keyboard/violin, Allen Heath/drums, and RUSS HARRIS/congas/harp
Now, the LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTER's in McKenna. Nothing's posted for this week. Hopefully, MARTIN SALINAS or Barb Salinas will be contacting me soon about some open mics, jams or gigs for the week or month. I'll post whatever info. I can find, as soon as I get it. OK? They did have an 'Unplugged' OPEN MIC last Thursday 1/6th,...wondering how it went...hopefully post about this open mic-HERE, that I posted on December 30th  was number #3rd read for all of 2010. WOW! Cool. UPDATED 1/10/11--HERE.
Better call first then, 360/400-soul about live music and see what they have going.
KENNY WILLIAMSON has no new reports of live music for this week. But, he has Emailed me a few times. Thanks Kenny.
THE GOVERNOR's GRILL in Olympia. Still, nothing new since 12/18 and machine phone calls only. Well, this will be my [Jan's] last report on THE GOVERNOR's GRILL, unless I see something happening over there. 'SCOOCH, any news? Help. Remember folks, I post all of BARTLETT ON BASS  with only one finger on my right hand working [experiencing a few little minor M.S. symtoms]. Forgive me, if I need to rest now and then, and catch my breath. It's  just too difficult to keep posting nothing's happening again and again. Thank you all for your kind understanding. Jan
Next, WILLOUGHBY's RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE in Yelm. In the past week..DJ 'Thunderhawk', jello shots, drink specials too...No live music reported.
THE SUMMIT PUB in Puyallup is up next, hopefully something's been put up. Hold on... I'll be right back....[later]...well, nothing..a BIG FAT ZERO... sad to say...BUT, this will be my very last report on THE SUMMIT PUB, unless I see some movement over there...just a little.... something..P-L-E-A-S-E.
OK.... THE MANDOLIN CAFE in Tacoma. They always have lots of music...several times a week, but THE MANDOLIN don't pay any musicians over, tip well. Tonight, [Sunday nights] it's DENNY FOREMAN AND FRIENDS for OPEN MIC 6 to 9 pm. On Facebook, I read that RUSS HARRIS will be there too doing some drumming. Go check them out. OK? It'll be fun.
RAMTHA's SCHOOL OF ENLIGHTENMENT in Yelm. On January 14th through 17th, 'Create Your Year, Workshop'...The first continuous live-stream 2 1/2 day event to be shown. Cool
YELM SENIOR CENTER...There's nothing new again and no signs of life either.... OK, they're history. Done. Next....
YELM COMMUNITY EXPANSION...there has been zero new activties. They have had new info. post on using unheated greenhouses. Check them out. Thanks.
STEVE BARTLETT ON BASS is next. The band that BARTLETT's playing in HERE was honored to perform at TAMBORINE BORRELLI's SPIRAL CAFE ART AND WELL BEING STUDIO fund-raiser last Friday night. Steve reported to me lots of friends,  jumping happy kids, beautiful dancing girls with Steve Knopp, dancing instructors that knew their stuff, Terra Jean and Archie, Liquid Soul Coffee and Martin Salinas peeking in, Steve, dancing himself with someone who thought he should know how to dance better, being a musician and all...FYI hubby dances just wonderful...when I have no legs AND, I'm in his strong arms and I'm dancing again, on this or any dance floor in this or any universe....I just love it. Sit down. Thanks. Love you Steve. Jan
[Don't worry Sweetheart, what does SHE know anyway? I love your dancing...yes, I mean it. Just enjoy the's NOT a dance contest or anything like that. Just enjoy music AND,  being able to stand up and walk , that's all....Jan]....Forgive me today folks...the hip/shoulder/ arm/ neck pain's getting to me alittle...I'll be better tomorrow. Thanks, Jan
If you're a musician, band or club owner in my area, and want your live music event included on my Live Music Report. Please send your gig info. at for review before Saturday, for Sunday's report.. I will review and post the very best gigs and live music events in the area Thanks for reading my report and supporting live music. 'Jan'...JA ROSE-BARTLETT.

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