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Thursday, November 28, 2013

'GOBBLE, GOBBLE, GOB?-LE? GOB'...What?.. .'Burp' Parden Me... Ahh...Much Better

by unknown cc
O.K....need I say more?...We're hearing a lota 'Gobbling' going on out there,...and BARTLETT and I smile and both know...that's the way it's suppost ta be. So, promise?, let's all eat up our lives with gusto and just live all the time. O.K?
So, don't be shy... no guilt, no shame, no pain, go ahead, change things that need changing, say what needs saying, love what needs what works, stop what doesn't. Just enjoy yourself and your life. Have another BIG helping of whatever you really enjoy in your life...Let's NOT be alota turkeys round here. O.K?
Have a big one on us.   [Throwing big kisses and waving wildly now.]
 Steve and Jan Rose-Bartlett

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving From BARTLETT ON BASS And Jan

"Rockers In Recovery"'s photo
O.K.,...I found this  photo on FACEBOOK just now, from "Rockers In Recovery"'s photo. I thought it was right on. Have a great holiday season. BARTLETT and Jan


 by martin b2005 cc
I know, I've been offline again for a few days...BUT,  I really try hard to keep up with all the music news round here and over just 'bout the whole country too,  anyway...don't I?...Well, sure I do.
And, I  just gotta tell ya, this story is a music mystery,...that I found on THE ROLLING STONE today. It's about singer/keyboard great BILLY JOEL and HERE and MADISON SQUARE GARDEN...they got a big surprise for us all...and they're NOT telling....untill December 3rd,...that is   What?..Just what could it be? I wonder.
So, read the Rolling Stone post, link above and see if you agree with them or have yet another idea about what's going guess is, that Joel and Madison Square Garden will be joining forces...I mean ..well. that Billy Joel and Madison Square Garden will be jointly owned...I can't remember if that was on the Rolling Stone's list or not...See what you think.  O.K? It's Jan, of course...Bye.
UPDATE: 12/7...Link HERE for the announcement from Billy Joel, I found on THE ROLLING STONE today. Jan
Billy Joel video links from YOUTUBE below.

1.] PIANO MAN, by Billy Joel. from Prontent
2.] THE ENTERTAINER, by Billy Joel; from billyjoelforever
3.] ALWAYS A WOMAN, by Billy Joel, from MrSakyo
4.] YOU MAY BE RIGHT, by Billy Joel, from marijke maes
5.] IT's STILL ROCK AND ROLL TO ME, by Billy Joel, from 1444King

Bring Your Axe... Jam at UNCLE SAM's With BARTLETT ON BASS Tonight

Jan and Steve Bartlett, by Crystal Sincoff
JOE PLEMMONS called BARTLETT last night, Yea! So, Steve BARTLETT ON BASS will be sitting in on bass tonight, Wednesday, November 27th, at UNCLE SAM's BAR AND GRILL in Spanaway, WA., that's 16003 Pacific Ave. What time?  Well, Steve will be there at 7, sometime after 7 pm...O.K? forgive me...I was in bed dozing when Steve told me last night, and now he's gone for this morning...after 7 pm's close 'nuff...I think they go 'til 'round 10:30 or so.
This will be fun, I'm hoping to go....So, bring your axe, drink an ice cold, 'brewski' or TWO  and start your Holiday celebrating early with us tonight. O.K? I'm putting our small, stuffed [SMILE. wink] bird in the oven when we get home tonight after the jam..Of course, .this jam at Uncle Sam's will be a great way to warm us ALL up for some REAL BIG TIME celebrasting starting tomorrow AND  continueing non-stop on for the next four days, for us ending this Sunday with some amazing Japanese food with our family. Yep,...I will love it all.  

Jan Rose-Bartlett loving Japanese food, by Crystal Sincoff
Hey, all you guys...have I told you how much we love you?... have a great Holiday O.K?. Thanks for reading my posts and everything over the past years.
I'll post some video links below of some of the tunes that we may hear tonight at this fun jam. O.K?  Love, Jan and Steve

WHERE: Uncle Sam's Bar and Grill, jam after 7, stops round 10:30 pm
                 16003 Pacific Ave.
                  Spanaway, WA.

Related video links below... O.K...I cheated it's an old set list for Joe Plemmons and Uncle Sam's.

1.] WONDERFUL TONIGHT, by Eric Clapton, from Aqualung1989,.... of course. SMILE, Jan
2.] GOING FISHING, by Duke Ellington, from LiqdSoulCoffee Steve BARTLETT ON BASS on this video doing vocals and bass, in WALTER's BIRTHDAY, forgive me the video's so dark. Only copy I can find. Thanks Barb and Martin Salinas. Jan
3.] ON BROADWAY, by George Benson, from Eduardo Rocha
4.] COVER OF THE ROLLING STONE, by Dr. Hook, from yendor61
5.] SAMBA PA TI, by Carlos Santana, from wirabilis18
6.] PUT YOUR LIGHTS ON, by Santana[TheWraith], from videoinjection
7.] EUROPA,by Santana, from MutantBanana
8.] BLACK MAGIC WOMAN,by Santana, from Suparlina
9.] ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER, by Jimi Hendrix, from TheSixtiesSounds
10.] BOOM BABA BOOM, by Jimmie Vaughan, from skatepunkzero
11.] COMFORTABLY NUMB, by Pink Floyd, from RafaelBezerra16
12] FEELS LIKE RAIN, by John Hiatt, from juanavg1977..I also like Buddy Guy's version. Jan
13.] CROSSROADS, by Eric Clapton, from guitarworld
14.] TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN, The Steve Miller Band, from iNUKEDbinLADEN
15.] GLASS ONION, by The Beatles, from DeutschMatheLehrer
16.] WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS, by George Harrison, from Edward Sagan...concert for Bangladesh.
17.] STIR IT UP, by Bob Marley, from BoBMArleySong1

Monday, November 18, 2013

What's BARTLETT Been Rehearsing Lately?

BARTLETT relaxing, by Jan Rose-Bartlett cc
I've taken a listen to my BARTLETT's rehearsal tunes ...'cause I just love his playing. He can play for hours on a song he loves and is getting into. It's how Steve relaxes.
By the way, We had a great time yesterday at THE GROVE STREET BREWHOUSE in Shelton, WA., at their every third Sunday afternoon JAZZ JAM. These tune video links below are not all jazz, but sure fun just the same. Below's just a sample of some recent tunes that I heard at rehearsal time. Thanks, Steve. Jan
To read more about Jazz in the Olympia area, go to OLYMPIA JAZZ CENTRAL.

Video links below.

1.] SONG FOR MY FATHER, by Horace Silver, from Dorian Grey
2.] ALL BLUES, by Miles Davis, from eeewaa1
3.] IT's ALRIGHT, by J.J.Jackson, from Jim McKeever
4.] SOULFUL STRUT, by Young-Holt Unlimited, from oldies55
5.] I WISH, by Stevie Wonder, from gedeo3malet
6.] CHAMELEON [full version], by Herbie Handcock, from rfrakctured

Ready For 'It's A Wonderful Life', Times Two?

 by naotakem cc
Remember that cool Holiday film...'It's A Wonderful Life' know that one that stared Jimmy Stewart? Stewart played George Bailey and that wants to earn his wings angel Clarance that's assigned to help you remember?  
Well, I read today online at HUFFINGTON POST that there's  gonna be a 'It's A Wonderful Life' Two...Cool. What a wonderful film and message for us all to remember...'Life is Great', Life has always has been and always will be...just wonderful.
The main character of this second film will be the James Stewart's character George Bailey's grandson.  In 2007, "It's A Wonderful Life" was named the 20th best movie of all time by the American Film Institute.", says The Huffington Post's post.
Here's a video link of the original FRANK CAPRA film from YOUTUBE. This is what the page says: "Uploaded on Feb 5, 2012

An angel helps a compassionate but despairingly frustrated businessman by showing what life would have been like if he never existed." Enjoy. Jan   

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hey..What's Up With All That JAZZ In Shelton Today,...Anyway?

Steve Bartlett by Jan Rose-Bartlett cc
Well, what can I say?  But, it's the third Sunday of the month, we're heading to Shelton 'round noon...and that can only mean one's time for a very cool JAZZ JAM in Shelton again today. Steve BARTLETT ON BASS's jazzed, me too.
So, off we go to the GROVE STREET BREWHOUSE in Shelton for some fun. All starts 'round 2 o'clock, gos 'til about 5 pm. Bring your axe and charts, or look the charts up in 'The Real Book' sitting in the back of the room. O.K? It's easy. really.
Get on your mark, get set, go...Bye, see you there. Jan

ADDRESS: Grove Street Brewhouse 2 to 5 jazz jam
                 233 1st street
                  Shelton, Wa.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Got the THANKSGIVING TURKEY Blues?: Scientists Say This Really Big Bird's Alotta Turkey

Getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, like us? Don't sing the turkey's gonna be O.K.
by mother natures network, link below
Aren't you glad you don't have ta cook this gigantic bird next week? We are. Makes A 25 pound turkey with all the expected know,  mixed drinks, wine, beer and chips with a variety of dips, lotsa creamy deviled eggs just to get everyone started, a tiny, as I mentioned before, 25 pound turkey stuffed with sage, walnut and celery dressing, big dish of creamy mashed potatoes, baked candied yams smothered in marshmallows and walnuts, green salads with your choise of ranch, thousand island, french or honey-mustard dressings [or vinegrette, specially, for those brave souls, watching their calories ], jelly or whole berry cranberry sauce, a yummy fresh fruit and whipped cream salad, the familie's secret hot green bean recipe [no, I won't tell], Mom's creamed onions,some fresh homemade rolls with whipped honey butter, tons of turkey giblet gravy poured all over everything, and to top it all off ,... finally, an apple, cherry and or pumkin pie, chocolate cake or  raspberry cheesecake...ALL with heaps of low-cal whipped cream spread over the top of it all, look easy, doesn't it?
. WOW, look at this picture, will ya? That's alotta turkey...This IS the biggest bird ever to fly on the earth. ...well, the biggest bird scientists think so anyway. I saw this photo and read this post today on FACEBOOK, from  Mother Nature Network. To read the whole story about this million year old bird, go  HERE at MOTHER NATURE NETWORK, links above. Happy Holiday to all, Jan and Steve
Thanksgiving Day video links below.
1.] THANKSGIVING SONG, by Adam Sandler, from lildreamer429

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Was JOAN BAEZ/BOB DYLAN Relationship Really Like 'Diamonds And Rust'?

by archivesfoundation/flickr cc
A couple that I always loved to see together in the 60's and 70's was/were JOAN BAEZ and BOB DYLAN, AND, when they sang together it was magic and romantic...didn't matter what they sang about, but, so many of their songs were about things that really mattered and made a difference to me back then and changes and civil rights, the Vietnam War or threat of war anywhere in the world, and environmental changes.... I always wanted to know what Baez/Dylan were up to.,.. and later, when Baez  opposed the death penalty and supported gay and lesbian rights,...I was watching and supporting her " In 1976, she was awarded the Thomas Merton Award for her ongoing activism" from WIKIPEDIA . They both got so many awards over the years..and it seemed just perfect to think they would both love each other forever and the world would be a better place because of their perfect love. .
Well, I found a story about them online today at PHYCOLOGY TODAY,...that got me dreaming about these things all over again. But as I read more,.. it became clear to me that they only had a very brief romance together in the 60's.  Gee. It seemed like I always thought of them being together...was it only me? This was a really interesting post from 'Phycology Today', go to the link above and enjoy the memories. The song 'Diamonds And Rust' by Joan Baez was about their love. Jan
I found a copy of 'Diamonds And Rust', by Joan Baez, from MReineck. This is what the page says: " Uploaded on Dec 31, 2006
Joan about Bob and with new photos"

Related video links below.
1.] BLOWING IN THE WIND '63, by Bob Dylan/Joan Baez, from Rudolf Vormann
2.] NEVER LET ME GO '75, by Bob Dylan/Joan Baez, from  joanbaezOnFilm
3.] MARCH ON WASHINGTON '63, Joan Baez/Bob Dylan, from anblog21
4.] PERCY'S  SONG, with Bob Dylan, by Joan Baez/Bob Dylan, from BOBBY260657

Saturday, November 09, 2013

What? CYNDI LAUPER Dead? ...NOPE..Liar, Liar Pant's on Fire

Look awful news I found today on the internet....story HERE  on a site called TRAVELERS TODAY. First, Big Headlines.."CYNDI LAUPER [and HERE] Dead. Singer Found In Hotel Room"...well, I'm a big Lauper fan and of course, it caught my eye right away.
BUT, don't get all worked up like I did,'s all a BIG Fat hoax, that appears to have been started on TWITTER last month...This is what it said on Twitter...from
CNN "Breaking News: singer Cyndi Lauper has been found dead in her hotel room. She was 60. More news to come."
Guys,..Lauper is so cool..I love her BLUZZZ Album called 'Memphis Blues', she's got alotta stuff on sale at AMAZON HERE. She's an original, a real 'self-starter' and an over achiever like myself,  I guess, has won awards just everywhere and has a Broadway show too called 'Kinky Boots'.
For more of My stories about Cyndi, go HERE and HERE
Now, here's a video called 'How Blue Can You Get" from cyndishine? by CYNDI LAUPER and JONNY LANG and HERE. It's off the album 'Memphis Blues'...I'll put a video link to that whole album below O.K? Anyway, this is what the page says:  "Uploaded on Jun 26, 2010

Cyndi Lauper e Jonny Lang ao vivo.
Website CyndiShine:"

Related video links below.

1.] MEMPHIS BLUES, FULL ALBUM, by Cyndi Lauper, from CyndiLauperClips
2.] TIME AFTER TIME, by Cyndi Lauper, from CyndiLauperVEVO
3.] GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN, by Cyndi Lauper, from 80svideoshd
4.] TRUE COLORS, by Cyndi Lauper, from CyndiLauperVEVO


Thursday, November 07, 2013

WOW...Hey, Glasses..Way Cool Dude....Let's Party Hardy Tonight O.K?

by George Takei.
This is just an amazing photo that's all...Just reminding me once again just how much fun..a little music and some really cool stuff adds to every party, special event or even just sitting around the house looking good.
You know those 'party' glasses look mighty familiar to me. I know my mom bought me a pair almost exactly like these but, of course, with blue glitter on the very blue horn-rim frames way back in 1957. She said it made my blue eyes....look even BLUER. WOW...Every girl or guy even wants glasses like THAT.  I thought. So, I wore those  'cool' blue-sparkly'  horn-rimmed glasses for several years without complaint, thinking I was IT.. Thanks a lot Mom. You helped make me who I am today. Jan
I found this photo on FACEBOOK this morning from George Takei.
Here's a video about horn rim glasses. This was the first music I remember making wearing glasses O.K.This video is called 'The Girl With The Horn Rimmed Glasses' from TheGoodlucks. This is what the page says: " Published on Nov 20, 2012
A goofy little song, recorded in 1965 -- performed here on the '60s TV show "Shindig", by Carole Shelyne, who was a featured dancer on the show. Carole stood out among the other dance performers on "Shindig" because of her oversized glasses, which led to much popularity and fan mail, and eventually, this novelty song, She appeared on numerous TV shows of the 1960s. Carole now works under the name Carolyne Barry as a successful casting director and acting coach. Her long and interesting career in the entertainment business can be viewed here: . For anyone interested, she has a website" Jan

Related video links below. Famous Horn-Rimmed Glasses
1.] BUDDY HOLLY'S GLASSES, from psychediva
2.] WEARING ROY ORBISON'S GLASSES, from Lance Lipinsky

GEORGE STRAIT "Never in a Million Years"..."This Just Blows Me Away" Cool

Note: can't post links this morning like usual, forgive me...why?? Blogger won't do it. Oh well, the story must go on. Jan Photo credit: Stacy Huggins/flickr cc.
Not only was GEORGE STRAIT 61 blown away last night at the COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS, but I read in the THE ROLLING STONE [ read it all HERE ] this morning that there were lotsa surprises. Looks like Strait took home the very cool Entertainer of the Year Award last night. AND, read more about these musicians on MY story HERE]...This link has music from all these nominees etc. Enjoy Jan
NOTE: George Strait will be at the Tacoma Dome on 4/12/14. Go HERE  for more.
Related video link below.
George Strait doing 'Troubadour' on YOUTUBE, from GeorgeStraitVEVO

Monday, November 04, 2013

A 'Big Jet Plane'...Over and Over In My Head Tonight

by Visions of Domino cc
This tune just keeps playing over and over in my mind...why? Got up thinking about it this morning, that's all. By ANGUS AND JULIA STONE, Go here for more...   
It's mysterious, haunting...odd, Angus Stone's voice has a quality to it that...well, brings me into the song,...wondering about it all and his sister's shy half-smile...the clothes, hair boot-'drum's  beat...simple and just right for this song. What do you think? Asked Steve to learn the lyrics,....hope he does AND sings it for me. Just like ita lot that's all. Jan
See MY first story about these cool kids and song from 2011 HERE
It's called 'Big Jet Plane' by Angus and Julia Stone, fromCanalchat on YOUTUBE." Uploaded on May 28, 2010
Rolling Chat Session #12 - Angus & Julia Stone - 2010
Join Canalchat on Facebook :
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Friday, November 01, 2013


by biofactalevolution, see note
Here's some fun news. Last Wednesday night, Steve's long time friend singer/song writer JON BARONI called....needs a bassman, could BARTLETT play this Sunday afternoon in Yelm? Well, of course, so Steve BARTLETT ON BASS will be performing with Jon  Baroni/keys/harp/vocals, Tod Lemkuhl/guitar/vocals and Michael Harrison/drums at THE MOOSE LODGE in Yelm. Music from 4 pm to 6 pm. It'll be great to see his long time friends again and have some music fun. A big celebration by the RAINIER VALE NEIGHBORHOOD GROUP. To view more on this story, go .HERE for 'YELM IN THE SPOTLIGHT's report and MY story about this episode 2, of 'YELM IN THE SPOTLIGHT'. produced by The Triad Theater. NOTE: Updated December 12th...Jon Baroni just called. He said that..." PRIMAL UNION is a Production Company, and this group  of excellant musicians, first began as 'Walter's Birthday' [BARTLETT, Jon, Tod and Scott Ercoliani/drums, now adds Michael Harrison/also drums are all known as PRIMAL UNION and 'Walter's Birthday', their first CD."
Photo credit..go HERE
Here's  a video from LiqdSoulCoffee 2010. of Jon, Tod, Micheal and my Bartlett doing 'Down To The River' by JON BARONI.  This is what the page says: " Uploaded on Jun 20, 2010
'Eclipse' - Jon Baroni keyboards and vocals, Tod Lemkuh guitar and vocals, Steve Barlett bass and vocals, Michael Harrison drums."....Jon was never a member of the band 'Eclipse'. That band was Tod Lemkuhl/guitar/vocals, Steve Bartlett/bass and Michael Harrison/drums. This is a video of the last 'Eclipse' gig at Martin and Barb Salinas's LIQUID SOUL COFFEE ROASTER's in McKenna, WA. Jon sat was a wonderful night of music. 
NOTE: Music [C] by Jon Baroni. Jan

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