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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cat gets caught barking by a human and resumes meowing

Report OF Cool Stuff At Yesterday's Gig? Yep. THE OLYMPIA CITY CENTER

YASMINE ARIEL, see link cc
First, I will say...My Steve had a really awesome time yesterday performing at THE OLYMPIA CITY CENTER, with his music buddies. He reports lota cool music, happy people, and some surprise stuff too...Yep...he was smiling THAT smile, when he got home last night 'round 11 pm. [Music was from 4 pm to about 8 pm.] I'm always happy to see that smile when he gets home.
BUT, Before I forget,..I'd like to thank ALL the people that made this fantastic evening of music happen by stepping up to the plate,  and making this a evening to remember for our neighbors and friends, STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums, wife ANNETTE ROTH-HICKS and their young son, and all those guests at this private show. Steve reports that ANNETTE was beaming at the end of the, proud of her hubby STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums and owner of HOBBY STREET STUDIOS. She helped organize this special event for her employer. "Everybody had a good time and it was fun". states my Steve.
Well, who was there then? you ask...The day began about 4 pm, with YASMINE ARIEL and RAMI doing several tunes. They're real magic and I've posted a video of them at the end of this report of her and her husband videoed at THE SPIRAL CAFE in Yelm last month. Check it out. OK? Beautiful.
Then, the evening continued with STEVE/bass, JON/keys/vocals, STEPHEN/drums and MIGUILITO/congas being honored by being asked to perform that same tune, 'Little Wing' by JIMI HENDRIX and two other tunes with YASMINE ARIEL and RAMI.
This night then continued with Steve BARTLETT ON BASS/vocals, JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals, XXXXX-XXX/guitar [X'd out per request T. Jan]  MIGULITO FIELDMAN/congas and, of course, STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums doing their stuff..... There were laughing, dancing children, at the front of the big stage, excited and jumping with the live music. [Steve just loves kids and I can count on him always telling me about their activities]. He also tells me that there were  dancing couples during the evening too. Cool. Just sounds great everyone. Thanks for the report, Steve. T. Jan
Found this video, taken last month at THE SPIRAL CAFE in Yelm, of YASMINE ARIEL and RAMI, doing 'LITTLE WING' by JIMI HENDRIX.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Awesome BLUZZZ Hero...Jonny Lang Turns 31 Today

JONNY LANG..Photo  by SMN cc
One of my very favorite BLUZZZ guys is JONNY LANG. Did ya know his 31st birthday is today? Well, me, 'Happy Birthday Jonny'.....T. Jan
Jon is from North Dakota, Fargo that is, he's been playin' and singin' since the age of 12.. AND, he's performing all over the place. Cool. To read more, go HERE. T. Jan
Found this on YOUTUBE. JONNY LANG and SANTANA doin 'I Ain't Superstious'.

Here's a video from YOUTUBE, behind the scenes 'I Ain't Superstitious' JONNY LANG and CARLOS SANTANA.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oh...Now I've Gone And Done It...That's S-T-E-P-H-E-N...With A 'P-H'..Not..S-T-E-V-E

That's always cool STEPHEN K. HICKS with the cap on.
Whoops...As you might have guessed, well, how do I say it more plainly than this... 'just read my stuff and there's NO guess work to it...spellin' and punctuation just AIN'T my thang!'...well, I mean, I'm just a woman who loves music  and has alota time on my, I mean just one finger on one hand...AND, I really try and go over everything melodious times...WOW..just look at THAT  BIG word, will can't say I'm not trying. Can ya?
BUT, sometimes, no matter how hard I try... some itty-bitty, teany-weany thing gets passed STEPHEN K. HICK's name, that's our neighbor and drummer, and owner of HOBBY STREET STUDIOS, yes, THAT's STEPHEN K. HICKS real name...What?..his name? YEP...It's not STEVE HICKS, like I've been spelling it just EVERYWHERE. And, he's been so polite, cool and kind I might add...he N-E-V-E-R made a peep..... not one word.
I just found this out 'bout two days ago on FACEBOOK that I'd made this horrible mistake, when I saw how HE spelled it...and noticed it WASN'T the way I've been spelling it. I just knew HE was right, not me...and, I started changing the spelling of his name everywhere I could find it as fast as I could...did you notice? Well, I was  just hoping that if I did it fast enough, he.... STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums and owner of HOBBY STREET STUDIOS in Yelm would never notice. Forgive me STEPHEN K. HICKS. drums AND very cool owner of HOBBY STREET STUDIOS. T.Jan
About the photo. From left:   MARTIN SALINAS/guitar, my Steve BARTLETT ON BASS, and always cool STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums This was taken at CLATTER AND DIN Music Studios in Seattle, last month. Thanks, Curtis.
Found on YOUTUBE, JULIE ANDREWS doing ...'SUPER CALIF?????' ..a VERY BIG WORD, you know, from MARY POPPINS,

Christina Aguilera, Stevie Wonder Sing at Etta James Funeral - Hiphollyw...

Friday, January 27, 2012

For A Real Good Time..Musicians Go Here

Steve BARTLETT ON BASS having a good time
When musicians are stressed, they play music. When musicians are sad, they play music., when they are happy, they play music. When musicians are celebrating, they play music. When musicians are worried, they play music. When musicians are lonely, got it, play music. 'Cause they love music, become the music, are the music. It's how they love, live and communicate in their world. The music must go on...and on, and on. They ARE the music.
So, last night, my hubby, Steve went to a rehearsal at neighbor, STEPHEN K. HICK's/drums at his HOBBY STREET STUDIOS in Yelm, they played 'til 'round 1 am...when Steve came in the door just smiling that beautiful smile from ear to ear...yep...he had a great time, magic happened! 'Cool...tell me all about it, Sweetheart'. I just love this part....he slows way down, thinks a minute, smiles and then gos over the whole night with me. Guess, we got to bed 'round 3 am after sharing milk and cookies. 'Ah... A perfect night.'
Yes,  musicians just love music, that's all. AND, They love to get together and play with their music buddies, that's just the way it is ladies and gents.
That's why, it's so very strange for me to hear some family members of these fine musicians say...'Oh, Are they gonna rehease that AGAIN?', or 'That's what I get for marrying a XXXX, all he does is play'. ..WHAT? Many wives or husbands of musicians seem to never get to a gig. Some are even hostile and pressure the musician to stop playing...'it's either me or the music.' Have you ever heard of Doctors, Lawyers or Nurses etc. having to deffend their passion and their trade? It's not party time, it's lotsa hard work and takes a real talent too. It's 'spose to look easy and fun. Then everyone will enjoy themselves.[I've always noticed that when musicians are having any kinda problem on, does the audience, and they leave.]
So, wait a minute right there...this is AMAZING musician family member, do you realize that you're so very lucky to get to listen to 'Spain' by Chick Corea or whatever for FREE and so many times too. Just look at all the time it takes to get these tunes just do these guys and gals do it? They have trained themselves to hear a pin drop...I'm always awed at that. Good job guys. 
Last night, the guys were rehearsing for THE OLYMPIA CITY CENTER gig next Monday night. They'll have a fun time, I just know it. They'll be playing in XXXX-XXXX's band,   XXXXXXX...he'll be playing guitar [X'd out per request T. Jan]. My Steve BARTLETT ON BASS, JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals and STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums, st_robert will be the sound engineer. Sunday they'll have another rehearsal and all love it all over again too. The music always gos on.
That's what's going on for today. Thanks for being here.  T. Jan
Found 'The Show Must Go On', a tribute to Queen's Freddie Mercury. From YOUTUBE,

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tire Tracks Cross Your Back, I Can See You've Had Your Fun.... JIMI HENDRIX Doin' CROSSTOWN TRAFFIC

JIMI HENDRIX is always a fun way to start my day.. Found CROSSTOWN TRAFFIC on YOUTUBE this morning. Hope you had a great drive to work this a.m.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kim Archer ~ Supertitious? Never, She Knows What She's Doin'

Photo by Fifth World Art
 You know, we're just plain lucky to have soooo many awesome musicians in this area. Why, let me tell ya 'bout another favorite of mine....It's KIM ARCHER. She's wonderful...and I've noticed her band THE KIM ARCHER BAND, of course, playing all over the place, from Seattle down to more my neck of the woods ,..Olympia. Cool.
I was all lined up to see her live at THE URBAN ONION in Olympia awhile back, when I was getting around more, when my Steve went an got a gig for that night in another part of town, I had no ride and don't drive anymore, since the time I asked my foot to put on the brakes, and it just sat there and calmly asked me when....AND, so I missed seeing KIM ARCHER that night....BUMMER.
But, don't you miss her. Looks like a real good time. Click HERE  and HERE to learn more about this fine musician. T. Jan
Found a video on YOUTUBE of THE KIM ARCHER BAND doing 'Supertitious'.

New Gig Announced...Private Show at 'OLYMPIA CITY CENTER'

Well, This is just in.... a new private gig has been announced at THE OLYMPIA CITY CENTER, that's 222 COLUMBIA N.W. in Olympia for January 30th. Go HERE.
 My Steve BARTLETT ON BASS will be performing with XXXXX-XXX's band XXXXXX. [X'd out by request T. Jan].
So, that just shows too can have really cool live music at your private events. Check it out. OK? Musicians just love to play...I know everybody will have a great time at your event too with live music and you'll look really cool. Remember, Live Music just makes any and everything very special that's all.  T. Jan
I just feel like dancin', gigs make me happy, that's all...OK? It's JENNIFER LOPEZ doin' 'Let's get Loud' in Porta Rico. 'OLE.

MEREL HAGGARD On The Repair In Macon, Georgia Hospital.. But, Just Wants To Go Home

Guess it just shows ya....'When it Rains it Pours'...Yep. Poor Country singing star MEREL HAGGARD 74, has lotsa unexpected health problems to deal with. First, he was admitted to a hospital and treated for double  pneumonia  in Macon,Georgia. But wait, that's not all......they then discovered "three stomach ulcers, eight polyps in his colon and diverticulitis in his esophagus" says Ann Oldenburg of USA Today, go HERE..... WOW! That's a lotta stuff.
But, Haggard just wants go home and climb on his personal bus and return to Redding, California.  'Cause that's home to HAGGARD. And, I  understand completely as I always just wanna be home when things are going rough too...don't you?
Well, sounds like a good idea MEREL....but, it's harder than it sounds he found out. HAGGARD decited to returned to the hospital for more treatment and rest, after trying to leave. Just too much for him now. Good luck MEREL HAGGARD. T. Jan.
Posted MERLE HAGGARD doin' 'Okie From Muskogee'. Found on YOUTUBE.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

OK...I'm Ready...What's Going On Now?

Steve's been really busy cleaning up our little farm after that COLD ice-snow storm that hit this area last week. Yelm got their lights turned on just yesterday. Several of our neighbors are still nowhere to be seen.....we bet at relatives with lights, lotsa food, water and heat...Their cars are not's so strange...very, very eerie...And quiet.

I'm sure we're gonna stock up more candles, have a small camp stove on hand with fuel, more easy to prepare foods, and lotsa drinking water and ALL the first aid stuff we can get ahold of. We learned alot.

My Steve did not make it to a jam arranged for last Friday night at our neighbor Stephen K Hicks /drums's, HOBBY STREET STUDIO just down the street...we had three trees blocking our driveway AND hard ICE-ROCKS falling from heaven....well, I guess, more like shooting down from heaven on us...SCARY.

He will be going to STEPHEN HICKS/drums this Thursday evening instead. JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals called today and my Steve will see him there too. It'll be lotsa fun. A friend of Stephen Hicks, named XXXXX-XXXX/guitar [X'd out per request, T. Jan], from Olympia, is planning to be there. That's how musicians relax....they just love to get together and play. Everyone around here have been so busy with fixing stuff after that terrible, they look forward to relaxing together and playing...AND, I always support that. It always makes me so happy to see Steve smile...that GREAT BIG REAL SMILE, when he's playing music with his buddies.

I'm sure some cool gigs will be coming down the pike soon and I'll let you ALL know right away. OK?  T. Jan

Monday, January 23, 2012

'Girls Just Wanna Sing The BLUZZZ'...Cyndi Lauper Can Do Bluzzz...Big Time

Photo by rickh710 cc
OK, OK, I just heard a  cool YOUTUBE Video of CYNDI LAUPER and JONNY LANG doin' 'How Blue Can You Get?'....I've always knew JONNY LANG meant BLUZZZ, so, thought I'd give it a try... But wait...CYNDI LAUPER?   Yes...A BIG YES. CYNDI LAUPER now means that bold powerful, heart-felt, crying kinda BLUZZZ. Yea Cyndi. I just loved it. I'll post it below.
Last summer, CYNDI LAUPER released her latest Album, called MEMPHIS BLUES, it has this tune on it and so many fabtastic BLUZZZ things on, it must be just awesome. Check it out all you bluzzz lovers. OK? Link HERE.
To learn more 'bout CYNDI LAUPER's life, go HERE for her Bio.
Here's that YOUTUBE video. CYNDI LAUPER and JONNY LANG doing 'How Blue Can You Get?'.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Is That SEAL.... Just CRAZY or What?...Heard He's Leaving Heidi And The Kids

Photo by by √oхέƒx™  cc
I  really like SEAL's music...always have, very beautiful, lovely, inspirational and meaningful tunes. I play them over, over and over etc., you know what I mean. They've changed my life.
Well, I'm reading today online that he and his wife...Heidi Klum, are splitting up 'cause he's 'round 50 and maybe partying too much, leaving poor Heidi home with their four 4 kids? OK...Now I understand. That's a lotta kids, and they cry can make a bunch of noise and stuff. And, SEAL's a musical artist/genus and trying to sing and write all those meaningful songs, isn't he? 'Bout love, caring, understanding and world peace....why, I think he's gotta perfect right to party and run around on his wife...don't you? Someone has to stay home with ALL those kids...that's what the women are for, aren't they? They all just get on his nerves...that's all. So, no more whining you guys. Get off his case. This stuff just gets me alittle hot..., that's all... OK 'nuff said.
After all, He's one of my [T. Jan] heros, and gave us all lots of lovely tunes AND, full warning too I might add, didn't he?...when he said in his wonderful, loving tune 'CRAZY'..."though we're never gonna make it unless we're alittle CRAZY"....WOW! Very meaningful lyrics SEAL! See what I mean everybody?   Cool. T. Jan
Go HERE to read more.
Found this on YOUTUBE. SEAL doing his hit.... 'CRAZY'.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

What's For Lunch?...What The XXX?!!

Photo by unknown cc
Boy, this looks yummy. Doesn't it? Had lunch yet? Help yourself.
 Photo by unknown. Thank you.

Joe Cocker - Out of the rain

Friday, January 20, 2012

Out of the rain Etta James

Bluzzz Singer...Etta James Dead Today...VERY SAD

Photo by YGX cc ETTA JAMES
Well, this IS SAD news...ETTA JAMES died today.
About a year ago, I reported about her experience with dementia and her need for help for feeding, dressing and other basic personal hygiene needs and that she could not sign her name. I understood completely,  as I have had experiences like that too.
Now, Etta has always been one of my very favorite bluzzz ladies. I'm just in 7th heaven when I hear her songs.. They speak to my heart, that's all.
So, ETTA  JAMES thank you so much for bringing so much happiness to my life. T. Jan
To read more go HERE. and,.HERE
Found ETTA JAMES on YOUTUBE doing 'At Last'.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

'Baby, It's Cold Outside'... What UPCOMING EVENTS?...Hopefully Spring? Pretty Please, With Suger On Top

Photo  by doortoriver

OK...It's January 19th, 2012...AND, 'Baby, It's COLD outside'...Well, more SNOWY than cold, I guess [T. Jan],,'bout 35 degrees, AND, the snow is melting...we had 'bout a foot yesterday...unheard of in this Olympia-Tacoma area. It's a real mess out folks here are not use to in the snow. I've never seen over about 2-3 inches any winter before and maybe snow only once a year before now. I've lived here since 1990 and visited this area often since 1985.
The worst part for us [Steve and T. Jan]...are the falling trees...we live on 9 acres, and are surrounded by beautiful trees, BUT this snow's SO HEAVY and this is so new for these trees, that we've seen several big trees snap and fall over night. Our road off our property is blocked by two big trees, there's a tree down across our garden fence... breaking it and just missing some fruit trees and our truck, a scary tree bending over another camper and truck, near our house, but, looks like no damage Steve says...Yea!
We are so lucky...have plenty of food, water, etc. and wood for our stove...we're warm and fine. But, in Yelm...I know my Doctor's not able to get to her office and doing business over the phone. I have not heard 'bout other business's in town yet. The phone and computer are both working, Steve is happy to be able to stay at home right now. We've heard from recording artist JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals, he's OK and at home. We've heard from neighbor STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums and owner of HOBBY STREET STUDIOS in Yelm...he's fine too. Both, JON BARONI and STEPHEN K. HICKS want to jam tomorrow night with my Steve, at STEVE HICK'S, my Steve can get there walking and Jon's close too. Jon heard from SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums, he's OK. BUT,For now there's no gigs lined up and that looks like a good thing to me. [T. Jan]
And, MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals told me [T. Jan] eleven days ago...that Sunday a week ago, that he'd return to Yelm in 10 days. He was driving back down to San Diego, California with a load from his home uphere I have NOT heard a word from him, don't know where he's at....just heard another tree snap right now...again near the house!
Oh!.... Steve's checking in ...he heard it too...BUT, we don't see anything. 'Spose to warm up by tomorrow...Friday, 1/20/12. Right On! We're sure ready for that!!
NOTES: 12:45pm...A tree just hit the house!...we're OK.... 12:50 pm Another tree hit the house....they're snapping around us...I'm outta here...we're still OK. Don't see any damage, but sure scary and loud! T. Jan
5:30 pm...We're hanging in there, more trees and branches down, only damage a chestnut tree smashed. We're OK. Sheep safe in the barn, chicken's won't come out of their coop...and, that's just fine. No problem for the rabbits. Weatherman says it will warm up tomorrow, but for now our beautiful trees are all covered with ice, many bending and snaping under their increased weight. We're on a generator for electricity, I hear our neighbor's generator going too.
6:40 pm -Just found a message on our phone from...TOD LEMKUHL/guitar checking in....he loves us and is amazed at the power and majesty of nature...trees going down 'round him. He's safe on his Dream Acreas near McKenna, WA. I'll give the message to Steve. Thanks, T. Jan...... Here's a note from the local newspaper: "Nisqually Valley News: Call Thurston County Emergency Management for questions about shelters and warming stations at 360-754-3360. Emergency officials are anticipating another 2 inches of snow or 1/4 of ice tonight. PSE doesn't anticipate restoring power for 3-4 days."
BUT Look! What I found on bluzzz vocalist queen,  SHELLY ELY's FACEBOOK page for tonight, yes, I said tonight, What? Even with this storm and zero electricity. This was posted by Gary Crooks /guitar..."Anyone brave enough to take on the elements, please come down to Dawsons tonight with your axe and join Shelly Ely, Mike Slivka, Jho Blenis, and that guy that can't decide if he plays bass or guitar...Maybe I'll bring the seven string and do both at once. Come on down!
Dawsons is at the corner of 56th and South Tacoma Way in Tacoma 8 PM start."
WOW!  MORE Proof that ALL musicians are just plain brave, that's all. T. Jan

I've posted a strange true story that I sent to Bettye Johnson last year with lots of snow in it...'bout when I lived in Spokane. T. Jan
Sent to Bettye Johnson on 1/10/11
Bettye...Here's a strange story happened to me...Janet Rose-Bartlett
This happened before 1990, I'd say in 1987 or 88. Before I moved to Yelm [1990]. I was a nurse in Spokane. On a private-duty pediatric home care job. That night, I had the evening shift...3 to 11:30 pm. It was winter and cold outside...around zero, I guess. With lots of fresh snow on the ground.
The family [parents of the child] I cared for had left for the evening., when the night nurse took over the care of 'our' child, the parents had not returned. The child had to have constant watching. So, when I went to my car, I knew the night nurse could not help me.
My car was buried in the snow, AND a plow had 'cleared' the streets of snow...blocking my car in a large snow bank. It was freezing and the snow was getting hard and icy.
First, I got the snow off the top my car..then, tried to chip away at the icy hill around the go. It was dark, around midnight by now...I was all alone. I had recently returned from Yelm...where I'd been at an event....looked hopefully at the house with the nurse inside....wishing the parents would come home...OR...something.
Got into the car, sat at the driver's seat, shut my eyes and focused/blew/hoped etc. for a few minutes. Suddenly, I heard something outside...a voice? I opened my eyes and took a look.
A thin young man [20ish] was behind my car. He yelled 'did I have a shovel?' I did have a large window scrapper, would that do? He took it and started to 'shovel' at the snow bank...and just kept, very fast....'he was going to his girlfriend's house a few blocks away...glad he saw me, it was so was I ever going to get out of here all alone, anyway?'...on and on and on.
He had cleared some of the 'snow hill' and thought he could push me out into the street. I started my car, while he pushed...and, my car was free....yay!..
Then, he came up to the window and asked if I could please drive him to his girlfriend's house...'It's only a few blocks away.'
Well, how could I say 'no'...after all he had done. SO, I opened the passenger-side door. He slipped into the seat....'Ready', he said strangely...
That's when I really looked at him....'What the ?' He had no coat, only a 'summer' cotton button-down shirt and light gloves, no hat...but, what was so strange to me...NO socks!....just a pair of cold-looking leather shoes. He looked/seemed safe to me...just very odd.
He pointed straight ahead...that's where the girlfriend lived....'you can almost see it from here;, he said.
About 5 blocks ahead was FRED MEYERS Shopping Center...he pointed there. The parking lot was all lit .[spell] up, lights reflecting on the snow...seemed almost like day.
This was just fine he said...opening the door,getting out in the middle of the parking lot...
As he walked to the back of my car...I turned to thank him again....and I was all alone. Where did he go? I looked around...puzzled. 'Thank you' I said.
Bettye..this really happened to me...never found out any more about this Good Samaritan . I wonder about it some times. So, strange....there was NO place the young man could have gone quickly. Don't know any more...but, he sure helped me out that night. Janet
Found this on YOUTUBE. JOHN MAYER AND BUDDY GUY doing 'Feels Like Rain'.

'Use Muted Trumpet Instead'

Photo by Biology Big Brother cc
From FACEBOOK: Merri Peterson Sutton  Thank you.

Merri Peterson Sutton.... A Los Angeles recording session ground to a halt yesterday when an oboe player, who was constantly sucking on her reed during rests and between takes, inadvertently inhaled and swallowed it.The conductor immediately called 911 and asked what he should do.The operator told him, "Use muted trumpet instead."

Photo by Biology Big Brother

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Now, Steve Wants A Cool Upright Bass....After Seeing A Really Cool BASSMAN In Town This Week

Photo  by cortneymartin82 Flickr cc 
Last Sunday night in Steve went to town...AND, at the 'OLD BLUE BOTTLE'  that New Pizza Place @ 309 Yelm Ave East,...[right down town, you know] there was a really cool Upright BASSMAN named, STEPHEN LUCENO, from Olympia and his very cool friends, they were playin' jazz standards, and playing them well, says my Steve....he had a great night out. So, go see and support these guys if you have a chance. O.K?
Now, Steve plays all types of music, and loves playing jazz. He played jazz with BOB COZZETTI/keys/trumpet, TIM GEMMILL/Saxs, and, most the time it was FRED TAYLOR/ THE COZZETTI AND GEMMILL JAZZ QUARTET way back when. Go HERE and HERE for links. Steve BARTLETT ON BASS played the fretless bass then...[we're looking one of those too. T. Jan]
Now, Steve's owned an upright bass before when he was withn Donna, go HERE. Says now he wishes he had never sold it...'Oh we'll find another one of those'.
Because, that one Sunday night out changed everything, Steve's gone and fell in love with the upright bass... yes, my Steve's in love with the upright bass....AND, wants one RIGHT NOW...they are cool, really cool in fact, I must admit...'So...O.K. Steve let's find one and get you lessons'.... T.Jan
Found this on YOUTUBE...IMELDA MAY doing 'Johnny Got A Boom Boom', her name for the cool upright bass...and wonderful bassman she loves...I love my Cool Bassman too Imelda. T. Jan

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Blast From The Past: 'You Got Your Head On Backwards'....THE SONICS. 1966

Found this on YOUTUBE, THE SONICS doing 'You Got Your Head On Backwards'. WOW. Go here for their my space  site...Cool,old---never! Tacoma-area band. Got a cool note from Sheryl Clark on FACEBOOK..."Sheryl Clark Check out the photographer's album- She'll have a show at the GIG HARBOR HISTORY MUSEUM starting in March." Thanks. Sheryl Clark/sax,

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Good, Bad And The Ugly....Naming Names?...I'll Never Tell,.Says,.T. Jan

Salinas, Bartlett and Hicks
 Well, these are just some of the 'Good' ones, this photo was taken at that CLATTER AND DIN recording session in Seattle last month. Thanks Curtis.


You Know Who

Salinas and Hicks

More good ones. SMILE, T. Jan 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hear Somethin' Up North?...Yea..It's A CLATTER And DIN Photo

Hey, It's STEPHEN K. HICKS/drums and owner of HOBBY STREET STUDIOS in Yelm, my STEVE BARTLETT...of course, bass and MARTIN SALINAS/guitar/vocals. They're recordin' in Seattle last month, recording a bunch of cool stuff at CLATTER AND DIN. Cool. T. Jan
Thanks Curtis.

Hey,' Terry Jae Needs Alittle Help...Don't Tell Him' Says SHELL, Be At UNCLE SAMs Sunday

Photo on SHELL's facebook page, by MERRI PETERSON-SUTTON
Guess what I just read on SHELL's FACEBOOK page? "Come out and support our beloved Terry J this sunday at Uncle Sams..He needs a little help right now..dont tell him ..its a surprise!!" Cool SHELL, we'll ALL help your awesome bassman Terry Jae at THE SHELLY ELY JAM this Sunday evening 'round 7:30 pm til 'round 10:30, that's in Spanaway. Shelly Ely always just has all just great players at all her jams, so we all know this'll be a real fun one. Be one of those 'great awesome' players by having fun at UNCLE SAM's AMERICAN BAR AND GRILL. O.K? Shelly's usual great jam band guys, as you all know are DYLAN LANNY ENGLAND/drums, JHO BLENIS/guitar, TERRY JAE/bass and of course the bluzzz queen of the Pacific Northwest....the very famous SHELLY ELY/very awesome vocals. Let's see what kinda trouble Terry's got himself into now. OK? 
I've posted a photo by Merri Peterson-Sutton, a favorite music photographer of mine. This photo was on SHELL's FACEBOOK page. It's SHELL and Terry J. T. Jan

WHERE: Uncle Sam's American Bar and Grill 
16003 Pacific Ave. Spanaway WA.

Found MS BLUZZZ friend, SHELLY ELY on YOUTUBE at THE UNCLE SAM's...SHELLY ELY JAM. Be there this Sunday.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

FLASHBACK: BUMMER...I'm So Wasted...A BAD Trip

T. Jan and daughter Crystal
Well, last night was a big bummer for me [T. Jan], 'cause I got wasted....A Bad trip. A Real BUMMER. For a moment, thought I was back in the early '70s again, when I was a young and foolish hippie, doin' all that kinda stuff. But, now Steve and I are much 'Older And Wiser', and, don't do ANY drugs, 'cause we know we 'gotta have a brain'....and, I'm keepin' all the brain cells I can find....YEA! for MY brain. End of advertisement. OK? T. Jan
What the heck...what happened last night?
As you know, I've been house-bound for over a year, and rarely get out, recovering from M.S. and brain damage 'cause by a very messed up spinal cord-neck surgery back in 1999.
Now, being in the same room for over a year has some good points AND some bad points.
First, the good points: I have experienced, lottsa time to MYSELF. Cool. AND, I love to ponder life. A very good thing, I must add. AND, I can do the computer too when Steve helps me on and I post stuff...sometimes a little too much posting for everyone's taste...well, I'm learning 'bout that too.
Next, for the bad points: I have experienced sitting alot, have gained lotsa pounds, and don't walk much, get swollen ankles, neck, arms, back and hip pain.
Yesterday, I went to the Doc, and we talked 'bout this. We decided to try a pain med that would help me sleep, as I'm up several times a, Steve's up too, he's helping me to my chair, to ease this pain. BUT, this is NOT working for my fat water-swollen ankles, which need to be up more. She ordered a pain med to help....but, no go, 'I felt like a big cotton-head in lottsa pain' and, this morning I have a big hang over too. This is NOT working for me, I'll call her, my Doc, back this morning for something else.
I love you all...thanks for listening, helps me alot. T. Jan
Found this video posted on YOUTUBE.  It's JEFFERSON AIRPLANE doing WHITE RABBIT. A blast from my past. T. Jan

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

TWO Really COOL Events Reported Today...SHELLY ELY And BUMP KITCHEN

BUMP KITCHEN From their FACEBOOK Page, see link
 Hey, there were two really cool things posted on FACEBOOK today. Did ya see them? This is real exciting stuff for me [T. Jan]...'cause they are about some of my favorite people Bluzzz queen fav..SHELLY ELY. and one of favorite bands anywhere...BUMP KITCHEN. Such great musicians live right in our neighborhood folks....Please go out and support them. OK. Yes, They all deserve it...AND, you'll have a really awesome time too.
Let's see....First, BUMP KITCHEN HERE will be appearing at the HWY 99 BLUES CLUB  this Saturday,  that's in Seattle...that's not really too far people...not for this kinda music. So, get your groove on at THE HWY 99 BLUES CLUB on Saturday, January 14th 8 pm. I'll post all the know where , time etc. below. OK?
Next, but of course not less is SHELL...that's my short cut name for the BLUZZZ QUEEN of this area... SHELLY ELY. From the post I saw on FACEBOOK, she'll be at The Washington Blues Society ... a Women in Blues photo shoot to be held in conjunction with the Sadie Hawkins Spectacular Blues Bash; February 14th at the Red Crane Restaurant in Shoreline, THE MARY McPAGE BAND will be performing. it's a Sadie Hawkin's Photo Shoot on February 14th with lots of other great bluzzz women of the Pacific Northwest. Go HERE for SHELL's FACEBOOK page, and check her out, see info. about this photo shoot there too. There's lots of fantastic bluzzz women in this area...AND, they should ALL be, let's all support this event. OK? I'll post the where, time, etc. below.
So, that's what I saw today on FACEBOOK. Thanks, T.Jan

                                 1414 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98101

SHELLY ELY INFO.: Red Crane Steak
                   (206) 546-4444
                           16716 Aurora Ave N
                           Shoreline, WA 98133
Found this on's BUMP KITCHEN.


For my BUMP KITCHEN story [T. Jan] go HERE.
And, SHELL's at UNCLE SAM's in SPANAWAY each Sunday night for a cool jam, Go HERE

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

FLEETWOOD MAC...'Gypsy' Stevie Nicks 1982

Found this on YOUTUBE.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Bearded Steve At UNCLE SAM's Last Saturday

Steve At Uncle Sams by Stephen K. Hicks
STEPHEN K. HICKS/drummer and owner of HOBBY STREET STUDIOS sent this great photo at UNCLE SAMs last Saturday night. A fun time was had by all. Thanks Steve.
I love the
AND, A note from SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drummer for WALTERs BIRTHDAY and owner of REAL TO REEL MEDIA .

Tod, Scott Jon. Photo by Stephen K. Hicks 
Fun gig last night. You guys were amazing, as always. Thanks to all for letting Martin and Steve do some jamming with us. Jon, you were on it last night and it was obvious that you were enjoying the new keyboard. Bartlett, you were laying down some phat grooves and tasty fills, as per usual. And damn nice drum solo, Mr. Smooth! (Not to mention everything you played before and after the solo.) Let's try and get an outdoor gig there sometime." Thanks Scott. T. Ja

Friday, January 06, 2012

'You Gotta Have A Brain' or....Curing This M.S. By Changing My Diet....YEA!

Thank you STEVE/drummer AND ANNETTE HICKS, owners of HOBBY STREET STUDIOS in Yelm for sending this video to me.
I [T. Jan] was diagnosed with M. S. in 1999, after many years of severe problem eating...hospitalized for Anorexia Nervosa in 1994, and  now 100 pounds OVER weight,  diabetes, house-bound for over a year, back and hip pain,  need a walker for any ambulation  etc. This just sounds right to me...gonna try it out starting today.

By TERRY MAHLS M.D. A TED series Video.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Buddy Guy And The Rolling Stones...'Night Time Is The Right Time'

Found this on YOUTUBE. I just love BUDDY GUY. Here is plays with THE ROLLING STONES in 'Night Time Is The Right Time'.

What's This?.. Oh Yes, Wierd Leslie's A Born Jammer

Leslie In Pink...from her site, see link.

About a year ago I discovered Leslie Hall. Her web page says she was born to jam, it even calls her a jam Leslie, I agree. She's a one of a kind jammer alright.
So, I check on her once in awhile.... and she's still going strong. ...Nation- wide wedding gigs.
Photo from her web page...go HERE. T. Jan
Found this on YOUTUBE. LESLIE HALL doing 'Blame The Booty'.


Sunday, January 01, 2012

'Goin' Fishin' Featuring Steve BARTLETT ON BASS of THE WALTER's BIRTHDAY Band

I found this video on YOUTUBE. My Steve doing 'Goin' Fishin' by Duke Ellington. This was performed at LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTER's in McKenna, WA. last summer.
WALTER's BIRTHDAY are, of course my Steve BARTLETT ON BASS/vocals and JON BARONI/keys/harp/vocals, SCOTT ERCOLIANI/drums, TOD LEMKUHL/guitar/vocals. See this band next Saturday night, January 7th..8:30 pm at UNCLE SAM's AMERICAN BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway.  T. Jan

WHERE: Uncle Sam's American Bar And Grill, 8:30 pm. on Saturday, Jan 7th
16003 Pacific Ave.
Spanaway, WA.
. 253-507-7808
[This is a song written by Duke Ellington. This is from Dr. John's tribute album 'Duke Elegant' to commemorate the100th anniversary of Duke Ellington's birth (Blue Note, 2000)].


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