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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Have A Great Halloween...And, WEREWOLVES OF LONDON

Photo by cc
'Happy Halloween'.When I think of Halloween....I think of WARREN ZEVON's hit song, WEREWOLVES OF
Well, of course you do...What a silly question..pardon me..WEREWOLVES OF LONDON just means Halloween for all of us, that's all.
So, I looked up WARREN ZEVON to find out more...It being Halloween today and all, and here's what I found...
Warren Zevon was born in 1947 and died in 2003...Bummer, I'd love to hear more of his songs right now.
His songs were always full of my kind of humor and satire...they always gave me a big smile, and, I could listen to them over and over again. never tiring of them.
My Steve performed WEREWOLVES OF LONDON, by ZEVON, way back in 2005 while he was  in AL EARICK's BAND. I remember, he was at  GOLDEN WEST in Tacoma 'bout this time of the year. Members of that band were AL EARICK/guitar/vocals, SHERYL CLARK/sax, KEVIN CHRISTENSEN was drums at that time, even though DON BENSON was on drums too while BARTLETT was in the band. AND, the vocalist for 'werewolves' was a fine guitarist/harpman named 'SKY'. Forgive me 'Sky' for not remembering your full name. but, you did a fine job. [Jan...Smile and Wave]. NOTE: JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocal was also in this band for a short while. 
Jan and Steve
Happy Halloween photo by DOGGYFOOT.COM..Link HERE.
Found 'WEREWOLVES OF LONDON' by Warren Zevon on YOUTUBE.  Enjoy...  

Remember, 'You're An Original, Cannot Be Replaced'

Jan Rose and Steve Bartlett. Photo by Crystal
I just listened again to KATY PERRY's song...'FIREWORK'. Sung by KATY PERRY and an very talented JODI DiPIAZZA . The song was so moved me to tears.
Please watch the video I posted it below. I found it on YOUTUBE, it's a duet sung by Katy Perry and young Jodi DiPiazza. Jodi was diagnosed as autistic at the age of two, with not much hope given to both of her parents, that she'd ever talk or even understand...but, she has surprised everyone.... Never give up on yourself, says I. [Jan]
I remember these lyrics in Katy Perry's song, 'FIREWORK'...'You don't have to feel like a wasted space, You're an original, cannot be replaced'
This reminded me when I was also given NO hope in 1999, I was diagnosed with M.S., and it  was recommended by my doctors to have a spinal fusion...AND, something went very. very wrong, during surgery leaving me a paraplegic, unable to walk or move my left side. All the doctors would say was...' 'Whoops... and, put me in a nursing home.' They said later, when I walked into their office, 'I was a wonder'...'they did not think I'd ever move my arms and legs again'.
But wait...., here come's the best part, the very handsome HERO of this story...none other than our awesome leader of BARTLETT ON BASS....Steve BARTLETT ON BASS, himself, yeah!...and, I was saved from the dreaded nursing home by BARTLETT ON BASS.
I talked everyone at the hospital, into letting me go to rehab instead of a nursing home, and giving me at least a chance to learn to walk again. Steve came everyday, and helped me walk...and, we were NOT married at the time, and, he did NOT have to....he just did it out of the kindness of his heart....'WOW..What a special guy', says I...'O.K.,...I'll marry you.'...and, the rest is history.
Enjoy this amazing and touching video. Thanks, Jan

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

'Girl's Just Wanna Sing The BLUZZZ'?..CYNDI LAUPER Doin The BLUZZZ

OK, OK, I just heard a  cool YOUTUBE Video of CYNDI LAUPER and JONNY LANG doin' 'How Blue Can You Get?'....I've always knew JONNY LANG meant BLUZZZ, so, thought I'd give it a try... But wait...CYNDI LAUPER?   Yes...A BIG YES. CYNDI LAUPER now means that bold powerful, heart-felt, crying kinda BLUZZZ. Yea Cyndi. I just loved it. I'll post it below.
Last summer, CYNDI LAUPER released her latest Album, called MEMPHIS BLUES, it has this tune on it and so many fabtastic BLUZZZ things on, it must be just awesome. Check it out all you bluzzz lovers. OK? Link HERE.
To learn more 'bout CYNDI LAUPER's life, go HEREfor her Bio.
Here's that YOUTUBE video. CYNDI LAUPER and JONNY LANG doing 'How Blue Can You Get?'.
First posted 1/23/12.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

'Beauty For Ashes' CD By Brother Russ Bartlett, Now Available

Just read the news, RUSSELL BARTLETT, our Austin-based singer/song writer brother has an awesome new CD out. It's just been released this month...BEAUTY FOR ASHES' is now available on CDBaby. I just took a listen and really enjoyed all 10 new songs. Go HERE to listen for yourself. O.K? See if you agree with me.
Russ just finished a cool west coast tour in August with COLIN GILMORE, that was very rewarding for them both.
AND, Seattle based fans were treated to TWO area in Seattle, at the CONOR BYNE PUB and one up north at the Bartlett family's hometown of THE STANWOOD CAMANO FAIRGROUNDS.
Russell left the Seattle area in 1992 for Texas, and Texas has never been the same. BARTLETT's voice, humor and  country-Americana musical style just fit Texas perfectly. Listen to all five of his CD's on CDBaby and you will be delighted. Enjoy.
 Thanks, T. Jan 

Monday, October 22, 2012

This Week's Local Music News

BARTLETT's been on the run this week...He's having so much fun with music too. Let's see ....First he's happy to be at THE STONEGATE in Tacoma again this next Friday night...that's Oct. 26th. [NOTE: 10/25th... JERRY MILLER @ THE STONEGATE.... GIG has been posponed, please see BARTLETT with MICHAEL O'NEILL on Saturday, Oct. 27th, see below...Jan] from 9 pm to 1 am. with that awesome legendary guitarist JERRY MILLER/guitar/vocals, from the '60's band MOBY GRAPE. KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drums and, of course, with my BARTLETT ON BASS it's great trio on Friday night. There's dancing, cold drinks and pizza at THE STONEGATE...5421 South Tacoma Way, phone 253/473-2255.
NEXT, On Saturday, Oct. 27th, Steve BARTLETT ON BASS will be backing up the country great MICHAEL O'NEILL at THE HARMON BREWERY's TAP ROOM in Tacoma [ 253) 444-3930
204 St Helens Ave,Tacoma,WA98402
Near New Tacoma and Downtown Tacoma
Tacoma, WA 98402] ]. I'm not sure of the time yet, but will post it when it's official. O.K?....Just heard the news....[10/23rd 8:30 pm]....Music's from 9 pm to 11 pm. with MICHAEL O'NEILL starting alittle before 10 pm. There will be other fine musicians there as well as MICHAEL O'NEIL/guitar/vocals and KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drums with DAN TYACK/steel guitar,of course BARTLETT ON BASS. Below this post, I'll post a listen from MICHAEL O'NEILL's CD. Enjoy.
NOTES from the past week....Last Saturday, Oct. 20th, that singer/song writer from WALTER's BIRTHDAY, recording artist TOD LEMKUHL had a music bash at his home near McKenna at DREAM ACRES. Know it was wonderful, Steve was so disappointed he missed this get-together. but, our car was out of order and had to be fixed on Saturday, and BARTLETT didn't get home last Friday night from THE STONEGATE gig until 3 am...WOW. He was just too bushed.
Last but not least, there was Steve's weekly get-together at MUSIC 6000 in Olympia, with old friend, MIKE KARNES, who teaches guitar/bass in the Silverdale area. They had a great time reported Steve... always adding tunes to their growing set lists...this will be a awesome group when they're ready to perform in the area. 
My Steve ran into drummer, STEPHEN HICKS, owner of HOBBY STREET STUDIOS this week. Hicks said 'MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals, former owner of LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTERs in McKenna, will be back in this area in a couple of weeks, comeing up from San Diego, California'...I'll keep everyone posted as new information surfaces. Perhaps, there will be some music at STEPHEN HICK's studio HOBBY STREET when Salinas is here...Hope so.
Also, I got an Email from drummer KENNY WILLIAMSON this past week, all seems to be going well with him. Thanks for reading my music news. T. Jan
Music from MICHAEL O'NEILL [C]...

Jimi Hendrix - Crosstown Traffic (official video)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Can't Go For That ----- Cee Lo Green Live From Daryl's House

Steve's rehearsing this tune this morning

Friday, October 19, 2012

Music Going Ons 'Round Town...What's Up?

Steve Bartlett
Tonight, Friday, Oct. 19th...get a big music BARTLETT ON BASS with JERRY MILLER....yes, THAT Jerry Miller...from the band, Moby know who I mean. 
Anyway, Tonight at THE STONEGATE from 9 pm 'til 1 am...JERRY MILLER/guitar/vocals, Steve BARTLETT ON BASS, and KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drums. The address is 5421 South Tacoma Way, phone is 253/473-2255.
See ya there. O.K? There's great pizza and stuff...and, dancing too.

             5421 South Tacoma Way
             Tacoma, WA.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

AMAZING Guitar Work By JERRY MILLER....Behind the Scenes - Jerry Miller making of Peaceful Solution

Well, get ready for this Friday night, Oct.19th, at 9 pm at THE STONEGATE in Tacoma...and hear a music legend...that's '60's Moby Grape's JERRY MILLER. I've posted a video of Jerry, that I found on YOUTUBE with some amazing guitar work. Just listen. I sure enjoyed this video. There's no cover this Friday night, with some amazing music 'til 1 am., lotsa cold beer and hot pizza too. Bring your dancing shoes....OK? That's at THE STONEGATE, 5421 South Tacoma Way. Phone 253/473-2255.
So, that's my BARTLETT ON BASS and JERRY MILLER/guitar/vocals and KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drums this Friday night...Oct.19th.
Thanks, Jan

 5421 South Tacoma Way
Tacoma, WA.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Experience Hendrix -- Featuring Jonny Lang

WOW...JONNY LANG does JIMI HENDRIX's 'WatchTower'...enjoyed

Monday, October 08, 2012

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Real Live Music Troubadour Of The '60's With BARTLETT ON BASS

P hoto by Radio Saig√≥n cc
Now, here's the latest music news......Steve's doing music just everywhere, and is happier than a clam at high tide. So, cool to see him know, THAT smile...the one that's genuine and real from ear to ear. I love to see him really happy, that's all.
So, what's going on...he loves the people he's playing with. That's one thing...JERRY MILLER for one...he's a music troubadour and music legend. JERRY MILLER played in the band MOBY GRAPE and other groups way back in the '60's in San Francisco. Not only is Jerry's playing amazing and beautiful.... Jerry's been around and knows some of the really fine musicians, some true heros or music troubadours of this age. The ones that changed our history with their then [1960's] new ideas about social justice, freedom and equality. Steve and my hats are off to theses courageous men and women, the musicians of the '60's...and that means JERRY MILLER.
You can hear a real music troubadour and music hero JERRY MILLER every Friday night at THE STONEGATE in Tacoma, WA. That's at 5421 South Tacoma Way, phone 253/473-2255. With MILLER's back up by my Steve BARTLETT ON BASS and KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drums at THE STONEGATE. What a honor that is. A fantastic night of music.
Now, that's not the only place to see or hear JERRY MILLER and his music friends, during the week. He plays also at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL on 16003 Pacific in Spanaway on Thursday nights. AND, other areas around Tacoma. Steve does not play with JERRY on Thursday....but, I'll post all BARTLETT's and JERRY's gigs here as they come in...OK?
Steve's rehearsing with Jerry and Kevin this Tuesday afternoon at Jerry's house. This Friday, Oct. 12th will be great and it all begins at 9 pm., gos 'til 1 am each Friday night. Come out for a special night of music, and hear a real music legend too....Cool.
And, Steve's playing with his music buddy, music instructor, MIKE KARNES each week. Today, Sunday, Oct. 7th, they'll get together for some fun at MUSIC 6000 in Olympia. Soon, they'll be playing in Olympia. Mike's taking care of that part of the gigs...he's got some places ready for their great sound, when Steve and Mike are ready.
Found this video on YOUTUBE of JERRY MILLER.

Friday, October 05, 2012

TONIGHT See...Jerry Miller , Guitar Master formerly of MOBY GRAPE. Live 30 December 2011

See BARTLETT ON BASS tonight, Friday, Oct.5th,.. 9pm to 1 am, at THE STONEGATE, 5421 South Tacoma Way in Tacoma, Washington with the amazing JERRY MILLER/guitar/vocals and KEVIN CHRISTENSEN/drums. ------------------------

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Old Photo Of 'Good Blessing' Steve BARTLETT, 1971

Cool old photo of Steve Bartlett/BARTLETT ON BASS from 1971. Seattle area band. Presented by KING Radio and Heidelburg beer. Steve is 20 years the glasses., Go HERE for PACIFIC NORTHWEST BANDS...'Good Blessing'. The Paciific Northwest Bands web site is a great place to learn alot about the music history of this area. BARTLETT was also in CHEESEBURGER DELUXE' 1972 'TIL 1975. Check him out HERE
BARTLETT was in other area bands that are not at the site in the '70's too.. T. Jan

BARTLETT With Fantastic Music Legend JERRY MILLER Tomorrow

Kevin Christensen + Steve Bartlett 
OK...What's the latest?....My Bartlett..that's BARTLETT ON BASS, or performing tomorrow night, Friday, Oct. 5th with that awesome music legend JERRY MILLER. That's from 9 pm to 1 am at THE STONEGATE in Tacoma on South Tacoma Way...5421 South Tacoma Way, that .....AND, NO Cover!......What?...yep,.NO Cover.
So, here's your chance to hear a great music legend live...and eat pizza, drink cold beer or fine drinks of your choice...ALL at the same time...WOW! How can you lose? Well, you just can't...that's all... Bet, there'll be dancing too. Now, ALL this fun will all be taking place downstairs at THE STONEGATE...SO, folks if you have trouble climbing stairs like I have...there's NO problems tomorrow night with Stairs...It's Handicap friendly and everything, it's downstairs at THE STONEGATE....Bring on the music, and lotsa pizza I say [T. Jan] SMILE..
You haven't heard of JERRY MILLER?...Well, he's very famous that's all...AND Eric Clapton said 'JERRY MILLER'S the best guitarist in the world', that's BIG. JERRY MILLER was the lead guitarist for the 1960's  band MOBY GRAPE...this was in the Haight-Ashberry San know the very cool-groovy time of music There's lots of online stuff about him, and the band MOBY GRAPE all over  YOUTUBE...take a peek....OK? Now, Jerry plays in THE JERRY MILLER BAND up here in Tacoma.
See you tomorrow night at THE STONEGATE...OK?

WHERE: THE STONEGATE 9 pm to 1 am on Friday, Oct. 5th
                5421 South Tacoma Way
Found this video on YOUTUBE about the music scene in 1967, featuring MOBY GRAPE and JERRY MILLER.

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