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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

'Summertime, Summertime...Some-Some Summertime'.... Means Cool Hairless BARTLETT..Whatelse?

cool Bartlett, by J.A.Rose cc
Hey, take a look at this....Steve's ready for summer.
This is what I wrote on Facebook...'It's's hot....Steve took care of that straight away. Get rid of the hair! Yeah, that's the answer.
Look what Steve did yesterday..he's cooler, but is that my Steve?....I'm getting use to it still. Jan'

What You Need Is ROBERT CRAY...or....Local Man Does Good

ROBERT CRAY/see link, I'm listening to ROBERT CRAY and HERE and loving it...and, thought to myself....'ah'....Gee....I've always loved this guy....wonder what he's about?'
Well, I found out that he about the good know, good music, good story and alotta National, no, more like World-wide musical success!
'He's a local guy who's done good.'....yeah! He's from Tacoma, well....kinda... Lakewood, that's parta Tacoma, isn't it?....close 'nuff. I got this info from WIKIPEDIA....check it out, if you wanna at the link.
Anyway, Cray is a 5 time Grammy-winner AND, has performed with some of my personal favorite musical BLUZZZ's artists and musical heros. Let me list some of them now. O.K?
Let's see....there's ERIC CLAPTON, BUDDY MILES, JOHN T. HOOKER, MUDDY WATERS, JIMMIE VAUGHAN and STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN...WOW! That's some cool list of musicians, ain't it? So, never give up...keep your musical dream alive, just look what can happen.....for real. That's it for today folks, thanks for reading my stuff. Jan
Below is some Robert Cray's links and stuff....

1.] I'M A GOOD MAN, by Robert Cray
3.] OLD LOVE, by Robert Cray and Eric Clpton
4.] RIGHT NEXT DOOR, by Robert Cray
5.] MY LAST REGRET, by Robert Cray
6.] I GUESS I SHOWED HER, by Robert Cray
7.] WILL YOU THINK OF ME?, by Robert Cray Band
8.] COOKIN IN MOBILE, by Robert Cray Band
9.] WHAT YOU NEED? [GOOD MAN], by Robert Cray...what I was listening to this morning, before I started this post. Jan

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Robert Cray - What you need (Good man)

Working Up Tunes....BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam's Going to Spain? ALL Aboard....CHICK COREA

by J.A.Rose cc
'Ole! Next stop Spain? STEVE BARTLETT loves CHICK COREA and has been waiting to play one of his very favorite tunes by Corea...namely 'Spain'..WHAT? So, no one knows the song, 'cause it's scary and really hard.....BUT, Steve being a genius musician, and really brave, laughs at hard....So, now loading at gate 3, it's BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam doing , well,....'All aboard, for.... 'Espania' [Spain] stuff...huh?
I'm sending all the guys links to the video that I've posted here...WOW! This'll be fun. Can't wait 'til tomorrow, Monday, at UNCLE SAMs BAR AND GRILL, in Spanaway, WA., that's July 25th, 'round boarding time....7pm. This wonderful jazz jam goes until 10pm, at least....sometimes no one wants to stop and so...who knows??'s later. O.K?
Uncle Sam's address is 16003 Pacific Ave. in Spanaway by the way.
AND, who's gonna be this jazz? There'll be DENNY FOREMAN/jazz guitar, STEPHEN PARTON/drums, HAL MERRILL/pedal steel jazz guitar and the 'funk king' himself...STEVE BARTLETT/bass.
Here's a video of 'Spain' by Chick Corea and a link to 'Love Castle' by Corea. Jan

link to love castle by Chick Corea
Parton from facebook
Foreman from facebook
Merrill from  facebook

BARTLETT Playing Bass in Our Garden?....Really? I Was Almost Fooled....You?

by J.A.Rose cc
As you all know, I am so lucky to have so much time on my hands...and feet...and face.
Well, 'face' reminds me of something really cool...namely EATIN' stuff! Lotsa folks like food and I'm no exception.
I like eating food...specially from our garden.
Steve loves to take care of our little farm, when he's not playing the bass. He plays music in our garden too,while he tastes a little of this and that. Some things I never ever even get to see...BUT, I know he's been sampling (spell?)....he's picking green stuff out ta his teeth, and doing it kinda snicky-like (spell? again)..a sure sign of garden goodness going down his hatch.
Steve's wonderful though, and really shares most of that stuff very well, and I know it's, for example, this morning...he canned 7 quarts of plums from one of our trees..guess he couldn't eat them all...and he said there's gonna be more plums soon too.
Here's some pictures. O.K? Jan

PHOTO INFO.  TOP PHOTO; Upright bass in the garden, he's picking goodies when I'm not looking...he thinks.(wink). Jan
.1. .Plum photo: A plum from our tree...yum...beautiful. Steve's picture from his phone. Jan
2. berry photo: A few weeks ago....raspberries, from our garden...Steve canned them too..and jam. WOW! What a guy. Steve's picture. Jan
3. Hungry Baby Photo: URI, my grandson...(1 year old) likes food too. It must be in his genes, I don't think it's just a temporary phase that he's going through...Grandma Jan
4. Hungry Lady Photo: My daughter likes to eat's in our genes guys, we can't help it!...really! Jan
5. Attack Chicken Photo:Attack Chicken is always on duty in our garden and on the farm...see? Jan 
6. Steve Playing the Shovel Photo: Steve playing the shovel?....yeah really? .getting a snack, I'm thinking now....I was almost tricked! Jan
by J.A.Rose cc
by J.A.Rose cc

by Crystal Sincoff
by Crystal Sincoff cc
by J.A.Rose cc
by J.A.Rose cc

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Oh Look...I'm Sweating....How Cute..[SMIRK]....BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam Has Another Awesome Monday Night, Of Course

by J.A.Rose-Bartlett  cc
O.K., I'm catching up with my funky fat bottom music news,.....'ah'... finally....'Whew'....panting, short of breath, can I say....'even sweating?' just a little, but sweat just the same....EEEEWWWLLL Ickie!....yes, ....[blushing]...I.....sometimes sweat....BUT, it's delicate, soft lady's sweat....of course....lovely [wink].
Let's see....where was i?...Oh yeah...sweat?, that? ...'ah... Music?...yeah,!
'Ah...'ah'....clearing my throat.....[changing,...said with power, deeper and with dignity, you know, like a real news reporter]...Now, as for music....Mondays are...dedicated to...BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jamming. This Monday, @ UNCLE SAM'S BAR AND GRILL everything went great, as usual. of course...what else? And, this happens EVERY Monday night I've got pictures and stuff.
So, let me post some pictures.....O.K?
UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL is located in a cool little place called....well,...'Spanaway'..[South Tacoma]'s the way to...'ah'... Mount Rainier. well, Pacific Ave is., and Sam's address is on the's 16003 Pacific Ave, also called Highway 7...AND, goes to right upta Mount Rainier if you don't stop somewhere along the way...and who would? just saying except for UNCLE SAM'S...why? ...O.K? 
Who was there last Monday, July 18th, anyway? They'll be back next Monday night too with HAL MERRILL/pedal steel guitar..last Monday was....'Baby, Baby All the Time' DENNY FOREMAN/guitar, 'There's Always Sunshine' STEPHEN PARTON/drums and the funkiest fat bottom of them all, STEVE BARTLETT/bass. Music starts 'round 7, after we ALL finish our burgers, me too...SMILE, Jan/mascot reporter 
All pictures are by me, J.A.Rose-Bartlett, unless noted, with my iPad...licensed.creative commons...Jan      

Bartlett, Parton and Foreman by Mark...thanks Mark

Monday, July 18, 2016

Jonathan Jackson - "Unchained Melody" | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry

The Bartlett Boys and Family Say 'Good-Bye' to Father.....MORGAN BARTLETT Last Saturday

Morgan Bartlett Senior by J.A.Rose-Bartlett
I know that I haven't posted for awhile.....where have I been?....Well, you know, Dad died in April. So, the Bartlett family had a Bartlett event this past weekend for Steve's dad.
Here's what I put on FACEBOOK yesterday....

'Those Bartlett Boys....STEVE/bass and brother RUSS/guitar/vocals plus the whole Bartlett Family said their 'good bye's ' to father Morgan Bartlett Senior on Saturday, July 16th,..Again, celebrated Morgan's life and achievements at his farm in Stanwood, WA.
Russ's son, Morgan's grandson....JOHN/drums lead an amazing jazz group at this special event. Jan'


Russell Bartlett, from Facebook

What? OVER A QUARTER OF A MILLION? 'Never Give Up', Says Jan

Jan Rose-Bartlett, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
WOW! Over a quarter of a million page views on BARTLETT ON BASS....yeah! How'd I do it?....'cause I was told in 1999, that I'd never move my arms and legs again, and doctors wanted me to 'just go quietly' a nursing home! The end!....What?, well, that just ain't gonna fly with me. Those same Doctors said I couldn't, decided not to waste their time re-training me....O.K., I decided to train myself....AND, that's how it ALL started....I was kinda forced into it! Steve was always right beside me...supporting my efforts...'Thanks Sweetheart'.
I 'failed' [another word for learning] a lot at first, well NOT only at first....i'm still learning....'Why, won't a computer just turn on, when I turned on the power, like the lights in our house does?'...but, I kept doing it over and over...'til it worked.and I learned.
Then, I learned that I don't haveta do it like everyone else...using one finger on one hand to type is O.K, mis-spelling is O.K., writing just how I talked is O.K.
So, I just kept doing it....reporting Steve's music news, local live music and stuff about musicians world-wide.
My blog BARTLETT ON BASS Dot Com started to grow...faster and Sometimes, folks thought Steve was writing all this...NO, he had his hands full playing the bass. I pulled up tunes on YOUTUBE for him to work up for gigs, I did the Emails etc.
Thank you for reading my stuff. Jan

Monday, July 11, 2016

Better Than T.V.....Again...Tonight It's Jazz Jamming at it's Best With BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz at UNCLE SAMs

Steve Bartlett, by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
Monday nights are perfect for jamming....every musician knows that....well, it's Monday again, July 11th, whatcha gonna do tonight? Sit home and watch T.V?....again?...really?....yawn....boring.
Why not listen to some live music?...lot more fun than that T.V.again, isn't it?
I know that there's other jams going on 'round Tacoma tonight...get outta the house anyway. Here's a couple of our friend's jams going on tonight:
DAWSONs....Heather Jones and the Groove Masters. Address, 5443 South Tacoma Way
STONEGATE: Fast Lane Blues,Address 5421 South Tacoma Way.
BUT, I wanna see ya over here, of starts around 7 tonight here at UNCLE SAMs. ADDRESS: 16003 Pacific Ave. in Spanaway...[South Tacoma]. First set always jazz, then, anything can's always fun. bring your axe, sit in on selected tunes and relax. The food's good, folks are friendly.
The hosts of tonight's jam are DENNY FOREMAN/guitar, STEPHEN PARTON/drums, HAL MERRILL/pedal steel guitar, and STEVE BARTLETT/.bass. Gonna be fun. Jan/reporter of the good stuff
Foreman, Parton, Bartlett, Merrill, bt J A Rose-Bartlett cc

It's JERRY MILLER's Birthday, We're Gonna Have a Good Time

image by Steve Cox /see below
What a day.....BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz guys having lotsa fun @ JERRY MILLER's birthday today at UNCLE SAMs BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway.
DENNY FOREMAN/guitar, STEPHEN PARTON/drums, STEVE BARTLETT/bass and HAL MERRILL/Steele guitar (spelling?). O.K., ...I BUT, these guys were good, as well as the other bands performing today...AND SO...I'm happy, and had such a great time....just had a shared with all you guys tonight before I hit the hay....yawn....'good night friends'...Jan/mascot reporter and honored to be....yeah!
Hal plays a pedal steel guitar....
at Miller's Birthday/by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
who was there?
2:00 PM Sandra Lopez
3:00 PM Bartlett on Bass
4:00 PM Howard Comfort
5:00 PM Hambone Blues Band
6:00 PM The Motors Band
8:00 PM Killer players doing unbelievable things

Ah...JERRY MILLER's What? ....Is Not.....So, Let's Party...Julyy 10th @ UNCLE SAM's
O.K...Steve's just been called 'bout a cool party @ UNCLE SAM's in Spanaway, WA. on Sunday, July 10th for the one and only, you know, JERRY MILLER...yeah, THAT Jerry Miller! from MOBY GRAPE...'60's Frisco's Haight-Ashberry Moby Grape.
Now, JERRY MILLER's never gets old...I can listen to him all day Let's celebrate this amazing musician's life and achievements...with lotsa.... you! What else? Yeah, Jerry'll be there...AND, lotsa cool bands and musicians too.
Yeah, you're ALL invited!
That's UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL...Address: 16003 Pacific Ave. Spanaway, WA.
O.K. Jan


Saturday Night SASS Has 'SOUL' Food at UNCLE THURMs

SASS....Tonight it all starts 'round 8 o'clock @ UNCLE THURMs FINGER LICKIN RIBs and CHICKEN or SOUL FOOD. Address: 3709 'G' Street in, not just any ol' music...BUT, SASS MUSIC plus SOUL FOOD.
Need I say more?...I think not. Be there for fun.
You all know these guys....SHELLY ELY/vocals, STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals, STEVE BARTLETT/bass/vocals...and....and filling in for ANDRE THOMAS is BILL RAY/drums. Cool. Jan/reporter/mascot.

More photos below
Bartlett, by J.A .Rose-Bartlett cc
SHELLY ELY /unknown
Merriam Bartlett/ by Debi Lawence
Ray and Bartlett/by J.A.Rose-Bartlett 

Friday, July 08, 2016


Merriam.from facebook
SASS tonight, Friday, July 8th @ DAWSON's in Tacoma, WA. Address: 5443 South Tacoma Way in Tacoma. Start time 9pm.
Hey, come on down to Dawson's tonight at see SASS. An amazing band and I mean it!
I was at rehearsal last night, they've got some fantastic new songs for tonight, as well as your favorites....Check it out!
Well, just what makes this band worth coming all the way down to Dawson's tonight for? I've tried to put my finger on's....'ah'....besides great music, of course? ....well, I's their..'ah'....kinda their...'spirit'.....I mean, they all love music and what they're doing, and it really shows. They all put their heart into every song! They're not cardboards.
SHELLY ELY/vocals is the queen of BLUZZZ, but, even more than that too. STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals/song writer is so talented, coming up with tune after tune. ANDRE THOMAS/drums/vocals, well...SASS is sooooo lucky to have him creating the groove. With STEVE BARTLETT/bass/vocals, bass funkiness at it's best! They're all really cool...come down and see for yourself. Jan

More photos below...
Bartlett by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc
Thomas/from facebook

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

WHERE's Steve?....What's.on the Horizon... Anyway? Upcoming Live Music Bartlett Events

BARTLETT by J.A.Rose-Bartlett
WHERE's Steve? Here's some clues....hopefully you guys can catch him and hook up..
He's been busy music-wize AND, it's not over yet.....another...very cool.
In the next week or so....he's really on the out! You may see him anywhere...and, probably moving right along quickly and catching his breathe too. With me tagging behind....'cause where's there great music, I'm there.
Where do I start?
The next cool gig....yeah...that's a good start.
Let's see.....hum.....the next gig is with that amazing BLUZZZ band, you know....SASS...the 8th of July, yeah...that's this Friday night...@ DAWSON's [5443 South Tacoma Way in Tacoma, WA., of course Tacoma....9pm]....just saying with an address like better be pretty close to Tacoma, don't you think?
NEXT, another SASS those guys...get ready for more BLUZZZ with that Queen of BLUZZZ SHELLY ELY/vocals in the lead. STEVE MERRIAM/guitar/vocals, ANDRE THOMAS/drums/vocals and STEVE BARTLETT/bass/vocals finish up the remaining members of SASS. Anyway, they're at UNCLE THURMs FINGER LICKIN RIBs AND CHICKEN or well, never just plain soul food , but, UNCLE THURMs SOUL FOOD. [ 3709 'G' Street in Tacoma, WA.] this Saturday night, July 9th, usually 8ish.
O.K., this Sunday, July 10th, the BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Guys will be at JERRY MILLER's Birthday party @ UNCLE SAMs BAR AND GRILL. [Address is 16003 Pacific Ave. in Spanaway, WA]. With DENNY FOREMAN on guitar, STEPHEN PARTON doing drums and STEVE BARTLETT/bass. They are all set to start at 2 o'clock....with lotsa other bands and Jerry, playing ALL day....I know, Howard Comfort gonna be there and Sandy Lopez's band...and there's more. Let's celebrate Miller's life and music achievements on Sunday.
AND, on Monday, July 11th, the BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam is doing it again @ UNCLE SAMs BAR AND GRILL, address above, like every other Monday night. Be there...starts 'round 7 pm, gos 'til about 10 pm.
There you have a live music this week. Jan/roaming reporter....but I don't roam too far.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Stevie Wonder Superstition

The 4th....BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam a NO Go!

Foreman/from facebook
Parton/from facebook
DON'T look for BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam on the 4th tomorrow at UNCLE SAMs in Spanaway 'cause we're off too, just like you. Have a great holiday and see you next Monday night 'round 7 pm.
BARTLETT ON BASS Jazz Jam is hosted each week, except tomorrow the 4th by DENNY FOREMAN/guitar, STEPHEN PARTON/drums and STEVE BARTLETT/bass. Jan/reporter

Bartlett by J.A.Rose-Bartlett cc


Bobby Hoffman/from facebook
STEVE BARTLETT/bass @ SOUL SPIDERZ TONIGHT at STONEGATE (5421 South Tacoma Way, Tacoma, of course)
For music today, Sunday, July's the starts at 5 o'clock, with the 'Spiderz' beginning @ 9 pm.
Good food too. Jan

NOTE: BOBBY HOFFMAN/drums/vocals is the leader of this fun band.
Some of the tunes Steve's working up below..What you may hear..I'll add links as I can....


Saturday, July 02, 2016

Up Next: SOUL SPIDER....'Z'...With a 'Z',on Sunday, July 3rd....or TOMORROW @ STONEGATE!

spider/see photo link
O.K....I made a mistake...I spelled THE SOUL SPIDERZ with an 'S', instead of a 'Z' when I reported this gig a few days ago...Forgive me SOUL SPIDERZ, O.K? Spelling just isn't my strong point...AND, I'm afraid of 'spiders' and  was nervous and stuff. Of course, this great band, lead by the one and only BOBBY HOFFMAN/drums/vocals/funnyman/.. on and on, is spelled with a 'z'....'cause that's the really cool spelling of spiderz, ain't it? How can I forget? Anyway?
Anyway, tomorrow'z a really BIG day for THE STONEGATE...'cause there'z gonna be lotsa music, starting 'round 5o'clock.With the SOUL SPIDERZ starting at 9 pm with STEVE BARTLETT/bass filling in for the regular bass guy.
So, start your 4th early @ the Stonegate tomorrow...the food is great....Italian delights, like.... PIZZA, pasta, sandwiches, salads...well, everything I've had down there has always been fantastic. Come hungry have a bite to eat and enjoy great music 'til closing. It's a fun place. ADDRESS: 5421 South Tacoma Way in Tacoma, of course. Jan/mascot reporter

Photos Of VICCI MARTINEZ and SASS From THE TWISTED KILT Last Thursday....By A Little Ol' iPad Photo Genius?...NOT!!

Vicci Martinez by J,A.Rose-Bartlett cc
I know, I know the pics are 'blurry' again...but, maybe an iPad is NOT my first choice in types of cameras...'cause I saw MERRI PETERSON SUTTON's/music photographer cool photos, AND, she doesn't use an iPad. Check her photos!....'ah'.....where was I?....Oh yeah, The iPad..... It does let me keep in touch with you guys and report my music news and THE ADVENTURES OF MY 'FUNKY FAT BOTTOM BASS MAN'.....huh?
Steve don't havta help me get online, so I'm more independent etc.....which is a BIG plus in my, let's keep going O.K?
Here's some photos from my iPad, for better ones, check out Merri's at link above. Jan
Link to VICCI MARTINEZ/guitar/vocals.
Link to SASS.
Link to SHELLY ELY/vocals.
Link to STEVE MERRIAM/guitar.
Link to ANDRE THOMAS/drums
More photos from last Thursday night J.A.Rose-Bartlett....from my iPad.
Merri taking a real photo of SASS
SASS @ the twisted kilt

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