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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Remixer Legend, FRANKIE KNUCKLES, 'Godfather of House Music' Celebrated

Freddie Knuckles/see photo credit
Today, I found out in THE GUARDIAN that FRANKIE KNUCKLES, " the Godfather of House Music." is being celebrated in Chicago. What is 'House Music' I wondered? Isn't the Guardian in UK? What's this ALL about?...Anyway? I've never even heard of a Mr. Knuckles.
Well, I was about to know alot more about all of this. It seems that Freddie Knuckles died a year ago. Lotsa famous musicians knew of him AND deprended on him,  folks like DIANA ROSS, CHAKA KHAN and MICHAEL know, some well known musicians..Knuckles was a DJ and record producer WIKIPEDIA states, [link above] and " one of the most sought-after remixers in club music." the story in the Guardian said. Read more about Frankie Knuckles HERE, another story, also from THE GUARDIAN.
Sounds like he was quite a talented and  'out of the box' kind of thinker when it came to remixing different types of music. He is geatly missed in Chicago and all over the world, won a GRAMMY, and was put into THE DANCE MUSIC HALL OF FAME and HERE in 2008. WOW. Jan
Read more HERE, about his death last year from THE ROLLING STONE.
I only found one video link by Freddie Knuckles,see video link below.
1.] YOUR LOVE, by Freddie Knuckles, by Backintday

Monday, March 30, 2015

The White Stripes Jolene...Really Enjoy JACK WHITE's Version of 'Jolene'...You?

See photo credit
I have enjoyed and reported stuff before from JACK WHITE, and find him so mysterious and interesting. I know, I'm much older 'in earth years' than he is...BUT, feel like I know him some how. can call me strange if you want to...but, it's still my truth. Here links to some of MY posts about my' brother' Jack White. Go HERE and HERE Jan

ARETHA FRANKLIN's Never Too Old...And I Mean NEVER

see photo credit
Yep...ARETHA FRANKLIN's and HERE never gets old AND is just never gonna be too old for me...she just ain't...that's all. So, when I saw this online this morning. Well, 'I' just had too check it out....This is what it said: in BIG LETTERS...

Aretha Franklin Is an Old Lady and She Sounds Like It; Good for Her

Go HERE and check it out for yourself. O.K?
Some people AND music just never gets Aretha, does she?  I was very happy to read this story...'cause Rich Juzwiak, was on my side and a real Franklin fan, like
Aretha started singing, like many very cool singers, as a teenager in her church in the 60's. Her father was the minister. She was known as 'the Queen of Soul' by the end of the '60's. She was also the first female induced into the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME in 1984. Well, it was about time is all I can say. She my favorite.Jan
I'll post some Aretha Franklin video links favorites below, after I post this to FACEBOOK..

1] RESPECT '67, by Aretha Franklin, byTatanBrown
2.] FREEWAY OF LOVE, by Aretha Franklin, by ArethaFranklinVEVO
3.] THINK '68, by Aretha Franklin, by TatanBrown
4.] CHAIN OF FOOLS unedited, by Aretha Franklin, by Ciccio Maria Amato   

Saturday, March 28, 2015

BARTLETT's Bio.. Did You Know? .'.Put Your RIGHT Foot Forward'

STEVE BARTLETT, by Crystal Sincoff
"An accomplished bass guitarist, Steve played for years in Seattle area clubs. Two of the bands he played for in Seattle can be found on PNWBands--'Good Blessing'-1971, and 'Cheeseburger Deluxe' 1972 to 1975. There are others not listed PNWBands, like Cozetti and Gimmell Jazz Quartet, see Steve got his love of music from his father, Morgan Bartlett Sr. who showed up in Steve's 3rd grade class and played a tune...that inspired Steve to go into music, and his brother, Country Blues Singer/Songwriter-- Russell Bartlett . Go to  ...take a listen  . Steve studied music and jazz at Edmond's Community College.
He also enjoys performing on a fretless bass and the double bass or upright bass
Some more musicians and bands: Al Earick's 'Road Dawgs, Sheryl Clark,', Cara Clarke-Powers,',Martin Salinas, Kenny WilliamSon in The Liquid Soul Band, Walters Birthday with Jon Baroni, Jerry Miller, Michael O'Neil,,Joseph Plemmons, Kevin Christian,  
Steve feels a great love and connection to music. Wants to share that love with everyone."
SHELLY ELY/vocals from SASS asked for a short bio this morning. Here it is. Jan

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Destination: THE STONEGATE...Go SASS Go...Tonight MERRIAM's Night

by South Sound Blues Association [C]/see photo info.
O.K., BARTLETT's going over tunes for tonight, Saturday, March 21st, at THE STONEGATE, As you know, STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals and HERE is a amazing song writer, as well as, you know guitarist and singer....Steve and I both love all his songs...he is very talented. Be at the STONEGATE tonight... Merriam's recording his tunes, and keeping a record of all his stuff...'cause it's so good, of course, you'll hear ALL of SASS's favorites too, nothing will be left out. AND all this just belted out by Ms. BLUZZZ herself, SHELLY ELY/vocals. So, it'll be a full night of fun.. With the whole crew tonight, that's STEVE BARTLETT on bass, and Andre Thomas doing drums. Guest will be from Marriam  " Bob Stewart will be sitting in on Blues Harp."..
Be at the STONEGATE ALL starts at 9pm. Jan
ABOUT PHOTO: Taken March 13th at UNCLE THURM's FINGER LICKEN RIBS AND CHICKEN in Tacoma, WA. Steve Merriam/guitar, Michael Kinder sitting in for Andre Thomas on drums, Shelly Ely/vocals and Steve Bartlett/bass. Photo by SOUTH SOUND BLUES ASSOCIATION.

WHERE: STONEGATE RESTUARANT AND BAR, Saturday, March 21st, 9pm 'til closing
                5419 South Tacoma Way
                Tacoma, WA.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

.SASS's SHELLY's Gonna Climb Right Up On STONEGATE's Stage and Belt Out Those BLUZZZ

see photo credit
O.K., I've been offline a few days...soooo? Well, there's some great new news...just in today. SASS'll be at THE STONEGATE this Saturday, March 21st, at 9pm....WOW...Spring has sprung open with a BIG Bang with some powerful heart-felt BLUZZZ with none-other than the Queen of BLUZZZ herself----Ms. SHELLY ELY/vocals. You go girl...that's it... climb right up on that stage and SING your heart out, I know it's a BIG stage, BUT, don't be shy...go ahead just because we're ALL looking at you and  counting on you. [HINT: Close your eyes, Shell...O.K? SMILE, just trying to help Jan].
That's this Saturday, March 21st---isn't that the first day of spring or something? Whatever...just be there at 9pm...that's when all that BLUZZZ starts, and it'll go til after midnight at least. Plenty of time to come on down for some good food, cold beer and dance all those calories off...probably loose a few pounds having fun. Jan

WHERE: THE STONEGATE RESTAURANT AND BAR, Saturday, March 21st, 9pm 'til after midnight
              5419 South Tacoma Way
               Tacoma, WA.

Friday, March 13, 2015


used with permission/see photo credit
Hey, 7:30 pm all know. SASS's Amazing BLUZZZ Out @ UNCLE THURM's FINGER LICKIN RIBS AD CHICKEN. That means great live music AND Soul Food. I love Thurm's fried chicken dinner...'Oh Boy, Oh Boy...can't wait.'
SHELLY ELY's ready to belt out those songs. ALL 'BLUZZZ-Y' and dripping with her  heart felt feelings, with her powerful voice. I'm ready for it all.
STEVE MERRIAM/guitar, MIKE KINDER/drums is sitting in for ANDRE THOMAS tonight and STEVE BARTLETT ON BASS. Come on down. Jan
PHOTO CREDIT: The photo was taken by MERRI PETERSON SUTTON in Tacoma, WA. of this group [early Sept. 2014]. Used by permission from SASS, link  S. Merriam'

              3709 'G' Street
               Tacoma, WA.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

ROGER MILLER Always 'King Of The Road'

Roger Miller in 1975, from Wikipedia/ see link cc
Here's an artist that's an original...ROGER MILLER [photo link]. He died way back in 1992. I don't hear his tunes alot anymore on radio etc. But, when I remember to take a listen to all those unique, one-of-a-kind tunes of his .....I want to listen to them over and over.  So, today, I looked up his life and this is how it was. O.K?
First off,....WIKIPEDIA called his music: "  honky-tonk-influenced novelty songs  " yes, was all kinda 'honky tonk' sounding, and as a kid in the 60's I just loved mimicing his sound and pretend to sing them all. Remember 'Can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd'? and 'Chug-a-lug'. That was soooo fun to sing as a kid in the 60's...Time For a change....society was changing finally 'round then...with Civil Rights, and NO MORE Viet Nam War, free love , really upsetting our parents...remember? This was way outta their box....a big change.
Miller wrote alot of songs for other musicians...For example, some for RAY PRICE and JIM REEVES, he was good friends with WILLIE NELSON and they wrote songs together. There were many more artists that he wrote for.
There is a 'Roger Miller Museum' in his home town of Erick, Oklahoma. He called himself...'dirt poor" when he was a kid...maybe that inspired him to pen 'King of the Road' in 1965.
I was sad and surprised to read that Miller,seemed to have a very sad life...He was married three times, suffered from insomnia and depression, drank, smoked, liked to fight and would 'walk' off stage, you know, during a performance, and had a drug problem. ...WOW.Throat Cancer cause his death in 1992. Jan
Here's a video clip on YOUTUBE of Miller's about Robin Hood. Thanks Va HOSS

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wounded Shell With SASS Tonight @ FEEDBACK LOUNGE 'BLUES TO DO', in West Seattle

from the feedback lounge/see link
Tonight, Tuesday, March 10th,...  we're in Seattle back at the FEEDBACK LOUNGE in West Seattle with MARLEE WALKER. I'm really looking forward to it. This time the gig's with SASS [Steve Merriam/guitar, Andre Thomas/drums Steve Bartlett on bass, and 'wounded', recovering and never give up Shelly Ely/vocals], you know, we don't know what'll happen next.... 'cause SHELLY ELY's back from another surgery  on her person...'ouch-ouch' AND, ready to sing the BLUZZZ....Last month's gig at the FEEDBACK with HEATHER JONES AND THE GROOVE MASTERS [Heather Jones//vocals, Donny Jones/guitar/vocals, Jeff Hayes/drums and Steve Bartlett on bass] was awesome and tonight will be amazing with SASS too..I can't wait. I'll post the address etc. below...come on down and check it out
It all begins 'round 8 pm, gos to 'bout 10 pm., I guess.
What a neat club the Feedback is, with mostly Mexican type food...''OLE....Let's have a fiesta. Here's what the Feedback says: " BLUES TO DO LIVE:

This Tacoma blues woman is one of the region’s top female vocalists, period. For decades she's belted it out with Tacoma's Best blues/R&B bands including the most loved Big Nasty along with monster Hammond organist Buck England and the late Jho Blenis on blistering guitar. Shelly has a fistful of regional awards and nominations including the Summy Award, named after legendary Tacoma DJ Bob Summerrise. See her new band of Tacoma's finest in a rare Seattle performance for this outstanding and, YES, sassy vocalist."
 Thata girl Shell...just climb right up there on stage and sing that BLUZZZ. Jan

WHERE: FEEDBACK LOUNGE, 8pm to 'round 10pm
                 6451 California, click HERE for directions
                 West Seattle, WA.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Just MY Yearly Check In On That 'Born To Jam' Weird Leslie

About once a year I just havta look in on LESLIE HALLand HERE .She's amazing...NOT only does she travel the world , singing and performing at weddings with her band at   special Live Music Events...But, she'a also a 'fashion' deva. with 'Gem Sweaters' [I love Sparkly stuff] and amazing fashion courage and original designs.
 I think it was last year, when I checked in with Leslie...she was touring Australia...What?...Amazing Leslie.
She's currently developing video projects is all I found this year. See?
Below, I'm posting 'Gem Sweater'....Steve almost said.... it's really bad, he likes her....and, you know, you can't hurt Leslie, She's got ah, lotsa  'courage'. AND, WIKIPEDIA [link above] said " She also operates a "gem sweater museum"  So, she just can't loose.   Jan

Jaco Pastorius - A Portrait Of Tracy

JACO PASTORIUS, see photo credit
One of BARTLETT's heros...A bassman's Bass man. JACO PASTORIUS and HERE was awesome, Steve loved him way back when. But, Jaco was murdered and at a young age of sad. A bi-polar, un-medicated, acting strange....scares people and that's what happened. See MY story about Jaco's death HERE. One of my favorite Pastorius tunes is below. Jan

What A CHEAP TRICK....Rick Neilsen Thinning Out His Guitars Etc. in a Auction on ReverbNation

RICK NEILSEN and guitars, see photo credit
With over 400 guitars that he loves, and looks like even more to come .......RICK NEILSEN  from CHEAP TRICK is gonna auction off some of his treasures on REVERBNATION.....AND, he's built a ' shop' just for that purpose. Go HERE. WOW....if he's like every other, amazing musician that I've got to know, over the years. This will be very difficult for pulling teeth even. Musicians' often think of their axe's as a pieces of priceless art. AND, they should...everyone of them are is pack full of memories of long practices and very sweaty rehearsals,...that crazy gig in XXX, the day they played with XXX, this solo, that 'place in XXX' etc. and some very personal stuff. their axes can reflect some very personal parts of their lives.
Many musicians are seen polishing their 'axe' between sets really tenderly and get kinda 'uncomfortable' when anyone touches their priceless instrument or even asks, they can be seen kinda 'hovering' over the instrument like a mother over her young child....when another musician picks up their guitar or whatever they play.
So, I was alittle releaved when I read in THE ROLLING STONE that Neilsen is planning on buying more instruments to replace what he sells...'Whew'..I read that he kinda likes to keep those instruments circulating out there....'it keeps them alive', he believes. O.K., I feel better now. Jan

Friday, March 06, 2015


HEATHER JONES from Heather's Facebook/see lnk
Be at UNCLE THURM's FINGER LICKIN RIBS AND CHICKEN on 'G' Street in Tacoma, WA. O.K...Some awesome live music. Don't worry you won't miss a beat,....even if there's alota finger lickin going on. I know...I'm pretty good at lickin up delicious BBQ sauce myself, and know it's NO problem hearing this fine music too. 
BARTLETT's working up some great tunes that I'll post below. Just an example of what you'll be hearing from HEATHER JONES AND THE GROOVE MASTERS tonight. That's HEATHER JONES/vocals, DONNY JONES/guitar/vocals, with JEFF HAYES/drums and STEVE BARTLETT on bass...A perfect night of fun. Of course, I'll be there, just lickin all the extra BBQ sauce I can find AND 'dancing' to THAT music. Jan

              Friday, March 6th, 7:30 pm 'til 'round 9:30pm
              3709 'G' Street
               Tacoma, WA.
Just example of what you might hear links from YOUTUBE below.

1.] PROBLEM CHILD, by Doyal Bramhall11, by Renaud Couturier
2.] BRING IT ON HOME, by Led Zeppelin, by MDClark311
3.] IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, by Jimmy Vaughan, Lou Ann Barton, by TEXANOBLUES
4.] GOOD MORNING LITTLE SCHOOLGIRL, by Jonny Lang, by easylyricsorg1220
5.] BIG LEGGED WOMAN, by Freddie King, by mick7575
6.] CAN'T BE SATISFIED, by Muddy Waters, by furyo85
7.] TROUBLE IN MIND, by Big Bill Broonski, by GtrWorkShp
8.] BORN UNDER A BAD SIGN, by Albert King, by Love Music, Hate Racism!
9.] FURTHER ON UP THE ROAD, by Eric Clapton,Promemoryas
10.]  THE MEANING OF THE BLUES, by Joe Bonamassa, by ILoveMusicPiano
2.] THEM CHANGES, by Buddy Miles, by NoRosesForMe
3.] SHAKE YOUR HIPS, by Joan Osborne, by aganzx
4.] SIGNED, SEALED,, DELIVERED, I'M YOURS, by Stevie Wonder, by samplegoogoo
5.] NEED YOUR LOVE SO BAD, by Fleetwood Mac, by davey boy phelan
6.] I SMELL A RAT, by Patty Griffin, by MandolinMotorBlues
7.] ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY, by John Prine, by 1000Magicians
8.] WHAT YOU WON'T DO FOR LOVE, by Bobby Caldwell, by J Buddy Love - Old School
9.] LOVE IS ALIVE, by Joan Osborne, by MrKingsRow

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Looks Like SHANIA TWAIN's Starting Her Last Tour..AND,.In Seattle on June 5th

Here is some music news for today, you know, SHANIA TWAIN? and HERE [photo link] Well, she's moving on down the line, so to speak. Found this amazing news ALL over the internet...and Sounds like her minds made up, found in THE ROLLING's a quote " "This is my last tour, so I'm going to make the most of it," Twain said. "I want to go out with a bang.".
Twain's Album called ' Come on Over' was the best selling country album of ALL time...WOW. But, she's almost 50 years old now and wants to sit down for awhile...Whew...AND, she announced a 48 city last tour starting in Seattle this summer.....So,.I'll find more about that, for all of us Twain Fans and post it here...O.K? Go HERE for Seattle ticket info.. hurry ticket sales begin in just a few days. Jan 
Follow: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook
COME ON OVER from YOUTUBE by Shania Twain....thanks ShaniaTwainVEVO [SHANIA TWAIN VEVO] 


UNCLE THURM photo by Heather Jones
Yummy....Be @ UNCLE THURM''s FINGER LICKIN RIBS AND CHICKEN this Friday, March 6th, 7:30 pm...Uncle Thurm and Linda are getting ready AND cookin' up a storm for tomorrow's big gig or Live Music  Event...That's HEATHER JONES AND THE GROOVE MASTERS doing there thing...Here's what Thurm said last month and I  quote: " Unnnnnnbelievable night tonight at Uncle Thurms with Heather Jones & the Groove Masters, accompanied by Shelly Ely & Steve Merian as special guest. For those of you folks from around the sound who came to get down, with your Valentine we at Uncle Thurms send our love & appreciation. Great night of music, one of the best we've had, ever. 
To Heather, Shelly, & the band, you turned on 100 people throughout the night, Thanks.
Two powerful voices ripping through room was just mind bogling, & Donny on vocals was just as deadly. Hopefully we can bring these two local SUPER STARS back in the future to emulate what transpired this evening. G St Blues is on move." 
Happy Valentines "
 HEATHER JONES doing vocals and DONNY JONES/guitar/vocals,
O.K., It's gonna be a GREAT NIGHT ...Amazing Live Music and amazing food all together makes an amazing night
Friday, it's  HEATHER JONES doing vocals and DONNY JONES/guitar/vocals  JEFF HAYES will be on the drums and, of course, STEVE BARTKETT ON BASS. Here's some photos below. See Heather Jones on REVERBNATION. Jan

Donny Jones, Heather Jones, Jeff Hayes and Steve Bartlett,by H. Jones

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