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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Suffering...'It All Went Down The Drain' With BARTLETT Singing BOZ SCAGGS

Steve singing with Shelly 2008 by J.A. Rose-Bartlett cc
O.K.... My BARTLETT's gonna do more, he has a great singing voice, as we ALL hear, he's got the Bass down...knows it inside out....and Steve's always sang back ground harmonies...Great, So, now the next BIG step, it's time to do more,.. like lead vocal stuff.
Our friends, DON SUNN/vocals and BOB CORL/vocals have helped BARTLETT before, teaching him how to have more confidance and controled power in his voice.
Now the really fun part....singing.
 BLUZZZ Queen, and our friend SHELLY ELY/vocals is helping him out and suggested some tunes. So, I've been looking these up on YOUTUBE and getting them ready for Steve to hear and learn.
Shell thought that Steve sounded like Boz Scaggs..What?  Boz Scaggs?
.AND, guess what? He does...I've never thought too much about his singing voice....but, Shelly's right. His voice seemed a 'natural' Boz Scaggs
So, today I'm excited about hearing more vocals from BARTLETT ON BASS. I'm searching online for more tunes I'll post some of the ideas I've found so far below, and will keep adding songs I like and ideas as I find them. O.K? If Steve likes these he'll change a word or phase there and make the songs his own. He's heard the Boz Scaggs tune and is working on it already. What cha think? 'LaLaLa...Doe-Ray Me'. Jan SMILE

1.] IT ALL WENT DOWN THE DRAIN, by Boz Scaggs, by Ted Ziffer
2.] BODY AND FENDER MAN, by Johnny Adams, by Slaggitarist
3.] LOVER, YOU DON'T TREAT ME GOOD MORE, by Sonia Dada , by Sonia Dada
4.] HOW BLUE CAN YOU GET?, by Cyndi Lauper, Jonny Lang, by cyndishine

Saturday, July 26, 2014

' Ol' McDonald Kept His Farm E-I-E-I-O.'..Thanks To Farm Aid 2014, So, Who'll Be There?

by unknown cc
Have you heard of FARM AID? Well, I have....'cause I've written about JOHN MELLENCAMP before and he was one of the original musicians that started this yearly event back in 1985. Farm Aid was started to save poor American farmers that were loosing their  family farms. It's a cool musical event that's held each year with lotsa major ,well known musicians and bands that care, and  donate the profits to save poor farms and that helps keep the farm in the family. NOT in some BIG BUSINESS that really don't care, but are in this venture for only the, that's how I remember FARM AID, and will go and check out everything again for this post. O.K?
I read recently in THE ROLLING STONE and will look for more links too and post them.
Farm Aid this year will be held in North Carolina...Raleigh, North Carolina, O.K?  On Sept. 13th...I see that John Mellencamp will be there again this year. There will be alot more musicians there too. Let's see, I'll list some of them....DAVE MATHEWS, NEIL YOUNG, JACK WHITE...WOW,...look, even...WILLIE NELSON, and that's not all, there's  even more.
 Want more? Well, tickets go on sale on August 10 am EST...what? 10 am EST? Looks like there's gonna be lotsa 'goers' AND limited tickets...So, check this out now and get ready for August 1st. Jan
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@rollingstone on Twitter
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And, MY earlier story about John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson and FARM AID , go HERE
Of course, I'm posting the song 'Old McDonald Had A Farm' [thanks EFlashApps ]. This is what the video page says: " Published on Jan 3, 2013
Visit for top ranked apps, music & videos! Old MacDonald Had A Farm E-I-E-I-O with Lyrics - Animated Song from Album Nursery Rhymes - All Time Children's Favorite Songs".

Friday, July 25, 2014

'Jaco's Working Up The Chicken For Tonight at THE PIG BAR.

Bartlett On Bass, by J.A. Rose-Bartlett cc
WOW....BARTLETT's being,'s really close, just close your eyes and's 'Jaco', that bass hero/genius great JACO PASTORIUS and HERE. Steve's working up Jaco's tune 'The Chicken' [thanks Will Trigg] for tonight's gig at THE PIG BAR in Olympia, WA. Music starts at 8 pm.
Who'll be there?....It's THE 'C' NOTES, that's PAT COLE/guitar, JOHN CARLETON/ vocals/guitar and my BARTLETT ON BASS/vocals too. It'll be a great time. I'll be there, of course....I'm getting out more and
Now, that reminds me...all you folks on your own don't have to be worried about THE PIG BAR, it's wheelchair's easy to have a good time. There's easy access ramps, BIG bathrooms and lotsa BBQed food with that yummy BBQ Sauce., cold beer and mixed drinks.
Watch out.... the kitchen closes at 9, order early. You'll want to's difficult to watch all those plates of BBQed delights going to the table right next door and not want to taste a little bit for yourself. Good Stuff. Jan
This is what the featured video, 'The Chicken' by Jaco Pastorius, [thanks again Will Trigg] page says: " Published on Nov 5, 2012

"Soul Intro/The Chicken" by Jaco Pastorius
Got this off the album "Ultimate Jaco Pastorius".


WHERE: THE PIG BAR or SOUTHBAY BBQ, Friday, July 25th, 8 pm
619 Legion Way SE, Olympia, WA 98501
(360) 943-6900

Below, video links of what BARTLETT's going over today.

1.] HAZEL BLACK, by K.T. Turnstall , by Phil ippe
2.] THE CHICKEN, by Jaco Pastorius, by Will Trigg
3.] THE LATE, LATE SHOW, by Nat King Cole, by Moriyama Sakiko
4.] MIDNIGHT AT THE OASIS, by Maria Murdaur, by AuntieSoul34
5.] LITTLE SATELITE, by Colin James, by Colin James Channel
6.] SUDDENLY I SEE, by K.T.Turnstall, by SiDLako
7.] WHEN YOU'RE SMILING, by Louis Armstrong, by superdeepdiver
8.] BOOGIE ON REGGAE WOMAN, by Stevie Wonder, by Just 70s & 80s DISCO
9.] CHAMELEON, by Herbie Handcock, by FraKctured

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Swing Into THE PIG BAR Tomorrow...Hear 'THE 'C' NOTES' Do EveryThing..Jazz, Blues, Boogie-Woogie

by unknown cc
I like that singer/songwriter Canadian born COLIN JAMES and HERE. He's played up north in Vancouver, Canada, that makes him a 'local' musician, doesn't it?...well,  I like to think so....So, let's  say...'LOCAL BOY DOES GOOD',  I just love happy stories. AND, This is a happy story.
Now, we all are very lucky 'cause THE 'C' NOTES do some of Colin James stuff, and will be appearing at THE PIG BAR or if you like... SOUTHBAY BBQ [it's the same place] tomorrow night, Friday, July 25th, beginning at 8 pm. in Olympia, WA.
Now, back to Colin James. I like his's a combination of mostly swing-rock and blues. He's a young guy, born in '64,, and it all began when his band 'the HooDoo Men' were the opening act for STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN/guitar/vocals and HERE. and the band even toured with Vaughan, that's big, a very very good way to start.
After 1988, Colins started his 'big band' project and gained world-wide recognition.
Now, back to The 'C' Notes', they play more than just James's music...So, you'll hear GOOD music, all kinds of good music. jazz, rock, blues, boogie-woogie, pop, you know...lotsa music, and it's done well. I'll post what Steve's been working up, so you'll all hear a sample. O.K?
Who are these guys? THE 'C' NOTES are Pat Cole/guitar/vocals, JOHN CARLETON/guitar/vocals and Steve BARTLETT ON BASS/vocals too.
Now, remember THE PIG BAR MENU is wheelchair friendly...a gentle ramp upstairs, where the music is playing and BIG bathrooms...where a wheelchair, attendant and 'wheelchairee' can ALL fit in the bathroom at the same time...WOW, that's so cool, especially if your in a hurry, know what I mea?. There's great BBQed food...and, everyone knows that, that delicious BBQ sauce can be drippy and messy for anyone, it's no big, don't worry if you want to wear your bib.  I'll be there, smiling with my BIG bib on. BUT, remember this important WARNING:  The kitchen closes at 9 pm., you don't wanna miss this chow, Yum... Jan.

WHERE: THE PIG BAR or SOUTHBAY BBQ, Friday, July 25th, 8 pm
                619 Legion Way SE, Olympia, WA 98501
(360) 943-6900
Related video links below.

1.] MY LITTLE SATELITE, Live, by Colin James, Little Big Band,, by Colin James Channel
2.] BABY WORKOUT '65, by Jackie Wilson, by Dariane Mello Jackson
3.] RACK 'EM UP, by Jonny Lang, by rylock22
4.] LET's SHOUT, or BABY WORKOUT by Colin James, by 1Bluesboy1
5.] SATELITE, by Colin James, Little Big Band, by Don's Tunes
6.] AVALON, by Benny Goodman Quartet '59, by 1964Mbrooks
7.] ROSE ROOM '39, by Benny Goodman Sextet, by wilson mcphert
8.] THE LATE, LATE SHOW, by Nat King Cole, by Moriyama Sakiko
9.] MONA LISA, by Nat King Cole, by Live and Tell
10.] BOGGIE ON REGGAE WOMAN, by Stevie Wonder, by Just 70s & 80s DISCO
11.] TANGERINE, by Led Zepplin, by SlayerInBlood
12.] SOFELY AS A MORNING SUNRISE, by ?, by Learn Jazz Standards
13.] DON'T LET THE SUN CATCH YOU CRYING, by Gerry And The Pacemakers, by fatjudsoldies
14.] LOVER, COME BACK TO ME, by Ella fitzgerald, , by Eclectic MeD
16.] PUT ON YOUR SAILIN' SHOES, by Little feat, by Chris Cafiero

Friday, July 18, 2014

Experiencing The Darker, Seedy, Fridge Element of Life...It's DR. JOHN

by CL ender cc, see link
I like this guy, always have...that's DR. JOHN and HERE . Thought I'd look him up online and see what he's all about. WOW...He's not shy and has been busy too, what an interesting life he has had so far. He's seen it all, and done most of it ...AND, he's not finished yet.
For starters, his stage name 'Dr. John', came from a Legionary voodoo medicine man of the 19th century from down Louisiana way. Yes, Dr. John was born in Louisiana...New Orleans, in fact. His real name  MALCOLM JOHN "MAC' REBENNACK jr. His music combines elements of BLUES, FUNK, JAZZ 'ZYDECO'?, ROCK AND ROLL, BOOGIE-WOOGIE  plus from WIKIPEDIA   "VOODOO RHYTHMS AND  CHANTS WITH NEW ORLEANS  MUSIC.". Many of his shows in the 1970's were  " wildly theatrical stage show inspired by medicine shows, Mardi Gras costumes and voodoo ceremonies."...again I'm quoting WIKIPEDIA here.
In his younger years, Dr.John was introduced to ministrel songs, sung by his grandparents and other family members, who were pianists. He was influenced by his exposure to music greats like LITTLE RICHARD, LOUIS ARMSTRONG, and KING OLIVER as a teen. And was able to access  recording sessions with his family's connections.
Still a teen....entering the world of heavy drugs, he developed an addiction to herion that would greatly effect the direction of his music and life. As a way to pay or his own drug use.... in the '50's, he ran a 'whorehouse', sold street drugs, was in the middle of  alotta violence, and even shootouts with the police and he offered other shady business deals to get by. All this lead him to a prison term in Texas. He got out in 1965 and returned to music. He continued to use herion until December 1989, when he finally won and remains clean after repeatly entering rehabilitation without success. Then, experienced some phychiatric problems after ALL of that, but is now stable with medication. He remains off drugs too. YEAH...Victory. [Good for you Doctor, Jan].
The Dr. has been a popular studio musician over the years. Working with THE ROLLING STONE's tune 'Let It Loose' [thanks  bluearmyaudio ].  Has backed CARLY SIMON, JAMES TAYLOR and NEIL DIAMOND. And, really had some many cool projects with so many awsome musicians that I just don't want to try. So, I won't even start to list them. But, he's amazing and has been very busy. Just know that Dr. John's done it all.
Of course, he's in THE LOUISIANA MUSIC HALL OF FAME, that happened in 2008. AND, you know there's lotsa GRAMMYS and stuff too. Why, he's gotten every award and honor known to man...SMILE.
Does it show...that I love him? Well, I do. That tune 'Going Fishing' [thanks Liquid Soul Coffee McKenna WA] by Duke Ellington that Steve does...well, we first heard it done almost the way [Doc dorsn't do a bass solo, but you knew that] Steve does on a DR.JOHN's CD called 'Doc Does Duke', way back when [ 'bout 2005?].  Yeah. I like Dr.John alot. Jan
O.K., I'll find all the links now and post some music below too. O.K?
Here's his most well known's 'Right Place, Wrong Time' [thanks musicland65]. This is all the video page says: " Uploaded on Aug 27, 2010 By Musicland65".

 1.] RIGHT PLACE, WRONG TIME, by Dr. John, by musicland65
2.] IKO IKO, by Dr. John, by sa024474
3.] SUCH A NIGHT, by Dr. John, by boogieboi123
4.] THERE MUST BE A BETTER WORLD SOMEWHERE, by Dr. John, by behind007's channel
5.] GUMBO [FULL ALBUM] by Dr. John, by Sounds Good

Thursday, July 17, 2014

'Check Out Her Mama' JOHNNY WINTER Dead at 70 'He Was A GOOD BLUESMAN'

by annerkiszt cc, see link
O.K., yesterday, I read in THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE that BLUZZZ Guitatist and singer JOHNNY WINTER and HERE is dead. He was 70 years old, touring in Zurich and died in his hotel room, just two days after performing a show. Cause of his unexpected death was not stated and unclear..
He was known for his raspy singing voice and blues guitar work. Some say he was one of the very best blue's guitarist ever, being ranked number 63 in THE ROLLING STONE''s... 'The 100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time '. Winter was also put into the BLUES FOUNDATION HALL OF FAME in 2003 and produced three GRAMMY AWARD winning blues albums with MUDDY WATERS in '77, '78 and 1979..
At the early age of ten, Johnny appeared on a children's show, with his brother EDGAR WINTER singing 'EVERLY BROTHER's tunes,  Johnny played the ukulele. He began playing the guitar 'round 15 years old.
Steve BARTLETT ON BASS and I enjoyed working up Winter's tune 'Check Out Her Mama' [thanks
Related video links below.

1.] CHECK OUT HER MAMA, by Johnny Winter, by The Rev. Bob Channel
2.] JOHNNY WINTER, DR. JOHN...In Session 1984., by  The Rev. Bob Channel
3.] JOHNNY WINTER's 70th Birthday [March 2014], by Lawrence Blumenstein
4.] SECOND WINTER [FULL ALBUM] by Johnny Winter, by StratTheThunderburst
5.] STILL ALIVE AND WELL [FULL ALBUM], by Johhy Winter, by StratTheThunderburst
6.] JOHNNY WINTER, JANICE JOPLIN,  December 11th, 1969, by matintodriguez

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Photo Of JERRY MILLER, Owner Craig And BARTLETT ON BASS at Uncle Sam's Last Sunday

by's photo [C]
Here's a photo that was sent to us on FACEBOOK, It's a photo.  BIKER FRIENDLY BAR?..well, yes... .that's UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL, of course.. Everybody's welcome at Uncle Sam's. It's always a friendly, fun, relaxed place to be.  Check it out. O.K?
Steve BARTLETT ON BASS [in blue shirt]was honored to played with JERRY MILLER/guitar/vocals [in red shirt] last Sunday afternoon at Charlie's Benefit. Jerry's talking to Craig, owner of Uncle Sam's in this photo before they played. There will be a second benefit on Sunday, August 10th in the afternoon. Put it on your calendar now.
You know Jerry Miller, is a a living legend...Well, I guess, .ERIC CLAPTON called him the "World's Greatest Guitarist" that's all...and he is,...and then some. Just  amazing, just like Clapton said.
Miller was one of the original members, in fact, he was the lead guitarist of.... MOBY GRAPE of the '60's Haight-Ashberry Fame. He calls himself an ol' Hippie. But, his talent's NEVER old, and 'Hippie's are always AGELESS, aren't they?.. Come on out and see him on August 10th at Uncle Sam's. Address: 16003 Pacfiic Ave. in Spanaway, Washington. We'll be there, of course, Boy, O' Boy that's gonna be worth it all. SMILE. Jan
Here's more about Moby Grape/Jerry Miller...called 'Moby Grape Jerry Miller Number From 20 Granite Creek' [thanks GeorgieWise]. This is what the video page says: " Uploaded on Mar 27, 2008
Jan, he's the kind of man that you can trust. But you knew that already, didn't you? Jerry Miller, Major Rock Star 1971, the year I graduated High School. I'm still young because of music like this.".

WHERE: Uncle Sam's Bar And Grill, Sunday, August 10th, in the afternoon
                 16003 Pacific Ave.
                  Spanaway, Washington

I'll post some related video links below.

1.] MOBY GRAPE JERRY MILLER NUMBER 20 FROM GRANITE CREEK, by Jerry Miller, The Jerry Miller Band, by GeorgieWise
2.] SICK AND TIRED, by Jerry Miller, The Jerry Miller Band, by waybru100
3.] HEY GRANDMA, Live, by Moby Grape, by seba3663

PAUL HUNT 'er 'Pauletta', A Comedy Gymnastic Clown Just Means Fun

by Beth Rankin cc, see link
I look for cool music stuff online and share it. Sometimes I share other fun stuff, not just music. Things that make me SMILE.
Today on FACEBOOK, Don Cohen/vocals of 'THE DON COHEN JAZZ QUARTET, well Don, he shared a Sonia Stringer's video that I really enjoyed. [thanks Don]. So, I found another copy on YOUTUBE. It's called '1988 Paul  Hunt Gymnastic Comedy Beam Routine' [thanks MizMamie]  Thought I'd share it here on BARTLETT ON BASS and also look up this athelete/comedian....PAUL HUNT. Paul Hunt is a female gymnastic coach,[ what I mean is that he teaches women not men....he's a man.] and he calls himself a Gymnastic clown. He lives Salt Lake City, Utah, and owns 'Hunt's Gym' Aka 'Hunt's Gymnastic Academy'.
This is what the video link above says: " Uploaded on Jul 22, 2006
Paul Hunt performs on balance beam at the 1988 USA-USSR display in Los Angeles"

PHOTO CREDIT: Beth Rankin cc
More related video links below.
5.] PAUL HUNT COMEDY GYMNASTICS 1983, by marksjohnson5

DAVID BOWIE...As Never Seen Before, A Portrait By Lord Snowdon and New Music Soon

protrait by LORD SNOWDON [C], see link
I found a  cool photo online of one of my heros,...namely that amazing DAVID BOWIE and HERE, it's a wonderful portrait by LORD SNOWDON. and HERE, also photo link The Portait has been recently donated to London's National Portait Gallery.
 Bowie, always handsome, kinda strange and alien, very interesting, in my way of thinking, mysterious and naughty...all that mixed up into one..yes,.he's my kinda musician. Steve's just not so sure about Bowie, and has a wait and see atitude about him....What?  WAIT AND SEE?...What you waiting for? Can't you see...he's just plain cool? Just look at those mysterious eyes, will ya? One's blue, one's brown...have you seen anyone else like that? No, you haven't. He's different, a one of a kind entertainer and very special.
Bowie was one of the first entertainers that I discovered that used the elements of mystery, in combination with makeup, brightly colored costumes, original acting?  to create a one-o-a-kind show extravaganza. Later, I saw those same powerful original elements used by music greats BETTE MIDLER, ANNIE LENNOXMICK JAGGER, and JACK WHITE.  I like it...I like it alot. I see those brave musicians are really dedicated to their art. They go that extra mile, even risk being judged by society.... BRAVO for them.
Online, there's alot of news about Bowie coming out with new recordings soon. Here's some of those posts...I haven't had time to read them all. But, sounds like exciting things are in the works for David Bowie fans.
Read David Bowie music news: Read HERE, Read HERE  Read HERE Read HERE. Read HERE  Hear music HERE,
MY Story about David Bowie's  66th birthday HERE. Jan
More David Bowie video links below.

1.] DAVID BOWIE...ELVIS PRESLEY TRIBUTE, by David Bowie, from xxpiggystardustxx
2.]IMAGINE, John Lennon cover, by David Bowie, from seanissane
3.] THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD, by David Bowie, from redsails2008 .
4.] LIFE ON MARS, by David Bowie, from Colin Blades
5.] UNDER PRESSURE, by David Bowie, Annie Lennox, from derci luiza Gobbi
6.] DANCING IN THE STREET, from David Bowie, Mick Jagger, from emimusic
7.] HEROES, by David Bowie, from emimusic
8.] OH, YOU PRETTY THINGS, by David Bowie, from lelliesandremains
9.] TONIGHT, by David Bowie, Tina Turner, from eltonandtinafan
10.] NEVER LET ME DOWN, by David Bowie, from emimusic

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

'There's A Small Hotel'....A 'Jazzy' JAZZ Tune By JANE MONHEIT She's In Seattle in August

BARTLETT Rehearsing, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
Steve loves music,...all music AND does it all too, every kind or style of music. How could I ever get tired of listening to him? Well, I just can't., that's all.
 Today, he's focusing on this jazz tune, 'There's A Small Hotel' [thanks jazzysclassicjazz] by JANE MONHEIT and HERE. Take a listen...if you're a JAZZ LOVER, you'll know this sound. Jazz always sounds relaxing to me, kinda all 'grown up', it's soft and gentle. Whenever I need to slow down after a long day...just be at ease, Jazz is what does that for me.
Monheit has appeared on RAMSEY LEWIS's 'Legends of Jazz' T,V. Show......'cause she's a jazz legend. Already?  Of course. WOW, and so young. Born in 1977, she started singing profesionally while still in high school. She spends her time now touring with her band, has one child and is married to RICK MONTALBANO, drummer in the band.
Lucky for us. Jane Montheit will be at DIMITRIOU's JAZZ ALLEY in Seattle next month. See dates below. Jan
21 August 2014 Dimitriou's Jazz Alley
Seattle, WA US Reserve now
22 August 2014 Dimitriou's Jazz Alley
Seattle, WA US Reserve now
23 August 2014 Dimitriou's Jazz Alley
Seattle, WA US Reserve now
24 August 2014 Dimitriou's Jazz Alley
Seattle, WA US Reserve now
I'll post some Jane Monheit video links below. Enjoy.

1.] THERE's A SMALL HOTEL, by Jane Monheit, by jazzysclassicjazz
2.] IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT, by Jane Monheit, by Louis Rodrigues
3.] AS TIME GOS BY, by Jane Monheit, by Mario Zitro
4.] MOONLIGHT IN VERMONT, by Jane Monheit, by petitanyell1
5.] LEGENDS OF JAZZ,  THEY CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME, by Jane Monheit, John Pizzarelli, by Richard's Page
6.] JANE MONHEIT, LEGENDS OF JAZZ, With Ramsey Lewis, by Edilson Zapeta

Be a Rock Star .. Ready? O.K., Get Your Best Jammie's On,

by Amanda M. Hatfield cc, see link
O.K. for a good time,  call....or...go to a cool jam.  There's alot going on in this area, great jams I mean.. O.K?
You know, we are so lucky....lotsa very talented musicians in this area. I think jams are a great way to relax, have plenty of fun,  meet, hang out with, and play with some of  those great musicians in our area. You'll meet all levels of players at jams, from beginners to advanced. Be a very cool Rock Star for the night.
Next Monday, July 21st, Steve BARTLETT ON BASS will be jamming at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway, WA., that's 16003 Pacific Ave in Spanaway. Jam starts 'round 8 pm., gos 'til done. [last night, it was when everyone had gotten their fill of playing their music...that means...everyone was satisfied, smiling and content.] I didn't have a watch to know the exact hour , 'Cause this fine jam was held 'outback'.. outside in the let's call it the 'beer garden' area. O.K? Anyway it's a great BIG outside open grassy area, with picnic tables, chairs, beautiful bar maids, of course, running around with lotsa cold beer, delicious food, smiles, you know...thanks Dolly.
All the happy 'jammers' play in the stage area in a big tent, with flashing lights,  the sound equipment, cooling fans and Charlie the soundman. Very Cool. 
JOSEPH PLEMMONS/guitar/vocals and last night even dancer, makes sure everyone who wants to play gets their their turn on stage. He does a great job too. BARTLETT ON BASS has been asked to help him next Monday night, so please come out you guys, bring your axe and play or just relax, have a cold beer, and hang out with some pretty cool musicians like I did last night. The music fantastic, stars bright, moon full and really bright orange-looking, anyway, it was just beautiful last night. I'll be back. Jan
PHOTO CREDIT: Amanda M.Hatfield cc

WHERE: UNCLE SAMs BAR AND GRILL, jam, Monday, July 21st, 8 'til 11:30ish?
              16003 Pacific Ave.
               Spanaway, Washington

Friday, July 11, 2014

'We Don't Need NO Thoughts Control'...Yep..Staying Alive....PINK FLOYD's New Album

by oddstock cc, see link
O.K...Guess what PINK FLOYD's and  HERE coming out with a new album this fall. It's been over 20 years since they put out an album...Yeah. These guys always put out interesting tunes and tell it like it is, are always promoting and encouraging social change. That HIPPIE-part of me CANT WAIT...just like the good ol' days. I can't wait to hear it all....every single tune.....then, I read that this album will be an instrumental. Oh,. I wasn't... e-e-expecting 't-t-that''s only...I expected social change, you know,  protests, marches in the streets...that kinda stuff...O.K., I'll be patient,.. wait and see, without...well, I'll just being patient. O.K? 
What started this you might ask...or maybe not ask. Anyway, I'll tell ya, I got jazzed, that's all.
I was listening and watching a YOUTUBE video of Pink Floyd and the BEE GEEs all mixed up together, called 'Stayin' Alive In The Wall' [thanks Wax Audio.] I found myself kinda 'missing'...Pink Floyd, and thinking 'wonder what they're up to these days?' AND, then searching for stuff about them.
I found a post in...yes, again THE ROLLING STONE, what a cool music magazine. Seems like they always have everything about music that I ever want to know. Then, I found even more HERE, and HERE this new album is called 'Endless River'....And this music news is spreading all over the place....and FAST, I found about a dozen different posts about this...WOW. Everyone loves Pink Floyd, it seems.
I'm gonna post that video by 'Wax Audio', 'cause its sooo good...Here's what the video page says: "Uploaded on Oct 6, 2010
Follow Wax Audio on Soundcloud:
Official Wax Audio website:
Stayin' Alive In The Wall (Pink Floyd vs Bee Gees Mashup by Wax Audio)
The Bee Gees: Stayin' Alive
Pink Floyd: Another Brick In The Wall Pt. II
Download audio at:
Updated, better quality video at:"
Enjoy, and subscribe to 'WAX AUDIO, Jan

PHOTO CREDIT: oddstock cc

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Rocker JACKSON BROWNE Deserves At Least ONE Lifetime Achievment Award...Probably Even More

by weeklydig cc, see link
Yesterday, writer ADAM GOLD wrote in THE ROLLING STONE that the always cool JACKSON BROWNE and HERE will be getting a lifetime achievement award later this year in Nashville. Well, it's about time. Browne's been around along time and has received alotta awards over the years.
 It all started when he began singing folk tunes in his teens ... the '60's. He became 'known' and very popular in the 1970's, that's when he played or influenced and 'hung around' many well-known bands and/or musicians, such as THE NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND, THE VELVET UNDERGROUND, THE LOVIN' SPOONFUL, GREGG ALLMAN, JOAN BAEZ, THE BYRDS, LINDA RONSTADT, THE EAGLES, YOKO ONO, QUINCY JONES....WOW.....the list just gos on...and on...
Over the 40 some years Jackson Browne has been active in the music scene, he has been put in THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME in 2004. Also, THE SONGWRITERS HALL OF FAME, not sure what year. I love the respected HARRY CHAPIN HUMANTARIAN AWARD he got in 2007.  He was also given an honory DOCTORATE OF MUSIC by Occidental College in Los Angeles, Caliornia, for music that honors social justice and peace. This honor was given in 2004 ..... and still the list gos on...there's THE COURAGE OF CONSCIENCE AWARD, and THE JOHN STEINBECK AWARD given to artists who support high social and environmental values. And here's another HARRY CHAPIN's THE 'NARM' HARRY CHAPIN HUMANITARIAN AWARD in 2008
So, JACKSON BROWNE we salute you. Thanks for all the music and always really caring about the world we all live on, and people on it and showing it in your art. Jan
PHOTO CREDIT: weeklydig cc
Let me post some JACKSON BROWNE video links below.

1.] RUNNING ON EMPTY, [FULL ALBUM], by Jackson Browne, by Full Album Firsts on Youtube
2.] SOMEBODY's BABY, by Jackson Browne, by DukeSnider55
3.] TENDER IS THE NIGHT, by Jackson Browne, by takemeback65
4.] ROSIE, by Jackson Browne, by hg94s
5.] THE PRETENDER, by Jackson Browne, by Zabeian Hutchins
6.] FOR A DANCER, by Jackson Browne, by Bankans
7.] CALL IT A LOAN, by Jackson Browne, by Wuttinun CHUMPOO
8.] DOCTER MY EYES, by Jackson Browne, by amindenandel

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Hey...We're Doing Music Here...Working Up Tunes...STEVIE WONDER's Our Best Today

photo by unknown
We're working up some tunes this summer aternoon. Just thought I'd post some video links for everyone to enjoy.
BARTLETT and I really enjoyed all the tunes, but guess, if we had to pick the best foR the day,...we'd pick COLIN JAMES and  HEREand STEVIE WONDER and HERE both came out in top place...a twin top place. How 'bout you?... Cool. Jan

1.] MY LITTLE SATELITE, Live, by Colin James, Little Big Band,, by Colin James Channel
2.] BABY WORKOUT '65, by Jackie Wilson, by Dariane Mello Jackson
3.] RACK 'EM UP, by Jonny Lang, by rylock22
4.] LET's SHOUT, or BABY WORKOUT by Colin James, by 1Bluesboy1
5.] SATELITE, by Colin James, Little Big Band, by Don's Tunes
6.] AVALON, by Benny Goodman Quartet '59, by 1964Mbrooks
7.] ROSE ROOM '39, by Benny Goodman Sextet, by wilson mcphert
8.] THE LATE, LATE SHOW, by Nat King Cole, by Moriyama Sakiko
9.] MONA LISA, by Nat King Cole, by Live and Tell
10.] BOGGIE ON REGGAE WOMAN, by Stevie Wonder, by Just 70s & 80s DISCO
11.] TANGERINE, by Led Zepplin, by SlayerInBlood
12.] SOFELY AS A MORNING SUNRISE, by ?, by Learn Jazz Standards
13.] DON'T LET THE SUN CATCH YOU CRYING, by Gerry And The Pacemakers, by fatjudsoldies
14.] LOVER, COME BACK TO ME, by Ella fitzgerald, , by Eclectic MeD
16.] PUT ON YOUR SAILIN' SHOES, by Little feat, by Chris Cafiero

Stevie Wonder - Boogie On Reggae Woman

As soon as Steve started working up this tune, my body started rocking and I wanted to dance....I don't remember hearing the song before. Love it. Jan

Monday, July 07, 2014

Get My Motor Running...Heading Out To Harley's..'Be Leader of the Pack'

by thelostadventure cc, see link
I'm  remembering, EASY RIDER '69 the movie, this morning and keep humming it's 'Born To Be Wild [thanks blackeyefilms] ' theme song  in my head. It reminds me of how it made me feel way back then in 1969...a mix of 'all grown up' and  wonderully naughty , a rebel hippie...Yep...that's it.. So much wiser and smarter than my poor parents.  .I was gonna save the world and show them just how it should be done, of course.
Motorcycles were 'really delicious' back then...mysterious, new, and strange...not for any of us 'proper' young ladies to know anything at all about.  I loved them.  But, still  I'd make sure my record or radio was way down low and be sure to always talk in hushed tones respecully, whenever I played 'Leader Of The Pack' '64,[thanksTheVIDEO BEATdotCOM ]  by the Shangra-las.
Well,  you might ask....what brought this memory into my awareness this normal-looking summer day?
Well, I can't wait....O.K....I'm gonna tell ya.....Steve's gonna play at the HARLEY-DAVIDSON NORTH WEST in Lacey, [Address:  8000 Freedom Ln NE, Lacey, WA 98516
(360) 705-8515] this coming Saturday, July 12th, afternoon from 12 noon to 'round 4ish...WAY COOL ain't it?
So,... 'Get Your Motor Running, Head Out, Down To Harley's'...this Saturday afternoon for some fun. All those bikes are looking mightly delicious....and, the last time BARTLETT was honored by being asked to play there, those amazing Harley-Davidson folks had a BIG party, with hot dogs, sodas and specials on lotsa those beautiful bikes of theirs....WOW. Come early---stay all afternoon. It'll be worth it.
TBONE WILLIAMS  and his band, "...Tbone and the Porterhouse Boys" .NOTE FROM TBONE..." It is going to be fun I'm having Bruce J Maier and his drummer Bruce Tuttle on drums and Me on the other guitar. The fun part is the three fronts can sing !! and that's cool. See you Saturday @ N.W. Harley-Davidson. The gig is from 12-4 of pure fun !!!".... luckily for us, TBone, needed a bassman for this very cool gig..
See ya there. Jan..... 'vver----room-roommmmmm'.
PHOTO CREDIT: thelostadventure cc

8000 Freedom Ln NE, Lacey, WA 98516
(360) 705-8515
Related video links below.

1.] BORN TO BE WILD, by Steppenwolf, by blackeyefilms
2.] LEADER OF THE PACK, by The Shangra-las, by TheVIDEO BEATdotCOM

Friday, July 04, 2014

What' Going On With JACK WHITE? Is He Crazy or Something? Yep, Thought So

by dwhartwig cc, see link
Have you ever been 'crazy'? Well, if you ever have, you'd know for the most ain't fun.....kinda  confusing and creepy really. So, why would JACK WHITE and HERE go crazy on purpose at this 'secret' gig in London? Why he even acted like it's really entertaining and cool to be carted off in an ambulance at the end of his show.AND, of course, everyone in the theater at this gig had to wear those yucky, always uncomfortable and coming open when we least expect it hospital gowns during the whole was.kinda like becoming crazy for awhile themselves during the show. It was reported that some of the audience were delighted and others were "close to panic'. WOW...Really?...Cool...Check it all out HERE in THE ROLLING STONE. O.K?
I know, White is surprising lotsa times, has a mind of his own, always does things his way, so on and so forth, 'bla-bla',  you've heard it all before....AND, I know, I've always found that kinda thing refreshing about him...he's outta the box. I wanta see what he's up to all the time, love the way he sings 'Jolene' [thanks GiulsZuzzi] too..he .keeps me guessing and facinated with him. A real showman. I like him. BUT, being 'crazy' on purpose...why, that's really 'CRAZY', and no fun at all. Jan
Jack White will be at THE PARAMOUNT THEATER in Seattle 7:30 pm. on Monday, August 25th and Tuesday, August 26th, 2014.
More about Jack White HERE from THE ROLLING STONE.
Go HERE to read MY story about Jack White and the Library of  Congress.
PHOTO CREDIT: dwhartwig cc
I'll post related video links below.

1.] JOLENE, by White Stripes, Jack White/vocals, by GiulsZuzzi
2.] IT MIGHT GET LOUD, Jack Whites favorite song, by Karen James
3.] WAYFARING STRANGER,  Live, by Jack White, by ramblenight's channel
4.] NOT FADE AWAY, by Jack White, by John Abele
5.] DEAD LEAVES AND DIRTY GROUND, by Jack White, by John Abele
6.] MOTHER NATURE's SON, by Jack White, by Larry THE WHITE HOUSE.
7.] I FOUGHT PIRANAS, by Jack White, by  ved76

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