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Friday, June 29, 2012

AMAZING MUSICIAN....Evelyn Glennie Documentary Segment


      We just got this Email from very cool friend, Sheryl Clark/sax this morning: Thanks Sheryl, Jan and Steve
      Sheryl played with my Steve BARTLETT ON BASS in AL EARICK's 'ROAD DAWGS' way back when.[ 'Round 2005?]....Members of this band were AL EARICK/guitar/vocals, SHERYL CLARK/sax, of course, DON BENSON/drums or KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drums, STEVE BARTLETT ON BASS, and another great guitarist/harp guy named 'SKY'??? Forgive me SKY [T. Jan], JON BARONI/keys was also in this band for a short while. I also remember JEFF MASON/ trombone/harp at a gig at the THE TACOMA CONVENTION CENTER. JOHNNY BURGESS/keys also played in some gigs at THE GOLDEN WEST in Tacoma. That's what I remember today. T. Jan
      Photo from SHERYL's MYSPACE SITE cc.. Link under photo.
      Here's Sheryl's Email:
      "Saturday, June 30
    • 8:00pm until 11:00pm

  • Parkland, WA, US
  • The High Rollers

    The High Rollers @ Paradise Bowl. See the show at Paradise's new nightclub, "The Bull Market," and bring your dancin' shoes. Summer's here, and we're funkin' out in every way!

    Tickets: no cover

    Full Details:

OR at

Monday, June 25, 2012

BAD, BAD LeRoy Br....ALL About BAD [COOL] Jim Croce Here

 by Piano Piano! cc
OK...Steve and his first wife, JULIE TRAINER, were known as THE BARTLETT PAIR, back in the '70s...They toured Washington State and Canada too. Julie's son and Steve's stepson with Julie is named SCOTT TRAINER, and he's a musician in Wyoming today. Steve has told me many times how Scott loved music at a very young age...AND was so cute when he sang..'BAD, BAD LeROY BROWN' by JIM CROCE. Steve thought it was his favorite song. Lots of people loved that song, in fact it was a big hit way back when.
 Today, I found a post from THE NEW YORK POST about JIM CROCE's life by CINDY ADAMS... Much of the information about JIM CROCE in the post was from JIM CROCE's widow INGRED's book called 'I GOT A NAME: THE JIM CROCE STORY'.
 Despite writing such hits as BAD, BAD LeROY BROWN and IF I HAD A BOTTLE, The CROCE'S lived in poverty "we lived on nothing. Like gypsies. No pension, no savings, no security. Not even insurance when I got pregnant. He sold his guitar to pay rent. He drove a truck when he wasn’t performing just so we could live. When things were really tough, he sold airtime." Ingred says in her book.
 JIM CROCE died a poor man, he was killed in a plane crash on tour in 1973 at the age of 30. INGED is remarried and is wealthy today..She's married to a lawyer named JIM ROCK. She owns CROCE RESTAURANT in San Diego, California. They have live music every night in the jazz bar.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

'A Day in A Life'.....BARTLETT Rehearsing The Song 'SOLO' ''...What?

Well, OK....I just heard some new cool music....Steve is doing the melody solo in this means he's playing the melody solo, NOT the bassline, like he usually does, TAL WILKENFELD plays the usual bassline in the video below. JEFF BECK is playing the lead or melody.. It's all because that new fretless bass we got awhile ago, it let's BARTLETT do some wonderful things, he just loves it, and it make some new cool sounds...and slide all over the place. Reminds me of an amazing 'string' a cello or something. When he plays the this melody solo in this song, it's awesome....very, very beautiful. BARTLETT doesn't know the whole tune yet...but, it's so cool...I can't wait. -------------------------- Found this on YOUTUBE, JEFF BECK playing the Beatle's tune...'A DAY IN THE LIFE'. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Big Mama Thornton 1970

'Steve....Can I Have Your Guitar'?...'OK'

by seriousbri cc
BARTLETT was so excited before the PHOENIX RISING SCHOOL gig last Friday..AND he's done hundreds of gigs for almost 50 years of performing on stage for all kinds of audiences....Well, it's because he has a BIG warm/soft spot in his heart for ALL kids. He just loves them. He wants to please them and make them happy and have a good time. The kids at PHOENIX RISING had requested that Steve play for their performances, so then the teacher called..... Steve was so honored and really nervous all at the same time, wanting it to be just right for the kids...AND, all went well. He had a wonderful time and everyone had a lot of fun....BUT, that reminds me of another time that Steve was playing music for three adorable kids in our home that almost ended in...well, let me tell the story. OK?
This story takes place 'round 1997 or so...Steve and I had only been on our farm a year or so. We were out working in a garden one summer when three young girls showed up at the gate on their bikes wanting to help...they lived just down the road. They were tired of their usual summer activities, all three said...'Could they help us, please?'....'OK', Steve said with his BIG SMILE. I knew he'd love this, playing in the garden with these three sweet kids, all under 10, I'd guess...and soon we had all of our seeds out and spread EVERYWHERE, and several small, tender plants being moved here and there...I had just learned, that Steve CAN NOT say 'NO' to kids. This was serious...very serious indeed...and, there gos our precious garden....AND, Steve was just smiling that big smile of his, loving it all, and having a ball. He winked at me and started talking 'bout all of us taking a big hike in the woods nearby, camping out, staying overnight, cooking on a big campfire, making our own trails etc...'What?', thought I...'Here girls, come here I have some cookies inside. Would you like some?'....'sure' said all three at once...running and pushing to see who could get into the house first.  
At first, it all looked like all was going well, I had made the right move in just the nick of time too with this cookie idea. I'm not sure when I first noticed that I was outta control.... probably when the whole two dozen or so cookies were all gone, and they were asking me what's for dinner and if they could stay? I then learned that I CAN NOT say 'NO' to these adorable three either. They sure seemed more experienced, quicker and smarter than I.  I had a feeling that  that they'd done this before, somehow....but that's silly, isn't it?
Then, they saw Steve's guitar in the corner. The special one I had bought him for Christmas, when Steve came walking in the door. 
'Will ya play us a song? huh Steve?...please Steve?'...Well, Steve couldn't say 'No', of course, and burst into a string of fun, happy tunes...the girls loved it.
When the youngest one looked up right into my Steve's smiling happy face, with her big blue eyes and asked so sweetly....'Steve, can I have your guitar?'.
Steve was smiling as he said 'OK' blankly and started to hand over the guitar.....
'Girls, girls here's a big bag of apples for you to take home, won't your parents be surprised?" I said all came running to the apples...the guitar now forgotten. 'Yea...Mom will love these' said the middle one, they quickly ran though the front door, hopped onto their bikes and were gone with the apples. 
Well, now folks, I made  up this last part...''cause we both really don't remember what happened next. It's a BIG blurrrr...What?...but, we still have that guitar and the girls went home.  AND, the story needed an ending, and it's a lot of typing with one finger on one hand...isn't it? AND, ain't it strange that Steve and I both don't remember what happened? The end.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


BARTLETT having fun awith ROBERT PATROZI/guitar.
Tonight's OPEN MIC at HIDDEN RIVER [6 to 11pm] in Rainier....BARTLETT is planning on going, hoping to get there by 8 pm....he loves to play and HIDDEN RIVER is relaxed and fun.
I [T Jan] am so glad he's planning on going...he's been home the past few days...working in the garden, investigating renting a music studio in Olympia to give music exciting.. He's ALL SMILES after doing music.
This Friday, Steve BARTLETT ON BASS is supporting the children's poems and their performances  for their families for the end of the school year, playing bass in the backround, at THE PHOENIX RISING SCHOOL in Rainier. 
That's it for today.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Leon Russell News - From CBS Sunday Morning

This Thursday Night At DAWSON's....STEVE STEFANOWICZ

 Go see STEVE STEFANOWICZ. He's an amazing musician, Bartlett has played with him before and he's just a wonderful, talented musician. Go HERE Check him out. I got photo from his website, link above.
Several years ago [about 2005?], my Steve played with STEVE STAFANOWICZ at a private gig near Gig Harbor, at a FIRE DEPARTMENT's summer celebration. KEVIN CHRISTENSON was on drums. There was lots of food and good cheer. STEFANOWICZ had a beautiful lady percussionist with him, and they knew their stuff...we sure enjoyed them. I remember he had another gig in Seattle that very night. Cool.
He's playing at DAWSON's BAR AND GRILL in Tacoma with THE BILLY SHEW BAND... it's an OPEN STAGE, at 8 pm to 12:30 pm this Thursday night, June 14th. WOW...We'd love to Steve BARTLETT ON BASS, maybe there without me.. Go if you can, it'll be an very enjoyable evening, I'm sure. [T. Jan]. 

5443 South Tacoma Way
Tacoma, WA.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Friday, June 08, 2012

Let The River Run - Carly Simon

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Last Night's Open Mic At HIDDEN RIVER In Rainier AND More

OK...What's my Steve been up to?? Well, lots of farm know, gardening and making darn sure those cute little fuzzy bunny rabbits AND Big UGLY SLUGS stay outta all of the delicious baby vegetables that we just planted and mulched....
We also planted more new nut and fruit trees, we ordered from RAINTREE NURSERY in Morton, WA. Their bareroot tree clearance sale was last weekend. So, we just HAD to order a few more trees...apples, plums, and pears....SMILE. We've been pruning and planting trees.  They are a great company to work with...great prices, a large selection and the trees have always gotten here promptly and in wonderful condition. Check them out.
Last night, Wednesday, June 6th, Steve had lotsa music fun at HIDDEN RIVER in Rainier. It's always OPEN MIC AND DINNER night at HIDDEN RIVER on Wednesdays, and Steve loves to get out and do music...this is the perfect place, no pressure and all levels of musicians just enjoying each other with some great food, beer, wine etc....last night's special was Salmon or Sliders. Steve got home 'round 1 am, I'd say, smiling THAT BIG beautiful smile of his....and we stayed up,...snacking and I [T. Jan] love'd to hear about his night out. Steve got to play his fretless bass and loved it's deep 'GROWL-Y' sound....I love it too when he's at home rehearsing...I'm such a lucky person to get to hear that sound every single day.
I [T. Jan], got to see HIDDEN RIVER a few weeks ago for the first time...I'm getting stronger and finally got into our truck for along awaited drive AND sandwich out...[A BIG DAY]... Since it's been almost 2 years since I've been out of the house, except for a few times at my doctor's in Yelm AND one time, at one of my favorite Bluzzz queen's  SHELLY ELY's home for pot luck last summer...and another time to UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway for a gig last fall,,the trip to HIDDEN RIVER was very special indeed. AND, I want to is a very beautiful place....check it out. OK?...I'm gonna go back as soon as I can too.
More music stuff...Steve and his long time friend, music instructor MIKE KARNES, are getting ready..well,.rehearsing on Sundays for a relaxed, fun gig in Olympia at an Art Gallery downtown...this is being planned for the first part of July... when Mike gives Steve all the details I'll post them right away. Steve's gonna be doing some really cool bass solos, on many of the tunes with his 'growl-y melodic' fretless at this gig...sounds soooo cool at home...I know everyone will love this. Steve and Mike both have almost 50 years each of musical experience on their instruments...this is gonna be amazing.
Also, next week, Steve will be performing solo at THE PHOENIX RISING SCHOOL in Rainier, providing some special background support for the older kids poems and end of the year performances for their parents and families. He's looking forward to this.
That's the news for now. See ya soon. T. Jan and Steve
Found JEFF BECK doing 'A DAY IN THE LIFE' on YOUTUBE. Steve's rehearsing this cool tune, he's doing the melody [bass solo].

Monday, June 04, 2012

R.I.P. EDUARD KHIL...That,.Funny Goofy Music Guy

Today, June 4th 2012, in St. Petersburg, Russia....that funny goofy music guy..EDUARD KHIL died, after a stoke he had last month. He was 77.
We loved his video...that we will post below.
 KHIL just made us smile, and a lot, with his video... AND...there was just no language barrier with that guy...we ALL knew he was just plain fun.
We'll miss you....Mr. Trololo.
For more, go HERE
Here's that funny video. Found it on YOUTUBE.

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