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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Steve BARTLETT ON BASS Working Hard Last Sunday

by Dan Hill, see link
Received this beautiful piece of artwork today on FACEBOOK. Done by DAN HILL. He was at THE OLYMPIA's FARMER's MARKET last Sunday.
 Sunday, Steve played in 'THE 'C' NOTES' with PAT COLE/guitar/vocals, and JOHN CARLETON/vocals/guitar. Beautiful Dan. Jan

Friday, August 29, 2014

Hey, Never Make Your Move Too Soon, O. K?

by unknown cc
Steve never makes his move too soon, neither does B.B. KING....just listen to some of the tunes BARTLETT's working up right now. Good stuff. so, I'm listening with both ears.
Won't you join us? So, here's some of the tunes were enjoying . Enjoy yourself today, it's been a long week. Bye, Jan

1.] TUFF ENOUGH, by The Fabulous Thunderbirds, by Fehl Zü
, by B.B. King, by javeca
3.] SOMEONE ELSE IS STEPPING IN , by Barbara Morrison, by Liquid Slow
  4.] IT ALL WENT DOWN THE DRAIN, by Boz Scaggs, by mlmlmloc69
5.] YOU WERE NEVER MINE, by Delbert McClinton, by TexassMisfit
6.] BETCHA  GOT A CHICK, by Pointer Sisters, by soulbrothanumbahone

7.] BODY AND FENDER MAN  ,by Johnny Adams, by Slaggitarist

Scary Music That All Those BAD GUYS Like

by unknown cc
You know, I read an article this morning about Bad Guys and music....their music tends to highlight their evil doin's, AND it's almost always some kind of classical-type music that they use. Go HERE to read it all from the state of  Minnesoda, well, CLASSICAL MINNESODA PUBLIC RADIO anyway, where they must know about all this stuff. So, I'll post the video they selected to show what they were talking about. O.K? Check it out and decide for yourself....see if  you agree with Minnesoda about evil, scary classical music that bad guys like to use in their evil movies. Oh yea, there is a WARNING from Classical Minnesoda Public Radio....quote, " WARNING: This montage contains villains using obscene language, committing violent acts, and generally being the sort of people scary movies are made about."
 NOTE: from me, Jan...the language etc. on this video didn't seem too bad to me...kinda like being downtown in any bar in the U.S.A. on any Friday or Saturday night, but, folks if this kinda stuff bothers you ...PLEASE, for goodness sakes be responsible and take care of yourself. The YOUTUBE video is called 'VILLIANS LOVE CLASSICAL MUSIC :THE SUPERCUT' [thanks
Slate .Video]. This is what the video page says: " Published on Aug 22, 2014
Perhaps there’s no accounting for their killer taste, except that screenwriters seem to use classical again and again to signify that these baddies are frightfully intelligent, have a flair for the dramatic, and are too sophisticated to be trusted."...Interesting stuff. Jan

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

'Thick As a Brick'? NOT EITHER...AND JETHRO TULL/IAN ANDERSON Will Be In Seattle Next Month

from Wikipedia cc,see link
O.K... I love JETHRO TULL, [photo credit] always know, they've been around forever, well, almost anyway... 1967   and guess what?  IAN ANDERSON will be in Seattle next month. August 12th, tickets HERE in McCaw Hall....WOW. Whoops, THAT's September 12th, 2014.
Now, Jethro Tull has had many changes over the years with over 20 official band members...BUT, always IAN ANDERSON with his flaming red hair and unique 'rock and roll' flute  leading it all, an amazing front man for the 'group since '67....AND, he's my personal favorite too [sigh, now how lucky can I get? always cool, even without the red hair SMILE]. Well, hope Steve and I'll get to see him live in Seattle...Wouldn't THAT be a trip? Why don't you go too? It'll be fun.
Anyway, Anderson started playing that flute when he noticed he couldn't play the guitar, and didn't want to play in' a third-rate band'  [it only took him a few weeks of guitar lessons, to make that important decision....Boy, am I glad he did]. That unique and original music was born then and there, that I've really enjoyed so much over the years. AND, not so fast... I'm not either thick as a brick, not even close, SMILE, Jan
Jethro Tull Video links below...

1.] THICK AS A BRICK [Full Album], by Jethro Tull, by VIRGINIA MASKELL317
2.] SONGS FROM THE WOOD [Full Album], by Jethro Tull, by VIRGINIAMASKELLS317
3.] LOCOMOTIVE BREATH, by Jethro Tull, by Aqualung1989

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Be At THE PIG BAR Tonight, 8 o'clock, OLYMPIA FARMER's MARKET Tomorrow at Lunch

Jan eating, by Crystal Sincoff
BARTLETT ON BASS is out on the town tonigh, Saturday, August 21stt...doing what he does best...electric.BASS, of course. Playing in THE 'C' NOTES tonight at THE PIG BAR, music starts at 8 pm. Address: 619 Legion Way S.E. in Olympia, WA. Lotsa yummy BBQed Food's what they serve at the Pig Bar Everyday, So, come hungry and load up, like I'm gonna do. The bathrooms are handicap friendly...yeah.
Who's The 'C' Notes?, you may ask   Well, I'm gonna tell's PAT COLE/guitar/vocals, JOHN CARLETON/vocals/guitar and, of course, Steve BARTLETT ON BASS. Boy, these guys get around...tomorrow morning they play again at THE OLYMPIA FARMER's MARKET, starts at 11 am. Address:
700 N Capitol Way
Olympia, Wa 98512
(360) 352-9096  Let's do lunch. O.K? There's lotsa cool booths and stuff going on at the Farmer's Market. See you there tomorrow, near the stage, right smack in the middle of all the action. I'll be there...eating something good, near the stage...can't miss me. Come over and share a bite to eat with me. O.K?
'Burp'...pardon me, Jan
WHERE: The Pig Bar or Southbay BBQ, 8 pm, that's tonight...Saturday, August 21st
                 619 Legion Way S.E, see link for more

                Olympia Farmer's Market, 11 am, Sunday, August 22nd
                  700 N Capitol Way, Olympia, Wa 98512, (360) 352-9096

Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera - Say Something

DON COHEN recommended this beautiful tune. What a beautiful tear-jerker. First time that I've heard it. Hope to hear Cohen do ths tune. Jan

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Somehow, Somewhere, Someway'....The Show Must Go On...KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD

y indyDina wth Mr. Wonderful cc see link
My computer's been out for a few days...what am I going to do?? Well, with alittle help from my frends, a tuck here...a stitch there,  a little bale-ing twine, spit and a prayer.....'Magic-o-Mazil' [spell?].... i'm making it work...kinda [you will hardly notice, SMILE.]. BARTLETT needs the computer to, you know.... work up his KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD's and HERE, 'Somehow, Somewhere, Someway'....which fits in nicely with my computer stuff today....I know it's all gonna work out somehow....2 computers all mashed up together...WOW, i'm an amazing woman.
So here's the featured tune for today....'Somehow, Somewhere, Someway' by KENNY WAYNE SHEPHARD [thanks Brenda Zarza], sent to my Steve from STEVE MERRIAM/gutar/vocals from Tacoma,WA.. The video page says only: " Uploaded on Oct 6, 2008
The Kenny Wayne
Shepherd band ...
On WIKIPEDIA It said that SHEPHERD's grandmother bought
 his first guitar for him at age four with 'S&H Green Stamps'  AND, he really started playng after meetng and lovng STEViE RAY know he sounds alot like Stevie Ray to 'bout you?
"Glad to be onlne today....Enjoy. Jan
PHOTO CREDIT: By IndyDna wth Mr. Wonderful cc

More tunes to work up below....
1.] ] LET ME STAND NEXT TO YOUR FIRE, by Jimi Hendrix by Emmanuel S
2.] SAY SOMETHNG, by Chrstne Agulera, Great Big World, , by AGreatBigWorldVEVO

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

World in Mourning Over Robin Williams Tragic Death Today

by Markovski cc, see link
ROBIN WILLIAM's family ask the world for privacy, after finding Williams dead today in Caliornia. from CNN...." Williams apparently took his own life, law enforcement officials said. He was 63.". Read all o the CNN story HERE.
ROBIN WILLIAMS and HERE was an actor and commedian. Well known for many very sucessful movies. examples are:  'Awakening', 'Dead Poet's Society', 'Good Morning Vietnam', 'The World According to Garp', 'Hook', 'Popeye' and more.
Recieving Academy Awards several times, Emmy Awards, Grammys and Golden Globe Awards..WELL,.just 'bout every award known to man. SMILE.
 From WIKIPEDIA today: quote...."US President Barack Obama said Williams was "one of a kind", and someone who "ended up touching every element of the human spirit".
What more can I say? Sad. Jan
PHOTO CREDIT: Markovski cc

Can't Hold It In Much Longer...What's Up Now??

Michael Harrison/drummer, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
I've been offline for over a week...WOW...what's happened anyway?
Well, Steve's been working a cool day job...Dry Wall in North Tacoma. Well, that explains it all, doesn't it? No more 'holding MY breath' and hoping to get online....oh, that reminds me of these cool SEALECT TUNA/CHICKEN OF THE SEA commecials that I saw one o these online [FACEBOOK] last week and I'll post several of them  below, that I found on YOUTUBE today.
And, what's happened musically in the past week, with BARTLETT and in the world? Well, I'm gonna tell ya. In the world...the world is in shock....about the tragic news o ROBIN WILLIAM's death today, go HERE....I will report on this in the next post.
Of course, Steve's played with several cool musicians in this area in the past week....check them all out below. We also met a cool 'Heavy MetaL' band from Spokane, WA. in the past week, called.THIRION X
 Thirion X played at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway, WA. last Friday, August 8th...WOW. They had a gig on Saturday too, the 9th in Fife, WA....then rest up back in Spokane.
I'd never heard a live 'Heavy Metal' before...the music was intense and powerful...what a show...HEAVY METAL fans will be delighted with this!. Everyone at Uncle Sam's were cheering and loving it all....AND we are ...well, 'er'  mostly from a diFFerent generation than these young wipersnappers....AND we really enjoyed ourselves, So,. I've posted Thirion X's upcoming shows on the link above AND will tell my family in 'Ol Spokalou'....[Spokane]...go out and support, check out and have a good time with these amazing guys. BARTLETT has never played 'Heavy Metal' and thought it would be lotsa fun, thought, maybe he'd been missing out on something good, after watching the band. We'll be sure to keep an eye on this group of
Well, you might ask...'why were we at Uncle Sam's last Friday?'   Steve BARTLETT ON BASS was honored to play again with JOSEPH PLEMMONS/guitar/vocals, DEB STONE/keys/vocals and DON YOUNG/drums in Plemmon's band called 'STRANGE PLEASURE'.
O.K.,...Let's see, now...What else has been happening?
There was a gig in Olympia, WA, 518 Capital Way S. [check out their location in Yelm too] at 'LA GITANA PIZZA on Saturday, August 9th with THE 'C' NOTES'. That's PAT COLE/guitar/vocals, JOHN CARLETON/lead vocals/guitar , and a wonderul mandolin player named Glen, who sat in. Of course, Steve BARTLETT was ON BASS. tThe place was packed
Our friend and drummer from the band 'Eclipse', MICHAEL HARRISON came down for a bite to eat and hada listen...a cool surprise For us.. Good to see you Michael and his Shelly too
'Shelly'?...How's Shelly?  That reminds me oF our BLUZZZ QUEEN Friend SHELLY ELY, There was no time to jam or anything with Shell in the past week..... Well, soon, miss you SHELL..
There's lotsa music coming up, and rehearsals in the past week that DID happen..
Like, for JAZZ LOVERS; 'THE DON COHEN JAZZ QUARTET' with BARTLETT ON BASS, DON COHEN/vocals, DAVEN TILLENHAST/guitar and MARK STOUT/trombone will be at THE PIG BAR, address 619 Legion Way, S.E., in Olympia thisThursday night, August 14th [starts at 8 o'clock]. Don't miss this.
We'll be seeing 'ESP' or Eclectic Soul Project .... LAMONT ATKINSON/drums/vocals,, RON ROSENBAUM/guitar/vocals and AMY DOWNING/vocals soon too.
Enjoy these funny commercials from SEALECT TUNE/CHICKEN OF THE SEA and I'll post some tune links too. I'm so glad I can be myself and not hold it all in to be accepted by anyone anymore. WHEW, letting it ALL hang out,, Jan
Here's a copy o the first commurcial that I saw on FACEBOOK. It's called 'unny SealectTuna commercial' [thanks Kanaal van Nashwangirl]. This is all the video page says: " Uploaded on Nov 16, 2007
Funny Low Fat Sealect Tuna commercial, Thailand".

.1.] SEALECT TUNA commercials, by Dayse Carneiro...several commercials here.

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My Spelling?? Thanks For Understanding
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Musical Grandma's Are Cooler
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