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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kissin' Cousins?..Well No,.It's Just JERRY LEE LEWIS Getting Wed Again

Photo by kait jarbeau is in love with you cc 
Well, look what I just found online...that ol' rascal, you know 'Great Balls of Fire' JERRY LEE LEWIS,76, just never slows down. What you up to now JER?   Oh, on March 9th, you got married for the 7th time down in Natchez, did you AND to some kinda relative again too. WOW...Cool Jer...Isn't that against some kinda law or something?...huh?
Now, who is this gal anyway?...Let's see, you say she's your care-giver...well, of course, EVERY wife is a CARE-GIVER, isn't she?, what else is new?
OK... folks, this is where you MUST pay close, my suggestion is to go get a cold splash of water for your face and have some to drink too, Ah...ready? OK, let's try and figure this out....
CNN reports that JERRY LEE LEWIS married a Judith Brown....the ex-wife of a second cousin, Rusty Brown. And, Rusty is brother of Myra Gale Brown..."the minor cousin once removed that Jerry married in 1957, that raised some major eye brows way back when....Oh, now I understand....never mind, have a great day. T. Jan
Go HERE to read more.
'Great Balls Of Fire' by JERRY LEE LEWIS, Live, 1957 from YOUTUBE.

Chico and Harpo playing the Piano - The Marx Brothers: Animal Crackers (...

Thursday, March 29, 2012


by cliff1066™ cc

RELEASE YOUR INNER ROCKSTAR!! Nothing will satisfy your inner rock legend more than ROCKARAOKE when you take the stage to sing your favorite songs backed by a REAL LIVE BAND!

Fun with a cause! Hidden River will be donating a percentage of its proceeds from each night to help further the goals of The Phoenix Rising School, a local non-profit school that is nurturing and teaching children in a new paradigm of education, and offering it to parents at exceptionally low tuition. Please check them out at

Even if you can't make it this evening, please help this school by becoming a monthly or one-time donor! Visit the link provided and click on "Donate."


For those who are new, Hidden River is private non profit club for members. This event is free to all members. For information about membership benefits please call: 360-446-6800.

Steve BARTLETT ON BASS will be performing with other very cool musicians on Wednesday, April 4th at HIDDEN RIVER in Rainier, WA.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Upcoming Live Music Appearances for BARTLETT ON BASS...3/28/2012 and 4/16/2012

Open Mic at Hidden River in Rainier, WA., 360/446-6800,
15420 Vail Cut Off Rd SE, Wednesday 3/28, Jam from 6 to 10 pm. Steve planning to jam for a couple of fun hours.
BARTLETT ON BASS in the band HOBBY STREET, hosting a open mic at CHARLIE's in Olympia, WA. Monday, April 16th...620 4th Ave. 8 pm. Members of this band are XXXXX-XXXX/guitar [X'd out per request T. Jan], STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums and JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals. Bring your axe and join in.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

KD Lang performing 'Crying' on Australian TV 'the Midday Show' around 1993

k.d.lang...amazing voice and band, without a rehearsal or

Jeff Beck Tal Wilkenfeld Bass Solo Blue Wind

Tal is one of BARTLETT's Heros, Tal Winkenfeld. This is an awesome bass solo. Found it on YOUTUBE at genjii777 .

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Here's Some WAKE UP CALLS, What's Happening in Music This Week?

So, what's up? Lot's of cool stuff lately, so let's get started....First did ya see JON BARONI's video called 'WAKE UP CALLS'? STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums, our neighbor and owner of HOBBY STREET STUDIOS has some awesome talent creating cool videos. Yep, he knows his way 'round a camera and well, just look...I'll post it below. OK? To buy 'WAKE UP CALLS [C] By JON BARONI on CDBABY...GO HERE. For my report on this video, go HERE.
O.K....JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals and STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums, along with XXXXX-XXXX/guitar/vocals [X'd out per request T. Jan] and, of course, my STEVE BARTLETT ON BASS are members of the band just called HOBBY STREET. Their rehearsal is tonight. st_robert/sound engineer/guitar and SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums visited this group last week. It's always fun to have some cool company, I say. 
Then, Steve has been talking to long time music buddy again this week...MIKE KARNES/guitar/bass. They're getting together on Sunday, next week for a jam, each bringing a new challening tune to teach each other...and the awesome SUNNY LOUDIN/vocals has talked to Mike about joining these two at their jam next time...well sure Sunny. Bring a tune too. OK?'ll be great. My report is HERE.
Last week on Wednesday, Jon, Stephen and my Steve of HOBBY STREET joined SEAN BARDEN/guitar, the owner of THE HIDDEN RIVER INN in Rainier for some Open Mic fun, XXXXX-XXX/guitar/vocals [X'd out per request T. Jan] of HOBBY STREET could not make it last Wednesday, Steve will see him tonight at rehearsal. My Steve had a great time at HIDDEN RIVER and plans to be there again tomorrow night for their Open Mic.
AND, last but NOT least, on last Friday night GEOFFREY CASTLE/violin/vocals, a amazing 6 string, electric violinist performed at the HIDDEN RIVER INN in Rainier. My hubby heard about it on last Wednesday's Open Mic, and sure wanted to see this guy. WOW! was he glad he went to that show...He just keeps talking about Mr. Castle and his performance, every day he's brought up something wonderful about GEOFFREY CASTLE musical, GEOFFREY CASTLE is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED in my Steve's book. Go hear him if you get a chance, AND there's lots of videos on YOUTUBE, get a preview now, why wait?'ll love it. My report is HERE.
Oh yes...some important news about our baby sheep..'Lola' is now 'Larry'. Yes, I guess, Steve was very tired last week after 'Lola', Lala and Layla were born. Here's my report about these BBAAD BLACK 'Gals' crashing the HOBBY STREET rehearsal with song by JON BARONIand video by STEPHEN K. HERE.
That's it for the past week or two. Trajen 'Jan'.
Here's that cool JON BARONI Video, WAKE UP CALL [C] by JON BARONI, video created by STEPHEN K. HICKS from YOUTUBE.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Written/sung by JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals....WAKE UP CALLS [C] by JON BARONI. Video by STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums of HOBBY STREET. Other members of the band HOBBY STREET XXXXX-XXX/guitar/vocals [X'd out per request T. Jan] and my STEVE BARTLETT ON BASS. st_robert recording engineer and arrangement. This was the second version of Jon's WAKE UP CALLS, st_robert did bass/guitar in this version of the recording. My Steve did bass on the first version of this tune...WAKE UP CALLS. Enjoy. Jon Baroni has several CDs out, My Bartlett plays bass on several of the tunes on the CD 'Wake Up Calls', it is available at CD BABY. Here's a link.HERE. [both versions of.WAKE UP CALLS, are on the CD.] WAKE UP CALLS is getting radio-time in Europe. CONGRATS to Jon....great job.


RUSSELL BARTLETTs CD Cover 'Texas Smells'
Well, I sometimes make folks a little nervous...I know, but first, before you get worried, all sweaty and stuff.... let me explain. OK?..What I mean is TEXAS SMELL's just great....that's what this song's all about...the wonderful smells you can smell in the state of Texas.  OK now?
This is Steve's brother country blues singer/song writer RUSSELL BARTLETT's CD from 2006. You can take a listen HERE at CDBaby. There's other BARTLETT CDs there too , so, enjoy them all.
Russell's down in Texas now...recording more cool tunes..perhaps? Hope so. For Russ's web site...go HERE. T.Jan

Rami Halperin - Guitar Center's King of the Blues 2011 Finalist

RAMI HALSPERIN's amazing guitarist. He's in Yelm, married to vocalist YASMINE ARIEL. Please go see them if you get a's a BIG Treat. Go HERE for her MY SPACE site. T. Jan

The Day Is Always Brighter With SUNNY LOUDIN

OK...Yesterday, we heard from Steve's ol' music buddy, MIKE KARNES/guitar/bass instructor. Steve and Mike have known each other just forever, that's all. Well, they're old school friends and encouraged each other to stay in music way back when. Mike surprised Steve with a gift....a really cool bass guitar about a year ago. See HERE for my report. My Steve had worn a big hole in his old one from all that pickin' and slappin' he does when he does his famous bass solos. 
Every so often, they love to get together, relax and jam on Sundays in Olympia, WA. at Loraine's YENNY MUSIC studios on the west side of town. Cool.
Well yesterday, Mike had some neat ideas for the next jam...he had contacted their friend, SUNNY LOUDIN/vocals [photo from her my space site here] from up north....she wanted to get together  and jam too....WOW!   That'll be lots of fun. So, they're all getting together and bringing a challenging new tune each for the next get-together. Stay tuned for more. T. Jan
Found this video of SUNNY LOUDIN's band ' Sunny's 4 Cast' on YOUTUBE.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Pat's Day

Photo By: Jokideo's - Joke of the Day
'HAPPY ST.PAT's DAY'....Last night, Steve BARTLETT ON BASS, really enjoyed GEOFFREY CASTLE/violin/vocals at THE HIDDEN RIVER INN in Rainier, WA,
 Here's a GEOFFREY CASTLE 'Irish' tune. Enjoy. Steve said this guy was amazing. Go hear him if you get a chance.


Hidden River Music Society (View Venue)
15420 Vail Cut Off Rd SE
Rainier , WA 98576
United States

Friday, March 16, 2012

Amazing Violinist Tonight At HIDDEN RIVER INN In Rainier

Photo by Steve Snodgrass cc 
THE HIDDEN RIVER INN is located in Rainier, Washington on a 5 acre wild life refuge. Steve BARTLETT ON BASS jammed there Wednesday night and had a fun time, JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals and STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums from the band HOBBY STREET were also there, XXXXX-XXX/guitar/vocals also from HOBBY STREET could not make it on Wednesday night [X'd out per request T. Jan].
 SEAN BARDEN/guitar/vocals is the owner of HIDDEN RIVER INN in Rainier, WA..And,Tonight, Friday, March 16th there's a very special performer...It's GEOFFREY CASTLE/violin/vocals, and when I watched a video of this guy, I was blown away! You don't wanna miss this, he'a amazing. It all starts at 7 pm and the ticket price includes appetizers. Go HERE to buy tickets and check it all out, tickets, they're only $20.00  and are also at the door. Steve's going tonight...lucky duck!.... and reporting it all to me when he gets home.
GEOFFREY CASTLE plays a 6 string electric violin....well, here's what HIDDEN RIVER INN says on their site..."Hidden River is proud to host an intimate evening with Geoffrey Castle. Geoffrey is a pioneer on the electric six-string violin. From his beginnings as a street musician in New York City and Paris, he rose to play in the Tony Award winning Broadway production of M. Butterfly. A theme of Castle's career is to destroy people's preconceived notions of what is possible on a violin, which he does every time he takes the stage. A bandleader and solo artist with several critically acclaimed releases on his own Twisted Fiddle Music label Geoffrey Castle has also managed to share stages with an illustrious group of musicians including Blues Traveler, all of the original and current members of Heart, Buddy Miles, and Alan White of Yes.
Delicious fresh prepared appetizers are included with admission price. "

Hidden River Music Society (View Venue)
15420 Vail Cut Off Rd SE
Rainier , WA 98576
United States

Found this video on YOUTUBE of GEOFFREY CASTLE.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

IDA COX..'Wild Women Don't Get The Blues' 1924

CARA CLARKE, Photo + Flyer by me [Jan]
IDA COX was an awesome black blues singer that reached her peak in the 1920s, performing in extraganza stage shows in the1920s and 30s. Her audience were mostly Southern ladies, that loved her wit and urban blues style, making her very successful and popular.
She was born in Georgia in 1896 and died in 1967 in Tennessee.
I first heard of IDA COX, when my STEVE BARTLETT ON BASS played in the band BE HEAR, which featured the amazing CARA CLARKE-POWERS doing the blues vocals. STEFAN ABUAN was the guitarist, KEVIN CHRISTENSEN joined later on drums. Cara kindly asked me to join this band, and I happily played the computer keyboard for awhile. SMILE.....until I realized, it was really a lot of hard work, took a lot of my time AND I was expected  to do it all for FREE, not like the other band members, who all got paid plus food/drinks etc. at all the gigs. I sadly quit in a big huff DARN IT Anyway, and sure did miss Cara, we had become great friends. She is not in the area any more as far as I know. Love you Cara Clarke, go hear her if you have a chance, she's awesome'll enjoy yourself.. Her family's in Chicago...perhaps she's over there. :-[   I know, I know Cara....'Wild Woman Don't Get The we Cara? ...Miss you.' Jan
Cara sang 'Wild Woman Don't Get The Blues' by IDA COX written in 1924. I found a video of this song of COX's, with some cool blues history too on YOUTUBE and will post it below.
And 'Wild Women Don't The Blues, sung by Sue Keller, from YOUTUBE,


Monday, March 12, 2012

DICK VAN DYKE Ties The Knot Again At 86

Photo by kerry111 cc
Today, I just found out online that DICK VAN DYKE, has gotten hitched again.  That's lucky guys AND the way it is with us Chimney Sweeps [I [Jan] was a chimney sweep and owner of PEPPERWOOD CHIMNEY SWEEPS for 8 years, from 1982 to 1990 in Spokane, WA.]. His new bride is a 40 year old actress named, Arlene Silver, and they just tied the knot. WOW. That's cool. 
This is his second marriage and he's known Arlene for six years. Go HERE to read more about their wedding. OK?
Here's my favorite Chimney Sweep song by DICK VAN DYKE, from MARY POPPINS. I found this on YOUTUBE.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

THOSE BIG FAT LIES, or...'.Liar, Liar...Pants On Fire'

Photo  by Mike Licht. cc
You all know, I love music and see musicians work so hard, love music, are very talented and creative, and for most their pay is way below what all the rest of us, in a way I understand....I really do.... their need to be seen as successful and recognized. After all, they have all really earned that recognition, haven't they? BUT, sometimes we've all seen too much M-TV, I guess.  
This all started in 2006, when I was really amazed and stunned when I started reporting on live music, to find, that some gigs are just BIG FAT LIES,... lies....What?? Yep. It's amazing, but true.
I started to wake up in 2006...when Steve and I went to a fine local Club one night, to enjoy one of Steve's then band members, who told us that he was performing with another wonderful band that evening. A second band member was gonna meet us there and arrived a little later.
 I was really looking forward to this.waited expecting a great show and that wonderful band came on, played for a few sets, and when they began to pack up to leave....I wondered, where was our friend? I encourage my Steve to go up...up onstage to ask what had happened? I had enjoyed the evening so much and wanted to report about the great music the next day online. I had pictures and everything. 
They did NOT even know our friend's name....What?  I was shocked!
The next day, when we asked that same band member what had happened?...he just said nothing...and the next month reported another gig with that very same band that didn't even know him. He had forgotten it all  by then, but, I didn't...and never paid much attention to him after that. He still contacts us every so often, telling us of his awesome, fantastic gigs...that pay thousands and have hundreds in attendance. Oh, what else is new?
SO, All the gigs I report on.... I've checked out....THEY'RE really happening, with real musicians and at real Clubs that are open for business, or I say what I haven't been able to confirm. You guys can really trust what I've reported here on BARTLETT ON BASS. 'Cause it's SAD to say...this does really happen once in awhile, most musicians, bands and club owners are honest, hard-working beautiful, talented folks, that we can all trust and count on. 
 I know...To go out expecting to hear some great live music from a performer you've been longing to see and hear, and it's a BIG FAT lie, is disappointing to say the least. I check everything out often AND, change things as needed.
Thanks, Is something burning? Is it getting HOT in here, or is it just me? SMILE, T.Jan
I've posted DIRE STRAITS doing 'Money For Nothing', found this on YOUTUBE.


Look what MS BLUZZZ herself...SHELLY ELY has posted on FACEBOOK for tonight... at UNCLE SAM's AMERICAN BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway...A way cool jam..."jam tonight with Jho Blenis,Mike Slivka,Terry J,Dave(Salmon) Bray,and me at Uncle Sams..161rst and pacific ave @ 8:00 see you there" Link HERE
.OK SHELL..WE'll see ya there.

Found SHELLY on YOUTUBE with her gang...'BIG NASTY', doing 'Brand New Love' Take it away SHELL.

Just Who Are Those HOBBY STREET Guys? Anyway?

Stephen K. Hicks or Steve Hicks of HOBBY STREET
Well, they're cool.......NOTE from T. Jan,: This was first posted on 3/11/2012. Band members may change ...Email me for currant members  HERE.NOTE: Steve is no longer a regular player in HOBBY STREET, as of 5/1/2012. T. Jan UPDATE: Scotty Jones/Bass, as of 5/15/2012
This is taken from FACEBOOK.....

"Jon Baroni; Steve Bartlett [NOTE: Steve is no longer a regular player in HOBBY STREET, as of 5/1/2012. T. Jan, UPDATE: SCOTTY JONES/bass as of 5/15/2012 ]; Stephen Hicks; and XXXX-XXXX [X'd out per request T. Jan]

'Better to be makin' it up yourself than to have someone else make it up for you.'

Hobby Street is an innovative Jam Band expressing original material written by Jon Baroni and XXXX-XXXX [Xd out per request T. Jan], with new material forming written collectively by all members of the band. We also perform new interpretations of songs already written, spanning the realms of Rock, Jazz Bluegrass, Funk, R&B, and the Psychedelic.


Leave us a private message for booking information". Go HERE on HOBBY STREET/ FACEBOOK to book this band.   Thanks STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums, AKA Steve Hicks [WHOOPS HERE] and  one of the HOBBY STREET/FACEBOOK managers...for the above info..
I have asked Stephen to send more contact info. to me [T. Jan], for folks not on FACEBOOK. I will post it as soon as it arrives. Thanks T Jan
BUT, for now please contact Stephen K. Hicks HERE.
About the photo...Stephen K. Hicks/drums....posted on HOBBY STREET page on FACEBOOK, link above,, from Open Mic Gig at CHARLIEs Bar And Grill in Olympia on 4/16/2012. HERE.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Three BAAAD BLACK 'Sistas' Crash HOBBY STREET Rehearsal

Photo by Smabs Sputzer cc  

Our new BARTLETT one day old Sheep...Lola, Lala and Layla at rehearsal of HOBBY STREET. Song written/sung by JON BARONI [C] 'THE HAS. See our story below, after this cool video. NOTE: BARTLERTT ON BASS, NOT a regular performer in this band as of 5/1/2012. UPDATE: SCOTTY JONES/bass as of 5/15/2012 T. Jan]
OK...The secret's out, we're Genius Musicians AND Simple Farmers here at BARTLETT ON BASS. Lots goin' on here on our farm last week....just look at these three BAAAD BLACK 'SISTAS' at the HOBBY STREET's rehearsal last Tuesday night....born just that's Lola, Lala and Layla....that's not ALL...Two mama rabbits had their little ones that very same day....well, it's spring after all, and a very busy time out on the farm. HOBBY STREET members are my Steve BARTLETT ON BASS/vocals too [Steve not a regular player in this band as of 5/1/2012, UPDATE: SCOTTY JONES/bass as of 5/15/2012 T. Jan], and the very talented recording artist, singer/song writer...JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals, and XXXXX-XXXX/guitar/vocals [X'd out per request T. Jan with the owner of HOBBY STREET STUDIOS, STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums, camera operator and awesome creator of this video, this was taken at last Tuesday's rehearsal of the band called HOBBY STREET. See them live at CHARLIE's, see on FACEBOOK HERE in Olympia on Monday, April 16th, when they host an OPEN MIC. That's 620 4th, Olympia, WA. 9 PM.
 There is a now almost confirmed rummor [well, talked to JON, my STEVE...and,he talked to STEPHEN, need to hear from awesome XXXXX-XXX still], that HOBBY STREET will be appearing at THE HIDDEN RIVER INN, HERE in Rainier, next Wednesday night for a jam. WOW!...Here's your chance to hear them Thanks, T. Jan

Sunday, March 04, 2012


 by :: nany mata. cc
Hey, KIM ARCHER/guitar/vocals of THE KIM ARCHER BAND, of course, just posted this on FACEBOOK.....It's SOLD OUT Already!   BUMMER.
2803 6th Ave
Tacoma, WA 98405
(253) 396-9169

  • TONIGHT - JAZZBONES - 7PM - Vicci Martinez - Here's the lineup for the show: Vicci Martinez Band with Special Guest, Ben Smith, of Heart. Acoustic Support from Impossible Bird, Kim Archer, Danny Godinez, and Aaron Daniel begins at 7pm

    WOW! Had to post this right away, all this fun starts at 7 pm's almost three already. So, let's get this out there...OK? Call  all your friends, neighbors, relatives know what to do.

    WHERE: JAZZBONES 7 PM...SOLD OUT...BUMMER!  And, my finger was typing  fast and furious too. BUT too late, only up 30 minutes... the early bird gets the bird, I guess...have fun you guys OK?.
    Link HERE for JAZZBONES.
    BARTLETT ON BASS post on VICCI MARTINEZ...Free Gig in April 2006...go HERE
    Posted JOLENE, sung by VICCI MARTINEZ, from YOUTUBE.

FRETLESS BASS On Board....Cool

Steve's new fretless. thanks CODY cc
Here's some really great news, Steve finally found a. model bb404 YAMAHA Fretless Bass Guitar that he just loves, we've been looking for just the right one for over 17 years! WOW....he can do all that cool pickin' and slappin stuff that he does SOOO well and slide around ALL at the same time...JACO move over.....I can't wait to hear this....Oh, my ears are in bass heaven...Steve's playing it RIGHT NOW.
He found it on 'Craigslist' in Olympia....CODY sold Steve a really cool bass, we bought some fancy strings on the way back to Yelm, and Steve's ready for anything....well, we're still looking for an upright bass...we'll find one sooner or later. Cool. T. Jan
Photo of Steve's new bass from CODY. Thanks.
Found a cool Bass Solo from JACO PASTORIUS on YOUTUBE.

Legendary Rock Guitarist Dead At 64...RONNIE MONTROSE

by GunGirlNewYork cc
Just read in THE ROLLING STONE that rock guitarist RONNIE MONTROSE 64 died of cancer. Go HERE.
in his own band called MONTROSE too. He played on VAN MORRISON's album called 'Tupelo Honey' in 1971.
Here's RONNIE MONTROSE in his band MONTROSE doing 'Bad Motor Scooter'. 1973.

Can You Imagine The World Without COLOR?

photo by extranoise cc
My sis sent this beautiful video about the world without color, hard to imagine, isn't it....BEAUTIFUL COLORS with music too.. Go HERE

Friday, March 02, 2012

"Today Was Good, Today Was Fun...Tomorrow Is Another One"

Let's remember,..that green eggs and ham man's that whimsical, delightful, Dr.Seuss's Birthday... March 2nd, he would be 108 today. That's....Theodore "Dr. Seuss" Geisel, the most famous children's book writer/illustrator of all time. Cool
“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself, any direction you choose.” As Dr. Seuss would say. BUT,There's so many places online having birthday celebrations today. So go take a look at these sites, if you choose. T. Jan
Posted 'Horton Hears A Who' by Dr. Seuss. Posted on YOUTUBE by  

Double Bass

Double Bass Links Page

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Musical Grandma's Are Cooler

Musical Grandma's Are Cooler
by Sunfrog Shirts

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