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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

'We Will, We Will Rock You'...The Song, The Musical.. The Everything, QUEEN

by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
Hi...'Good Morning'....Well, this morning we're 'working up' mostly jazz tunes online with YOUTUBE, and, I know this it's not jazz, but I saw a video from QUEEN and HERE, they were doing the song...'We Will Rock You'. Ive always liked that,thought I'd find out more about it. O.K? Did you know it was a song written for the group Queen by BRIAN MAY/guitar/vocals and  HEREi n 1977. It's been covered by just everyone...well, lots of folks anyway. AND, it's been made into a musical with a book by BEN ELDON, it was put into the GRAMMY HALL OF FAME in 2009, ROLLING STONE put it at 330 in their 500 Greatest Songs All Time,...well I guess,...just prooves that everyone loves this song. It's received lotsa awards...WOW,..check out WIKIPEDIA and HERE for more.
'We Will Rock You' has a famous partner song....It's 'We Are The Champions' and it is often played with it, and was also written by Brian May in 1977.
This is what May said about the song 'We Will Rock You' during a gig on their British tour in 1977.... " 'We did an encore and then went off, and instead of just keeping clapping, they sang "You'll Never Walk Alone" to us, and we were just completely knocked out and taken aback – it was quite an emotional experience really, and I think these chant things are in some way connected with that."   So, now we know that's how it all started...and, I'm sure glad it did...thanks, Brian May and Queen. Jan
Here's a link to Queen doing 'We Will Rock You' and 'We Are The Champions' [ R0CKthis thanks for both]
Here's tunes for today, links below.

1.] ONE FOR MY BABY, ONE FOR THE ROAD, by Marvin Gaye, from PlanetPygar
2.] FEELING GOOD, by Nina Simone, from Hakan Camcan
3.] ROBIN'S NEST, by Count Basie, from RoundMidnightTV
4.] I THOUGHT ABOUT YOU, by Frank Sinatra, from Sinatra Fan
5.] SEND IN THE CLOWNS, by Judy Collins, from JudyCollinsForever
6.] AUTUMN LEAVES, by Eva Cassidy, from ironizxcv
7.] MISTY, by Sarah Vaughan, Quincy Jones Orchrestra, from RoundMidnightTV
8.] TRISTE, by Nick Kello, from Nick Kello 
9.] GEORGIA, by Michael Bubie, from MrToalhaopt
10.] THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU, by Etta James, from snoopboy2105
11.] YOU MAKE SO YOUNG, by Michael Bubie, from Michael Bublé
12.] I GET A KICK OUT OF YOU, by Frank Sinatra, from johnny718bravo
13.] I LEFT MY HEART IN SAN FRANCISCO, by Tony Bennett, from Denise D'Amico
14.] DON'T GO TO STRANGERS, by Etta Jones, from RoundMidnightTV

Friday, February 21, 2014

Fixing Up Some 'Soul Food' With...LEON RUSSELL

I've always loved LEON RUSSELL, and HERE he's written so many wonderful tunes for himself and for lotsa other great musicians. I have always been amazed...all kinds of tunes,... rock, blues, pop, folk, country, soul, AND, that reminds me of the video and song, that I'd never heard before today from Russell, by Leon Russell, Marc Benno and Asylum Choir II  called 'Soul Food' created in 1967 to '69, first released in 1971, and now re-released, [thanks Crystal Longdon].
This is what the video page says: "  Published on Dec 1, 2013
"SOUL FOOD" from the album "ASYLUM CHOIR II" by LEON RUSSELL & MARC BENNO, 1971. No copyright infringement is intended; I do not own the rights to the music or photos used; video is intended only for entertainment. Please support the artists by buying their CD, which has been re-released and is available at the artists' internet sites."

So, what is 'soul food' anyway? Link from WIKIPEDIA. Sounds like it's origins started a long time ago...with the african-American slave trade, it was the everyday food of  the captured slaves being shipped to the Americas. Soul Food is still mostly seen and popular in the rural southern states of the U.S. and in the Black American population...  We like it...alot. Click HERE for a Soul Food Cook Book and looks like some delicious recipes. Jan
For more on Leon Russell, go to MY story HERE

Amazing JAZZ FUNK or FUNK JAZZ, Fretless Bass For Today and Open Mic On Sunday

Fillmore Photography cc
Well, we're into jazz and funk,there
is nothing better this morning than some JAZZY FUNK or FUNKY JAZZ, in my way of thinking. D.R. Emailed this to it. Thanks D.R.. Can't wait for Steve to get home, so, I can show him.
Our morning's already been full of lotsa music...'bass music', of course...Steve just loves to play, so, played to me at 'coffee'...never know when I'm gonn a be blessed with his genius on the bass...he closes his eyes  you know 'zones out'...that's what I call it...well, he's not in this world anyway...and, we're both transported to heaven right he 'zoned out' on his FRETLESS, and it sounds like a cross between a 'cello/harp' thing?'s hard to find the words.... amazing anyway. I never get tired of his...what he calls it 'practice''s like NO practice I've ever known, in ALL those years of music lessons I had as a kid, not even close. Music just oozes out all over him...he becomes the music. Steve says that music's alive, and he just gets outta the way and music plays itself...what?, what does that mean? Not sure...But, it means something very special to him AND, that's all that matters, isn't it? AND with his innocent child-like acceptance and answer...the music just happens. That's what I know.  WOW.
Oh yeah...there's a wonderful open mic in Shelton this, go check it out. We went last's always on every third Sunday of the month at THE SHELTON PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, address: 1430 Shelton Springs Road, in Shelton, WA.. We had a great time...there's great live music and FREE refreshments. Our friend Vinnie/trumpet hosts it. My kids will be here on Sunday from outta town, 'cause it's my birthday tomorrow, but, my daughter has to work tomorrow. Even though I'm's aways fun to have a 64th birthday party anytime, isn't it? I bet, we'll get to go to Shelton next month.
Now, let me post some very cool video links below. That, my Steve or BARTLETT ON BASS will be checking out, or 'working up' this afternoon...I'm such a fortunate being to be blessed with so much music/art in my life...thanks to Steve and all the awesome, genius musicians in our area. Support Live Music and Musicians. of course, they work hard and really deserve it Jan
Video links below....starting with D.R's selection.
1.] POWER HOUSE, by Chester Thompson, from Boogie Man
2.] COLD DUCK TIME. original by Eddie Harris, from MWHSNA
3.] CHITLINS CON CARNE, by Kenny Burrell, from rofufoja
4.] THE JODY GRIND, by Horace Silver, from brassgolem
5.] NOSTALGIA IN TIME SQUARE, by Charles Mingus, from HerkulTuberkul
6.] AUTUMN LEAVES, by Eva Cassidy, from ironizxcv
7.] ROBIN'S NEST, by John Coltrane, Frank Wess, from Valeri Makaridze
8.] ONE FOR MY BABY, AND ONE FOR THE ROAD, by Marvin Gaye, from PlanetPygar
9.] MISTY, by Sarah Vaughan, Quincy Jones and his Orchestra, from RoundMidnightTV
10.] I THOUGHT ABOUT YOU, by Debbie Duncan, from debbieduncanjazz
11.] GEORGIA ON MY MIND, by Ray Charles, from tegavu1
12.] FEELING GOOD, by Nina Simone, from SambadaTed
13.] FLY ME TO THE MOON, by Frank Sinatra, from riseupformymind
14.] DO NOTHING 'TIL YOU HEAR FROM ME, by Phil Collins, from sveta14

1430 E Shelton Springs Rd, Shelton, WA 98584
(360) 432-8696

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

'Don't Stop Believing' NICK PITERA We Can Do Anything....Just Look

see photo credit
Just look at this, will ya....It's NICK PITERA again[see MY first story about Pitera from last June HERE ], prooving once again that we ALL can do just Anything and Everything we desire....if we're sincere and make an effort to make it happen.
This song...'Don't Stop Believing' [thanks, Nick Pitera] is called 'a cover' 'musician talk' that means that ...for example, Nick Pitera did NOT do the song originally. The song was done by a group called 'Journey' and HERE, it's their song...they did it first. I love the idea of 'covers' respects the original writers, singers, performers etc. of a song and gives them their credit due....and, to me it also says...'you guys did a great job, I love your creation and want to share it by performing it too. Thanks'....reminds me of Creative Commons. You?
Anyway, where was I? Oh yea.......this is a meaningful tune...I love the lyrics and message. AND, look Pitera sings both parts...both the male AND female voices...he does them beautifully too. Hows he do that?...Amazing. This is what Nick says about this video, with over 5 million views too..." Uploaded on May 21, 2009
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I fell in love with show Glee on Tues night. I then decided that I really wanted to sing their version of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing." I hope you like it.
Check out Glee here!
Both are live performances." Jan

PHOTO CREDIT: Genevieve719 cc

Monday, February 17, 2014


see photo credit
Today, I found 'Freedom' by RICHIE HAVENS and HERE. This song drove Havens into the to speak, when he did it at WOODSTOCK in 1969. I read that several performers were late at Woodstock...he was asked to s-t-r-e-a-c-h his performance...and the rest is history. It first began, when he sang that ol' spiritual 'Motherless Child', but in his own way and style and being told to 'streach' it added that in too...making it 'his' very own unique tune. I'll post it below, and you'll see what I mean. O.K? Anyway...that song's name was changed and tune  known as 'Freedom', [thanks Casey Oliver] after that....Cool.
To me 'Freedom' and 'Peace' mean the very same thing...and, I bet, everyone has their very own defination of 'Freedom'. Sooo, that song will mean something different and special to each one of us, let's us be ourselves without fear....isn't that wonderful...we're each right. 'Peace', Jan
PHOTO CREDIT: Officer Phil cc
This is what the video page says: " Published on Apr 23, 2013
Woodstock 1969, Richie Havens was the festivals first performer, he held the crowd for nearly three hours (in part because he was told to perform a lengthy set because many artists were delayed in reaching the festival location), and he was called back for several encores. Having run out of tunes, he improvised a song based on the old spiritual "Motherless Child" that became "Freedom".
Video of Richie Havens at Glastonbury Festival in England, 2002"

Related video;imks below.
1.] MOTHERLESS CHILD, by Eric Clapton, from Warner Bros Records

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Whoops...Yesterday Was Valentine's Day.. Where Were We Anyway?

by mrrobertwade (wadey) cc
Just where have we been...Yesterday, was Valentines Day. Wasn't it? Well, did we miss anything? Nope...BARTLETT and I had a very special day together. Doing what we our lives.
First, Steve put on half of the guitar strings on his 'new' old used guitar that I found for him at a pawn shop called TOPKICK in Spanaway, WA. awhile back. He had to play a tune after each new string,...just to see if those strings were gonna be O.K., mind you....Of course, me clapping, whooping it up and loving every moment of every note may have encouraged him alittle. SMILE. Steve loves playing guitar as well as bass. Oh yeah...before I forget,.. Topkick has lotsa musical instruments. Check them out.
Then, we drove up to RAINTREE MORTON, WA. Both of us love trees, plants, and gardening...that kinda stuff . A few years ago, we'd go all the time,.. up to Raintree, that is. Well, it was the perfect time to go again. I'm going farther and farther...getting stronger and stronger physically all the time....AND, to our joy and amazement...there they were...that BIG box of seconds, you know those fruit trees that aren't quite perfect, like most of us, just sitting there waiting for us to take them home...Yes, we love the seconds...most of them love coming home with us and turn out just fine...well, Astounding in fact. Giving us more fruit than we, our chickens, rabbits and sheep can eat....and we know where they've been [loved by us], you know safe AND delicious.
So, try Raintree Nursery in Morton soon if you're itching to get your fingers in some dirt and out in that garden of will bring a BIG smile to your face   YEP,..right the middle of winter 2014. Those Raintree people ship all over the country too...and, we recomend them....they have a great selection of cool stuff at a good price, ship when they say, are friendly...this is NOT an advertizement...just someone doing a great job.
When we got home yesterday...BARTLETT BBQ'ed some pork ribs....yummmm with baked potatoes....He had to learn, and IS such a fine cook and husband, I'm really blessed, I thought as we ate our meal...yes, yesterday was Valentines's Day...and we were in love. Hoping your Valentine's Day was very special too. Jan and Steve

Topkick Jewelry & Loan

13014 Pacific Ave S.
Tacoma, WA

Raintree Nursery's Garden Center

391 Butts Road

Morton, WA 98356

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Always Cuter Than A Bug's Ear.. SHIRLEY TEMPLE Dies At Age 85

see photo credit link
SHIRLEY TEMPLE and HERE was always smiling AND cute. So, I always sang along with her, pretending I could dance like her too....But, what I really liked was that Shirley aways saved the day and seemed smarter than all the 'grown ups' in EVERY matter what, she had all the answers and was the wisest of them all...and, the grown ups all just loved her. She made over 40 movies before she was 12 years old.
As a kid, she gave me hope that one day I'd be the hero and accepted by all the grown ups. But, was it real or pretend? Does it matter? Yes, and in her 'for-real' ilfe she became a real hero, just like her eariler movies. Imagine that! She gave alot of folks hope when she appeared during and after the depression. Later in her life, she was appointed U.S. delegate to the UNITED NATIONS and HERE and the ambassador to GHANA and CZEHOSLOVAKIA. Always giving the world hope, that's what I'll remember about her. 
I read this morning on CNN that Shirley Temple died yesterday of 'natural causes'....old age, I guess that's what that means. Thank you for being such a giver, Shirley Temple.  Love, Jan
For more, go HERE and HERE 
I'm posting Shirley Temple video links below.

1.] ANIMAL CRACKERS IN MY SOUP, Shirley Temple, from myvideosym
2.] CURLEY TOP, Full Movie 1935, Shirley Temple, from xxxjleexstuffxxx
3.] BRIGHT EYES, Full Movie 1934, Shirley Temple, from xxxjleexstuffxxx
4.] ON THE GOOD SHIP LOLIPOP, Shirley Temple, from Damien Chemillé
5.] THE LITTLE COLONEL, Full Movie 1935, from xxxjleexstuffxxx
6.] REBECCA OF SUNNYBROOK FARM Full Movie 1938, Shirley Temple, from xxxjleexstuffxxx


Monday, February 10, 2014

'One For My Baby, One For The Road'....JAZZ Tonight at Our Farm By Just 'Bout Everyone

see image credit
Both headphones are out and all warmed up...That means just one thing...It's JAZZ night on our farm. There's cold sodas and buttered pop corn ready. Yeah...this is what we love, it's slow, cool, smooth and dreamy jazz tonight. What a treat...soooo relaxing for after a hard week.
Here's some history ...,from WIKIPEDIA. The tune 'One For My Baby, One For The Road' was written in 1943 by JOHNNY MERCER and HAROLD ARLIN. It's been done by just about everyone [there's over 40 versions of this song by just about that many musicians], I've posted some video links by different musical artists below...see? what did I tell ya?...I like Marvin Gaye's version best.[Jan]...Steve likes Marvin Gaye's version best too. Anyway, where was I?...Oh yea...This song was written for FRED ASTAIRE in the movie 'The Sky's The Limit' [thanks warnerarchive]. But, FRANK SINATRA  and HERE made the song famous.  Jan
Image Credit: Steve A.Johnson cc
Below are some video links from tonight's line up. Put your feet up...relax. Enjoy. Jan

.1.] AUTUMN LEAVES, by Eva Cassidy, from ironizxcv
2.] ROBIN'S NEST, by John Coltrane, Frank Wess, from Valeri Makaridze
3.] ONE FOR MY BABY, AND ONE FOR THE ROAD, by Marvin Gaye, from PlanetPygar
4.] ONE FOR MY BABY, ONE FOR THE ROAD, by Frank Sinatra, from M Thomas
5.] ONE FOR MY BABY, ONE FOR THE ROAD, by Sammy Davis jr., from RJosephReece
6.] ONE FOR MY BABY, ONE FOR THE ROAD, by Billie Holiday, from Dean Hickstein
7.] ONE FOR MY BABY, ONE FOR THE ROAD, by Bette Midler, from Citiprime
8.] MISTY, by Sarah Vaughan, Quincy Jones and his Orchestra, from RoundMidnightTV
9.] I THOUGHT ABOUT YOU, by Debbie Duncan, from debbieduncanjazz
10.] GEORGIA ON MY MIND, by Ray Charles, from tegavu1
11.] FEELING GOOD, by Nina Simone, from SambadaTed
12.] FLY ME TO THE MOON, by Frank Sinatra, from riseupformymind
13.] DO NOTHING 'TIL YOU HEAR FROM ME, by Phil Collins, from sveta14

Finding Peace of Mind Takes Courage...Thanks, JOHN LENNON

By Shemar Moore, see link
I Found this on FACEBOOK at SHEMAR MOORE this morning, and it reminded me once again, of what a great, inspiritual leader JOHN LENNON and HERE was.
He lived his truth. That takes courage,  doen't it? Well, 'so-called' friends may be upset and leave us, profits maybe lost....'Oh, well'...but, a genuine peaceful mind and love of self found. Cool. It's then, that I realized...'that's ALL I ever really have, whereever I am or go,  is well,.... I find ONLY be at peace with a very BIG DEAL! WOW.  
 Lennon 'imagined' a better life. Being truthful and honest, in other words...being real to himself, and by living HIS own life honestly, not mine or yours, but uniquelly his. So, if we allow him his life...He gives us courage to do the same for ourselves. Thanks, John.
I found a beautiful video of John Lennon and his second wife, YOKO ONO doing 'Imagination' [thanks Aviv Ben Israel], with over 52 million views of this video,, click Aviv Ben Israel and subscribe too, what a fine piece of artwork. And, let's all imagine together each in our own way...O.K?  In my opinion, that's a way...'ah'...MY way to get to and live that dream for REAL. Thanks John. Jan

More John Lennon video links below. Many tunes by the John Lennon/Yoko Ono Band...'THE PLASTIC ONO BAND'. 

1.] STAND BY ME, by John Lennon, from kyokushin4
2.] HAPPY CHRISTMAS [the War Is Over], by John Lennon, Yoko Ono, from johnlennon
3.] MIND GAMES, by John Lennon, from johnlennon
4.] BORROWED TIME, by John Lennon, from johnlennon
5.] NOBODY TOLD ME, by John Lennon, from 0037LaCkEySpLuEy
6.] OUT THE BLUE, by John Lennon, from starryblue04
7.] WELL, WELL, WELL, by John Lennon, from luxskywalker98
8.] REMEMBER, by John Lennon, from luxskywalker98
9.] ISOLATION, by John Lennon, from luxskywalker98
10.] GOD, by John Lennon, from luxskywalker98
11.] I FOUND OUT, by John Lennon, from luxskywalker98
12.] WOMAN IS THE NIGGER OF THE WORLD, by John Lennon, from luxskywalker98
14.] JULIAN LENNON AND SEAN, GIVE PEACE A CHANCE, from Joe Johnson..interesting video, about Lennon's sons and family.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Did Ya Know? That Funny Guy, STEVE MARTIN Won A Grammy?

 by pamhule cc
You know STEVE MARTIN?...yea, the funny guy , that we could see often on THE TONIGHT SHOW, he was the funny writer for THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS  and HERE, too. he said, you know : " Comedy is the art of making people laugh without making them puke"...that Steve Martin? Well, he's a musician too. He plays the banjo...started playing when he was a teen. His very first album won a grammy. The Album was called 'The Crow: New Songs For The 5 String Banjo' Did ya know, he played the banjo often with his stand up comedy stuff during the '70's.
That first album of his was created in 2009, won a Grammy in 2010 for Best Bluegrass Album. JOHN McEUEN, member of THE NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND  and HERE helped Martin learn and play the banjo and also produced the album.
I'll look for more....Found this on WIKIPEDIA. Thought this was interesting...hope you guys liked it. Jan
Posting below more video links, Steve Martin on banjo.

I did not find 'The Crow: New Songs For The 5 String Banjo'. But, found a video from gbtexas,...'The Crow' written by Steve Martin. Steve Martin with Bela Fleck, Tony Trischka. This is what the video page says: "Uploaded on Apr 27, 2007

Triple banjo on David Letterman 4/26/07. The song is called "the Crow" and is written by Steve Martin. It can be found on Tony Trischka's new double banjo album."

1.] DUELING BANJOS, by Earl Scruggs, Steve Martin, by TINKER2ELVIS
2.] ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL/KING TUT, by Steve Martin, Steep Canyon Rangers, from Mark Konings
3.] STEVE MARTIN SOLO BANJO...THE GREAT REMEMBER, 5/1/11 by Steve Martin, from windytree71


Wednesday, February 05, 2014

'It's A New Day...AND, I'm Feeling Good'...JAZZ Tune For Today NINA SIMONE

BY Compose4u CC
'It's a new day, and'.... this says it all, doesn't it? 'I'm feeling Good'...What a fine day and tune...I enjoy  and admire Nina Simone, always have.
I'm learning to love my life...just because, well, I matter what. AND, life is getting better and better right before and behind my very eyes...Yeah.
Steve brought this song home form last night's JAZZ fun in Olympia.
I've written about Nina Simone before...her life was HARD,..she had bipolar mental illness, and she and her family or someone? decided not to tell anyone, because of the stigma that would cause...well, perhaps it may effect 'record sales'? and they only let the 'cat outta the bag', after her death...but wait, what struck me so hard was when watching Simone's videos and she was talking to others about her life...she was soooo sad, and had no one in her life that would really see. Others...even seemed bothered or 'disinterested' in her suffering or feelings at all. For more...go HERE for MY story on Nina Simone. 
Thank goodness...people are learning that money not everything and are so much more 'open minded' about everyone being valuable, just the way they are, even a bit different. Maybe, that's the way it's suppose to be...everyone different than anyone else, that is. Jan

1.] FEELING GOOD, by Nina Simone, from SambadaTed


 by Tomas Sobek cc
Hey, listen to this, will ya...It's LYDIA PENSE and the cool 'soul-rock-jazz' band from the San Franciso area in the late '60's called COLD BLOOD and HERE. WOW there's powerful vocals, lotsa horns and truthful lyrics. WOW...I just know if JANIS JOPLIN and HERE married TOWER OF POWER...and HERE this IS what we'd get.... BARTLETT says he
' loves the basslines, there's really fun to play\' he  enjoys to listening to these guys...'er' ...and gal . Go LYDIA...I HEAR just amazing, [yeah, Jan]...Lydia, she's powerful AND a girl too. What a  GOOD IDEA, I just love POWERFUL woman.... [or men, really either or anyone, who get the job done]. That's all. AND, wait...there's more, guess what? That's right. I saw on their web site..Lydia and Cold Blood will be at THE LINCOLN THEATER in Mount Vernon, Washington next month! When ? Well, March 29th, 2014...AND...there's more, they will all be in SEATTLE @ JAZZ ALLEY on April 1st and 2nd, 2014.. Check this out for yourself. O.K? I'll look for more info. Jan
So, you like Janis Joplin? Like Tower Of Power?  You're in for a BIG treat. Go see these guys...and ONE powerful gal while they're in the area. O.K?
MY favorite song from this awesome band is...'I'm A Good Woman'  '69 [thanks zeusdvm]...Of course, Pense with her  powerful, dynomite vocals AND lotsa horns...take a listen. O.K? This video I'm posting also has a bonus...Lydia belting out...'Let Me Down Easy'. This is what the video page from 'zeusdym' says:  "Published on Apr 18, 2012
One of my favorite horn bands. Was totally taken in by the powerhouse vocals of Lydia Pense coupled with the great musicianship of the band. Their debut album was phenomenal and these two songs were a definite highlight."

BARTLETT ON BASS has been working up, or going over 'I Just Wanna Make Love To You' [thanks  JeffTamelier]by this band recently for his friend MIKE KARNES. That's what reminded me of this amazing band. Eariler this year, BARTLETT did 'Valdez In The Country' [thanks Jerry Sorn] again with Mike Karnes, by COLD BLOOD. I love this group. I'll post more video links below. Jan

1.] VALDEZ IN THE COUNTRY, by Cold Blood, from  Jerry Sorn
2.] I'M A GOOD WOMAN/LET ME DOWN EASY, '69 by Lydia Pense + Cold Blood, from zeusdvm
3.] I JUST WANNA MAKE LOVE TO YOU, LIVE..'89 by Cold Blood, Jeff Tamelier/guitar, from JeffTamelier
4.] YOU GOT ME HUMMING/I WISH I'D KNEW HOW IT WOULD BE TO BE FREE . by Lydia Pense + Cold Blood, from seventhstreetdream
5.] I WISH I'D KNEW HOW IT WOULD BE TO BE FREE, by Lydia Pense + Cold Blood, from  Snick422,

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Playing JAZZ Tonight In Olympia...Getting Caught Up At Home

'LaLa', 'Layla's relative, by J.Rose-Bartlett cc
Tonight, Tuesday, February 4th, Steve's gonna play some jazz with friends in Olympia...WOW. Cool JAZZ. But, he didn't have time to work up any tunes like usual...he's gotta cold.
We had a miracle at our house.... yes, 5  brand new born baby chicks were born a couple days ago the middle of winter, outside in a pile of brush, in this cold weather, it snowed this morning. They're running around after their Mom, pecking at ??...looks like bare ground to me...of course, I'm not a hungry baby chick.
Our dancing Sheep, named 'Layla', who has been down for a week or so, is up and walking and smiling. Vet Jennifer said she'd be fine...alittle thin, maybe pregnant?, give her more more alphalfa [spell?] and other good stuff. Thanks Jennifer...I know...don't call her'Lay'la...if we don't want her to 'lay' around...the last thing was MY idea. SMILE, Jan

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Yes, JAZZ Is Divine

by Beth Sanderson 
What a wonderful photo of my bassman by BETH SANDERSON. Check her FACEBOOK page out at link.
Steve first met and played with Beth and her husband DAVE SANDERSON or HERE when playing in AL EARICK's 'ROAD DAWGS' in about 2005. [before I had created this site anyway. Jan]. I remember an amazing gig at THE SOUTH PACIFIC RESTAURANT in Tumwater, which is now closed, sorry to say...'cause it was always a fun place to be.
WOW...I found this on my FACEBOOK page today. BARTLETT ON BASS shared a great jam with Beth and her hubby at UNCLE SAMS BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway last November. Go HERE for MY story. Thank you Beth Jan.
We just returned from 'Masters of Divine Jazz' World Tour U.S.A Event at R.S.E'..We loved it. Thought this photo came just in time. You? Jan

O.K....Here's the band members of 'Road Dawgs', remember that was way back in 2005 or so. Of course, AL EARICK/guitar/vocals, BARTLETT ON BASS, SHERYL CLARK/Sax, there were three drummers over the years, at first was DON BENSON/drums, then there was a great drummer named JAKE??, for a short while, and last but not least was KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drums, JON BARONI/keys was in this band for a short while, and there was a guitar/harp/vocalist named 'SKY'...he had been a radio DJ before he joined the band...sorry, Sky, I don't remember your last name...anyone, please contact me if you know 'Sky's last name....or 'Jake's, for that matter. Thanks you guys, Jan  

Double Bass

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My Spelling?? Thanks For Understanding

My Spelling?? Thanks For Understanding
Photo by by billsaturno cc click to link, A note 'bout my spelling... I'm typing as fast as I can with one finger on one hand, and trying to make sense and everything. I haveave to look at the keyboard, NOT the see where ALL those letters are, and my nect won't bend or turn...whoops, that's NECK, not 'nect'. Please, forgive me and give me a little 'LEE-way' [spell?]...Thanks, Jan SMILE

Musical Grandma's Are Cooler

Musical Grandma's Are Cooler
by Sunfrog Shirts

Yea,...Just Wondering?

Yea,...Just Wondering?
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We Respect Others Rights, Jan and Steve

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The Truth

The Truth
Thanks Dick Metcalf, image by unknown cc


By INCREDIBLE ME, click for link

We Respect Others Rights, Jan and Steve

Please Note: Portions of this work contain the intellectual property of third party authors and contributors. As such, third party authors and contributors retain all copyrights in the individual works and reserve all rights not specifically granted herein

Want Your Gig Info Published Here?

Want Your Gig Info Published Here?
If you're a musician, band or club owner in my area, and want your live music event included on my BARTLETT ON BASS. Please send your gig info. at for review. I will review and post the very best gigs and live music events in the area. Thanks for reading BARTLETT ON BASS and supporting live music. ' T. Jan'...JA ROSE-BARTLETT.

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All Work..No Play?....Never...Jan

All Work..No Play?....Never...Jan
by tamakisono cc.

Please Unplug Me. Just Loving My Life

Please Unplug Me. Just Loving My Life
by george h takei


BY Pierre-Olivier CC

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I [T. Jan] share and review web sites with music, recipes and gardening information. I have been a mother, wife, nurse, apartment manager, chimney sweep, long distance runner, musician, artist, organic gardener and, A student of the GREAT WORK at R.S.E. Jan does the computer, Steve plays the bass and doesn't speak computer....but Jan doesn't speak, this works out well for us...Jan writes about music news, and this area's music events. The postings are all mine., . We share ideas about posts. Jan loves to create beautiful blogs to share ideas and keep my brain active, recovering from M.S. and other things. Jan always operate the computer, ..AND, all posts signed by Steve are in his exact words, and All our Sites licensed under Creative Commons. T. Jan.... Steve says..." I love animals, gardening, kids, music, nature and fishing.. A student of R.S.E. Really like being in nature and living simply. Enjoy teaching electric bass. Enjoy our sites." Steve.