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Sunday, May 27, 2012


I [T. Jan] found this photo online today at GOOGLE IMAGES. It's my Steve. It said with the photo that is was taken from a video on YOUTUBE. It looks like it's from a jam at TENINO SMOKEHOUSE, taken a few years ago with JON BARONI. We like it.

HIT THE DECK...Incoming.....In The Key Of 'C'

by Paul Schadler cc
I [T. Jan] found this really cool story online [ABC NEWS, link below.] last year, and just had to post it again...'cause, it proves once again that MUSICIANS are just plain brave...there's NO way around it. This story's about... this beautiful 92 year old lady pianist named MADAME THAI THI LIEN. She lives in Hanoi, Vietnam. Her love of music was so great...OK..Classic Western-type Music that is, she risked her life and limb to keep that-type of music going in her country way back in 1965 in her own music school. Cool.
 AND, now the people of Viet Nam are creating  the country's first professional concert hall , AND, she's being honored. YAY!
This is some of the reasons why she really deserves the way cool honor: well, she did the impossible...well, almost impossible.
Just read this:
1. She just loved the piano, and was a trained  in western classic music.
2. She decided to teach her beloved music in Viet Nam back in 1965...remember that's when the Viet Nam war was going on  in her country.
3. She saved her sixty upright pianos by hauling them out of Hanoi to Bac Giang Province by train...that was like the next state or something...then, those pianos were 'dragged' about 8 miles further or so...THEN, put on some carts and, pulled by some water buffalo and that's not all, they were then carried by hand, by her students the rest of the way into the 'school' huts ..where there was no electricity or running water in the jungles of course, but, NOT the continual bombing from the Americans, that they had to get away from.
Madame Lien, could teach other smaller musical instraments to her then 400 students in the mud bunkers at her music school...but, the pianos were too big to fit down there. The piano students had to take cover when hearing the sirens, telling them that the American B-52 bombers were heading their way. AND,  some of her students refused to stop their practice and continued the playing. 'What?'.... Luckily, the school or village were never hit.
OK, let me take a breather here....this is AMAZING stuff.
 I now remember, how 'I' thought a 30 minute piano practice in a nice warm safe house was a terrible hardship back in '65...cause I might miss a snack or some of my many favorite T.V. programs.
I was spoiled...just plain spoiled.
Not only does this Lady...Madame Lien deserve a do ALL her students! Says I. [Jan].
This is a fasinating story about some very determined musicians. Go to ABC NEWS and read the whole thing. OK? Thought you might like this story....proving, once again, that musicans  ARE ALL very brave. Jan
I'm posting a video from Youtube. It's from 1969, from EDWIN STARR...It's 'WAR'. Posted by

Saturday, May 26, 2012

ALL Children Love Music, It Seems

photo by epSos de cc
Last night, Neil called from the PHOENIX RISING SCHOOL in Rainier. We live only a few miles from the school. He was hoping Steve could help the kids out next month by providing background music for their poems and performances. " Sure Neil"...said my Steve, as Steve relyy enjoys ALL kids. He plans to be starting music classes, teaching bass and guitarsoon, possibily at HIDDEN RIVER in Rainier.
Steve's mom, ELISABETH BARTLETT volunteered at this school for many years, before moving to California a few years ago. So, we knew some of the children who were lucky to be able to there AND, the kids were just amazing. Such a cool private school in this area.... THE PHOENIX RISING SCHOOL, check it out .HERE

Legend...Stevie Ray Vaughan Biography · [vh1 Legends] · part 1/5

One of our favorite music artists is STEVIE RAY VAUGHN. I [T. Jan] found his bio. really interesting. There's a collection of 5 videos on YOUTUBE. I posted the first below. STEVIE RAY died at age 35 in a helicopter crash. What a talent.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Van Morrison/John Lee Hooker-Gloria....Cool

These guys are both so great. Really enjoyed this video, hope you do too.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

This Is Very Funny Music...Victor Borge

Photo by unknown cc...iPod?
Today, We'll post something funny, about how communication can get let's add punctuation when we speak says musical comic VICTOR BORGE. Great idea Victor. We'll post a video of this process from YOUtUBE below. AND, BORGE's funny piano jokes video too.
I love the 'This Music Smells Funny' funny music art on the left. I [T. Jan] found it online, without credits...iPod? Thank you. Sometimes this just says it all.
To learn more about VICTOR BORGE, go to


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Looking For Live Music?...Well, OK Here's What's Going On

OK....We'll let you know about the COOLEST local live music around, please help keep me updated friends, as I can miss things that are really cool, even when I try to keep alert. Thanks.
1. First, I read on SHELLY ELY's FACEBOOK page, that SHELL and JHO are still hosting a way cool jam on every Sunday, it all starts 'bout 7:30 pm, ends 'round 10:30, at UNCLE SAM's AMERICAN BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway. She always has a great group of musicians out there on Sundays. Go check it out. OK?
2. Next, Steve and I ran into awesome NANCY TRIBUSH HILLMAN this weekend in Yelm. She's got a really cool musical going on right now at THE NEW TRIAD THEATER downtown Yelm [at the OL' DREW HARVEY THEATER], you know that's at 102 Yelm Ave., at the stop light...across from Tim's pharmency. Anyway, the musical is called 'LOUD NOISE IN A PUBLIC PLACE'...Well, I'm gonna make a real loud NOISE 'bout this one. Steve and I had the pleasure of working with Nancy Hillman way back in the 90's, in several shows...Steve BARTLETT ON BASS acting, and I was back stage in props...we also were both stage managers for the show 'ARSENIC AND OLD LACE'...So, we know this will be wonderful, we've never been disappointed. You don't wanna miss this. AND, our friend, G.W.Taylor/vocals is in this one, Go HERE  or HERE for more. We heard that ERIC DELOME/guitar/vocals is doing a fine job filming this for Nancy. Cool.
3. At HIDDEN RIVER in Rainier there's a fun, cool Open Mic each Wednesday evening, 6 pm to 10 pm. Steve loves this cool place, and he's planning to be there tomorrow night. He gos down whenever he can. SEAN BARDEN/owner/guitar has a special dinner with each week's Open Mic on Wednesdays. Go hungry, and make a fun night of it...yum, you'll enjoy yourself. Go HERE for address etc..Also, THOMAS STARK/guitar/vocal will be appearing at HIDDEN RIVER on June 9th.
4. And, this Saturday, May 26th is THE TACOMA JAZZ AND BLUES FESTIVAL, starts at 10 am. at the FREIGHTHOUSE SQUARE, downtown Tacoma and ends up at THE STONEGATE on So.Tacoma Way that night at 11 pm. Go HERE
 5. Yes,I know this is a ways out BUT, just sounds like so much fun. It's the annual THELOUIEFEST in Tacoma on July 28th and 29th. Go HERE and check it out, will ya? MERRI PETERSON SUTTON, an awsome music photographer, by the way, sent this invite to me....below copied from this FACEBOOK event page, link above...
  • "
    Tacoma's Summer Music and Arts Festival!!! Two days! Four stages, 40 bands, culminating in 1000 guitars (get your amp down here!) playing LOUIE LOUIE with original members of The Fabulous Wailers and The Kingsmen!!!

    Portion of proceeds benefiting the ...Wailers Performing Arts Foundation - getting instruments into kids' hands!

    We are accepting applications for craft vendors until June 30 - info at or write to for more info.
    See More

2702 East D Street, Tacoma, WA 98421
View Map · Get Directions "

Found this THE WAILER's  'Louie, Louie' on YOUTUBE. 1961. Enjoy.

This Is Weird.'.Hey!.What's Got Your Tongue?'


O.K.! This IS really Bizarre!   Let's see...First, this just awful parasitic decides to live on the blood of a fish called the Spotted Rose Snapper, and, It attaches itself to the poor fish's tongue. Well, if that's not strange on... After several days, [what? Days? ICKIE T. Jan] the tongue shrinks and falls off. Well, I guess so.
THEN:.... Instead of leaving the poor fishy without a tongue the parasite attaches itself to the  base of the tongue and becomes a tongue-replacement. Since the fish has to use the parasite as a real tongue or stave to, of course, chooses... you guessed it..the parasite.  The fish from then on 'fishes' for both of them, what he catches is eaten by the parasite as well as the Spotted Red Snapper.
 C. exigua is the only known parasite known to replace a 'host's' organ. Be careful... This parasite is usually found off the coast of California. BUT, it was recently found over in the United Kingdom, so, it could be just 'bout anywhere...SCARY.  Go HERE.
Found this on YOUTUBE,  it's DR. JOHN doin' 'Goin' Fishin'...Steve does this song too.

Friday, May 18, 2012

What A Cool Photo...WHAT?? Monkey Feeding A Tiger

Well, I [T. Jan] found this photo on SU today. Steve and I both thought it was cute. Aren't animals amazing? Steve's out in our 'back 40' feeding the sheep, rabbits and chickens we have here on our farm right now.
Maybe we can train someone to another animal. This pic and video gives us some ideas. Enjoy. I found this photo at this link. Go HERE.
photo from unknown cc
Found this monkey dance on YOUTUBE.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Donna Summer Last Dance, DONNA SUMMER Dies today, Age 63

Classic Donna in 1978 Concert singing Last Dance. DONNA SUMMER dies today of cancer in Florida. She was 63.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

North Sea Jazz 2009 Live - Joe Bonamassa - Just got paid (HD)

Let Us Say THIS About That or THAT About This

OK..Let us say THAT about this, or THIS about that.
First, we will both say, we know we've all experienced  those 'Aha' moments know, when it all falls into place and understanding just comes...kinda outta the blue. AND, it was there all the time, but now it's understood and seen...where a moment before you may have felt you were in the 'TWILIGHT ZONE' or something really weird? AND when that happens, I cry., I don't like crying, and I always do just that when I don't understand [T. Jan].
We've both, Steve and T. Jan, experienced much confusion and pain in the past few weeks..and NOW we understand....yea. Thank Goodness.
So, there's been some changes here on  BARTLETT ON BASS, that you may or may not have noticed already. We're hoping by making these changes..there will be no further confusion about our posts.
This web site is called BARTLETT ON, it's, of course, about BARTLETT ON BASS.
I [T. Jan] do the physical typing etc. on the site, but, Steve Bartlett, my husband, always reads the posts or I tell him about them and he knows what's going on. We are BEST friends and share EVERYTHING. He has asked me to post something about a subject...I [T. Jan] research it and do just that, and then we share our views about the subject. We agree on the ideas/ posts, let's say 90 % of the time, OK?...AND so, these are his views too.
Now, there are many reasons why Steve does not type, post, or Email his own stuff. EXCEPT on 'STEVE BARTLETT on FACEBOOK, go HERE all THOSE posts are his and in his exact words.  I won't go into why I post for him here or at other places, even though, he does checks everything,.... but they're VERY good reasons why Ido it for him. Let's just say he just doesn't. Yes, he's one of the kindest men alive, and loves me.  And, I [T.Jan] DO it for him, For one, I love him and, he's a great bassman. AND, we all need a little help sometimes, he helps me [T. Jan] every single day a lot, he's very busy..and,.I'm his BEST friend, so, I can finally help him. [T. Jan] right on.. yea... SMILE.
Now, this I [T. Jan stuff] all started a couple years ago with a band that Steve plays in...we were posting way too many posts for their taste. Steve tells them 'Jan does the computer stuff'.....which was correct...the PHYSICAL computer stuff....AND he does the PHYSICAL bass stuff. So,,we then put a FYI on our site saying "these ideas 'may or may not not' be Steve's or the bands, or musicians that he maybe playing with at the time." and we cut way down the posts about the band..hoping.that should make EVERYONE more at ease. But, the ideas WERE always his and the frequency of posts too.
But, instead of making everybody more at seemed to make folks start to think that BARTLETT ON BASS was just MY [T. Jan's]  site ALONE...WHAT? It was never that. Remember, this site is called BARTLETT ON BASS.
Now, Steve plays the bass, when..Steve plays it, 'cause I don't know how. But, he sure knows the bass, he would be my FIRST choice every time. Well, I'm [T. Jan] so lucky AND have worked very hard so that I can do computers....the Doctors said...'there's NO way', I could do what I'm doing right now...BUT, I'm doing it anyway. And, I'm happy to help our family [Steve and me] out this way., but, Steve knows what's going on and is involved always. This site is called his musical 'handle' BARTLETT ON BASS, and of course, he wants to know what's going on. It's I'm [T. Jan] not just a free groupie secretary either, BUT, I[T. Jan] have real talent online and, 'ahhhhh, I'll do anything for my STEVE, this BIG handsome bassman', know, on this site, we've always been a team and we 'may' always agree.
 We love putting online posts about our wonderful music friends too...but, we're coming to find out more and more, others may not like this or that that we post OR even want this or that posted, and we disagree about 'this or that'...WOW.... it's making things very difficult 'round here..just.trying to keep everybody we love, happy that is.
Now, Steve's a very private person and much quieter than I am, BUT, he has his views that are VERY important to him. Sometimes, he just has to express himself and does...and, folks are very surprised...'cause Steve smiles and always wants everyone happy, feel at ease, and be smiling too. He's very kind and thoughtful that way. I love him so.
So, people just assume that these 'views' must be T. Jan's, or something...NOPE, they're Steve's views and have been his views all along AND my views too.. Surprise!!! He's just quieter about it than I [T. Jan } am.
Hope this helps folks understand us a little better. T. Jan
What Steve said about this post...."Go ahead, post it...I'm tired of worrying about what others may think. I think it will help people understand"
  1. Everyone thinks they're right. So, the question isn't who's right or who's wrong. The question is, who is most in alignment with their Source? And who is the most allowing? And whose life is really going the best, most of the time? Abraham-Hicks
    Found this on YOUTUBE...THREE DOG NIGHT doing 'Easy To Be Hard'

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Awesome Singing Plants at Damanhur | Des plantes qui jouent de la musique

I found this amazing post online today...Just look...Plants sing, and beautifully, I might add. What beautiful music plants make. I was impressed [T. Jan]. So, I posted this video, so all of you can take a listen. OK? Do you like it? Well, it's not rock and roll I know....BUT very cool, relaxing and awesome just the same...I loved it. Now, for our garden...Steve BARTLETT ON BASS's out there right now, planting herbs and a couple fruit trees too. Perhaps, we'll get a mic out there...AND, a sign up sheet....a real cool OPEN MIC tonight, right in our own back yard. To read more go to

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yep...This Is 'Why Men Die Younger' Alright

Found this photo at a really funny site called 'WHY MEN DIE YOUNGER'...Please check out.. Sax/music teacher Al Lowe's  humor here...
Here's an interview with Al Lowe/sax/music teacher turned computer pro. Found this on YOUTUBE.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


photo by Micheal Knight cc
OK...this will be very cool....and in Yelm this week too.
As you might or might, or not know, Steve BARTLETT ON BASS and I... T. Jan Rose-Bartlett, were in several community theater productions in Yelm, at the old DREW HARVEY THEATER way back must have been between 1996 and 1999 [before M.S.].  
Steve was acting and I was back stage with the props and we both were the stage managers in 'ARSENIC AND OLD LACE'...WOW, what fun....We'll never forget it. We met some great folks too. That's why when I saw this posted today by NANCY HILLMAN... link Nancy Tribush Hillman  on FACEBOOK, I knew.... I just have to help get the word out about this. You'll have fun...lots of it!   Go see this production. OK? That's Friday and Saturday this week.... May 4 or 5th, 7:30 pm...ALICE IN NEVERLAND. ...AND, That's not all....'LIVVY CLOVERDALE' is TINKER TOY!  We know LIVVY...and, she is an amazing child!...When Steve BARTLETT ON BASS played with CARA CLARKE-POWERS/vocals and STEFAN ABUAN/guitar, KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drums and me ....JANET ROSE/computer keyboard in the band BE HEAR, Cara lived with Virginia Cloverdale and her daughter, Livvy Cloverdale.
So, OK...This will be wonderful...PLEASE support this event...ALICE IN the old 'DREW HARVEY THEATER'...NOW known as THE NEW TRIAD THEATER' downtown Yelm [102 Yelm Ave] on May 360/446-2188 , tickets are now available at GORDON's GARDEN CENTER in Yelm or the newly located YELM FOOD CO-OP, next to Gordons or I bet, at the door of the NEW TRIAD THEATER on Friday or Saturday nights,
and remember.... with delightful Livvy Cloverdale as TINKER TOY, MADISEN WARREN as Alice. . Thank you. T. Jan
For more...go here, or HERE

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My Spelling?? Thanks For Understanding

My Spelling?? Thanks For Understanding
Photo by by billsaturno cc click to link, A note 'bout my spelling... I'm typing as fast as I can with one finger on one hand, and trying to make sense and everything. I haveave to look at the keyboard, NOT the see where ALL those letters are, and my nect won't bend or turn...whoops, that's NECK, not 'nect'. Please, forgive me and give me a little 'LEE-way' [spell?]...Thanks, Jan SMILE

Musical Grandma's Are Cooler

Musical Grandma's Are Cooler
by Sunfrog Shirts

Yea,...Just Wondering?

Yea,...Just Wondering?
Aunty Acid's photo

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The Truth

The Truth
Thanks Dick Metcalf, image by unknown cc


By INCREDIBLE ME, click for link

We Respect Others Rights, Jan and Steve

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