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Friday, December 30, 2011

Where's Fred? Newsletter From FRED TAYLOR/Drummer...Thanks Fred

Fred Taylor, from his site, see link

I got this Email from FRED TAYLOR/drummer in the past few days...Thanks Fred.

Steve played with FRED TAYLOR in THE COZETTI AND GIMMELL JAZZ QUARTET and in other groups. Go HERE for link to COZETTI AND GIMMELL's web site MUSIC ON THE WEB, and, go HERE for FRED TAYLOR MUSIC.
About photo...I found this photo on Fred Taylor's MY SPACE SITE see link HERE... Thanks, T. Jan
December 23, 2011

"Dear Steve Bartlett,

Hello and Happy Holidays!
I know it’s been a long time since many of you have heard from me, so here’s the latest news.
After an exciting and productive few years living and working in the New Jersey/New York City area,
I have returned to my home north of Seattle with my beautiful new bride, Demaree, and our three dogs, to settle down for a while. I will be teaching drums and running the newly-updated Ivy House studio, in addition to working on various recording and video projects and gigging whenever possible.
Currently in the production pipeline are: the free improv CD set with the Essex Improviser’s Collective; the Gary Lee Rollins CD; the second Inquest CD,; and a package of audio and video from
studio sessions in New Jersey with Gary, Bob Ackerman, and Rick Crane and takes from the January 2010 Cecil’s gig with Bob and Francesco Beccarro. These are all behind schedule, due to the delays caused by moving, working at Demaree’s river cottage in North Carolina (after Hurricane Irene), and fixing up the house and studio here in Washington. You’ll be hearing a lot more about these projects and more in the coming weeks.
The studio is open for business and running your choice of Pro Tools, Logic, or Cubase. We have made considerable upgrades and now are running on a 32x8 Mackie board. We also are doing
high-quality HD video shooting and editing and a number of other services.
We have lots of video footage up on YouTube at, and audio files at and We’re also on Facebook at
We wish you a very merry Christmas, happy Hannukah, and any other holiday you celebrate at this wonderful time of year. God bless you all.
Thanks to you all for your interest and support, and we look forward to hearing from friends old and new.
Fred, Demaree, Cinnamon, Li’l Bit and Mikey."
Found this on YOUTUBE of FRED TAYLOR.

WALTER's BIRTHDAY At UNCLE SAM's In Spanaway On January 7th

Cover of WALTER's BIRTHDAY's latest CD
Last night Craig called...he needed a band on Saturday, January 7th...could WALTER's BIRTHDAY be in Spanaway at UNCLE SAM's American Bar and GRILL at 8:30 pm to play? Yep! Sure thing Craig.... Steve called all the guys. Yep, they were all available and SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drummer for WALTER's BIRTHDAY and talented owner of REAL TO REEL MEDIA, go HERE created some beautiful posters for Craig and UNCLE SAM's to post. Steve will deliver them, and everyone's all set. This will be lots of fun.
You all know the bluzzzz queen of the Pacific Northwest SHELLY ELY has a fantastic jam goin'on there every Sunday night at UNCLE SAM's  with her great crew. It's really cool, and JERRY MILLER performs there every Thursday evening with his group too too, THE MARTIN SALINAS BAND with MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals, STEVE HICKS/drums, and my Steve BARTLETT ON BASS has played there many times too, and there's even more.... music every night of the week.... This is a fun place...lots of music, food and drinks. Check it out. OK?

WHERE: Uncle Sam's American Bar and Grill 8:30 pm on Saturday, January 7th
16003 Pacific Ave. Spanaway WA.
Found this on YOUTUBE...It's WALTER's BIRTHDAY and MARTIN SALINAS at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs last summer.  They are performing
' Routine in the City' [C] by WALTER's BIRTHDAY and written by JON BARONI of WALTER's BIRTHDAY.
WALTER's BIRTHDAY are Steve BARTLETT ON BASS/vocals, JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums and TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

For All Party-Poopers Out There,,,Oh HUMBUG...The Grinch Song

Oh HUMBUG....Grrrrrrr...Found this on YOUTUBE...

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas....Cool

Found this on YOUTUBE...Love it.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Now Declare This Day, DEC. 20th The Offical SALINAS DAY....'Bye Martin'

Martin Salinas 2007 by me.T. Jan
Today, December 20th, is very sad for both Steve and I...MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals our friend and WOW-guitarist,  gos back home to San Diego, California and starts his new day-job selling window coverings and blinds to big businesses in that area. That all begins on December 28th states Salinas, in his recent phone call to me [T. Jan]. Martin's wife BARB SALINAS is already in San Diego. He says he'll return to this area often...Yea!
We first saw and heard MARTIN SALINAS at his club LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERS in McKenna, WA. on LIQUID SOUL's opening was in 2007. JHO BLENIS/guitar and TERRY JAE/bass performed for the crowd. We were hooked and soon Steve BARTLETT ON BASS started performing with Salinas there weekly. Many awesome and talented musicians performed at LIQUID SOUL over the upcoming years. Top names in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Steve and I loved it all. As well as many jams and OPEN MIC nights...a cool place for live music lovers...and with wife BARB and daughter LINDSAY's alway's delicious cookin' a wonderful place for a fun musical evening in this area. Wish it would never end. Miss you Martin and Barb and Thank you. T. Jan and Steve Bartlett

Monday, December 19, 2011

Hear That CLATTER AND DIN Up Seattle Way?

OK...What's up 'round here music-wise lately? huh? Well first, have you heard all that CLATTER AND DIN up north in down town Seattle? Since MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals is returning to San Diego, California this month, starts real work on December 28th, STEVE HICKS/drums thought it would be wonderful and arranged to have a  CD highlighting Martin/guitar, of course, with Steve BARTLETT ON BASS and our neighbor and owner of HOBBY STREET STUDIOS in Yelm, STEVE HICKS doin' drums, The recording was created last week end in Seattle. Steve reports all the guys had a great time and CLATTER AND DIN is top of the line. A really cool place to do a recording and there were lots of promises of getting some fun studio work up there too. Yea! Go to the link above to check them out..OK? The guys had a exciting time as I said before, and they noticed that BUMP KITCHEN and THE RANDY OXFORD BAND were both performing in Seattle at THE HIGHWAY 99 BLUES CLUB. Now, that something not to be missed. Check it out HERE.
Thursday's the next WALTER's BIRTHDAY rehearsal for my Steve. He always has a great time with his musical buddies, JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums and TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals. Go HERE to find out more 'bout WALTER's BIRTHDAY.
Big news from recording artist, and one of  WALTER's BIRTHDAY's talented singer/song writers JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocal. He was notified last week that his CD 'WAKE UP CALLS' with Steve BARTLETT ON BASS is getting lots of radio time in Europe. Congrats to Jon. Check JON BARONI's CDs out on CDBaby HERE
Last month KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drums had his one and only 47th birthday party at THE STONEGATE in Tacoma. Well, we've known Kevin, when they both played with AL EARICK/guitar/vocals  and SHERYL CLARK/sax, DON BENSON/drums [before Kevin/drums] in the band ROAD DAWGS [JON BARONI/keys was also in that band for a short while] along time ago and there were so many old friends there, Steve had a great time. Thanks Kevin. Just some of the folks that Steve mentioned to me were...AL EARICK/guitar/vocals, who forgot his guitar , but his wife Donna looked great. Cool Donna. JEFF WALLACE/keys was there and CAROL ROSE/ vocals. 'Hi' to you guys.  Steve enjoyed playing several times with JERRY MILLER/guitar and also TIM HALL/guitar. Kevin always knew how to put on a party and there lots of cool people there.
Steve went up north of Everett to see his family for a Christmas get-together last week end too. He gave several of his family members copies of the new WALTER's BIRTHDAY CD. One will be sent down to Texas for his younger brother, country singer/song writer RUSSELL BARTLETT. Check brother Russ out HERE. And buy his CDs on CDBaby HERE OK.
Thats all for today. Have a wonderful musical holiday friends, Thanks T. Jan and Steve Bartlett.
Posted a video of one of my favorites BUMP KITCHEN, found on YOUTUBE.

For my  personel[T. Jan] BUMP KITCHEN Story...Go HERE.  

Friday, December 16, 2011


I just love these two guys. Enjoy this YOUTUBE video of BUDDY GUY with CARLOS SANTANA. Posted by eaglerocktv. 

Whoops!....Tonight's Gig Canceled

Martin Salinas
This morning, Friday, December 16th, STEVE HICKS/drums notified us: that tonight's gig at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway was canceled with THE MARTIN SALINAS BAND with Steve BARTLETT ON BASS. Whoops. T. Jan

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Be At UNCLE SAM's This Friday Night In Spanaway

Steve BARTLETT ON BASS, with Martin Salinas/guitar/vocals and Steve Hicks/drums and other friends in THE MARTIN SALINAS BAND at Uncle Sam's in Spanaway. MARTIN SALINAS is in this area for only this month, to prepare his property for sale and then returning to San Diago. California. Come in and enjoy his awesome talent. You're gonna love these guys. Music starts at 8 pm. T. Jan

WHERE: Uncle Sam's American Bar and Grill...8 pm
16003 Pacific Ave. Spanaway WA.
Posted a sample of MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals. He's playing with the amazing band WALTER's BIRTHDAY. Steve BARTLETT ON BASS is the awesome bass guy, with JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums and TOD LEMKUHL/guitar'vocals.
NOTE:A Big Secret .....Steve is rehearsing tonight, Tuesday, Dec. 13th, with this wonderful band. ...WALTER's BIRTHDAY. A New Year's gig is being organized by STEVE HICK's at his HOBBY STREET STUDIOS in Yelm for New Years Eve...with MARTIN SALINAS, STEVE HICKS  and WALTER's BIRTHDAY. Stay tuned as the details are confirmed. T. Jan

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Las Vegas Marriage License for SINEAD O'CONNOR And BARRY HERRIDGE ...Getting Hitched?

T. Jan and Steve Bartlett [wedding photo]
Just read this news on Google , from PEOPLE.COM, go HERE.... the Irish 45 year old singer Sinead O'Connor got a marriage lincense last week in Las Vegas. She plans to marry Barry  Herridge this upcoming Thursday. She said this is her 'my absolute dream wedding ceremony."  ..... and has posted photos on her web site. Go HERE.
It's been a really busy week for marriages and love...Our wedding anniversary [T Jan and Steve BARTLETT ON BASS] was Tuesday, December 6th, 7 years., even though we've been together 17  wonderful years. And, my son and his beautiful sweetheart Rose were married last week in Shanghai, China. And, I remembered this is former Blue Bottle owner , MICHELLE JONES and FLEMMING OLSEN's  one year wedding anniversary week too...WOW! Must be the time to get hitched...go grab that someone special and say 'I do'. OK? Y Just know, you'll be glad  that you did.  That's all...loving someone is what life's all about.T. Jan
About the photo...Photo by Crystal Sincoff, iloveredrocks@gmail  taken at Mount Rainier State Park.
I've posted BETTE MIDLER in 'All Roads Lead Back'...cause when you're in love ...they ALL lead back to your special someone.  Posted on YOUTUBE by mystevienicksfan.

'Christmas Time Has Come'...YEA!

Well, Christmas Time has Come...What a special time of year. Found this on YOUTUBE...posted by  thesmashingapples. MERRY CHRISTMAS. T, Jan and Steve BARTLETT ON BASS.

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