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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tom Petty - You Don't Know How It Feels (Video Version)

Steve rehearsing this for Friday's gig at THE TRIAD ARTS THEATER in Yelm.
8 pm at the TRIAD ARTS THEATER in Yelm is when it all starts....or re-starts...It's WALTERs BIRTHDAY reunited for the JOHN KEESLAR family benefit.
Steve's excited and rehearsing tonight this TOM PETTY tune. The band will be doing some old favorites as well as originals by Jon and Tod.
WALTERs BIRTHDAY is STEVE BARTLETT/bass/vocals, JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals, there's SCOTT ERCOLANI doing drums and vocals, with TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals. It'll be a good one. You don't wanna miss.
WALTERs BIRTHDAY...Jon, Scott, Tod and Steve, by Walters Birthday [C]


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Get Your Chicks Free?..Where Have ALL the Gigs Gone?...Sweat and Everything

image by DAN HILL/ see photo credits
O.K., I'm catching up with my funky fat bottom music news,.....'ah'... finally....'Whew'....panting, short of breath, can I say....'even sweating?' just a little, but sweat just the same....EEEEWWWLLL Ickie!....yes, ....[blushing]...I.....sometimes sweat....BUT, it's delicate, soft lady's sweat....of course...oh.lovely [wink].
Let's see....where was i?...Oh yeah...sweat?, that? ...'ah... Music?...yeah,!
'Ah...'ah'....clearing my throat.....[changing,...said with power, deeper and with dignity, you know, like a real news reporter]...Now, as for music.....SMILE, .....well, where the ??  you know is it? 'Inquisitive Minds Wanna Know' as they usta say in those really cool and weird tabloids, way back when.
I see that many musicians are being more creative, confused and even kinda angry at it all....the lack of gigs, clubs, wages, opportunities to perform. It's sure not the same as in the '70's. Steve always played 6 nights a week,had a great income, was kinda famous even and yes, 'Chicks for Free'. People stay home and party more now,watch T.V. instead of going out to clubs. Club owners are hurting and getting young musicians to perform for free....I understand...and why not? They have to survive/eat too.
At some clubs, Steve regularly performed at bands are being replaced by D.J.s strip shows and nudity....always a sure winner. Drugs are everywhere seems like too. It's very sad for us and we're safe and staying home away from it all.
  Jan/mascot reporter 
PHOTO CREDITS: This image of Steve was taken by DAN HILL at THE OLYMPIA FARMER's MARKET, probably about 3 years ago....the band was called 'The C Notes'...PAT COLE/guitar/vocals and JOHN CARLITON/vocals/guitar.
This is the way it was, but things have changed. Here's DIRE STRAITS with 'Money For Nothing' [thanks TOXICxRAIN 34].


Thursday, March 23, 2017


Kissy and James Flick/see photo credits
What's up?
Well, let me tell ya the latest. O. K?
Just Confirmed: STEVE BARTLETT/bass is honored to be performing with KISSY FLICK/vocals, JAMES FLICK/guitar/vocals and MICHAEL HARRISON/drums @ OLYMPIA ARTSWALK on April 28th this year. Location and time will be posted as soon as I know more.
PHOTO CREDITS: Got this photo from their Facebook page.
More photos below
Bartlett by J.A. Rose cc

Monday, March 13, 2017

Great Jazz Gig on the 24th @ B SHARP....Cool Video

By J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
Hey, It was a very cool jazz gig at THE B SHARP in Tacoma last month with a bonus!
Our old friend, JAMES BUCKINGHAM, [from way back, well 'bout 2008, I guess] know MARTIN and BARB SALINAS's LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna, WA. well James recorded and filmed the whole thing....yeah James 'Good to see you again'.
Guess what?, I've seen clips from James video on HAL MERRILL's Facebook page..[James's video can be seen here]....they're really cool, and I especially like one with STEVE BARTLETT doing a bass solo, of course!....SMILE.
So, check it out....Hal's gonna put them on YOUTUBE too. I'll post them as soon as he does....O.K?
Anyway, HAL MERRILL/pedal steel guitar, CRAIG COOTSONA/drums and my hubby, STEVE BARTLETT/bass....all did a fine job on February 24th at THE B SHARP in Tacoma. Jazz @ it's best!
let me find some photos and get links and finish this post for today 'cause I love posting the good stuff. Jan
I took this photo on the 24th @ the B Sharp. Craig is behind Hal....see his head peeking out?

Thursday, February 09, 2017

BARTLETT doing Jazz in HAL MERRILL MUSIC @ B SHARP on Feb. 24th

by J,A,Rose-Bartlett cc
Steve's rehearsing today tunes for his next cool jazz gig....HAL MERRILL MUSIC at THE B SHARP in Tacoma, Washington on Friday,  February 24th. I'm not sure of start time yet, but will let everyone know when I do. O.K?
Well, we all know there will be more than one guy at this gig, don't we? O.K.....who's gonna be there?
by Tom Boyle
There's of course, HAL MERRILL/pedal steel guitar....'cause it's called HAL MERRILL MUSIC so, that's for sure. STEVE BARTLETT will be on bass, and CRAIG COOTSNA on the drums, if I hear about guys joining in I'll let you know before the 24th.
Here's an example of what we're rehearsing today....just a sample mind you...there'll be a lot more. Jan

SPAIN, by Chick Corea
WINDOWS, by Chick Corea
VERY EARLY, by Bill Evans
CHICKEN, by Jaco Pastorius
CHICKEN, by Jaco Pastorius...another version, with 'wild intro' says Steve.
Below listen to STEVIE WONDER do Spain.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 DR. HOOK....I Can Do It!...See...No Hands Mom

See, I can do it...what I tell ya? No hands....'huh'

I've always enjoyed this
Did you know who wrote lotsa their tunes?
Here's an old story of mine about DR. HOOK and SHEL SILVERSTEIN...

DR. HOOK And The Medicine Show's Songwriter SHEL SILVERSTEIN

dpstyles™ CC
Last night,...the song.. 'Cover of the Rolling Stone' see link below. kept playing over and over in my head. Then, when I finally fell asleep, I started to dream about the song....So, thought I'd check it out, 'cause I always enjoyed DR. HOOK   [ oh...check out music HERE, thanks YOUTUBE ] way back when. after I'd heard their song 'Silvia's Mother'  fromOldies08070.
I found out that the Dr. Hook's hit 'Cover of the Rolling Stone' link below. was written by SHEL SILVERSTEIN, and HERE or HERE  not by a member of the band. AND, Silverstein had written several of the band's other tunes. He was also, a country songwriter... But, I'd heard only his name before as a author of children's books selling over 20 million copies and translated into 30 languages. .
There was a lot more to him than a songwriter or children's book author. He had several adult interests as well, and was a cartoonist for PLAYBOY MAGAZINE. Had many interests in film and the theater. After his death in 1999, he was put in NASHVILLE SONGWRITERS HALL OF FAME.  He also, won a Grammy for 'A Boy Named Sue', by Johnny Cash, and was nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe for his song 'I'm Checking Out', from the film, 'Postcards From The Edge'. He didn't waste a minute in his 68 years of life, was so creative and productive, adding so much to all of the arts.... music, books, film and theater...thank you. Jan
I posted COVER OF THE ROLLING STONE, by Dr. Hook, from yendor61...This is what the page says: " Uploaded on Oct 15, 2007
"(cover of the rolling stone) is property of (DR. Hook) and it's producers and/or promoters and is used here pursuant to the fair use provision of the DMCA as outlined in title 17, section 107 of the United States Code for entertainment and or educational purposes only and no copyright infringement is intended."

Took some pics of some of the Rolling Stone mags i have packed away. Just playin around a bit."


james and Kissy Flick, from FACEBOOK, Kissy's page
Rehearsing several times in the next two weeks with Kissy/vocals and James/guitar/vocals Flick with Michael Harrison/drums and Steve Bartlett/bass. Sounds awsome. Show at THE TRIAD ARTS THEATER in Yelm on Saturday, January 21st. @ 7 pm.
Last show full house, SOLD OUT...get your tickets early.
Got the photo from KISSY FLICK page on FACEBOOK; Dog 'Buster Brown'.

listen HERE

tickets @ THE TRIAD THEATER $20.00-25.00, includes one beverage. Doors open at 7 pm, show 8pm.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Kalimba-mr. scruff- ninja tuna

Yeah...Let's Make It ALL Legal....For Good 'OL Mom....O.K?

I found this old post of mine this morning.....reminding of being nice to good old Mom ...with music,of course.
Reminder: Getting hitched is oitional and so is spelling...yeah....SMILE!

Look..It's The Real Deal, Mom....We Made It Legal...YEA

Photo by Shelley Panzarella cc
OK...This is just for all those, you know, worried, troubled moms out there. 'We're legal, Mom, Really'...Just look. See, now, you can stop worrying...It's all OK.
I was just thinking,......'Why not have some fantastic real live music at your next wedding?' You know, it's about time and live music just makes everything just more special, that's all AND probably more legal too. So, Mom's love 'em.  WOW! Cool, everyone's happy.
Email us add live music to your life today....and get hitched too [optional]. This is an unpaid advertisment from you-know who, me... Jan...SMILE and WAVE.
Found this on Youtube...Aretha Franklin 1967 doing 'RESPECT'. Posted by TatanBrown.

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My Spelling?? Thanks For Understanding
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Musical Grandma's Are Cooler
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