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Sunday, May 29, 2016

SASS @ LOUIE G's Last Night....Cool!.....AND, Some More ' Voxxy' With Voxxy Vallejo PUSH studio release.or Some...'DEVIL ON A LEASH'

SASS,used with permission/see link
O.K.....Talk about attitude....yep,...SASS's SHELLY ELY/vocals got some, you know,.... attitude. Powerful women are like that, aren't we? Well, last night I heard another lady with Attitude/SASS/Voxxy [same thing...ain't it?] Shell, she tells it like it is, and not afraid to do it. I guess, kinda scary for a whole lotta people....Oh well, they'll get usuta it...'cause 'powerful' women who speak their mind...just ain't gonna go away, are they ladies?...just because some folks don't like it?Won't stop, never will.
.LOUIE G's is a fun club, it'S in Fife, that's just north of Tacoma....easy to get to.Address...5219 Pacific Hwy E. They have several bands a night. I loved the food...PIZZA,and service too. A fog-machine, large dance floor and big stage with an alert soundman.I sure had a good time and recommend this place...alot!!
 DEVIL ON A LEASH was one of our partner bands along with JESSICA LYNNE DUO. Very talented musicians...all.
 SASS started performing 'round 9ish....The Jessica Lynne Duo were onstage first, what an amazing keyboardist was her partner, RAYMOND HAYDEN, without him...well, we couldn't call them a duo, could we?, their voices were amazing...loved it
. SASS had a great time and performance...Shell as 'sassy' as ever! Awesome solos by STEVE MERRIAM.guitar/vocals, SASS did several of his original tunes AND, many BLUZZZ favorites, and a tune written by Shell's old pal from 'Big Nasty'...namely JHO BLENIS/guitar....great job, you guys!
 The third band was called 'Devil on a Leash'...almost all original numbers, with a lead singer named VOXXY,[Sherrie Johnson] that had attitude, a voice, very and had no problem with anything about herself at all. I really enjoyed the band and her especially. [Steve got me an autographed poster from Voxxy, with lyrics of my favorite tune of the night, for my wall at home.]
 So, this morning, I searched the internet for more on all of these fine folks...found 'Devil on a Leash' plays at JAZZBONES and other Clubs in Tacoma. And, at several Festivals in the area too. The videos that I found on Youtube were not of a studio, that's why it's Voxxy in another earily band is posted.
 The JESSICA LYNNE DUO perform alot at Louie G's, and the both [Jessica and Ray] have other bands they play in too. Did not find any recording on Youtube...But, will keep my eyes and ears open for anything and post it here. O.K?
 Keep live music alive and support local artists folks. Thanks, Jan
PHOTO CREDITS: SASS photo used with permission from SASS, owned by SASS, see link. Taken by MERRI PETERSON SUTTON in Tacoma, WA. in 2014
Members of SASS are...SHELLY ELY/vocals, STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals,ANDRE THOMAS/drums/vocals and STEVE BARTLETT/bass/vocals
Thanks Voxxy Roxx

SASS @ LOUIE G's, by Ron Bungard/see link
my photo from last night, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc

Friday, May 27, 2016


The Jones and Bartlett
O.K...Just announced...tonight...Friday, May 27th, There's been some changes.... HEATHER JONES AND THE GROOVE MASTERS needs a fill in bass man for tonight's Here he is!
Come on down to THE STONEGATE on 5419 and 5421 South Tacoma Way for good eating and awesome music too.
Music starts at 9 pm, gos til 1 am. Of course, I'll be there. Jan

Tunes Steve is working up , may do them tonight. Come down and see....adding as we work up...

1.] CLEAN UP WOMAN, by Betty Wright, by Timmyj 40's Oldie's but Goodies
2.] PURPLE HAZE,by Jimi Hendrix, byJimiHendrixVEVO
3.] THEM CHANGES, by Buddy Miles, by NoRosesForMe
4.] SON OF A PREACHER MAN, by Dusty Springfield, by Dusty Springfield
5.] SMILING FACES, by Undisputed Truth, by formicri
6.] FOXY LADY, by Jimi Hendrix, by VITAMINALIZER
7.] VOODOO CHILD, by Jimi Hendrix, by Rare Music Videos
8.] MR. BIG STUFF, by Jean Knight,, by Gomessoul
9.] WHOLE LOTTA LOVE, by Led Zepplin, by TheGreatestRockSongs
10.] GIVE ME ONE REASON, Tracy Chapman, by edyjamsable
11.] CEE CEE RIDER, by Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, by SLAMCREEPER
12.] USE ME, by Bill Withers, by Florian Dill
13.] SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT, by Bonnie Raitt, by Dirk Jun
14.] COLD SHOT, by Stevie Ray Vaughan, bytheczechstallion123
15.] PRIDE AND JOY, by Stevie Ray Vaughan, by Christian Edvard Støles
16.] SWEET HOME CHICAGO, by The Blues Brothers, by Blues Brothers Fan Channel!
17.] NEED YOUR LOVE SO BAD, by Fleetwood Mac, by davey boy phelan
18.] BIG LEGGED WOMAN, by Freddie King, by mick7575
19.] BLUE ON BLACK, by Kenny Wayne Shephard, by Guitar Center
20.] WALKING AFTER MIDNIGHT, by Patsy Cline, byThere's Nothing Like Lante
21.] DUST MY BROOM, by ZZ Top, by captainhenry66
22.] VOODOO WOMAN, by Susan Tedeschi, by susea
23.] BIG BOSS MAN, by Elvis Presley, by Sweet Caroline by Elvis Presley
24.] WHAT YOU WON'T DO FOR LOVE, by Bobby Caldwell, by Slayd5000

by Heather Jones


working up for tonight's HEATHER JONES AND THE GROOVE MASTERS gig.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Big SASS News ....Heads Up, BIRTHDAY BASH Announced @ LOUIE G's in Fife on May 28th

LOUIE G's/see photo credits
SASS,used with permission, I'm not crazy/see photo credits
Watcha doing next week end....huh? Well, there's a new very
cool SASS gig that's been announced for Saturday, May 28th in Fife. You know, at LOUIE G's! ADDRESS: 5219 Pacific Hyw E....AND, It's a Birthday Party too.
SASS's SHELLY ELY/ vocals...likes, she's really excited. Being the BLUZZZ Queen of this Universe is hard work you guys...AND, everyone wants to keep her happy and, this is perfect...'cause music and PIZZA always makes folks happy, doesn't it? Yep,this is...just perfect! STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocasl, the amazing singer//song writer of this group is just 'tickled pink', when Shell's are the other SASS Guys, you know drummer ANDRE THOMAS and bass man STEVE BARTLETT. I know, I've been there.
O.K. let me tell ya what's happening @ LOUIE Gs on the 28th below...
ATTENTION:ALL MAY BIRTHDAYS  The Birthday Bash is a party held once per month,@ LOUIE G's for all people born in that month.  It doesn’t matter what day of the month they were born in, this is a party for them all. 
This is a fun gig, lotsa music...3 bands and the first one SASS [8 pm] with great food....PIZZA...what else need I say ?....O.K......yum Jan
PHOTO CREDITS: Image from LOUIE G's FACEBOOK page...see link SASS photo used with permission..from.Steve Merriam This photo taken by MERRI PETERSON SUTTON in downtown Tacoma, WA in 2014
Each person born in the current month gets the following:
·         Free entrance (no cover)
·         A gift bag of band merchandise (typically CDs, but can be clothing, stickers, etc.)
·         Three bands!
·         Great Food, with discounts if they reserve a table of 5 or more people.
·         Lively Atmosphere
·         No cleanup afterwards

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Reminded of Ted Today

Remembering Ted today....

Missing Ted Hall PhD....The Song Writer And DAKOTA RODEO

Steve and Jon at Tenino Smokehouse
My Steve has known singer/song writer JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals for about 20 years.They have done many musical projects together. For example, years ago, BARTLETT worked on several tunes for that awesome musical team of JON BARONI and the late TED HALL PhD. Jon and Ted did the CD 'WAKE UP CALLS' together and I[Jan] was always glad to see my old friend, Ted being at the recording studio almost everytime when Steve layed down his bass lines for a recording.
When Ted died of a heart attack on July 13th, 2010. My story HERE. The loss was deeply felt by Steve and I. Ted did lyrics for tunes, Jon the music, as I remember Ted saying once. What a great team, BARONI/HALL. Miss you Ted.
Hall was also a student of RSE in Yelm, WA., I [Jan] knew him from that arena too...'cause we were old friends since 1994, even before I met and fell in love with my bassman and hubby Steve in Nov. 1995. Some tunes that I remember JON BARONI/TED HALL creating and my Steve Bartlett laying down the bass lines for over the years were: 'Dakota Rodeo' a tribute to John Lennon, 'Last Night I Had A Dream', about George Harrison. Another meaningful/beautiful song of Baroni/Hall's was 'Sacred Ground' that Steve worked on way back when.
Ted's web page was called BIOFACTALREVOLUTION...Ted posted information about several of his interests being music with his friend Jon was a fun place to visit. I miss it. For more on Theodore Hall PhD. go HERE.
To see a video with photos, an audio and video clip of Ted Hall singing his 'Raised On God And Country' song which he put in public domain on July 4th, 2010 [9 days before he died] and hear his reasons why, the beautiful lady on the mandolin is MARY CANN PIPER, also a friend of ours...go to sparky2day HERE This is what it says at this video site..."Uploaded on Oct 25, 2010
Theodore Dana Hall 1943 - 2010. A dedication video. Compiled by Michelle Rogge"...Thank you, Jan
Yesterday, song writer TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals also in Walter's Birthday, sent me some video links and that reminded me again of Ted. One of the videos was THE WALTERs BIRTHDAY Band doing an old song by that team of BARONI and HALL. 'Dakota Rodeo' had been created years ago and my Steve had done the bass ...such an inspiritual tune, that's decated to JOHN LENNON, of course, I remembered Ted Hall again today...miss you Ted. Thank you. Jan
Here's 'Dakota Rodeo' by BARONI and HALL, found on Liqdsoulcoffee on YOUTUBE. Thank you Liquid Soul Coffee Roaster's for posting this, recorded on Aug. 28th, 2010 [only one month after Ted's death] at Liquid Soul Coffee Roasters in McKenna, WA. WALTERs BIRTHDAY band members are Steve BARTLETT ON BASS, TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums with singer/song writer JON Baroni/keys/harp/vocals.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The 'Nirvana Rocker Bass' in TIP TOP Shape and UPRIGHT Getting an Overhall

Mark working on unright bass, by Steve Bartlett cc
MARK STANLEY's been helping Steve keep his basses in tip top condition. Here's a photo by Steve from Mark's shop.
Mark lowered the nut on the neck and lowered the bridge too that's on the upright. Then put some Bartilini pick ups on Steve's Krist 'Rocker' bass My story HERE. [he has 5 basses, 2 guitars];...WOW! Sounds fantastic...Steve's so excited to get to play.
Well now, I'm remembering how Steve got that cool 'Nirvana' bass....I've got a link above ...but, want to copy and paste it here too. O.K.?
"Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tasty 'New' Bass, Says BARTLETT...or I Can't Believe He Tried To Eat The Whole Thing

Bengt Nyman cc
O.K.  Yesterday BARTLETT ON BASS bought a used 'new rocker bass'. To Steve that means that this new bass will be used for classic rock gigs It has a certain sound, he says it's 'brighter' and easy to 'slap and tap' 'good for funk too'..."just listen", he says and then plays a few notes with a BIG SMILE on his face...."see?"....Well, all that's important is that HE sees isn't it? So, this bass is just right for a certain sound that Steve wants when playing classic rock, slap, tap or funk. He loves it. It was sighed by 'Krist' from NIRVANA'. After Steve bought it and was leaving the store, waving to all...,excitedly with his used new 'rocker, slap, tap, funk' bass in the air above his head,... the store owner, Steve Lewis of MUSIC 6000 in Olympia, who just came in, said it was probably authentic, 'Krist's signature'.  'What?'.. this bass is a dark metalic blue in color....and, Steve had tried to rub off all  the black writing on it,.. that said... 'Krist, needs new knob' with spit on his finger, BUT, it wouldn't come off all the way...yea, Thank Goodness.  
Steve has 4 basses fretless and three other electric, each loved for their unique sound. So, rehearsal went kinda slowly as he had to try all the bass's with each tune. I loved them all. Jan
Here's links to what we rehearsed today.

1.] MORE, by Tyronne Wells, from double929
2.] ] NO TIME, by Guess Who, from  RetroJenny
3.]  BORN TO BE WILD, by Steppenwolf, from fritz51139
4.] DRIVE, by Incubus, from xXLoOoLLiPoPXx  
5.] GOOD FEELING, by Flo Rida, from msmusicf0rever
6.] MASTER OF THE WIND, by Man-O-War, from  InexplicableBehavior"

Now some cool photos of Steve and his UPRIGHT:
Bartlett, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
Bartlett, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc

Bartlett Upright, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
Bartlett, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc

Friday, May 06, 2016

Some SASS...'Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home' Says Shelly Ely...O.K. Whatever Shell Wants Shell Gets

SASS, by J.A,Rose-Bartlett cc
O.K. Whatcha gonna do with that very cool BLUZZZ Queen of Our Known Universe?....that we all know know, SASS's SHELLY ELY/vocals anyway?...whatever she wants gos...that's whatcha do. She wanted to do ETTA JAMEs version of 'Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home'.[thanks Blues / R&B on MV] So, if you're one of her amazing SASS're happy to do just that. So, of course... That's just what happened last night at the SASS rehearsal. I was there and know! Lotsa cool tunes were rehearsed. Duets ( Shell and ANDRE THOMAS/drums), originals (STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals) and some awesome covers...STEVE BARTLETT/bass with the whole gang. Andre brought some fried chicken too!...WOW....what a night! I wouldn't 'av'd missed it. Be at SASS's next gig and hear for yourself what they've been working'll love it! Jan -------------------------- I'll post some tunes and photos as soon as I can...'cause I'm on my iPad now and don't know how on the iPad.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Reviewing and Working Up Some Cool Stuff...BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam Tonight

Working up some tunes for the jazz jam, that JOE CONTRIS/guitar brought to the table for tonight.
Contris is joining JOSEPH PLEMMONS/guitar, STEPHEN PARTON/drums and STEVE BARTLETT/bass. Should be a very cool night of music. You may have noticed that there's two guitar players ....and where's DENNY FOREMAN/guitar anyway?
He's got the night off, so these two cool guys are filling his shoes tonight....WOW! We're lucky,  to fill Denny's shoes...AND we found two guys...lucky.aren't we?
I'll post photos of those 'Joes' for tonight below, I'll skip posting the two Steves 'cause we all know what they look like and I'm getting tired. O.K?.
Be at UNCLE SAMs @ 7 pm tonight. Goes to 10ish, Jan



Video links of tunes we may hear tonight below.

1.] RUBY TUESDAY, by Rolling Stones, by Sub&Share:-)))TheRollingStones

2.] ALL BLUES, by George Benson,written by Miles Davis, by Huertas de Cansa
3.] AUTUMN LEAVES, by Chet Baker, by Brunex Barrios
4. ] SOFTLY MORNING SUNSHINE, by George Benson, by João Pedro
5.] SO WHAT, by Miles Davis, by MilesDavisVEVO 
6.] BLUE BOSSA, by Dexter Gordon, by showatingz
7.] DOXY, by Sonny Rollins, byq
8.] FOOTPRINTS, by Wayne Shorter, by Praguedive
9.] EUROPA, byCarlos Santana, byRodion Gurung
10.] SONNYMOON. by Sonny Rollins, by 1blue1
11.] IF YOU NEVER COME TO ME, by Rachel Caldwell, byBTW Orchestra & Jazz Ensemble
12.] MR. P.C., by John Coltrane, bypiccinini02
13.] RIVIERA PARADISE, by Stevie Ray Vaughn, by Trip Hop Universe
14.] WATCH WHAT HAPPENS, by Sinval Fonseca

Rig Rundown - Stanley Clarke

Tonight BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam..Full of .All Sorts of' 'Cullernary' Delights

Tonight's the night! Yep...It's Monday again...and, that means...Cool! It's BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam time at UNCLE SAMs ...can't wait to get to the club in Spanaway....16003 Pacific Ave.
There's four very talented, very handsome excellent musicians up there onstage....and me I in the front row center...smiling and grinning...a lot! 'Cause, it's all good!
JOE CONTRIS/guitar and JOE. PLEMMONS/guitar are filling in for DENNY FOREMAN/guitar this week....thank you guys...STEPHEN PARTON/drums and STEVE BARTLETT/bass are the rest of tonight's line up. WOW! Complete with Dolly in the kitchen and behind that bar...whipping out some...what they say?....'ah'. major....'cullernary delights'? (spell?) AND, there's cold beer too.
Charlie's on sound...the fire pit will be on fire in back, where you can have a smoke without freezing your,.you know...and, that amphitheater will be just sitting there SMILING at you..getting ready for some really big musical events this summer, I'm sure.

All starts @ 7, gos til 10ish.

More photos below....
by Debi Lawrence
STEVE BARTLETT, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc

Sunday, May 01, 2016

GET READY....Meeting and Recording? JAMES and KISSY FLICK's 'Kukureka' Today

KISSY FLICK  and JAMES FLICK/see credits
Well, it's getting warm and the garden is calling Steve and I. Fruit trees blooming, raspberries forming, planting potatoes, working in the greenhouse, new baby chicks....spring has sprung around here...and it's beautiful.
Something special comes with all this new ...a celebrating of life...that means our first BBQ! Today's the day.
We're going over to MICHAEL HARRISON'/congas and meet with JAMES/guitar/mandolin and KISSY FLICK/vocals to talk about a new recording...AND,,it all starts all off with a BBQ. WOW..
Steve's bringing his UPRIGHT to see? maybe?...and, his electric bass too..
BARTLETT was so honored to play with James and Kissy at THE TRIAD ART THEATER in Yelm for their CD Release Show and celebration on January 30th, 2016... . [go HERE].
We've been working up the Flick's new tune called 'Kukureka' the past few days....beautiful..Jan
PHOTO CREDITS: Got the Kissy Flick photo from their FACEBOOK page...see link above. For KISSY FLICK web page....go HERE.

Double Bass

Double Bass Links Page

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