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Monday, September 29, 2014

JANIS IAN At Seventeen or Anytime Really...She's Cool

Janis Ian from WIKIPEDIA
O.K....Today DON COHEN/vocals/harp of 'The D.C. Jazz Quartet'.. Anyway, Don posted a cool video on FACEBOOK of JANIS IAN and HERE [photo link] doing 'At Seventeen' [thanks,  PJHARV1]...WOW. That song brought back memories of the '60's for me and that hit tune of Ian's in 1975. It won her a GRAMMY by the way, her first Grammy, , She got another  Grammy for her biography, 'Society's Child', it was for BEST SPOKEN WORD Album in 2013.
I decided to look Janis Ian up online and see what happened to her over the years.
Well, what I found out was that Janis admire JOAN BAEZ as a kid....well, I should've known...'cause I love Baez too. Now, that I've read that...I can hear the simularities [spell?]. IAN's and BAEZ's. You?  Ian learned several instruments growing up and wrote her first song at 12 years of age. Janis Ian's first album was recorded in 1964. At age 13, Ian wrote the song "Society's child, Baby, I've Been Thinking'. About an interracial romance, that song caused alota....well, she received a bunch of hate mail and even some death threats. The song was released three times in the 60's, the third time became a hit and featured in a CBS T.V. Special called ' Inside Pop: The Rock Revolution'
So, what I found out early in my research was that Janis Ian was NOT afraid to speak her mind, fight for equal rights or push social limits. She became very popular in other countries especially in Japan And, became great friends with BETTE MIDLER, another person I think of as a musician that pushes  social values and limits.  See my story on Bette Midler HERE.
In 1993, Ianis 'came out' as gay and released her album and title song 'Breaking Silence' about incest.  She's outspoken and not afraid to critize [spell?] portions of the music industry that she disagrees with.
In 2014, she's still touring around the U.S. and seems like isn't slowing down a bit. Janis Ian and Patricia Synder were married in 2003, she has one step daughter and two grandchildren. Over and out for today, SMILE, Jan
I'll post some Janis Ian tunes below.

1.] AT SEVENTEEN Live '76, by Janis Ian, by PJHARV1
2.] SOCIETY's CHILD, by Janis Joplin, by 2old2Roc
3.] JESSE, by Janis Ian, by Paul Mathas
4.] TEA AND SYMPATHY, by Janis Joplin, by Kathleen Brogan

Friday, September 26, 2014

Gimme Lotsa SASS Tomorrow Night at The STONEGATE 8:30 pm

SASS, see link
Tomorrow night, Saturday, Sept. 27th at 8:30 pm, THE STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR in Tacoma, WA. will be BLUZZING it up with, of course, the BLUZZZ QUEEN of everything...MS. SHELLY ELY on vocals, ANDRE THOMAS/drums/vocals, STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals and Steve BARTLETT ON BASS/vocals too. It's a newly formed band, just full of SASS.   My friend SHELL likes the name. Well, of course,  it's named after Everyone in the band....S-SHELLY, A-ANDRE, S-STEVE M., and my S-STEVE B. [SASS]. I like the name too. AND, the music...ya gotta hear the's way cool.
I'm not gonna say more [no, they're NOT paying me to shut up, I just want to be alittle mysterious, that's's the new me SMILE/wink], you, just be there. There's dancing, cold beer and drinks, pizza, a big bathroom for anyone on their own wheels AND, really cool chicks. I know for sure that there will be more than two of us AND SHELLY... 'cause cool chicks really love great music with pizza. SMILE, Jan
PHOTO INFO: The photo was taken by MERRI PETERSON SUTTON about a month ago in Tacoma, WA. of this group. Used by permission from SASS, link S. Merriam.

WHERE: STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR 8:30 pm 'til  midnight
                 5419 South Tacoma Way
                  Tacoma, WA.
NOTE: Sunday, Sept.28th, SHELLY said she was really proud of her band last too. Jan

OLYMPIA FARMER's MARKET For Lunch Music With 'The 'C' Notes Tomorrow

O.K....Let's do lunch tomorrow in down town Olympia with 'The 'C' Notes'  at THE OLYMPIA FARMER's MARKET. Music starts at 11 am, gos 'til 2 pm. YUMMY. There's a big covered area with tables and seating, lotsa booths with wonderful treats. I really had a great time last time. So, let's do it again. O.K?
The 'C' Notes are PAT COLE/guitar/vocals, JOHN CARLETON/vocals/guitar and, of course, Steve BARTLETT ON BASS. 
I'll be near the stage with the guys. 
Last time, artist DAN HILL did the image of Steve Bartlett at the Market and sent it to us. Thanks Dan, it's beautiful. Jan
O.K....When we got to the FARMER's MARKET...guess what? They'd double booked the gig. No Gig. BUMMER. Steve's playing again tonight in Tacoma at THE STONEGATE PIZZA AND RUM BAR, 5419 South Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA., starts at 8:30 pm. in SASS. 

WHERE: OLYMPIA FARMER's MARKET...Saturday, Sept. 27th, 11 am 'til 2 pm. main stage [only stage]...right in the middle of all the action.SMILE.
                                                   700 N. Capital Way 
                                                    Olympia, WA.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bonnie Raitt - Big Road (Tommy Johnson ]

'It's NOT like I ain't got NO place to go'....WOW. This tune gets me up, outta my chair, movin' my feet and smiling. A cool song...Thanks Bonnie. Thought you'd enjoy it and that BLUZZZ it. Jan

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

RHYTHM AND RYE...Happening Place Last Night...D.C. JAZZ QUARTET plus 2

Don Cohen
What a great night...last night RHYTHM AND RYE and HERE on Capital, well, 311 Capital north in Olympia to be precise [spell?] was the happening place to be in all of Olympia....anyway, the jazz was really awesome, and I had a great time and so did alot of folks.....WOW....there were fantastic horns, alota great solos...guitar, trombone, trumpet and, of course bass, Don Cohen's voice beautiful, expressive yet mellow and relaxing.....just what I'd hoped for after a hard week. My friends had hoped for that too and were very pleased that they had been there..'ah'...feeling much better now', can handle their busy life so much easier.  Only one stopped too soon. Bravo, bravo...oncore, oncore. All of us need more of this and less stress in our lives. D.C. JAZZ QUARTET plus 2...A real treat. Check them out. Members of D.C.JAZZ QUARTET are DON COHEN/vocals/harp, DAVEN TILLINGHAST/guitar, MARK STOUT/trombone and Steve BARTLETT ON BASS....Plus 2...DAVE McCRARY/trumpet/fugelhorn, CRAIG COOTSONA /drums. For a review by DICK METCALF go HERE. Jan
 To read an
Dick Metcalf
old review of Dick Metcalf's of BE HEAR with CARA CLARKE/vocals, STEFAN ABUAN/guitar and Steve BARTLETT ON BASS from 2009 at MICHELE JONES's THE BLUE BOTTLE. Oh yeah, Michele Jones was there at Rhythm and Rye last, go HERE 

AND, By the way, tonight, Tuesday, Sept. 23rd...there's more jazz, ARIEL CALBRIA JAZZ QUARTET will be performing. Be there all Jazz lovers. Yes. Rhythm And Rye's the place for Jazz in Olympia. Jan 

Monday, September 22, 2014


by unknown
TONIGHT, Monday, Sept. 22nd, be at RHYTHM AND RYE in Olympia at 8 pm for 'The D.C. JAZZ QUARTET' or 'DON COHEN JAZZ QUARTET' with of course, Don Cohen/vocals/harp, MARK STOUT/trombone, DAVEN TILLINGHAST/guitar and BARTLETT ON BASS, plus 2.... that's DAVE McCRARY/trumpet and CRAIG COOTSONA/
What a night it's gonna be. This is what's posted on FACEBOOK:
"The DC Jazz Quartet + 2 is made up of some familiar faces of the Olympia jazz scene. 
Don Cohen, at one time produced by the legendary songwriter Johnny Mercer, will stir your soul with his renditions of jazz and blues standards and some not-so-standard fare. Don will be backed by Daven Tillinghast on guitar, Steve Bartlett on bass and Mark Stout on trombone, along with special guests Craig Cootsona on drums and Dave McCrary on trumpet and flugelhorn. Come on out and enjoy an evening of mellow, laid-back music at your favorite spot for music, friendly atmosphere and libations: The Rhythm & Rye (21 and over)."
I'll be there, of course. See ya on the dance floor. Jan
                 311 N. Capital
                 Olympia, WA.


By unknown
Yesterday's JAZZ JAM in Shelton was wonderful. Everyone had fun and tips were good. ARIEL CALABRIA/everything was on keys yesterday and PETE CHAKOS/drums with BARTLETT ON BASS.
Let's see...who else was there? JOANNE GREEN/vocals and 'the inimitable "D.R.Phipps" Whoops, that's  "D.R. Phillips" , forgive me D.R.....Tenor Saxophone Extraordinaire" or, as BARTLETT likes to call him..."Dr. Funk" There was Ellie/vocals, Bill and Eric on trombones too. More folks enjoying the tunes who I didn't get the names of.
And, later yesterday, Steve bought a beautiful upright bass. WOW....We've been looking for along time. This bass needs a string...NO problem.
So, guess what? This morning, I find Steve...polishing, rubbing, talking quietly....with a dreamy far-off look in his eyes...I think he's in love, you? Looks like the bass's staying. SMILE. Jan

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Goverments Use Music As Torture? or EXTREME MUSIC

by unknown
O.K...Now, I've been to alota gigs and some better than others....but, have never heard anything close to 'torture'....THAT IS kinda Extreme. But, our government had an idea....'Let's use VERY LOUD...' or quote from THE GUARDIAN.." ." rock music played at excruciating volumes" torture....and as they say, the rest is history.
Types of music that have been used by our U.S. government in 'detainment camps'  as what they call  'torture' vary, and some don't seem to be too 'torturous' to me.......Are,.... drum roll please.... ... Here, from The Guardian.." metal bands Metallica, AC/DC, Drowning Pool and Deicide, hip-hop superstar Eminem, Bruce Springsteen, British singer-songwriter David Gray and the makers of children's TV favourite Barney the Dinosaur".
 Well, Barney the Dinosaur, I can understand..B-B-B-BUT all the rest too? Well, as they say...'one man's another man's junk' or is it? 'Pick your Poison'...or something kinda like those sayings. You know what I mean.
Anyway, click on the above Guardian link to read it all.  Jan
To read MY story about Barney the Dinosaur, go HERE
Now, I'll find a YOUTUBE copy of Barney the Dinosaur singing, what else but, the U.S. Government's top 40 selection for some ' extreme torture'....'I Love You', and will post it below. The video page says: " Published on Apr 28, 2012
If your kids love Barney and keep asking you to play the "I Love You" song over and over then this should keep you both very happy..-:)
If you intend to leave a comment, please make sure it's kid-friendly otherwise it will get removed immediately."
1.] I LOVE YOU by Barney, by kooolpanda

Friday, September 19, 2014

IDA COX Unknown Queen of the BLUZZZ Says: 'Wild Woman Don't Have The Blues'

IDA COX,see link
'Wild Woman Don't Have The Blues'....AND, that's the truth.[period]. That's a tune by IDA COX written in 1924. Isn't that 'bout the time women were fighting for equal rights?, wasn't it? I'll check...anyway, this song was written by a confidant 'fiery' independent, brave, black woman who had had enough already. Who was born in Georgia, in the shadows of the wealthy PRATHER Plantation, where her poor family 'worked' as sharecroppers. Her birth name was Ida Prather. Cox was her married name she was a widow and taking care of herself. [NOTE: She did re-marry later, but never seemed to give up her independence again to a man or husband].  This was a time women when did not do that kind of thing...Only men were given the right to be independent, free and express themselves in song or be business people.  Well, It was about time I,[Jan] say....'Go Lady Go'. Women are people too' SMILE.
 Anyway, CARA CLARKE-POWERS  used to sing this with my BARTLETT ON BASS in the band called 'BE HEAR'.  It's been done by lotsa folks....I'll look them all up. BUT, SUE KELLER's version is the one I'm used to. I'll post it below. O.K?
Ida Cox was known as " the Unknown Queen of the Blues", I understand. She was a blues singer in vaudeville and....'UNKNOWN?' Well, what's THAT all about? .She was a very early leader of equal rights. And, we're singing her tune today ain't we? It's 2014...that's a BIG 90 years, isn't it? Yeah Ida. She earned to be respected by the whole world.! Here's a cool quote from WIKIPEDIA: " Her tunes address topics of female independence, sexual liberation, and the social and political struggles of black Americans from a decidedly female perspective that became her trademark. One of Cox's most famous and enduring tunes, “Wild Women Don’t Have The Blues,” is remembered as one of the earliest feminist anthems. In it Cox writes and sings candidly about sexual freedom, a topic rarely addressed by African American women of the time. The lyrics clearly and confidently express the sentiments of sexual liberation:"
O.K...Now, let's hear the tune. Here's 'Wild Women Never Get The Blues' by Ida Cox [thanks hv60604]. This is what the video page says: " Uploaded on Mar 20, 2008
Sunday, March 16, 2008 at the Scott Joplin House in St. Louis, Missouri. This was recorded as part of the Sue Keller seminar presentation on "Women and the Blues". The piece is a composition by Ida Cox from the early 20's titled, "Wild Women Don't Have The Blues". The presentation covered the following early blues women: Mamie Smith, Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Lucille Hegamin, Ida Cox, Alberta Hunter and their influences on Ella May Morse, Billie Holiday, Etta James, Patsy Cline, Marcia Ball, and Aretha Franklin. The reference at the end is to how Sue used to play this as a rock tune with the Jeanne French Band in Boston back in the 70's... Jeanne's in Singapore now but her version is track #4 on her Mean Man Blues album available on Lyle Lovett also does a very nice version, but uses lyrics modified by Francine Reed. The piano is a 7-foot Boston Grand model 218."
PHOTO CREDIT: Photo from HERE.  

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Don Cohen, see link
Well, today BARTLETT and I are rehearsing some really cool tunes for some really cool gigs, that are coming up in the next few weeks, that YOU don't wanna know,.as they say: 'When it rains it pours', Steve has music or rehearsing all over the place next week. That's the kinda week I love. Music coming out our ears.
I'll try and keep up and be at ALL the'll be a gigantic marathon of very cool music, that's all AND, I just know I can do, don't worry 'bout a thing 'cause I can do anything...just stand back, so you do't get anything on yourself and watch. O.K?
So, what's coming up? Let's see...'ah' oh we go. I'll list them below.
Starting Sunday, September 21st Steve'll be in Shelton at THE GROVE STREET BREWHOUSE 'round 2 pm , he helps host their JAZZ JAM., with 
ARIEL CALABRIA/everything, PETE CHAKOS/drums.  Gos to around 5:30 pm. Bring your ax and join this fun.
Next, now, this IS exciting...Be at RHYTHM AND RYE in Olympia on Monday, September 22nd, 8 pm. for THE D.C. JAZZ QUARTET  AKA  DON COHEN JAZZ QUARTET plus 2 [Cohen info and photo link]. This is what Don Cohen [from FACEBOOK] says:  
"The DC Jazz Quartet + 2 is made up of some familiar faces of the Olympia jazz scene.
Don Cohen, at one time produced by the legendary songwriter Johnny Mercer, will stir your soul with his renditions of jazz and blues standards and some not-so-standard fare. Don will be backed by Daven Tillinghast on guitar, Steve Bartlett on bass and Mark Stout on trombone, along with special guests Craig Cootsona on drums and Dave McCrary on trumpet and flugelhorn. Come on out and enjoy an evening of mellow, laid-back music at your favorite spot for music, friendly atmosphere and libations: The Rhythm & Rye (21 and over)."

NOTE, by ME---Jan, This IS Gonna be GOOD. 'I just can't say it ANY better than that, can I? So,  I won't. Thanks a million, Don.
by Dan Hill
Then, on Saturday, September 27th...there's TWO [2]...yep, not a misprint folks, exciting ain't it?  First, at 11 am at THE OLYMPIA FARMER's MARKET in Olympia, of course, it THE 'C' NOTES, that's PAT COLE/guitar/vocals, JOHN CARLETON/vocals/guitar and BARTLETT ON BASS. Let's do lunch. Ya gotta eat lunch on Saturday. don't ya? See you there. The image I posted of BARTLETT ON BASS on left. Was done by DAN HILL, an artist at The Farmer's Market the last gig...well, last month, and sent to us.  It's beautiful. Thanks Dan Hill.
THEN, later that very same day,...another gig at 9 pm....WOW It's a bunch of SASS at THE STONEGATE RUM AND PIZZA BAR in Tacoma, WA. Well, who the heck is SASS? I'm gonna tell ya.
SASS, see link
It's SHELLY ELY/vocals or BLUZZZ QUEEN of the known universe, STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals, ANDRE THOMAS/drums and BARTLETT ON BASS/vocals too. Well, they're ALL the best in our known universe.  So, Do I need to say more?.... I think NOT. That says it all. NEXT week is jam packed with fun music. I'm not gonna miss a minute of it. Join me, there's so many cool or two should be just right for you and your life next week. See ya there, SMILE/wave, Jan
Photo link: SASS photo taken by Merri Peterson Sutton. Used with permission by SASS. Link to Steve Merriam/guitar/vocals at FACEBOOK.

WHERE: GROVE STREET BREWHOUSE, Shelton, Sunday, Sept. 21st, 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm., Jazz Jam           233 First Street
                  Shelton, WA.
                 RHYTHM AND RYE, Olympia, Monday, Sept. 22nd 8 pm
                 (360) 972-2278 · 311 Capitol Way N, Olympia, WA .

                  OLYMPIA FARMERs MARKET, Olympia, Saturday, Sept. 27th, 11 am to 2 pm
                 700 N. CAPITAL WAY
                   Olympia, WA

                  STONEGATE RUM AND PIZZA BAR, Tacoma, Saturday, Sept. 27th, 9 pm 'til closing
                   5419 South Tacoma Way
                    Tacoma, WA.
O.K...Now, I'll find some video links of tunes you may hear at these fantastic gigs and post them below. I'll put this on FACEBOOK first, so, if there's no video links, well...any minute. O.K?
Now, remember I can't promise...BUT,...there's a VERY good chance that you will hear these.
1.] SAY SOMETHING, by A Great Big World, Christine Aguilera, by AGreatBigWorldVEVO
2] I THOUGHT ABOUT YOU, by Debbie Duncan, by Debbie Duncan Jazz
3.] SOMETHING, by The Beatles, by JetBlack327
4.] I GET A KICK OUT OF YOU, by Frank Sinatra, by johnny718bravo 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Coming Up Next.....STEVIE WONDER's On The Road Again...SEATTLE in December

by Wikipedia cc
O.K., folks...It's getting late and I'm getting really tired tonight. I'm gonna be sharing stuff about STEVIE WONDER next...probably tomorrow. O.K?
I found an article HERE [if you just can't wait for me] read about his tour AND,....he's gonna be in Seattle in this tour....WOW. Looks like it's gonna be in early December. I'll let you know, so don't worry. Yawn...night, Jan

Russ and Steve Bartlett, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc. see link
PHOTO CREDIT: Below... I took this photo a few years back of Steve BARTLETT ON BASS with his brother...singer/song writer RUSSELL BARTLETT, go HERE for Russ's site and info. Just couldn't find a photo of Stevie Wonder tonight, will look tomorrow.
NOTE: 9/13  I found a photo of Stevie Wonder on Wikipedia, but decided to write this story again when it's closer to December. Jan

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Soulive George Porter Jr, Warren Haynes - Aint No Use - 3/14/14 - Bklyn ...

Just checked my Emails....look what KENNY WILLIAMSON/drummer sent. WOW...Loved it, can't wait 'till BARTLETT comes home and gets to listen. BARTLETT ON BASS played for several years with WilliamSon/drums with MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTER's in McKenna, WA. Liquid Soul closed in 2011. Thanks, Kenny, Sister and BARTLETT

BUDDY GUY 'Damn Right I've Got The Blues'.... Well, I Guess, or BLUZZZ-TO-THE-BONE

by Sheila Karnes, see link
Well, I've always loved BUDDY GUY  HERE and HERE and who hasn't? He sings the blues, or as I love to call it....THE BLUZZZ, and he's gotta right to, he's 'BLUZZZ-TO-THE BONE'. Heard Guy 'sing' or more like... 'wail' one of my favorites this mornin'....'Damn Right I Got The Blues' [thanks Guitar Center ].
Buddy Guy's blues is different and unique, a style of his own....But, of course, BLUZZZY to the bone....or really cool. SMILE. His style and techniques influenced not only blues, but also 'rock and roll' greatly. So, where would rock and roll be today without Buddy. It's painful for me to to even think about that.
He's played with Blues Great's MUDDY WATERS, OTIS RUSH and JUNIOR WELLS in the late '50's when movng to Chicago [born in Louisiana], his style is sometimes called 'Chicago-Blues'. Well, here's a quote from JON PARELES that says it well..." Mr. Guy, 68, mingles anarchy, virtuosity, deep blues and hammy shtick in ways that keep all eyes on him.... [Guy] loves extremes: sudden drops from loud to soft, or a sweet, sustained guitar solo followed by a jolt of speed, or a high, imploring vocal cut off with a rasp.... Whether he's singing with gentle menace or bending new curves into a blue note, he is a master of tension and release, and his every wayward impulse was riveting."
Some of our awesome heros of music and blues that Guy has influenced were: STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN, ERIC CLAPTON, JIMMY PAGE, JEFF BECKJONNY LANG, JIMI HENDRIX, and HOWLIN WOLF....WOW, and of course, the list gos on and on.
Here's another cool quote, this time from MUSICIAN MAGAZINE and WIKIPEDIA: "Buddy Guy is by far and without a doubt the best guitar player alive...if you see him in person, the way he plays is beyond anyone. Total freedom of spirit, I guess. He really changed the course of rock and roll blues.". 'I highly agree' Jan. This 'Guy' is amazing. SMILE again. AND, he's won so many awards, I'm not even gonna try to list them all, just go to WIKIPEDIA [link above] and read them all for yourself. O.K? Be prepared and believe me when I say there's a lot.
So, why did I listen to Buddy Guy this morning? First of all, I love this 'Guy', And, DON COHEN/vocals and fearless leader of THE DON COHEN JAZZ QUARTET plays some mean harp and we ALL know that means cool BLUZZZ, doesn't it? Cohen's just itching to do some harp at RHYTHM AND RYE in Olympia on Monday, September 22nd, starts at 8 pm., and he sent us a link to the tune.
What a fun gig the 22nd's gonna be. Come down and enjoy yourself. There's a BIG dance floor and some great live music, cold drinks, a BIG bathroom if you're on wheels and NO stairs too. It's a pretty new place, new owners [was the Royal Lounge before ] So, I'm not sure about the food...'er' I mean, what kinda food'll be there...but, I'm sure it will be awesome and tasty. So, don't worry. I'll see ya there on the 22nd. I'll have my dancing shoes on. Jan
PHOTO CREDIT: This photo was taken by Sheila Karnes, of Steve BARTLETT ON BASS, in 2013. Sheila is the wife of MIKE KARNES/guitar. Thanks Sheila.

 WHERE: RHYTHM AND RYE, Monday, Sept .22nd, 8 pm
311 Capitol Way N,
 Olympia, WA 98501
 · (360) 972-2278
I'll find more video links of tunes you may hear on the 22nd below. Jan

1.] DAMN RIGHT I'VE GOT THE BLUES, by Buddy Guy, by Guitar Center
2.] SAY SOMETHING, by A Great Big World, Christine Aguilera, by AGreatBigWorldVEVO

3.] I THOUGHT ABOUT YOU, by Debbie Duncan, by Debbie Duncan Jazz
4.] SOMETHING, by The Beatles, by JetBlack327
5.] I GET A KICK OUT OF YOU, by Frank Sinatra, by johnny718bravo 

Monday, September 08, 2014

Getting Lotsa SASS at THE STONEGATE on Saturday the 27th

by Stonegate, see link
When I was a kid, my mom would say..." don't gimme no lip'  AND, I just KNEW I was in REALLY BIG Trouble.....BUT, things change and today....I want lotta lip or SASS and so will you when you hear this amazing group. Well, what or who's SASS anyway?
Well, O.K. now,  I'm gonna tell ya. It's STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals , ANDRE THOMAS/drums, and the one and only MS. BLUZZZ QUEEN... SHELLY ELY/vocals, with Steve BARTLETT ON BASS/vocals. That's some SASS alright. So, 'Gimme lotta SASS, will ya  There will be fun and surprises too. Did you know SHELL played bass? or that Guys can sound like THE POINTER SISTERS? Cool stuff like that...well, I didn't know that either. So, I'll be there, come on down to THE STONEGATE RUM AND PIZZA BAR and see what happens with me. O.K? We can ALL sit right up front of the band and see if they get nervous, I can make some funny faces, that's between eating great BIG hunks of delicious pizza and gulping down cold drinks. Boy, is this going to be fun. I can hardly wait. The bathrooms are big and handicap friendly, if you're into that kinda thing. Jan

WHERE: STONEGATE RUM AND PIZZA BAR, Saturday, Sept. 27th 9 pm
              5419 South Tacoma Way
               Tacoma, WA.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

This Area Is Just Loaded With Amazing Musical Talent

by Cozzetti and Gemmills' CD, see link
Get on your mark, get set....READY? I'm gonna name names, yeah, of some the musical geniuses and awesome musical talent just oozing outta this place. BUT, there's so can I possibly remember them all?...O.K., then....I understand, I can't, there's IS just too many to count. Remember, BARTLETT's been doin' music---guitar or bass, since the '60's, a pretty long time. Read how it all started in my story HERE if you want.
Then, I'll list list 'Who' Steve BARTLETT's performing with, and doing some awesome gigs right now or will be in the near future.
O.K., now how do I start? Any ideas?
Guess I'll just jump in...I know, in alphabetical [spell?] order,... that's it...'cause then everybody'll be FIRST, no one's last. What a great idea.
A's, B's, C's--ARIEL CALABRIA/everything, JOHN CARLETON/vocals/guitar, PETE CHAKOS/drums,  DON COHEN/vocals, PAT COLE/guitar/vocals D's, E's--SHELLY ELY/vocals, F's, G's, H's, I's, J's, K's--MIKE KARNES/guitar, L's, M's--STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals, N's, O's, P's--D.R. PHILLIPS/tenor sax, Q's, R's, S's--MARK STOUT/trombone, T's--DAVEN TILLINGHAST/guitar, ANDRE THOMAS/drums U's, V's, W's, X's, Y's and Z's. See, so much talent. I'm so lucky, get to hear them all. SMILE, Jan
PHOTO CREDIT: I got this photo from the CD 'Concerto for Padre' [remastered.. 'Timeless'] recorded by the group in '81..'Cozzetti And Gemmill Jazz Quartet...Listen to music on MUSIC ON THE WEB. Check it out. Steve BARTLETT played in the 'COZZETTI AND GEMMILL JAZZ QUARTET in the 80's in Seattle, WA. and is playing on these CDs. That's him in the above photo with Bob Merrihew/drums. Another CD was recorded in '83, called 'Soft Flower in Spring' with Fred Taylor/drums.  CD Cover 'Timeless' below.  
by Cozzetti and Gemmill, link above

by predrosimoes7 cc

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Ya....Whata Night..MUSIC Just Makes Everything Better

Bartlett rehearsing, by J.A. Rose-Bartlett cc
Music here...there and everywhere. We're working up more tunes...old favorites with some new tunes thrown in for good measure. can life get any better than that? Well, it can't that's all.
pause...Oh Boy....I'm just itching to say more...BUT, I promised to be good. BUMMER.
Anyway, I can tell ya 'bout the very cool music stuff that my hubby, Steve BARTLETT ON BASS and I have been doing lately and what's on the horizon, or coming up. [just remember...that this is NOT all that's coming up....there's even MORE...: > D...yeah, but, I promised to not say anything 'til, it's all ready,] You that I really think 'bout what I've done. I'll NEVER do THAT again...and, THAT's a promise....SMILE, there, I'll fix that right now. 'Just tell me, will ya, how can anyone expect ME to keep my mouth shut?.. just ain't fair, is it?' See, I'm right...'Naw-nee, Naw-nee, Naw-nee [spell]'. Jan.
O.K.....Now that I've taking care of THAT bit of nasty business...let's get onto the fun stuff...MUSIC.
Here's video links to some of the tunes that BARTLETT and I are doing...anyway, we both have headphones on, I'm doing the easy part...finding the tunes. He's learning them. Just amazes me how he does that...musicians can hear a pin drop....for real. Just proving, once again, that ALL musicians are geniuses.
NOW, I'll go find those video links and practice keeping quiet. WOW...Amazing, I hear NOTHING, I've never experienced this before. sounds funny. Jan
1.] IT ALL WENT DOWN THE DRAIN '97, by Boz Scaggs , by Ted Ziffer    Steve's singing this one too. Jan
2.] SAY SOMETHING, by Great, Big World, Christine Aguilera, by AGreatBigWorldVEVO
3.] JOSIE, by Steely Dan, by shootthepump
4.] COMPARED TO WHAT, by Les McCann, Eddie Harris, by Peter Menard
5.] COMPARED TO WHAT, by Brian Auger, byBluedreams    Steve wants to hear both versions
6.] YOU WERE NEVER MINE, by Delbert McClinton, by TexassMisfit
7.] VALDEZ IN THE COUNTRY, by Cold Blood, by Jerry Sorn
8.] AT LAST, by Etta James, by Preppy52
9.] OUT OF THE RAIN, by Etta James, by rrlichtlein
10.] OUT OF THE RAIN, by Shelly Ely, Big Nasty, by Merri Sutton.... Got to hear BLUZZZ QUEEN, SHELL's version, wonderful  photos by Merri Peterson Sutton. 

Monday, September 01, 2014

What's Coming Up?....MusicWise Look for JAZZ Tomorrow Night

by unknown
O.K....What's coming up? Where's live music happening 'round town...anyway?
Well, you looking for some  JAZZ?, let's see,.. tomorrow, Sept. 2nd at THE PIG BAR in Olympia, it's THE DON COHEN JAZZ QUARTET. How's that for lucky? It's great Jazz in an instant. It all starts at 8 pm. Be the for some cool Jazz, and blues, [think that's what I heard from Don Cohen]. I'll check again. O.K? Hey, why don't we ALL go down together to 'The Pig Bar', 619 Legion Way S.E. tomorrow and see?
There's  delicious BBQed food at 'The Pig Bar' [where I've been known to make a BIG Pig of myself there.] SMILE...It's all worth it.....really. I put a lot of that extra drippy, messy, sloppy BBQ sauce all over the place, there's spicy or just normal delicious. But, if you want a little dab of sauce...or none at all, be my guest. It's your plate after all. I just won't look. MENU HERE
 O.K? It's a deal. 8 o'clock at SOUTHBAY BBQ [the other name for The Pig Bar] for Jazz by 'THE DON COHEN JAZZ QUARTET' and some great food....Oh yea, it's Taco Tuesday too. How can we lose? Kitchen closes at 9 pm. Let's go early.  Did I tell ya that the bathroom's are handicap friendly? Well, they are.
Now, MARK STOUT/trombone, a regular for this group is outta town, DAVE McCRARY is on flugelhorn. with of course, DON COHEN/vocals, DAVEN TILLINGHAST/guitar and Steve BARTLETT ON BASS. Jan

WHERE; THE PIG BAR or SOUTHBAY BBQ, Tuesday, Sept. 2nd, 8 pm to 10 pm
                619 Legion Way. S. E.
                 Olympia, WA.

'One More Cup Of Coffee Before I Go'...BOB DYLAN In Seattle

by incase cc, see photo credit
Guess what?....BOB DYLAN's and HERE gonna be n Seattle this October at THE PARAMOUNT THEATER and HERE. That's for three days...October 17th,18th and 19th,...then he gos onto Portland, Oregon on the 19th.
We're just so lucky, aren't we? I've heard that he's always gives one of the best shows ever, the kind I wouldn't wanna miss....AND, in Seattle. imagine that,...just about, well, 50 miles or so north of here, but who's's Bob Dylan for goodness sakes. We don't have to wish any more. 
I know, I know, I've wrote about him before....Here's links to some of my stuff. HERE, HERE, HERE W/Joan Baez, HERE W/ Tom Petty. BUT, Dylan's [dreamily] always fascinated me...with that unique,....well, 'odd singing voice'.... gives me, 'ah' hope, that's all. If Dylan can do can I, never give up. Keep singing. 'Ah [read...very'dreamy]..pause' day I'll be a star, just like Bob.....[suddenly.. waking up].
Where was I?...'ah' O.K now....If you'd like, [clearing throat] to see Bob Dylan in's your chance, I'll be there with Steve. Jan
More Bob Dylan HERE.
PHOTO CREDIT: incase cc
Video links of BOB DYLAN's music below.

1.] KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN's DOOR, by Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, from Canto dos Clássicos
2.] BLOWING IN THE WIND '63 Live, by Bob Dylan, from BobDylanTV
3.] TIMES THEY ARE ARE A-CHANGING '64, by Bob Dylan, from  54321p
4.] DON'T THINK TWICE, IT's ALRIGHT '62, by Bob Dylan from flush10toace
5.] MAN OF CONSTANT SORROW '63, by Bob Dylan, from NanchatteDesu...1st T.V. appearance
6.] ONE MORE CUP OF COFFEE, by Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, from Pınar Çelik...this is one ofmy favorite Dylan tunes. Jan
7.] SUBTERRIAN HOMESICK BLUES, by Bob Dylan, from Ryan C...oh no, this is one of my favorites. Jan
7.] TANGLED UP IN BLUE, by Bob Dylan, from BobDylanVEVO
8.] BLOOD IN MY EYES, by Bob Dylan, from BobDylanVEVO
9.] BABY, PLEASE DON'T GO, by Bob Dylan, from SarahFey1

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